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Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 3 by the Amanuensis



Soul Liberation

"Soul Liberation through education and healing" is the mission of the Great Brotherhood of Light and the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, a privately held foundation under the direction of the Master Sanctus Germanus. Soul Liberation takes place when the physical body no longer poses an obstacle to the soul's expression. Physical personality then serves as a vehicle to carry out the impulses of the soul. Part of the soul's expression in this coming era will be the balancing of the predominant masculine energies with the feminine. This will bring about a new era of peace upon the earth.

The Foundation carries out its mission in the following manner:


The Master Sanctus Germanus once said, "If they knew better, they would do better." In this light, the Sanctus Germanus Foundation has embarked on various education projects to promote the teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light:

1. The Foundation's Website:

The Foundation's website,, provides historical, background, and current information on the Great Brotherhood of Light. It keeps the world public informed of the Brotherhood's current thinking and plans. Pertinent current messages from various Masters of the Brotherhood such as the Masters Jesus, Sanctus Germanus, El Morya, Buddha, Quan Yin and the Host of Masters comprising the Brotherhood are posted regularly covering various subjects such as politics, finances, economics, etc.

2. Publications:

The Foundation publishes books on timely subjects such as the run-up to Year 2012 and beyond based on information from the Masters of the Brotherhood. The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 deals with the political, financial and economic crises that precedes the geological changes foreseen after the Year 2012.

The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 2: The Role of the Lightbearer during the Post-2012 Earth Changes and Reconstruction reveals more about the earth changes ahead, the twelve safe Spiritual Regions, and the transitional society that the lightbearers are to build. It also proposes a way for the lightbearer to retrieve his or her place left off on the Path of Initiation during his last incarnation and to become productive players in the building of the New Age.

The recently published The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 3 projects the fifty year process that will be needed to balance the energies on the earth so that mankind can enter into a new era. All books are available on major online bookstores worldwide.

3. Lecture Tours:

As part of the Foundation's education and outreach effort, Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis for the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, is available to lecture or meet with your group for discussion on various esoteric subjects. Cognizant of the financial stress most people are experiencing, Dr. Mau does not charge for lecturing as part of his service and the Sanctus Germanus Foundation covers all travel expenses. The local host should expect to cover the cost of the lecture venue and all promotional expenses for such an event. Please contact The Amanuensis for more information.

4. The Sanctus Germanus Foundation Newsletter

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation publishes a free monthly newsletter sent via email. All are welcome to subscribe to it. The newsletter reaches out to lightbearers of the world and shares with them our perspective on world issues from the perspective of the Ancient Wisdom. To subscribe, please fill in the box below:

Email Newsletter




Behind this website are the members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation. The Foundation was created as a portal through which the Great Brotherhood of Light of the Spiritual Hierarchy could provide Its guidance to humanity during these final battles between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, commonly called the Armageddon (for lack of a better term). The Master Sanctus Germanus, known as the Knight Commander, is in charge of this operation, and other Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy assist Him in this final battle that will lead to an Age of Peace and Prosperity, the Golden Age, here on Earth.

The latest message from the Master SG Sanctus Germanus on this website clearly presents what the Masters are doing at this important time:

“…It [the battle] is coming about step by step—they fight back; we fight back. We march onward, the violet ray comes forth; and the violet ray covers them, they slip from under it; they fight back. The violet ray covers them yet again and again and again until it eventually takes over.”

The battle is fierce on the Astral Plane and even though the Spiritual Hierarchy has already won it, it is in the process of manifesting itself on the earth during these unprecedented times.

We, as lightbearers, are expected to do our part in this battle here on earth plane. The Spiritual Hierarchy cannot do this work for us. They can and do, however, give us their full assistance if we only choose to invoke their help and prepare ourselves adequately.

