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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

In this section, I would like to relate how the Masters plucked me out of the business world, trained me in the techniques of mediumship, and placed me back into the world as one of Their mediums. Thousands are or will undergo a similar awakening in the coming years until representatives of the Great Brotherhood of Light are firmly in place and ready to help mankind create the New Age.


My mediumship for the Great Brotherhood of Light is relatively recent, so I can make no claim to possessing a natural gift of clairvoyance from childhood. In fact, my clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties have only been gradually opening up over the past five years and continue to do so under a systematic training program designed and coached by certain disincarnate adepts of the Brotherhood.

During a particularly low point in my life I took some time off from my business in Asia to return to Honolulu, my hometown. It had been over thirty years since I had left and I was not really sure why I wanted to go back there. From my perspective today, I now understand when the Masters want me to travel to such and such a place, images of this destination dance in my mind until I actually arrive there.

I arrived in a bewildered state. Outwardly, I appeared content and successful to many of my old friends and relatives but inwardly something was gnawing at me. Two of my novels had just been published in Asia, but after the momentary thrill of being a published author, the feeling of discontent returned. Perhaps it had been precipitated by the breakup with a love partner and the death of my mother a few years before. Yet, after the grieving over these two events had run their course, the deep sense of dissatisfaction returned. It was clear that these traumatic emotional events had triggered within me a general malaise.

Deep down I knew that what I was looking for was not of this world but beyond, yet none of the traditional religions remotely interested me. A day after her death, my mother had spoken to me in a voice that had rung clear as a bell. Although a bit scared, I was overjoyed to hear from her. That experience had been enough proof for me that the people keep on living after so-called death. I bought every book I could find in Hong Kong on the subject.

During my many years in Asia I had gradually come to this conclusion: I saw a whole continent of people who got along just fine in life with their lives as Buddhists, Taoist, or any of the local cults. It was not at all like the Christians had drummed into me when I was a child. "These pagans will all go to hell because they have not been reborn through Jesus Christ their Savior." I cast off, without guilt or recrimination, the misconceptions the Christian churches had embedded in my psyche. And you know what? I felt just great not adhering to any religion.

The freedom from the narrow strictures imposed by Christianity allowed me to search other avenues. I began consulting fortune tellers for readings. Many of my friends and business partners consulted fortunetellers as a matter of course and I was fascinated with them even if some of them were dead wrong. I then consulted a famous English clairvoyant, who went periodically to Hong Kong, and whose accuracy was quite astounding. Many of the city's prominent English-speaking people consulted her on a regular basis. My consultations with her taught me one thing: there was definitely something out there, something beyond the obvious that could see and predict my life's course. The English medium confirmed this when she repeatedly sighted my mother near me.

So by the time I moved back to Honolulu I had already become accustomed to consulting psychics. So when I spotted a small advertisement for psychic readings in a free classified ads newspaper, I noted down the phone number.

The personal malaise within me had continued despite all the family celebrations and dinners to welcome me back . A few days passed before I finally called the psychic and made an appointment. I was looking for anything to help relieve my deep gnawing discontent. The psychic reader, Kathy, began by invoking the truth. "Let the truth be heard. Let the truth be seen. Let only the truth come through."

I found her invocation a bit strange since none of the fortunetellers in Asia ever did that. Then she stopped, for she was a bit surprised. She said, "The Master St. Germain seems to be standing in the background while another Master who looks like Socrates is talking. The Master St. Germain has only appeared once before in another reading recently."

I shook my head and asked, "Who is St. Germain?" Kathy explained briefly that he is an Ascended Master and part of the Spiritual Hierarchy known as the Great Brotherhood of Light that guided earthly affairs from another plane. I looked blankly at her not understanding what she was saying. "What did this have to do with my life?" I asked myself. I was more interested in the future of my novels and the promotion tour I was about to embark on. The Socratic-looking guide patiently answered my mundane questions and concluded, "Even if you influence one soul with your novel, you will have accomplished something." In the end he was right, the novels were no great smashing success, and I did receive one letter from a reader who had been touched by my words.

Kathy then spoke of Helena P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. She mentioned other ascended masters such as the Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul. "These are some of the Masters of Wisdom," she said in passing. I still did not understand what she was talking about and made a mental note to find some information on all these people. Then as she closed the reading, she said, "The Master St. Germain has come forward. You are to watch out for some interesting "tricks."

I returned home and researched St. Germain on the Internet. I found that he had appeared over a 200-year period during the 17th to 19th Centuries as the "wunderman" in the Royal Courts of Europe, as the mysterious Comte de St. Germain. Fabulously wealthy and a master of magic and alchemy he could create elixirs and apports of diamonds and rubies. He had also been the force behind the formation of the secret societies of the Masons and the Rosicrusians. He was also an accomplished violinist to beat!

I also read channeled messages from a host of mediums, some of whom even claimed they had encountered him recently.


One evening after a meal at a Chinese restaurant, I stopped by the restroom. The door was locked so I waited. A few minutes later, a strange looking heavyset Asian man came out of the restroom and glared at me. It was difficult to tell what type of Asian but the face was so odd, it was hard to forget. A few minutes later as I was standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant chatting with my companions, the same man walked in front of me coming from the west and glared at me, then continued eastward down the street.

Minutes later, we all got into my car and I drove northward about two blocks. I stopped at the intersection and again this same man walking from the west, crossed in front of the car, and glared at me through the windshield. During the time lapse since I last saw him, it would have been impossible him to have reached that intersection by foot, no less walking from the west again! I sat completely dumbfounded at the wheel for a minute then a flash came over me. Suddenly I remembered what Kathy had said about the "tricks".

A few days later, I filled up my water distiller as I was accustomed to doing in the evening so that I would have fresh distilled water in the morning. The next morning I checked it and there was not one drop of water in the whole distiller. I checked for leaks under the distiller but there were none. The distiller was still a little warm so it had been operating.

A few other strange things happened but at that point I just looked up toward the sky and said, "Okay, what's this all about? What do I do next?" It was not until several months later that I was to get my answer but in the meantime serious problems with my family erupted leaving me more or less cut off from them.


Several months later Kathy sent me a flyer about message services held several days leading up to Christmas. I attended one of the services and witnessed something that completely dumbfounded me.

The Pastor of the Church announced he had a message from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and would go into trance. Everyone quieted down, and the trance medium closed his eyes and started to breathe heavily. His body began to twitch and his face took on an entirely different expression. "We've got the body now and we can begin to speak," he said in a notably British accent. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame, had come through the trance medium's body and delivered his message. His jovial tone, quips, and occasional parenthetical back statements all delivered in a decidedly semi-archaic British syntax and tone completely mesmerized me.

Never in my life had I witnessed a trance medium in action. I thought, "He either has to be a terrific actor or this has to be a real phenomenon." I listened as Sir Arthur reeled off the message with such spontaneity and jest, that it could not have been rehearsed or practiced. As I listened, I tried to find some crack in the accent that would give me a hint that this was all rehearsed. I was amazed and perplexed but at the same time I knew deep down that what I witnessed was TRUE. It would be a year later that I gave a cassette tape to an English friend to hear. He declared the accent and speech patterns authentically British. When I told he who it was, his legs almost gave way.

After the service, Kathy walked by and said, "You should make an appointment with him. It might be interesting."


I threw myself into a new investment program and set about planning a new business venture. These "concrete" activities only served to quell the malaise within me temporarily. I disciplined myself to follow a daily routine, signed up for an intensive course to update my knowledge of computers, yet in those quiet morning hours while walking along the beautiful parks of paradise, I still felt something was amiss. Finally, I made an appointment to see the trance medium.

The trance medium started with a look into my astrological chart. He only relies on the charts to explain timing of events as he believes we on earth are still affected by cosmic cycles events. After explaining a couple minor warnings, we then turned to the reading. Did I have any questions, he asked. We discussed those.

"Anymore questions?" he asked.

"Yes, what of St. Germain," I asked.

"Well, well, St. Germain, eh? How interesting you should ask about him," said the trance medium. He looked up toward the ceiling as if listening to someone speak. "I have to go into trance. Sir Arthur wants to take over this part of the session."

A great thrill of anticipation came over me as the trance medium readied himself for Sir Arthur. The great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the master author of Sherlock Holmes, was going to speak to me! The following are excerpts of his message:

"Well, well, well, you said the magic words, my friend, when you called upon the Master St. Germain. In truth, you, yourself, are sponsored by him and that was all arranged prior to this incarnation. Part of what he's got in mind, if you will, for you and of course your deeper mind and higher self know this quite well, is that you would, as you go forth in your life, find opportunity after opportunity to open people's minds to new dimensions, to new possibilities, to the magic in life, if you will, part of this through writing and part of this through direct contact, seemingly in the business sense."

He quoted the Master St. Germain saying to me in a previous life in the courts of Europe as follows:

"Ready or not, you shall return again and again and again, until this whole world is enlightened as we are now. Do your father's bidding. Learn all you could learn. Ever value wisdom's great light. And watch how, centuries from now, we shall meet again, I not so visible, you far more so, as I speak to you directly in the recesses of your heart cave."

Sir Arthur continued:

"He sponsored your incarnation. He shall be there to receive you when you've fulfilled your mission. But until then, he's, in a sense, and I certainly mean this with all due reverence and honor to him, "on tap" that is to say, you can call upon him at any time and he shall find his ways of responding. He brought you here, didn't he?

So, that's part of the whole mission.

Just to make it clearer and clearer to you, where you go of importance, where you travel, you'll find there yourself guided to the souls that most need to meet you. You're going on a mission, if you will, of enlightenment, not so much your own but that of those with whom you shall have contact. The words shall be in your mouth to say and in your pen to write. And you will find yourself functioning more and more and more as his amanuensis, literally his secretary, as he, in full glory and color, pours himself through you with increasing power and frequency until you are indeed and in truth, one of his personal mediums, as it were, and certainly one who can bring forth his thoughts on any given matter." (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle December 28, 1998) .

After hearing the discourse, I floated out of the trance medium's office. At last I had an answer, yet the reading immediately spawned a bevy of other questions. What had I just heard? Who could I talk to about this? Who would understand? What did I understand?

The Long Path Begins: Now, What to Do?

After the trance medium's reading, I wallowed in the sound of Sir Arthur's voice, listening to the taped message dozens of times. Yet, I did not know what to do with the information. It seemed clear to me to pursue the new business plans I had laid so I decided to return to Asia and resume my activities in international trade.

But before leaving Hawaii, something inside told me to go to the summit of Mount Haleakala on the island of Maui. The Master would speak to me there. At first, I wondered, "Why couldn't he speak to me here? Why go all the way over there?" So I ignored the urge until it became clear I should go.

