Oscillating Acceleration

July 2016

From the Master Saint Germain

I greet you all, in the name of the Brotherhood, Heart, Head, and Hand.

There are some important events that are about to explode on the Earth plane. And for these we want you to be ready, mentally especially, for such events and their consequences. It will not be pretty, as you say these days, but it will start the degeneration of the structure that has held mankind in abject slavery.

We agree with your analysis that most of the residual evidence of the Dark Forces on the Earth plane today are fed by these so-called private enterprises, or should I say foundations, but they are really enterprises because whatever they do, they do for profit. Let us name the ones that you have named: the Soros Foundations that are posing as foundations; we have the Clinton Foundations, all the sub-foundations that are under that organization; and many others that are linked to the Bilderberg's. Those are in the thousands. You know not how long and complicated their tentacles are in the society today.

Now the reason why we are on the brink, that these organizations seem to be alive and well today, but they are not, because we are about to make a switch in the vibrations that cover the Earth today. And that switch will send these organizations, that are based on the present vibrations, and by the way, they were changed at the time we started accelerating, to adapt to the acceleration, and that's why they are still around.

And we have decided here that it's time to, say, trick them, and accelerate, and what will happen is that we will accelerate, slow down, accelerate, slow down, so it will be this constant up and down, so it's going to be a rough ride, it's like a bucking bronco, if you may. And so that jockeying of vibrations is what's going to shake these organizations up and finally make them crumble.

Now we let them crumble without any second thought because evil streams through them in ways that you cannot imagine. If you want the epitome of evil on the Earth, it's all residing in these organizations. And of course always under the guise of doing good for humanity, touting nefarious "ideals" to the media, etc, to turn people's minds away from them and to make them think that what they are doing is for the good of mankind. But we can see beyond that.

So, as we switch into the new, let's call it, bucking bronco vibrations, as I said, on and off, on and off, on and off, fast slow, fast slow, it'll cause much confusion and you'll see it in these organizations because they think they are going forward and all of the sudden they get hit by a massive wave of fast vibrations. So with this jockeying of vibrations, we will push them over the edge. And that's what needs to be done because they have done such a good job- and I have to congratulate them- of constantly adjusting to the ever-increasing acceleration. They have made acceleration part of their strategy, for they know about it, and they know about the photon belt. So this is why we have to do something radically different. And as I said, we are about to switch on this new wave of alternating vibrations to shake them up.

So let us look over the horizon of the Earth and we'll see certain heads, if you want, pop out, these are the heads of these various foundations, and you imagine like mushrooms, they are sort of growing on the clouds, but below the clouds are deep roots that bore right into the Earth and take and suck the energies out of whatever groups of people are in their way. So they are firmly rooted on the Earth plane, but they are doing their dastardly work.

We look at the horizon; just imagine a nice flat beautiful layer of clouds, and all these heads of various foundations. Those that come to mind are the ones that you have mentioned, however there are also Islamic foundations that are doing all kinds of dastardly work under the guise of religiosity; there are neo-Communists and, you name it, all these groups are jockeying for a position on the Earth as these older organizations make way, or crumble. So as we observe the crumbling of what has been already destroyed, we have to also anticipate that, right behind them, are these little mushroom heads, growing up and willing to take their place.

And we are eternally grateful to you all for understanding the state of our planet today.

So for the nonce, we leave you here until our next encounter.

I bid you adieu- heart, head, and hand