In the “Current Messages” section of this website, we are periodically encouraged to take our place in this battle in line with what we promised to do before our current incarnation. Master El Morya is quite clear on this: “This is why we ask you not to fritter away your time. Time is of the essence right now. We warn you, we tell you ahead of time. Look inward, hone in your skills, bring it all together, hold yourselves solid in face of insanity. I tell you this, for I look over you. I know each and everyone of you. And I, Morya, am at the front lines with our dear colleagues, Sanctus Germanus and Kuthumi, leading you forth…”

“…(Y)ou will be awakened to your mission on earth. You were put here for a reason. You will see the opportunities that arise around you to make things better. And you must seize these opportunities, for they are set forth before you (in order) to take action. Now if you don't take action, there is nothing we can do. We here in the Brotherhood can prompt you, can remind you, can even “push” you a little, but if you don't take the big hints and you don't listen to our urgings, then we can do nothing. That is why we have said you are so important to the carrying out of the Plan, the Divine Plan on earth...”

Citations which call for action abound on our website. We no longer can just shine our inner light and hope that the work will be done. We must shine our inner light through the personality to enable that personality to take action!

Even Mohandas Gandhi, the one who led the resistance in India , says that “… today, you are meeting forces beyond any mankind has ever encountered. The war that looms to defeat the dark forces pales before those forces of nature gathering power in the back wings of this play to wipe the slate clean on earth. (…) Cling not to the patterns of the past--good or bad--but create, plan, and take actions that will ultimately benefit mankind…”

Master Sanctus Germanus asks us boldly, “What are you prepared to do?”

The books published by the Amanuensis were written in order to prepare lightbearers for the final battle with the Dark Forces. We are constantly called to action and we can no longer delay our decision in “What are we prepared to do in these final hours of the battle of Armageddon?” We have received all the instructions that we need through many sources: the books of the Amanuensis, the publications on the SG website, and the Foundation's Mystery School in addition to the many volumes of Ancient Wisdom that were given to us over the centuries.

Thus, the mission of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation is to awaken the lightbearers from their slumber and prepare them for the final battle of the Armageddon, which we, the lightbearers, will prosecute here on earth in the third dimension. No one else can do this for us, not even the Masters. And we know that evil shall not leave us without putting up a fierce final fight, so the faint of heart beware! But fear not, for with every encounter with Dark Forces, we are surrounded by the loving protection of the Brotherhood.

The consummate examples of this life of sacrifice and battle is the Master Jesus who laid down his all for the service of humanity. The more light he shone, the more anger amongst the forces of darkness He provoked. From his birth , with the threat of Herod's executions , up to his cruxifixion on the cross , the Master Jesus, battled his way through his mission. In many ways, this is what may be asked of you on all levels of the society.

When this battle is over, we will then build together the New Golden Era of Aquarius under command of the Hierarch of this Age – the Master Sanctus Germanus. And to do that, we must prepare ourselves first and foremost spiritually. This means putting your I AM first through meditation and letting it shine through your personality. This is what we call Soul Liberation. Then, you will be ready to take your leadership roles in the coming effort to reconstruct the society modeled upon the highest ideals of the Ancient Wisdom and Cosmic Law.

One can clearly see that EACH and EVERY lightbearer who wishes to help the Spiritual Hierarchy liberate Humanity from the fetters of the dark forces must be a warrior at heart, i.e. ready to meet the necessary challenges which his or her own arsenal of talents and abilities enables him or her to do. Each and every lightbearer who chooses to work with the Sanctus Germanus Foundation is of great value to the Spiritual Hierarchy in furthering the Divine Plan on Earth as it is in heaven!

But be advised that the Foundation will not tell you what to do—this is the job of your I AM or soul. And when you find out what this soul-inspired service is, you can then decide if you want to contribute actions and service to your communities in line with the Foundation's mandate.

Each and every one of us has the right to choose a way in which he or she wishes to externalize his or her service. If being the “bridge builder”* is what one feels most comfortable with, so be it. If one prefers more pacific way of service, one is entitled to do so, too.

But, if you choose to provide this service to humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy along with the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, you need to first and foremost keep in mind the mission of the Foundation. Does your line of service help the Foundation to accomplish its mission or is it better served in some other venue? In this, the Law of Attraction comes into force, for like will attract like.

* Thomas Printz; The First Ray: Spiritual Caravan.

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