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The Great and Holy Master Justin Moreward Haig

Justin Moreward Haig is the name given to an English adept who lived and walked as an English gentleman in America and England during most of the Nineteenth Century and the early part of the Twentieth Century before he returned to the Great Brotherhood of Light's headquarters in the Himalayas. Justin is the guide with whom I have the most contact, yet I know very little about him, much less about his past lives.

The Master Djwal Khul, in his teachings to Alice A. Bailey, mentioned this English Master as one of the four Masters (along with the Masters Kuthumi, Morya, and Djwal Khul) working alongside Sanctus Germanus in helping earth evolve upward to the New Age.

All great movements on earth demonstrate both good and evil; the evil has to be subdued and dissipated, or relegated to its right proportional place, before that which is good and in line with hierarchical planning can find true expression. What is true of the individual is true also of groups. Before the soul can express itself through the medium of the personality, that personality has to be subdued, controlled, purified and dedicated to service. It is this controlling, subduing process which is now going on, and it is vociferously fought by the selfish and ambitious elements.

Presently, the Master Justin works primarily with the intelligentsia, being a third ray Master - upon the Ray of Active Intelligence. They are occupied with worldwide economic problems and the direct attack upon the basic materialism gripping the modern world. They deal with the problems of barter and exchange, the significance of money, the value of gold (a basic symbol of the third Ray of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of right distribution of resources.

The work is of great importance in preparing men's mind for the return of the World Teacher when HE inaugurates the New Age. Capitalists and labor leaders, financial experts and thinking workers, and members of all the differing ideologies in the world today are working actively within the Master Justin's Ashram. Many of them are what the orthodox religions or the hide-bound occult student would regard as non-spiritual, yet all of them are in reality deeply spiritual in the correct sense, but they care not for labels, for schools of thought nor for academic, esoteric teaching. They exemplify within themselves a livingness which is the hallmark of discipleship.

Nevertheless, the work of the Master Justin is outstandingly successful in preparing the intellect and sense of values of the masses so they might eventually recognize the World Teacher. The right direction of this potent labor group in every land lies the foundation of the new civilization. He cooperates with Sanctus Germanus in his New Age project of soul liberation and also works closely under the Master Morya's large Ashram.

His Connection with this Website:

Justin Moreward Haig's name is an alias, as are all the names we give to the Masters of Wisdom, for we tend to remember them in specific incarnations. I first had personal contact with him on September 14, 2000 when he came through the trance medium to introduce himself. The following is a transcript of the message he conveyed to me

"Telepathy. The way of the future. It is in thought that all things begin. This simple point is much misunderstood and greatly underestimated. The point itself is most potent, and, to remind oneself of this, as unnecessary as that might seem, is a great investment of one's attention, time, and energy. I speak of the building blocks of creation, and I speak of thought as that which precedes all things. Again, it is one of those things that one says, 'Ah, it goes without saying, it is understood.'

But we, who worship at the feet of great Buddhas, find them contemplating this simple truth. You see, there is something of a mystery here. That which passes for the simple is often the most profound. When I say then that all things begin with thought, I speak of creation from beginning to end. The clothes that you are wearing were once a thought in a designer's mind. Now they adorn your form. Your being here this day was a thought in your Teacher's mind, relayed to you, you obediently followed the cue. The automobile that you arrived in was first a thought and then of course, now, it carries you here and it was, of course, a thought that had it painted red.

There is much that I would say to you about thought, but it lies here. But whatever you want to accomplish, first think of it specifically as only a thought. You see, in this there is confusion. First, it must be seen as the thought-form that it is and only then, once the thought is clear can atoms know how to proceed to build molecules of matter around the thought-form. So you see, the thought itself must be in tact, clear, and as definite as one can make it. I speak of these things, for I find that the few stumbling blocks that you tend to encounter, will tend to come because that which has been attempted has not been clearly thought out. Not as clearly as it might. Let all things then be seen for what they are---thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. This room was a thought in an architect's mind and now we sit in it. This tape recorder was a thought in an inventor's mind and now it records the sounds that issue from this throat.

(Omitted are personal instructions.)

I am he about whom comments were made. Justin was the name. It will do. It was for this reason that I came to you:

He, who shines more brightly than all of us, knows everything that we need to know and conveys it to us accordingly. We are forever in his light. So-o-o hum."

After this encounter I found the three books his pupil had written about him at the turn of the last century. Despite being out-of-print, the books came into my hands by some miracle which he later admitted that he had arranged. These books The Initiate, The Initiate in the New World, and The Initiate in the Dark Cycle are true accounts of Justin Moreward Haig's work in England and America at the turn of the last Century, and were meant to inform the world that spiritual adepts of the Brotherhood reside all over the world, not only in India. These adepts are among us and only come to our recognition when we ourselves have reached a certain level of spiritual development.

Almost two years later, as I was emerging out of sleep early one morning in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Master Justin again appeared to me. It was a glorious and unforgettable encounter and I shall never forget it.

Between the first and second encounter he telepathically dictated to me several treatises dealing with the financial, economic and political aspects of the New Age. Yet despite a fairly regular contact with him, he remains mysterious, for that's the way he wants it. And rightly so, for he has also revealed to some of us that he is also the mysterious Master K-17, the head of the Brotherhood's equivalent to the CIA. He and his workers materialize at key moments to penetrate the inner sanctums of the Dark Forces and collect information as well as influence decisions, mostly in the financial, economic and political realms.

Recently he dictated the following message for this website about himself:

"I am one of the brotherhood, deeply involved with the political and financial realms of the earth plane. My concerns involve primarily the financial markets of the western world and secondarily those of the Far East. This is because of the obvious: the way New York goes is the way of the financial system in general.

I masquerade as a businessman in a large corporation, sometimes an eminent banker from Switzerland or New York, sometimes as a western politician. I am able to penetrate the financial dens of the Seven Sisters, that group of the Dark Forces that has literally gained control over the whole financial system of the world. I have learned that their ways are essentially child's play in a world that sleeps. And believe me, these forces are not satisfied with what they have, which is considerably more than most nations. They want all of it! To accomplish this, they will bring the entire world, governments included, to war and into subservience to their will.

It is a critical moment for us in the Brotherhood, for events are moving quickly in the direction of a worldwide economic collapse. This may be good for the overall system in general, but given human will, sometimes it can go overboard. So we are working along with people like you to moderate the crash, i.e. slow down the deterioration of the financial and economic situation so that a sudden crash does not take a lot of innocent people by surprise. Eventually though, these markets will reach the bottom, and we can then start the serious work of reconstruction.

So this is nothing new to you, my friend, but to those readers of this website, we invite you to read our messages which we place before you from time to time for your edification and consideration." (July, 2002)

Some of the Master's rather radical teachings on marriage and domestic problems have been posted on this website for the reader's perusal.

See the Current Messages under Personal Growth Messages.

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