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Seed Thought of the Week

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Below are the seed thoughts the Sanctus Germanus Foundation's Seed Thought Committee has already elaborated and sent into the mass consciousness. We invite all our readers to reflect on and think in detail about these seed thoughts, adding to them their knowledge of the subject, then include them in their meditations. After reflection, consciously send these seed thoughts up to the mass consciousness.

Seed Thoughts of the Week

March 2nd 2014

BACKGROUND: Today, people see a world where the greatest financial and political rewards go to those who are best at playing games with the money and credit conjured from thin air. Many want in on the action at that casino. People also see individuals and organizations using whatever means they have, legal and illegal, to obtain as much money as possible from the large flow of money collected as taxes. People follow their so-called leaders and increasingly forsake creating intrinsic value to focus on gaming the system.

SEED THOUGHT: When the financial system collapses because its lies are revealed, because its money is understood to be worthless, and because, in its diseased state, the system is no match for accelerating earth changes and extreme weather events, those who create intrinsic value for people will excel at helping themselves and others, while those who have become adepts of gaming the system will find that the game is over. In the New Golden Age, people take great care to use their talents to create intrinsic value for themselves and humanity.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT: The manipulation of the natural market forces and the distorted truths deliberately fed to the people by the dark forces has reached a point of saturation that the disastrous consequence of these frauds can no longer be prevented. The ramifications of deceits of such magnitude, having been conceded to by the majority and allowed to prevail for decades, will be globally devastating and will affect the lives of all people. Everything functions according to universal or cosmic laws and nobody can control or manipulate the natural cycle of things without suffering the repercussion of repressing the normal flow of energy.


February, 15th, 2014

BACKGROUND: Of the 88 digital crypto-currencies now available, Bitcoin is the most well known. The price in dollars of a Bitcoin can double or halve in a single day. As such, it is an extreme example of the problem with all currencies backed by nothing: they have an increasingly tenuous connection with real value. Few question it when the price of a food or a piece of real estate or the stock of a company quickly doubles or halves. They fail to ask: did the actual value of that item radically change, or was it just the price?

SEED THOUGHT: While a rapid change in the real value of things is rare, it has become commonplace for their prices to quickly double or halve. The new digital currencies such as Bitcoin exacerbate this problem when their own price doubles or halves in a single day. It is not changes in real value, but the inherent instability of money backed by nothing, which causes these radical price changes. The collapse of the current system into barter, with transactions smoothed out by gold and silver coins, will force people to re-learn the true value of labor, of intelligence, and of resources from the Earth. It won't be long before everyone says, "Of course money has to be backed by something real," as if they knew it all along.

Audio of Discussion


February 1st, 2014

SEED THOUGHT: Currently, the national and international political institutions do not work for the good of the people. They are a ruse to placate people, to trick them into thinking and feeling that they actually have power in shaping events, to funnel the energy of people's goodwill--through voting, monetary contributions, letter-writing campaigns, emotional attachments to issues and politicians, etc--into a black hole of ineffectiveness so the dark forces and their minions can increasingly control world events. In the new golden age, people see through political charades and seek higher vibrational leadership and plans that actively propel human evolution.

Audio of Discussion


January, 18th 2014

SEED THOUGHT: Most are pessimistic about bringing harmony to the many heated conflicts in our world. The divisions among religions, nations, political movements, people versus corporations, natural healing versus conventional medicine—the gulfs between so many factions seem unbridgeable.

The inflowing energies of the Piscean Age supported devotion and idealism, but some groups distorted these into divisive fanaticism. The inflowing energies of the New Age support harmony and synthesis. The new peace initiatives in Syria and the Central African Republic are examples of these energies beginning to have their strong influence to resolve conflict into harmony, and to overcome separatism by drawing people together. As the New Age unfolds, magnificent energies of synthesis will penetrate the very fiber of human activity, bringing pervasive and lasting change.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts: The continuous rise in the cost of living as opposed to the continuing contraction of personal income is now hurting the masses severely and benefitting only the privileged few. This is the natural consequence of a corrupt global economic system founded on worthless fiat currency. This counterfeit system has not served the interest of humanity and needs to be eliminated to make room for a more equitable and just economic policy based on gold and silver. Only with a clear understanding that conflict, brought about by the destruction of the existing system, is essential and unavoidable for harmony to be restored can one have the inner strength to brace the pain and chaos associated with the necessary transition.


January 4th, 2013

BACKGROUND: Despite scant media coverage, there are active wars in at least twelve countries including Syria, Central African Republic, Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. And there are deadly serious insurgency battles in dozens more. These wars have killed at least hundreds of thousands, maimed many more, and displaced many millions. And now the super-powers are rattling their sabers.

The ten largest national militaries in the world average more than a million soldiers each, supported by millions of civilian contractors. Millions work for weapons companies, ever-devising and building better ways to kill. There are more than 17,000 known nuclear warheads at the ready. Cyber warfare is escalating by the day.

SEED THOUGHT: Some claim that, aside from some minor skirmishes, the world is at peace. War is currently spreading on Earth, not diminishing. The Dark Forces are igniting conflicts worldwide. They intend to engulf the entire world in conflict. Tens of millions of soldiers are engaged in war or stand at the ready for it. This is not peace. Each person must decide whether to give their cooperation and support to this darkness, or to stand on the side of light to bring in the New Age.

Audio of Discussion


December 21st, 2013

BACKGROUND: People often lament that the forces of darkness seem to control the levers of power on this planet. But as people increasingly apply powerful ideas to their inner life and to the world, these levers of control are being dismantled. For example, the idea that meditation provides direct experience of higher realms challenges those religious institutions that declare the need for clergy as intermediary between people and the divine. The idea of gold challenges a hollow financial system, incessantly reminding, "Your paper money is backed by nothing." People increasingly ask: How well does this behavior live up to the idea of freedom, of justice, of wisdom, of love? A person applying these standards changes their own life and humanity.

Furthermore, some of what are called ideas are forces emanating from the very essence of life. So when people connect with active intelligence, evolutionary purpose, wisdom, and love, they connect with a "mighty rushing wind that cannot be stopped." The growing strength of human connection with these forces makes life increasingly difficult for those who seek to thwart these energies.

SEED THOUGHT: As people pour more energy into thought forms such as freedom, truth, meditation, gold, or justice, these thought forms grow causing powerful turbulence to the Dark Force structures of manipulation. After all, their structures are not as invincible as they think. Energies carrying active intelligence, evolutionary purpose, wisdom, and love work together to allow the magic of the new golden age to blossom.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts: In this stage of evolutionary cycle, man has reached an unprecedented level of mental development, which unfortunately, has largely been utilized for personal or egotistic concerns and only marginally for the benefit of others. The acceleration of natural and man-made upheavals are ways of rousing man to wake up and come out of his cozy shell to become more involved in the general welfare and the expansion of consciousness of humanity. The unfoldment of the full potential of each human being is not for the benefit of the self alone but for the good of mankind and all creation.


December 7th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts: As the recurrence of earth changes becomes more intense and damaging, the light and the dark side of human nature come to surface. While people struggle to survive, some misguided individuals take advantage of the crises to feed their greed or further their selfish intentions. Yet, in the midst of chaos and darkness, the light of the Soul shines forth as a significant number of people exhibit an outpouring of concern and support for the less fortunate. The awakening of the Soul is an important aspect of the cleansing process that the earth and humanity is passing through. The pain associated with the cleansing is an effective catalyst for such an awakening. When one realizes that he is the Soul and not a human being, he realizes that he is one with all.


November 16th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: Many people who are experiencing the effects of increasing earth changes--earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions--and extreme weather events, believe that these events are punishment, the wrath of God, or consequences of bad human behaviour. The mass media sometimes calls Earth an "angry planet" and refers to "nature's fury." But cyclic cleansings and reconfigurations of the Earth's surface are natural, evolutionary processes. It is wise for those who understand that we are early in this cyclic process to do what they can to protect themselves and preserve that which will truly serve humanity now and in the New Golden Age.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts: The market for cheap products worldwide is so enormous and the industries producing these goods have greatly contributed to the economic growth of producer countries. Unknown to many, however, these cheap products are manufactured from the sweat and labor of a significant number of people, mostly children, who are forced under duress to work in sweatshops, quarries, farms and other work places where they are housed in deplorable conditions and treated without mercy. Enjoying the benefits of a bargain is condoning a person to suffer a life of slavery.


November 2nd, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: Many believe that meditation, energetic purification, and truth can only create peace and harmony in our world. While this is true in the longer term, in the shorter term, this is often not the case. In a world where lies, inattention, distraction, and manipulation are rampant, higher vibration activities often bring conflict to the lower vibration status quo, leading to the widespread destabilization we currently see in the world. Conflict steeped in hatred and revenge tends to yield more of the same; conflict conditioned by the presence of higher vibrational energies can lead to resolution, harmony, liberation.

Audio of Discussion


October 26th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: The hypnotic hold of the entertainment industry, social networking and multi-media games and gadgets over a greater part of the mass consciousness is so complete that the collective mind is rendered powerless and utterly numb to reality. Such a situation provides the powers that be a free hand to openly and blatantly control and manipulate the natural course of economic and geo-political events. Such an apathetic mindset blocks the inner urgings of the soul to understand the unfolding events and to prepare for the coming upheavals. Within each is the innate power to break free of the spells of the dark forces which are, in reality, purely superficial and meaningless.


October 19th, 2013

BACKGROUND: The dark forces are in full agenda mode with regards 2012/2013's spate of shootings, the Boston Marathon Bombings and the lock-down that was implemented for the people's so-called security in April this year, and with the dire need for constant surveillance of the masses for so-called "protection". During the marathon bombings the media and the public praised the swift and deadly actions of the law officials during this event and people cheered as though this was a victory against evil. Even their very uniform colors, heavy armaments, show of force, and sheer numbers spelled out CLEARLY which direction the dark forces are planning to take mankind in. It has been reported that there are over 1,900 private companies that are specifically dedicated to fighting terrorism and "keeping America safe". These are billion dollar industries employing thousands of people to collect intelligence, construct defense strategies, and reinforce the concept of the terrorist threat through campaigns, lectures, and seminars. In short the dark forces are painting the word "FEAR" in gigantic black letters across the consciousness of mankind and use these "terrorist" situations and surveillance activities to create susceptibility in the masses as they go in for the kill. There is now a constant 24hr/day effort by the dark forces to keep mankind keyed to the vibration of fear through the promotion of the threat of attack by terrorists. This not only keeps people divided but also effects a mental anesthesia as they become numb to this problem.

SEED THOUGHT: People can approach false flag terrorist events and fear campaigns with calm rationale and logical questioning. Through deep meditation they can raise themselves above the low vibrations of this fear tactic to where the truth of these situations are exposed for what they truly are. With every attempt by the dark forces to imprint FEAR into the mass consciousness people can respond with "WE FEAR NOT!!!"

Audio of Discussion


October 5th, 2013

SEED THOUHGT: An economy based on money which is debt must always grow or the interest on the debt cannot be paid. When too much debt is accumulated, the economy groans under the burden, can no longer grow, and begins to collapse. Authorities put money printing into hyper-drive to try to overcome this reality, but this tactic fails. So to stimulate an economy in end-of-cycle death throes, they resort to war. This too will fail as humanity realizes the folly and cruelty of a trumped-up war being fought to save an economy that is a system of profiteering and enslavement. Humanity will see through this elaborate ruse and gain its freedom.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT: The forces of acceleration are now inspiring courageous souls to expose and publicly denounce the deceit and systemic defrauding or manipulation of the people by the controlling powers. Awareness of the trickery and exploitation of those in power is likewise gaining strength among the many. To expect the perpetrators to be decreed judgment by the present judicial system, being one of their ilk, is futile. Only a firm and united will of the many to resist and defy the suppression of truth will restore balance.


September 21st, 2013

BACKGROUND: As climatic upheavals and extreme weather events grow apace during this transition period there are many locations around the globe that are in the processes of becoming eventually uninhabitable. Thousands of homes, businesses, infrastructures, and lives are being destroyed by these vast changes. Yet despite the disillusionment and suffering wrought by these changes people tend to go back and try to rebuild in the same places, almost always with the emotional support (or insistence) of their governments. "We will rebuild!" is a common catch-cry by both the public and leaders alike. With sea levels set to rise by several metres and multiple reports of inundations of coastal areas and islands it should be clear that staying in the same place and trying to rebuild over and over again is tantamount to suicide. Attachment to possessions, family, and places, combined with a reluctance to change, keeps these people from seeing the obvious which is that the world is moving in ever increasing cycles of upheaval. It also keeps people from making rational and informed decisions about what is happening in front of their faces.

SEED THOUGHT: With earth changes growing apace due to the increasing acceleration, people are seeing more frequently the vulnerable areas that they are living in are no longer suitable to sound and safe living. Through deep and ardent meditation people can listen to the calm logic and rationale of their own Souls and make a clear decision about moving to higher ground or safer areas and making the necessary preparations to survive. People can "rebuild" based upon these soul-inspired actions rather than rebuilding on reluctance, tradition, and fear of change.

Audio of Discussion


September 7th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: From the several false flags waged and the sinister provocations instigated by the warmongers, a lot of people are now aware of and are in opposition to the ploy to ignite a war massive enough to conceal the crumbling global economy. Demonstrating resistance to war is not just voicing out opinions against it nor choosing sides but taking a firm stand not to be drawn into any war-related activity. The collective will of the people to resist war can overcome the formidable power of the warmongers.


August 17th, 2013

BACKGROUND: In the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit, Wall St invoked a law that says the city's losses on risky derivative contracts must be paid first, that these claims have "super-seniority" over all other claims. The big banks pushed this law through the US Congress in 2005. So in this bankruptcy, the big banks will be paid first, then secured bondholders, and lastly pensions for retired firefighters, police, water workers, etc. Pensioners are expected to get from 10 to 30 cents on the dollar of what they were promised.

There are over $700 trillion of derivatives in the world, a sum over ten times larger than the world economy. Whenever there is a conflict in bankruptcies, bail-ins, bailouts, and government funding shortfalls, the big banks will be paid on their derivatives first, everyone else will get whatever crumbs may or may not be left.

SEED THOUGHT: The Dark Forces have rigged the financial and legal system so that their interests have, by law, super-seniority over the interests of all others. While those who run the system pretend it is for the benefit of all, as demonstrated in the Cyprus collapse and the Detroit bankruptcy, this is not so. People need to take their financial future into their own hands by obtaining precious metal coins, items for barter, and the tools and skills to produce what is truly useful for themselves and their communities.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: Education has always been regarded as a means to an end, a way through which one's ambition can be fulfilled, a tool used to acquire wealth, position, respectability and power in this fragmented society. This mindset has relegated education to a purely material sense and has eclipsed its primary worth which is to enhance right thinking and learning leading to wisdom that will help man become the expression of the Divine. Knowing oneself is the essence of true education. When education becomes an end in itself and learning its own fulfillment, joy and love will flourish --- overcoming the fragmentation and aggression in the world.


August 3rd, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: With billions paying attention to William and Kate, mass thinking celebrates that a baby can be born into a leadership position. This is merely the Dark Forces method of perpetuating their grip and hold on the world's population. This notion of royal succession is an outdated, medieval concept with a sugar coating of modernity. Leadership is a matter of vibration and humility, not of royal pomp and circumstances. It must be proven and earned.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: Life's purpose is generally believed to be for a person to establish a name for himself through education, career, family, wealth or power - to be somebody. The greater part of one's life energy is used up in pursuit of all his material goals and desires, while his spiritual growth is relegated to occasional religious or spiritual activities. The real purpose of the wheel of rebirth in the physical plane is for man to realize that he is not a corporeal being and that he is the Soul using a physical body.


July 20th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: Many people view evolution as a grand process of competition among living beings and accidental genetic mutations playing out over millennia in an indifferent universe that has little or nothing to do with their life. A more accurate and useful view is that evolution entails the mastery of increasingly higher vibrational expressions. Beings first achieve mastery of the physical, then the emotional, and then the mental realms. Once self awareness is achieved, then much about the pace of a person's evolution is in their own hands. It is up to them to pursue and master the realms of consciousness, intuition, telepathy, that is, to learn to relate to the higher vibrational realms of their soul and with the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Shamballa, the Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara, and the Solar Logos Amon Ra.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: Regulatory imposition of the use of genetically modified seeds by governments in alliance with multinational companies, especially in third world countries, is not only crippling farmers with the high cost of royalties but is threatening the environment through the practice of monoculture and the suppression of natural seed propagation. Genetic engineering of any organism, especially when its natural processes are inhibited, is an aberration. The distribution of GMO seeds and pesticides by the agribusiness giants, which presently is so comprehensive, having its trace in practically all processed food products and animal feeds, is another powerful tool of the few to control the masses.


July 6th, 2013

BACKGROUND: Most people believe "you can't fight City Hall," that is, that no matter what a person does, nothing will change. Yet recently, major riots in Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, and elsewhere show that extreme frustration can launch people out of apathy and into the streets seeking major change. Governments, increasingly beset by higher vibration energies, desperately seek to clamp down on cyclic change and to retain the lower vibrational world of the status quo.

SEED THOUGHT: Acceleration is relegating the attitude that "nothing will change" to the past. Things are changing, dramatically. It is time to take a strong interest in the higher vibrational nature of the inner and outer evolutionary leap in which we are all participating, and to speak truth about it.

Audio of Discussion


June 29th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: Based on statistics, an estimated total of 200 million people, half of which are hidden and unaccounted, are homeless and are dependent on their government for sustenance. The homelessness crisis and its attendant problems on health, security and morality, prevalent not only in developing countries but, increasingly, in developed countries as well, is expected to further aggravate as the global economy sinks into oblivion. One cannot continuously rely on the government or on other people to survive this catastrophe. Survival depends on one's fortitude and preparedness borne of a clear understanding of the unfolding events and their significance, both in material and spiritual sense.


June 16th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: It is clear now that the US government, claiming to be a defender of freedom, continuously spies on all people, including its own citizens. Polls this week showed that many US citizens say they don't mind being spied on by their government. These people do not see this as a progressing pattern of government taking from them, by excessive taxation, by monetary inflation, by the new bail-in regime where depositor money rescues reckless banks, and by the taking of privacy and electronic communications. Pervasive spying on its own citizens is a hallmark of totalitarian governments and has a chilling effect on free speech and free association, required for a free society. It is wise for people to consider what will be taken from them next. Government is not supposed to be a parasite on people, but to serve them.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: The manipulation of markets and the disinformation being fed by the banks and the government, with the willing participation of the mainstream media, have effectively taken hold of the perception and sentiments of the majority. The touted artificial progress and abundance has lulled the masses into a false sense of security obstructing their ability to prepare for the unfolding system collapse and for the intensifying earth changes. The best way to free oneself from this matrix of lies is to go beyond the information being fed in the mainstream and be cognizant of what is happening in the real world. It is of utmost importance to strengthen one's discernment by seeking guidance from one's Soul.


June 1st, 2013

BACKGROUND: Since the end of World War II, the Dark Forces have worked to convince the world that continuous regional wars are necessary and good. Leaders who resisted this plan were eliminated. When US President John F Kennedy resisted plans for war in Viet Nam, he was killed. Soon after Martin Luther King began adding anti-war remarks into his speeches, he was killed in 1968. Robert F Kennedy was also killed in 1968. In 1969, the Woodstock concert was the largest peace rally ever held. In 1970, heroes of that concert such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were killed. With their leaders killed, most people stopped resisting war.

So now we have continuous regional wars. As pointed out in the 1935 booklet "War is a Racket" written by the most decorated US war hero up to that time, Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler, this is hugely profitable for the defense, energy, supply, drug companies, and so forth; and for Wall Street, which peddles the debt for such wars. If humanity does not put a stop to this now, people will have to suffer the much larger world war clearly being set up now by the DF. This is all war for profit and nothing else.

Our so-called leaders will not put a stop to this; quite the contrary, they are the sales people for war, justifying killing under the headings of patriotism, national interest, and national security.

SEED THOUGHT: The Dark Forces have succeeded in creating continuous regional war and they are working to set up the next world war. Our so-called leaders will not stop this; they are the sales people for this war for profit. It is up to people to take a stand, to peacefully refuse this plan for world war on all fronts, and to end war on this planet forever.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: Humanity's crystallized belief in the world of medicine has been well manipulated by pharmaceutical giants, in partnership with the general medical community, to stay in business and to gain control. For centuries now, humanity has been drugged into believing that physical sickness, weakness and discomfort are the natural fate of the human body as it ages. Worse is the people's impression that it is normal to take maintenance drugs at a certain age due to some irreversible medical conditions and this dependence on drugs is actually helping them live through their medical conditions. Medicines and drugs are nothing but synthetic chemical forms mimicking the molecular structure of substances produced by the human body or by other life forms in nature. No true healing and wellness will come out of these imitations with their artificial healing actions. The human body will never thrive on something artificial. The human body is powered by Divine Intelligence that naturally works toward health and wellness. The human body's capacity to build, maintain and repair itself, if supported by natural and proper diet, regular exercise, sunlight and right lifestyle, knows no bounds -- such is the realization that will free humanity from this dark age of conventional medicine -- and the light that will take humanity to genuine healing and wellness.


May 18th, 2013

BACKGROUND: Look at any city skyline and the largest buildings are typically owned by banks and insurance companies. Some are beginning to understand the criminal practices of banks, but fewer recognize what has happened with insurance. What began as a way to spread financial risk that could overwhelm an individual to a community has turned into: (1) commercial insurance companies whose business model is to amass a pool of capital for trading and to avoid, as much as possible, paying for "losses" out of their trading capital; (2) government insurance programs where benefits are promised to constituents with oftentimes radically insufficient attention paid to funding for those benefits; and (3) insurance sold by Wall St, known as derivatives, where promises to pay are backed less by reserves of capital than by government guarantees. So now, instead of an insurance pool celebrating that they were able to spare an individual from financial calamity, they consider this a loss that will negatively impact their stock price.

SEED THOUGHT: Insurance, which began as a way to spread financial risk that could overwhelm an individual to the broader shoulders of a community, has been hijacked by profiteers and politicians. As financial system turbulence inevitably increases, the belief in safety provided by private and government insurance will be shown as illusory. People will find that the belief that large institutions will provide safety is misplaced, and that they are far better off relying on inner work, precious metals, and strengthening their real world capabilities and those of their communities.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: As the world economy spins out of control, the information drive against terrorism, biological warfare and nuclear armament conrol is stepping up. This must be preceived for what it truly is - a war propaganda designed to rouse the spirit of patriotism among the people by creating a moral reason to justify sacrifice. War is a scrilegious act. It is a total diregard of the sanctity of life. Involvement in any act of war is the very contradiction of our divine nature.


May 4th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: The lie "You only live once" is constantly broadcast by the Dark Forces to convince people that life has no meaning beyond the physical, or that they get a single "test" lifetime, followed by eternal punishment or reward. It is designed to keep people from the freedom and joy that results from contact with the wisdom of the soul cultivated over many incarnations and the periods between incarnations.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT: As the economic and political foundations and the basic social values that have served as humanity's terra firma rapidly disintegrate, compounded by intensifying earth changes, a considerable portion of the sleeping masses are slowly awakening. Their overwhelming concern however, is the safety of the physical well-being. The real significance of this destructive phase marking the end of an evolutionary cycle is primarily to awaken the spiritual man and to realize brotherhood through unselfish service, more than mere physical concern.


April 20, 2013

BACKGROUND: In recent weeks, China announced direct currency trading arrangements with France and Australia that exclude the US Dollar as an intermediary, adding to a non-Dollar currency trading network that now spans the globe. When the Japanese government announced its plan to substantially and inexorably debase its currency, Japanese people bought gold to try to protect themselves, pushing gold to its all time high price in Japanese yen. When people saw the European Union confiscate the bank deposits of individuals, businesses, and even religious organizations in Cyprus, and implement capital controls that prohibited people from moving their money out of Cyprus, some people sought to protect themselves by buying Bitcoins, an electronic currency that operates outside of government control and across all borders.