I flew over to Maui, rented a car, and drove to the top of Mt. Haleakala. I sat in the car and waited. Nothing happened. Somehow, I had expected a great light to beam down on me or at least an earthshaking revelation, something along the line of Moses. Still nothing happened, so started back down the mountain. A wild goose chase, I thought. Obviously I had received the wrong message.

On the way down, I stopped the car and climbed to an isolated place and sat looking out at the panorama. I was looking at the sky and watched clouds moving into place as if to make a deliberate formation. I looked at the formation and what came to mind was a city in Canada. The clouds had formed a picture of the St. Lawrence River, the same view I seen about twenty years earlier as I approached Canada by car from the states with some friends.

"What did it mean?" I asked myself at that very odd moment on Mt. Haleakala. "What would a son of the tropics have to do with Canada?" I hated the cold.

I got back into the car, a bit disappointed that nothing spectacular had really happened, and returned to Honolulu. It would be only a little more than a year later that I would find myself moving from Asia to Canada, lot, stock and barrel! The Masters a year later told me, "We introduced this notion so that you would have time to consider it. We knew you would resist it at first."

I learned from experience that a little obedience goes a long way.


Not knowing what to do with the information conveyed to me up to then, I returned to Asia to reactivate my trading business and set up a new Internet company. As I lined up all the legal and administrative elements to set up the new company, I wondered aloud why I was doing so, and the thought of abandoning the idea passed through my mind not a few times. As it turned out, when the Brotherhood approached me about setting up this website, I realized that that Internet company had served as a training ground for this present website.

One of my guides (I'll introduce him later because he is one of the most intriguing beings I have ever met) said this, "You may think you are an ordinary businessman in Asia but you stand tall among them." I did not know what he meant as the start up was certainly a small, modest operation, compared to the Internet fervor in Hong Kong. Our operations were far from being any tower. Yet my partner and I pursued and made a small success of it.

As the business got underway, I was still mystified about the path I should take. I knew deep down that the Internet business was temporary. I used the mornings to pursue my inward search. I seemed a far cry from being the Great and Holy Master's Amanuensis. I sought the advice of Asian clairvoyants to see if they could see my connection with Sanctus Germanus, but without success. In fact, none of the seers, monks or astrologers I contacted had ever heard of him.

I ordered the whole set of books from the St. Germain Foundation documenting Godfry Ballard's encounter with the Master, the resulting I AM movement, his astral trips, and his lectures. These books provided me a view into the occult I AM movement, its foibles and weaknesses, and a little more about the nature of the Master. But the nagging question was this, if the Great and Holy Master St. Germain was indeed the growing hierarch of the New Age, why was there so much emphasis on America as the "chosen" country of sorts? Didn't the whole world belong to the New Age?

I pursued ways of initiating contact with the Master. With friends, we toyed with tarot card readings and table tipping. During the table tipping sessions, one spirit who called himself St. Germain would take over my body causing me to "shake and roll" in my seat while speaking. It was very much like the séances one sees in the movies and I was curious and thrilled with this "spiritual" phenomenon as it challenged all of my concrete intellectual thinking and activities. As time went on, the being would tell me things, some wrong, some right. It would also make predictions for the people sitting around the tipping table.

In addition to the table tipping séances, I tried channeling from many beings posing as St. Germain, El Morya, the Lord Maitreya, Lady Nada and the like, many of whom I learned about in the Ballard series. These messages were posted on a website and covered various subjects.

During this time I began to fall or drop to the ground for no apparent reason. I would be walking down the street when, for no apparent reason, my knees would give and I would fall flat on my face. Each time I felt like someone had deliberately tripped or pushed me. A message came to me that I was tripping and falling because of table tipping and like "astral" games. At first the news was hard to accept. This would mean cutting myself off from the only means I knew to contact the Great and Holy Master.

After a while I began analyzing the channelings I was getting from the various beings. I had to admit they were repetitious and sometimes outright wrong. Sometimes the messages were quite accurate. But it became more and more obvious to me that I was not only dealing with deception but inviting it through table tipping and the like. When this realization finally sank in, I stopped all such activities and closed down the website of spiritual messages. I was left hanging. If these methods of initiating a connection with the other side did not work, how then could I ever fulfill my role? I was at a loss.

I was starting to get impatient. Being a businessman and used to controlling the elements to initiate and implement business projects, it was not my nature to wait patiently for signs or things to unfold. As things turned out, my whole training in the occult would be one of learning patience.

It would only be until the Masters of Wisdom put me through a systematic training to open my clairaudient and clairvoyant faculties for use in the right vein that I would look back at these experiences and identify them as "astral", by nature emotional, unstable, often deceptive, sometimes right and sometimes wrong. It would be as if I stopped anyone on the street to ask his opinion.

The Sudden Move:

After less than a year in Asia I received a very strong impulse to pack up everything and move to Canada. My impatience wanted action. I flew across the Pacific to Canada at the onset of winter to survey the situation and listen to my feelings. I was mainly worried about adapting to the cold.

When I arrived in Canada, I knew instantly it was the right move. I don't recall having this much rapport with Canada during my many trips there over the years. Such strong positive feelings came from the soul. I even knew exactly which building I wanted to live in.

All reason pointed to my business obligations in Asia. I just couldn't pack up and leave on a whim, so on my return to Asia, I filed a move to Canada for the distant future, with no specific date.

A few months after that trip, I began getting strong impulses to move to Canada. Pack up everything, dissolve the business, and move! It was time to fly to Hawaii for another consultation with the trance medium.

"Yes, indeed, a move to Canada is in a carefully worked out plan," he said. "The move will take place relatively soon, within the year at most."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle again appeared and gave me some important pointers in meditation. That was the way to connect with the masters. He reiterated his belief that the Christian prayers had little to contribute to my further spiritual advancement. Instead he suggested that I delve into techniques taught in raja yoga, the king of the yogas, and gave me some breathing techniques to practice.

I knew very little about meditation yet as I eventually learned, deep, systematic meditation is the key to connecting with the spiritual world. It was from this point on that I started to make progress.

After the reading, I returned to Asia. I practiced the techniques that Sir Arthur taught me daily. Then more messages started coming. "Move up your date of departure! Move to Canada." This time the impulses came from the heart and were so strong that I had to heed them.

The one-year leases for the apartment and office were about coming due. Finally, I did not renew them and within a week everything was packed into a sea container for Canada. The move in my mind was so right that I had no doubt as to what I was doing.

Within a couple weeks after I arrived in Canada, I purchased an apartment in the very building I had decided upon during my scouting trip. How that apartment suddenly became available is another story.

I contacted the representative of the St. Germain Foundation set up by Godfrey Ballard in the 1930's. I was gravely disappointed for she immediately threw up barriers. She said I could not take part in their activities unless I got more training. She herself was the only one authorized to teach in the area but she did not have the time to teach me until several months later.

Caught up in my new life, everything seemed right materially but I felt I was not making much progress on the spiritual plane and when it got down to it, why was I in Canada? I meandered through the New Age bookstores and boutiques, yet found nothing of substance that really satisfied me. It was time for me to consult with the trance medium again.

Key Role of the Deep Trance Medium:

My formal training in the physical and social sciences had conditioned me to search for verification of my feelings, intuitions, and messages. At times I would stop and wonder if I was not halfway to becoming a raving crackpot, dreaming up messages and flailing in the dark. In order to continue along the path of the occult where things are not necessarily observable and quantifiable as proof, I came to rely on the collaboration of a deep trance medium, in this case, the trance medium's integrity as a neutral party without question. The fact that the trance medium remembered nothing of what was said in trance only gave his sessions more credibility, without the bias or opinion of the medium involved.

Before accepting his mediumship for the Masters of Wisdom, the trance medium said he would only accept such an assignment, if he could be a deep trance medium. That way, people would hear an unadulterated version of the message without regard for the medium's background, education, or biases. Another caveat that the trance medium imposed was that any message coming through his body could not insult the intelligence of the listener. And I can say without reservation that whatever has been conveyed through his trance mediumship has only served to challenge me. At times the message is so cryptic and masterly constructed that it takes months to decipher its meaning. When the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus communicated with me through the trance medium it was in poetic pentameters or verse. The odder and the more complex the form of the message only serves to lend it more credibility.

My Real Training Begins:

The trance medium squeezed me in for another reading. As we opened our minds to the session, I asked the trance medium to help me identify other guides around me, as I felt a group of them were around me. Immediately a being identified himself as Justin Moreward Haig came forth. Justin Moreward Haig was the pseudonym of an English adept described in a series of three books entitled, The Initiate, The Initiate in the New World, and the Initiate in the Dark Cycle, by English composer and occult initiate, Cyril Scott. Scott detailed his real life experience with Justin Moreward Haig, his teacher, around the turn of the century. He describes how Haig appeared as any ordinary English gentleman yet carried with him all the wisdom and power of an advanced master.

Justin Moreward Haig asked to overshadow the trance medium and within seconds delivered a message to me. He revealed he had been sent by the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus to speak to me about telepathy and the importance it would play in the future. Here is a transcript of what he said:

Telepathy. The way of the future. It is in thought that all things begin. This simple point is much misunderstood and greatly underestimated. The point itself is most potent, and, to remind oneself of this, as unnecessary as that might seem, is a great investment of one's attention, time, and energy. I speak of the building blocks of creation, and I speak of thought as that which precedes all things. Again, it is one of those things that one says, "Ah, it goes without saying, it is understood."

But we, who worship at the feet of great Buddhas, find them contemplating this simple truth. You see, there is something of a mystery here. That which passes for the simple is often the most profound. When I say then that all things begin with thought, I speak of creation from beginning to end. The clothes that you are wearing were once a thought in a designer's mind. Now they adorn your form. Your being here this day was a thought in your Teacher's mind, relayed to you, you obediently followed the cue. The automobile that you arrived in was first a thought and then of course now it carries you here and it was, of course, a thought that had it painted red.

There is much that I would say to you about thought, but it lies here. But whatever you want to accomplish, first think of it specifically as only a thought. You see in this there is confusion. First, it must be seen as the thought form that it is and only then, once the thought is clear, can atoms know how to proceed to build molecules of matter around the thought-form. So you see the thought itself must be in tact, clear, and as definite as one can make it. I speak of these things, for I find that the few stumbling blocks that you tend to encounter will tend to come because that which has been attempted has not been clearly thought out. Not as clearly as it might. Let all things then be seen for what they are---thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. This room was a thought in an architect's mind and now we sit in it. This tape recorder was a thought in an inventor's mind and now it records the sounds that issue from this throat.

