2017 The End is Nigh

June 4, 2017

SG: Well, as you all have suspected, the end is nigh. And we have now begun the slide, the final slide, into the crashing of this whole system that holds the world in its grip. The end is nigh, my friends, the end is nigh.

And we say finally the end is nigh, but it's been going on for the last few years. But now you're going to be able to see very, very clearly the cover- ups of our friends out there will no longer work. People will be blurting out things that they just cannot stop. They cannot help the truth from coming outof their mouths. And what will be revealed will be there is a substratum of activity that's been going on all these years that shows this whole transformation is taking place upon the Earth despite the cloud and fantasy of what these people want us to believe and to see. Under it all is what we've been working on and the cosmic forces have been provoking. It's not what they want us see. And these, we have warned you that below the surface, it's what's the real reality, if you can have a real reality.

Now, how does this impact your work? We don't know what we would do without you and the other lightworkers that have been busy working with us.Now you are going to have to do things that are more, let's put it this way, outward. And it means in some ways exposing yourself more to the public, more to people around you, than you have been up till now. Right now your work has been able to be done in the backrooms of our organizations. But now the opportunities are going to open up where you have to come forwardand say what is truthful. And do what is truthful. And this has to be done in concrete actions. For words will not stick. But your concrete actions will remain. And those will be the foundations upon which we build the New Age.

All principles of the Ancient Wisdom and of our teachings should materialize into solid…I'd say, projects, or solid actions that will take place. Of course you're going to get a lot of resistance to this. But the resistance is breaking down. And that is what we're encouraging is the breakdown of the systems that will block you.

In the beginning, it's of course going to be difficult, if you put it that way, but all we ask is that the doors that open to you, do not let them go by. Walk through the door and bravely do what is necessary to be done. And to be able to do this, many of you will have to shed some of the last vestiges of selfishness. And yes, we love you all, but there still remains that little bit of selfishness that prevents you from moving forward. And what is it, really? Just a little shield that's trying to say it's protecting you. But as this little bit of selfishness goes forward, and breaks down, you will see that there are protections that we have already put up to enable you to move forward.

Now what are you moving forward doing? As I have mentioned before, this whole plan that we are working on on the Earth plane is already elaborated.
This was all written up and the details of which were put forth before your incarnations. So this is nothing new. It is just a big reminder of what we should be doing. You are here to carry out this plan and to help the Spiritual Hierarchy do so.

You have all the help in the world. All the Masters, all our angels, and inhabitants of the Spiritual Hierarchy are there to help you. And I know sometimes you feel you're acting alone, without any help, but that's not true because when you get to the point where the door of opportunity opens up toyou, and you take the decision to move forward and walk through that door, and do whatever is obvious to you, that open door opportunity that has just opened up for you, you will know it because you are just fulfilling a plan that has been in force all these many years and ages.

I realize sometimes that all this seems to be very, very slow and portentous. And indeed it has been because, as you have seen, we are up against some ofthe most incredible material forces. And even we, here in the Spiritual Hierarchy, are struck by the fact that this amount and this kind of force has been able to be mustered to block the Divine Plan. But of course we're the winners always. We cannot let this happen. It just takes longer, perhaps, but that's all. And a little bit of time is nothing compared to the actual result and opening up of these types of new ideas, these ideas that will shape the new world.

Now, it may be the written word, it may be a public speech, it may be a gathering of some sort, but do not be afraid of going out there and uttering it, because that is what has to be done. These are vectors of change. The fact that the Sun God is not going to be shelved for another two or three thousand years means the force has been building up behind that, and starting with that principle, it cannot be stopped. It has been suppressed long enough. No longer. Starting with that main principle, for this planet, in the Solar system, we march forward. And whether people shirk from this type of truth that has to be laid before them, it matters not, because it must be said, and the results ofthat truth must be made manifest.

As we have been speaking about alignment, every time you align yourself with the Sun, you become sort of a force vector. And there's nothing to be afraid of because nothing can stop that vector from doing what it has to do in whatever situation you find yourself.

So what I'm telling you is that, from now on, as the whole situation in this civilization careens down the road of destruction, you have to stand forward and utter and practice these principles that have been laid before you, and this means taking physical action. And when I say physical action, I don't mean just blindly going about doing things without thinking about its relationship to the alignment with the Sun. Every single action that you take from now on has to be preceded by an alignment with the Sun. This is the whole point of the New Age, and you'd think it would be easy by now, but it is farthest from the truth in today's world.

If you want to paint a room, line yourself up first and then pull the can of paint out and the brush and do it. That's the kind of itsy-bitsy type of precedence you have to give to the great Sun God. Every little thing you do, every little thing that you think of, must be preceded by this acknowledgment of who your maker is. That's all. That's all it is. And that is how the whole plan of the Sun begins to unfold. It's basically very easy, but all it means is just taking that effort, making that decision, "OK, I'm going to drive home right now after this meeting, but I am preceded by alignment with the Sun."

If you are going to bake a batch of cookies, you do the same thing. If you're going to build a house, you do the same thing. If you're going to get a group together, same thing. It's all a piece of cake, so to speak. And it's a matter of acknowledging again, once and for all and forever, that the Sun is our God. No other, and no other substitute, and no other teaching can replace this basic, basic teaching and this basic truth of our planet as it rests in this Solar system.

So what I'm telling you now is everything during this huge crisis that's coming now--it may be scary for many of you—you must step forward and utter the truth. And you know when you step forward in times of a crisis that you are always there with a huge amount of power and energy to be able to walk yourself through whatever crisis you are faced with. What I'm telling you is that it's not going to get easier, but you are endowed with all the energies and power to wend yourself through this whole situation until we have finally created a new world.

Are you up to this job?

All: Yes.

SG: This is something you have been waiting for for the past years. The end is nigh, my friends, the end is nigh. And it cannot be stopped. We in the Hierarchy are as overjoyed as you to see finally this thing crumble before us. But let us not forget that also within your grasp are all the new ideas and principles that shall be coming up, and have already been there. As I said, it's right under the surface of things. It's all there, and it has been prepared for centuries, if you want to put it that way. It's a matter of letting it happen, and uttering the truth that opens the door to let it happen.

I close with the sign of the Brotherhood: Heart, Head, and Hand.

And as always, we count on you to push forth with this marvelous plan
that's about to unfold on Earth.

Master Saint Germain, through the Amanuensis