A Christmas Message from Sanctus Germanus

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I greet you in the name of the Brotherhood, Heart, Head and Hand. Today, we here in the land of Shambala the great center of spiritual guidance to the earth, remember the symbolic day as the great attempt by our Father Sanat Kumara who incarnated as Jesus the Christ. It was a great attempt to enlighten a very sleepy mankind, and in many ways it did so. And in many ways the 2000 years that have past have seen great advancement in humanity's spiritual growth.

And this great experiment in love and wisdom coupled by all the other revelations that have come through over the many many thousands of years, have served step by step to increase the progress of mankind toward his perfection. And this perfection as an objective or goal of so many thousands of years to come, will indeed come. And every day that marks the birth of Christ, not the man, we're not talking about the man, we're talking about that birth that is so much within each of you. That inner God that opening of that Great treasure box, the Soul, that brings forth the perfection in mankind and individuals who choose to move faster than the rest of the herd.

Think about it, this day of great commemoration. Yes it is symbolic, it is not exactly the day that the babe was born, but it represents the rebirth of Man and his knowledge that he is that temple of God. This is quite a profound statement my fellow men. That Jesus Christ declared that each of you is the temple of God. And of course we know that that God is a spark of light from our great Amun Ra the sun God who comes through us directly, each of us directly. Each of us holds that part of the sun god within us.

Now what could be a greater Christmas gift than that? And that is where we get the authority to say that we are all in many ways Gods. It is not to blow up your Ego, it is simply to tell you that in this concrete body that we find ourselves on the earth plane today, the potential for being a God is there. And though we must stuggle to see that potential and to realize that potential, it is none the less there. And no matter what regime or what teachings seek to erase that wonderous truth, nothing can take it from you. It is an eternal gift of Christ or the great Father Sanat Kumara. And it is a gift for you to exploit and use any second of the day. Yet so many of us forget that there it lies within each of you, the great potential, the help, the guidance, everything you need to go through this period of turmoil and to march along the path until we reach, all of us, the new age.

So my friends this great Christmas gift remains with you, it never left you, and therefore, be greatful that this gift has never been taken away from you but remains within the very heart of your being.

So my great and wonderful diciples I say Merry Christmas to you all. I am your brother Sanctus Germanus and I salute you again in the name of the Brotherhood, Heart, Head and Hand.