Earth Changes

(Excerpt from The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol 2)

“The approach of every new obscuration is always signalled by cataclysms of either fire or water.” Kuthumi

Earth changes in the coming years will involve both fire and water. To translate Master Kuthumi words into modern terms, more heat on earth - global warming - will cause the meltdown of the vast ice sheet covering Greenland, the vast ice sheet continent of Antarctica, the permafrost in the northern reaches of North American and Asian landmasses, and the high mountainous stores of ice and permafrost in the various mountain ranges on earth.

“Heat from the Seven Suns”

During a discussion about earth changes, a Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas echoed the teachings of the largest Tibetan Buddhist Order, the Kagyus, on what was about to take place. It is said the earth will go through the following three stages:

•  The heat of seven suns will bear down upon it

•  Heat will be followed by massive floods to cleanse the earth's surface

•  High winds will then follow to dry some of the flooded areas

This cycle would repeat itself until the earth was totally void of life in the case of a Major Pralaya or cleansed in the case of Minor Pralaya such as the one we currently face.

When do these Buddhists expect these changes to happen?

“Soon,” he said. “I don't know exactly, but we believe it will be soon.”

To illustrate the possibility of the “heat of seven suns” bearing down upon the earth, Diagram 8 shows the relation of our solar system to other suns in the galaxy and how at a given time, all seven suns could find themselves in the central band of the galaxy.



7 suns photon band

Diagram 8: Possible Coincidence of How the Seven Suns at a given moment in galactic time (2012?) could line up in the Photon band to produce the heat of the Seven Suns (each star represents a star with its solar system).


Could the current alarming rate of global warming be the precursor of this great heat from the Seven Suns? We believe it is. In fact, we are already experiencing the effects of global warming — tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding — marking the tail end of the Fourth Sub-Round IV and the onset of the Minor Pralaya. Increased heat will be central to the earth changes.

In the years ahead we predict three stages of earth changes that will form the backdrop to the survival of human civilisation. For this purpose we will use the Year 2012 as a convenient analytical marker for our time-bound minds.

No matter what path mankind takes, the earth changes will proceed, and mankind must decide how best to turn these changes into opportunities to create a better society, one that serves mankind in its quest for Soul Liberation.


Stage 1: The Present until Year 2012

Earth changes have been taking place for centuries in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, climatic changes, and the like. Presently, global warming should be of greatest concern to us. Up to the year 2012, regional or localized flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis will assail the earth. Coincidentally, these earth changes will 1) serve as a catalyst for the downfall of the current regime of finance and warmongering, 2) signal to lightbearers that they must prepare to move to certain Spiritual Regions in the highlands and 3) serve as warnings to the population at large of even greater “natural” disasters to come.


Stage 2: Earth Changes 2012 to 2080

We believe that in the Northern Hemisphere in the dead of winter 2012, temperatures will reach their peak as the Seven Suns momentarily line up and concentrate heat onto our solar system. Such an injection of energy will provoke even more rapid melting of the vast permafrost areas in the Northern Hemisphere and the continent of Antarctica, causing a significant rise in the sea levels, which in turn will gravely impact human society.

The accelerated meltdown will cause major flooding of lowland and coastal areas worldwide resulting in a mass exodus from low-lying regions to higher ground and certain designated Spiritual Regions. Amidst this turmoil, lightbearers will be able to seize this opportunity to create a transitional society that will lay the foundation stones for a New Golden Age. (See Chapters 6 to 8).


Stage 3: Continental Shifts 2080 and Beyond

Tucked away in the designated Spiritual Regions, human societies will experience a new awakening. Lightbearers and the remnants of civil populations will put into practice cosmic principles that will eventually usher in the New Golden Age in the Spiritual Regions, then spread to surrounding areas. At the same time major continental shifts will occur to change the surface of the earth for centuries to come.


