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Hijacking of the Mystery School

It became painfully apparent that one of the foundation's Mystery School students, AS, located in the United Kingdom, was planning to hijack our Mystery School and sell it over the internet to East Europe, this , despite signing our standard confidentiality agreement.  More shocking was that he had allied himself with a former foundation member whom we had expelled for other egregious actions as well as with a UK spiritual foundation with which we once had good relations. 

At the time I was notified about the hijacking attempt, AS and his wife were in the process of re-typing the Mystery School Manual to make it appear that they had channeled and originated its contents under the authority of the Master Serapis Bey.  I confronted them head-on, and second person immediately dropped from the activity.  However, the instigator of the whole project continued to defy our warnings, claiming that the Lady Master Quan Yin had dropped down from a train carriage ceiling and authorized him to take over the Mystery School and sell it!  His friends who ran a group which claimed to be guided by Quan Yin, also backed him up and confirmed the Lady Master's demand.

Those who claim to be purveyors of the Brotherhood's teachings are often quite deluded astrally, and are led to act in complete variance to the Brotherhood's standards of morality.  It was beyond me that one Master (Quan Yin) would contradict or even contravene the actions of the other (Serapis Bey) in a manner that was so characteristic of what humans often do to their brothers. 

The crisis festered for several months until I decided that I would bring a copyright lawsuit against AS.  This decision provoked a surprising crisis within the Sanctus Germanus Foundation itself, provoking two relatively new members to take a strong, even violent position against me.  They could not see anything wrong with the hijacking.  What was even more obvious to me was that the crisis brought out deeply harbored resentments against me.  (I often wondered why both could never look me in the eye.)  So here I was being attacked from both the inside and outside!

I consulted the Master St. Germain and he assured me They would handle the case in their own manner.  Essentially  He said no lawsuit would be needed primarily because the Brotherhood would never send any students to AS.  I decided to yield to the Master and take no action.  In the end, it became quite apparent that the hijacking withered on the vine without any students and did not harm the SGF Mystery School.  In fact, students kept arriving.  What was equally necessary was to clean up the innter ranks of the foundation and expel the two members who were vehemently opposed to taking any action against perpetrator.  It was clear that their loyalties to the foundation could easily be seriously questioned.

This whole crisis pointed out to me that the Dark Forces would stop at nothing to thrust a dagger into the very heart of the foundation, in this case, hijack the core teachings the Brotherhood had handed down to the foundation.  Sending ostensibly nice and "spiritually-oriented" people into the foundation, who harbor longer-term intention of carrying out the age old "divide and conquer" strategy to eventually split the foundation and thus weaken its actions at the core was something we had and even presently have to be very aware of.  This sort of attacks has never stopped but continues until today, in fact at least twice per year.  I have grown thick skinned, and I must bite the bullet and act, even though my tendency is to be a "nice guy".

Many are those who approach the Foundation

We accept one out of ten of those who approach the foundation.  Always mindful of the person's ulterior intentions, other than becoming a disciple of the Spiritual Hierarchy we have run across the following:

1. a Gnostic group in Australia enthusiastically contacted us.  It became clear after a couple exchanges of emails that their intention was to alter our website to reflect what they wanted to say.   They sent me an email with all the changes they wanted to see on our website at the same time endorsing our approach. It was just as if you were to visit friends and upon entering their house, you go about rearranging their furniture.  The more I resisted their suggestions, the nastier they became, until I had to drop any further contact.

2. an American Indian chief entered our centre in Montreal and immediately started telling us where we should put our wall hangings.  He even said he would build a Teepee in the front lawn (without asking permission).

3. a new member, upon meeting him for the first time, handed me a booklet of teachings.  Despite  our wealth of occult teaching material, he insisted that we should use his.  After insisting for a couple years, it became clear to me that his intentions were to drive a wedge in our program in the good old "divide and conquer" scheme of the Dark Forces.  As time went one, it became crystal clear to me that he was trying to carry out this strategy.  After some pretty blatant attempts, I subsequently asked him to leave the foundation.

4. Others arrived with many psychological hang-ups expecting me to play the role of a surrogate daddy or husband.  These situations can easily erupt into emotional conflagrations.

