A Major Turning Point

A Call for Action


We have reached a major turning point in the battle between Light and Darkness. The Dark Forces have now devised and accumulated great physical, monetary and psychological power. They are even now able to artificially induce earthquakes as demonstrated in Haiti and Chile and thus have the means to threaten any resistant country or peoples into compliance with their dastardly plans for world domination. Other highly destructive military and psychological technologies are in their hands, a gift of ET forces working in cooperation with them. These threatening technologies are backed by growing private and public security ground forces designed to keep in check any form of civilian resistance.

Yet, like David against Goliath, mankind still holds the key to thwarting these dark plots and activities. That key is thought . Every action on the earth plane starts with a thought. Without thought, nothing can materialize or manifest. As the light forces on earth working with the Master St. Germain, we are unarmed and physically incapable of resisting the preponderant physical force of the Dark Forces. Yet all of us, lightbearers especially, can train the cosmic energy behind cosmic law to resist or thwart the actions of the Dark Forces. Events that are destined to play out karmically, such as the coming World War, can be hastened and brought to a rapid conclusion in the same manner.

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation directs truth to all actions of the Dark Forces in its ongoing project to seed the mass consciousness. These seed thoughts are published on this website weekly. We invite all lightbearers to use these thought-forms in their daily meditations to help seed the mass consciousness with the truth and thus weaken and derail all dark force plots to subject the earth to their regime. We also welcome more suggestions of seed thoughts.

Just as David brought down the giant Goliath with a small pebble, we, as lightbearers, can do the same from our humble abodes through contemplation and meditation. We own the earth's most powerful weapons--thoughts laden with truth.


The Amanuensis