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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Lecturing around the world  2011 to 2015

Philippines Public Ire

Our core group in the Philippines (see had arranged numerous public lectures throughout Manila and on television.  The TV appearances on two different networks were eventually squelched because my views did not match the traditional Catholic spiritual viewpoints.  Another group espoused ET’s and space ships and invited me to join them.

The more public my appearances the more pockets of resistance built up.  Irate Catholics wanted my books banned from the National Book Store chain.  A popular TV host was threatened by the owner of the TV station to get me off the air or lose her spot on TV.

Despite this public resistance, many in the TV audience asked to visit and talk to me in person.  The Ageless Wisdom Group has welcomed the quiet return of their past teacher’s (Ka Nitoy) students, their friends and children.  The group is again growing and now constitutes our main group that is preparing for the crises ahead.  This includes experiments with the barter market and in-earth storage of root crops to assure a certain food security.

Lectures in Europe

During this period I spent time lecturing in Europe.  In 2011, a gentleman from Cyprus contacted me to speak to a group of businessmen in Nicosia, Cyprus.  His business was to organize conferences for businessmen.  He contacted me because he was looking for a different approach to business.  More visits,  television appearances and overflowing audiences of those who were curious about the connection between business and the spiritual followed.

The Greek  host opened the doors to more lectures in Greece.  As in Cyprus our presence just preceded the big financial crisis both states suffered with the European Union.  I realized that was the reason we had been called over there.

We even ventured into London and made many friends.

Our German member arranged more lectures in Wiesbaden and Berlin.  I’d say the reception ran from highly enthusiastic to wholly skeptical.  The latter even accused me of being a representative of the Scientology movement, for they had located information on another person from Hawaii who had the same name!


As I look back over the years from 2013 to 2016, my heavy international travel schedule blinded me from the dangers I was constantly facing.  Every public lecture, TV appearance, and seminar infuriated the Dark Forces.  The Master Saint Germain constantly warned me that I was in danger.  But what was I to do?  The enemy was faceless so all I could do was be more aware.  If I feared all the opposition against me I would probably have had to hide at home and go nowhere.  So I decided to carry out my mission no matter what and brave the storm.

Looking back I now see the dangers that the Master was citing: 1) international travel and lecturing and teaching.  Everywhere I lectured, I encountered both happy, grateful people and seekers of truth.  But my presence also drew those of the dark resistance.  This was especially obvious in Germany where newspapers tried to dig up dirt on me, publishing news that I was really an agent of the Scientology movement in Hawaii!  As it turned out they were talking about another person with the same name. They were infuriated that I could suggest an economic downturn in Germany!  I wonder if they remain infuriated as my predictions have come true.  2) our White Magic work at the SGF aggravated the DF immeasurably and in fact resulted in their demise.  This was probably the reason for severe attacks that took place in Singapore after the Master had led us into the world crime pits that still exist in squeaky-clean Singapore.  3) the entities surrounding the so-called representations of Sai Baba.  I cannot emphasized how enraged they were that I would teach the followers of Sai Baba and 4) finally, I discovered that some SGF members were undermining our mission at our home base.  Some had even arrived two years before us and were laying in waiting! Their morning meditations consisted of hexing the SGF daily with what looked like an ET-derived methodology.  

Not to sound too paranoid, but it is only as I write this narrative a few years later, that can I put these events into perspective and see the pattern of attacks.  These attacks began getting more and more physical in nature and eventually led to my cruxificion and temporary death.

 Early 2013

I started the new year with an invitation to meet a group in Singapore.  I had been receiving hints that someone from SE Asia would be contacting me.  At the time I was slated to go to the Philippines to work with our group so while in the Philippines, I made a side trip to  Singapore to make contact with this group.

The group consisted primarily of many Sai Baba devotees peppered with members of the Singapore Theosophical Society, Muslims, and various other groups.  All were eager to find out if I was really the reincarnation of Henry Steel Olcott, as I had mentioned on our website.  In fact, this was the prime motivation that drove them to contact me.  Most concluded that I could be HSO’s reincarnation with the Theosophical Society declaring that I was a fake.  How he would know and on what basis he could make such and assertion was beyond me.

All our meetings took place in the Swami Home, a rest home for the elderly sponsored by Sai Baba devotees, and I was quite impressed by the facility and the devotion of its workers.

A whole list of people sought to consult with me and so the Swami director gave me a little office to use for these consultations.  On the wall of office was a large portrait of Sai Baba which started to come alive when I was alone in the room.  Sai Baba conveyed to me that he wanted me to work with his people and I consequently asked St. Germain if this was a real invitation.  He advised, “Give it a try.”  So this is how my cooperation with the Sai Baba groups in Singapore and Perth, Australia began.

The Philippine Group
I returned to Tagaytay in Philippines where the students of one of the brotherhood’s adepts had gathered under Ka Nitoy.  These were students of Divine Wisdom Lodge (DWL), an esoteric school guided by the Master Morya through His beloved disciple, Juanito Crisostomo, fondly called Ka Nitoy. From the early 1970’s until his transition from the physical world in 1998, Ka Nitoy had led his students in the study of the various disciplines of the esoteric, from the study of the symbolism of the bible, study of theosophy and metaphysics to the study of Zen Buddhism and Taoism. In the early 1990’s, the Master Morya bestowed to all students of DWL the most precious gift of His Presence through individual spiritual guidance where each student was given an assignment and answered directly to Him.
The guidance given these students was essentially the retrieval process each lightbearer has to undertake in preparation for the Work or his Soul Plan. Indeed, this Work was the very message Ka Nitoy left his students on his deathbed, “Continue with your studies and apply all your enlightenment in your everyday lives and most of all, keep your faith in the Spiritual Hierarchy. One day, if you prove to be deserving, and the Master will find you in whatever manner and form for your discipleship.”
In 2009, the Philippine group joined up with the Sanctus Germanus Foundation, which I wholly embraced.  With the solid esoteric basis given by Ka Nitoy, the group’s spiritual mission was back on track.