5. Some women have approached the foundation on the mistaken vision that they are reincarnations of Helena P. Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society.  To my knowledge, HPB has never reincarnated.  Their intention, of course, is to join up with us, just like the TS of old.

All the above represent blatant attempts of the Dark Forces to infiltrate the foundation with the Dark Forces "Divide and Conquer" strategy.  The main characteristic is the blatant invasiveness of their attempt:  never asking but ever forcing.

Move to the Rockies:  The Trials and Tribulations of Setting up Roots in the Rockies

By the start of 2008, the impulse to move to Banff-Lake Louise area of the western Canadian Rockies was becoming more and more intense.  If the reader would recall, it was during a session with JMH in 2001 that I was told:  "The Banff -Lake Louise area in the Rockies will someday become very important to you."  My initial interpretation of that hint was that I would visit that area one day, however it never occurred to me to move there permanently.  But in 2006 and 2007, this impulse to move west had gotten stronger and stronger.  Finally,  I flew out to Calgary to take a look.  I was non-plussed by Calgary but found the Rockies gorgeous.  In fact as a child I had read a couple National Geographic Issues on the Rockies with the angler standing mid-stream in a crystal clear stream and surrounded by majestic mountains.  It was just as it had been depicted back then.

Moving from a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city like Montreal to a "wild west town" like Calgary would prove to be quite a shock.  Moving even further west into a small mountain town like Canmore would call for an even greater adjustment.  An esoteric astrologer had taken a look at my astrological charts and said, "The move would be fraught with difficulties but you will eventually get there.  Yes, you will finally settle there."  No move anywhere had been easy during my lifetime, so what he said did not deter me.  Little did I know what lay ahead.

Finally, after much hemming and hawing we rented a house in Calgary and made all the necessary preparations to move to the Rockies.  We shipped most of our belongings via train to Calgary and drove across this country with our two cats and a car loaded with stuff, looking very much like refugees.  Finally, we arrived in ten days.  We took our time. 

We arrived not knowing a single soul in town, yet discovering a new city was exciting enough to palliate my doubts about having made the right move.  Was I crazy?  We left all our friends and connections behind to come to the west, but for what?  There was admittedly a certain bewilderment as to what I had just done but somehow I knew I was following a plan that I had outlined lifetimes ago, and I was on the right track.  Even spending eight years in Montreal had been part of that plan.  Now, once again as had happened so many times in my life, I found myself in a completely new environment without ANY roots whatsoever or guidelines or friends.

I gave myself one year to look around and decide where we would eventually end up.  We scouted the surrounding areas around Banff and Lake Louise and found out that both Banff and Lake Louise were located in a national park where were not allowed to live unless we had a work reason for being there.   So why did the Masters send us out here if we would not be allowed to live there? I asked myself.

Shortly after arriving in Calgary, a young fellow contacted me through our website and wanted to know more about our foundation.  He had just moved back to Canmore outside of Calgary.  We met and as it turned out, he was that valuable connection to getting us oriented and connected to our new environment.  We got to know Canmore better and met many of his friends.  Canmore was the nearest town to the Banff-Lake Louise area, and we eventually settled the foundation  there.

For the rest of 2008, I worked on finishing the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, vol 3 and dealing with a Hollywood movie producer who had shown some interest in my movie scenario about Blavatsky.   The book was published while the movie project came to a halt due to the severe financial crisis that had hit the financial markets in 2008-2009.  It was also then that I realized that making a movie on HPB at that particular time would end up in a disaster.  The world was not ready for it and by producing it at that time would be the ideal formula to put the project to rest forever.  The script still waits for the right condition to be realized into a movie.  I suspect that time may be after the great floods.

In 2009, after one year in Calgary, we got the push to move to Canmore.  After spending weeks searching for a suitable place that could serve as an interim foundation headquarters and our living quarters, I found the ideal spot.  I jumped at it but the realtor said, "Sorry, it was taken this morning and is not available."  I drove back to Calgary, a bit discouraged but still confident that wherever I had moved to in the past, I had always found the right place.  When I returned to Calgary, the phone rang. It was the realtor.  "The property is now available.  Do you want it?"  Of course, I said.

