Bear the Light Hike

Earthen roots shore up the path

Guiding each step's purchase.

Muddy puddles persuade my foothold

Onto the lichen-slicked surface.

I reflect on my Soul purpose.


Mother Earth breathes her breadth

and I struggle to know the depth

Of Spirituality and Consciousness.

Clouded skies open to kiss us with sun

While blessing Life with rain,

And flashes of insight into Truth I gain.


Mountain apple and guava trees

Grow wild with orchid and ginger plants.

And we, perchance, dance

On the footprints of ants — unknowing

Where God resides.  I say inside

the Spirit of all Nature Beings.

Perspective shifts with level of Seeing.


Take the high Way or road less traveled?

Choose as you may, the Universe unravels

and All is as it should Be.

I ask for courage and seek clarity

As I Bear the Light for Humanity.


Jeri-Lynn Palacio Corbe