Easter Message 2011

Easter Reminds Us of a Vital Truth

The Master Jesus' resurrection after his crucifixion is a constant reminder to us that life is eternal. He performed this miracle to show that eternal life belongs to everyone. Knowing this vital truth will turn on the Light inside of us, the internal light that comes from our soul. We can seize this light in our meditations, and even its faintest glimmer can help us overcome the upheaval, suffering and changes that surround us today.

If you have lost your job or your home and lack money for the barest necessities, just reflect on this simple and profound truth: life is eternal. Pitted against eternality, your fears will begin to lose their grip on you, fade out of your life and resolve themselves into new choices and new opportunities. So take a few minutes during Easter to sit quietly and contemplate this vital Truth.


The Amanuensis