To punish those who dared take their money out of government-controlled systems of confiscation and to re-assert the supremacy of the Dollar, governments and their crony investment houses first smashed the price of Bitcoins by 75%, and then slammed the prices of gold and silver. Their minions in the press repeat like a mantra that gold and silver are not safe havens. These tactics are failing miserably as people and central banks across the world are treating the lower prices as a bargain and placing orders to buy more physical gold and silver than are actually available for purchase, draining mint and dealer inventories around the world.

SEED THOUGHT: The confiscation of bank deposits in Cyprus proves beyond a doubt that banks are not safe, and that keeping your savings in banks is not wise. Those who wish to maintain the purchasing power of their savings must see through the heavy-handed ploys of the bankers and government, remove their savings from the currencies and institutions of the system, and place them into minted gold and silver bullion coins.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: The existing global economy controlled by monopolistic capitalists, banks and political elites has tipped the scale to such a precarious extreme where half of the global wealth is owned by just 1% of the world elite and only 7% wealth is owned by 80% of the world population. These dominant powers continue to capture almost all of the financial rewards and economic control while leaving the masses of workers barely surviving. We need to realize this anomaly and break out of the matrix of control wielded by the dominant few by dissociating ourselves from the banking system and becoming self-sufficient. Only then will the dissolution of suppressive capitalism be hastened and a new equitable and just economic order established.


April 6th, 2013

BACKGROUND: Acceleration is bringing great change to the physical plane: Large earthquakes have increased by 50% since 1990. Of 34 sizeable tsunamis over the last 400 years, six have happened just since the year 2000. Global insurance companies report that weather-related loss events have more than tripled since 1980. Tornados appear where they have never been seen before. Sinkholes used to be strange and rare; now they are commonplace. Volcanic activity is clearly increasing. Australia just added a new color to its weather heat maps to show higher temperatures than any previously recorded. Superstorms regularly batter coastal areas worldwide. Sea level rise is forcing evacuation of some islands and coastal areas, and causing increasing flooding in Thailand, Jakarta, Shanghai, and elsewhere. Conditions are changing so quickly that we are in the midst of a mass extinction of species. And yet, these same cleansing energies advance our inner work.

SEED THOUGHT: In this time of acceleration, a wait-and-see attitude about earth changes is no longer appropriate. It makes sense to these changes as trends, to plan for their continuing increase, to seek higher ground away from the coasts in seismically stable areas, to locate in those regions where the predominant effect of acceleration is its vast inner benefits.

Audio of Discussion

SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: The unraveling decadence of the fraudulent international banking cartel and the profligate politicians who provide legislative protection for the former's larceny clearly demonstrates that the interest and welfare of the citizens, who entrusted their lifetime toil to the banks, are of no consequence. People must realize that they cannot trust the banks and depend on their governments to defend their rights and must learn to protect themselves.


March 16th, 2013

SEED THOUGHT: Tensions arising from disputes among nations over rights to islands and seabeds are fast escalating as the acceleration of energies intensifies the separatist conditioning of man which has its roots in his identification with the physical body. Such mentality has deluded man into identifying with a fragment. The real identity of each individual is not of a race, a nation or a belief but as a Soul and each Soul being an intrinsic part of an indivisible Whole.


March 2nd, 2013

BACKGROUND: With the critical turning point of 2012 now behind us the Earth is going into an even more accelerated mode to help cleanse this planet of all that doesn't serve its (and Mankind's) evolutionary path. The result of this acceleration is that many people around the world will witness increasing forms of insanity occurring across the social, political, and economic spectrum, whether within themselves or elsewhere. One of the more violent instances of this insanity is shooting sprees such as the recent American cases at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado. These horrific events can stir people into wild reactions and ideas in terms of how to prevent them and how or why they even occur in the first place. Many want to modify laws to eradicate gun ownership. Others blame society and want even more protection from gun-carrying police. And most look to and petition their governments to resolve this escalating problem. However, these instances of insanity, which are part of the cleansing processes of this cosmic cycle, cannot be resolved by the governments because the governments themselves make up a large part of that which needs to be cleansed and are, in some cases, even behind the shootings in the first place. Whatever the government would decide to do about these shooting sprees would be part of their agenda to dominate and frighten people either way.

SEED THOUGHT: The increasing frequency of shooting sprees is one of the unpleasant side-effects of a great cosmic cleansing process filtering through to the earth plane right now. Studying esoteric knowledge and meditating help people to align with the cosmic processes unfolding in our world, and to see the futility of depending on power-hungry governments to "make things better."

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SEED THOUGHT From our Philippine counterparts:: Positive economic news like the recently reported 6.6% productivity growth of the Philippines in 2012 or the promising recovery of western economies are gross anomalies designed to lull the clueless majority into complacency. The harsh reality is that more jobs are lost daily and real income continuously decline in the face of uncontrolled rise in prices of basic commodities. The global economy is crumbling. Now, more than ever, is the time to realize and accept the fact that the current form of global economic foundation that has enslaved humanity has no place in the New Age and must, therefore, be purged to pave the way for a new economic order.


Feb 2nd, 2013

BACKGROUND: The riots against government austerity measures all over the world are basically the peoples' cries to maintain the status quo, not some enlightened revolutionary principle. "Gimme the money you promised me!" they shout to bankrupt governments. They want to preserve the governments and/or banks to make them issue cheques so they can go on living comfortably on their pensions, social security and other government payouts. They must come to realize that the jig is up, that governments are so in debt that will never be able to fulfill their promises to their constituents. Some governments will be forced to stop paying their social handouts, while those governments which print money at will continue to pay their constituents more and more worthless paper money.

Instead of rioting for the status quo, the people should be fighting for the downfall of these governments. People must come to the realization that they must fend for themselves, not preserve parasitical governments and/or banks. The era of living comfortably on government pensions, social security and other payouts is over.

SEED THOUGHT: Our individual livelihoods depend on our own creativity to produce what is necessary for our well being. This is the responsibility of each and every one of us, not the government's.

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Jan 5th, 2013

BACKGROUND: We are souls who have taken physical bodies; we are spiritual beings. But we have been brainwashed to believe that we are units of the economy, that we are consumers, and that the health of our local, national and global economies requires our consumption; many feel that their happiness, success and identity are tied to their level and quality of consumption. This tends to promote a competitive culture where businesses and individuals compete for the biggest piece of the pie or the top rung of the ladder. It promotes a culture that ballyhoos the need to spend and buy during the great Holy Days like Christmas in order to boost a sagging economy. Buying into all this deadens the soul and leads to a feeling of inner emptiness, which we attempt to fill by consuming more.

SEED THOUGHT: People have been brainwashed into believing that their primary identity is that of being a consumer in a global economy. We are souls who have taken physical bodies, not physical bodies who have taken a soul. Our soul carries our life plan and soul mission through many incarnations; our soul constantly attracts new opportunities for soul expression and evolution. When we realize our true identity as souls, not bodies, and discover and live our soul missions, we thrive.

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For most people happiness is measured in terms of money. The never-ending chase for wealth has rendered most virtual slaves to their jobs or businesses, or has produced a mass of dreamers whose idea of happiness is contingent on games of chance. Any pleasure that money can buy is at best transitory. What is obscured by the glamour of momentary gratification that money brings is the aftermath of fear and anguish. One needs to realize that any happiness that is based on something or even someone never lasts. Only the joy of the spirit endures forever.


Dec 22nd, 2012

BACKGROUND: Rebalancing the masculine/feminine energies. As the feminine ray penetrates into the earth plane to help rebalance over-dominant masculine energies, people will naturally feel the effects of this within themselves as the energies become more intense. These adjustments can sometimes cause people to swing in the opposite direction, so instead of the balancing of the energies we see a polarisation of being either too predominantly masculine or too predominately feminine. Men could easily swing too far towards the feminine aspect and women too far towards the masculine aspect. In mainstream media there is evidence of this already in the professional fields as well as film and television and society. Women are being portrayed as being tougher, more violent, with power addictions. They are being shown as being capable of achieving high material goals yet in very masculine ways. Conversely men are being portrayed as being meek, effeminate, impotent, slack, and day-dreamy. Could this be some of the undesirable effects of the rebalancing of masculine/feminine energies on Earth? Unfortunately, due to the suffering caused by living under a male-dominated society for so long, there are many women who see this balance shift as a golden opportunity for payback, falling into the trap that one gender is superior to the other. Yet what is really needed is the harmonising of the two qualities. This balancing can be aided by serious meditation and yoga in that as soul liberation takes place gradually, the duality effects of male and female should present as working as an integrated whole. Soul liberation, through the balancing of masculine and feminine qualities, should replace gender-identification.

SEED THOUGHT: The masculine and feminine traits of human beings are not just about physical plane gender. Both of these aspects can be brought into balance in both males and females to achieve the required balance for soul liberation.

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SEED THOUGHT: The Age of Pisces, characterized as the Age of Monotheism, has given rise to several religions and with it the control of religious authorities and dictators, who, in their insatiable greed for wealth, power and dominion, became the minions of the Dark Forces to control and suppress humanity. Such gross materiality, which served as the foundation of the core values of the Piscean Age, and its consequence of anguish and misery, thwart the expression of the Soul. We need to realize that these negative energies need to dissipate to make room for love, unity, brotherhood and integrity - the energies prevalent in the Aquarian Age, the New Cycle.


Dec 8th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The competitive nature of physical survival has embedded in the psyche of the majority a strong sense of rivalry manifesting as "me first" attitude. As the world is plunged into earth-shaking changes and economic/geo-political collapse, this selfish attitude will destroy what is left of the thin veneer of society's civilization as a desperate mass fight for survival where each individual compete with everyone else. The key to survival and preservation of order and harmony is through cooperation. One must realize that our interdependence manifests our Oneness being Souls.


Dec 1st, 2012

BACKGROUND: Billions of people around the world have children but comparatively few have them with the understanding and desire to provide suitable bodies and environments for incarnating souls. And whilst there are some well-meaning religious people who have children, they often do this to please their God rather than for the benefit of a soul's evolution that covers many lives over countless aeons. Yet for many the reproduction and continuity of the human race is a purely biological and physical action. For others it stems from social traditions such as keeping the family name going, or because their friends are doing it. Some even selectively breed for the purpose of creating good-looking or intelligent offspring thereby increasing the child's likelihood for material success. However, a soul's evolution can be retarded by being conceived within philosophies that place the physical and emotional before the spiritual, or discount the spiritual altogether. It is natural and desirable that we continue our species, and the soul, being the real person, ideally utilizes a physical body for the purposes of spiritual advancement through our race. This purpose may include helping other souls develop likewise. But many souls are born into vibrations or thought-forms that can hinder this development such as: pregnant mothers and their partners smoking, drinking or hanging out in bars or loud rock concerts, or in the atmosphere of gossip, negative thinking, arguing families, or watching mindless forms of entertainment. Even in the midst of a global economic meltdown and upcoming Third World War there are religious leaders telling their flocks to produce more babies to further "God's" plan! To facilitate the right atmosphere for reproduction the parents themselves should ideally spend time contacting their own souls through meditation and yoga, and expanding their awareness about the soul's evolution through study of the ageless wisdom before they decide to get pregnant. This is especially important at this time as there are many 6th Root Race souls coming onto the earth plane who are meant to help us with our entry into the fourth dimension but are getting caught up in the lower vibrations generated by not only the current tumultuous and corrupt conditions of the world but of the careless attitudes of some parents.

SEED THOUGHT: Having children for automatic or unconscious reasons, such as meeting social or family expectations, has far more to do with satisfying psychological needs of parents than meeting the real needs of a child. Would-be parents can study the ageless wisdom to understand the place human reproduction has in the evolution of the soul and can then make a conscious, reasoned decision about whether they wish to undertake this important and arduous task, and how they can prepare themselves for it.

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SEED THOUGHT: Illegal and improper dumping of untreated toxic wastes by irresponsible nuclear facilities, mining companies, manufacturers, laboratories, hospitals and various other businesses, even by households in the disposal of simple items as dry cell batteries, busted bulbs and other inorganic wastes, is exceptionally large and extemely complex. Poisonous leakages and evaporation from these dumps remain to be one of the biggest threats to the safety and health of the people and the environment. The need to exercise vigilance in monitoring and exposing these unconscionable practices is critically imperative. Equally necessary is the need to awaken the majority to the proper ways of disposal of toxic wastes. It is our duty to take care of nature and to protect earth's inhabitants.


Nov 24th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: With demands for documents and harassment by border guards backed by guns and prisons, nation-states limit the free movement of human beings on this planet. Who granted ownership of humans such that some can dictate where others must live and where they can travel? No one. These powers were almost invariably taken by the few through war. Free human beings are owned by no one and have the right to freely associate with other human beings when and where they choose.

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SEED THOUGHT: Driven by greed and poverty, a significant majority is entrapped in all forms of gambling, from pleasurable and innocuous side-street wagers to lotteries, high stake casino games and the more sophisticated and absurdly massive speculations in derivative trades. Gambling, in whatever form, is nothing but running after a grossly material fantasy. The pervasive and habitual nature of gambling has bred a network of corruption and has destroyed the moral fiber of society. It is one of the most powerful tools of the Dark Forces to enslave man. One must realize that gambling is not the means to satisfy one's lack.


Nov 17th, 2012

BACKGROUND: Governments are becoming increasingly ineffectual. Because of their inability to solve the nation's problems, Japan has had seven prime ministers in as many years. In the European Union, unemployment for those under 25 years old keeps increasing and has reached 23% overall, with the rates in Greece and Spain at 58% and 54% respectively. Historically, such rates are the stuff of social unrest at a minimum and sometimes revolution, but the politicians, who publicly argue about Greek economic statistics 10 years hence, are at a loss to come up with any solutions. The United States faces its "fiscal cliff," perennial gridlock, and prepares for another major bailout. In all of these governments and many others, the different branches designed to provide check and balances, and to supply different services, seek to grow their own empires, and are used by politicians to fill the pockets of those who financed their political campaigns. During elections, candidates--who are primarily professional campaigners--fan the flames of emotion rather than stating truth and proposing real solutions.

SEED THOUGHT: Governments based on making promises that cannot be fulfilled, on seeking increases in personal power, on bailouts that are kickbacks to campaign financiers, and on the control of people that governments are supposed to serve, are coming undone as they encounter acceleration, the new age of truth, and the end-of-cycle forces of the pralaya. People need to look beyond these current forms of governance, to contemplate and envision how people will organize themselves to create and maintain a world that truly fosters people's inner and outer evolution.

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SEED THOUGHT: With the rise of poverty worldwide, more and more people are becoming reliant on the government and other people for survival. While unavoidable in certain circumstances, this form of mendicancy, if prolonged, erodes the self-esteem of an individual. One must realize that more than just a financial status, being poor is a state of mind where one allows himself to be stripped of hope, pride and dignity, and to be controlled by his benefactor.


Nov 10th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The total unemplyed globally, as estimated by the International Labor Organization, is at a record high of at least 200 million, almost half of which are youths aged 15 to 24. Unable to cope psychologically, a significant portion of the unemployed youth have given up hope and dropped out ot the labor market altogether, and are now becoming a social problem as most succumb to idleness, or worse, to drug abuse and criminal activities. Withthe outlook for job creation as bleak as the crumbling economy, one must realize that productivity is not reliant on any job. Productivity is an expression of creativity and p ositivity, the innate expression of the Soul.


Nov 3rd, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: We are seeing an obvious increase in extreme weather events and earth changes, the financial system is crumbling, and governments are losing their ability to govern. Life is kindly showing people the signs of things to come, providing a long ramp-up period during which the changes are increasing in frequency and scope. Still, most people assume that such events will happen to other people, not them. But all this is happening in an end-of-cycle context that includes ongoing energetic acceleration, meaning that change will impact every person on the planet. Wisdom dictates that people evaluate their circumstances and resources in the light of these accelerating changes and position themselves to be a beacon of help.

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SEED THOUGHT: Along with most other countries, the Philippine's gold reserve, having been used as collateral for foreign loans, are likely stored in the US and has remained unchecked and unaudited for decades. With the suspicion about the disappearance of the gold of Germany stored inthe US vaults, the repatriation of the gold reserves out of foreign storage to the owner country is now imperative. Each citizen has the right to this demand for the gold reserve of their country to serve as the basis for the rebulding of their country's monetary foundation in the event of a global economic collapse.


Oct 27th, 2012

BACKGROUND: Within humanity's mass consciousness there are two major ideas about human evolution. The scientific doctrine teaches that the evolution of mankind is connected to us descending from our primates over the course of millions of years. The Western religions promote the concept of the relatively recent and instantaneous 'appearance' of men and women who then begat their own offspring which begins our race. However, the ageless wisdom teaches us that Humanity's evolution is part of a simple scheme that involves the Monad, the Heavenly Man, developing from a formless spirit to our current compact physical bodies, then back to the formless aspect again - though far more evolved through the experience. This plan involves billions of years of evolution and is divided up into seven Rounds which are part of a great cycle known as a Manvantara. Each Round is a different planet which represents a certain stage of the Monad's entire descent into concrete matter, then gradual ascent back into spirit. Humanity is currently on the Round IV planet which is the solid Earth, where it began, and will end, it's most concrete expression in human form. This dense form is divided into seven Root Races and it is through these human Root Races (lasting several million years) that the Monad, and the physical body it inhabits, progresses and is refined. Each Root Race also has its division of seven sub-root-races through which development is achieved, being accompanied by the rise and fall of countless civilizations. When mankind is comprised primarily of 7th Root Race monads then the Earth will disintegrate and the Monads will move on to the next Round (planet). This comprises the esoteric viewpoint of mankind's evolution.

SEED THOUGHT: The evolution of mankind is a cosmic cyclical progression through a series of seven planets called "Rounds". The Earth is Round IV.

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SEED THOUGHT: The Philippine government is under the contorl of oligarchies or political dynasties. Since the 1980's to date, 60-70% of lawmakers have relatives in elective positions. A government dominated by kins of oligarchs and corporate elites renders the marginalized citizenry powerless. Oligarchy is the root of corruption in the Philippine government. Filipinos need to realize that they are engulfed in a culture of political patronage which threatens their right to be properly represented and heard.


Oct 20th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: At the end of this major cycle, which is in its last days, dependence on the status quo is dangerous. Ignoring the end of cycle will not make it go away. It is not by rioting in the street to try to force the government to continue to give people benefits that will bring them happiness and prosperity. People need to deepen their soul contact. From this contact, they will increasingly see life from the perspective of the group rather than just the individual, and will see how to create their own livelihood and system of support for themselves and their communities.

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Humanity's dependence on fossil fuel, regardless of the damage it has inflicted on the biosphere and the ecosystem, is so total and boundless that past concerns over peak oil, or depletion of finite oil reserves, were not taken seriously in the mainstream. Such dependence has been largely fostered by oil producers and governments, the DF's minions, who are mainly concerned with wealth and power. With the looming war, the threat of fuel being inaccessible worldwide is fast becoming a reality.

The earth abounds with free sources of energy. Let us harness the energy of the sun, the wind and the atmosphere and thereby free ourselves from the control of the DF. Let electricity harnessed from nature be freely and easily accessible to humanity.


Oct 6th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The central banks of the world claim they are printing money to create inflation to create jobs. This policy is what is being pawned on the public whereas QE infinity is really a prop for the crumbling derivative market, which, if allowed to crumble would drag down the whole world financial system. At this stage of the inflationary cycle which began in 1971, inflation can no longer create jobs or economic growth. The central banks know this, hence they know the policy has to be for infinity, an admission up front of the lie this policy represents. They seek to perpetuate this lie so that they can at least prop up the massive derivative market and keep things going for as long as possible.

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BACKGROUND: The Philippines Cybercrime Prevention Act, which contains several vague and oppressive provisions, is now in effect. Protest actions have been widespread for certain provisions of the law which call for longer prison terms for persons found to have published or posted materials containing libelous remarks online and allowing government agencies to disclose, preserve, search, seize and destroy computer data without due process.

SEED THOUGHT: A critical mass of Filipino netizens, who until now have been generally taciturn with their views on political or social issues, are creating a massive wave of protest in cyberspace as they assail the implementation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act, a newly enacted law suppressing the freedom of expression and breaching the basic right to privacy.

Let this outcry fortify into a resolute national stance to rebuff any acts of intimidation or deception by the government. Let the Filipinos stand up and fight for their rights.


Sept 29th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: In this age of truth, truth must be expressed. Injustice must be opposed. Silence is not always golden. Stating truth is not being judgmental. Judgment carries weight when it is discernment based on deliberation rather than emotional criticism or attack. By their works you shall know them.

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SEED THOUGHT: The sense of lack and insufficiency inherent in a person compels him to preserve himself by securing his future and continuously amassing what he feels will satisfy his want. This becomes the seed of greed in man driving him to violate the natural balance of things.

The physical is a natural state of need and insufficiency that has no lasting satisfaction. The sense of lack one feels is the Divine Discontent or that innate urging coming from the Soul to unfold. Only through merging with one's Soul will this sense of lack be fulfilled.


Sept 22nd, 2012

BACKGROUND: As outlined in the ageless wisdom the current majority of souls on Earth are 5th Root Race souls and the incoming 6th Root Race souls. There are also 4th Root Race (Atlantean) souls, and the remnants of the 3rd Root Race (Lemurian) are dwindling out. There are meditation and energy healing practices being taught today that are tied in with these very ancient 3rd and 4th Root Race eras such as ho'oponopono, trance healing and Shamanism, all to facilitate spiritual growth. Some practitioners even state that ancient Lumerian and Atlantean ways are making an evolutionary comeback. There are also many Western spiritual people who, whilst not believing in "fabled civilizations", look towards the spiritual/cultural practices of indigenous cultures such as the Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maoris, American Indians, and Mayans as being compatible with, or more spiritually advanced than, their own race and level of development. However, this fascination with ancient spiritual practices is usually based on astral desires such as needing to be connected to something exotic and interesting, and serves to undermine the new golden age theme of Soul Liberation which represents humanity's current and future evolutionary ascent. Stating that by doing spiritual practices from our far flung past is now a step forward implies that for the past several hundred thousand years humanity has made no progress whatsoever.

SEED THOUGHT: The best spiritual practices and methods reflect humanity's present and future; not what was applicable to bygone evolutionary phases.

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SEED THOUGHT: The anti-Islam film which has sparked an explosion of rage and violence was released right after the announcement of a massive and indefinite money printing by the central planners of the world's economic leaders. This, unmistakably, is a blatant provocation by the DF to steer the world into war to create a smokescreen for the disintegrating economy.

Feeling anger and fear toward the unfolding events not only adds steam to the prevailing agitation but means falling right into the trap of the DF's gambit. Knowing this sinister maneuverings is vital so one can maintain a strong stance to resist being used as pawn by the DF. Calmness and fortitude comes from an understanding of the current evolutionary cycle and from alignment with the Soul.


Sept 15th, 2012

BACKGROUND: When an individual or small business applies for a loan, a bank often insists that collateral be put up for the loan in case it goes unpaid. The collateral is equal to or greater in value than the amount of the loan. So if the loan is for $1,000, the collateral must be worth at least $1,000.

In the big trading capitals of the world, in the world of derivatives, as is shown in this article:

Collateral for the big players in the financial system casino is set at 0.005% of the loan. So when they borrow $1,000, they are asked to put up collateral of 5 cents. As the article also shows, government regulators have ruled that this 5 cents must be increased to the princely sum of $10, or 1% of the value of the loan. Most players don't even even have good collateral for that 1%, and are scrambling to come up with the money.

And the real problem is this: The derivatives market has positions with over $700 trillion in value, about 50 times the size of the entire annual economy in the USA. There isn't nearly enough money in the entire world to act as collateral for these positions, and new derivative positions are being created at the rate of more than $1 million per second. When the next phase of the financial crisis erupts, imploding derivative positions, backed by virtually no collateral, will bankrupt all major financial institutions, and everyone who thought they had money in a financial institution will find out that the money is gone.