There is a thought that you will achieve a position in this world that will open opportunities for other people. That is but a thought. And yet, it issues from the mind of your Master and so it will come to pass.

It was a thought in that same Master's mind that suggested that I come here and speak of thought at all, and so I've done it. And so, a thought has been the beginning of every blessing you have ever known, every miracle you've ever heard of. And now I leave you to play with thoughts and especially those thoughts you have not yet entertained.

He also revealed to me that I was being "benevolently observed" or watched by "those who are on this planet but not of this planet." Here again are his words:

Perhaps it is also true that you are in touch with those who are on this planet but not of this planet. And so you see as elder brothers and sisters who appear as humans, they are guiding where they can. And they certainly know who you are. I am not speaking cryptically when I say you are under observation, but of the most benevolent type. That you have conversed with a being, who you might say is certainly an extraterrestrial but appearing human and that you are in the planning stages of projects that will put you in touch with more such beings. It will be some time before they reveal their identities to you but you may suspect who they are. It's all honeycombing together.

On the surface Justin's message seemed straightforward enough, however, built into it were other messages that I would eventually decipher over a period of one year. I never tire of reading this message because something else pops out as significant each time I do.

After hearing this end of the discourse I was, to put it mildly, freaked out. I am not a UFO watcher and I did think ET was a pleasant movie. But being watched by extra-terrestrials was not what I expected. Yet, Haig's benevolent tone was awe-inspiring. It would be a little over a year later that I would encounter one of these ET's on a wintry day in Canada.

In line with his message on telepathy, Justin Moreward Haig gave me a password to use when I needed to get in touch with him and for the purpose of periodically dictating messages to me in order to develop my clairaudient faculties. He quoted the Master Djwal Khul, "Thought transference between two people is called mental telepathy, thought transference between an incarnate and one in spirit is called clairaudience."

I had never heard of Justin Moreward Haig, so I left the reading with the trance medium determined to track down Cyril Scott's books.

Back at my hotel, I looked on the Internet and found all three books listed in Amazon.Com. Good enough, but I would have to wait weeks for delivery as they were "rare". I was so fired up that I wanted to read them right away! I called all the secondhand bookstores in Hawaii but without success. One bookstore did not answer so I made a mental note to call on them.

The next day I drove pass that secondhand bookstore and found it was open. It was a New Age bookstore and had irregular hours. I entered. It was sparsely stocked with both new and used metaphysical books. I asked the owner if she had any of Cyril Scott's books and she stood back a second and looked at me curiously. She reached for three books on her desk. "I just put these three books aside so that I could read them myself but you can have them."

I was dumbfounded. I looked at the books and they were not the same editions offered on Amazon.Com but of the original publisher in England in the 1930's. What were the chances of finding those English editions in Hawaii? Almost nil. I hugged the three precious books and read them voraciously all the way back to Canada.

A few months later during another trip through Hawaii, I mentioned this incident to the trance medium. He laughed then Justin Moreward Haig again intervened and said, "If I thought we would fail at our attempt to get you the books, we wouldn't have tried. Congratulations for following your intuitions."

More Systematic Training:

Justin Moreward Haig suggested that I study some of the Master Djwal Khul's teachings that Alice A. Bailey channeled over a period of forty years. He also reminded me that I, myself, while in spirit between incarnations, had observed the channeling process in Tibet and would thus discover an affinity to those teachings.

I purchased the whole set of twenty-four volumes of Alice A. Bailey's works from the Lucis Trust, the present day custodian of Mrs. Bailey's publications. After rapidly scanning these volumes, I became convinced of their validity and soundness. I then joined the Arcane School, a correspondence training course administered by the Lucis Trust.

For one year, I not only pored over Djwal Khul's teachings but learned deeper meditation techniques taken from Raja Yoga. The Arcane School taught me how to build the antakarana, that string of light that joined me mentally and physically with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

For about a year, I followed this exciting yet often lonely study of the Ageless Wisdom. At times I studied too much, which over-stimulated my mind so much that I suffered from intense migraines. I eventually learned to pace myself so that I could get a good night's sleep.

I read voraciously--anything on the Ageless Wisdom. I delved into the body of theosophical literature, another incredible storehouse of wisdom. I chased down out-of-print editions, sometimes paying outrageous prices for them or settling for a photocopy version. I prowled second hand bookstores. Sometimes I would get an email from the trance medium recommending another obscure title. He would then wish me luck in finding them. But somehow the Masters always led me to them.

Among my favorite works are The Masters of Wisdom by Charles Leadbeater; Brother of the Third Degree by Will Garvey; All of Ruth Montgomery's books; William Pelley's The Dead are Alive, Behold Life, Beyond Grandeur ; and Glamour, and Telepathy and the Ethereal Vehicle, and A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey.

I also discovered a gap in the new writings on the Ageless Wisdom from around the late 1960's and 1970's onward. Some organizations rose up during this period and attempted to carry on the tradition of informing humanity of the Ageless Wisdom but failed, as I discovered, due to insanity, commercialism or megalomania.

Encounter "with those who are on this planet but not of this planet"

Many, many works later the signal came to me that I was about to meet one the "elder brothers and sisters who appear as humans . . ," the extra-terrestrials who have been guiding me since my arrival in Canada. Despite the freezing, wintry conditions, I was told to climb up the trail of mountain behind my house, something I tried to do regularly during this period for exercise, and meet them at around two or three in the afternoon.

Full of anticipation, I waited until two-thirty in the afternoon to make the climb to the top. Nothing happened and I saw nothing unusual on the ice trails. The next day, again, nothing happened. Finally, on the third day as I again started down trail wondering why nothing happened, I found myself alone on the very, white, slick, icy trail. I looked up and no one was in front of me. I blinked and a tall and straight gentleman wearing a black fedora hat and brown leather jacket, suddenly appeared out of nowhere opposite me and passed me on the way up. As he passed I felt a strange sensation, but I still had my doubts.

The next day, I again climbed the mountain but on the return took a shortcut path through the icy forest. There was definitely no one else there. As I am constantly watching my step in those icy conditions, I looked down then up, then again, out of nowhere that same man, dressed exactly like the day before appeared opposite me. This time he nodded, smiled and continued on his way. An incredible sensation swept over me, that overwhelming confirmation that, yes, I had finally run into the friendly ET.

But I was a little disappointed. My idea of a friendly encounter would not have been that swift. I would have liked to have invited him for a cappuccino at the pastry shop across from my home. Or I would have liked to sit in a cozy salon, in front of the fireplace, chatting with him about world matters.

I asked Justin Moreward Haig about this encounter. He confirmed it. When I asked him why I could not speak more with this being, he said the Masters only wanted to show me that I had reached another milestone in my training, one where I could distinguish these beings from others, in other words, deal with those of a faster vibration. "Don't worry," he said, "you'll be working on projects with them in the future."

I did meet a distinguished elderly man and his nurse in the elevator of my building. He greeted me and nodded. When he got off, I had the same tingling feeling. I saw him again as he was coming out of the building and he immediately fixed his eyes on me then turned away. When I asked the doorman who he was, he did not know. I asked Justin and he answered, "No, that's another one, not yours."

So, folks, "those who are on this planet but not of this planet" are all around us!

Etheric Vision

Just about the same period I realized as I was walking through the snowy trails of the mountain park that I could see the etheric doubles of objects and persons around me. My third eye (located between the eyebrows) was slowly being opened.

I stopped to test this new vision. The whole white snowy scene in front of me seemed to detach from the visible matter and flow. I could see the trail in front of me become a visible river of energy; I could see the etheric doubles of the tree trunks standing in place as dynamically vibrating energy; and when I looked up to the sky, it was no longer empty but filled with swirling patterns of moving ethereal matter. It was here that I realized how thought-forms could easily pass from individual to individual and from the spirit world to us and back. There was nothing really to block their passage.

This etheric vision is something that can be turned on or off as being on would confuse the sight.

Light in the Head

I do not pretend to be a yogi who can sit in a forest for weeks in deep meditation. But I do subscribe to the short, intense daily meditations (between twenty and thirty minutes per day) using raja yoga the Arcane School recommends.

Around the same time the etheric vision manifested, I began to realize what is known as Light in the Head. This light began to glow in my mind even with my eyes closed. I could switch the light off at night and the illumination would remain in my mind and also allow me to see in the dark.

Both the light in the head and the development of the etheric vision are signs of a steady connection with the soul as it infuses the physical personality. More and more open-minded people will develop these faculties as the Piscean Age comes to a close.

Astral Plane Entities

To a mind that has been trained in the physical and social sciences, the question of verification and confirmation is always lurking. Upon receiving a dictation or message, I always find myself asking, "Did I make all this up by myself?" If in the early stages of mediumship, proof is required to continue on the path, then the Masters will provide it. Many works on spiritual matters say that demanding proof or verification is a sign of lack of faith. This is pure bunk and many a psychic today believing he is being faithful is just unloading a plethora of ramblings from the astral plane. In fact, as the trance medium once said to me, "We are like telephone booths to people on the astral plane."

During my training I was fooled many times by spirits posing as Justin Moreward Haig. But just as you meet unsavory characters or shysters on earth, the same can happen when venturing into other less material dimensions. Just as you learn to distinguish between what is the truth or a lie on the earth plane, the same must be done on the astral plane.

I have learned to recognize a certain watery and grandiose style that comes through from the astral plane. Others are a bit too self-congratulatory, and others just love tricking you with fantastic stories that serve to stoke your ego. One can never be lax in affirming that only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will come through.

Yet, I remained curious about these entities. I was in Havana, Cuba studying Spanish when I asked my Spanish teacher if she knew of any local psychics. She looked at me very surprised as if to say, "How do you know I consult these types of people?" A few days later she took me to a woman whose house had several months earlier been devastated in a hurricane. All that was left was one portion of her house with a roof; the rest had been blown away.

There were black dolls and figurines placed on a table with candles. The psychic was a fine person, one who exuded much care for the people who came to see her. She gave me some pebbles to shake like dice and I threw them on the floor after each question. She would interpret the pebbles and give me the answer to questions. Being a great admirer of Mao Tse-Tung, she claimed that he had come to the reading and was answering my questions. Whatever the case, the reading was full of congratulatory words, which would make anyone's head swell with false pride.

It would be later in the year that spirit of Golden Eagle would come through the trance medium to remind me that every means of communication with the other dimensions, every doll, idol, god or goddess created, was put in its specific place to communicate with that specific level of humanity.