The new place seemed to fit our needs perfectly.  It had enough room and modern kitchen facilities for foundation meetings and members in transit.  Two months after moving in, someone came to the door and wanted to show the property.  I asked why.  I did not know the property was for sale.  It turned out that the landlord was about to go bankrupt, having invested in several properties in Canmore with the idea of flipping them for a high and quick profit.  The strategy had failed when the bubble property prices took a tumble.  Finally, within less than eighteen months, we received an official notice from the Alberta Court that we had to vacate the property within 30 days.  This notice came as I was about to leave for Europe to deliver a lecture.

With the help of a local realtor, we managed to find another house to rent.  In the meantime we rushed about packing a full household of things so that we would be able to move upon my return from Europe. In the rush and stress of this sudden move I thought of what the astrologer had told me.

Within a month after moving into the new property, I learned that the owner was also on the verge of bankruptcy and that the bank was about to foreclose on him.  Here we were again, in the same tenuous situation, floating without any roots in the ground.  To protect the foundation while we were traveling abroad, I hired a lawyer to keep an eye on the situation and to warn us if any sudden move would be necessary.  The situation dragged out for about two years until I received an email from my lawyer that we were expected to vacate the next day!  Shocked, I refused to vacate on that short a notice.  Apparently, the lawyer had received a court order for us to vacate but had forgotten to pass it on to us!   The bank gave us a few more days to vacate.  I again thought of the astrologer's foreboding predictions.

It was the high season and there was no available housing on the market.  Two months earlier, we had located a suitable property to purchase in order to give a permanent place for the foundation.  However, we were not to come to settlement until three months later.  So from the time I had to vacate until I could occupy the new home, I was essentially homeless for three months.    I was thus forced to move back to temporary housing in Calgary 100 km away.  I was essentially in a state of exile, forced out of Canmore by the housing market.

While in Calgary, a massive 100 year flood inundated Canmore and missed the house I was to purchase by a couple hundred meters.  I was told that I might have to set up the foundation in Calgary as a temporary measure.  I drove up to Canmore to see for myself.  It was in a mess and the people were still in shock.  There was a darkish aura hovering around Canmore and I seriously considered abandoning the purchase of the Canmore property, even though it had luckily escaped any flood damage.  My future neighbours' homes across the street had been severely damaged.  I bided my time waiting for some guidance.

A couple weeks later, upon waking up one morning, I received a message from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that it was perhaps a good idea to drive up to Canmore to take a look at the situation.  "But, but, didn't you tell me that I maybe would have to set up the foundation in Calgary instead?"  "Yes, yes.  But take a look first up there."

The next day I drove up to Canmore with another member of the SGF.  Entering the neighborhood where we had purchased the property, to my amazement  I thought I had entered an etheric Shangri-la!  This was not the same place where a dark shadow hung over it but a bright, totally cleansed property.  Everything glistened.  The leaves on the trees were shining and sparkling clean.  The flood and rains had cleansed the area completely!

Later I was told that it was the fireball that swept over Lake Louise during our Annual Meeting that had continued its journey down the Bow Valley to cleanse the creek area of all toxic businesses and financial speculation that had invaded Canmore.  The flood had accomplish a major cleansing, especially in the spot where our future property was standing, all in preparation for the tasks that were awaiting the foundation in the years to come.  Was I to believe that such a natural disaster had been sent through to wash the area where the Spiritual Hierarchy was about to establish its foundation?  I quickly banished such thoughts from my mind and decided to take things step-by-step to see where all this was leading me.

This I did and the first thing was to secure the purchase the property, and on August 15, 2014 we moved the wandering foundation into permanent headquarters.  We would no longer be floating about like Moses did in the desert for forty years.  The foundation would finally be anchored in a spot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that resembled paradise.


Despite the instability of not securing a permanent headquarters in the Rockies, we managed nevertheless to carry forward the work of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation for the Spiritual Hierarchy.