SEED THOUGHT: When the next phase of the financial crisis erupts, all money in electronic accounts will be vaporized by the implosion of the derivatives market. All are advised to systematically remove their savings from the financial system and put that money into minted gold and silver coins, a little physical cash, and the real goods and tools that they can use to flourish when the financial system dissolves.

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More information of Self Sufficiency


SEED THOUGHT: The severe drop in agricultural yields resulting from intense drought scorching the heart of the granary of the West and its devastating impact on the cost of production of other food chains, fuels and other industrial products, complicated further by the inflationary consequence of the poor management of the global economy – all these factors are pushing the world into an unprecedented food crisis. As this continue to aggravate into the future, being one of the necessary cleansing humanity has to endure, a way to prepare is to cultivate or find access to a food source as can be managed since the government will find itself helpless to feed the starving populace. The best refuge and protection in this time of perilous survival is to seek the guidance of one's Innermost – the Soul.


Sept 1st, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Chemtrails include aluminum, barium, and strontium intentionally sprayed from military and commercial aircraft onto most countries in the world. This is a form of chemical warfare designed to weaken the
human immune system for the eventual reduction of the Earth's population. The denials and cover-ups are staged so that the Dark Forces will not be seen as responsible for the increasing spread of disease and subsequent deaths.

Chemtrails are designed to control weather for financial gain through weather derivatives contracts in the futures markets, through the bankrupting of farmers in key areas, and through the full control of the food seed market via seeds designed to tolerate the chemical concoctions poisoning our air, water, and soil that can only be purchased from one or two companies.

Chemtrails are used to interfere with the natural flow of energy between the Sun and the Earth to impair people's physical well-being and receptivity to spiritual energies.

People need to increase humanity's awareness of chemtrails and to raise their own vibrational level to counteract the deleterious impacts of these poisonous concoctions.

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SEED THOUGHT: The fragmentation of humanity has its roots in the fanatical religious viewpoints conditioning the minds of many as a result of the long established, and widely adhered to, indoctrination of an exaggerated exclusivity or totality of wisdom of each religious belief by its leaders. The hatred and intolerance fueling all forms of violence, even wars, are just among the fatal consequences of a fanatical perception of separation. Worst is the wide schism created between God and man.

We need to realize that the indoctrination by religious fundamentalists is their way to control and suppress the minds of their adherents. Religious fanaticism comes not from deep faith and intelligence but from lack of it. All religions, no matter how disparate each one may be in form, has its fundamental meaning in One God, the God Within. One's true liberation comes from the realization of the God Within, the Soul.


Aug 25th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Current forms of government have been hijacked by those seeking personal power and wealth. The best form of government is guided by true spiritual principles; its members are solidly guided by their own souls and are established on the occult Path. People can know that higher vibrational manifestations of brotherhood, peace, truth, and an esoteric understanding of money and economy make for a higher form of order in alignment with the law of hierarchy and soul liberation.

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SEED THOUGHT : With prices of commodities consistently rising over time, a situation characteristic of an economy based on paper currency, most people have been conditioned to accept inflation as a normal environment and have learned to survive its impact. With such an unquestioning attitude, they have succumbed into a blind resignation and are unable to even consider the more dreadful scenario of hyperinflation or deflation, or worst, of a total economic collapse.

We need to open our minds and probe the real fundamentals underlying our present financial system and see the falsity of the economic statistics released through the mainstream media to be able to prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for the coming economic armageddon.

The best way to prepare for this economic threat is to: (1) own physical precious metals'; (2) be self-sufficient by cultivating a farm; and (3) engage in any form of barter.

Aug 20th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Groups engaged in spiritual commercialization are the "money changers" or the "den of thieves in the temple" that have so angered Jesus. For not only are they marketing God for profit but they are deceiving people about the truth of their divinity, or worse, are tampering with another's innate faculties. Merchandising spiritual truths is against Cosmic Law. Seekers of spiritual guidance must beware of the spiritual charlatans offering guidance for money. Spiritual Truths are not for sale for man is the Divine Truth and Power embodied. Each person must work out his own salvation.

Aug 18th, 2012

BACKGROUND: In popular media and films there are often shown portrayals of the human concept of personal justice, whether related to criminal acts or social acts. This involves people or "heroes" getting even with those who have done them or their loved ones some kind of wrong, and often in disturbed, violent, and graphic ways. This revenge, or the desire for it, also occurs in the real world aplenty, with people yearning to avenge personal wrongs done to them. A son or daughter is murdered and the family wants the murderer killed. A man breaks some girl's heart so she wants to injure him. The old moral code: "An eye for an eye" still prevails in many people's minds and victims want criminals and their like to suffer for their actions. The Ageless Wisdom teaches us that the cosmic laws of karma and reincarnation are the great re-balancers, in that any acts, good or bad, are repaid in due course, and that human beings needn't trouble themselves over making sure evil people get their just desserts. It also teaches that by avenging these crimes or misdeeds it causes the cycle of revenge to perpetuate the build up of negative karma rather than resolve it. This ends up with people passing many incarnations 'getting back' at each other instead of focusing on their spiritual evolution.

SEED THOUGHT: Revenge accomplishes only the perpetuation of cycles of inner and outer misery. Attention to compassion and forgiveness has the power to break these cycles.

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Aug 11th, 2012

BACKGROUND: The present solution the Euro leaders are trying to impress upon the mass consciousness is a sham. The stabilization fund that will bail out the countries has not been created or ratified and it appears that contributors to the fund (30%) are supposed to be the same countries that will soon be requesting bailouts such as Spain and Italy. The days when authorities can blatantly lie to the population have come to an end. People are able to see through them.

SEED THOUGHT: Propaganda and lies emanating from our leaders and authorities can no longer mask the truth. In the past, they have eventually been seen for what they are, even though the masses have been temporarily duped. However, the time lag between the emission of the lie and the mass perception that the lie is just a lie is narrowing. We are now entering that very sought-after period where the mass consciousness can now instantly perceive official pronouncements of policy (propaganda) as lies, thus rendering these lies impotent. Let the process of seeing official lies for what they are penetrate more deeply into the mass consciousness.


July 28th, 2012

BACKGROUND: As change accelerates in our world, all of us are likely to be taken by surprise at times and perhaps feel that we made mistakes in our preparation, or lack of it, for unfolding events. It is wise to remember that, on Earth, we live in a free will zone, and we live on the physical plane, where we have imperfect vision of past, present and future. In such an environment, mistakes are inevitable.

People often refuse to forgive themselves and others for mistakes. This lack of forgiveness, this intolerance, can lower vibration within and between people, and lead to cycles of criticism, recrimination, and revenge rather than an acceptance of the foibles of being human.

This is not to say that we should ignore our powers of perception and discernment in taking measures to deal with accelerating change. Quite the contrary, honing our abilities is a key aspect of our evolution. And being prepared for change will put us in a position to help others. But giving oneself a bad time for making a mistake lowers one's vibration, and in this end-of-cycle time period, it is crucial to focus on raising one's vibration.

In our so-called civilization, many are taught to feel a deep shame that is entirely inappropriate when they make a mistake. This leads to an overblown fear of mistakes, squelching a great deal of human creativity. Some great scientific discoveries resulted from mistakes. In life on Earth, many things are tried; often they fail or are found wanting, and some bring real progress, and thus evolution.

SEED THOUGHT: Living on the physical plane--where our vision of past, present, and future is imperfect--and in the free will zone that is planet Earth, mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Having a strong fear of mistakes, or failing to forgive ourselves and others when they happen, lowers one's vibration and hampers creativity in a time when raising one's vibration, and having full access to our creativity, is crucial. It is best to treat mistakes with honesty, learning the lessons they provide, and with a sense of humor as all of us stumble along on our evolutionary path.


July 21st, 2012

BACKGROUND: The war in Syria is being portrayed as a just revolt against an unjust regime. While it is true that the regime is unjust, so is this fabricated war. It has been created to enable the removal of the missiles in Syria that are pointed toward Israel before the larger planned Middle East war begins. Israeli public support for a larger war will evaporate if citizens are in constant fear of a missile attack. And politicians need public support for war. This is important: it means that if the vast majority of people on this planet resist war, it will end.

SEED THOUGHT: Do not be fooled by the claims that the war in Syria is a war for justice. Neither side in these wars has the slightest interest in justice. This is all manipulation of people, politicians and countries by those Dark Forces who seek to create and sustain continuous war for profit on Earth. When humanity realizes this, war on this planet will end.

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July 14th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: 2012 will be a reality shift that is part of greater and lesser cosmic cycles. For humanity 2012 is a shift to higher dimensional frequencies, involving the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Part of this involves freedom from dark force manipulations, raised levels of consciousness, true brotherhood, and abundance, all of which are a part of our entry into the golden age.

July 7th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: People can do themselves an enormous favour by getting their money and assets out of their banks NOW. They can disregard the various dark force controlled media reports that tell them their money is safe and get it out promptly, followed by immediately investing in gold and silver or any useful exchangable items that be can bartered and can help them to survive during a total economic collapse.

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June 30th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Sixth Root Race children, adults, and parents of these incoming souls can liberate themselves from these drug-related schemes by the dark forces to lure them away from, or destroy their potentials, to fulfill their parts in the divine plan by understanding where these souls are coming from through studying and retaining an open mind to the ageless wisdom and so protect them from the knee-jerk reaction to medicate them and psychologically pigeon-hole them because of their unusual behaviour which is a result of being born into difficult vibrations.

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June 23rd, 2012

BACKGROUND: When you purchase a product at a large chain store, you are paying for: shipping, warehousing, insurance, advertising, legal expenses, taxes, rent, political contributions, bond market interest expense, shareholder profit, security, tariffs, regulatory compliance fees, accounting, shoplifting, union dues, bank fees, executive salaries that are likely outlandishly high, and, oh yes, there is a little something left for the labor and materials needed to actually build the product. Most of your purchase price exits your local community. It goes to cover the overhead of those who use a portion of your money to buy political influence to increase their domination of commerce. And the rabid search for lowest cost suppliers has lead to over-specialization in which large areas are dedicated to a single business. This convoluted system is dying from greed, dishonesty, lack of balance, and an increasing separation from what is real. As the current financial system collapses, people will not value overhead, but what is real.

SEED THOUGHT: A worthy alternative to the current system of global commerce, with its vast overhead and extreme specialization, is barter. This could be the direct exchange of goods or services between people or businesses. Or it may use the medium of a barter currency. Either way, with barter, people's work can provide direct real benefits to their neighbors and friends rather than being siphoned into the overhead of the global system. Those practicing barter now are preparing themselves and their communities for an easier transition into a balanced local economy based on what is real.

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June 16th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The price of gold and silver as flashed to the world is nothing but what the Dark Forces want us to believe. It is a lie. Let the true price of precious metals emerge from the dark chambers of the Dark Forces and present its true value (exoteric and esoteric) to mankind. In this way only will mankind gain the proper guidance needed to navigate through this period of transition.

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June 9th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The dark forces intentionally use governments and the media to present people with policies and behaviors that are so deranged that most people feel the need to turn away, look down, and concern themselves solely with the mundane details of their daily life. Most have experienced the dismay and disbelief that leads to a desire to shut out the world. This DF technique is known as "reversal" and its purpose is to shatter the rational integration of people's minds, to curtail their awareness so that they pose no challenge to DF control of life on Earth. To counter DF control, and to maintain broad horizons in their own awareness, people need to see this attack for what it is, to think for themselves and take appropriate actions.

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June 2nd, 2012

BACKGROUND: In the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies books humanity was told about acceleration and warned about the waves of insanity that would engulf the planet during these times. It is now 2012 and we are witnessing more and more of these instances that will ultimately add up to what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle referred to as "bedlam" by the end of this year. People shooting or hurting people over completely trivial circumstances such as wrong food orders or bad driving; more mindless shooting sprees; professional pilots and passengers going insane in mid-flight; children sexually assaulting children; the list goes on. Many people are still unprepared for the intensification of energies that are playing upon their thoughts and emotions, and watch in shock and horror as the insane and outrageous acts continue to grow. Many think that distracting themselves through drugs, alcohol, endless television, or mindless shopping will help, but this is not the case. Getting through all of this with equanimity will require an open mind to the spiritual reality behind it all, as well as serious meditation practices that aligns a person with their soul. It is only deep within that people can achieve poise and calm during these difficult times and even be of help to those spinning out of control.

SEED THOUGHT: The Sanctus Germanus predictions about acceleration and waves of insanity are presenting themselves apace. The Brotherhood of Light have given to the world meditation techniques that a person can practice to help them navigate through the chaos by connecting with their true selves, their souls. These meditations are the golden ticket to soul contact and the new age, as well as allowing practitioners to be calm focal points of light, discrimination, and usefulness to others during these times.

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May 26th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: If people adopt selfishness, the "every-man-for-himself" attitude, in order to survive the financial crisis, wars and the earth changes, it will substantially reduce their ability to adjust to the incoming higher frequency vibrations. They will not survive no matter what methods of survival they adopt. Only increasing one's personal vibrations through meditation, fasting and study of the Ancient Wisdom will assure survival of the coming ramp up of vibrations. That is the surest and best preparation anyone can adopt at this point.

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May 19th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Governments use a multitude of methods to manipulate statistics in order to forward their agendas. If used by the private sector, they are bound to mislead and result in wrong business decisions. If used by the governments themselves, they are bound to result in misguided policies. Official statistics have little to do with the truth and only put a legitimate face on bald lies. For this reason, it is best to discount them and refer to other sources of statistics.

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May 12th, 2012

BACKGROUND:Many say that competition is a praiseworthy aspect of life, necessary for building character, for business and political success, that it is the essence of free markets, excellence, and evolution. The idea is promoted by those seeking profit at the expense of others, and is thoughtlessly accepted as a platitude.

But the facts show that this is a lie. Competition leads to a vast waste of energy and resources. It engenders fear, secrecy, separation, and the idea that a few will win and most will lose. Nations compete, wasting massive resources waging military, economic, and political wars. Businesses waste tremendous energy to destroy their competitors. Children are told that if they cannot compete, they will be "left behind."

Proponents of competition cite the "survival of the fittest" as the essence of evolution. But a far more important idea for evolution is division of labor, where cells and beings differentiate and collaborate to serve the ever-expanding capabilities of complex beings and groups.

The national school system of Finland found itself ranked among the worst in the world. So they changed their system to one of no competition among students, no standardized testing till the age of 16, equality of opportunity for all students, no pre-school or kindergarten. The goal is that each student gets a fair chance to discover their passion and to pursue it. After a number of years of the new system, they again allowed their high school students to again take international standardized tests. For the last 12 years, Finnish students have often collectively ranked as the best in the world.

SEED THOUGHT:The idea that competition among beings is beneficial and necessary is a lie promoted by those seeking to exploit others for profit. Competition engenders fear, separation, and vast wasting of resources. Collaboration brings real progress, evolution, and joy, and aligns with the essential unity of all life and the cosmic laws.

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May 5th, 2012

BACKGROUND: Death: The Great Adventure, Alice A. Bailey, p128.

"The fear of death is one of the great abnormalities or distortions of divine truth for which the Lords of Cosmic Evil are responsible. When in early Atlantean times they emerged from the place where they had been confined, and forced temporarily the Great White Lodge to subjective levels, their first great act of distortion was to implant in human beings fear, beginning with fear of death. From that time on men have laid emphasis on death and not life, and have been ridden by fear all their days.

"One of the initial acts of the reappearing Christ and of the Hierarchy will be to erase this particular fear and confirm in peoples' minds the idea that incarnation and the taking of a form is the true place of darkness to the divine spirit which is man; it is death to the spirit temporarily, and imprisonment."

Millions of people have been declared clinically dead and have returned to life to report their experiences. With widespread publicity of these near death experiences, many people are now searching for a deeper understanding of death and the process of dying. Esoteric teachings on the soul, the subtle bodies and their interrelationship have much to offer those pondering on and researching the mystery of death.

Our present cycle is the end of the age; the next two hundred years will see the abolition of death, as we now understand that great transition, and the establishing of the fact of the soul's existence. "Resurrection is the keynote of nature; death is not. Death is only the anti-chamber of resurrection." The cycle of constant physical death followed by constant resurrection is a major tool of evolution moving us toward greater light and life.

SEED THOUGHT: After the death of the physical body, life continues; you are essentially the same person, but with added powers. Death is to be celebrated as the dropping of the limiting physical body and the entrance into the fuller life of the freer soul.

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April 28th, 2012

BACKGROUND: As the dark forces' efforts towards another world war in order to profit from human suffering continues, their decision of when and where to stage a false/red flag attack has yet to be actualized. The acceleration continues unabated and the Ray of Truth plays havoc with the dark forces mental and emotional faculties and out of desperation and increasing insanity they fight more and more among themselves, even splitting into opposing factions. This conflict is reflected in the media as news services report differing opinions as to who will actually throw the first major punch (and where). And so the masses are left in an often bewildered or helpless state thinking they are powerless to stop another global conflict, or that war is an inevitable human weakness. Meanwhile, Seed Thoughts that promote truth, peace, brotherhood, awareness, abundance, justice, soul liberation, natural and harmonious living, and cosmic laws, continue to penetrate into the mass consciousness of humanity and help to open humanity's eyes to the truth of the situation as well as to stymie the dark forces' war efforts, so that if World War 3 is a necessary karmic debt to be paid off, the great mental effort and mental resistance will render it impotent.

SEED THOUGHT: Humanity is divinely capable of putting an end to the grip of the dark forces and their wars once and for all. With the aid of the acceleration, seed thoughts, and the major ramping up of energies towards the end of 2012, a tipping point is around the corner that will favour the side of light. By connecting with their souls people can see that it is humanity's spiritual upward evolution that is inevitable and that war is a dying racket.

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April 14th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The Ageless Wisdom is now freely available in the mass consciousness. The gates are open. Go in.

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March 31st, 2012

BACKGROUND: As the acceleration and the ray of Truth cause more and more of the Dark Forces war plans to come to the surface, media headlines continue to read: "Pentagon Warns: Prepare for War"; "US planning to boost sea and land defences in Gulf as Iran war fears grow"; "The U.S. Ready to Attack Iran According to Defense Secretary."; "Gunboat diplomacy: America launches Persian Gulf surge." News shows and other media outlets now give the play-by-play of the unfolding events of World War III as though it were read from a script for everyone to see, and the usual "element of surprise" tactic no longer applies. These glaring facts can be scrutinised by the masses cautiously, indifferently, or seen for their worth. Either way, the truth is in front of us.

SEED THOUGHT: As the unfolding events and preparations for another world war are read out openly to the public as though straight from a script, the people who read these headlines have been given a gift. People can take heed, wake up to facts, and resist mentally, emotionally, and physically all warmongering by the Dark Forces during these times.

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March 25th, 2012

BACKGROUND: The Dark Forces are working to reduce the world's population by slowly poisoning people, weakening them so that they are very susceptible to disease. A great number of packaged foods, grown and processed in ways that makes them mostly devoid of nutrition in the first place, contain damaging excitotoxins such as aspartame, Neotame, MSG, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. These substances, sometimes disguised under other names, have been implicated in many disease conditions, encourage obesity by foiling the body's natural signals, and some say reduce brain functioning. Many of these packaged foods are based on GMOs that have been shown to be dangerous to health, that pollute the invaluable genetic material of the natural plant kingdom, and whose cultivation encourages increased use of pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate that studies show can now likely be found in everyone living in industrialized countries. High fructose corn syrup, found in many packaged food products and linked to several diseases itself, has been found to carry poisonous mercury into those products a third to half of the time. Flouride is placed in the water in many municipal water systems. Supposedly pure bottled water is often just tap water, and is delivered in plastic containers that leak BPA into that water. Supermarket meat comes from animals forced to stand for weeks in the cesspool conditions of large feedlots, where they are kept alive only by large doses of antibiotics that stay in the food chain, encouraging immunity to antibiotics in people. High-pressure tactics are used to get parents to accept an array of vaccines for their children; these vaccines often contain mercury, aluminum, and HCG. When nuclear power plants leak toxic radioactivity, governments simply change the levels of such toxicity that are considered "safe." Sadly, this list goes on and on.

SEED THOUGHT: In a time where many default food, water, medical, industrial, and media choices are designed to poison and weaken you, it is the responsibility of every person to pay very close attention to what they ingest on all levels, favoring pure air and water, nutritious organic whole foods, healthy practices that strengthen their bodies, and impressions that raise their vibrations.

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March 17th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: We must all come to realize that black magic is not something of the past but is being used as a tool to manipulate humanity in order to thwart its evolution. The two words "black magic" stoke fear and superstition so that the reason cannot prevail. Black magic is basically the influence of one evil mind on the mind of another for selfish purposes. Black magic works to thwart the free will of others for the benefit of the perpetrator. Those under the influence of other minds are usually not aware of this possibility and therefore every thought in their mind take as their own. Black magic enables emotions to take over reason.

Victims of attacks are often our leaders: politicians, scientists, top military personnel, financial leaders, medical doctors, educational leaders, government officials and others holding key positions throughout society. Alongside the leaders of society, the masses are under attack through mainstream media and various forms of commercials, movies, video games and all other types of electronic entertainment.

It is wise to be alert to possible manipulations of one's mind and emotions.

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March 10th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The marvels of computer and internet technology are divine gifts to humanity with great benefits: they greatly reduce drudge work, freeing up time for the search for inner truth; they enable vastly expanded communication between people in preparation for general telepathic communication; they enable free speech during a period when the Dark Forces have purchased the mainstream media to dominate its pervasive messages; etc.

The DF, of course, have attempted to completely hijack these gifts, to use them as tools for propaganda and a means of enthrallment and distraction that has placed a great many people into a state of near stupor.

Obsession with computer games, social networking, musical gadgets, cell phones and other electronic devices maintains a stranglehold of distraction on the minds of many. Such fixation confines people's attention to a noisy inner prison that drowns out the quiet vastness of the soul.

Vast benefits emerge for people when they balance their use of technology and their inner work, when technology *supports* their work for the liberation of their soul.

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March 3rd, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: The war is a hidden money-making opportunity for the DF and is being touted in the mass media as a way out of our economic doldrums. However, the war has a more important esoteric function: it will force everyone without exception to make a decision whether to stand on the side of light or darkness. This will determine much in the individual's evolution from hereon. It will also determine the course of earth's evolution. The war is an opportunity, a fork in the road, a spiritual juncture, a last choice being given to humanity to right things. It is an opportunity given each person to exercise his/her will-to-good and not to get sucked into the wave of emotional conflict, no matter what the stated cause. At the end of the war, the mass consciousness must weigh more on the side of light if the earth will rebalance itself and enter a new age. Otherwise humanity will thrash around in ever more misery and chaos until it does reach an equilibrium.

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February 25th, 2012

BACKGROUND: US Major General Smedley Butler was the most decorated soldier in US history when he retired and wrote his pamphlet "War Is a Racket." Here are some quotes: "War is a racket. It is…the most profitable, surely the most vicious…profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

"A racket is…something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

"Out of war nations acquire additional territory and the wealth of that territory, if they are victorious. This newly acquired territory is exploited by the few--the selfsame few who wrung dollars out of blood in the war. The general public shoulders the bill. And what is this bill? Death. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Back-breaking taxation for generations."

These two high ranking military men saw the truth of war.

SEED THOUGHT: As we see the international war clouds darkening, it is time we, the people of this planet, wake up and become aware of the numerous ways we are being manipulated into hatred of other nations, creeds, or races, then further manipulated by deliberately created incidents--false-flag attacks--designed to inflame our emotions and drive us into war. It is time to let our minds control our emotions, to clearly see what is going on, and peacefully refuse to co-operate.