First Contact with Australia

We flew down to Sydney where preparations were also being made for a lecture in the city itself.  Several participants in the lecture were so enthusiastic and wanted to immediately join our Mystery School.  We do not encourage this type of on-the-spot adherence, and asked I them to contemplate such a commitment and submit their applications later. We never received their applications.

During these lectures there is a tremendous build-up of energy with the presence of a host of beings of the brotherhood.  Many are enthralled while in it but when hit by the reality of everyday living after the lecture, the enthusiasm quickly wears thin.  Those who do pursue are however rewarded by enlightening occult teachings from the Mystery School.

We continued on to Brisbane where I met a packed house.  Then onward to Southport where interesting Q&A discussions took place from both the skeptical and the accepting.

At most of these public lectures we meet up with a variety of reactions.  There are those who possess a pre-knowledge of what I had to say, especially regarding the coming crises.   For others, there is deep skepticism but their presence in the lecture speaks volumes.  I ask why are they there to begin with.  Then there are those who are there to disrupt and contradict.  I was surprised that in all the lectures in this first contact with Australia, I met few disrupters but what sticks in my mind are the young lightbearers who took my message as something that was perfectly normal,  what they expected to hear rather than react with fear.  I would conclude that many in Australia are mentally prepared for the great changes the lie ahead.


Returning to Canmore early 2013 after lecturing in the Philippines, Singapore and Australia , I was met by an extraordinarily outrageous situation that rocked the foundation for a few months.  I had finally found a property in April that could serve as the foundation’s headquarters.  As part of our agreement, we would take possession of the property five months later in August 2013 after my present lease would have expired.

During this waiting period from April to August 2013, I received a call from my lawyer telling me I had one day to vacate. The Alberta court was seizing the  landlord’s property.  I had one day to move!  My lawyer had failed to give me the official court order that was issued 30 days before !!  She had forgotten!!  (I subsequently filed a dereliction of duty complaint with the Alberta Law Society.) 

Suddenly I was facing “homelessness” for in the summer there are literally no available rental units in Canmore.  I managed to obtain a week’s delay, but I was forced to move everything into storage then find a short-term rental in Calgary 100 km away. 

So our foundation had been literally uprooted and temporarily “exiled” to Calgary.  It was even suggested that I would have to move the whole foundation to Calgary permanently.  Furthermore,  I had promised twenty potential students to conduct our first Mystery School course in Alberta.  I managed to rent a small short-term townhouse in Calgary that could accommodate this class.

A few days after my move from Canmore, I woke up to the news that Canmore was in the throes of a 100-year flood.  The mountain glaciers had suddenly broken loose and flooded the Bow valley where Canmore sits.  A bubbling mountain stream had become a raging river barreling down the mountain, brushing within a few feet of the property I had just purchased for the foundation.  Fortunately, it caused no damage to the property I was to purchase, but the town was devastated and the residents were in shock.  It took almost two months to dig out of this mess and return to normal.  During this time I toyed with the idea of cancelling my purchase of the property that had so narrowly escaped the flooding.  But when I thought about what was behind these events—the botched notification of the seizure of the rented property, the double move, the exile to Calgary—they all looked like yet another familiar DF ploy to thwart my mission.

A month later, I received a message from Sir Arthur telling me the path had been cleared for my return to Canmore.   Please go there and take a look.   I asked a colleague to go with me to assess the situation and make the final decision whether or not to purchase the house.

It was a gorgeous day and as we approached the property it glowed in my eyes.  Even the trees were glowing, and I knew then that I should go ahead and purchase the property that would serve as the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.  The suggestion that the foundation had to move to Calgary was thus proved null and void.

So in the summer of 2013 we finally found a home for the Sanctus Germanus foundation amid a major crisis in Canmore.

Moving is always a strain.  I have moved 40 times in my lifetime.  Once moved into these new quarters, I resumed my practice of yoga and was shocked to find out that I could not perform three-quarters of the asanas of my usual yoga routine for weeks thereafter.  The strain of the summer had taken its toll.  This was alarming but at the same time I had to keep up with my lecture schedule.


Once moved into our new headquarter, I resumed my international lecture schedule.  From 2013 to 2015 I lectured and taught classes in Canada, Europe, SE Asia (Singapore and Indonesia) and Australia. 

Singapore 2013

The first major sign that the travel strain was taking a toll on my health happened as I was passing through Seoul, Korea in the Fall of 2013.  Walking back to my hotel one early evening,  I apparently suddenly blacked out on the street in Seoul.  I had just finished teaching a Mystery School course in the Philippines and was on my way to Singapore to teach yet another seminar.  I had gone to Korea to take a little break before proceeding to Singapore.