1. International lectures

In December, 2010 I went to Lake Louise to get my annual briefing from the Masters.  I usually take a room overlooking the vortex of Lake Louise and wait, then they arrive one by one, not only in my mind's eye but also as reflections on the wall.  This particular briefing consisted of a blue column of light that appeared on one side of the room and I could see a parade of figure passing through it and greeting me.  As I meditated further, suddenly a familiar face appeared before me.  It was the figure of the assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  I expressed shock at seeing him, although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had briefed me in detail in 2002 the circumstances surrounding the assassination and which I wrote about in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol. 1.  I was led to believe that he was also a member of the Brotherhood of Light.

I thought, "What is all this about?"

He answered, "We are going to train you to be an internationally known speaker and teacher of the occult, representing the Spiritual Hierarchy.  You will travel widely, speaking to international audiences, much like I did." 

"But, but, I have no training as a public speaker," I gulped in surprise.

"Not, to worry," he said.  "I will arrange everything and guide you through this endeavor.  Remember, this is what you promised to do as part of your soul plan, so there should be no problem.  You will see." 

He receded into the etheric.

Five months passed without anything happening so I just forgot about it.  Then out of the blue, a lady from Houston, Texas contacted me and asked if I would be available to speak to her friends.  I found out later that she was one of the city's budding socialites and a beauty queen to boot!  She had found my book on her kitchen counter.  She hadn't bought or ordered it, and no one in her household knew how it had landed in her kitchen.  She read it and knew right away, "I must ask Dr. Mau to speak to my friends."  We exchanged emails and fixed the date of the meeting.   She sent me a first class plane ticket and booked me in one of the best hotels in Houston where the event was to take place.

When I arrived, the setting looked more like a posh cocktail party next to which was a large meeting room.  There were about fifty of her friends there, and we all repaired into the meeting room where I spoke to the audience about the close-of-cycle crises which explained the turmoil hitting the world.  The 2008 financial crisis was already in full swing so it did not take too much convincing on my part.

I offered to field questions from the audience following my lecture.  The Q & A lasted more than four hours. The audience wanted answers to all that had to do with spirituality, and the questions kept coming.  I was getting hoarse but I was not tired.  What was even more astounding was that I knew the answers before the person finished posing the question!  Something happened that I had never experienced before.  Someone else was answering the questions through me.  I was being overshadowed (I later realized it was the Master St. Germain) in a public forum!  It had been arranged and guided just as JFK had promised.

From this experience up to this writing I have traveled the globe speaking publicly in many venues including radio and TV.  The same overshadowing takes place without fail and I find myself listening to myself in wonder that these words are coming out of my mouth.  Of course, I am ever vigilant that I must agree instantaneously with what is overshadowed and I hold the right not to say what is flowing through me.  I am told that the words often strike the audience in different ways.

An innovation took place to this pattern of public speaking during my talk in London in May, 2012.  While meditating before my speech, I received a gentle message:  "There will be several of us overshadowing you today." 

"What?" I answered.  "How do I keep track of which one is which?"

"It will be seamless and you won't know the difference."

I reluctantly agreed.  "But why so many?"

"There are people in the audience to whom certain Masters would like to address darshan directly with their energies.  You do not know need to know who they are."

I went on to address the audience as I had done countless times before and felt no difference in the overshadowing process.  It was only afterward several people wanted me to know that my face was constantly changing, even taking on a couple female faces.  I silently heaved a sigh of relief, for the Masters had assured me my talks would be delivered in this manner.  It would be seamless, so I felt no difference from previous speeches.  I only rejoiced that certain Masters could give individual attention to members of the audience and nail them with specific ideas.

The multiple overshadowing now seems to be the modus operandi of all my lectures and from my standpoint, it feels like one big happy family!

Meeting the Spirit of Sai Baba

In the fall of 2012 I began getting impulses that someone from SE Asia would be contacting.  After being away from business so many years, it surely could not be one of my former business contacts.  I could not imagine who it could be.  So when these things hit me, I just flowed with the energies.

In January, 2013 I received an email from a gentleman who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He told me that he belonged to a quasi-spiritual group in Singapore made up of Sai Baba devotees and ex-Theosophists.  Also one of the members of the group was a person I had met ten years before in Sri Lanka.  He had recounted to them how he had met this strange person who had had visions of guests before they checked into the hotel and that he had been one of them.  I chuckled when I read this as I remember how shocked he was when I had told him that.

