What More Do They Want?

It has been nearly a decade since the Masters of Wisdom working in tandem with the Sanctus Germanus Foundation have been warning, guiding and advising readers of this website of the threefold events that are now upon us: a worldwide financial crisis, an impending world war, and major earth changes. The financial crisis is about to slip into its final stages of collapse while both sides of the Dark Forces deploy their military forces to prepare for a major worldwide conflagration. In the background Mother Earth twists and turns with earthquakes, freak storms, floods, and a steady warming trend that will soon break loose the huge glaciers in both the North and South poles. The next deluge approacheth.

To their credit, some lightbearers have made drastic decisions to uproot their lives and move out of harm's way based on the information and guidance the Masters have provided. However, the vast majority of our readers continue to beg the Masters for more information and guidance, despite the unfolding of these stark and obvious events before their very eyes. It is as if a mental paralysis has taken over. “Give us more guidance!” they entreat. But isn't this continual desire for more information and guidance merely an excuse for not taking any action? These actions have been clearly outlined both in our website and in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volumes I, II, and III.

The Masters have said all they intend to say until the day the earth is cleansed and stands ready to enter into the New Age. They stand, arms folded, waiting for their colleagues, you, the lightbearers of the world, to take action. “What more do they want?” They ask.

As we enter the next phase of this major tumult, the upheaval will be so vast that no governmental or private organization can help you. Governments have proved their ineptitude even during minor disasters that are now gaining more frequency as a prelude to what lies ahead. YOU must take your survival into your own hands, and the only way to do this is to retreat back into your true self, the I AM, your Soul, to see what you outlined before this incarnation. No one can do this but you.

All the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom dating back thousands of years point to this simple act of soul contact and Soul Liberation. We urge our readers to study the teachings posted in this website, to take to heart and review the messages the Masters have already blessed us with and meditate sincerely into yourselves for soul contact. All guidance that has been put forth to mankind has been delivered. It is now up to you to take action.

The Amanuensis