Major Gold Crisis in the Making

The Master St. Germain has warned us that a major gold crisis is now in play worldwide and will manifest more and more during the months ahead. As gold is still the psychological underpinning of the US dollar, the ramifications on the US dollar will be catastrophic. All monetary instruments such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives that are denominated in US dollars are at high risk of crumbling.

The crisis involves the following factors:

1. The Gold COMEX exchange is now unable to fulfill the growing demand for physical bullion and is trying to buy off its customers with paper money. This market is expected to collapse.

2. There are reliable sources that hundreds of thousands of gilded tungsten bars posing as 400 oz. solid gold bars are circulating in the world markets. The withdrawal of these fake gold bars will have wide ramifications on the gold and currency markets.

3. Many maintain that gold is already in permanent backwardation, a growing state where holders of gold will no longer accept paper currency to sell their gold.

This major event, the gold crisis, is merely the first step in cleansing earth of all that does not serve humanity. However, the battle will not be over quickly. The Dark Forces, through chicanery and outright theft of national gold reserves, have accumulated enormous amounts of gold and expect to rule the world once the gold is forced back into its traditional position as the world's monetary reserve standard. If the Dark Forces succeed in this demonic scheme, the world will suffer much.

A practical way to maintain your independence from Dark Force attempts to control you life is to accumulate and own gold and silver coins as best you can. We have advocated this for more than ten years. This is merely an interim measure all should take until we see the final exit of the Dark Forces in the decades to come.

As lightbearers in the world we still have the most powerful weapon to combat the Dark Forces--our minds. The Sanctus Germanus Foundation will soon be mounting a campaign called SEEDING THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS where we will post seed thoughts upon which all lightbearers can meditate and then send up into the mass consciousness for distribution. Seeding the mass consciousness with truth is part of the battle between light and darkness that the Master St. Germain is leading.

The Amanuensis