Logic of Earth Changes

If we were to gaze upon the earth from the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy, there would be very few areas on earth's surface that mankind has not touched or altered in a negative way. The truth be said, mankind accounts for ALL the pollution on the earth's surface. Periodic cleansing to reclaim earth's pristine nature is necessary, so the earth changes we are undergoing are not random catastrophic events with no purpose or reason. From the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy, they are cyclical as well as purposeful.

Since most pollution is located along coastal areas, inland waterways and urban areas, it is logical that these areas are going to be the most intensely targeted for cleansing in stages one and two. Areas of greatest industrial and moral pollution are where the greatest change will occur. Overcharged, heavily populated areas will be dispersed until earth regains its equilibrium and clarity.

The convulsions and cataclysms ahead are meant to cleanse and re-purify. They are not punishments for humanity, however much it might have caused the pollution. Should a cataclysm wash away vast numbers of human beings, this is because these individual souls have chosen to exit earth in this way. This is why we must emphasize that the individual's survival is a matter of choice. He or she can heed the multiple warnings and get out of harm's way or succumb.

Stage 1: Pre-2012 Warnings of Earth Changes to Come

Today we find ourselves in Stage 1 of an ongoing obscuration process that involves the 1) entry of finer, higher vibrational etheric matter, 2) the acceleration of time and the washer effect of entering the photon band, and 3) the increase of cosmic heat to produce global warning. We have already discussed the effects of both #1 and #2. Periodic catastrophic jolts from natural disasters will drain the resources of various would-be war-mongering nations along with further eroding governments' power and popularity as they bungle disaster response.

As the astral plane undergoes cleansing and the majority of the Dark Forces are expelled, we will begin to experience the brotherhood that has so long eluded humanity. The forces of the good and innocent will begin to outnumber the dark, negative forces, and the balance between light and darkness will tip on the side of the light. Group action and cooperation will reach a new high, and mutual aid and service will come naturally. The general atmosphere on the earth will be so much brighter, and the new glow will inspire all to revamp their lives, love their neighbours, and open themselves to the possibilities of higher dimensions.

But while we celebrate, we will have to face increasingly alarming signs of earth changes such as the rapid meltdown occurring in Alaska and Greenland and unusual weather patterns bringing drenching rains to other parts of the world. Unusual hurricane or typhoon activity in the Atlantic and the Pacific will result in greater-than-normal flooding of coastal areas and loss of life. These are the warning signs of greater earth changes to come, not just another weather cycle, and should spur people to begin planning a move to higher ground.


Warning Signs: Heat Waves, Storms, Polar Meltdown, and Earthquakes

Today's scientists are concluding that there is an “alarming” meltdown taking place in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe. Global warming has now made it to the front pages of major newspapers. Headlines like “IT RAINED THIS WINTER IN ANTARCTICA” will dominate our news. Geological reports during the 2005-2006 winter indicate that the ice in the Arctic failed to re-form and that huge chunks of the Greenland glacier are falling into the sea even in winter. The meltdown has reached yet another plateau of acceleration. While mankind has added to global warming, blame and the good intentions of anti-global warming movements will not stop the meltdown. The scientist's “alarm” means that the obscuration process is now measurably visible and at our doorstep.

It is said that the Arctic Sea temperature averaged 23 ° C about 55 millions of years ago and that the Atlantic reached 42 ° C roughly 60 million years ago. This was the state of the earth then, and it will happen again. Heat waves will begin to grip the planet. Heat and relief, more heat and then relief will become the obvious pattern in the both hemispheres. At first, these climatic occurrences will grip isolated regions, then spread to larger areas, then to whole continents. These are signs not to be waved off, but to be reckoned with.

It is not only the meltdown of visible ice but also that of the vast permafrost zones in northern Canada and the Asian landmass in northern Russia that will raise the level of the seas and swell inland water bodies. Historically high levels of rainfall in regions around the world will be reported, and flooding will become more pronounced in previously arid regions. Dikes, dams, levees, and seawalls will come under more and more stress. Underground structures such as basements and parking complexes will be subject to groundwater seepage and water will start lapping on to walkways along lakes and coastal parks. Gradually, water will show signs of taking over the land, but in this pre-2012 period, most will be unable to connect these small occurrences to the greater picture.