Thanks to my colleague, who accompanied me on this trip, he was able to call 911 on a passerby’s mobile phone. I reached the emergency room of a Korean hospital in an unconscious state,  with a concussion requiring several stitches in my mouth and lacerations to my face which would have required plastic surgery.   So this was my closest brush with death.  The injuries were significant enough to warrant my canceling the Singapore class but the huge disappointment among my students stopped me from doing so.  So I gathered up my forces and will power to leave the emergency room that night and go back to my hotel.  After a couple days recuperating,  I decided to proceed to Singapore, as planned, to give a three-day seminar in my battered state.  Writing about this now, I wonder how I managed to do this!

I walked into the classroom in Singapore with two black eyes and lacerations on my face but I had made it nonetheless!  Mentally, I had not been affected so I was able to carry on.  But the Dark Force undermining continued.  

After my first session, it became apparent that there was a small clique who lay in waiting to sabotage the whole seminar.  Among those, were the very ones who had extended the original invitation for me to go to Singapore.  They spread rumors that I was not qualified to teach spiritual matters!  A couple of them even boycotted the seminar.

Another clique was made up of followers of one of the students who claimed clairvoyance.  From the start, she resented my presence primarily because I refused to endorse her channelings.   They apparently were also followers of a Singaporean Qi Gong master who had come to check me out during my first visit to Singapore. One of them began babbling in tongues in the middle of the teachings.  I asked her to stop and she would not.  I finally slammed my fist down on the table to stun her and shouted at her to stop the babbling. I saw two entities that were attached to her.  She was silenced.

After that class, I offered to remove the entities, but she first resisted and said they were her friends!  I said, “Nothing attached to you is a friend.”  She then relented and I extracted the entities.  She was free.  A few days later, she apparently went back to her Qigong Master.  He in turn slammed her on her arm and reinstalled other entities!  I refused to help her any further.  As it turned out this same “master” had sent other students to disrupt my seminar and was pushing the buttons to set them off.  How did I know this?

Another one of his students later pulled me aside and told me secretly that these disrupters who were deliberately practicing black magic under this “master” and were sent to disrupt.   This was confirmed when the lady who claimed clairvoyance sat down with me one evening after dinner for a chat.  She asked me what she should do with icons or statues in her house that kept giving her the evil eye. “Get rid of them immediately!” I said. “You’re playing with black magic!” She abruptly stood up in a huff, cutting short our conversation and excused herself as she walked away.

This had been the first time I was consciously aware that black magic had been focused on me during the Mystery School course.  Now, I know why the Master Serapis Bey had required that we all sign a confidentiality agreement before taking this course.  That was ten years ago.  I required the same for this course, but the more public airing of the principles contained within sure caused a stir.  It seemed to have enraged the “Qi Gong” Master, that’s for sure.

Given all this, I was very reluctant to offer training of telepathic healing.  I was pressured to do so against my better judgment. I was able to demonstrate to the class by healing a bad case of asthma.  The test case was none other than the woman who was secretly practicing black magic.   I accepted her as a test case in order to make a statement to the students how powerful telepathic healing is.  She, by her own words, was healed instantaneously!

A few weeks later after I had left Singapore,  I instructed the class to practice telepathic healing and again this same student of black magic began channeling an entity with a male voice.  With me gone, he effectively tried to reverse all our healing instructions.   I heard the recording of the entity’s channeling and immediately ordered the dismissal of  this student.  So in my absence, the group unfortunately fell under the influence of these outside entities, and except for a few, most have been dragged into the abyss.  Some have fiddled with the methodology rendering it useless.  Some have added icons, such as pyramids, which have rendered the telepathic healing useless.  So my effort to transfer this powerful healing method met with “fiddlers and dabblers” that reduced the methodology to irrelevance. So today they cannot function as a group of effective telepathic healers.

So as I look back, 2013 brought attacks, even an almost fatal one, from both the inside and the outside in a way I had never experienced.  I thought of Jesus, HP Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott and their troubles with the Theosophical movement both inside and out and concluded this was par for the course.

Lecture in Perth, Australia  (November 2013)

I gave two lectures in the Perth Confucian Hall to the general public about the coming crises that would mark the end of this cosmic cycle.  The lectures were generally well – received.  What surprised me the most that word had gotten around that our foundation engaged in spiritual healing.  After the lectures I found a long line of people wanting to consult individually for a healing.

I usually do not conduct healing after a lecture because of the physical strain but I obliged this time.  Later I was shown a very elderly lady who had received a healing actively sweeping the floor and cleaning up the conference room after the lectures!

Indonesia Visit and Lecture (November 8-10 2013)

I was invited to Indonesia to speak to two Sai Baba groups: one in Jakarta and one in Bali.  During one of the first discussions, one of the students stood and asked me if Sai Baba is God.  I answered “Did he create the earth, the moon, the Universe?”  There was a stunned silence.  Then I said categorically, “Sai Baba is not God.”  My official host went into a complete tizzy, and I heard him vainly trying to reverse what I had said.  I pulled him aside later and told him that if he invited outside guests, do not expect them to tow the party line.  I could feel that the rest of my visit to Indonesia was “tainted” by this issue!

After Jakarta, I went to Bali, where I was invited to sit before an elaborate replica of Sai Baba’s coffin/tomb.  There was even an elaborately decorated bedroom on the side reserved for Sai Baba’s “visits”.   And as I sat there, I wondered why no one could see the obvious:   How can a “god” die like a human being?  Sai Baba’s mortality became even more obvious by the way he was worshipped as a mortal who died after a long illness.  He did not arise out of death, like the other masters such as Jesus or St. Germain.  (Several years later his followers concocted a story that he directs them in his etheric body, although this is possible.) All I could see were people worshiping the grave of a mortal human being.