The Malaysian fellow had written me about something more important.  The group had read in my account "About the Amanuensis" that I was possibly the reincarnation of Henry Steel Olcott.  This had sparked live curiosity among most of the group who had been members of the Theosophical Society in Singapore.  Who was this fellow claiming to be the reincarnation of Olcott anyway?  This, by the way, is something I never try to convince people about for how could I?  My work must stand on its own in this incarnation and not on previous incarnations.  We exchanged a series of emails.  Was there any chance I could pass through Singapore and meet the group?  I said "yes" and it would be nice to see my friend I had met in Sri Lanka after so many years.

A few days passed and St. Germain impressed upon me that I had to go to Singapore to meet this group during my trip to Manila, Philippines the next month (February,2013).  It was very important, not only because this offered me an opportunity to address a Chinese and Indian audience which spoke perfect English but for other reasons He could not go! (This is always a pattern that the Masters use.  They don't tell you everything and the all the reasons to allow one's freewill to kick in.  I must make the decision based on many unknowns).

I agreed to take three days off from my visit to Manila and made arrangements to fly over to Singapore and meet this group.  More of their group would be flying up from Australia to meet us as well.  Members of the group greeted us warmly at the Singapore airport which included my friend whom I had met in Sri Lanka ten years earlier.  They had planned a reception at the Swami Home, a huge nursing facility built by the devotees of Sai Baba.

On arrival at the Swami Home, I was taken on a tour of the facility and was most impressed that such a small group had managed to build a multi-million dollar facility from scratch, all on the faith and spiritual backing of Sai Baba.  At this point I had had a relatively negative view of Sai Baba, due to the negative press coverage that I was exposed to in the West and my disinterest in fiercely devotion.  Yet all over the facility I saw huge portraits of Sai Baba, and just that short tour convinced me that these people were not just talkers, but doers, fulfilling a commitment to service.

We then went upstairs where a small reception had been organized in the board room.  As I entered, the "small" reception turned out to be around 45 people, many of whom were present or ex-Theosophists who wanted to meet the re-incarnation  of Henry Steel Olcott!  A couple Indian ladies approached me and said, "We came to see for ourselves if it was true."

The leader of the spiritual group got up and made some introductory, welcome remark then asked me to address the audience.  I was a bit shocked and had not planned to make a speech.  Nonetheless, I got up and spoke to audience for probably 45 minutes and fielded questions afterward.  I then gave them a group telepathic healing, and as usual the audience fell silent and contemplative.  Afterward, the same two Indian ladies approached me and said, "It is true.  You are Olcott's reincarnation."  I answered, "That was quick.  It took me ten years to accept it!"

The next day, the Swami Home gave me an office where I could speak to and heal many individuals from the previous evening's audience.  Opposite my desk was a large portrait of a smiling Sai Baba.   Between interviews I would look up at the portrait and contemplate who this man was.  (He had already passed away the year before.)  The resistance I felt toward him gradually gave way and I began feeling a very sweet, gentle energy flow out of the figure in the portrait.  Toward the end of the afternoon and after more interviews, the smile in the portrait became more real, as if there were a live person before me.  I acknowledged the smile and there was an instant connection.  Then I saw his two hands outstretched toward me and a gentle voice which said, "Will you help me?"

2. Expansion of the Mystery School

The publication of Volumes 1 & 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies (2001 and 2006) was to expose the dark forces that have enslaved peoples of the earth for centuries.   This was followed up with numerous lectures I delivered on the three major world crises plaguing the earth today--Financial, war and Earth changes.   When I first published volume 1 in 2001, most people thought I was insane (some still do).  Today, these crises have become common knowledge, and financial, economic and scientists pundits openly talk of the imminent collapse of the present system.  Earth changes have become so obvious that no one can deny them and hundreds of wars rage simultaneously to keep the earth in a state of worldwide warfare.  These books successfully seeded the mass consciousness and thus we are to concentrate on preparing humanity for the advent of the World Teacher. 

Spiritual Hierarchy authorized us to drop the veil of secrecy surrounding our Mystery School and try to discreetly disseminate the teachings to qualified students.  The teachings prepare students to withstand the difficulties involved in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Cycles.  We have been instructed to release these teachings to the open-minded individuals in the public.  Members of the foundation, steeped in the Mystery School Teachings were also encouraged to bring the Mystery School to the public.

