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Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

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The Masters of Wisdom
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The Masters of Wisdom, especially those associated with this website, have come up through the ranks, so to speak. These advanced and perfected beings have incarnated countless times, each time learning the lessons earth's zone teaches and carrying out a specific mission in line with the Will of God. Like them, we are all, without exception, going through the same process of soul liberation, learning with each incarnation lessons in life and moving upward toward our own perfection.

In this section we reveal certain key incarnations of the Masters. It is noteworthy to observe that, like each and everyone of us, the same soul can incarnate into personalities which are vastly different in character and bent. How is it possible that the same soul can be a warrior in one life, then an ascetic in another?

We must look at each earthly incarnation as a role that each soul has chosen to play in earth's theatrical rendition of life. Each soul demonstrates its malleability to do what is needed to carry out the Will of God.

The various incarnations of the Masters stand as examples of the willingness of their individual souls to undergo persecution, ridicule, triumph and glory-all in order to accomplish the feats put forth before them by the Almighty.

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