My refusal to accept Sai Baba as God put added strains on my relations with the rest of the Sai Baba devotees, and my cooperation with them could not continue as long as they expected me to accept this belief.  What struck me the most was the degree of “non-think” of complete and blind devotion—a very dangerous condition given the number of astral entities floating around.   Using my clairvoyant abilities, I could not see the etheric body of Sai Baba, but instead a Hindu-like figure, more like a Sikh sitting on the bench. My stance was further confirmed after reading private accounts of Sai Baba’s sexual proclivities.

After this trial-some seminar I returned to Canmore in the late fall of 2013 only to find that two SGF members had tendered their resignation from the foundation. I knew that a former member whom I had dismissed earlier in the summer of 2013, had influenced these two to resign in my absence.  Both profusely apologized and promised to pay back the substantial amount of money they had borrowed from the foundation.  We had earlier helped them stave off a parade of creditors who were pursuing them when they were on the brink of bankruptcy.  However,  to date  these two resigned members have never paid back their huge financial debt to the foundation.

By this time I had come to the conclusion that comings and goings of members would be something we would have to live with.  Any spiritual organization is fraught with unstable people who often mistake the astral for the spiritual. It is no wonder that the Spiritual Hierarchy has to test each one every step of the way to make sure how stable and steadfast he or she is.  Otherwise, how can they count on them when the going gets tough?


I took a break for about a month before going to Costa Rica to plan for the next Mystery School seminar at the end of the year.  This group had previously contacted me two years before because they wanted a teacher with some connection to St. Germain.  A teacher from Slovenia had been teaching them about space ships and cosmic encounters until two of the members had had enough.  They asked this teacher to put them into contact with St. Germain.

When I arrived in 2012, the whole group was anticipating that a space ship would  pick them up and whisk them to another planet.  To the greater group’s consternation, I dispelled them of this astral fantasy.  These were well-educated individuals but they were disappointed (and angry) that I could not confirm what they wanted to hear.  They rapidly dropped out of the group after my initial visit and those that remained constitute a fairly solid group of occultists bent on learning the Ancient Wisdom.  So the purpose of my visit was to set the stage for opening the teachings of the Mystery School to the public in San Jose in November, 2014.  All materials had to be translated into Spanish.

At the end of 2014 I flew back to Costa Rica to conduct the seminar to about twenty-five students whom the group had vetted.  Out of all the students, I could detect that perhaps but a handful was getting it.  Catholicism limited their understanding but still I could conclude that perhaps just a flicker of the Ancient Wisdom flame managed to get through.

The Costa Rica group, however, remains a solid anchor of the Ancient Wisdom in Central America.


I returned to the Philippines to conduct a Mystery School review.  Please refer to the background of this group at .  Most of the members of this group are well-grounded occultists and students of an adept of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ka Nitoy.  This man devoted his life to teaching hundreds of students in his little house, day in, day out for around thirty years.  And this is why the Philippine group is so well-grounded in the principles of the Ancient Wisdom and this is why I have chosen them to carry on my work with the SH

The Perth Seminar 2014 August, My First Mugging

I was able to rest in Canmore after my marathon trip in SE Asia.  I then left to conduct another seminar in Perth, Australia.  Again the majority of the students were devotees of Sai Baba.  To make a long story short, many of them felt very guilty and disloyal to Sai Baba, especially when it came to our telepathic healing method.  In this method we address ourselves to Sanat Kumara, the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, who is known to overshadow Jesus thus conferring on him the title of the Christ during his mission on earth.  Again, the question of whether Sai Baba is God came up and because of this this contradiction, the students were consequently not able use our telepathic healing to heal.  The handful of the students who were not affiliated to Sai Baba, however, are to this day still practicing telepathic healing.

Telepathic healing, which we believe is the same method Jesus used to heal during his mission, seemed to convulse the Sai Baba students.  One of them took it upon himself to edit and redact our healing protocol, even though he had ever practiced telepathic healing before!  This reminded me of another group from Perth which a few years previous had contacted us and started to redact our website!  Despite my protestations and effort to maintain the healing protocol intact, as we practice it worldwide, this SB devotee insisted on changing it!

I have found over the years that a clear sign that the DF is attempting to impose its influence is when a new member or participants attempts to edit or change either the SGF website or the telepathic healing protocol.  This class in Perth had a particularly aggressive member who tried, and it would not surprise me if they have already negated the Serapis Bey teachings and the telepathic healing protocol by now.

Mugging in Perth:

After the seminar, I decided to take a walk to downtown Perth.  I walked toward a part of the city where we had stayed before.  Unfortunately, this time there were drunks lining the street cat-calling vile anit-Asian racist remarks to me and making offensive racist sounds.  I ignored them until a fellow in his thirties approached me and started pushing me while spewing out the most vile hate-filled racist remarks that I have ever heard in my entire life!  He was trying to rile me into fighting with him.  This was the first time in my life that I was being physically mugged!

A group gathered around us to relish a spectacle.  Strangely no one offered to help me, so I knew I had to handle this problem myself.  Then all of a sudden, as this fellow kept bullying and pushing me, a force that I had never experienced before welled up inside me.  I yelled at him to lay off, but I was conscious that my words were like a blow torch on him.  As I came back to full consciousness, I realized that my attacker had turned around and run across the street to take refuge. 