In the pre-2012 period, violent hurricanes such as Katrina that struck New Orleans in 2005, the typhoons that drenched Southern China and India in 2005 and 2006, the floods that ravaged arid Ethiopia in 2006, the floods in Eastern Europe in 2005, and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that struck the surrounding countries — these, and many other, climatic events were merely tasters of the future. In addition to big and spectacular storms, flash flooding, unusually heavy rainfall and “freak” cyclones will plague inland areas. Of course, scientists will mistakenly see these storms as the return of previous weather cycles such as El Nino or a 1930's Atlantic weather cycle, rather than as part of the initial process of obscuration.

Periodic underwater and land earthquakes will jolt us during this stage of the pralaya. Earthquakes will occur with increasing frequency and intensity where the earth's tectonic plates join. Again, these geological events are to be seen as warnings of what is to come but as they gain in frequency and amplitude, human disaster relief organisations will be so taxed as to be ineffective. The human toll in each successive event will increase, and governments will be exposed blatantly for their ineptitude and uselessness. People must understand that these early warning signs mean that they must start thinking about a plan of where to go and how to take care of themselves if they choose to survive.

Earth Changes that Accelerate the Downfall of the Dark Forces

Esoterically speaking, earth changes serve coincidentally as the Spiritual Hierarchy's trump cards. The financial house of cards that the Dark Forces (investment banks, stock brokerage firms, and the like) have built, in collusion with national governments, stands on the brink of collapse. We have entered a period of hyperinflation caused by governments that have flooded the world with fiat paper money from their printing presses that has no intrinsic value but that people attach to it. Never in the history of mankind has there been so much “liquidity” of worthless money. The derivatives market is particularly vulnerable to the slightest emotion-laden event. Tenuous “carry trades” like the yen-dollar arrangement between the Central Banks of Japan and the United States, bleed the world's financial system, transferring gargantuan profits to the coffers of the Dark Forces via their proxy investment banks.

Governmental collusion in these corrupt financial arrangements can be perpetuated because of the common man's ignorance of finance. These arrangements grow progressively fragile and the tiniest crisis will spark panic that will lead to a collapse of the whole worldwide system. The one thing the Dark Forces cannot control is a natural catastrophe.

Floods and earthquakes jar economies and government complacency and force attention more towards rescuing populations than engaging in corrupt finance and arms dealings. They are faced with evacuations and organizing relocations, funding repairs, dealing with unemployment, paying out benefits to the injured, rebuilding structures and infrastructures in new areas and much more. Natural disasters expose governments for the burden they are upon their populations and will hopefully awaken people to their ineptitude and uselessness.

From an esoteric point of view, earth changes will play a major role in triggering the downfall of the Dark Forces' regime and in educating the populations about what to expect post 2012.


Stage 2: Year 2012-2080: Increase of Solar Heat, Acceleration of Flooding, and Surviving Regions

Whether through the Maya n scholars' unlikely prediction of boiling oceans or the heat of “Seven Suns”, heat will crescendo during the run up to 2012, and from mid-winter 2012 onward a greater influx of solar heat will accelerate polar cap and permafrost meltdown. This intense heat injection need only keep temperatures at the two poles above freezing during the winter months, and sea levels will rise accordingly.

Many of us will live to see the earth changes following 2012's intense inflow of energy. Most coastal areas will be permanently inundated and the world's main urban centres along coastal areas will be destroyed. Approximately 70 percent of the world's population (4.5 billion people) that live along and within 100 km of the coast will be affected, along with the millions living near inland rivers and water bodies, which will flood interior low-lying areas, splitting continents with inland seas and waterways. Most countries will be reduced in size or disappear under the floods. This will be the return of the diluvial era of Noah's ark.

