The Current World Situation

June 12, 2016

There is total confusion going on the Earth today. This is, of course, as planned. The more confusion, the easier the destruction that heralds the end of this so-called Piscean cycle. And it is said that we are right in the middle of it. But it is going one way, and it is going to its natural destruction.

War is also in the plans. This is something the blind politicians are totally unaware of, that every step in the direction of their corrupt ways is leading to something like this. There are forces beyond them- and I'm talking about Earth forces- that are leading them like sheep into this great hole that is sinking the whole world into a state of conflict and war.

Now this may last three or four years, we don't know. But it will not last forever. It is enough to cleanse the surface of the Earth and to make sure that the Earth is ready for the New Age. This has to be done. There's no way out of it. There's so much that needs to be cleansed.

Now how do we prepare ourselves for this? Know that it is inevitable, as we said, a karmic episode. However, in the long range cosmic view, it is a tiny episode. It is may seem big to you, but it is a tiny little episode that needs to play out. It is necessary to open the gates to a new civilization.

What is going to take place before this great conflagration starts?

There will be continued mass confusion. The American elections will witness this confusion. And there will be battles that are really unprecedented between the parties and between those elements that are involved in the political system. And this goes for every single country in the world. We have Europe that will be in a state of total confusion and conflict. And this conflict might even result in small wars, if you wish. But all this conflict that's building up on the surface of these so-called events that are taking place today, you are just seeing the beginning of it. And these conflicts have to erupt somehow, and they will be erupting all over the world, and these are the kind of things you have to deal with. Some of them will be impacting on you directly, some you will be far away from the negative impacts. But we ask that when you see this, you realize what's going on and you categorize it as a move to synthesis or destruction.

We have now lit the fuse of all of the destructive energies that are to take place in the next few years as this cosmic cycle comes to an end. What you are seeing today is just the beginning of ongoing dislocation, confusion, and the breaking up of this whole system. You must rest assured that the dynamic destructive forces that have flowed through these institutions, governments and countries is still alive and making its way through the whole system, and that is why you see this turmoil.

The next thing to look at is to see how it will end. We, of course, are leading it to the point so that this ultimate karmic episode ultimately cleanses the Earth and opens up a New Age. This must happen.

Now, what type of conflict is this going to be? I can tell you it's conflict on every level. Mamas will be fighting with their sons, siblings will be fighting among themselves. It will just be scrapping on every level of society, all the way up to outright military confrontation. And this is something I must ask you to grin and bear for the next few years. And life will not be easy because, in addition to the collapse of the financial and economic system, we will have every type of conflit going on. We will be struggling with our own conflicts, and struggling with our own group dynamics, but less so than the rest of the world. The rest of the world will just melt under these conflicts, or they'll just go crazy. But that's the whole point, this is all meant to wash away all that needs to be washed away, and that's the only way that this is going to happen. There's no reasoning anymore about this. It has to be with one swoop of the hand, this thing has to be cleaned out. And we've come to that point now where we are going to see that happen.

So this is where you are today.

Now I can tell you to sit back and put on your dark glasses and watch the whole thing go on. But that won't be that easy because you're going to be right in the middle of all the pandamonium. And just to know, that while this is happening, if conflict comes into your lives, you know where it stands and how to assess it. You know that it is not personalized and that this is all part of the ongoing general conflict. It is a general war not necessarily armies against armies, but soul against soul, pitting against each other. And the better and higher soul, the more enlightened soul, such as you who are reading this, will be able to surmount the adversities as long as you remain aligned with your soul that emanated from the Great Amon Ra. So be one of those that surmounts all this. That's all we ask. That's a true soldier in this game. The true soldier will just rise above it, while the rest will be scrapping away and eventually peter out. When this happens you will be surprised to see the beautiful, peaceful world behind the fray.

Not a pretty picture, but a necessary stage we must go through.

Most of all, just know that this is all part of the whole process of divine planning, and you, by being here to witness the process, elected to help bring about the New Age. The inevitable force of evolution underlies this turmoil and this evolution is pointing to a wondrous place where this world will go to.

So my friends, I close this little discourse of mine with the ancient salutation from the Brotherhood: Heart, Head and Hand.

The Amanuensis