The force of energy must have come from Spiritual Hierarchy, for it was so powerful that it literally blew my attacker away.  As I spotted him cowering on the other side of the street, the spectators that had gathered around me began to applaud.  A couple others walked up to me to shake my hand and congratulate me.  Still a bit stunned,  I walked away from the scene.  I could remember the sharp pain in my lower back.  That is where Will is stored and there must have been an explosion of will that completely overcame my attacker.  I realized at the moment, that I would always be “protected” no matter where I went in the world.

What was behind this mugging?  Most would say it was a random event. but if I tie all the elements together,  it had all the makings of a psychically motivated attack.  I was lucky to escape without a scratch, but the hate-filled words directed at me lead me to believe the incident was more a psychic attack.  Only those who experienced these kinds of attacks can empathize with me.

 February 2015 MS Seminar in the Philippines

It was now time to return to the Philippines to conduct a booster course of the Mystery School.  During the previous years many people had taken the correspondence MS course, so we gathered them together to review the course precepts.  Many found my shortened version much more understandable than the original course.

Thailand March 2015 Theft of My Gold Buddha Medal and Diamond Pendant—My Link to the Brotherhood

On my way back from lecturing in the Philippines, I made a detour to Phuket, Thailand to get some beach and sun.  We stayed at one of the known hotels for a few days and on the morning of our departure as we were heading toward the breakfast room, a hotel employee appeared and asked if we were planning to leave that morning.  At the time, I found that rather odd, for this had never happened before.

In the early days of my mission in Montreal I had been presented with two precipitated gifts from the Spiritual Hierarchy:  a solid gold medal of the Gaya Buddha and huge diamond pendant.  I wear both on a gold chain, for both gifts represent my link to the Great Brotherhood of Light.

After I had departed the hotel, I felt something was missing and when I was already on my flight back to Canada, I realized that both and medal and pendant were missing.  Too late to run back and retrieve them!

When I returned to Canada, I wrote the hotel and asked if they had found my pendants.  “No” they said.  But Morya told me otherwise.  The jewelry had been stolen. 

This was my symbolic link to the Great Brotherhood of Light!  I then decided to write a review for Trip Advisor to force the issue.  There, I stated flatly that the hotel was not a safe place to travel to with valuables.  My pendants had been stolen, and I was even “shown” what had happened.   After seeing my review, the hotel’s guest relations immediately emailed me that they had found the jewelry in my bed linens! (Not at all likely.)

I asked the hotel to send them to me via courier.  I would pay the charges. No way.  They were too valuable, and FEDEX would never take them.  I finally asked Morya what I should do.  He said “You will have to return to Thailand to fetch them yourself.  They will never be safe being sent via courier.”  Here was another test!  Was I willing to fly half way around the world to fetch these two precious items that linked me to the Brotherhood?  The answer?  A resounding, “Of course!”

So during a 7-day period I flew to the other side of the earth and back to retrieve my precious link to the Brotherhood. When I asked the manager of the hotel where they had found it, he said, “In the blankets.”  Of course I would never throw them into blankets in the bed.  (One our foundation members had also experienced a missing pendant but was never able to retrieve it.  That I was lucky to be guided to retrieve it, I could only thank the Master Morya.)

Again, I interpreted this episode as yet another example of the series of incidents that were leading me to my crucifixion.  Going to fetch the jewelry was yet another test among adversity.

April 2015 The Spirit, Soul and Body Expo in Calgary

I had committed the foundation to participate in the Spirit, Soul and Body Expo in Calgary.   It would take a couple days before I had to take off for Thailand to retrieve my pendants. I had signed up for a booth at this exhibition primarily because I thought that we were not getting our message out to the public enough in Alberta.  As I walked into the expo hall to set up the booth, I was overwhelmed by a wave of hatred.  This was a gathering of spirit, soul and body??

My foundation colleagues experienced the same.

The whole scene reminded me of the money-changers that Jesus had whipped out of the temple.  Every booth was offering something, a product or “therapy”, for sale.  The whole atmosphere of spirit, soul and body was absent.  I was both shocked and dismayed that lightbearers, and I believe most there were lightbearers but had been reduced to market hawkers. 

What enraged our booth neighbors was that we were offering our books and information free of charge and maintained this policy throughout the exhibition.  I could not bring myself to hawk our teachings, derived from on high.  What had happened to the Spiritual Hierarchy’s strategy to flood the earth with advanced souls in order to usher in a New Age?   If this carnival represented how far we have become, then I would wager that the lightbearer strategy has effectively failed.  I was quite depressed to see the state of the Lightworker.

I decided to open myself up to any new strategy the Spiritual Hierarchy would advance.

Summer 2015 My Meeting with the Masters in Romania

I took a break and cruised to the Caribbean.  As I boarded my flight to return to Canada and was about to take my seat, I felt as if someone tapped me on the shoulder, “Be prepared to go to Bucharest and meet the Masters.”  A bit stunned, I took my seat and contemplated this message.  I was aware that the Master St. Germain had his European headquarters in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.  But as usual the first thought that came to me was “why do I have to go all the way to Romania when he communicates readily with me through the etheric plane?”  But then again, the idea of going to the Carpathians intrigued me.