While in Cuba, I met a fellow Spanish language student, an Austrian film artist, who told me about his experience in an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). That somehow lit another candle in my mind, and suddenly I felt this incredible urge to go to Sri Lanka. Why this should happen during a trip to Havana, Cuba mystified me. But as soon as I returned home I gathered as much information as I could about ayurveda. It became such a compulsion that two months later I was on a plane flying in the direction of Sri Lanka.

My First Assignment for the Brotherhood

On my way to Sri Lanka, I stopped for a few days in Hawaii to see my relatives and for another consultation with the trance medium.

During my session, Sir Arthur came through and asked me to create a website dedicated to the Great Brotherhood of Light. He said this was not an assignment but a reminder of sorts. I had contracted to do this before this present incarnation. I was to put into this website information that I enjoyed and wanted others to enjoy about the Great Brotherhood of Light. I agreed on the spot, for I had been waiting for something concrete to happen to be of service to the Brotherhood.

To assure that the truth only reaches the readers of this website, the Masters asked the spirit of Arthur Ford, considered the dean of American mediums, to serve as my coach in further opening up my clairaudient and clairvoyant faculties.

Arthur Ford was a well-known medium during the first half of the Twentieth Century. He was credited with breaking the code that Harry Houdini, magician extraordinaire and his mother had agreed upon should either of them die. Many mediums tried but only Arthur Ford was able to channel the correct code from dead Houdini to his mother.

Arthur Ford collaborated for a time with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in England and they have remained friends and colleagues in spirit. He also coached medium Ruth Montgomery and the trance medium.

The coaching was to be very simple. On a given day of the week, I would jot down on a piece of paper three questions about which I knew absolutely nothing. The questions were to be of a metaphysical nature. I would place the piece of paper in a box or folder and forget about it. A week later, at an agreed time, I was to open the box, read these questions aloud, and wait a few seconds for the answers to pop into my mind. In reality, as the practice continued, I realized that by the time I read the questions aloud on the given day, I already knew the answer because they had already been supplied during the week. This was a very simple and effective experiment designed to instill more confidence in the dictations I received from the Great Brotherhood of Light.

Armed with the knowledge that a competent spiritual coach would be behind me in my first assignment for the Brotherhood, I prepared to leave the medium's home. He stopped me and said, "Wait. They want me to give you something." He searched his bookshelf and handed me Inside the Occult, the True Story of Helena P. Blavatsky by Henry Steel Olcott. "Here," he said, "They want you to read this."

As I flew off for the long journey from Hawaii to Sri Lanka, my head was spinning with ideas and alternative designs for the website. What would I call it? What kind of information should I put in it? And mostly, who would want to read it?

With all these questions flooding my mind, I never questioned why I was going to the other side of the world, Sri Lanka. I would find out later in the year that the ayurvedic treatment I sought there was but a mere pretext to get me there for more "reminders."

Sri Lanka and the New Psychic Openings

While in Sri Lanka more ideas flooded my mind about the website and between the ayurvedic treatments and care, I spent many hours writing and mentally designing the website. It was monsoon season and spectacular thunderstorms would strike in the middle of the night, awakening me with their violence and power, but at the same time stimulating thought in the direction of the website.

During the relaxing ayurvedic treatments, my mind would drift far away. One day, the face of an Asian man flashed as clear as a color photo into my mind's view. I didn't know this man, neither had I even seen him before. There was no one of his description at the hotel. On another day, the face of a blond woman flashed into my mind, then another, and another. I was very perplexed and did not know the significance of these visions.

A few days later, as I was strolling on the beach in front of the center, a couple of fellow hotel guests called me to meet a new guest who had just arrived. I was startled when I saw him. He was the Asian man I saw in my mind a couple days before! A few days later, as I sat in the hotel restaurant for dinner, another newly arrived hotel guest sat at the table next to me. She was the blond woman I saw in my mind a few days before! And so it went on and on so that I got a preview of the guests who were going to check in.

I read Inside the Occult and learned that that book was actually the first volume of Old Diary Leaves by Henry Steel Olcott, a six volume personal account of the building of the Theosophical Society. I discovered that Olcott was very well known and revered for his work in setting up Buddhist education in Ceylon during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century while co-founding the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India not far from Madras. In fact, when I asked a few older Sri Lankans about Olcott, they would go into long dissertations about the good he had done in the line of Buddhist unity and education. They pointed out to me that there is a large statue of him in the square in front of the railroad station.

I called upon an old Lankan friend who had been my roommate in Paris years ago. When I mentioned Olcott, both he and his wife told me they had attended Buddhist schools that he had helped establish a hundred years ago. This friend had invited me to Ceylon thirty years ago to meet his extended family, and I toured the whole island with them.

Reflecting upon my conversations with these people about Helena Blavatsky and Henry S. Olcott in Sri Lanka made me feel strangely close to them, and I became convinced that I had a connection with Sri Lanka and the Blavatsky-Olcott dual in a previous life. I made a mental note to ask Sir Arthur about this connection during my next session with the trance medium.

Then one early morning before sunrise I had the surprise of my life. While still in the hazy world between sleep and consciousness, an ecstatic feeling swept over me and then I saw him, as clear as day in my mind's eye! Justin Moreward Haig had paid me visit. This time I recognized him although I had no preconceived notion of what he looked like. I just knew it was he.

I left this experience in Sri Lanka full of ideas for the website and had already started a book that Sir Arthur suggested I write. This book was to be published a year later as The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies.

The Website and Its Implications

When Sir Arthur reminded me that I had contracted to put up a website for the Brotherhood, he also anticipated a question I was harboring in my mind. "Why? There are already so many sites like this, who would want to read this one?"

He answered, "Because it is sponsored by he who sponsored you." He explained further that the website would call forth the thousands of light workers who had been placed all over the world. It would rally them into a force that would bring in the New Lemurian Era, the Age of Aquarius.

With this in mind, the thought came to me to register the site as www.sanctusgermanus.net. Sanctus Germanus or Holy Brother was the name this great soul took during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries while he frequented the courts of Europe, known as the Count St. Germain. I took a crash self-learning course in website design and management and finally uploaded the new site in August 2002.

A few weeks later in September 2002, I went to Hawaii to meet with the trance medium and Sir Arthur. Sir Arthur said this was more than a website, for in the few weeks it had been online, forty-five light workers had been touched and thousands more were to follow. I felt relieved. He also pointed out that St. Germain had made an announcement about the website to a Council of Masters held on Venus earlier. I then asked for suggestions on how to improve the site, and the Masters made several comments showing they had indeed read the website.

In the months that followed, the website swelled with new content. Audio discourses given by the Masters and the Council of Six (Sir Arthur, Estelle Roberts, Ho Le Wei, Arthur Ford, Golden Eagle, and C. W. Leadbeater) filled the website with the views and teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light. The website statistics that track the number of visitors and their origins show that it is doing its job: reaching thousands around the world.

A Further Revelation

During the same session, I approached Sir Arthur through the trance medium with the question that had stayed with me since Sri Lanka. What was my connection to the Blavatsky-Olcott team?

"Don't you know by now?" Sir Arthur asked. I answered that I only had inklings or feelings that I had been close to them.

The medium remained silent for quite a long time. Finally, he explained, "I have asked the question five times to Sir Arthur and the Council of Six and each time I received the same answer. The fifth time, they even flashed a picture of the person you had been in a previous incarnation." The medium took a deep breath and looked at me seriously. "I do not take lightly what I am about to say but I have verified it five times. You were Henry Steel Olcott in a previous incarnation."

I took this information calmly. A sense of "coming home" swept over me. It made sense and confirmed inner feelings. Another mystery had been solved. Another piece to the puzzle had been found. This explained why I was so drawn to the writings of the Theosophical Society. This explained why I was so drawn to go to Sri Lanka.

I spent the next few months digesting this revelation and reading the entire six-volume set of Old Diary Leaves, by Olcott.

My Master Teacher Takes Over

I went to back to Hawaii in January 2003, although I had not really planned to go there at that time. I again contacted the trance medium, for by this time we had become close friends through email.

As the medium drew in deep breaths and settled into trance, his body suddenly jolted and the deep, masculine voice of the Master El Morya came through:

I greet you with the salute of the Brotherhood-heart, head, and hand. I come to honor the tryst, the pact made in love.

It is said that when love is not emotionally or physically expressed but exists, that its power grows. I believe this is true. Just as the dam holding back the water and its desire to flow unto the sea becomes an abattoir (sic), becomes a receptacle of power. Tapped, it can become electricity. This is the principle upon which I operate.

It is no small matter for us to put ourselves at the mercy of our devotees. For they, like children, oft misunderstand our motives, our directives, our help, our selves. We feel this keenly though generally little mention of it is ever made. In those days that now begin to come to you with more clarity, in the days of Theosophy, such was the case. Both Kuthumi and myself felt that way.

I move in a blue fire. I seek only one thing and that is to be His Will. He who did born me, He who loved me enough to think me into creation, Our Father, this One I adore. My adoration for him is so great that I seem to look not much elsewhere and so have been accused of aloofness and that thing called sternness as well. Am I stern? Perhaps. But if I see that an action on the part of one of my younger brethren will harm not only they, but all, including him, I must speak, I must act. I cannot stand by idle. Such is not my way.

His Will is my Love and with IT I am in Love. And so by that you might know that it is His Will that I am here, speaking to you, loving you, loving all, for I do.

Forgive me if My Love is not always demonstrative. I see in you a similarity. Perhaps it is for this reason that you serve as you do under me, that you serve at all. And you do.

Little is known and by design of those days before Theosophy, how we came into our states, our stature, our love. For great love there was between Kuthumi and Myself, which is only compounded with time, or what passes for time. Deep indeed is the wellspring of that love, and in a sense it could be said that our love child was Theosophy, and you thus our grandchildren, all of you. You know the fondness for one's grandchildren, held in the heart this Grand Sire.

One day perhaps these details and facts will be known unto you as I share them--how I came to be born of physical body, of physical woman, of physical conception, just as yourself. And how my own awakenings occurred much as yours, indeed some of them identical, astrologically speaking. And so, my son, you see, that what approaches for you has happened to me. And so similar awakenings you can anticipate. Lo! Soon they flame in your hands.

When we do visit, it is not for the purpose of words but of pure dharshen. Words alone can convey precious little.

I am with you always, even as I am in Darjeeling, simultaneously. I am El Morya, he who knows something of your deep devotion to the Will of God. And it is that that has drawn me as a magnet. And by the leave of my Father, I am here. I leave with you a part of myself, never again to be retrieved. I am with you always. I am an eye for your forehead.

