Aligning to The Sun God To solve all Problems

The great being ensouling our physical Sun is the God of our solar system. This knowledge comes from ancient wisdom teachings that have been buried from civilization to civilization. However, the time has come that this truth can no longer be hidden from humanity for the next thousands of years.  In fact, it will be the prime focal point of the New Age.  This is the basic and fundamental truth underlying all the spiritual teachings to mankind: The Sun is the source of  all life, light, love and power in our solar system.

Each and every one of us are sparks of Light that stream forth from The Sun. We are all the image and likeness of the Sun God. Each person in this world has a miniature image of the Great Sun God, which is lodged in the pineal gland at the very center of the brain. This Light that rests in the pineal gland is our true Being, which is our monad. The monad then forms a body around it, which is our soul, as we commonly call it. So, each human being is endowed with this direct connection to The Sun and enjoys a unique relationship. Our Soul, the light at the center of our head can be seen etherically as well as physically by our naked eyes through meditation and alignment to The Sun.

Aligning to our Soul and The Sun is the only way we can know our true purpose of existence in this planet in this lifetime. Every time we align to The Sun, we become a vector force, invincible to all dark forces that cause problems and disharmony.  It is indeed our lifeline anchored in this physical body. When that Spark of Light (our soul)  from the Sun withdraws from the physical body, the physical body dies and deteriorates but the lifeline remains intact.  Truly, the Sun is the God and source of all life in our solar system.

For eons the dark forces have misdirected humankind into believing in a mysterious unknown god, a belief that has been exploited to control the human psyche to blindly follow the dark force agenda. The dark forces have been dragging humanity into gross materialism in all sectors of the society. Humanity has been taught that the only way to connect with the unknowable god is through a religious leader, thus cutting off our direct connection with God. The time has come for this spiritual fallacy to be eliminated from the atmosphere of the planet in order to allow room for the spiritual development of humanity.

Accepting that the Sun is the God of our solar system needs only common sense and practicality. Nobody can deny that all the life-giving energy on this planet comes from the Sun God. If you take away the sun, our planet, as well as the whole solar system would cease to exist (you may wish to also watch the webinar, The Sun God, The Solar Logos). This is why we need to align every single moment, to our creator, the Sun. This alignment is essential to our existence for the harmonious fulfillment of our soul purpose in this lifetime. To quote Saint Germain, “Every single action that you take from now on has to be preceded by an alignment with the Sun. This is the whole point of the New Age, and you'd think it would be easy by now, but it is farthest from the truth in today's world.”


In all things, there are cycles. When the cycle begins, we go through a period of construction, and at the end of the cycle, we go through a period of destruction. We see these cycles in nature. In the spring, trees and plants begin to sprout leaves and grow. In the summer, everything blossoms. Then in the fall, the destructive phase of the cycle begins and the leaves fall. In the winter, plants go to a rest phase and some animals hibernate. The earth is at the end stages of the destructive phase.

To help speed things up, the Sun has begun sending very aggressive, destructive energies to the earth, which are affecting everything, including every single person. These energies will destroy all things that are in violation of cosmic laws, including the financial system. As these energies hit the world, we will notice that people are angry, emotional, and even insane. Anything negative will surface to be dealt with. As this system is dying, people will experience the “throes of death”. They will feel like they don’t want to go on. This is a painful time, and it will last for the next several years.

Along with this situation created by the Sun, we also have the solution that comes from the same. More than ever, it is important to align ourselves with the Sun. As we deal with problems with families, friends, co-workers, strangers, we may even need to align every 30 minutes.



To align with the Sun, see or visualize your soul, and then visualize a pillar of light going straight up, connecting your soul to the Sun.  If you notice that your soul is not in alignment with the Sun, use your focus and intent to move it into direct alignment. If you have a problem that you do not know how to solve, bring it into this alignment.

And it's a matter of acknowledging again, once and for all and forever, that the Sun is our God. No other, and no other substitute, and no other teaching can replace this basic, basic teaching and this basic truth of our planet as it rests in this Solar system.”

You will notice how this practice changes your life as soon as you begin to align with the Sun. All issues and problems in life can be solved by aligning to our creator the Sun. Remember that all our blessings and our very life itself, come from the Sun, our creator. As you do this, don’t expect things to work out in any specific way. Your soul may resolve things in ways you do not expect.

As humankind relearns its alignment with the Sun God it will reach into to the next step of spiritual evolution.


The Amanuensis