I didn’t thing about this message for a few weeks until it started building up in me again.  So by mid- summer of 2015 the trip to Bucharest the Carpathians became so compelling that I began looking into flights from Calgary to Bucharest.  I contacted one of our members in Germany to see if he would accompany me.  Yes, he had always dreamed of going there.  His wife erupted, so loud I could hear it as far as Canada!  Thanks to his resilience he was able to pursue his dream of going to the Carpathians in spite of his wife’s objections. 

We made arrangements to rendezvous at Zurich airport.   He would be coming from Germany and I from Calgary.  I would overnight in Amsterdam and then hop on a short flight to Zurich, then together to Bucharest.   Well that short flight turned into an 18 hour ordeal.  Instead of arriving in Bucharest at 3 pm, I arrived after midnight, missing at least two connections. So it was miss one flight after another.  At one point I even had to unload my own bag from the plane to run and make my next flight! I knew the DF were at it again, especially as things get so botched.  When this happens, it only confirms to me that I am on the right track and it makes me even more determined to plow through.

After checking into my hotel in Bucharest, my colleague and I waited for some sign of something to happen.  Nothing.  So we decided to rent a car and drive into the Carpathians to visit  known spots (Castles)where St. Germain had haunted in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

For two days we drove through the Carpathians and visited a couple known castles.  As we rode through the countryside I was struck by the richness of the agriculture, high above any expected floods.   This was indeed a safe zone in Europe where people could run to save themselves.  No one would starve there.

We waited, expecting the Masters to appear.  Again, nothing.  We then decided to return to Bucharest.  This time we checked into another hotel that was more fitting for a meeting with St. Germain, all gilded in 19th Century trim throughout.  (Our original hotel had been a very unattractive Soviet era hotel.)  This hotel was a more royal setting very much like a 19th Century palace!  But what kept nagging me, “Was this wild goose chase?  Had I read the signals wrong?  Then came the message, “Let us wait until your colleague departs.  The explosion from his wife has not created the proper conditions for the planting of seeds.”

My colleague departed:   then things began to happen.  The next morning I woke up and saw St. Germain at the foot of my bed.  He was smiling and then disappeared.   Somehow I was moved to request a larger room, one with a living room.  Another meeting would take place in the afternoon.

The new room had a living room with luxurious seating for five.  After lunch I sat in one of the settees and went into meditation.  Gradually I could see the Masters in etheric forms take their respective places around me:  To my left the Master St. Germain, across from me the Masters Morya and Justin Moreward Haig, then to my right another Master whom I could not identify.

Wasting no time, each Master began his presentation.  The transfer of ideas was so rapid that I could not even take notes.   I just sat there and absorbed the downloads like a sponge.  Each Master took turns downloading into my simple mortal mind.  After a few minutes, I was spent.  Finally, the transfer slowed down and I lifted my head to face the Master St. Germain.  He was smiling. “Do not worry, this information that will come to you at the right place and time.”  I was relieved.

He then calibrated his vibrations to match mine.  He began showing me the coming era of reconstruction, after the floods and earth changes.  He showed me how the reconstruction was to be paid for.  I found myself in a huge mountain vault.  It was stacked full of gold bricks.  “This will finance the reconstruction on our terms.  Pay the workers in gold and they will naturally circulate the gold and in this way the traditional gold standard will be reinstated.”  I said to myself, “Why this makes perfect sense.”

Then the Masters said, “What we need is a plan.  How will humanity spend this gold to rebuild?  You will need to help us draw up a plan.” 

I promised to do so.  Today, the members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation are now engaged in elaborating this plan.

Looking back, this meeting brought the fury of the Dark Forces to a head.  Upon my return to Canmore, I received repeated warnings from St. Germain. “You are not safe here!  Beware of the people around you in Canmore.”  But I must admit I was too preoccupied with carrying out what I had been given to do to think too much about the danger that was building around me.

September 2015 Singapore Seminar

In September 2015, I returned to Singapore to conduct the second seminar on the Mysteries taught in our Mystery School.  I had distilled the contents of the Mystery School to the barebones concepts, and the class quickly caught on, and even the former students from the previous year who attended found the seminar very clear.

The class was quite mixed: Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sai Baba devotees, curiosity seekers and former students.  This time I had vetted the students more judiciously but at the last minute, a woman from Virginia, USA, asked to be included in the class.  Why would she fly to the other side of the planet to take this course?  Sounded fishy.  She turned out to be part of the first group that had been practicing black magic!  Throughout the course I regretted accepting her, for behind her sweet face was the churning of astral forces waiting to attack.  She was carrying an unwanted entity and I asked her who it was.  “It is the father who died before I was born,” she answered.

But this evil entity that surely did not look like a loving father kept bothering me throughout the seminar.  I offered to extract it from her as I reminded her that no one needs to live with an entity.   She refused.  So again this seminar was marred by an undercurrent dark energy that certainly made it more difficult for me. 

To make matters worse, Singapore was covered by a thick layer of dust and smoke coming from Indonesia.  This was due to massive fires that were set to burn off and clear off their fields, and the winds were not cooperating.  Breathing this pollution for a few days and trying to lecture,  I developed a cough like everyone else. Later I was to learn that 500,000 landed in the hospital with respiratory problems due to the haze.

As I made my way back to Canada via Bangkok and Taipei, my condition went from bad to worse to near death.  Never before was I so aware of the presence of darker forces bearing down on me.  It was clear to me that they wanted me dead.

