Two Significant Milestones

During the past few months we have passed two significant milestones on our march into the New Age:

1. The August, 2011 tumult in the financial markets marked the point of no return for the world's financial system.  Nothing can save it, and no matter what the Dark Forces and their agents do, it cannot survive.  Readers of this website would be wise to follow some of our suggestions for preparing for the demise of the financial system such as buying gold and silver, turning to barter for exchanges of goods and services and stocking for disruptions in the food distribution systems.

2. We have now entered the diluvium or period of flooding that will gradually engulf the world's coastal and lowland regions and change the land configuration of the earth.   Inch by inch, foot by foot, surge by surge the sea waters are rising.  Glaciers at both poles are tumbling into the ocean.  There is no turning back.   Lowland coastal areas will be first impacted especially those artificially protected by dikes and dams.  Areas around river estuaries will also be severely impacted and permanently inundated. We note recently the flooding of the city of Bangkok, Thailand and the inability of the rivers to drain into the ever-rising seas.  This is an example of what is at our doorstep.  We advise inhabitants in these areas to move to higher ground at least 500 ft above the present sea level.

Panic accomplishes nothing.  Calm, cool and collected preparation as well as persistence are the keys.  Take a few minutes to meditate deeply about the steps you need to take.  Plan out your move.  Don't rush but keep moving steadily forward with your plans without giving up.  The light of your path will stream from the "prelate within", your soul.  You need only ask.


The Amanuensis