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February 18th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: "As good as gold." Many use the phrase. It reminds of authenticity, enduring value. It shines a bright light on our current world: counterfeit money and bonds, conjured by the Federal Reserve and its cronies to serve the few and enslave the rest; counterfeit news, spun to favor the powerful; counterfeit political leaders, who rarely keep a promise; counterfeit religious leaders who pay lip service to love while fomenting hatred and violence; counterfeit governments, publishers of counterfeit statistics, who serve themselves, not their citizens; counterfeit wars, generated for profit by counterfeit narratives, but bringing death and suffering that is all too real. It is time for people to wake up.



February 11th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Those we call the Dark Forces prefer to keep their activities secret. There is a split in the DF between what is called the Anglo-American Conspiracy and the Asian faction. Web sites such as Project Camelot report on the Anglo-American side. Writers such as Benjamin Fulford back the Asian faction as saviors of humanity, but this stance is naïve and misled. There are no good Dark Forces sides. Both sides are bad news. The public should not be fooled.

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February 4th, 2012

BACKGROUND: As people realize that their governments strongly favor the interests of the financial and political elites over the common good, governments in many Western industrialized countries are making blatant grabs for additional power. The European Union steadily moves governance away from the voice of the people, centralizing decision-making in closed-door summits and unelected commissions operating above the national level. The US government has passed a law known as the NDAA, which includes a provision for the indefinite imprisonment of US citizens without a trial, a provision meant to intimidate and a glaring contradiction of the Bill of Rights.

And desiring to mimic controls in China and Russia, these Western governments are plotting to squelch free speech on the internet. Because of a strong outcry from the public and from internet organizations, the US government failed to pass the SOPA and PIPA bills, which were disguised as copyright protection, but would have enabled the silencing of free speech without due process. The backup, for both the EU and the US, is ACTA, a treaty being developed in secret at the behest of corporate interests for the alleged protection of intellectual property, but which can also be used to easily silence dissent.

SEED THOUGHT: The ruling elites have made it clear that the idea of "greatest good for the greatest number" is no longer on their agenda, which is now designed to maintain and increase their power. They are actively working to end current experiments in political freedom. Whatever happens, governments will not be able to kill the *ideas* that created and sustained these experiments. The ideas of individual freedom, the right to free assembly, free speech, etc--which are in accord with cosmic law--have been planted firmly in the minds of humanity, and will rise in many places on the planet as behemoth national governments dissolve and Earth enters its new Golden Age.

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January 28th, 2012

BACKGROUND: There are some in the New Age movement who claim that nothing in the world should be opposed, that opposing something "gives it energy" and thus actually strengthens it. Perhaps there are cases where this is true, if one opposes via violence, hatred, or cruelty. But opposition by spreading truth, or by, as Gandhi said, making the injustice visible, is often the only means to end what must end. Gandhi opposed the British Empire's occupation of India, weakening the Empire. Martin Luther King opposed racism, weakening its grip on the world. If one opposes fire with water, it does not strengthen the fire.

SEED THOUGHT: The idea that opposing something necessarily "gives it energy" and thus strengthens it--is a mistake. This idea serves the purposes of those currently in power by limiting opposition to their ways. Opposing lies, injustice, cruelty, and tyranny with truth is required during this end-of-cycle period. To enter the new Golden Age, humanity must understand and cast off the outer and inner forces that keep us from being free.

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January 21st, 2012

BACKGROUND: Governments structure the law to protect the government and its minions from the consequences of their harmful actions. Governments can murder people both inside and outside of war situations, spread radiation by above-ground nuclear tests, use so-called depleted uranium weapons that spread radiation throughout a theater of war, buy votes by lying to constituencies about the real costs of benefits, print currency that debases the value of currency already earned, spy on people, deny basic human rights, funnel government spending to cronies who provide kickbacks, approve unsafe nuclear power plants, censor and imprison those who express dissent, saddle citizens with debilitating debt, rig elections, conduct secret experiments on people, blatantly mistreat minorities and the poor, corrupt the judiciary by appointing judges whose biases flaunt the law, lie to create wars for landgrabs and profit, levy onerous taxes to line their own pockets…Sadly, the list goes on and on.

SEED THOUGHT: Criminal, cruel, inhumane activities are not legal or acceptable in any way simply because they are carried out by people in government who, through the twisting of laws, do not face immediate consequences for their actions. Government people are just as responsible for their actions as all others. Soon, people will demand that all governments have only a minimal influence on daily life, align with cosmic law, and serve the people, not dominate and exploit them for power gains by the few.

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January 14th, 2012

BACKGROUND: Corporate law in industrialized countries protects executives from responsibility for actions that cause serious harm to people and the planet. Sitting behind the so-called corporate veil, executives are rewarded for behavior that generates profits, regardless of risk and societal damage. Most of their illegal and destructive actions are ignored or covered up by boards of directors seeking stock option appreciation, by crony regulators and legislators, by corrupted judicial systems, by a press strangled by its corporate owners, and by employees who place receipt of their salary above principles. When destructive actions are so egregious that they cannot be hidden from the public, regulators levy fines that are paltry relative to the harm done, and even those fines are paid by executive insurance policies and by shareholders, not by those who created the harm.

SEED THOUGHT: Corporate law protects executives, sitting behind the corporate veil, from responsibility for their actions that cause serious harm. Until this corporate veil is removed, the high risk, destructive actions of many corporations will not cease. Laws that exempt corporate employees from the consequences that would befall an ordinary person must be eliminated. In humanity's new Golden Age, all such laws will be scrapped and replaced with a system based on cosmic law.

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January 7th, 2012

SEED THOUGHT: Governments actively seek to debase the value of their paper currencies to make their country's exports appear cheap to other countries. And most governments can never repay the debts on which those currencies are based. Despite all this, to give the appearance of stability, paper currencies are being manipulated into trading in tight ranges with respect to one another.

Meanwhile, the most stable money on the planet, gold, trades in increasingly wild price swings when denominated in paper currencies. From time to time, the gold price is driven sharply downward, for two main purposes:

1. To break world confidence in gold as a standard of exchange by giving it the appearance of volatility rather than stability;
2. To create a buying opportunity for the Dark Forces to accumulate precious metal on the cheap for their future grip on a world financial system based on gold.

The wise are not frightened by these machinations. They keep what gold and silver they already have, and if they have the means, they purchase more when prices plunge.

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December 31st, 2011

BACKGROUND: People all over the world are segregated by all sorts of measures--color, sex, wealth, education, profession/job/position, rank, looks, possessions, birth. These measures are perpetrated by those in "superior" positions in order to perpetuate their power and privileges, by various means--indentured servitude, subsistence and minimum wages, child labor, a discriminatory economic system, poor-quality mass education, socially-sanctioned gender roles, prostitution, racial stereotyping, proprietary church intercessions, etc.

True enough, humanity consists of people at different stages of development; but physical and material appearances reflect these differences only temporarily and quite inaccurately. Instead of defining spiritual enlightenment and unity as the pinnacle of human development or evolution, material wealth, physical endowment and sensual pleasures are the goals aimed for. Many feel deserving of their comforts and security, willfully blind to the servitude, the pain and suffering of those upon whose backs such comforts have been secured.

"But his misfortune and suffering are the consequences of his karma", or "Her servitude is her payment to me of a debt owed in a past life." Perhaps. But every instance is an opportunity for giving light, love and kindness towards another god in evolution.

SEED THOUGHT: Class distinctions among people are made on the basis of superficial material and physical differences. The selfish accumulation of material wealth and the devaluing of another human being widen the gulf of brotherhood evermore, impeding humanity's spiritual development and unity. Recognizing, acknowledging and honoring the universal in each and every one eliminates our human differences and realizes our common divinity. All differences should be looked upon as diversity of the ONE, not fodder for separation. Variety is the spice of life on the earth and the challenge is to see the One in the ocean of differences.


December 24th, 2011

BACKGROUND: People with accounts at brokerages and insurance companies think and feel that the associated money is actually "in the account." They might even feel it is better than a bank account, saying, "Well at least my money hasn't been loaned out to someone else." But for most accounts, this is an illusion. Brokerages typically lend out the assets in the account for a profit, a practice known as hypothecation and re-hypothecation. They lend to another firm who also lends out those assets for a profit in a re-lending chain that may be several levels deep. These lenders are known as counterparties in the shadow banking system, whose center is the City of London, a very unregulated leveraged playground for the banks, brokerages, insurance companies, and hedge funds. One or more counterparties are likely using what people think is *their* money in highly speculative activities. When one of those activities goes bust, which is what happened with failed insurance giant AIG in 2008, money can vanish in an instant. The failure of any counterparty in the chain leaves the location of the money a mystery, if indeed it still exists at all. The clients of recently-failed brokerage MF Global are currently discovering this uncomfortable truth. And even those who prudently withdrew money from MF Global prior to its failure may be subject to legal clawback of that money by the bankruptcy trustee of MF Global. And to show the circular nature of this re-lending activity, in 2007, the International Monetary Fund calculated that US Banks counted as their own funding over $4 trillion *received* through re-hypothecation.

SEED THOUGHT: Re-hypothecation (lending and re-lending) of the assets in people's accounts at brokerage and insurance companies has made it nearly impossible for anyone to know where their money actually is, that is, on which counterparties they are dependent if they want to actually withdraw and use any of their money. There may still be time for people to remove their money from the high-risk shadow banking system by converting it to, and taking possession of, gold and silver bullion coins that do not rely for their utility and value on the solvency of a chain of unknown counterparties engaging in high-risk speculations.

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December 17th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: In places in the world, especially North America, Christmas shopping is embedded in the mass consciousness as an obligation. There is nothing religious or spiritual behind the practice. What does getting a flat screen TV have to do with the birth of Christ? It is a false obligation people feel, a result of commercial indoctrination to spend. It is a form of indoctrination of the next generation that stirs greed and materialism. In tough economic times, it is totally unwarranted and usually results in buying junk that is NOT needed. It is astral mania pure and simple, a practice that only serves the commercial and perhaps Dark Forces' interests. This mania obscures the Christ Light described by Sanctus Germanus in his Christmas Message 2010: "The great light of the Christ shines forth. It is a Light that heals, it is a Light that brings hope, it is a Light that forwards your evolution and your progress, it is a Light that provides bountiful resources to you, it is a Light that guides you like the guiding star, it is everything you need and will ever need on the earth."

A Christmas Message from Sanctus Germanus 2010

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December 10th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Many people carry a quiet despair, a belief that things can't really change for the better. This belief is supported by twisted proverbs such as "you can't change human nature"; by false claims that, when the corrupt fall, those who replace them are always just as corrupt or worse; by a fear of the unknown; by an overweighting of recent experience; and so forth.

This belief both ignores and supports the terrible yokes intentionally placed on people by the Dark Forces. For example, *very* few people want war, yet our history is a plague of wars because of the machinations of the few who profit from them.

In fact, all form is in perpetual cyclical change, and our current time is a cosmic end-of-cycle entailing great cyclical change, supported by waves of expanding inner and outer awareness, by the acceleration of energies leading to evolution from third to fourth dimension existence, by the incarnation of many Lightbearers who foster consciousness and love over greed and competition, by the transition from the fifth to the six root race whose beings bring enhanced group consciousness and multi-plane awareness, and by communication about all this via the internet and telepathically. Fearing loss of control, the entrenched powers are resisting change, for example, the central banks are trying to subvert the law of cycles in their effort to maintain the expansionary or waxing side of the cycle.

The signs of change are everywhere: in politics, economics, health, weather, communication, energy, and in the earth's very crust. What does not serve is passing, to make room for what can serve us all better.

SEED THOUGHT: Many people carry a quiet despair, a belief that things can't really change for the better. In fact, all form is in perpetual change, and our current time is a cosmic end-of-cycle entailing great cyclical change, the beginnings of which are clearly visible in many areas of life. Resistance to these changes, in people and by the Dark Forces, impedes humanity's transition to the new Golden Age. Embracing and fostering these soul-inspired changes smoothes the transition for individuals and for humankind to a higher dimension. All of these changes will make life on earth infinitely better than it is today. This is change for the better.

Audio of Discussion:


November 26th, 2011

BACKGROUND: The central banking/warfare regime is making desperate moves to control the fiat money systems and gold of all countries. When the prime minister of Greece suggested that the people of Greece decide their own economic fate via referendum, within days, without elections, he was replaced with a central banker. Italy was next, its president was replaced, again without elections, by a career central banker. Prior to that, Libya had threatened to use a gold-backed currency. Suddenly, a large, well-armed rebel force appeared, supported by NATO bombers. Before the fighting was even finished, the rebels announced the formation of a central bank!

Typical of desperate rulers in a panic, they are beating the drums of war, goaded by those who will profit from it. Israel and others threaten Iran, which threatens back. Russia sends ships to the coast of Syria, warning the West to stand back. Russia's top general warns that if NATO continues pushing east, they risk provoking a nuclear war, and vows to deploy weapons to destroy the missile defense shield being built by the US. The US and Australia agree to station US Marines in Australia as a message to China, which prepares to launch its first aircraft carrier, ballistic missile submarines, and stealth fighters.

SEED THOUGHT: A charade is being played before the eyes of the world as the dark forces take over governments and attempt to trick humanity into thinking that war, a path of terrible consequences, is necessary. In fact war is merely another tool the DF use to abscond with the world's wealth. War for profit is the way the DF hope to recoup their losses from the collapse of their financial system. Let this seed thought clarify forever that there is no other justification for these wars except the profits the DF gain. War does not solve any problem for any country or for any person. To gain freedom, people must refuse to participate in this warfare regime.

Audio of Discussion:


November 19th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: For years, Israel and Iran have been threatening each other with war. This is odd behavior, since war plans are typically secret and rely on the element of surprise. Our view is that these two nations are not bellicose enemies as the media would like to portray them, but rather pawns of the Dark Forces' effort to gin up a war for profit, especially as the world financial system crumbles.

Audio of Discussion


November 12th, 2011

BACKGROUND: We often hear that the "financial system" must be saved or dire consequences will follow. But what is really being protected is a financial *prison* system, and its consequences are already dire. Those who control the system, the large banking families that created and control the central banks, operate outside the prison, creating laws that unfairly benefit them and their cronies, and often they flagrantly violate even these corrupt laws. Only they can print counterfeit money legally, all others are sent to a physical prison for that. Their legal tender laws force citizens to accept counterfeit money. They write ever-expanding tax laws to profit from all truly productive work. They print and borrow money as needed for their purposes, primarily war and the purchase of the valuable assets and labor of the planet, constantly debasing the value of wages and savings. When it becomes inconvenient to pay for their borrowing, they hand off that debt to current and future taxpayers, creating more poverty. They create and manipulate casinos called "stock markets," "bond markets", and "commodities markets" to steal people's savings. The media and schools train people to accept their prison sentence as natural, even desirable, and marginalize those who point out the nature of the prison.

SEED THOUGHT: What is currently called the "financial system," which we are told must be protected at all costs, is actually a financial *prison* system. It was designed by the large banking families of the world, and is operated by the central banks and large banks for the enrichment of a very few through the labor and impoverishment of the many. Truth is served by calling the financial system what it really is, a financial prison system. It is wise to understand the nefarious nature of this prison system, and to focus on ways to live free of it. Life will go on, and for the better, without the current financial prison system. People have the right to invoke the cosmic law of supply and demand to see that all real needs are met without the current financial prison system.

Audio of Discussion


November 5th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Two weeks ago, the US government said that retail sales in the US grew by +1.1% in September, resulting in newspaper headlines saying that any scare about a recession was now over. A look at the raw data showed that retail sales had collapsed by -5.0%. The government said that the raw data needed a "seasonal adjustment", a statistical trick, and thus added 6.1% to the actual number.

Eighteen months ago, despite clear published analyses to the contrary, the European Union said that Greece would not need a bailout. Two bailouts and a Greek debt default later, the garbage is still piling up in Greek streets and civil unrest is endemic. Then the EU said there would be no contagion from Greece to other countries. Problems promptly surfaced in Ireland, Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Then they lied that European banks were in great shape. The EU ran simulations called "stress tests" for the banks to show that the banks were strong. In the most recent stress tests, Dexia Bank of Belgium was ranked as the strongest. Within a few weeks, Dexia had failed.

SEED THOUGHT: For years, to manipulate minds and behaviors and to maintain power, governments have methodically manipulated economic statistics to hide the ongoing theft by the few from the many. They have lied to people on many fronts, especially to gain support for wars. In this age of truth, people will increasingly see government claims and promises, their debts, and their currencies as lies. At this time, reliance on truth, on yourself, on your own communities, and on gold and silver are required.

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October 29th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The Dark Forces use numerology and black magic in their attempt to control life on Earth. For example, in the United States and Canada, 911 is the phone number for emergency services. That number is emblazoned prominently on every police car and ambulance. Ground was broken for the construction of the Pentagon, the US military headquarters, on 9/11/1941. On 9/11/1990, US President Bush Senior gave the first speech by a US president in which the idea of the New World Order was mentioned. Eleven years later, on 9/11/2001, the false flag attack on the Twin Towers occurred in New York. Savvy market participants watch for highs and lows in different financial markets 911 days from the last high or low, capitalizing on the DF manipulation of markets. These and other planned uses of 911, which some call the numerological code of the New World Order, are far too numerous to be ascribed to coincidence. In part, they are meant to reinforce dependence on authorities rather than depending on one's own intelligence and will.

It is important for people to resist these nefarious DF attempts to impose their New World Order. People can do this by enhancing and relying on their own discernment, and by reliance on their own strength rather than the mythical protection of the "authorities."

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October 22nd, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Every week, sometimes almost every day, we are told of a new, typically vague, program from the EFSF, the IMF, the EU, the G-20, or the Federal Reserve that will solve the financial system debt crisis. The simple problem is there is too much debt and it cannot be paid back. These organizations are all trying to shift who will ultimately lose when that debt is not repaid. Instead of banks bearing the risk for bad credit decisions, and politicians taking the heat for terrible fiscal decisions, these will all be saved--banker's outsized salaries and bonuses will be paid, politicians will stay in office--and taxpayers around the world will be left with the bill.

As more understand the tottering nature of the insolvent banking system, they have started a quiet "bank run" on the commercial financial system, withdrawing deposits. When there is a bank run, it is wise to be early in line rather than late. The current best way to handle a bank run before it gains exponential momentum is to convert paper and electronic money to precious metal bullion coins now.

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October 15th, 2011

BACKGROUND: The disconnection of the current monetary system of the world from gold was started to fight World War I, and the process was completed in 1971. Breaking the link with gold has allowed those in charge to wage nearly endless wars during that time, and to manipulate money and markets to such a great degree that one tenth of one percent of the population controls most of the world's financial assets while billions live without adequate food and clean water.

SEED THOUGHT: St. Germain has said that beyond gold's use a means of exchange and ornamentation, that the "far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world." Gold has intrinsic power of its own and ultimately cannot be manipulated by mankind. In fact, mankind must learn to follow and adopt the wisdom inherent in gold and as a means of exchange and monetary stability.

Sanctus Germanus on The Esoteric Meaning of Gold

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October 8th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Recent actions in the stock and commodity markets and exchanges have illustrated that these so-called markets (the stock exchanges, mercantile and commodity exchanges, COMEX, etc) are all inventions that the Dark Forces still control and are designed to intercept the blessings of Shamballa to humanity and direct them to a clique of individuals for their own benefit. These structures remain in the mass consciousness, accepted as legitimate and modern-day "realities of life", whereas in truth they are totally illegitimate dark force astral inventions and have nothing to do with carrying out the Divine Will. Acceptance of these organizations in the mass consciousness maintains the chains that enslave the earth by the hands of the DF. These markets and exchanges must be allowed to destroy themselves under the Cosmic Law of Periodicity and as a result of the destructive qualities of Divine Will that enables the will-to-good to pass freely, without interception, from Shamballa onto earth.

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September 24th, 2011

BACKGROUND: CORRUPTION: In 2004, the US FBI testified that there was massive mortgage fraud in progress, yet lawmakers and regulators took no action. Home buyers, mortgage brokers, home appraisers, bank officers, brokerage firms, bond rating agencies, government regulators, government agencies, and lawmakers all knowingly participated in creating over a million fraudulent mortgages per year for several years.

To obtain foreclosures, mortgage servicers and their attorneys file fraudulent documents at court. Corporations twist the law for profit by financing the campaigns of elected officials. Regulators overlook flagrant violations of law by the companies they have sworn to regulate in order to get lucrative jobs from those same companies. The Federal Reserve puts taxpayers on the hook for trillions in loans and struggles to keep it all secret from those same taxpayers. Governments bail out companies whose executives paid themselves obscene salaries and bonuses and who get to keep all personal gains from these failed organizations. Financial firms and insurance companies sell insurance known as derivatives on which they can never make good if the covered event takes place. Tens of billions in cash destined for use by the US military in Iraq went missing. Politicians pass bills making grand promises to constituents for which they know there is inadequate funding. The US Treasury regularly borrows 50% more than its stated cash needs and never explains to anyone where the extra money goes. Governments borrow money that they know can never be repaid in sound currency or at all.

SEED THOUGHT: Government and business have been infected with so much brazen corruption that the participants now make little effort to even cover their tracks. Despite flagrant violations of law, no one is indicted, and no one goes to jail. These violations of human and cosmic law must be fully exposed and halted rather than being accepted by default. Humanity's silence and inaction to check these violations is tantamount to acceptance and complicity and will be subject to karmic re-balancing.

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September 17th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Desperate investors looking to preserve their wealth by buying US Treasuries as "the new gold" are merely being led into another lie perpetrated by the Dark Forces. Paper and electronic financial instruments with no intrinsic value--including currencies, bonds, futures, options, ETFs, etc.--can never replace real gold bullion in spite of efforts by the DF to reinstate this lie in the mass consciousness.

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September 11th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Seeing the crumbling of their whole financial system, the Dark Forces are now touting that this destruction is clearing the way to their eventual hegemony of the world, the New World Order. Nothing could be further from the truth. The financial system is the target and victim of acceleration and the close of the present cosmic cycle. The system that is crumbling before our eyes WAS the DF attempt to set up worldwide financial hegemony. This is being broken. For them to rebuild it under a regime of acceleration will be impossible.

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September 3rd, 2011

BACKGROUND: For centuries, the Dark Forces have increasingly done what they can to "dumb down" humanity: promoting religions that encourage blind belief over real experience; creating school systems that favor training for repetitious jobs over independent thinking and which mislead about the nature of money and society; fostering political systems that favor emotional soundbytes over intelligent discussion; and dominating media communications to favor passive intake of mind-numbing entertainment and advertised messages. Even some New Age leaders tell people that logic and rationality will inhibit their spiritual growth.

SEED THOUGHT: It is wise to refuse the Dark Forces' pervasive attempts to dumb-down the population, and to raise one's discernment to ever-higher levels via study, questioning, meditation, and logic.

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August 27th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Most judge one of these *better than* the others: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, atheism, Protestantism, etc. Though each is an expression of the One and contributes to evolution in its unique way, we judge cultures, places, people, races, dietary approaches, spiritual pathways, and countries as objectively *better than* others. Illusions of *better than* bring fierce discord to families, groups, nations, and the world, contributing to the great heresy of separation, and leading to intolerance with sometimes deadly consequences. A person can create internal discomfort and squander a great deal of their energy striving to be *better than* others. The conscious and careful use of this thought form *better than* is required for our movement into the Golden Age.

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August 20th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Natural gas is paraded about as "clean energy" by government, industry, and even some who call themselves environmentalists. The primary reason for this lie is that the government and industry have visions that deep beneath the surface of the US are such vast stores of natural gas that extracting it would result in the US becoming a net energy exporter rather than a voracious energy importer.

Tapping deep underground gas requires the drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." Fracking forces millions of gallons of toxic fluids deep into the ground at high pressure. Duke University researchers have proven a direct correlation between fracking and the contamination of adjacent water supplies with high concentrations of methane, and with ethane, propane, and butane.

Fracking has been correlated with earthquakes in New Zealand, the UK, California, and Arkansas, and is now being applied to oil drilling as well as gas drilling.

