Call to Arms of the Lightbearers

August, 2016

Message from the Master St. Germain

I greet you in the name of the Brotherhood, heart, head, and hand.

It is a privilege to listen to your conversations about where we are today. You have touched upon all the points that need to be corrected as we can move on with the evolution of this fine planet.

There are many, many obstacles right now that seem to be accumulating in one huge wall to stop any further evolution of humanity. And this of course we cannot stand. We will push them aside.

Most of what you have said today (Note: during a meeting of the SGF core group) stems from the evil works of none other than the Dark Forces. You have pinpointed the source of this evil that's pervading the world, in both financial and the warmongering actions from this small group of what we call the Dark Forces. They are still there, yet they, I must say, are a bit confused today, which is why they are acting in such ferocious ways to block everything that could possibly work- of course against the evolution of this planet.

What we see today is that image of the man behind the curtain. It's not only a man. It's men and women- at least the face of it- we see men and women, but we tend to think of them as a group of, say, Europeans sitting in the moneyed centers of Europe, but they're not. They are of every race. They now head all the governments of the world and they're all there together keeping a tight grip on the Earth. You think that they are all-powerful bankers, but they are not only that. They are officials placed in all the governments of the world and all the great corporations that are cooperating with the governments. So we're dealing with quite a large group that are following the so-called man behind the curtain. It's really quite a large group of people of this particular tendency. That is why they have such a firm grip on the activities of the world today.

So when we look at them, we see them sort of like a network that completely covers the Earth. You just think of the Earth as a ball caught in a large net and this net is slowly being tightened to strangle the very lifeblood of humanity on the planet.

Now I just ask you if you would, as a group here, to take on the sacrifice of handling this force, and I mean handling by the way of destroying them, little by little, or even in waves of Divine Will destruction forces. All you need to do is call upon the Divine Will to destroy and "fix" a situation that you deem being controlled by the Dark Forces.

Now, there will be consequences if you take on this sacrifice. And the consequences may not be direct smacking you down, but you will feel the negative impact of this, coloring all your activities unless you are strong enough to fight off this negative impact, and the negative impact will disappear. And when I speak of negative impact I speak of every activity that you would undertake- no matter how minor- will be stymied by some negative aspect of it. In other words, you will be discouraged at every point to not pursue what you are doing. Or you will be given a negative impact picture of what you are about to undertake.

This is a mental tool (and Oh! so powerful it is!) which we are conferring on lightbearers. You must constantly be aware of each situation in order to wipe out that which is unseemly and evil. Remember, the negativity surrounding each situation you focus on will also try to discourage you. To protect yourselves, maintain your alignment with Me and the Spiritual Hierarchy. We will know who you are. Call upon us without hesitation.

If you agree to this task, you will likely find yourself in some challenging situation. So anything that happens to you, the dark forces will try to emphasize the negative aspect of it. You must completely turn your mind around in order to see the real positive aspect of what that activity is. And this goes down to every little action you may take.

Such is the call to arms of the Lightbearer. Reverse the negativity of each action or evernt. Because of the free will zone that the earth occupies, we must depend on the enlightened minds within the body of humanity to help us implement this final cleanup of the earth!