I had always felt a certain affinity to El Morya but as noted above, the only two Masters who had communicated with me up to this point had been Justin Moreward Haig and St. Germain. Yet both El Morya and Kuthumi had worked closely with Blavatsky and Olcott during the days of Theosophy, El Morya taking personal charge of Olcott's training. Again, the memories of this relationship had to seep in.

I threw myself into another reading frenzy, studying closely the famous Mahatma Letters, Old Diary Leaves and the various biographies of Helena P. Blavatsky. Scene after scene in India overtook me as memories flooded my mind-the long dusty train trips throughout India, the negotiations with the Buddhist hierarchy to establish a system of Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka, the countless ad lib speeches to the masses in both India and Ceylon, the oppressing heat of the tropics, the personal visits of the Mahatmas, the mass healings Olcott accomplished throughout his journeys-and settled into my conscious and subconscious memories.

I focused on the "Pact of Love" the Master El Morya had mentioned and came to the conclusion that this pact had been made between El Morya, Blavatsky and Olcott. But where was Blavatsky? Was she also to reincarnate during these latter days? All I knew was that Sir Arthur had mentioned in passing that HPB had visited the website and was pleased. And that was all he was permitted to tell me.

Change of Guard

In May 2003 I received the devastating news that the trance medium was seriously ill and had undergone major brain surgery. We had lost a major portal to the Brotherhood in Shamballa.

In my meditations I asked for guidance from the Brotherhood and was told that the next few months would be a grace period before I started back on the path of destiny. I was to travel and experience life during this time. I spent most of my time fine-tuning a book that Sir Arthur suggested I write and it was finally published as Beyond Armageddon in July 2003 and later as The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies. I also started another project with some friends to write a film script on the life of Helena P. Blavatsky.

I also decided I would sail to India, just as Mme. Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott had done in 1875. Call it a trip of nostalgia. Since there are no such Nineteenth century steamers plying the oceans today, I booked passage on a freighter to sail from St. John's New Brunswick to Mumbai (Bombay) India in November 2003.

Trip of Reconnection

A month later, I set sail on a German freighter from Saint John, Canada all the way to Mumbai, India. The ship was huge and the accommodations very comfortable. It was a slow ship with a maximum speed of fourteen knots per hour, approximately the same speed as a steamer in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. So in a way, the time it took me to reach India would be the same as when HPB and HSO had sailed in 1875, minus the stop in England. The trip was half nostalgic and half adventure, and I loved every minute of it.

Thirty-two days later, we docked in the modern container port of Nhava Sheva outside Bombay. By then I was fairly certain where I was to go in India, for a few days before we docked, El Morya came to me in my cabin and told me telepathically that the Master Babaji had prepared the way for me to go to Darjeeling, the etheric headquarters of the Master El Morya.

By my third day in India, I found myself at the foothills of the great Himalayas about to take a four-hour, harrowing taxi ride up the mountains to around 8000 feet to Darjeeling. I could have taken the famous toy train that takes ten to twelve hours to arrive Darjeeling. (I believe HPB had had to take that train to get to Darjeeling where El Morya restored her failing health.) As we careened around the last cliff-hung turn on the narrow mountain road, I saw the great Mount Kanchanjunga, the world's third highest peak, before me. It had been worth every second of the nail-biting ride to see such a spectacular and majestic mountain.

As I checked into my hotel, I half expected some sort of welcoming party, i.e. an appearance of the Master to welcome me to Darjeeling. I looked for signs around me of a tall, turbaned Rajput prince but recognized no one of that description. But thinking back, someone dressed like that in modern India would have looked quite out of place today. I asked the hotel clerk and manager if they knew of El Morya and they all looked at me blankly. Never heard of him. Where does he live? Does he work for the government? "No, no he does not live on this dimension but up there," I said maladroitly as I looked at their blank, puzzled faces.

Disappointed that the welcoming committee had not shown up, I went to bed in a beautiful, antique room of a former Maharajah's palace. It was December and very chilly, so the staff had built a roaring fire in the fireplace to keep the room warm. As I lay on the bed trying to talk myself out of my disappointment, the fire in the fireplace cast a dancing reflection on the ceiling. As I stared at ceiling, the reflections began gathering together and slowly formed into the image that I knew to be the Master El Morya. There he was on the ceiling, smiling benevolently down upon me on the bed, wearing his turban and beard. I blinked a couple times to make sure I was not hallucinating. His face disappeared, and I fell asleep happy that I had seen my Master.

My room with the fireplace from which the reflections on the ceiling formed into the shape of the Master's head.

Himalayan Education

After breakfast the next morning, I sat in my room enjoying the beautiful scenery of the tea plantations below me and wondering what I was doing in Darjeeling. Some movement caught my eye on a section of the wall in the room and suddenly I could see people started walking into the room. Again, they were dressed in the full array of races and cultures, passing one after another, just like they appear on the backside of El Morya's medal. As I watched this parade of personalities pass through the wall, I did not feel alone or frightened but part of something. Were they ghosts in the room? Was it my wild imagination tricking me again? Who were these people? They did not appear to want to frighten me. On the contrary, most looked so preoccupied with their own thoughts and too intelligent to play such childish pranks.

One of the walls where the parade of people started coming through.

I decided from that moment on, I would fast for a couple days to clear both body and mind and wait for instructions from whomever. I felt impatient. Everything seemed ad hoc and unplanned, but I kept reminding myself to remain flexible.

The next morning I woke up to an image of a man looking at me in my mind's eye. He was a European wearing a heavy, black beard with shoulder length black wavy hair. He was fair and looked very intense. He conveyed to me telepathically that he had been sent to teach me. Teach me what? I asked. He said nothing. I agreed but I still wanted to know who he was.

I got up and started to flip through a book I had purchased the day before called the History of Darjeeling and the Sikkim Himalaya, by K.C . Bhanja. Suddenly, my eyes caught a section about a European mystic from Hungary who had come to Tibet and walked the Himalayas in the early 1800's. His name was Alexander Csoma de Koros. I knew at that instant, the man who had come to teach me was he.

Csoma de Koros had walked from Hungary to Tibet and spent many years in monasteries. He knew of the teachings from Shambhala and authored the first dictionary of the Tibetan language into a western language, which like the Rosetta Stone, opened up the enigmatic Tibetan Buddhist practices to the west. In a sense he served as a bridge between the western and eastern cultures. He died in Darjeeling in April 1842.

Csomo de Koros then urged me to go back to the bookstore where I had bought the book. A couple hours later, I walked out of the bookstore with a dozen tomes and headed back to my hotel room. For the next few days I read voraciously trying to absorb some of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the famous Tsong Khapa, whose reincarnation is supposedly the present Dalai Lama.

Return to the Brotherhood

After a few days of this blitz study hall, I sat back and wondered where this was all leading. I still felt uncomfortable about the ethereal nature of my trip. I needed something solid to latch on to because I was afraid my imagination was running a bit too wild to make up for the lack of concreteness.

I took my usual early evening walk along the ridges of the Darjeeling to view the majestic mountains and Mt. Kuchanchanga, and then went to a cyber-cafe to check my email. One of the most astounding features of modern India is the omnipresence of the Internet. In Darjeeling alone, I counted at least ten such cafes. So from the mountaintops the Himalayas I was able to communicate with my closest friends around the world via high speed DSL Internet.

I received a message "From your present position, look northwest and you will find a temple. Go there."

I rushed back to my hotel and stood in my room trying to figure out which way was northwest. It was night so I couldn't get my bearings from the sun's path. I would have to wait until morning to see the exact placement of the sunrise. You can imagine how excited I was to get up the next morning!

Morning finally arrived and after I got my bearings relative to the sun, I was able to identify the general direction of northwest. I rushed down to the front desk. I pointed in the northwesterly direction and asked the receptionist, "Is there a Buddhist temple in that direction?" She did not know. I asked the manager and he didn't know. Finally, the gentleman walked by and said, "Yes. There is a temple in that direction. It is called the Bhutia Busty Temple." Then everyone chimed in, "Ah, yes! The Bhutia Busty Temple!"

The reason the others did not know was because the path to the temple winds around the mountain peak we were on and starts at the east. I packed water into my backpack and headed to the mouth of the road that lead to the temple. An hour later, winding down steep slopes (which I would have to climb back up) I finally arrived at the temple.

Bhutia Busty is a small, modest Buddhist temple painted a bright red with gilded columns. From the outside it is pleasant but not an extraordinarily ornate temple like some of the other larger ones in the area. As I entered the courtyard, two or three monks were scurrying about preparing and serving lunch. Seated with his back to me was the Temple Lama who had already been served. I approached him and told him I did not want to disturb his lunch but would it be okay if I meditated in the temple. He said, "Of course." He signaled one of the monks to open the door to the main temple, and as I went in, he shut the door.

It was dark and cold in the temple, but happily I had worn my winter coat. I settled into a little niche and prepared to go into meditation. A few minutes later the door opened and the Lama came in and sat next to me. He spoke very good English, because, he said, he was from Nepal. I told him a little about myself and he told me a little about his work at the temple. He then excused himself and left. I continued my meditation for a few more minutes, then got up to leave.

The Lama was waiting for me outside. He smiled and said, "Upstairs, we have a special, inner room that is reserved for special occasions and for the monks. Would you like to meditate in it?"

The meditation room is on the second floor

Of course, I jumped at the chance. I followed him up a bare concrete stairway. He unlocked a bolted door, and we walked into a pitch-dark anteroom. He unlocked another set of doors, and we entered an amazing room! Lined up on one side in glass enclosure were all the deities, all gilded in bright gold. He explained the significance of all the deities in the glass enclosure. He said that the monks had just meticulously painted every column and the whole ceiling with ornate Buddhist designs. I felt overwhelmingly privileged to be allowed in the room.

He then asked me if I would like to meditate in the room, and of course I jumped at the honor! He indicated a couple cushions and backed out of the room, closing the doors behind him.

Alone in this beautiful room, I went into deep meditation. Suddenly, I found myself sitting in the same place but in a much larger room with a door opposite me. Those same people whom I had seen walking through the wall of my room started streaming into the room and surrounded me. I felt no fear, only love from these beings.

I looked among them and recognized El Morya, St. Germain, Kuthumi, and other of the well-known Masters. Then everyone turned toward the door and a tall, magnificent being walked into the room. I instantly knew him to be Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. I immediately bowed my head in reverence to him but I could still see everything going on in the room.

The Great One approached me and put a necklace around my head. Then everyone in the room lined up and did the same thing. I expected my neck and head to be piled with necklaces but in the end there was only one around my neck. After this ceremony, which I interpret to be my re-induction into the Great Brotherhood of Light, everyone filed out of the great hall after Sanat Kumara. I then gradually found myself back in the special room of the Bhutia Busty Temple.