SEED THOUGHT: Natural gas supplied by fracking is not the "clean energy" that its proponents would have us believe. Fracking is a danger to clean water supplies and increases the risk of earthquakes. As so often, big profits and political power are the motives, while information about consequences is suppressed. Mental resistance to fracking is a worthwhile effort, as is support for free and renewable energy.

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August 13th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Evolution is accelerating. The increasing tornadoes, riots, earthquakes, revolutions, wildfires, financial crises, tsunamis, etc. are part of a pervasive transition for humanity and the Earth. They are harbingers, a wake up call of larger events to come. They will help dissolve that which does not serve to allow greater freedom, peace, and enlightenment. Seeing one's life in this greater context can help a person to thrive during this transition.

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August 6th, 2011

BACKGROUND: The nation-state is under siege. Its self-determination is under siege by supra-national organizations, for example, the European Union; and by an international banking cartel that has successfully maneuvered countries into over-indebtedness to the cartel, which repeatedly commandeers national decision-making processes. Its legitimacy is threatened by reliance on expensive, lumbering bureaucracies that are unable to adjust to accelerating change; by promises made to citizens for which no funding exists; and by the spreading realization among citizens that, no matter what the professed form of government, that the nation-states are now oligarchies operated by the few for their own benefit.

SEED THOUGHT: The era of life dominated by nation states will pass. Wisdom dictates that people prepare for this by learning to rely on themselves and by establishing, recognizing, and nurturing the communities, both local and widely dispersed, that are crucial to their lives.

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July 30th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The fiat, paper money system has proven detrimental to society, leading to a plethora of wars and highly armed nations, a sharply increasing divide between the super-rich and everyone else, debt slavery of nations and people who have amassed far more debt than they can repay, etc. Gold must be the basis of any monetary system for people to live without these chains. Gold is money, the true means of exchange and store of value. At the same time, it is the means by which the earth is purified as it is the cleansing prana that courses through the veins of the earth.

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July 24th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The charades in the USA regarding the raising of the US debt ceiling, and in the Euro-zone regarding the bailout for Greece and other countries, are lies. There are no just solutions to these problems. Massive over-accumulations of debt cannot be solved by adding more debt! It is insanity in its most blatant form, paraded before the world as a solution! The Emperor has NO clothes. Since the monetary system is composed of debt, people should expect the complete breakdown of the current monetary system. Those who wish to protect themselves can plant gardens and purchase precious metals, backup supplies of food, equipment to produce electricity, and so forth.

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July 16th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Much of people's productive work on this planet is subject to taxation. Some tax money pays for services that are a benefit to people; other taxation is excessive and unacceptable, funding government corruption, warmongering, and feeding an elite, including a bloated bureaucracy. Through the automated collection of income taxes, value added taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes, etc., authorities seek to make the payment of taxes an unconscious act. While many believe that they live in a free society, or that they own a property, they would find out otherwise if they refused to pay taxes. For these reasons, while many people work to boost their income, haggle about price, or search for low prices, they often pay taxes with blind resigned acceptance.

SEED THOUGHT: Taxes are not a given, they should be paid as a matter of conscious choice. People should mentally resist paying all types of taxes (income, value added, sales, utility, etc.). They must consciously, rather than blindly, pay taxes, while mentally directing these funds to the greater good.

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July 9th, 2011

BACKGROUND:The tax collection agency of the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), uses the 16th Amendment to the Constitution as the legal basis for its activities. The 16th Amendment contradicts a clause in Article 1 of the Constitution, which was never repealed, and the 16th Amendment was not properly ratified by three quarters of the States, a requirement for a Constitutional Amendment. The original Bureau of Internal Revenue was created prior to 1940, first in the Philippines, and later in Puerto Rico when the US lost control of the Philippines, by documents that have never been made available to the public. In 1953, the IRS was created by an order of the Secretary of the Treasury, not by Congress.

When the Government Accounting Office audited the IRS in 2008, they concluded, "IRS did not, in GAO's opinion, maintain effective internal control over financial reporting or compliance with laws and regulations, and thus did not provide reasonable assurance that losses, misstatements, and noncompliance with laws and regulations...would be prevented or detected on a timely basis."

SEED THOUGHT: There is no legal basis for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its tax collection activities, and for its bullying and imprisonment of US citizens. There is no authoritative accountability for what happens to the money collected by the IRS and other such institutions. Wisdom dictates that people create a life that is independent of large institutions that will dissolve as their nature is exposed to the light.

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July 2nd, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: All governments of the world work in concert with the Dark Forces for their mutual survival. The public must come to the realization that they cannot count on their governments to help them in the current crisis. Everyone should learn to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves in accord with their inner God selves.

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June 25th, 2011

BACKGROUND: What is behind the scrambling to avert a Greek or PIIGS default is the underlying disaster in the insidious derivative markets of Credit Default Swaps. Such a default would unleash a wave of CDS claims that the banks which issued them cannot honor. If the effect is big enough, it may bring down the $600 trillion house of cards, in response to our previous seed thoughts. The scrambling involves flooding the international markets with quantities of $USD and EUROS beyond our imagination!

SEED THOUGHT: In line with the Cosmic Law of Destruction, the carrying out of this law is inevitable and no matter what the Powers that Be do, this gnawing destruction of the derivative market is inevitable and on course. Let it continue.

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June 18th, 2011

BACKGROUND: The US Federal Reserve Bank and its subsidiaries is a privately held bank that works for the interests of its shareholders, not for the interests of the US or world public. Constitutionally it has no right to print money or make economic or financial policy as it is doing currently. It is the seat of those representatives of the Dark Forces who have highjacked the US Government in order to control the finances as well as the warmongering adventures of the US government working hand in hand with the Bank for International Settlements.

The Federal Reserve claims to follow its legal mandates to promote full employment and price stability. But these mandates are only a cover for the reason the Fed was created in the first place: to promote the interests of the cartel of the European and US families who own the world's largest banks. For example, the Fed claims that its program called QE2, the printing of $600 billion, seeks to promote US employment. But that money has ended up in the coffers of large European banks.

SEED THOUGHT: The aim of the US Federal Reserve is to promote the interests of the cartel of the world's largest banks at the expense of people everywhere. People are wise to operate as independently of the Fed as they can, by staying out of debt, by not keeping their savings in fiat currency, by resisting war, by supporting free energy efforts, etc.

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June 11th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: According to Cosmic Law, leadership should be based on vibrations (the highest) and not on birthright, looks, political connections, money, etc.

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June 4th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Contrary to all historical evidence, people treat governments as if they were eternal, allowing them to accumulate perpetual debt. They lend governments increasing amounts of money so that the government needs to pay only the interest on the debt, never the principal, that is, the full amount that is actually owed. As noted as early as 1776 by Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of Nations, once this process takes firm hold, governments never pay in full what they owe.

In the first phase of the financial crisis, the real consequences of the insolvency of many private institutions were delayed by government guarantees of the debts of these commercial enterprises. In the next downward economic phase, which we have now firmly entered, government guarantees will be seen to be worthless, as is now happening in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc.

The financial system claims to include over $600 trillion worth--almost 10 times the value of the entire world economy--in interest rate derivatives, bets on interest rates that depend on the illusion of real and stable values of government debt. Once people comprehend that most governments will never pay their debts, this mountain of derivatives will disappear, dissolving the financial system.

SEED THOUGHT: The exposing of a single lie--that real estate values always go up--shook the apparent foundations of the financial system in 2007-2009. The exposing of another lie--that government guarantees and debts have real value--will show that the current financial system has no real foundations at all. This understanding will vaporize government guarantees, debts, and the mountain of derivatives that sit atop them, leaving gold, silver, and barter as the basis of a new system.

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May 28th, 2011

BACKGROUND: The world war powers consider it business-as-usual to develop and test exotic warfare technologies. They have worked for at least a century creating biological, chemical, nuclear, and psychological weapons, weather weapons, the spreading of genetically engineered materials in the atmosphere, weapons based on lasers and bursts of plasma energy, industrial computer control weapons such as Stuxnet--the list goes on and on.

Their justification is always that if we don't do this, our enemies will, and they will take over our country. Perhaps it is the makers of these weapons who have taken over their own countries.

SEED THOUGHT: Humanity must decide whether it will forsake exotic and massively destructive weapons, or possibly suffer the same fate as a previous unredeemable race, the Atlanteans, whose civilization required destruction because they refused to give up their exotic weapons and follow the more enlightened path of tolerance of oneself and others, meditation, group consciousness, and love.

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May 21st, 2011

BACKGROUND: Like most living entities, governments seek to survive and grow. When threatened, they turn against their own people, confiscating property, forsaking justice, and curtailing liberties. History is replete with examples, and the tradition continues. The Syrian government seeks to kill all protestors. In the US, since 2006, as residential property values fell 27%, property tax collections have risen by $100 billion per year as rates were raised to enable continued government expansion. As the US federal government comes under financial pressure, note that education and people's medical and retirement benefits are targeted for reduction even as those departments that project government power--Defense, Homeland Security, the TSA, etc.--continue to grow. These agencies now consider public protests to be "low-level terrorism" and according to law professors, the Military Commissions Act says that anyone who speaks out against the government's policies could be declared an "unlawful enemy combatant." The Greek and Irish governments have agreed to deals that favor large banking interests that make large political contributions while making their own people perpetual debt slaves.

SEED THOUGHT: Throughout recorded history, when their survival is threatened, governments always turn against their own people. In such an environment, it pays to decrease reliance on government and its crony institutions, and to favor reliance on oneself and one's communities.

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May 14th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The aim of this seed thought is to correct the prevalent ideas in the mass consciousness that many of the maladies humanity suffers from are due to psychological or physical reasons. In fact, dark forces inflict many modern maladies on individuals through astral attachments while other roaming astral shells prey on individuals for energy to prolong their existence.

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May 7th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Prior to the financial crisis, when a US bank was shut down, regulators often found that the value of the bank's assets were overstated by perhaps 10%. If they found assets overvalued by 20% or more, criminal charges were filed against bank officers responsible for these financial lies. Now, during the weekly bank closings in the US, assets are routinely found to be overvalued by 50%, and often by 80% or 100%. But no criminal charges are filed, because, in order to make the banking system appear viable, the accounting rules were changed in April 2009 to allow banks to legally lie about the value of their assets.
Banks and other companies, following the example of their governments, are now legally allowed, even encouraged, to hide their insolvency. They use rigged computer models to value assets, and they hide failures and illegal operations in so-called "off balance sheet" transactions. And this applies in Europe as well. No one will lend money to Greek, Irish, and Portuguese banks, so money is printed by the European Union to make loans to these banks to keep them in business.

This legally sanctioned lying is part of the general cultural acceptance, in business and political circles, of lying as a standard practice.

SEED THOUGHT: Insolvent institutions are making rampant use of accounting lies to appear viable and profitable. Such frauds are a violation of human and cosmic law. Since the truth of these conditions will emerge, wiping out those relying on these lies, intelligence dictates that people avoid any reliance on organizations engaging in such practices.

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April 23rd, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The claim that there are companies and banks that are too big to fail--and thus must survive on the backs of common people--is a lie. The idea put forward is that it would be catastrophic for all people if the huge banking leviathans were to fail. It is used as an excuse to funnel trillions of dollars to institutions that take huge risks and keep all of the profits when their bets go well, and that receive public money to cover their losses when their bets go poorly. These bailouts and other financial supports are said to be for the good of the people, but their true purpose is to guarantee obscene salaries and profits on the backs of working people through taxes. Were these big companies to fail, all that would be lost is the giant rigged casino of debt and derivatives. People would still produce, transport, buy, and sell that which is essential for life.

The concept that institutions are too big to fail is a lie, and supports the greatest financial theft in recorded history.

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April 17th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Under ANY circumstances the drugging of populations and the use of the resultant monies to finance the activities of the Dark Forces is against the cosmic law of free will. To bring this sinister trade to an end, drug addiction must end first in order to stop drug trafficking. All government anti-drug trafficking campaigns are a sham, for only when there is no addiction (demand) will the whole chain of drug supply collapse. This is a basic law of economics.

Drugs users must realize that drugs cannot fill the emptiness that can only be alleviated by soul contact and that addiction can lead only to greater difficulties and complete lack of freedom.

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April 9th, 2011

BACKGROUND: As radiation swirls around the planet from the Fukushima nuclear reactors and all humanity pays a price for the negligence and lies of TEPCO, it came to light this week that General Electric, which would have been shown to be bankrupt in 2008 were it not for a multi-billion dollar taxpayer bailout, paid no income taxes on $26 billion in profits over the last five years.

For centuries, businesses have sought to shape the laws of countries for their unfair advantage. In the industrialized countries, corporations have shaped the law so that they have the rights of a person without the responsibilities of a person. Executives hide behind the law, saying that the law makes them responsible to their shareholders, not to their workers, the communities in which they operate, or the planet. In this way, they say they have no choice but to pursue profit to the exclusion of all other objectives.

SEED THOUGHT: Complex commercial legal systems are designed by those who control money and power to enhance their own position. For true fairness, all of those laws should be based on immutable cosmic laws.

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March 26th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Watching Japan, the world has become aware of yet another disaster for nature brought on by the reckless quest for profits in the energy sector. A complex of six nuclear reactors was built on one of the most active earthquake faults in the world, right next to the ocean, and safety standards were ignored in the design, construction, and maintenance of the complex. Natural gas frack drillers routinely pump deadly chemicals into the ground for their work; only a portion of these chemicals are recovered, and those that are recovered have sometimes become radioactive from the deep drilling process, and are then dumped into waterways including the Gulf of Mexico. And while governments and BP tell us that the BP drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is over, the article at this link ( ) shows over 40 internet links collected in the first half of March that say it is anything but over. Meanwhile, because of the vast profits currently available to the energy industry, those pursuing free energy technologies are ridiculed, denied patents, jailed, and even murdered for their efforts.

SEED THOUGHT: The world must transition away from reliance on an energy industry that destroys much life and beauty in the world by its reckless pursuit of profits. All efforts to bring into manifestation free energy should be wholly embraced by the world's population as the key to their liberation from the Dark Forces' systematized monopoly of energy sources.

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March 19th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Many people believe that, in order to survive, they must fall in with the prevailing corruption--in business, government, everywhere. Underlying this perception lies basic erroneous thought that we live in situation of scarcity and thus competition for resources. This belief--that unless one goes along with corruption, they will not survive--can prevent the discernment and will that enables a greater alignment with soul purpose. Understanding of the law of Abundance and the law of Equal Supply and Demand will annihilate the thinking based on scarcity.

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March 12th, 2011

BACKGROUND: With Middle East destabilization emerging in the form of falling governments, civil wars, and protests of rage, and with world powers adding warships to the region, the dark forces are continuing their work of setting the stage for major war.

SEED THOUGHT: War is staged and created by those who wish to profit from it in the form of riches and power. For others, it creates misery. For humanity to attain true freedom, people must resist war, resist being manipulated into any form of support for it: physical, emotional, or mental. People can be vastly helped in this by aligning with Cosmic Law.

For example:

--the Law of Capitulation, which states that lower vibrations will yield to higher vibrations, which will thwart the strategies and tactics of war;

--the Law of Forgiveness, which, when it is persistently and consistently used, liberates the life stream entirely from the accumulation of discord that begets karma; and,

--the Law of One, which states that all is ONE and ONE is all, and that separation is the great heresy.

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March 5th, 2011

BACKGROUND: Humanity has run many experiments in which they tried to replace gold and silver as money with a host of paper, and now electronic, financial instruments. Such systems always lead to extreme income inequality and to huge unpayable debts or hyperinflation or both. All previous experiments failed, and the current system is on the brink of collapse.

SEED THOUGHT: It is an error to think that paper can take the place of gold and silver in the form of certificates, money, and a host of other paper financial instruments. Gold is gold and cannot be substituted by any other substance. Gold and silver are real money. St. Germain has said: "Gold is one of the most important ways by which the energy from our sun is supplied to the interior of the earth, and the balance of activities maintained. As a conveyor of this energy, it acts as a transformer to pass the sun's force into the physical substance of our world, as well as to the life evolving upon it. The energy within gold is really the radiant, electronic force from the sun, acting in a lower octave. "Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety of uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using gold as a means of exchange and for ornamentation. The far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world." Because of these functions, gold serves as the standard for valuing all tangible things.

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February 26th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The collapse of the world's financial system is nigh. The mass consciousness must be aware that this collapse is engineered by the Dark Forces who are very much aware of astrology and the end of cycle predictions. They realize that there is a cosmic clean-up they cannot stop. But they are also planning to come out of all the coming chaos and earth changes as the victors, but the ultimate victory is with the Light.

COSMIC LAW: The Law of Destruction governs the decomposition of the form when it is no longer useful in order that the indwelling life may shine forth in a more evolved form.

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February 12th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: Since December 1, 2010, rioting has taken place in at least 16 countries. As this political threat is added to the financial problems besetting so many corrupt world institutions, it is clear that acceleration has started the process of crumbling them. It is too late to reform such institutions, and attempts at reform would run counter to the purposes of the cosmic cleanup currently underway. Instead of trying to save corrupt and crystallized forms, we encourage their accelerated dissolution and clean-up, and the rise of new forms of governance that will serve humanity.

COSMIC LAW: The Law of Perpetual Action stipulates that, during a pralaya, all creation is in constant motion towards detachment, cleansing, discarding and consolidating in preparation for the next cycle. The Law of Acceleration speeds the pace of this evolution.

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February 5th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The world's institutions cannot be reformed but must be destroyed and rebuilt based on cosmic law. The awakening of the populations of the world to how they have been cheated and lied to by their own governments is not enough. People must take actions to destroy these institutions and create new ones that serve humanity based on divine principles and laws. Their awakening must then continue into spiritual awakening to be complete.

COSMIC LAW: When we look at the present situation intelligently, the Law of Passive Adherence will be seen in action. This Law covers the intelligent discernment of what has served and what will and will not serve the Divine Plan. The Law of Reverse Motion will come into play. This Law governs the culling of what does not serve in order to expand the positive. We have much to go through because as long as the lower self resists impulses from the soul, we will be under the Law of Suffering.

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January 29th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: The collapse of government bureaucracies due to a lack of revenue caused by the ongoing financial crisis must be seen by the mass consciousness as something to be desired. General humanity must come to the realization that they are better off and freer without these bureaucracies (including the military organizations). The mass consciousness must realize that these bureaucracies are burdens rather than necessary organs of life.

COSMIC LAW: Law of Abandonment, which governs the release of something once its usefulness has run its course.

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January 22nd, 2011

BACKGROUND:Studies have established negative health effects from ingesting aspartame, which was initially approved as a food additive in the US despite protests from scientists both within the FDA and within the company creating aspartame. In 2002, the owner of aspartame came out with a new sweeter version, Neotame, in which they added 3-dimethylbutyl, a chemical listed as hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency, to aspartame. Now, to fight off growing public awareness of the dangers of aspartame and Neotame, the latter has been renamed to AminoSweet, which has been approved for addition to packaged foods, even those listed as organic!

A similar story has unfolded with respect to high fructose corn syrup, where studies have shown the harmful effects of this very common food and drink sweetener. To fend off the growing negative public outcry, this product has been renamed as Corn Sugar.

The public also received a jolt recently when it was revealed that, to keep down disease, arsenic is added to pig food in many countries. The industry did not deny the claims, they stated that arsenic was actually "organic" and that they were using it at safe levels!

By recent rulings, the addition of powerful chemical additives can be legally omitted from food labels when they comprise "only" a small portion of the product by weight.

And there is a strong lobby in industrialized countries for continuing to add fluoride to drinking water supplies despite studies showing the health dangers of this practice.

The lies about all this are rampant. When the US Congress was recently considering a sweeping new law known as the Food Safety Bill, the international food conglomerates who wrote the bill withdrew their support for it when small organic farms were exempted from parts of the legislation that would have crushed these small businesses with paperwork and legal requirements that can easily be afforded by large companies. Clearly, the intent of the bill was not food safety at all, but the crushing of healthy food alternatives.

SEED THOUGHT: The Dark Forces have made no secret of their plans to reduce world population. The poisoning of the food and water supply, and the elimination of information about and the existence of healthy alternatives, is part of their plan for slow population reduction. It is incumbent on lightbearers to carefully monitor the quality of their water and food supply.

COSMIC LAW: The Law of Rejection guarantees the right to repudiate, at will, the passions and desires of the lower self when guided by the higher self. The Law of Reverse Motion governs the conscious culling of that which does not serve in order to expand the positive.

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January 15th, 2011

SEED THOUGHT: War is never justified. Whatever the justification--economic, political, bogey man, defense--war is never justified. The peoples of the earth must stand firm on this principle.

When war is forced upon people by the powers that be, the mass consciousness must serve as the bastion of mental war resistance. This mental resistance will in turn serve to thwart all dastardly strategies and weapons from successful deployment.

COSMIC LAW: War stands in blatant opposition to the Law of One, which states that all is ONE and ONE is all, and that separation is the great heresy. To put an end to war, humanity must embrace the Law of Forgiveness, which, when it is persistently and consistently used, liberates the life stream entirely from the accumulation of discord that begets karma. The operation of the Law of Capitulation, which states that lower vibrations will yield to higher vibrations, will thwart the strategies and tactics of war.

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January 8th, 2011

BACKGROUND:During 2010, total US student loan debt, at over $830 billion in June 2010 and growing by over $3,000 per second, surpassed total credit card debt in the US. On average, a student with a recent undergraduate degree has $24,000 in student loan debt and $4,100 in credit card debt. With even low-paying service jobs now scarce, and better-paying jobs virtually unavailable for new graduates, for many, their debt burden, through interest and late-payment penalties, grows over time rather than being paid down.

The student loan business follows the typical model of US corruption, where money is taken from the many and funneled to a few. Colleges receive legal kickbacks from private lenders for steering students to private loan programs versus federal direct loans despite the fact that the private loans are more expensive for the students. And when private lenders were unable to dump the risk of these loans onto third parties during the financial crisis of 2008, government agencies stepped in with more than $100 billion in bailout money to prop up the student loan portfolios of the private lenders.

Not surprisingly, and as the ongoing mortgage debacle proves, the training being purchased by students clearly does not include knowledge about what it means to take on debt. And with governments going bankrupt, this situation will only get worse, as students in England showed in recent weeks as they rioted to protest a tripling of college fees in that country.

SEED THOUGHT: Wall Street, along with the US government and University Administrations, have used higher education as a means to get rich on the backs of students taking out student loans on easy credit. The domain of education should not be open for this kind financial speculation, especially if these loans are resold for profit. All societies should make available to aspiring and qualified students the most economical means by which to acquire an education.

COSMIC LAW: Currently, the Law of Competition, which permits selfishness and creates rivalry that leads to separateness until the ego awakens to the oneness of life, is in effect. The Law of Consequences is taking hold (one reaps what one has sown). Humanity will find that greed and selfishness have consequences. The Law of Containment, which limits the unfoldment of a thought form up to the point of its maximum usefulness, will eventually limit these excesses.

The Law of Cosmic Spontaneity seems to be suppressed, but it is destined to break through, allowing the bursting forth of soul knowledge in order to ensure the purest form of thought transference and the revelation of Truth.

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December 25th, 2010

All efforts to bring into manifestation free energy should be wholly embraced by the world's population as the key to their liberation from the Dark Forces' systematized monopoly of energy sources. Once free energy is embraced mentally, the Spiritual Hierarchy will protect all those directly or indirectly involved in free energy development and dissemination from any Dark Force counteractions.

The manifestation of free energy is guaranteed by the operation these Cosmic Laws:

Constant Renewal
Takes hold when a cycle is allowed to end. This law tempers the law of abundance (constant supply) stating that supply arrives as needed and at the right time and place usually at the beginning of a cycle, in carefully measured cyclical steps.

Divine Momentum
Placing one self into the fold of the Plan and the activity will carry you through.

The law that adapts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force

Ensures harmony and balance will be restored on all levels of life if imbalance has been caused by choices.

Group Progress
Governs the sacrifice of the individual units towards the interests of the group, resulting in progress and liberation of all.


