What will the Year 2012 Bring?

For more than a decade we have been experiencing unprecedented, ever-increasing acceleration in time as the earth regains its evolutionary momentum. The true colors of the world's financial and government institutions, the bastions of Dark Force control, have been exposed to reveal that they really serve only a small clique and not humanity. The pursuit of war and its attendant horrors has been exposed to be simply the pursuit of profits. The forces of nature have also been gathering and major earth changes will finally help cleanse the earth and prepare her to enter the new age of Aquarius. The end of the old cycle, the Piscean Age, has come to an end.

This year 2012 represents a pivotal year that will usher in a new phase of acceleration and bring about some startling changes, both pleasant and not so pleasant. Around the end of the year, say around December 21, 2012 and thereafter, the earth will begin to experience a marked increase in acceleration that one could call a shift toward the threshold of the Fourth Dimension.

New Dawning

Toward the end of the year and onward, everything will begin to look brighter and feel lighter. It will feel like a new dawning is taking place and indeed this will be the case. Great transformative energies will take hold (see the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 3) and this great opportunity will allow you to realize a new start on many or all aspects of your life. For instance, as unbelievable as it may sound, you will be able to remake your physical bodies. In fact, you can realize all the fondest dreams that you have suppressed up to now for whatever reason. To prepare, you can start now and make a list of things you want changed in your body or life for the better. This list will be registered in the cosmos and the incoming transformative energies will transmute them into real physical changes. So dredge out your fondest dreams and allow them to materialize!


The shift in vibrations at the end of the year will also result in a sense of fearlessness that will sweep over the populations of the world. You will no longer fear oppressive authorities, systems or situations. Much of the world's population lives in fear of one form or another. Fear is a rather low vibrational emotion that has become a tool of the Dark Forces to manipulate people and stymie their spiritual growth. As the new dawning occurs and lifts the populace into a higher vibration, the fear transmitted through the astral plane and your astral body will miss its mark just like a marksman missing its target. You vibrations will be higher than the fear vibration! As a result fear will diminish considerably and with more courageousness, mankind will no longer cower under the whip of the Dark Forces but will buck and resist them. And yes, along with fearlessness more cleansing and upheaval through conflict may manifest but all for the better.

Fearlessness will help us all see that the crumbling structures and institutions no longer serve us, and that the earth changes are a necessary mark the end of a major cycle. It should help us all to sweep out all that does not serve humanity and usher in the new. We will see cataclysms and earth changes as liberation, soul liberation.

Higher Perceptions: More Clairvoyance and Sensitivity

As we accelerate toward the end of 2012, those with clairvoyant abilities will find their perceptions significantly heightened. Those who today do not see clairvoyantly will acquire this new ability. This heightened clairvoyance will stretch you gradually into the realm of the fourth dimension, the dimension of the New Age.

Many today have the ability to communicate and see devas and elementals. Many more will be able to see them even if they do not want to! Imagine that you could be working in your garden with a couple of helpers, plant elementals. Or enlisting healing devas to help you get over a sickness. This initial peek into the fourth dimension will become more and more commonplace in the year 2013 and onward. And , yes, there will ensue much confusion and disorientation. Imagine a burly truck driver who suddenly sees elves prancing around on the hood of his Mack truck. That would be enough to drive him off the road!

This growing sensitivity will also enable us to communicate more accurately with the animal kingdom. Your pet dog will look at you and you will understand what he has to say like "Be careful. Someone is coming to the door." Or "Feed me, now, please." A bird may twitter at you, "Time to go, time to go." This wonderful intercommunication between kingdoms will add so much love and peace to your lives that you will learn from these animals how to appreciate more fully life on earth.

In this way, right around the corner, you will come to perceive nature more fully in a new light and in this way we will come to realize what has often been said of the New Age--that we will all be closer to Nature.

Bring Clarity to Your Life

The Piscean Age has come to an end. The emotional, self-sacrificing, faith-bound martyr complex ends with it. The new cycle, the Aquarian Age demands clarity of thought and a non-emotional approach to life: doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. What we call faith is living and acting what you know to be true and that is of the soul.

Ability to See Divinity in Others

A new soul-based civilization dawns. As we move into a new era this year 2012, our heightened sensitivities and higher vibrations should enable us to see the divinity in everyone, even the ones who annoy you the most. When you are able to see that divinity, you will naturally find the time to hear that person's story. Every person has a story to tell.

You, yourself, will be able more easily to merge with your I AM to become the best possible person you can be. This merging is most facilitated by meditation. Those who have not been trained in meditation techniques or have a difficult time concentrating will find this less of a problem after 2012. In a new state of consciousness, there will be more ease in meditation, in fact, the practice of meditation is predicted to become widespread twenty years down the road, and mankind will finally learn that everything happens for a reason as part of the Divine Plan.

Lightbearers' Role

As our common perceptions are jolted into the higher vibrations, we will witness many endings around us, and gross confusion and disorientation will result. Many who are close to us will want to leave this incarnation, the discomfort on earth being too much to bear. Others will be looking for answers, comfort and guidance. Who has been sent down to earth to fill this function? The lightbearer, of course.

As advanced souls in this incarnation, you are really the elder brothers and sisters of humanity, the way-showers. You will most likely play this role in common day situations. The confused and confounded will naturally drift toward you for help and solace, and you will explain, teach and show the way to these people. Yet, how many of you will do this begrudgingly. Take up the mantle and the show the way to your fellow brethren!

Chance of a Lifetime

Come to realize that the crumbling of the present day institutions, the end to warmongering and the profound earth changes are all positive signs of liberation, Soul Liberation, for the earth and its inhabitants. Willingly accept this fate and take the first small steps of your ascension into the fourth dimension, the New Age. And when confronted with pain and despair--and you will surrounded by them--remember that Aquarius is an air sign. Just take a few seconds of silence to breathe in vital breath, pranayama, while calling in divine light at the top of your head. Let them settle into your body, then with fearlessness, venture into the fourth dimension, the New Age. See this period as a chance of lifetime to be reborn anew.

St. Germain through Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle (edited by the Amanuensis)