So in addition to open public lectures geared to the general public, we decided to set up seminars that would gather together Mystery School students for intensive, interactive discussions on the principles taught in the Mystery School.  The new public orientation of the Mystery School has to be discreet to protect the mysteries contained therein but public enough to prepare as many as possible of the general public for the events upon us and the eventual advent of the World Teacher.

So after several communications with Sai Baba I began to understand what his gentle plea to help him meant.  He wanted to continue the flow of Ancient Wisdom teachings to his devotees despite his absence from the physical.   I listened and as a result of his doing and inspiration of certain devotees, three classes comprised primarily of Sai Baba devotees were formed to take the Mystery School class.  More are on the way, I am told. 

In addition to the formal classes, I also gave a couple public lectures to Sai Baba devotees in Jakarta and Bali Indonesia at which I advanced a couple major spiritual principles from the Mystery School.  The response was overwhelming.

Many view Sai Baba devotees as devotional fanatics.  Some are open to the teachings of the Hierarchy but most are mired in fanatical thinking.  What I discovered, and this should not have been a surprise to me, is that truth is truth.  Truth surmounts any sectarian barriers, and I have found that even though some Sai Baba devotees are receptive to the teachings of the Mystery School they are still mired in old-fashioned Hindu devotion.  I have come to learn that their devotion is still a focus on the spiritual and on service, a far cry from obsessions with I-Phones and shopping.  I count myself privileged to be in contact with such an enormous pool of spiritually-minded people.

Spiritual Maturity

As the foundation carries out the Spiritual Hierarchy's strategy and represents them in contact with individuals, it is only to be expected that the Dark Forces would attempt to thwart us at every turn.  Nevertheless, over the years the foundation has built a solid core of occult thinkers who represent perhaps one-tenth of the total that has approached the foundation.  They can move mountains.

The school of esoteric hard knocks has given me a better handle on how to detect such obstacles, the means in which to counter them and most of all, the thick skin to confront the perpetrators head on by exposing what they are trying to do.  It is only with the constant support my Teacher, the Master Morya, and sponsor, the Master St. Germain, that I have been able to confront certain individuals whose secret agenda is eventually to weaken or destroy the foundation and our work. 

This has not always been easy and sometimes the Master must prod me to act over several weeks until I do it.  This is because the outward countenance of the person can be very nice and personable, except for the occasional "slips" that hint of an alternative, more malicious agenda.  Sometimes, it will be the person him/herself who comes to the conclusion that continued membership in the foundation is no longer compatible with his/her life.  Most times it is quite tumultuous and distasteful but necessary to assure the safety of the foundation.

I have also learned that crises within the organization tend to clarify many unspoken issues.  This leads to a higher state of harmony.

From experience we have discovered that every time a person leaves or is asked to leave the foundation, the foundation's spiritual growth path is somehow unblocked, and the Spiritual Hierarchy issues forth ever more occult powers for us to carry out the tasks they have indicated.  This is always a welcome confirmation that we have not taken an uncomfortable decision based on personal considerations rather on the good of the foundation's mission.

Money Considerations

One of the images I have retained from my boyhood attendance at our neighborhood Southern Baptist Church was Master Jesus raging through the synagogue, overturning the tables of the money changers and whipping them out of the premises.  My experience during the past few years has made it painfully aware that we must repeat this act of purification, especially within the so-called New Age movement.  In short people are charging for some of the most outrageous "spiritual services" they can dream up.

In this world, we still need a flow of money to operate.  Basically, the principle I follow is if I am truly on the path of my soul mission, enough money will manifest itself to carry out this mission. Since the inception of the foundation the question of money always comes up.  People ask why we do not charge for our services.  Why don't we even ask for donations?

In carrying out our mission, it has become very clear to me that we must above all maintain our independence from ALL external influences except for the Brotherhood of Light.  We are IT'S human instruments on the earth plane and must act with full, independent authority from the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Over the years, people with means have regularly titillated and tempted us with large sums of money.  Many are unaware that the Dark Forces are using them to set up their own money-oriented hierarchy within our humble organization, where money becomes the primary factor in deciding where and when to carry out certain actions.