December 18th, 2010

BACKGROUND: Many organizations manipulate people by stimulating mechanisms from earlier stages of our evolution. Governments continually tell us how dangerous we all are, trumpeting heightened terrorism alert levels and implementing criminal-style patdowns because one individual set his own pants on fire during a flight. Police evacuate and shut down a Washington DC subway station because someone threw a cheap toy with blinking lights into the trash. Television and film producers compete to create ever-greater sadistic shocks in both news and entertainment formats. Advertisers from insurance, security, drug, and other companies seek to frighten in order to sell. Politicians and commentators scream venom to provoke irrational fears and hatred. These tactics are designed, for the benefit of their perpetrators, to drag a person backwards into automatic, unconscious, and irrational parts of their being--for example, the fight-or-flight mechanism--that were sometimes useful in earlier stages of our evolution.

SEED THOUGHT: Each time a person breaks the chains that impede our evolution and directs their attention to what is conscious, calm, rational, and awake, it evolves humanity towards the recognition that all is made of the same energy, and that energy is love.

COSMIC LAW: This is in accord with the Cosmic Law of Disintegration/Destruction, which governs the decomposition of the form in order that the indwelling life may shine forth in fullness.

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December 11th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: During this pralaya, acceleration is speeding evolution. During this incarnation, employers, advertisers, entertainers, and others often seek to speed a person's tempo. During this holiday season, many people add obligations to already-busy schedules.

SEED THOUGHT: With these converging pressures and acceleration, it is more than ever crucial to take time, to make time, for meditation. Meditation allows a person to align with the unique tempo of their unencumbered breathing, and to rest for at least a moment in the luminosity of their soul, which is timeless.

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December 4th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: The Korean people have been used as pawns by the world's big government powers for over 100 years. Japan forced Korea to become its protectorate in 1905, considering it crucial to its "sphere of influence." Japan lost control after World War II, and Korea became a bargaining chip between the USA and USSR in the Yalta negotiations, ultimately being divided into communist North Korea and capitalist South Korea along an arbitrary border, the 38th Parallel, by a UN mandate via negotiations in which Korea had no voice at all.

The unresolved tug of war between the Soviet Union, China, and the US led to the Korean War in the early 1950s. At least 1 million combatants and 2 million civilians died in this brutal war. The city of Seoul changed hands four times in one year, driving the population from 1.5 million to 200,000. While an armistice was signed to end the battling, this war, sponsored by the major powers, was left unresolved because the major powers refused to be party to a real peace treaty.

When talk surfaces about integrating the poor North and the prosperous South, cost estimates of $2 trillion to $8 trillion are given, and since the North is not important to the world's banking sector, world governments say that they cannot afford to conjure money for that effort.

SEED THOUGHT: As North and South Korea, long-used as pawns by the world's superpowers, fire artillery shells onto each other's people and territory, and a giant US naval flotilla does exercises off the coast of Korea, we ask the question: who benefits from this, and who would benefit from a new Korean War? Certainly not the people of the North or the South. The certain winners, as always in war, are those who want greater control over their populations, those who supply the military with ever-deadlier wares, and those who, as they have for over 400 years, saddle governments with the debt to buy those wares.

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November 27th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: A survey of the world wide web on the topic of what keeps people alive shows an array of answers relating to money, marriage, diet, family, health care, stress management, sanitation, education, and so forth. Very rarely, someone states that nature keeps people alive. In general, this is people's way of ignoring one of the most basic facts of human life: the Sun and the Earth keep people alive.

Regarding those who worship the Sun, so-called civilized society rolls out the pejoratives: primitive, archaic, pagan. Yet these sun worshipers are more connected than "civilized" people with this fundamental truth: the Sun keeps humans alive.

SEED THOUGHT: Contemplating the truth that the Sun keeps people alive, and contacting the Sun within each of us, helps people to refrain from spending their priceless attention on illusions and fads, and to remain attentive to what is essential in outer and inner life.

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November 20th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: As hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and others come to understand the high risks associated with paper and electronic assets, and as governments understand their country's dependence on imported raw materials, they are all grabbing the real assets of the earth at an unprecedented pace.

Their global grabs for farmland with associated water rights are becoming so pervasive that it has caused riots and the overthrow of the government in Madagascar, and Brazil has outlawed foreign ownership of farmland.

Corporations commandeer fresh water supplies to commoditize it for profit, sometimes pumping such large quantities of water for bottling and shipping to distant locales that the local water supply is severely taxed, other times privatizing local and even national water supplies, pricing it beyond the ability of poorer local citizens to pay for it, and thereby depriving people of enough fresh water to live.

And as detailed in our July 24, 2010 seed thought, investment firms treat global food markets like a casino, driving prices of basic foods into the stratosphere regardless of the consequences to people who are unable to pay those higher prices.

SEED THOUGHT: Every human being has the natural right to the use of the four elements--earth, water, air, and fire-to live. Those who, from motives of profit or control, deprive others of their birthright do not understand that to take, and take, and take, far beyond their actual needs, places them in opposition to that substance, that energy from which we are all made, which is universal Love; and that inherent in that energy is balance, expressed over time, as the Law of Karma. The organizations and tactics of those who take far more than they need must be eliminated before the promise of the new age can become reality.

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November 6th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

We recognize that the Law of Retribution is in full force, in accord with world karma, with respect to world crises on the brink, including the mortgage crisis, the gold and silver crises, the currency war, the food crisis, the water crisis, the petroleum crisis, and any false flag attacks that may be staged.

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October 30rd, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: Despite reports rolling in from all over the world that Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), recently renamed the Master Mineral Supplement, cures an amazing array of diseases:


the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is mounting personal and legal attacks against Mr. Humble and anyone who sells MMS, and is seeking authority to attack users of MMS.

When health is their mandate, why does the FDA attack Jim Humble, attack the makers of vitamin supplements, attack companies that claim that wholesome fruits and nuts have health benefits, and organize armed swat-team raids of private raw food clubs? Money and power.

Jim Humble has never taken one cent for MMS, and he fully discloses its simple formula for those who wish to formulate it themselves. The Dark Forces created a cozy revolving-door relationship between the FDA and the large drug companies early in the 20th Century. Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis. Infants are subjected to a battery of required vaccinations. More and more children are being drugged with substances such as Ritalin. Nine out of ten seniors use pharmaceuticals. These numbers virtually prove that these products treat symptoms rather than curing disease, and some of them have debilitating, even fatal, side-effects. Big Pharma reaps huge profits from this cradle-to-grave campaign. People like Humble threaten these profits.

When N. Carolina sheriffs requested a database of users of legal narcotic substances in their state, they were told that 30% of the population used these controlled substances in the latest year.

This is a worldwide strategy of the Dark Forces: control the more rebellious segments of the populace with illegal drugs--and through this doorway, control government budgets using the façade of the War on Drugs--and control the more compliant segments of society with legal narcotics and alcohol. And get all of these drug users to overpay for the means of their own slavery, yielding massive profits that can be recycled to support ever-greater control.

SEED THOUGHT: The US Food & Drug Administration plays a key role in the strategy of the Dark Forces to enslave people through drugs. The world's populations have a solemn right to seek simple, effective and inexpensive health solutions such as MMS. All attempts by government and big pharma to suppress access to these health solutions will be thwarted under the cosmic laws that govern this pralaya: the law is in force to weed out that which serves Dark Forces interest in favor of that which best serves mankind.

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October 23rd, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: Governments losing control due to failed economic policies sometimes resort to war to fix the economy. During this wartime "emergency," the emotionally-charged populace accepts conscription, reduced civil liberties, and the printing and/or borrowing of extraordinary amounts of money to create jobs to fight the war and to supply the military with weapons, transport, fuel, drugs, food, shelter, and so forth.

To obtain the people's support for such tactics, the government will often stage either a false-flag attack--where one's own military carries out an attack that appears to be carried out by the proposed enemy--or will allow an enemy to freely execute a major attack, known about in advance, and pose little or no defense in order to clearly demonstrate to the public just how evil and dangerous this enemy is. The sinking of the Lusitania to boost support for the US entry into World War I, the attack on Pearl Harbor for World War II, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident for the Vietnam War, and the 9/11 event for the Afghan War are examples of such tactics.

Often, this false attack will be preceded by an extended period of demonizing this enemy-in-the-making as governments seek to deflect criticism of their failures onto external scapegoats. We are seeing this now, with Western politicians blaming the Chinese for economic problems, and portraying Muslims as the reason for endlessly increasing military expenditures. In addition, economic troubles make it far easier to manipulate people into taking employment in support of war.

This is all a favored script of the Dark Forces, who have been preparing for World War III for many years as another huge opportunity to prey on humanity for massive profits and increased political control.

SEED THOUGHT: Lightbearers, indeed all humanity, are well-advised to be on heightened alert for, and to resist in thought, the vilifying of false enemies, the scapegoating of others for their country's internal problems, and for false attacks designed to create the fear and hatred that leads to war. To put food on the table, people in difficult economic straights will be under pressure to join the military or support the war effort through war-related employment. Each person will have to make the choice to resist the war, in thought and action, or to succumb to this orchestration and suffer the karmic consequences.

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October 16th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: The financial system in the industrialized world is built on a set of promises that are lies.

For example, people were promised that stocks always go up in value. Most now realize that this was a lie.

They were promised that real estate always rises in value. This was another lie.

People are told that they will receive a pension. In the US alone, the state and private pension systems are underfunded by 3 to 4 trillion dollars.

We are told, "We have your money in the bank." But the banks are insolvent and are still in business only because of accounting lies.

Governments are all printing money to try to keep all the promises they made to buy votes.

The quadrillion-dollar derivatives market is a giant casino through which insurance has been sold with no reserves to pay the claims when they come due. The claims are hundreds of times larger than all the money in the world.

And the big promise, and the big lie, is that paper and electronic money has value. This "money" is actually debt, and if the one who has to pay the debt becomes unable to do so, this money goes to money heaven. The effect is the same when too much money is created from thin air. All such money will lose its value.

SEED THOUGHT: The world financial system is based on promises that are lies. As these lies are exposed, what is now considered money will be seen to have no value. People can protect themselves by converting this fiat money into gold and silver coins, or into items with the ability to meet real needs, such as infrastructure for growing food or capturing electricity.

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October 2nd, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: Prior to the burning of hydrocarbons for energy, people relied on current impacts of the sun, wind, and water to assist them and to provide energy for light, growing food, powering devices, moving sailing ships, and so forth.

The economies of the world were placed into hyperdrive when people learned how to extract hydrocarbons from the Earth and burn them for power. Part of that hyperdrive is population growth: world population more than doubled just in the years since John F. Kennedy was President of the USA.

It took Nature billions of years to put the Earth's stock of energy hydrocarbons into place. At the current rate, the human race will have burned through most or all of that in a period of 200 years or less, showing complete disregard for the Law of Cycles.

And while many people emotionally oppose the environmental degradation spawned by the world's energy corporations, their dependence on the energy supplied by those corporate leviathans entangles them karmically with the processes that are in play.

SEED THOUGHT: Humanity has created yet another unsustainable bubble--with negative karmic effects--that will burst. Intelligence dictates that people invest their energy investigating and deploying free and renewable energy resources.

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September 18th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: We sent our first seed thought on this topic in May, 2010. However, attacks on privacy are escalating:

School children are being fitted with RFID chips so they can be tracked at all times.

The totally invasive full-body x-ray scanning and image storage devices appearing in airports worldwide are now said by its inventor to be blasting the skin with harmful levels of radiation.

Governments have also purchased over 500 of these devices for deployment in mobile vans that can scan and analyze vehicles and their contents, people, buildings, and so forth.

Sheriffs in North Carolina have petitioned the legislature for access to the database of all people in that state who have received prescriptions for controlled substances (legal narcotics).

There are reports that the skeletal scanners are being tested and will be commercially available within a year. These will allow scans of the unique signature of a person's skeletal structure for foolproof identification from 50 meters away from the target.

SEED THOUGHT: A government extensively invades the privacy of its own citizens when that government's policies are for the benefit of the few and not the many, when their practices are fomenting strong discontent in a growing portion of the populace, when they must rule by fear and not by merit, when they realize that their path could justifiably lose them the "consent of the governed" by which they rule.

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September 11th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

This week, there was much public controversy surrounding the threat by a Christian minister to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 event. While this shows a misunderstanding of the true perpetrators of the 9/11 event, it is also an outgrowth of destructive and divisive thought forms that have been foisted on humanity by the Dark Forces via organized religions. Destructive thought forms that have taken root in organized religion include:

1. That one religion has a true connection with the Divine and that the others are inferior or evil. This thought form has been used to justify hatred and the murder of tens of millions of people over thousands of years.

2. That people are born evil and must be brutally re-formed to be "good."

3. That man has been given dominion, domination over the Earth. This thought form fosters an arrogant exploitation of species and resources.

4. That contact with and understanding of the Divine requires an intermediary in the form of a minister, priest, imam, guide, leader, or organization.

These thought forms are perversions of the wisdom brought by those great Beings whose lives inspired the rise of the religions of the world. Organizations whose real purposes are control, profit, and worse have obscured and distorted the messages of these Beings.

While much can be learned by discussions of the path with friends who sincerely seek truth, people can directly experience the Divine within themselves through deep meditation and contact with their 'I AM' presence, and through co-creation with the Earth and its widely varied life forms.

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September 4th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: In January, 1995, Pluto moved into Sagittarius, where it remained until December 2007. The expected result from this combination is optimism, high hopes, expansion, growth, abundance, mania. What we got in the world was the exponential culmination of over-optimism and unsustainable bubbles in stock, real estate, and debt markets. People borrowed money with little consideration for paying it back. When governments stimulated economies, huge asset bubbles resulted.

In December, 2007, Pluto moved into Capricorn, and will remain there until 2024. The expected result from this combination is pessimism, caution, fear, contraction, scarcity, low confidence. One result is that many people in the world are trying to pay down their debt, sell things they do not need, buy less, borrow less, get down to necessities.

This is deadly for a society based on debt, a society where 99% of what is called "money" is actually debt, that is, it is owed by one party to another. A debt-based world requires constant growth so that principal and interest can be repaid. Without such growth, debts cannot be repaid, and what was thought to be money disappears.

Governments are fighting this undeniable trend, which by astrological expectation will last until 2024, by creating vast new amounts of debt. But now when governments try to stimulate economies, instead of creating new manias, they can barely keep their economies from falling further.

This is a depression, not a recession. "A depression," you say? "Then where are the bread lines?" The bread lines are in the mail. In the US, for example, over 40 million people receive food stamps, and 1 in 6 Americans currently depend on government handouts for some or all of their income.

Government and corporate cheerleaders tell us the economy is recovering. It is not. It is on the life support of money printing.

SEED THOUGHT: All attempts to revive the world economy by encouraging people to return to their previous manic spending will fail. Things will never "get back to normal" since the period from 1995-2007 was highly abnormal. The wise are doing their planning based on Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, focusing on the real needs of those they love, and on real money--gold and silver--rather than money that is actually debt. This is all part of the welcome transition described in the three volumes of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies.

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August 28th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: Distraction is one of the most pervasive and pernicious aspects of modern life.

While people were distracted by massive, detailed coverage of the problems of OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and others, many people in industrialized countries were tantalized by false promises and were led off the short plank of overwhelming debt, where many still struggle.

While the "news" blares about the latest divorce or marriage of some movie star, the arrest of a popular musician, or the steroid use of some sports star, the world suffers through regional wars, ever-increasing theft from the many by a few, and ever-diminishing freedom as governments usurp hard-won rights.

While people experience near-constant bombardment of music and chatter from their iPods, cell phones, radios, televisions and public sound systems, few take time to hear the deep quiet voice of their true Self.

And while billions of people lavish vast amounts of energy on events like the World Cup, from what are we being distracted now? A weapons build-up for World War 3?

SEED THOUGHT: For people to preserve their freedom, to realize their inner and outer truth, to retrieve and activate their plan for this incarnation, the forces of distraction must be countered and subdued.

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August 21st, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: Thursday, Aug 19: Another day--more deceptive headlines. Here are just two:

US withdraws military from Iraq

While this news is part of a very welcome development, the article states that the US will still have 56,000 troops and 7,000 military contractors Iraq. Does this qualify as a "withdrawal"?

Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000

Surprise to whom? Many people are well aware of the economic deterioration around them. An Associated Press poll for August had 81% of Americans rating the economy as "poor or very poor."

Governments have huge departments whose job is to manipulate economic statistics to make them appear better than they are. This is called MOPE--Management of Perception Economics. This is not a derisive name created by critics of the process, it is used by its *proponents* in academia to describe how it is in the best interests of government to send out falsely positive signals about the economy to get people to feel more confident so that they borrow more and spend more.

Public entities, public personages, advertisers, etc. all spend large sums of money on what is called Public Relations. PR was invented by Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernays realized that the discoveries of Freud, intended to help people out of psychological difficulties that were hindering or preventing their own evolution, could also be used to control people without their conscious awareness. This industry for "spinning" the truth (also known as lying) has experienced exponential growth ever since. Just as an example of how pervasive "spin" has become, most politicians hail the period since World War II as a period of great peace in the world. But as documented in The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 3, there have been more that 90 regional wars during this period, killing over 84 million people and injuring countless more.

SEED THOUGHT: For people to freely evolve in today's world, all messages received from public sources must be scrutinized for their "spin," for those aspects of these messages that seek to direct our perception and control our inner and outer life.

Audio of Discussion

August 14th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

SEED THOUGHT: Humanity and the earth have entered a period of accelerating change as part of the end of a cosmic cycle. Inevitable changes are happening in many spheres of life. Two purposes of these changes are: (1) the rapid dissolution of public and private organizations that implement the enslavement of humanity and primarily serve the purposes of the Dark Forces; and (2) the physical cleansing of the earth. Without these changes, we cannot enter the Golden Age, the New Age, in other words, we cannot enter the Golden Age if the present-day governments, mega-banks, big oil, etc. are still operational and doing their damage.

Resisting these changes--wanting things to stay the same, maintaining strong fear about them, denying them--guarantees inner difficulty. Accepting these changes, welcoming them, planning for them, brings inner ease and a practical path to aligning with these changes.

Audio of Discussion

August 7th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

SEED THOUGHT: SEED THOUGHT: This is the Age of Truth that will uncover all lies and deceit as part of the cleansing of the earth. British Petroleum, which is responsible for the greatest environmental disaster in world history, located in the Gulf of Mexico, continues to divert public opinion away from its shattered deep well shaft that continues to poison the floor and waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Its recent capping of the oil shaft may be mere tactic to divert public opinion away from the real problem, which is the shattered deep well shaft that now pours toxic poisons, gases and oil into the areas surrounding the well. We seed the mass consciousness with the thought that this Age of Truth will inevitably expose to public awareness and justice, all those behind the lies and deceit of a major disaster ruining the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Audio of Discussion

July 31th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

SEED THOUGHT: The world's population watches too much television and as a consequence loses it God-given right to rational thinking.

There is an alternative: turn off the TV in favor of more constructive activities.

Audio of Discussion

July 24th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

BACKGROUND: In the past, the price of food was determined by the fundamental principle of supply and demand. Actual wheat, corn, rice, etc. was being bought and sold. It was a market for real things.

But since 1991, major financial corporations have manipulated the market in these fundamental foods, artificially inflating their price. The way Wall Street manipulates food prices is by playing with food futures, such as wheat, corn, and other grain futures. There are also other futures that bet on meat, pork bellies etc. and all sectors of the food supply. These manipulators are basically gamblers. They bet on the future price of these food commodities. They have also created options which bet on the futures. Then they have other instruments that bet on the options. So they have created a casino of paper instruments from futures to options to options on options and the farther they get away from the real commodity, i.e. wheat, pork bellies etc., the more this becomes a game, a big casino betting game to make money. They do not care if their game hurts mankind.

As a result, the cost of food has artificially risen sky high all over the planet. Prices of many foodstuffs rocketed to multi-decade highs in 2008 despite record crop production that year. As a few people reap billions in profits, hundreds of millions of people are starving or are living in food insecurity, even in times when there is plenty. This is the ultimate in human selfishness.

SEED THOUGHT: There is plenty of food available for everyone on Earth. The illusion of scarcity is bought about by uneven and unfair food distribution, and is promoted by the propaganda and financial engineering of those who seek huge profits from this essential supply, and have no regard for how much misery they cause by turning the food markets into a leveraged, manipulated gambling casino.

Let the divine potential of food production to freely feed every soul on earth be re-instated, and the criminal hijacking of food prices for huge profits be obliterated.

Audio of Discussion

July 17th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

Heads of state, Kings, Queens, Congressmen, Central bank chairmen, CEO's, and all in such positions of responsibility: beware. The cosmic Law of Retribution will deal with each one of you in proportion to the number of people you affect adversely by your lies, deceit and high crimes. The Cosmic Law of Equilibrium will right all wrong and suffering your decisions have caused on each innocent face of humanity and in doing so, will snuff you out if you stand in the way of the law's alleviating effects on mankind's suffering.

Audio of Discussion

July 10th, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

All governments of the world work in concert with the Dark Forces for their mutual survival. The public must come to the realization that they cannot count on their governments to help them in the current crisis. Everyone should learn to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves in accord with their inner God selves.

Audio of Discussion

July 3rd, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

The Cosmic Law of Destruction destroys all that does not serve mankind and thus will trigger the following events to bring about the destruction of the world's derivative market and the financial system: 1) the $3 trillion in Interest Rate Product counterparty exposure between Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Scotland will move violently in a direction and amplitude presumed impossible by their Value at Risk computer models, 2) British Petroleum will declare bankruptcy due to the oil volcano, 3) Major governments in the world will default on international debts, 4) residential and commercial real estate prices will drop sharply, 5) gold and silver futures exchanges will default on their delivery of bullion, 6) large financial institutions are seen as effectively insolvent, and 7) one or more of the major world currencies collapses due to no confidence.

Audio of Discussion

June 26, 2010

We seeded the following thought into the mass consciousness:

As Afghanistan lies between China and Iran, the announcement of the trillion dollar store of minerals in the Afghan mountains is a ploy to keep NATO troops and their contractors in the country indefinitely, and to draw and entice China into the coming war in the Middle East, thus creating a worldwide conflagration. Not only will China secure its place in the Middle East, but could exploit the minerals.

Audio of Discussion

June 5, 2010

We call for acceleration to focus on the astral underpinnings of the entire derivatives market: 1) to destabilize the prices of the assets underlying the derivatives; and 2) to accelerate instability in these underlying prices, seen in the objective world as waves of extreme prices jockeying up and down, so as to shake out and erode the astral foundations of the derivatives market.

We call for a mass panic to ensue in the derivatives market from this astral plane shake-out, the result of which will be the mass cleansing and final death knell of this astral monster.

We further ask that the speed of this destabilizing energy be such that no human institutional or Dark Forces remedy can anticipate or remedy it in any way. We also call upon this energy to focus and destroy all institutions who hide under the false notion "too big to fail" and which try to self-preserve themselves.


There was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanzas 11 and 12:

Otherwise, prepare to lose all that you have.
And that will, in all likelihood,
Include your physical life as well.
For there can be no further toleration
Of that Evil which delights in malice.

Now let the avalanche of Karma
Be released upon all those
Who will not even for the moment
Consider changing their hard-hearted
And hard-headed attitudes.

Audio of Discussion

May 29, 2010

Pension funds have been riding on the upswing of the housing bubble and the stock and bond markets. They have put people's hard-earned funds at risk on this roller coaster of quicksand. The party is over, and the Law of Equilibrium must now come into play. Fund earnings, payouts, retirement stipends etc. must all adjust in accordance with this law. This process will drag down the economies of the West. The adjustment will lead to much misery and gnashing of teeth if recipients of pensions do not change their outlook and dependence on these funds.

Our seed thought sends hope into the mass consciousness that one's life is not dependent on pension funds. Other alternatives and opportunities can open up through soul contact. Let the spirit of individual self-sufficiency and creativity be rekindled among all people dependent on pension funds. Let pensioners open their minds to creating for themselves new opportunities outside the limitations of the Dark Forces economy and financial system.