I tried hard to comprehend what had happened to me. All I knew was that it had happened. It was not my imagination. And to this day, I have not understood the entire significance of this ceremony.

I sat for a few more minutes in semi-meditation then got up to go out.

Outside, the Lama was waiting for me. I told him, "I had a most marvelous experience in that room." He shook his head and said, "I know." His answer struck me at that moment as coming from someone who is clairvoyant.

The Lama and I then sat on the balcony of the temple and chatted for another hour. I told him more about my life and showed him the apports I had received, including the one from El Morya. He looked at them calmly and did not seem overly impressed, but said, "Yes, we do this also in the temples." I shared with him a book on Shambhala, which he thought interesting, then I promised to come back in the next two days to give him a copy of another book I had seen in the bookstore on Shamballa. We parted and I started my long and arduous trek up the hill in the oxygen-thin air.

The following day I returned to the temple to give the Lama the promised book. The young monk told me he had gone to do some errands and was very sorry to miss me. The young monk performed a special ceremony for me of drums and chants, and then invited me again to sit in the special room to meditate. Nothing spectacular like the first time happened.

The next day I received a phone call early in the morning from the front desk. "There's a monk to see you," said the receptionist. I got dressed quickly and rushed down to the lobby. There, sitting calmly in a chair on the terrace was the Lama. He greeted me and I invited him to have breakfast with me. No thank you, he said. He had already eaten and was on his way to the Kingdom of Sikkim. He had dropped by to say goodbye to me and apologized for not being at the temple when I went there.

We chatted for a few more minutes and exchanged emails. (Yes, the Lama had a hotmail address!) He looked at his watch and said, "I must go. My bus is leaving for Sikkim shortly."

I walked with him up to the main square where the other temple monks were waiting. I held my hand out to shake his and say goodbye, but instead he gave me a full bear hug in front of his colleagues. He said we would meet one day in Canada. I left him feeling as though I had said goodbye to a brother, a very close brother.

Retrieval of my Soul Fragment

What had been the purpose of this trip to Darjeeling? It had several dimensions. First, it was to confirm that I was still a part of the Brotherhood of Light. The actual role to be played is only being revealed little by little. Second, it became evident to me that this trip had been planned well before my incarnation. The Brotherhood had retained a fragment of my soul in order to make sure I would come back, and the purpose of my trip to Darjeeling was in essence to retrieve that fragment. As of this writing, I am told it will take approximately one year to reintegrate it with the rest of my soul and the process will not always be easy. Third, it was during those thoughtful hours I spent gazing out at the peaks of the Himalayas that nascent thoughts concerning the founding of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation were downloaded as a "reminder" of what I had contracted to do prior to this incarnation.

Carefully Orchestrated Plan

I've detailed above the process I went through to reach this stage of service. My training continues today. Looking back over the past few years, I see that everything was part of a carefully conceived and orchestrated plan to bring me back into the fold, a plan that I myself developed prior to this incarnation. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put it, I volunteered for it, planned it with the higher councilors, and am here to execute it further. All this took place before this incarnation and I am just waking to the realization.

With my once-in-a-lifetime experience in India, I have begun a new phase on the path I have chosen for so many lifetimes. From now, I will be involved in the realization of concrete educational and healing activities for the Brotherhood. In the sequels that follow, my role in the Divine Plan, which is still a mystery, will unfold. Those who read this account will experience similar awakenings in their own lives and will hopefully join me in sharing this active implementation of the Divine Plan with me.

Year 2004: The Year of Challenges and Obstacles

After my euphoric experience in Darjeeling, I underwent serious tests of spiritual discernment and endurance during 2004. Some periods were so trying that I almost threw in the towel more than once. It was a year of deception, betrayal, disappointment, disillusionment, loss, and trickery-the tortuous path of initiation that some must experience in order to gain a more realistic idea of the state of spirituality on the earth today.


Upon my return from Darjeeling, I became more involved with the trans-physical medium I had met in Hawaii, the one who was able to produce phenomena (apports of gems and precious metals) and bring through in séances direct communication with the spirit world. These communications came through an ectoplasmic voice chord in a trumpet especially designed for such séances. After organizing several private and public séances, I came to the realization that the "spirits" coming through were not the Masters as they claimed but low level astral entities ultimately bent on diverting the Foundation from its mission in favor of ridiculous money-making schemes designed to enrich the medium and make him famous.

I decided to break our cooperation with this medium and the spirits who worked with him. As a result, my life was threatened, the medium and his wife threatened me with a lawsuit, and his stepson, a computer geek, launched a month-long campaign of viruses to attack our computer system. I was subjected to nightly astral attacks of a Poltergeist-like nature, as the medium was able to astral travel and present his astral body in my bedroom to haunt me. The more they threatened me, the more I was convinced that I had made the right decision. After several sleepless nights, I was able to muster the forces of light on my side with the help of the Masters and ban their entry into my home. Although the medium finally ceased his personal attacks against me, his astral associates continue to this day to try to make inroads into the Foundation, primarily through individuals who are enthralled with their own psychic abilities and too open to astral influences.

Producing phenomena had its place in the 19 th Century when the western world was gripped with the fear of death. Apparitions and phenomena during these séances permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to demonstrate to the world that there was indeed life after death. Phenomena gave solid proof of the continuity of existence after the deathbed. But today, producing phenomena evokes more of a circus-like thrill among the spectators rather than the deep contemplative thinking that is necessary for spiritual development.

I had learned a valuable lesson from this experience, and in the beginning, I admit to being completely enthralled by the phenomena precious coins and gems emerging out the medium's lower lip. In addition, speaking to a voice coming from a trumpet suspended in mid-air and claiming to be a Master can be compelling as well as misleading. But to produce phenomena, however amazing to the human eye, cannot be equated to divine purposes. There is nothing especially spiritual about this ability, except to prove communication with low-level astral entities at this time. The attacks following my break with the medium also show the insidious dark side of this ability and how easily it could be used for black magic.

Phenomena will play a role in our lives in future, when mankind will learn to produce phenomena to meet its own needs. This ability will emerge as a by-product of advanced spiritual development. However misleading spiritually this experience may have been, it did convince me that producing phenomena is possible and that the alchemy of the years past is still alive and well.

A Strange Encounter

The astral and computer virus attacks had left me feeling rather discouraged. I was in a pensive state wondering if my life in service to the Hierarchy was going in the right direction.

One evening I decided to join some friends at a café and then for dinner. After spending some time at the café we decided to walk to the nearest Italian restaurant for dinner. I was walking in the back of the group chatting with a friend when I noticed a little white dog on a leash and his owner walking in the opposite direction. The dog was pure white, which is why it caught my eye. I raised my eyes to his master and saw rather strange looking man, dark complexioned, almost bluish, and dressed immaculately in a sort of white Indian tunic. The whiteness of his clothes and the dog was striking. They both matched. The man gave me a strange look, just enough so that in passing each other, there was a slight acknowledgement of one another.

I continued walking and chatting with my friend until we came to a street crossing. As we waited for the lights to change, I noticed that same man and his white dog on the opposite side of the crossing! How did he get there? I had just seen him three minutes ago walking past me. The lights changed, and again we passed each other. This time, however, he gave me such a penetrating stare that I stopped to watch him cross the street. Then poof! He and his dog vanished.

I am still not sure what this strange encounter was all about. It was similar to the one I had had at the restaurant in Hawaii. I was not sure if this man was a Master in disguise or perhaps one of the benevolent ET's with whom I would be in contact in the future. But judging from his dark, bluish skin color, I would guess the latter.

This strange encounter had the effect of snapping me out of my state of discouragement. It reminded me that there was still a presence around me and that perhaps I wasn't as off- track as I imagined.

Another Encounter

In breaking with the trans-physical medium, I had to cancel a couple séances that were scheduled in Europe. I flew to Norway to meet with the organizers of the Norway séance and to explain my position on phenomenal séances. For the most part all understood and agreed with my stance.

While in Norway, I decided to take a short cruise of the fjords and visit the arctic circle. I booked a cabin on a ship leaving from the main seacoast town of Bergen. I intended to take a train there to meet the ship. Instead, one of the Foundation's students offered to drive me there because he had not been back to that region in many years.

The scenery going there was spectacular, except we were rapidly running out of time. We calculated that if we were lucky enough not to meet up with any traffic jams, we would barely make it to Bergen in time for the ship's departure. It started to rain, then sleet, and the roads got more and more difficult to negotiate and it looked more and more problematic that we would reach the ship in time.

We arrived in Bergen with fifteen to twenty minutes to spare but my friend did not know where the ship was berthed. Time was running out, and it was raining very hard by that time and getting dark. We were lost. Suddenly, a police car pulled up to our right and motioned us to pull over. The policeman came over to the driver's side and listed all the infractions my friend had just committed along the way. My friend explained to him what we were looking for and that we were effectively lost.

Everything was in Norwegian so I didn't understand a word but at the same time could sense what was going on. The policeman lowered his head to get a good look at me, then said something to my friend.

My friend said, "The cop told me to follow him. He's going to escort us to the port." He also remarked that there was something strange about this encounter. Usually policemen in Norway travel in twos, as one serves as a witness. This policeman was alone. Also, he could not understand why the policeman never asked to see his driver's license or identity.

Anyway, like VIP's we pierced through traffic following the police car to the port. Once we got to the port, it was obvious we had already missed the ship. The stevedores were already cleaning up and closing down the dock. The policeman hopped out of his car and walked over to talk to the stevedores. Then he came over to my side, the passenger side of the car, to speak to my friend. I lowered my window and I could get a good look at him as he was talking in Norwegian to my friend. Suddenly I noticed that his face kept changing and as I concentrated more on his face, there appeared the classic face of the Comte de St. Germain, which stayed there until he finished talking. I then realized who it was.

The policeman had advised us to catch the ship at its next stop and suggested the road to get there. The policeman lent us his pen so my friend could write down the instructions, then rejoined his car to escort us out of town. We followed him to the outskirts of Bergen, at which time he flashed his lights and waved goodbye to us.

I said to my friend, "Do you realize who that was?"


"That was St. Germain."

"And I still have his pen," said my friend. "A great souvenir of this trip!"

The Foundation is Established

On my return to Montreal, the documents had passed through the government and The Sanctus Germanus Foundation was officially established in May 2004 with a mission to promote Soul Liberation through education, meditation and healing. The government registration took five months to complete, during which time the documents had been mysteriously misplaced in the red tape. I later realized why: the delay gave me the occasion to take the trans-physical medium off the list of co-founders. By the time the government had found the lost documents, I was able to amend the documents to include those who truly wanted to serve.

