On the Brink

The re-emergence of the mortgage crisis in the US portends the collapse of the US financial system which in turn will plunge the world's economic system into depression. No matter how the media and propaganda arms of governments try to cover up this extremely tenuous situation, it is safe to say have now passed the point of no return. In the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 1 , a section called “The End is Nigh” we predicted that the final nail in the coffin of the Dark-Force-created financial system would come when the secondary mortgage market unravels. This is the case today, as this last leg of the downward plunge plays out. The present world financial system is on its deathbed.

Many lightbearers have taken the necessary measures to prepare themselves for the many crises ahead. They have sacrificed current consumption and stocked up on gold and silver. They have taken themselves off the grid and are working toward self-sufficiency in food and energy. They have uprooted themselves from comfortable lives and moved to higher ground or they have made solid, clear plans to move to safer areas. These are the true “hands and feet” of the Spiritual Hierarchy, responding to their deep soul plans and taking the necessary action. They will serve the Spiritual Hierarchy and build the new age.

At the same time, many lightbearers remain locked in their often mis-directed sense that all they need to do is pray away this crisis and peace and harmony will prevail. They continue to ignore the stark events passing before their very eyes and remain totally unprepared and in a stupor despite the warnings, information and advice set forth before them by the Brotherhood of Light. They refuse to acknowledge that world karma is now in play and that these events must be played out as part of the Law of Cycles and Karma. The earth must be cleansed of this insidious monetary system before it can evolve into a new age.

Those stuck in euphoric, absolutist, “feel good” spiritual theories often suffer from lack. Lack is proof of being on the wrong path, for if one indeed follows one's mission Path, the resources would be made available. Going against one's own mission by adhering to spurious spiritual theories requires a firm and rapid re-evaluation of one's belief in order to be in step with the times.

All lightbearers must take actions that will ready themselves for the challenges ahead otherwise they will be useless to the Divine Plan. They must first gain control of their minds through meditation, for as “the hands and feet” of the Spiritual Hierarchy, they will represent that steady, solid rock of quietude surrounded by chaos. They must also have the means to help their neighbours as well as strangers. To do this, they must assure themselves that they are financially viable and should be purchasing precious metals such as gold and silver, the ONLY hedge against the maelstrom that lies around the corner. (It is now ten years since we have advocated this strategy which has proven correct beyond doubt. All lightbearers should take advantage of the artificially low price of silver at this writing to buy stock up on silver, as this may be their last chance before world prices explode.)

Denial and ignorance of what is taking place in the world are not options for the lightbearer. He or she has chosen to be present during these tumultuous times in order to SERVE. Taking the requisite measures to assure one's viability as a true SERVER to the Spiritual Hierarchy is absolutely essential and time is running out as this major cycle draws to an end.

The Amanuensis