We call for the truth about the trillion dollar PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) bailout by the European Union and the IMF to be exposed to the peoples of the earth. This bailout is promoted as a bailout of countries, but it is primarily a bailout of big banks. We call for the exposure of all BIG Bank and Dark Forces interests and for the collapse of all institutions supporting this theft of the people. We call for the imposition of this cyclical clean-up on the financial system, making it impossible for the DF to use the bailout as yet another occasion to steal.


And there was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanza 10:

If you have the heart,
If you have the mind,
To see that this is not
The way of Light, Love, and Joy
And have the bravery to change your stance,
Do something of true worth for your country,
Then you will be a leader, indeed.

Audio of Discussion

May 22, 2010

SEED THOUGHT: Both light and dark forces know about the strong astrological influences that will come into play this Summer. We invoke that these influences bring on true end-of-cycle clean-ups and not provide the dark forces with another occasion to enrich themselves and to increase their power:

1. We invoke that all efforts by the dark forces to profit from financial crashes and bailouts and bounces fail and be completely thwarted.

2. As both sides of the coming war are two sides of the same dark forces' coin, we call for the failure of all military strategies on both sides of the war. We call for all offensive attacks to backfire. We call for all defensive measures to go haywire. We call for the complete breakdown of all military actions.


And there was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanzas 8 and 9:

Dispatch Angels to them as they sleep,
Bright messengers that will awaken them
And say to them "You, who head the country,

The CHOICE is upon you now:
Shall you continue to be in the camp of these Dark Ones,
That would war and take and lie and kill?
For if so, you shall go down with them as well,
And quickly at that!

Audio of Discussion

May 15, 2010

BACKGROUND: In today's first seed thought, we are revisiting two topics we've touched on before, namely government bond markets and a demand for an audit of the US government gold reserves.

We did a seed thought on the sham of the bond markets on Nov. 30 and Dec. 19, 2009. A chart was posted in the Sanctus Germanus Forum that showed that US Treasury bonds had a peak in value on Nov. 30 and proceeded to fall 10% in value over the next four months.

What was not shown was that late November was the last time that the governments of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal were able to borrow in euros at the same interest rate as other European governments, such as Germany and the Netherlands. Since that first seed thought on government bonds, the borrowing costs for the government of Greece for two-year loans went from under 2% to a 19% interest rate. That rate of interest would have shortly caused a financial collapse of the Greek government, likely quickly followed by Portugal and Spain and others, so the European Union and the International Monetary Fund came up with a $Trillion bailout package of printed money to try to avert these government financial failures. Here is a chart of those interest rates from the date of Nov. 30 seed thought through the EU bailout:

Greece Government Bonds, Two Year Interest Rates

One of the main reasons for this "bailout" is that the big banks in Germany, France, the UK, and the United States own a quarter $Trillion worth of the debt of the Mediterranean countries, so if those government were unable to pay their debts, then each country would have to bail out its big banks again anyway, so they decided to pretend that these countries would be able to pay back their debts sometime in a nebulous future.

Why do we consider it important to do seed thoughts about bond markets?

  1. One of the main reasons countries borrow money is to spend vast amounts of money on weapons and war. At the start of WWI, the currencies of almost all countries were backed by gold and silver. If they had retained that backing, World War I would have been over in three or four months because no one had the money to support that level of fighting for long. So what did they do? They all went off the gold standard and went to the bond markets to borrow huge sums of money so they could continue that war for four years instead of it being over in four months.
  2. Mainstream economist and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson, in his book and PBS series called The Ascent of Money, showed that the government bond market was invented in the first place to finance wars.
  3. The bond market allows politicians to get a country to borrow way more money than the country actually has to create programs that bribe voters and buy their votes. Who gets to pay for this? The children and grandchildren of the current politicians and voters, who don't even consider the burden they are placing on their children.
  4. When a country is in debt, a growing portion of taxes collected goes to paying interest on that debt. The effect of this is to have every taxpayer in the country sending some money from each of their paychecks to the very rich who hold massive amounts of these government bonds. It is a form of very widespread and very unrecognized slavery.
  5. A country that has excessive debt is a country that is under the thumb of the Dark Forces. We can see this in action now. Greece and Ireland are now very much under the thumb of puppet organizations like the IMF. The solution always proposed by the IMF for a debt crisis is to give more debt to a country that is already so overloaded with debt that it cannot pay even now. In return for this alleged generosity, the IMF tells them how they can spend their money, making them do things like cutting the wages of employees so that more of the country's output can be taken from the people and sent to the very rich holders of these ever-increasing debts.

One astute financial commentator, Martin Armstrong, says that there is no reason for countries to borrow money in the first place, that they could simply print up the money without borrowing. The government debt market was invented so that the club of the super-rich could get control of all of the countries and people in the world. There were two US Presidents who strongly agreed with Armstrong's proposition that governments do not need to borrow money at all. They were Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Both were assassinated while in office. Martin Armstrong has been in prison for over eight years without a trial for voicing his opinions on this and other topics.

Today, the government bond markets are a complete sham. None of these countries will ever pay off their debts. Whenever a debt comes due, they simply borrow ever more money to pay the old debts and the cycle gets worse and worse.

The good thing about it is that this whole enslaving debt system is about to collapse. Our seed thoughts are designed to hasten the demise of the slavery and injustice and warmongering emanating from these markets.

And the second part of this seed thought has to do with the fact that, while there was a partial success in getting a very limited audit of the US Federal Reserve, no authority was granted for an audit of the alleged US gold holdings in Fort Knox. Since we are of the opinion that there is no real gold left in Fort Knox, that it is gilded tungsten bars, we want the audit powers to go further.

SEED THOUGHT: Let all sovereign debt defaults (Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland, US, and Great Britain) come to the fore. Let the forces of light block all Dark Force attempts to mask these defaults or cover them up through false bailouts and more debt. The whole world financial system must be purged of all its debt.

In light of the gold-tungsten scandal currently brewing, we call for the immediate audit of all sovereign gold reserves, including the US reserves at Fort Knox.


BACKGROUND: We touched on this topic in a prior seed thought as well, on Feb. 20. It was thought that, given the massive ongoing oil disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico, that some of these themes should be elaborated further.

SEED THOUGHT: The power and wealth that giant oil and mineral corporations wield are almost without parallel in the world, and pose a threat to the lives of workers and to the environment. They make a mockery of democracy.

We call upon the citizens of the earth to wake up to this reality, and demand that this power be reined in by strong environmental and worker safety laws; that these laws be enforced, and that the cost of breaking them be commensurate with the damage done. We call upon the Spiritual Hierarchy to intervene, to safeguard what is left of the environmental purity of our planet, to protect those workers who risk their lives working for oil and mineral corporations, and to dramatically expose violations of laws and regulations and those responsible for these violations.


And there was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanza 7:

Let all the layers of Darkness be exposed
To the fullest light of truth.
And let all world leaders who are inclined to war,
Who are inclined to collaborate with those dark forces
That up to this point have controlled
The money and the power on this planet,
Let these be given a choice.

Audio of Discussion

May 8, 2010

BACKGROUND: Governments and private organizations, both supposedly "legitimate" and overtly criminal, are increasingly using the rapidly-expanding electronic communications network and increasingly-capable surveillance equipment to invade the privacy of all people.

In 1994, the US passed a law called CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) that mandated that every piece of telecommunications equipment that enabled people's access to the internet or to the telecommunications network be equipped with the capability to route a copy of all voice and data traffic flowing through that device to law enforcement agencies. Agencies are supposed to get court orders for such access, but in this time of secret Executive Orders and the "Patriot"Act, it is entirely unknown how much traffic is captured by governments around the world.

Internet search engine providers track and sell detailed, in-depth information about their users to government and commercial customers. The more one uses the software offered by companies such as Google and Yahoo, the more they can track about you, including searches performed, web sites visited, the topics about which you send e-mail, who your contacts are, and so forth. Google, in particular, has become so capable at creating profiles of their users that the highly-secretive US National Security Agency has posted employees on Google premises.

Many software programs can only be kept up-to-date if one allows software vendors to scan one's computer system for information.

Governments can lift information from computers via anti-virus and anti-spyware software while these programs scan computers. Many free anti-virus programs are programmed this way.

Governments make repeated attempts to force internet vendors to turn over customer lists, customer purchase records, stored e-mail, and so forth.

The number of surveillance cameras in England and Wales increased from 100 in 1990 to 40,000 in 2002, and in 2008 stood at more than 4.2 million, or one for every 14 persons. It has been reported that China has now replaced the UK as the leader in the deployment of video cameras to watch their citizens.

New airport scanners show people to inspectors as if they are wearing no clothes.

SEED THOUGHT: We call on all governments, commercial organizations, and individuals to immediately halt all activities such as wiretaps, data gathering, video surveillance, and so forth, that infringe on the privacy and violate or threaten the free will of all people who are causing no harm to others. We call on them to fully respect the privacy and free will of all people of good will, and to cease all actions that seek to use these methods for subjugation and manipulation. We call on people to clearly resist infringements of privacy and free will that are violations of Cosmic Law.

For those organizations and individuals who persist in these activities, we call on the Spiritual Hierarchy thwart their actions immediately.


SEED THOUGHT (About government corruption, from our co-workers in the Philippines)

Let all acts of deception by Comelec officials and all its accomplices designed to manipulate election results and to defraud public funds be exposed and be blocked.

Likewise, let all deceitful schemes contrived by public officials to misuse and divert the El Nino fund for self-enrichment be brought to light and be accorded with the proper sanction of the law.

We invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy to rouse the minds of the Filipino people from apathy, to keep them vigilant to any act of betrayal by public officials and to give them the courage to stand up to protect their rights. We also invoke the Lords of Karma to deal with the public officials who perpetrate or collaborate in such activities that violate and deprive the people of their basic rights.


And there was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanza 6:

Let the Great Archangel Michael
Now swoop onto the earth
Bringing his numberless legions of angels
And wipe clean the earth
Of those who will not stop in their fighting
In their terrorism of others
And in their lies toward their brethren.

Audio of Discussion

May 1, 2010

We call for a halt to all violent activities designed to gain or exercise power over people by terrorizing, intimidating, and coercing them, whether those activities are carried out by individuals, small groups, or organizations of state dedicated to military or covert operations.

We call on all humanity to understand that ideas and propaganda designed to foster such violent and terrorist activities are lies, created to enable the power of a few over the freedom of the many, and to respond with resistance to such lies rather than with support or fear. We call on all governments to stop those activities that, through their unfair expression of power over the less powerful, sometimes encourage terrorism as a response, and to cease using staged "terrorist" incidents as excuses for spending trillions of dollars on armaments and spying in a phony "war on terror" that only creates more of what it purports to eliminate.

We call on the Spiritual Hierarchy to cause all such violent and terrorist activities to immediately fail and cease. We call on the Spiritual Hierarchy to cause the flow of funds and energy to be diverted away from these activities to true service to humanity in the name and spirit of brotherhood.

And for those misguided individuals and organizations who will not cease in encouraging and perpetrating these terrorist actions, we call on the Lords of Karma to bring about a karmic rebalancing now.


There was a reading from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanza 5:

That all those who want to dominate others
Who want to oppress others,
Who want to punish others,
Who tend towards cruelty, malice, torture,
And all forms of such evil-doing,
Let these know the just judgment
Of the Lord God and his Minions of Light.

Audio of Discussion

April 24, 2010

BACKGROUND: All over the world, masses of workers daily drudge throughout their entire life for a hand-to-mouth existence for themselves and their family. The value of their work is denigrated, legally sanctioned by the minimum wage, which is minimal indeed. Often, workers' safety is disregarded; unlawful and dangerous conditions are allowed to persist in order to increase profits. Children are not afforded proper education; illness tips them over into despair. Their just compensation is usurped by employers and investors who accumulate wealth way beyond reasonable needs and comfort. And wealth continuously begets greater wealth by all sorts of means. Those with wealth and power have managed to institutionalize/lionize such greed as success that all should aspire to: success effectively masks greed as virtue.

SEED THOUGHT: We invoke that all enterprises in the developing and developed world adjust their compensation practices to those that are enlightened and just for all participants and be in accordance with the Cosmic Law of Balance and Equilibrium.


There was a reading of the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, Stanza 4:

Let the Feminine Ray arise!
Let the Feminine Ray be glorified.
Let the Feminine Ray come into ultimate power.
And may there be, now,
A very powerful Karmic readjustment on this planet,
On earth as it is in Heaven.

Audio of Discussion

April 17, 2010

SEED THOUGHT: Despite the enormous damage done to the world economy since 2007 by the derivative markets, central banks, investment banks, hedge funds, public and private investors, etc. continue to trade the $quadrillion derivative market as if no damage has been done to the world. Some baldly announce obscene profits from those trades.

The derivative market is basically a casino that is being supported by governments channeling huge sums of money from their citizens to keep it from collapsing--all for the sake the Dark Forces. This market diverts trillions of the world's wealth into the hands of Dark Force counterparties. Unless it is stopped immediately, it will succeed in impoverishing the world for decades to come.

We call for the immediate collapse of all public, private and secret derivative markets. All instruments of these market--futures contracts, options, options on options, credit default swaps, private swap deals and the like--should lose all value. We also call for the negation of all propaganda that paints a false, rosy pictures of these derivative markets and the negation of all astral underpinnings (e.g. fear, greed, lust for wealth, control, power etc) of this market. We further call for the immediate psychological awakening of all mankind, including every derivatives trader, that these financial paper instruments do absolutely nothing to serve the interest of mankind and therefore must be dropped.


And from our co-workers in the Philippines, with an addition created at the meeting:

SEED THOUGHT: The President of the Philippines should allow a peaceful transition of the governance of the country by guaranteeing a clean and honest election and by assuring an uninterrupted supply of power, particularly in the Mindanao and Visayas region, and the non-interference of the military in the election process.

Likewise, to enable the lawful process of change in leadership take its course, the opposition parties should maintain calmness in their actions in safeguarding the law against seeming contrivances to destabilize the election process by the president.

For the people of the Philippines to finally realize a conscientious and sincere leadership that will guide them through the coming difficulties, they should exercise critical judgment in their choice and should remain resolute in their own conviction and should not be influenced by bribes and the promise of instant change through mutinous actions.

We invoke the help of the Spiritual Hierarchy to enlighten the mind of the President of the Philippines and to make her see the need to sacrifice her greed for power for the benefit of the Filipino people. Failing to realize this, that she be removed from power through legal and peaceful means, or failing that, by any possible means. We also invoke the Hierarchy to help the leaders of the opposition parties realize that change cannot be achieved by means of any form of revolt, peaceful or otherwise, and that it only exacerbates the suffering of the people. And lastly, we invoke the help of the Hierarchy to make the Filipino people realize that they have the power to release themselves from the bondage of corrupted governance through the intelligent exercise of their suffrage rights.

And with respect to changes of leadership in all countries, we invoke that the new leader of any country will be chosen in accordance with the Law of Hierarchy and that the new leader will act in accordance with Cosmic Law.

Audio of Discussion

April 10, 2010

BACKGROUND: More stories emerged this week confirming the idea that people who hold pieces of paper that they think represent a claim on physical gold and silver can end up very disappointed when they try to obtain real delivery of those metals. An interview revealed that a bank in Canada that is a major seller of gold and silver certificates had a nearly-empty precious metals vault. Another unnamed Canadian bank was said to be pulling the same scam. Getting physical metals from these banks was reported to take six to eight weeks despite the fact that they are charging their customers daily storage and insurance fees. In other words, they have far less metal than they are representing to their customers. One request for physical silver had to be flown in from Hong Kong before the bank could make good on a delivery demand.

SEED THOUGHT: That people around the world who were duped into investing in paper gold demand immediately physical bullion. That they be informed that the vaults of gold bullion are rapidly emptying. And that all vaults that are empty, or storing less than they claim to be storing, be exposed for their fraud.

We call on all people to give up the idea that institutions will take care of them, to take responsibility for taking care of their own assets.


In support of our co-workers in the Philippines, who have been seeding into the mass consciousness those thoughts that we have been publishing on this web page, we seeded this well-formed thought into the mass consciousness:

SEED THOUGHT: The President of the Philippines should assure the least expensive access to basic foods for the Philippine population. She must eliminate all unnecessary middle men, including her husband and his cronies, to assure this access. Let good morals and the Wisdom of the Masters govern the people of the Philippines through this President and if this cannot be accomplished, let the forces of light eliminate her tenure as President and replace her with someone who can carry out the Divine Plan.


We read these stanzas from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces:

Come, O dear Cosmic Mother! Enfold us all. Take us all into your wondrous embrace. Comfort us and give us the strength And the bravery to be who we truly are - Beings of Love, Forgiveness, Joy, and Laughter.

And, O Divine Mother, Bring your broom and sweep clean the earth Of all those who do not respect thee, Of all those misguided children, For they are your children as well, Who have foolishly taken the Dark Path Of domination, oppression, and the Unbalanced manifestations of masculine energy.

Audio of Discussion

April 3, 2010

BACKGROUND: According to people who have studied the problem of human trafficking, the average cost of a slave around the world is $90. Trafficking involves exploitation which comes in many forms, primarily: forcing victims into prostitution; subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude; compelling victims to commit sex acts for the purpose of creating pornography; and misleading victims into debt bondage. It is estimated that 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation and 20% involves labor exploitation, and that there are approximately 27 million slaves around the world, half of whom are under the age of 18. Some estimate that two children are forced into sex slavery on the planet every minute. Rates of HIV and tuberculosis are far higher among the slave population than the general population. Trafficking victims normally don't seek help from authorities because they think that they or their families will be hurt by their traffickers, or that they will be deported.

SEED THOUGHT: We alert all humanity to the existence of the heinous crimes of human trafficking, and we call on humanity to resist and publicize their presence wherever they are found. We call on the Lords of Karma to now bring to bear the forces of karma on all those who perpetrate these outrageous crimes. We invoke the spiritual hierarchy to comfort and protect those who are the victims of these crimes, and to protect those who work to stop these practices.


A reading of Stanza 1 from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces:

Oh, living light of love.
Oh, great and Holy Divine Mother
That IS the sweetness of life itself,
Come, come, come
Into the Earth plane as never before.
invocation against the dark forces

Audio of Discussion

March 20, 2010

On February 10, 2010, the US Federal Reserve announced its intention to change the US banking system from fractional reserve system, where banks are required to at least have some minimal amount of reserves to cover their liabilities to depositors, to a no-reserves-required system. This will allow the creation of new money from nothing in unprecedented amounts.

Let all realize that each time the authorities and banks create excessive amounts of fiat currency, that this is theft from all holders of existing currency of that type. Let all realize that each creation of more of a country's debt enslaves the people of that country.

Gold is the Sovereign King of metals. As stated by Saint Germain, it has two functions. The lesser one as a means of exchange. The far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize, and balance the atomic structure of the world.

The use of gold and silver has been removed from the monetary system of all countries. The fiat or paper system currently in use can be and has been manipulated to detriment of humanity. It is impossible to have an honest society when its monetary system is built upon dishonest money.

We invoke:

Saint Germain and all the masters to aid humanity with the removal of paper monetary systems and to return to the hard, durable and honest money that is gold and silver. That humanity wake up to this reality and begin to accumulate both gold and silver. That any gilded tungsten that is masquerading as gold be shown for what it is, and that those who have created such frauds be discovered and held accountable for their theft. That institutions who claim to have more gold than they actually have be shown to be making fraudulent claims. That any information relating to institutional schemes to illegally manipulate the price of gold and silver be fully revealed at the upcoming meetings on the trading of gold and silver in the futures and options markets to be held by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. And we also invoke that the true esoteric value of gold becomes known to all people.

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March 13, 2010

BACKGROUND: In February of 2010, a leading researcher for the pharmaceutical industry was found to have completely faked the study of a drug-no patients were used in the study, the doctor fully fabricated all of the data. The study was published in a prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal and helped support strong sales of the drug that had supposedly been well-tested. It turned out that the same physician had faked dozens of studies of different drugs for different pharmaceutical companies over 13 years.

The industry also supplied a great deal of support in government circles for the idea that the swine flu virus was a pandemic and that everyone on the planet needed to be vaccinated, thus reaping billions in profits as countries around the world purchased massive supplies of a vaccine that turned out to be unnecessary or worse.

Similar studies and tactics have led to the practice in industrialized societies where almost all children are subjected to a vast array of required vaccines, many of which are of questionable value and which many say actually cause serious health problems for the young. There is a vaccine that is still being given to millions of young girls as a possible preventive measure for cervical cancer they might never get far in the future despite the existence of more than 8,000 documented cases of very serious adverse side-effects. These cases were only made public because a watchdog group filed a Freedom of Information Act suit to wrest this data from the US government.

The cozy relationship developed between large drug companies and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) early in the 20th Century resulted in the sometimes-brutal suppression of natural healing methods, substances, and practitioners, much to the detriment of people in need of these healing arts.

According to a study by the US Senate, that same cozy relationship allowed for FDA approval of a popular diabetes drug, billions of dollars of which is being sold every year, over the protests of researchers both within the drug company and within the FDA, all of whom were aware that, while this drug appeared to be helpful for diabetes, it was strongly raising the risk of heart attacks, and it is currently causing heart attacks in hundreds of users every month.

SEED THOUGHT: We demand that truth emerge about all pharmaceutical products, both their benefits and their dangers, and we demand that health care professionals pay close attention to this information before prescribing these products. If researchers in industry or government or in a health care practice have reliable information about these products, we ask that they step forward with this information and that their information be widely disseminated. We invoke protection for these people from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We alert humanity to their right to demand full disclosure about any pharmaceutical product they are taking or considering. We invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy to cast out from the pharmaceutical companies and from government all who hide or ignore truth in the interest of profits, and to replace them with people whose primary goals are healing and truth. And we ask for the dissolution of any part of these organizations where that is not possible, to make way for those who bring true healing to humanity.

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March 6, 2010

Because the Winds of War, as described on June 26, 2009 here:

The Winds of War are Blowing

seem to keep blowing stronger, as evidenced in articles such as the following, which describe how 45 countries are all developing deadly unmanned drone aircraft:

Demon vs. Phantom Ray: The World’s Deadliest Drones

We seeded the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces into the mass consciousness at Saturday's meeting:

Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces

The sounding of the Invocation, in a beautiful array of voices from across the world, can be heard in the audio excerpt from the meeting at the following link.

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February 27, 2010

1. We express our gratitude to the Spiritual Hierarchy and to the Devic and Elemental kingdoms who work with them for their preparation and maintenance of the twelve Spiritual Regions for use by people during these times that are crucial for the evolution of humanity. We ask them, and all humanity, to preserve and protect the Spiritual Regions. We invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy to cast out any Dark Force activity and influence from the Spiritual Regions, to halt any reckless industrial or political activity in the Regions, and to continue to bathe the Regions with higher vibrational energies. And we ask the Elemental kingdom to bring forth those measures that will cleanse the Regions wherever necessary.

We send out a clear call to those Lightbearers who agreed, as part of their life mission, to help prepare the Regions for greater use by people in the years ahead, to take up the work they intended to do.

NOTE: The twelve Spiritual Regions of the earth are listed in both Volumes 2 and 3 of Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, available here:


2. BACKGROUND: "The human body is a living organism, a part of the complex organic universe subject to the unchangeable laws of nature. The human body must have living, organic food elements in their unaltered natural state in order to survive and live in good health. Synthetic, altered, poisoned, processed, and devitalized foods will not sustain health, but will bring about a degeneration of normal bodily functions, and disease." (Paavo D. Airola, N.D.)

In the rabid pursuit of profit and control, the industrial food and agriculture organizations have created food production and packaging methods that:

* Deplete the soil, thus requiring intensive chemical fertilization, which pollutes fresh water sources, and which requires large inputs of fossil fuel energy for extraction and packaging of the chemicals, and for placing them in the food chain.