Separating the Tares from the Wheat

From its founding, the Foundation became the target of attacks from the astral plane.

Wave after wave of people streamed through-psychics, mediums, shamans, kahunas, American Indian medicine men, spiritual healers, therapists, psychologists, yoga practitioners, other sects-all touting their own selfish agendas, hoping to benefit in some way from the Foundation. Many claimed to be sent by the Masters but arrived for no other reason than the promise of making more money, seeking employment for oneself or one's spouse, finding a spiritually-inclined husband, increasing one's exposure to the market, building professional credentials, finding an office, looking for space to do yoga, imposing their spiritual teachings, etc. One gentleman claiming to be the direct royal descendent of St. Germain and lives under the patronage of a royal family in Europe wanted a new patron, us. Several wanted us to sponsor them for their immigration to Canada, and the list goes on and on. But I found that once I am able to see their ultimate agenda and expose it, they generally disappear.

Some of these people approached the Foundation under the guise of truth seekers. Some even dressed the part, wrapped in Hindu-like garments or turbans. Others were looking for a thrill of phenomena. Some organisations came cloaked in the name of spirit. To my astonishment, these organizations often espoused teachings that were complete distortions of the Ancient Wisdom. Some outwardly discounted the Ancient Wisdom in favor of new teachings. One organization continues to offer a quickie weekend initiation to get people on the fast track to ascension!

At one point I was even forced to purge the Foundation of all its founding members, as their true intentions became exposed. More than once, I was left standing alone in the halls of the centre.

The building, a turn of the century house, had many plumbing problems that surfaced after we signed the lease. Leakages caused mold to grow throughout, a most insalubrious ambiance for spiritual healing. The final coup came when two college students and their father moved into the apartment below our Foundation offices. They brought with them a sound system built for a disco and despite our many pleas for quiet, the noise they generated prevented us from conducting classes, consultations or meditation sessions. In the spring of 2005, we were forced to move the Foundation to an office building where peace and tranquility have blessed us up to now.

With every contact, I learned more about spiritual discernment, primarily how to spot an individual's true intentions in one sitting. My training in business allowed me a certain frankness to call a spade a spade. Now, I do not hesitate to expose such hidden agendas to the person in front of me. Better to make intentions crystal clear than find out later when things have run their course.

I think I made more enemies during the first nine months of 2004 than I did during my entire lifetime. But I realized that each incursion was a test designed to divert me off the Path and sabotage the Foundation's mission. And even if I fell for the sweet talk or got sucked into unwittingly doing something against the interests of the Foundation, my Teacher Morya would warn me to confront the problem. Although I would try to resolve the problem in a nice way, it always seemed that the direct approach had the best result. One member insisted she was channeling St. Germain, but her messages were always contrary to the interests of the Foundation. In the end, I had to ask her to leave. El Morya also warned me ahead of time that the Foundation's website would be a prime target of sabotage, and indeed there were several who streamed through the Foundation doors aiming to gain access to the website. When I refused, they later turned against the Foundation.

This is not to say that true seekers of truth did not approach the Foundation. Gathering around the Foundation today are many sincere and committed ones who are dedicated to selfless service. And these have remained with the Foundation through all its trials and tribulations and have grown spiritually as a consequence of this service. Gradually, the snowball is gaining momentum and strength.

After the initial rush, the incursions slowed down to a dribble, but I cannot let down my guard. It has been surprisingly quiet during 2006 with only one, but major incursion. Those who approach the Foundation are now for the most part sincere in their search. This has been proof to me that the initial rush was a test for which I am all the wiser. 2004 had literally the equivalent of a college fraternity initiation into the so-called spiritual movement.

Personal Betrayals

While my struggles with the birth of the Foundation continued, close family members were getting impatient with me. When I reduced my regular visits to Hawaii to deal with the Foundation problems, a very close relative turned on me by disinheriting me and spreading vicious rumors among my extended family. A few months later, my father passed on vilifying me on his deathbed for reasons I have yet to understand. Again, I was disinherited.

In addition, close acquaintances or friends began distancing themselves from me for no apparent reason other than what I perceived later to be greater differences in vibrations.

I write of my annus horribilis , not to solicit sympathy from the reader but to illustrate that the Path of the initiate is not a bed of roses. It is a thorny Path of twists and turns, punctuated by moments of elation when one touches ever so lightly the divine. Yet seen with the perspective of one's Path of Initiation, the weathering of such hardships and misunderstanding, which looking back were not insurmountable, becomes part and parcel of the process one must go through to stay on the spiritual path. Old friends and relatives drift away, but new friends whose bonds date back to many lifetimes come into your life, and the reward of friendship takes on an entirely different meaning.

Learning to Channel

As 2004 rolled on, I began to long for another contact with the venerable Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. Somehow during all this turmoil, I had been so taken by séances and phenomena that I had lost contact with him. While in the shower one evening, I was staring blankly into the hanging bath towel opposite me and suddenly Sir Arthur's face appeared. "Do you still remember me?" he asked. "Have I not knocked more than once?" he continued referring, I guess, to my obsession with phenomena during which I had blocked him off from consciousness. I was so happy to see him again and I apologized profusely for my neglect.

He and his committee were now ready to resume training me. This time it was training in a new technique of channeling. I was not to become a deep trance medium as he had explained to me two years before. Instead I had elected to channel in the mode of the conscious amanuensis à la Alice A. Bailey (who by the way detested psychics and mediums even though she was one herself). The reasons the Spiritual Hierarchy prefers conscious channeling today are: 1) the intellectual capability of mankind is much higher today, 2) they want to engage the medium's intellect in the whole process of conveying the message so that the medium is just not a wet rag to be used and discarded but contributing actively in the transmission of the message to gain good karma, and finally 3) to improve the quality by conscious evaluation of the message being conveyed. In other words, while the medium's subconscious mind is cooperating in the conveyance of the message, his or her conscious mind can literally step back and hear as well as evaluate the words coming out of his own vocal chords. It is indeed a form of split personality.

We agreed to 9 pm every evening in the quiet of my bedroom study until I was able to channel properly. At each meeting, one of his committee members would take turns conveying a message through my voice while I listened. As time went by, I was able to allow the message giver access to a light channel in my brain that is connected to my voice chords. I could sit back and listened while my mouth moved and consciously listen to the message.

While the message is being conveyed through my voice, I would find myself commenting on what is coming out. I found that immediately after the message has been given, I can remember what I heard, but there is no lasting memory of the contents of the message. If I do not record it, I can only remember some points the next day. This is because the information was not generated from my brain but from another intelligence.

I use this faculty sparingly. I do not channel publicly except on very rare occasions. I record these oral communications with the Spiritual Hierarchy for my writing, when the Spiritual Hierarchy is giving to me specific instructions or when I wish to receive the confirmation message of what I have heard through clairaudience. There are times when the Masters have something to convey to the public, and in this instance I stand ready to accommodate them and then post the message on our website. I do not channel messages for a living or to thrill an audience. This would indeed compromise the channeling. I channel only when Masters prompt me, as it is not my prerogative to summons a Master.


During 2004 I opened myself up to receiving clients for consultations on spiritual matters. A steady stream of people responded, mostly from the English speaking countries around the world. They contacted me over the Internet, by phone, or in person. It was through this practice, that I was able to meet more sincere seekers of truth.

For the consultations, which for the most part were long distance, I had to rely to spiritual guides for information and advice. Many times, Morya and other Masters would intervene, although I did not specifically ask for them, knowing they have a very charged workload. Sir Arthur would come through from time to time to help out.

I now offer personal consultations free of charge to lightbearers from out of town who are passing through Montreal.

Writing and Publishing

The Masters reminded me that one of my primary tasks was to write and publish around eleven books. It was during all the turmoil that I managed to publish the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies volume 1 about the downfall of the Dark Forces and the period of Armageddon we are going through. To write this book I relied on guidance I received during conversations I had with Sir Arthur through the trance medium. I also worked clairaudiently with the adept known as Justin Moreward Haig on the economic and financial aspects of the book. Never would I have imagined five years before that I would write a book to expose the machinations of the Dark Forces, and I took on the challenge knowing full well there was risk involved. The information had been given to another person a year before, but he failed to write anything, fearing for his life.

As I was writing and editing Volume 1 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, I asked the Master Justin Moreward Haig, "How do I know what you're telling me is right? If it isn't, I'll have egg in my face." He answered, "You'll only know when the events have come to pass. You can't argue about the future from your vantage point on earth."

The events predicted in Volume 1 are indeed coming to pass, and I was emboldened to write Volume 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, which will be available in November 2006. This volume concentrates on the role of the lightbearer through the post-2012 earth changes and the reconstruction that follows. It covers a scenario of earth changes and how the lightbearer can operate to help humanity during this period.

I spent the summer of 2005 in the Laurentian mountains writing the first draft of Volume 2. Thinking it was more or less finished, St. Germain intervened and suggested that I should take a trip to India and revisit Darjeeling as well as visit Sikkim before I publish Volume 2. "You will see how that trip affects the book." So I delayed publication until I took the trip.

Writing takes much time and thinking. The best time to download material from the Hierarchy is from 3 to 5 am in the morning when the air is pure and the city is asleep. Once the city energies are stirred by the rush hour, receiving clear transmissions become more problematic although not impossible. I have already been given the subject of the third book, the contents of which I am presently channeling in the early morning hours.

Development of Telepathic Healing

As initial attacks on the Foundation began quieting down, I again started probing the subject of spiritual healing, a subject that had fascinated me decades before and that I had forgotten. I had practiced spiritual healing as a Christian Scientist but after about ten years, I left the Christian Science Church and abandoned the practice of spiritual healing. There was a 15-year gap before I was again exposed to energy healers in the New Age Movement.

I quietly observed practitioners of Reiki and IET and a host of other modalities to see how effective they were. I noted that most of their healings were anecdotal accounts of a "feel good" nature. While practicing healing in Christian Science, the healings were either witnessed by another party or confirmed by a medical practitioner. It was difficult to attribute any real healings to the claims of these energy healers. I was also appalled at how easy it was to become a Reiki Master-three weekend courses and without a single proof of a healing! I also noted that practitioners liberally applied Reiki to people without their permission, which in my eyes was a gross violation of the person's free will and privacy. Bothered by these practices, I finally had a conversation with an old-time Reiki practitioner who confirmed that she had had to go through seven years of solid practice before being called a master, and she had to show proof of healings.