The Crucifixion September, 2015

Minutes after I arrived back in Canmore after my 24 hour flight from Asia,  I collapsed  and regained consciousness one week later.  I was told that my case was too serious for the local hospital to handle, so I was shifted to a hospital in Calgary.  The doctors in the emergency ICU refused to give my friends any hope about my survival:  in short they could only give me a 20% chance of survival.  After doing their best to revive me, they left me on life support. 

The whole foundation was flooding me with telepathic healing.  My friends even contacted a famous Qi Gong group in Taiwan for support.  Upon looking into my case, he declared that it was too late.  I had already gone.  The group in Canmore would not give up and called for Telepathic Healing from our entire worldwide crew.  Over the days I lay unconscious, they prayed for me and the doctors were amazed when I regained consciousness a week later.

As for myself, I felt little pain except for the discomfort of tubes down my throat. I had already left the body which is why the Qi Gong group could not locate me in the etheric.  I was fully conscious and alive in another dimension.  Strangely enough I had journeyed to the island of Hokkaido in Japan, and there, I felt a great relief that I had freed myself from the hospital!  I felt no pain but traveled about uninjured.

I remember the whole out-of-body experience did not consist of going through a tunnel of love as other accounts of NDE recount.  Instead I experienced a great struggle.  I was confronted by a large army of shoguns.  I was not aware that I had had any past life experiences as a Shogun.  During the next few days,  I went back and forth between my native Hawaii and Hokkaido.  The forces sought to draw me into the army of Shoguns but I refused.  The Shoguns offered me great worldly power and riches, the chance to command the army of Shoguns!  I refused.  What was the alternative they asked?  I spotted a pile of papers on the ground and was shown that they were the initial drafts of the Divine Plan the foundation was working on.  I pointed to the pile of papers and said, “That is my place!”  Shortly thereafter I regained consciousness to the loving faces of the SGF around my hospital bed.   I had been unconscious for 3 days.

This brief visit with death was the turning point in this incarnation.  I learned definitively that THERE IS NO DEATH.  I experienced it.  I was conscious and painless throughout this whole episode, while to others an empty corpse lay in the hospital bed.  I also learned that it was not yet time to go, that I still had a mission to fulfill.  I also learned that all the problems and things we deal with in this incarnation were really NOTHINGNESS.

The Long Recovery

My doctors warned me that my recovery would take at least a year.  I also realized that Western Medicine (an arm of the DF) is not designed to help you recover but make you more addicted to their system and sicker.  I had to pull myself away from all the prescription drugs, much to my doctors’consternation and threats.  Instead, I realized that I had to restore my Qi, or essential life force, which had been sucked out of my being.  (This was yet a sign that the DF had a hand in this crucifixion.)  The other was that the medical formulas the hospital tried to force on me were designed to keep me permanently addicted on drugs and still void of Qi.

After five months of suffering under the western medicine regime, I opted for a full treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  The Chinese acupuncture doctor had said, “Give me three months to restore you.”  And indeed after 3 months I was about 80% restored.

Move to the Philippines

SG suggested that I move to the Philippines to get away from the cold in Canada.  A strong group of the SGF which I had nurtured over the years was still alive and well.  I could administer to them.  All the paperwork to settle myself in the Philippines sailed through the bureaucracy and I was accorded a lifetime permanent visa.  I had only the Master to thank.  The move out of the cold was the right one, and my recovery has been rapid and almost complete as of this writing.

After I arrived in the Philippines, the Master St. Germain channeled a whole set of teachings on the Science of Alignment.  I had asked him for something succinct and easy to understand that would sum up the entire teachings of the Ancient Wisdom.  During the coming turmoil people would need something that could express the power of the Ancient Wisdom in one easy practice.  What he gave us was truly remarkable and is available on this website under “Teachings of the New Age”.

It was not until August, 2017 the Master SG told me that what I had experienced these two years was the crucifixion or Fourth Initiation.  This was the final confirmation of what I had thought but dared not speak of.

Summons to Meet the Masters in Darjeeling, January 2018

In November, 2017 I was summoned to the Himalayas to meet with the Masters and Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche as he is known among the Tibetan Buddhists.  I was to go to the Bhutia Busty Monastery in Darjeeling, the same place where I had received my formal Third Initiation in 2003.  Believe me I was shocked to receive this news for I had thought, gone were the days when I would trek up into the Himalayas again.  It had been fifteen years since my first encounter with Guru Rinpoche in 2003 and I had not planned to return to Darjeeling during this incarnation.

Clearing my calendar here in the Philippines, I made my flight reservations to go back to India in January, probably the coldest month in the Himalayas.  January would make exactly 15 years since my initiation in Bhutia Busty.

By chance I dialed Lama Tenzing’s old mobile phone number, and lo and behold he answered.   He is the head Lama of the Bhutia Busty monastery, and he, too, was shocked to hear my voice.  “I still have your books he gleefully shouted over the phone! I thought you had disappeared forever.”  I told him I needed to go to the sacred room in Bhutia Busty, the altar room for Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche, for a meeting in January, 2018.  “No problem, I will be expecting you.” My heart leapt with joy that our old connection was still intact:  with the monastery and more importantly with the Great Brotherhood of Light.