* Require intensive pesticide application, further depleting the soil by poisoning beneficial organisms, and polluting air and water.

* Produce foods that contain insufficient nutrients as well as heavy doses of chemicals. This includes processing food in ways that destroy nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in the interests of long shelf life and massive production.

* Centralize food production, which requires massive transportation costs and pollution to get the food to people. In the United States, produce today tends to travel 1,500 miles to the consumer's table. The nutritional value of food deteriorates rapidly after it has been picked.

* Edge out responsible growers with low-cost, low-quality produce.

* Limit genetic diversity through monoculture plant selection that makes huge portions of the food supply at risk for destruction by a single plant pest or disease.

* Prevent the natural reproductive cycle of plants by creating sterile seeds so that new seeds must be purchased by farmers every growing season, replacing ancient methods for saving and storing seed for the following season's crops.

* Routinely perpetrate cruelty toward animals. Chickens that never are allowed to move about or see the sun. Fish farmed in foul water that requires massive antibiotics. Cattle and pigs transported under cruel conditions and fed synthetic hormones and antibiotics in filthy feed lots. Horrible and inhumane butchering practises. All in the name of low-cost, high-profit, wasteful production.

* Create social and medical conditions that are bankrupting industrial nations. People are starving for real nutrients while becoming obese. All blame is placed on the individuals, not the practices that make it difficult for them to find nutrient-dense foods.

* Sell seeds that won't germinate unless sprayed after planting with a chemical from the seed company.

* Create genetically modified organisms ("GMOs") where foreign genes are inserted into cells using bacteria that then travel, with these foreign genes, to surrounding plants and even animals, leading to untested, unknown consequences.

* Create GMOs that create pesticides inside the plant, pesticides that remain in the food manufactured from these plants.

* Create GMOs that pollute the seed stock of surrounding farms, contaminating these seeds with the bacteria-born foreign genes, and then charging the surrounding farmers for "using" these genetic modifications, even to the point of suing poor third-world farmers who could not afford the company's seed in the first place, and who have relied on saving seeds from the own crops for untold generations and whose seeds have now been polluted by these GMO companies.

The companies involved bribe lawmakers to legislate in favor of their methods, to prohibit the sale of nutrient- and enzyme-rich foods such as unpasteurized milk, to make life difficult for small organic farmers with expensive red tape and regulations, to grant these large companies huge research grants, to get the lawmakers to ignore studies showing the deadly health dangers from GMOs and pesticides, to create vast subsidies for farmers who follow their industrialized methods, making business nearly impossible for growers who try to provide healthy, nutritious food grown in harmony with nature.

SEED THOUGHT: We alert humanity to take a strong interest in the real nutritional value, freshness, and purity of their food, and to avoid those inferior food products produced by those care greatly about profits and care little about the health of people and nature. We invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Elemental kingdom who work with the Spiritual Hierarchy to stop the spread of any GMO and any food production process that is not in the true interest of the health of humanity and nature. We ask humanity, and invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy, to support those growers who work *with* nature to provide nutritious, fresh, pure, wholesome food, transferring land and resources to them from those who work against nature and human health. We demand that lawmakers stop heeding the bribes and lies of those in the food industry who are corrupt, and to support those who aim for the vibrant health of humanity and nature.

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February 20, 2010

1. BACKGROUND: Numerous businesses and government organizations have left massive amounts of toxic waste in environments where they have worked. Then they seek to evade responsibility for the devastation they have caused to the environment and all who inhabit it.

Right now, a major American oil company is on trial for having dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Because of the history of death and disease surrounding uranium mining, and hate crimes that have arisen because of indigenous resistance to the mining corporations. the Lakota tribe is trying to stop a large Canadian-based uranium mining company from uranium mining in Nebraska; that same company is also being challenged by indigenous tribes in Canada, Australia, and Central Asia; the Pueblo tribe is trying to stop ten uranium mining companies from destroying their sacred site Mount Talyor in New Mexico; the Navajo tribe is battling multiple uranium companies who are setting up mines on the borders of the Navajo nation and polluting the land and water of the Navajo Nation through their practices; the Oglala are battling further uranium mining in the Black Hills of South Dakota; the Tohono O'odham tribe is now battling a planned copper mine 30 miles southeast of Tucson that could destroy sacred places in the Santa Rita mountains. Indigenous peoples in Indonesia and New Guinea try to stop what they say are reckless practices of a major copper and gold mining company; the Ogoni people struggle against a major European oil company in Nigeria. To expose and mine coal, one large coal mining company explodes the tops of Appalachian mountains and pushes the rubble into surrounding valleys, polluting ancient creek and streams. Cattle ranchers deforest the Amazon, displacing indigenous populations and destroying one of the great forests that balances the atmosphere on the planet. Many are starting to realize that a major seed and chemical company is polluting the agricultural heritage of the planet and the health of humanity with their genetically modified products and are seeking to stop these practices. There are many other situations like these currently in progress.

SEED THOUGHT: We demand that businesses and government organizations demonstrate genuine commitment to environmental accountability and show full respect for nature and for human rights in all their business practices. Instead of lobbying to evade their obligations, we demand that they take full responsibility for what they have done: clean up their toxic waste sites; compensate affected communities for the damage they have done to their lives and environment; adopt new policies worldwide to prevent similar tragedies in the future; and equitably share profits garnered from such operations with local people.

For those organizations unwilling to take such responsibility, we call on whistleblowers and the media to make their offenses fully public throughout the world, and we call on the Lords of Karma to bring to bear now, on these organizations, the full weight of their karmic debit.

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2. We demand that any unlawful agreements with extra-terrestials by any earth governments and the Dark Forces that were made behind the backs of the peoples of earth be brought forward and exposed. May every pact or contract made with any race or beings not of this planet and NOT working in accordance with Cosmic Law be dissolved immediately and may the perpetrators of these alliances be exposed for the scrutiny of the people of earth, and that justice be done, in the name of Truth and respect of Cosmic Laws. May all lightbearers who have allowed themselves to be guided and influenced by any extra-terrestial species that do not work, or never have worked, with the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet headed by the Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara AWAKEN to the deception and get back on track to their true souls' purposes as representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet earth.

February 13, 2010

1. We demand that all Lightbearers whose pure, selfless and altruistic work in the field of healing and medicine, people like Jim Humble and his Miracle Mineral Supplement, be protected from any and all agents and institutions of the Dark Forces, conscious or unconscious. We demand that any of these Lightbearers who are held prisoner, or are under any form of persecution, though they have proven their work to be sound, true, intelligent, and successful, be allowed to continue with their work in freedom as part of their souls' missions and love for humanity. May the necessary funds find their way to these people to further their respective services. And may Lord Michael protect them.


2. Millions of dollars are being raised around the world to help with the situation in Haiti. We demand that any and ALL charitable organizations and efforts that collect money for the aid of people in need be completely and utterly freed from any Dark Force influence whatsoever. Let the necessary money, help, and service flow without selfish obstacle or interference of any kind to those for whom it is intended. We invoke the direct focus of the third ray of Amon Ra, the ray of active intelligence, to intelligently spread gold and money to those who are truly in need, bypassing Haiti's current authorities and vested interests.


Your private participation is invited.

February 6, 2010

We seeded the following two seed thoughts into the mass consciousness:

1. The first is an excerpt from the Invocation for Action Against the Dark Forces, the full text of which is here:

Let all the layers of Darkness be exposed
To the fullest light of truth.
And let all world leaders who are inclined to war,
Who are inclined to collaborate with those dark forces
That up to this point have controlled
The money and the power on this planet
Let these be given a choice.

Dispatch Angels to them as they sleep,
Bright messengers that will awaken them
And say to them "You, who head the country, Be AWARE.
The CHOICE is upon you now:
Shall you continue to be in the camp of these Dark Ones,
That would war and take and lie and kill?
For if so, you shall go down with them as well, And quickly at that!

If you have the heart,
If you have the mind,
To see that this is not
The way of Light, Love, and Joy
And have the bravery to change your stance,
Do something of true worth for your country,
Then you will be a leader, indeed.

Otherwise, prepare to lose all that you have.
And that will, in all likelihood,
Include your physical life as well.
For there can be no further toleration
Of that Evil which delights in malice.


2. We are all aware of how the light, love and truth in the essence of all institutionalized religions have been corrupted and perverted. As a consequence, people who seek the Light through that avenue have largely been hindered, stymied and diverted by false beliefs, blind obedience, idolatry, separation, discord, hate, meaningless rituals.

We demand that all the false prophets and dark "shepherds of flocks" be exposed for their ignorance and their manipulation and control of people for their own selfish ends. We demand that they be cast off from their positions of authority and power, and be replaced by true beacons of Light.

We invoke the Brotherhood of Light to guide each and every seeking soul towards greater awareness and discernment to the Light and Truth, that the true hierarchs be recognized, that every fellowship be bathed in the Spirit.

January 30, 2010: Lightbearers Awaken and Emergency Aid to Haiti

1. Lightbearers Awaken! We seed the mass consciousness with an urgent call to all lightbearers around the world to wake up, to realize the urgency of this time on Earth, to direct themselves back to the Ancient Wisdom to increase their discernment so they can adhere to the cosmic law of hierarchy, and take on their responsibilities as part of Saint Germain's Light Forces. This can mean dropping what they are doing in life and making the necessary changes in their lives in order to fulfill their mission on earth as lightbearers. We demand that all New Age impostors, fake mediums, money-making schemes in the name of spiritual enlightenment, and frauds and their publications be clearly shown as fraudulent to everyone. We demand that what these people are delivering be shown for exactly what it is.

Audio of Discussion

2. Millions of dollars are being raised around the world to help with the situation in Haiti. We demand that any and ALL charitable organizations and efforts that collect money for the aid of people in need such as this be completely and utterly freed from any Dark Force influence whatsoever. Let the necessary money, help, and service, in the name of brotherhood of humanity and the Christ within all, flow without selfish obstacle or interference of any kind to its intended purpose, great or small.


January 23, 2010: Earthquake in Haiti, US Military Takeover of Haiti, More on Tungsten Gold Bars, Supreme Court's Decision to allow unlimited campaign funding by corporations

At the Saturday meeting, after repetitions of the So Hum chant, the "OM Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum" chant, and the Seven Breath method, we seeded four thought forms:

1. We demand that the truth of the cause of the Haiti and Venezuela earthquakes, whether natural or induced by human technology, be exposed to the full light of truth. We invoke the spiritual hierarchy to protect those who come forward to the public with real information about any human technology that can cause these types of events.

2. We demand that the intentions of the US military presence in Haiti be made clear. We invoke the spiritual hierarchy to protect those who come forward to the public with any information regarding any intentions of the US military beyond humanitarian aid in Haiti.

3. --We demand that all of the secret details of the gold bars that are actually gilded tungsten bars scandal be exposed to the public in full detail. --We demand that the perpetrators of this gold heist be caught, held accountable, and be brought to justice. --We demand that the stolen gold be redistributed to the people of the world.

4. We alert all citizens of the US and of the world to fully realize that, with US Supreme Court's decision this week to strike down a 63-year-old law that limited how much money corporations could spend to influence the political process and politicians, all limits for the ownership of the US government by the dark forces and those with vast sums of money have been removed. We demand that all corrupt political practices, at all levels of government in all countries, be fully exposed to the light of truth. We invoke people across the world to find the courage in themselves to break out of their sheeple mode--human apathy and complacency--and exercise their soul right to self government.

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January 16, 2010

1. The dark forces create historic events (like the assassination of JFK, the jets flying into the world trade towers on 9/11/01, the underwear bomber), then lie about them. They present lies as truth, and then build a reality....foreign policy, wars, laws that restrict personal freedom....on those lies. These lies generate fear, distrust, divisiveness, which darken and damage the earth's mental body as well as each individual's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The people of the earth become befuddled; our clarity and ability to discern is darkened by a continuous outpouring of falsehood decked out as truth. We become frightened of one another and of events seemingly out of our control. Individuals and the nations of the earth are divided internally and against one another. Lies multiply. Chaos reigns. We call for these lies to be fully exposed by a discerning, independent, and honest media. We call for the perpetrators of these lies to be brought to justice. There are honest, well informed, alternative sources of information that are exposing these lies. May the ones who are generating truth be protected and empowered. May this information come with clarity and strength into the mass consciousness and be recognized as truth. Let this light of truth surging forth resonate with and be empowered by the light that I Am, for: I Am light, glowing light, radiating light, intensified light. God consumes my darkness, transmuting it into light. This day I am a focus of the great central sun. Flowing through me is a crystal river, a living fountain of light which can never be qualified by human thought or feeling. I am an outpost of the divine. Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up by the mighty river of light which I am. I am, I am, I am light. I live, I live, and I live in light. I am light's fullest dimension. I am light's purest intention. I am light, light, light flooding the world wherever I move. Blessing, strengthening, conveying the purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

2. We invoke the spiritual hierarchy to put an end to any technology that can cause mass destruction on the earth, such as HAARP, or more advanced earthquake-inducing or hurricane- or tornado-inducing technology.

3. We call upon Amon Ra, the Solar Logos, to shine the light of the sun on all of the strategies of the dark forces, and to free and protect any Lightworker, including President Obama, to carry out the work of light instead of darkness.

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January 9, 2010: False Accounting and Change from Paper Money to Gold and Silver

BACKGROUND: In this field, very simple concepts are obscured by jargon. Below I will attempt to explain these concepts. If you understand them, you can then watch with understanding as trillions of electronic dollars whirl around the globe during the next "crisis" or "panic" as the lies built into the system get uncovered. Most people think of accounting as a dry exercise in "bean counting". But it has devolved into a conduit for massive deception. The FASB, Financial Accounting Standard Board, sets the rules for accounting methods in the US. They have waged several campaigns to try to limit deception through accounting, but they are very often successfully opposed by big corporate and political interests.

1. One example of deceptive accounting from government is the US Social Security Trust Fund. For every paycheck paid in the US, the government deducts money from that paycheck and demands an equal amount of money from the company for the Social Security Trust Fund. The government claims that the Trust Fund has $2.5 trillion in reserve to pay Social Security benefits. But as the money was paid in, the US Treasury took the money and spent it, giving the Trust Fund IOUs from the Treasury. So actually the Trust Fund has no money at all, just these IOUs. During 2010, the benefit payouts from the Trust Fund will exceed payroll deductions. The balance of benefit payments will have to be paid by the Treasury from general taxes and borrowing. This will make the annual deficit even larger. So here accounting was used to give people the idea that there is $2.5 trillion sitting there waiting to be paid out as benefits. But there is actually no money at all. There is only the ability of the Treasury to tax and borrow.

2. Most people have heard of Enron and its lies and subsequent implosion. Enron used what is called "off balance sheet" accounting. A "balance sheet" is supposed to summarize what a company owns and what they owe to others. Assets and liabilities. Enron gave complex reasons for this, but they placed many of their transactions off of the balance sheet, that is, out of public view. You may have also heard this term used by the US government for the funding of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They claimed that these were one-time unusual expenses for the government, and should not be included in the regular budget. The only reason they did this is so that the annual deficit wouldn't look so huge when it was reported in the news. In Enron's case, when the truth emerged, it was discovered that Enron placed all of its mistakes, bad bets, bad loans, etc. "off balance sheet." And it turned out that what had appeared to people as a very profitable company was actually losing money hand over fist but was hiding all those losses from public view through deceptive accounting. So after Enron and other cases, in 2009, the FASB finally won the battle that would have required banks and other companies to stop using off balance sheet accounting by January 1, 2010. Well, it turns out that big banks like Citibank and others have trillions of dollars worth of off balance sheet "investments," and they don't want the public to see just how badly these "investments" are doing, so they paid more money to their Congressional lackeys and Congress overruled the FASB and so companies have been given another year where they can lie by using off balance sheet accounting. And Obama promised he would end the practice for the government, but last I heard, the government has returned to this practice as well. So this is a structure that allows massive lies about the true health of a bank or company or a country.

3. By 2007, the FASB had won a battle for what was called "mark-to-market" accounting. This became a critical factor in the implosion of the sub-prime mortgage market. Mark-to-market means that, if a bank or company holds a security, for example, a large bundle of mortgages, that has a value and that can be traded to someone else for money, that the value they assign to that security must be the amount someone is willing to pay in the marketplace for that type of security. In other words, you "mark" the price in your books as what the thing is worth in the real world. Prior to mark-to-market, for many types of securities, companies were able to claim that they had a computer model that showed what the security was worth. They called this "mark-to-model". But over time, the models were intentionally distorted so that the securities were claimed to be worth a lot more money than anyone would actually pay for them in the open market. Thus, some started calling this type of accounting "mark-to-myth" because of the rampant lying built into the models. As it became obvious in 2008 that real estate prices were falling and that a lot of people would default on their mortgage payments, securities that bundled a bunch of mortgages into one tradeable package were being dumped at lower and lower prices. Banks and brokerages who had claimed, based on mark-to-model, to have huge amounts of capital, were now having to mark-to-market and admit that they had a lot less capital than previously claimed. It was clear that many were actually bankrupt, leading to the infamous bailouts of banks deemed "too big to fail". The bailouts helped a little, but didn't really solve the problem. So the politicians and regulators overruled the FASB, and in March 2009, they rescinded the mark-to-market rule and allowed companies to return to mark-to-myth accounting. You'll notice that the stock market immediately "bottomed" and rallied from that point forward. Many traders reasoned that if companies were able to lie again, then everything would go back to "normal." 4. Another major center of deceptive accounting is in what is called the "derivatives" market. Here, companies buy and sell "insurance" for all kinds of events, like whether a company or country will go bankrupt, whether interest rates will rise or fall, or relative currency values will rise or fall. The derivatives market is an orgy of mark-to-model accounting. People claim to have sold or bought insurance for something for which no one can actually cover the losses if the "insured event" actually happens. So these are often just casino bets, but these bets are assigned great value on the balance sheet, allowing companies again to claim to have far more capital than they actually have, and thus to make huge loans to others based on this fictitious capital.


1. May all thought forms that support deceptive accounting used by countries and companies and other organizations be immediately dissolved so that the true financial condition of all organizations is made perfectly clear. If a country or company is bankrupt, may it be immediately clear that they are bankrupt. We invoke the Masters St.Germain and Justin Moreward Haig to release the truth from the bowels of each bank, company or organization engaging in dishonest accounting and let the truth rise to the surface for public and divine scrutiny. We invoke these Masters to protect all those within these organizations who wish to aid in the release of the truth.

2. We seeded the mass consciousness with the thought that people should immediately change their paper money into gold and silver.

December 27, 2009: Detention Centres

The US government is in the process of establishing internment or detention camps to imprison those who resist its policies to strip the citizenry of its rights and institute totalitarian control over its people. We are starkly aware that the same thought-forms that created these same sinister camps in the Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, Japan, North Korea, North Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, the US and every totalitarian regime on earth are now being resurrected and implemented in the US. These detention camps can only materialize and function if citizens of the world cooperate with their governments to institute them. This cooperation means quietly assenting to these camps, posing no resistance and even seeking jobs in these camps as a means of employment in an economic depression.

We invoke and give permission to the great Knight Commander, The Master St. Germain, to create every possible obstacle to stop the implementation of these camps and dissolve any thought-forms that support the creation of these camps. As citizens of the earth, we also invoke the entire Spiritual Hierarchy to pour its power into earth's mass consciousness to awaken the whole world to these detention camps so that the citizens and army workers will see clear to rise up and put an end to these camps and resist any cooperation, for whatever reason, to allow these camps to materialize and function. Along with the Master St. Germain and the Spiritual Hierarchy, we, as members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, also seed the mass consciousness to annihilate any materialization of these detention camps, for it is the Divine Will and the rightful exercise of cosmic law. So be it.

December 19, 2009: The US Treasury's Fraudulent Borrowing

We discussed several aspects of the fraud of government borrowing, especially the use of fake money for that borrowing, and the long history of such borrowing for the creation of wars. "The US Treasury market is a fraud and a violation of several cosmic laws. The sooner it self-destructs, the better it is for humanity."

Dec 13, 2009: Dark Force Control of Arts and Music

The main-stream arts and music (including movies and video games) are under the influence of the Dark Forces. They are either frequently or entirely used and manipulated by them to instill in people's minds the idea that they are essentially hopeless and corrupt animals at best, and are ultimately helpless to change this. This is the Dark Force's attempt to blind people to the higher principles inherent in human beings in favour of often mindless, overly sensual, and graphically violent entertainment. Let now the Divine gift of artistic and creative expression be RELEASED from the control of the Dark Forces and allowed to flower, unhindered, in beauty and spiritual upliftment upon the earth plane.

Dec 7, 2009: On Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The claim that humanity is totally dependent on burning fossil fuels, that without fossil fuels, mankind would be thrown back into the Stone Age, is a lie, repeated by those who say it for their own profit, power, and control. That there will be a release of all free energy technologies as espoused by Tesla, Keeley, and all the others who were bought out or met an untimely demise for their work in this area. That their work for the betterment and freedom of humanity will finally bear the fruit as they intended for all of us. That we will then be released from the shackles of the pay meter so loved by the D.F.and their ilk. And may each one involved with the creation of free energy be protected by Lord Michael.

Nov 30, 2009: Sham Sales of US Treasuries, Full Audit of the FED, Treasury, Fort Knox, and The Truth about gold plated Tungsten Bars

We seeded three thoughts instead of just one: 1. "The continued sale of US bonds and treasuries to foreign investors is a lie. The FED has arranged currency swaps with other countries (central banks) so that they will buy these instruments. In other words, I'll give you some money so that you can buy my goods and make it seem like we still have a vibrant trade. So the whole foreign purchase of US bonds and treasuries is a sham." 2. The doors should be opened for a full public audit of the US Federal Reserve, the IRS, Fort Knox, US Treasury, and all of the secret organizations associated with these. 3. There should be a complete public exposure of the full truth about the gold-plated tungsten bars that have been substituted for real gold bars at different locations in the world.

Nov 17, 2009: That All the Truthful Details of the Gold Plated Tungsten Bars be Brought before the Public

We discussed the emerging news that a lot of the 400 ounce gold bars held by governments and futures exchange depositories could be some of many bars that are actually tungsten plated with a thin coat of gold rather than the solid gold they are supposed to be. We discussed the potential that all of the USA gold in Fort Knox has been stolen and replaced with these fake gold bars made of tungsten. The thought form we seeded was threefold: 1. We demanded that all of the sordid details of the tungsten bar scandal be exposed to the public in full detail. 2. We demanded that the perpetrators of this gold heist be caught, held accountable, and be brought to justice. 3. We demanded that the stolen gold be redistributed to the people of the world.

Nov 9, 2009: Bring down the Multi-Trillion Dollar Derivative Markets

It is said that 94% of the 500 to 750 trillian paper derivatives are held by a small number of investment banks. If this derivative market crumbles, it will bring down the entire financial system. The government bailout money enables these banks to settle their counterparty obligations and give the appearance that the derivative market is still afloat. As the world economy continues to deteriorate, more and more of these derivatives become stressed and will need to be settled. No amount of paperor electronic printing can save this monstrosity of a market. Let the deterioration of this paper market accelerate and let this market collapse despite the propping up of the central banks." We then visualized the entire derivatives market in a big balloon and envisioned a large rocket made up of the Cosmic Laws being violated by the derivatives market (for example, the Law of One and the Laws of Karma, Abundance, Synthesis, Love, Fohat, and Economy) and tipped with the Law of Disintegration penetrating the balloon and exploding inside of it to destroy the derivatives market.

Nov 2, 2009: On the Gold Market

The Comex gold market is already in backwardation, and this is being covered up. Demand for physical gold has exceeded the Comex supply. Central banks as well as the International Monetary Fund are stepping in to supply physical gold to Comex. This gold theoretically belongs to the PEOPLE and is being siphoned off into the private sector to keep the sham Comex market afloat.

Oct 3, 2009: On the Swine Flu

The H1N1 virus is a pandemic is a lie.



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