True Representatives of the Brotherhood

Occult science has its own methods of research which are as fixed and arbitrary as those of its antithesis, physical science. The latter has its dicta as does the former. The mysteries never were, never can be, given to the general public, at least, not until our religious philosophy becomes universal. Only a scarcely appreciable minority of men have ever possessed nature's secret. The multitudes have witnessed only the possibility of their possession. The adept obeys the inward impulse of his soul irrespective of worldly science or sagacity and is the rare result of a generation of enquirers.

He who lifts up high the banner of mysticism to proclaim its reign near at hand, must serve as an example to others. He must change his modes of life; and, to study the occult mysteries as part of higher Knowledge, he must loudly proclaim it as such, despite exact science and society's opposition. “The Kingdom of Heaven is obtained by force” say some Christian mystics. It is but with armed hand, ready to either conquer or perish, that the modern mystic can hope to achieve his objective.

Worldly Motives Drive Some Seekers

The world in general is unripe for any too staggering proof of occult power. There are the isolated individuals who seek to penetrate behind the veil of matter into the world of primal causes. What is the inner-motive which propels such individuals to seek our instructions, and in a certain sense — our guidance?

(1) They desire to receive positive and unimpeachable proofs that there really are forces in nature of which science knows nothing;

(2) They hope to appropriate our teachings some day so as

(a) to demonstrate their existence to a few chosen minds;

 (b) to contemplate future life as an objective reality built upon the rock of Knowledge — not of faith; and

(c) to finally learn the whole truth about our Lodges and ourselves. To make sure that the “Brothers” are real entities, not fictions of a disordered, hallucinated brain.

To our minds then, these motives, sincere and worthy of every serious consideration from the worldly standpoint, appear — selfish . They are selfish because in our view the highest aspirations for the welfare of humanity become tainted with selfishness if, in the mind of the lightbearer, there lurks the shadow of desire for self- benefit or a tendency to do injustice, even when these exist unconsciouslyto himself.

Rules of Discipleship:

We have our Rules . We have our schools and teachers, our neophytes and shaberons (superior adepts), and the door is always opened to the right man who knocks. And we invariably welcome the new comer; only, instead of going over to him, he has to come to us. More than that; unless he has reached that point in the path of occultism from which return is impossible, by his having irrevocably pledged himself to our association, we never visit him or even cross the threshold of his door in visible appearance.

Are any of you so eager for knowledge and the beneficent powers it confers as to be ready to leave your world and come into the Brotherhood's? Then let him come; but he must not think to return until the seal of the mysteries has locked his lips even against the chances of his own weakness or indiscretion. Let him come by all means, as the pupil to the master, and without conditions; or let him wait, as so many others have, and be satisfied with such crumbs of knowledge as may fall in his way.

Let the disciple be prepared to

•  Abandon all for the truth;

•  Toil wearily for years up the hard steep road, not daunted by obstacles, firm under every temptation;

•  Keep faithfully within his heart the secrets entrusted to him as a trial;

•  Work with all his energy unselfishly to spread the truth and provoke men to correct thinking and a correct life

•  Labour to the close of his days, though ever working for his merited reward, yet never demanding it, nor murmuring when disappointed.

Think on these things, my brothers and sisters, for the days are approaching when decisions such as these may be put to you.