During the two months that followed this call I was plagued by nightmares that I would never survive a trip into the Himalayas.  “It is too cold for you in the Himalayas, especially in your state of health!  You will die in the mountains.  You cannot survive that rigorous road trip up the mountains, etc, etc.  As the trip grew nearer and voices of discouragement got louder, I even ordered two sets of long johns here in the tropics.  Then, one day I stopped short and declared out loud, “I don’t care what you say!  I’m going Darjeeling even if I die on the trip!!”  (Hint: Once you have died, you are no longer afraid of death.)

We flew to Bombay, and I was expecting the usual chaos encountered at an Indian Airport, but to my utter surprise, the new Mumbai airport was gigantic and modern.  As I was waiting for my baggage, I spotted the smiling face of Morya.  “Welcome to India!” then he disappeared.

The next day we took another flight to Bagdogra located on the foothills of the Himalayas.   We negotiated a comfortable car to take us up the treacherous mountain road to Darjeeling.  After four hours of twists and turns, we finally reached Darjeeling to find our hotel was still under construction!  It was freezing and there was no heat except for a tiny space heater to warm the room. We changed hotels, and the second one also had inadequate heat. As we huddled under a pile of blankets, the DF pressure kept nagging at me that I was going to die in the cold.  My whole body hurt as it was being assailed by negative forces.  I pursued nonetheless.

On my second day in Darjeeling, I finally made contact with Lama Tenzing who unfortunately had been ordered at the last minute by his superior to go to a remote village at the last minute, despite knowing I would be arriving.  He had finished his mission and was on his way back to meet me. Lama traveled all night on trains and buses to be able to accompany me to the Bhutia Busty monastery.  Finally, what joy to see my old friend again!!

I rented a taxi to take us there through the back roads, because the walk along the steep mountain path would have been too difficult for me to negotiate.  Even on the way in the taxi, the road was closed at one point by construction, but the on-site workmen were good enough to clear it so we could drive closer to the monastery and continue on foot.  There were huge potholes in the small road big enough to swallow our little car.

As we were climbing to the monastery, Lama said, “Michael, I feel I’m walking in a dream.  I never thought I would see you again.” We finally reached the monastery, and Lama Tenzing installed me in the Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) altar room on the second floor.  He closed the door.

Meeting with the Masters:

I started to go into deep meditation and a light mist descended from above and enveloped the altar room and covered me.  As it covered me, I started sobbing and I let go all the problems of my mission before the altar. I felt I had come home, back to the Brotherhood after all the trials and tribulations of the past fifteen years. It is not like me to sob, however, the catharsis felt so good that I did not want to stop.  The mist would not allow it, as it began to lift me upward into another realm. 

I opened my eyes and suddenly, in front of me was a magnificent Gothic cathedral. Its facade changed to one of a Buddhist temple, then a Hindu temple.  But even as the facade changed constantly, the Gothic cathedral stood firmly behind.

Standing in front of this magnificent temple was an intensely bright figure surrounded by other beings.  I looked deeply to see who it was, and it was none other than Sanctus Germanus. To his right were Morya (my Teacher), Justin Moreward Haig and other Masters with whom I have worked during my mission.  On his left and behind was a host of other Masters. 

Then SG benevolently said, “You have come back to retrieve the fragment of your soul which we retained since your first visit. (2003) Walk through this door (the front door of the cathedral) and it will be reattached.  You have returned according to plan.”

I walked through the Cathedral door, and I saw a ten-star etheric form floating around me.  It zipped behind me and attached to my lower left back. I stood up straight and could feel it merge into my back.  An adjustment was taking place, sort of like a piece of a puzzle correctly placed.  This adjustment continues and has resulted in many little changes in my body since.

I then walked forward toward a most magnificent altar in the front of the cathedral. Standing in at the center of the altar again were Sanctus Germanus, the Masters and heavenly hosts.

As I approached them I would hear refrains from the heavenly hosts above:

“Hark!! The Herald Angels sing
Glory to the newborn king.
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconcile”.

The music continued like a loop throughout my entire visit.

Then Sanctus Germanus began speaking.  He was outlining parameters of my continued mission, but his words were coming at me as such a speed that I could not consciously grasp all.  This has happened before in previous encounters, but the knowledge he pumps me with always appears at the appropriate time and place.  What I was led to understand in this highly charged cosmic conversation was the following: I was to play the role of an international councilor, advising world leaders on important financial and political matters.  I would do this either in the physical form or using a maya virupa.

Sanctus Germanus emphasized,  “Don’t worry.  We will arrange everything. Leaders will come to you.  (I felt comforted that I would not have to solicit these contacts.)  During this time, Guru Rinpoche will rain down upon you more power in order to carry out this work!”

What would I say to these leaders?  “You would make clear to them that they must conform to cosmic law or vanish.”

“But before this mission takes place, you will pass through a period of rejuvenation over the next few months so that you will appear to all as “Ageless”. . .

“Rest assured, you will not be working alone but will work under the direct guidance of SG and other Masters. However, you will see that you have already been trained to do this work!

“You have known about this phase of your mission for quite some time but you needed to come to Darjeeling to retrieve your soul fragment to enable you to act more effectively in the world theatre.  Guru Rinpoche has seen to this.”

This meeting marked the end of the first phase of my mission as a lightbearer that began in 1998, roughly twenty years.  It also marked the beginning of a new phase the contents of which are yet to be revealed and are probably included in the rapid download of information I experienced during my meeting in Bhutia Busty.  (to be continued)

Lama Tenzing and I after the meeting with the Masters.

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