Offers of money have been aimed at gaining influence on all aspects of the foundation`s work:  its healing mission, the esoteric teachings in our Mystery School, our website, timing of our meetings--all in a sub-rosa effort to abort the hierarchical structure that has been established with the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Believe it or not, some women have even made marriage a condition of further financial support!!  As outrageous as this sounds, this illustrates the extent to which the Dark Forces will resort in order to gain a foothold in this foundation, and money is usually the easiest way.  I have noticed how easily some spiritually-oriented "gurus" cave in to this temptation and its concomitant and degrading influences.

Donors who intend to exert influence or pressure on the foundation have learned quickly that a donation does not give them a privileged seat on the spiritual path.   The Dark Forces would love to set up a money hierarchy within the foundation so that instead of responding and carrying out the purposes of the Spiritual Hierarchy, we must consult the donors first.  I have received blank cheques for `whatever we need` and conditional donations based on what the donor wants the foundation to do. 

I make it very clear to whoever wishes to donate funds to the foundation not to expect special treatment or a front row seat. . . even a marriage proposal, as preposterous as that sounds. This foundation was founded by the Master St. Germain and the Great Brotherhood of Light and THEY are the guiding lights of our actions, not the donors or sources of money. With this principle firmly anchored, the foundation always has enough money to fund its activities.

Charging for our Services

As for charging for our services, we follow the principle that Jesus laid forth when he whipped the money changers out of the temple.  Those spiritual teachers who charge for their teachings are in violation of the Brotherhood's principle of `Freely ye have received, freely ye give.` However, many new age pseudo-spiritual businesses justify charging small or exorbitant  sums for their questionable therapies based on the principle of ``energy exchange" .  Whoever made up this concept must have been born on Wall Street.  I maintain that if you offer a spiritual healing, the healing itself, the resolution of a person's problem or illness, is the only exchange for your effort, not some measly recompense in money!

Those who enter spiritual service with the idea that they will earn a living from their activities are fooling themselves if they think that is service for the Brotherhood.  The only valid spiritual service is selfless service.  The only charges that are justified are those to cover expenses like publication costs, photocopying, rentals for a venue, transport and the like.  A spiritual teacher should never expect to charge a fee for teachings that were handed to him/her without cost by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Besides, how can anyone put a price on, say, guiding a disciple through the Path of Initiation??  I've even seen some teachers charge $500.00 to initiate you into the Great Brotherhood of Light!!!  Such is the sham reasoning of some "gurus" purporting to represent the Spiritual Hierarchy.   From what the Masters have taught me, all such "gurus" or new age businesses will ultimately fail due to empty coffers.

So from where do lightbearers who want to serve get their money?  In the beginning you will have to support your service by working at a job that pays.  This is a test to see if your intentions are really toward selfless service.  If it is then money will flow your way through spiritual cash flow.  This, we have proven time and time again.  No need to solicit business--just offer selfless service.

Grains of Truth in Ancient Texts

Something that has become plain to me as I am being overshadowed is that the Spiritual Hierarchy is constantly transmitting revelations to humanity, especially when the sincere are seeking it.  While ancient religious texts all have some grain of truth, we must realize that the ever-evolving world we live in must grow out of certain teachings and into newly revealed ones.  Just because certain texts use sanskrit or pali in their language of expression does not mean they are more sacred.   Much of the discipline both in yoga and diet of these teachings was meant to lead mankind through the first initiation or mastery of the physical.  Little has been consecrated to tackling the emotional problems that come out of the astral body which would lead someone through the second initiation.  We can fast and abstain from whatever forever and never really conquer some of our emotional hang-ups or obstacles.  This is where pop psychology has stepped in to satisfy people's craving for solutions for emotional issues and in so doing has misled not a few down the path of psycho-therapeutic solutions instead of spiritual ones.  Eventually, people must come to realisation that emotional issues must be resolved spiritually if one is to grow spiritually, and the effort in this direction is becoming that soul-infused personality that is led by the soul and not by the astral body with its connection to astral plane.



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