A Different Perspective on the World War

I urge you all to wake up to what is going on around us. Worldwide warfare has already started.  In fact it started over a decade ago right under our very noses!  Instead of starting with a big spectacular bang as did other world wars (e.g. like the attack on Pearl Harbor or the invasion of Poland or the Sudetenland), warfare has surfaced everywhere in the world in the form of lower level conflicts spreading insidiously under the radar of the world's media and public attention.  Stand back and see an insidious ever-escalating warfare and conflict in the Middle East spreading country by country:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Egypt,Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iran.   On the sidelines, other countries such as the US, Russia, China, France, Turkey, the UK, Germany are aiding and abetting the war effort supplying arms and war materiel..  In other parts of Africa, warfare in the form of civil wars is creeping into the Sudan, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Central Africa Republic, the Congo, Uganda even Kenya.  US and other "Allied Troops" are already on the ground in Africa.  Add to this ever-spreading creeping conflict on the African continent, we have North Korea preparing for war in Asia, and the growing conflict developing between China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea over some islands in the China sea. These conflicts have been given euphemistic names such as the Arab Spring, civil wars, political struggles and the like.  In reality, it is gross warfare being incited country-by-country in a new strategy by the Dark Forces to eventually engulf the world in warfare, starting from the local grassroots of each region.  Again, let us wake up to what is happening before our very eyes:  a new Dark Force strategy of world war--the gradual, creeping spread of warfare throughout the world--is being implemented.

The Masters of the Great Brotherhood of Light have warned us about this ongoing warfare and its escalation around this time of the year 2013-2014.  Yet we have been slow to awaken to what has been going on right under our very noses!  

From an esoteric standpoint, as the warmongering spreads, this situation presents us with an unbeatable opportunity to clarify our own, individual thinking.  Who will stand on the side of light or who will succumb to the pressures of the Dark Forces?  The world's economic situation is in dire shape, being sustained by blinded leaders cranking out counterfeit paper money to keep it afloat. In fact even the Dark Forces are fully aware that a world economy sitting on piles of paper money and with no economic growth cannot avoid collapse.  Their solution in the past and present has always been war. In fact, the spreading, ongoing warfare has been a key factor in keeping the world economy going up to now! 

 With the war machine buzzing and churning out ships, planes, drones, arms, missiles and high tech intelligence, these wartime industries look like saviours in the dying, moribund economies that surround them.  You face joblessness and the suspension of unemployment benefits.  You must put food on the table for your loved ones.  A job in the wartime effort, even joining the armed forces,  would solve your immediate economic problems.  This is the dilemma presented to you.  Will you stand on the side of light and resist the effort of the Dark Forces to draw you into the war effort, or will you stand your ground and stand on the side of light that will bring in the New Age?  It is your choice.

The Amanuensis