I also took a course in esoteric healing as adapted from the writings of Alice A. Bailey's Esoteric Healing as well as experimented with other methods. Then I was reminded of one of the revelations given to us in the Foundation's Mystery School course: that the one who had overshadowed the Master Jesus during his mission on earth and had given him his extraordinary power to heal was none other than the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, not Maitreya as commonly thought. I meditated on this fact and asked Sanat Kumara that a method of spiritual healing be shown to me similar to what Jesus had used.

Gradually, I was taught a method of telepathic healing. Today, TH involves astral travel into the bedroom of the sleeping patient, which means we must secure the person's permission before applying the healing. There is no limit to the distance that this healing can be applied, so it can be sent all over the world. The client must be receptive, preferably someone on the Path of spiritual development although not always necessary. The ultimate goal of TH is not healing. It is the awakening of the individual to something that is beyond the physical ailment. It is a clarion call to the individual to begin looking seriously into his or her spiritual side of life. And the side consequence is the healing.

My first client arrived via a friend of a friend of a friend. She told me she was scared. She had terminal bone cancer. I thought, "My, they really want to challenge me!" We chatted and she calmed down a bit. I don't know if I was exactly calm myself but I jumped right in. I asked her to close her eyes and relax as I administered the telepathic healing to her. I saw in my mind's eye a glowing figure descend from behind her and place his hands on her shoulders. I believe the Archangel Gabriel, had come to help us. I needed all the help I could get. I opened my eyes and saw that that woman had a slight smile on her lips. She said, "I felt that! I feel I've been healed!" She left my office elated, not the fearful, depressed person who had arrived.

A month and a half later she called me to tell me her monthly check-up confirmed that her cancer was in remission. She said, "I know it was the healing you gave me."

All spiritual healers need a good boost like that. And that healing proved to me that the method the Masters had taught me worked, albeit with a little help. From thereon, I received request after request for telepathic healings from all over the US and the rest of the world, and I was very surprised to see that distance posed no obstacle. In fact it became easier for me to heal someone in Hong Kong than across the desk from me. Over the next year, I documented all the healings: kidney infections, migraines, digestive problems, colon stoppage, heart ailments, liver weaknesses, sleep problems-the whole range of suffering. After I had mastered the healing of physical ailments, I was then confronted with emotionally rooted physical problems. I was then shown the way to heal the astral body in response to these more psychological problems with much success.

Not all patients can be healed instantly. Some must fulfill a karmic episode and most of all they must be willing to consider that higher energies can heal. Many come to us as a last resort, fallouts of the medical system. Yet, they expect an instantaneous healing. Some do luck out, but most must work out deeply rooted emotional problems before they can free themselves of the physical symptoms.

So after documenting both physical and emotionally derived healings, I felt confident enough to teach telepathic healing to a small group of dedicated students in 2006. They will document their healings over the next year and will constitute the first corps of telepathic healers who will teach telepathic healing to others.

Telepathic healing has been developed to meet an overwhelming healing need that will come out of the period of natural catastrophes and earth changes. It will be used for mass healings in the future. Its effectiveness depends entirely on the level of spiritual development of the healer. So as one progresses in spiritual development and clarity, his or her healing abilities increase. The link is solid and the protection of the method is guaranteed, for it will not work if the intention of the healer is anything other than unselfish service and spiritual clarity.

"Return" to Adyar, India

By January, 2005, the tumult against the Foundation had died down, and I felt a need "to revisit" the Theosophical Society in Adyar outside of Chennai (Madras), India.

After resting a day in Chennai after an excruciatingly long flight from Canada, I went to Adyar just outside of Chennai. I was sent to meet the Director of Public Relations in the main hall. In making my appointment for a visit of the premises, I made no mention of my previous incarnation, indeed I had no intention of mentioning it at all. My walk to the main hall gave me chills up and down my spine, and the question put to me was: could this organisation be enlisted to carry out some work for the Spiritual Hierarchy during this tumultuous era?

I sat with the PR Director, who remarked that I had an uncanny knowledge of the Theosophical Society for not being a member. My knowledge had come from reading Colonel Olcott's Old Diary Leaves , and not from any soul memory. As we talked, I casually mentioned the Masters of Wisdom, as the main hall was called the Home of the Masters. Yet, she spoke of the Masters in the past tense, and I asked her about the present communication with the Masters. She was taken aback by the question and admitted there had been no communication since the 1930's and that they didn't believe it was necessary. Then came the stories of the Krishnamurti affair and the various unmentionable scandals that had beset the second generation Thesophists, and I realized that the Theosophical Society had been cowered into stopping communication with their founding Masters for fear of any more scandals. They were content to dwell in the past, write articles churning information given in the past into new research on the Ancient Wisdom. It was also inconceivable to the Director that anyone today could communicate with the Masters. I asked her how the society could move forward without the spiritual guidance of the Masters and she answered that it didn't seem necessary. Being an elderly person from another country, I asked her what brought her to Adyar to work in the Theosophical Society. She answered, "Here, we have servants, a driver, and a car. We're getting old, and we're well taken care of here." Need I say more?

I walked around the large grounds of the TS wondering what it was like living there when it was in full activity. Everything looked old and dilapidated. I asked if I could see Olcott's quarters. She said no. It was not permitted. How about HPB's quarters? No, that was off limits to visitors. Fair enough. Then I mentioned Olcott's cottage in the cool mountains of Ooty in the Western Ghats where he used to escape the high heat of summer and recuperate from the stresses of running the Society. Her eyes lit up. "How do you know about that?" I told her I read about it in Olcott's diary and I was planning to go to Ooty for a visit on this trip. Her eyes lit up even brighter. "The house was sold to someone else, but we have heard that it is for sale again. It would be so nice to get it back so we can go up there to escape the heat. It gets so hot here." Then she leaned toward me and in a half whisper asked, "Would you be willing to buy it for us? You could use it any time you want. We would use it only when you weren't there." I was dumbfounded at this proposal and said that I would like to visit Ooty first before I would consider such a venture.

Like all human organisation that has accomplished its purpose, the TS will limp along in a slow death as this last generation passes. Personal agendas have overtaken the selflessness of the original founders. In answer to the question posed to me upon entering the TS premises, my feeling is that this organisation has run its course and could not adapt to the coming earth changes and world financial meltdown. The only reason it still exists is because certain elements in the society see it as a personal benefit to keep it going.

Yet Another Encounter

After my visit to Adyar, I was quite depressed and disappointed to see how the organisation had evolved. But not surprised, for a medium in the states had warned me not to waste my time going there. Feeling a bit down, I took a walk outside the hotel to find a pharmacy. In India, when the three-wheel motor taxis see a foreigner walking on the sidewalk, they will buzz around you to solicit a ride. Several tried, but I ignored them. Finally, another approached me, but this driver had a very captivating face and his accent was so funny that I decided to hop in. I asked him to take me to a pharmacy. He understood.

About one-half mile down the road, we arrived on the opposite side of the street where the little pharmacy was located. The driver couldn't get to the other side because there was too much traffic, so I got off and offered to pay him. He said no, he would wait to take me back. I agreed. So I gingerly picked my way across the wild traffic and finally got to the other side, only to find the driver and his taxi waiting for me next to the pharmacy! Was I seeing a mirage? No. It was he. How had he pulled this trick off? The traffic was still dense and ferocious. I asked him how he had done it, but he shrugged and pretended not to understand. Then I smiled. Had this been just another way to cheer me up to make THEIR presence known? I felt much better.

I jumped into the three-wheeler again and asked him to take me to an internet store down the street. I paid him on arrival with a generous tip, and he asked me if I needed another ride. I said, "Okay. Wait here." While in the store I looked out to see if he was still there. He had vanished.

Visit to Ooty

I continued my journey to Ooty in the Western Ghats. Ooty (Alt: 3000 Ft.) is not as high in altitude as Darjeeling (Alt: 8000 Ft), but the air was cool compared to the sultry temperatures of Adyar and Chennai. Being January, the temperatures could descend to 0 ° C at night, but the days were pleasantly cool.

I was unable to locate the little cottage where Olcott had spent so much of his time. There were some extraordinarily beautiful spots in Ooty, including the botanical gardens and the world's largest rose garden. It had once been a hill station for the British colonial bureaucrats stationed in the south of India. Still, I felt little affinity to the place as it had been transformed into a noisy, polluted town with loads of tourist buses laden with local tourists, taxis and tuk tuks belching out black smoke. I left a couple days earlier than I had planned.

Naadi Astrological Reading in Chidambaram, India

In Olcott's diary, I read how he had gone to visit a Vedic Naadi Astrologer somewhere in Tamil Nadu. He had been astounded how his whole life had already been recorded on a palm leaf. One of the hotel managers in Ooty impressed upon me to go to Vaitheeswaran koil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu in order to get an authentic reading from the Naadi Shastras.

Over 4000 years ago, Indian rishis recorded on palm leaves (they are actually flat slats of palm that look like large tongue depressors) the lives of thousands of individuals who would come to the temple in future to ask for a reading. They recorded these lives in Sanskrit, and thousands of these palm leaves are stored in a library in the temple at Vaitheeswaran koil near Chidambaran. Naadi astrologers across India have acquired copies of these leaves, but there's nothing like the real McCoy.

In front of the temple, I hired an on-the-spot English translator, and we chose one of several astrologers outside the temple. This astrologer was very old and his sight was failing, so he relied on his young assistant to read the palm leaves and he listened for any inconsistencies. First they took my thumbprint and the place, date and time of my birth. The assistant left the room and returned ten minutes later with a stack of palm leaves tied in a bundle. He had borrowed the bundle from the temple library. "There are 108 palm leaves in this stack that conform to your thumbprint, and one of them is your life. This bundle is consecrated to the lives of high priests."

I had never considered myself a high priest. But he started with the first leaf. Did my father's name begin with this sound? Did my mother's name begin with this phonetic sound? Was I the first son? Did I have one or two sisters? Etc. Finally, about ten leaves later, he hit upon my father's name phonetically, then my mother's, then my place as first son, but middle child, in the family. The leaf seemed to light up for me and I, too, was convinced that that particular leaf was my life.

What he read of my life seemed an uncanny fit. I then instructed him to concentrate on the future. He read from the leaf the various steps and at what age I was slated to do such and such before my death. Much of the information fit exactly what the Masters had revealed to me up to then. I went away wondering how much our lives are really determined before we get here. How the Rishis could write about my life, which began on the other side of the earth from India, still amazes me today.

I returned from this trip to India with a new perspective: I should now turn my gaze to the future. This had been a trip to jog the soul memory of a past incarnation, but what really counted was to make this lifetime here and now, useful. The past was the past.

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