The Northern Hemisphere includes the vast sub-polar permafrost region that stretches across the Asian landmass, North Atlantic region, and the North American continent south of the North Pole and is contiguous with the world's heaviest populated areas. The permafrost in the Southern Hemisphere lies mainly on the relatively isolated South Pole continent of Antarctica.

It is estimated that permafrost ranging from 50 to 1000 meters thick covers 20 percent of the earth's surface. It exists at all altitudes from the lowlands to high plateaux and mountain peaks. The amount of water frozen into this vast zone is incalculable, but when melted could literally flood the earth.

For this reason, it is estimated that sea level will rise from 50 to 80 meters (150 to 240 feet) and flood all coastal areas. The countries of the Maldives and Bangladesh will disappear under water during the initial stages of flooding, followed by many low-lying countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

The meltdown of the Northern Hemisphere's permafrost will inundate areas inland as well as on the coasts. For example, in North America, melting permafrost will drain into the Great Lakes basin that stretches from Hudson Bay to the five great lakes and will create a huge inland water body that will find its way to the ocean via the Mississippi and St. Lawrence Rivers. These rivers will swell to become inland seas that will split the North American continent into three parts. Other rivers and lakes in the western part of North America and south of the permafrost zone will swell and flood on their journey to the sea.

In the north Atlantic region, glaciers will melt to expose the pristine landmass that today we call Greenland. Its ice sheet is up to three kilometres thick. It is estimated that the melting of this glacier alone will add seven meters to current sea levels.

In the massive central Asian landmass from Norway to Western Siberia, the melting permafrost will create a vast inland sea bordering the northern tips of the Himalayas in what is Central Asia today.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the ice sheet on Antarctica's landmass is estimated to be about 4.2 kilometres thick. If West Antarctica continues to melt, the sea level will rise six metres. If East Antarctica melts down, the sea level will rise an extra 70 metres!

In addition, the extra warmth on the earth causes the water to expand more rapidly in the tropical and subtropical regions. And like a seesaw, land areas will also be rising up on one end and sinking on other, as they adjust to the lesser weight of the melting ice sheets.


Main Cities Permanently Inundated

The 70 percent of the population living on flat coastal plains resides in 11 of the world's 15 largest cities, located on the coast, bays and estuaries. Major financial and trade centres--New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Calcutta, Dubai, Dublin and London, will eventually be destroyed by flooding. The financial districts of Singapore, Mumbai, and Hong Kong/Macau sit on manmade landfill at the present sea level. Bangkok, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and New Orleans – and which of us can forget the sight of those levees - are barely above the present sea level.

Large port cities located along main Northern Hemisphere river ways such as the Rhone (Geneva and Lyon), Rhine (Basle to Rotterdam), Mississippi (St. Paul, St. Louis, New Orleans), St. Lawrence (Toronto and Montreal), the Great Lakes (Chicago and Detroit), Yangtze (Wuhan and Nanjing), Yellow River (Zhengzhou and Jinan), Mekong (HCM City), Ganges (Dhaka and Calcutta), Indus (Karachi) will be inundated or washed away as thundering waves of water sweep down from melting permafrost at higher elevations. Major trade ports built on river delta areas of these great rivers of the world such as Chao Phraya (Bangkok), Irrawaddy (Yangon) and Niger (Lagos) are doomed. Most transportation hubs and routes—airports, rail lines and stations, highways, waterways—connected to these cities will also be flooded.

Massive earthquakes have always threatened Japan, but during this period they will generate tsunamis that will strike the coasts of the entire Pacific Rim.

Oil rigs, pumps and refineries along coastal areas around the world will be inundated. Vast Asian hinterlands of Russia's oil industry will be subject to continued heavy rain, especially as the northern permafrost melts and begins to fill in the low-lying areas that were once inland seas. As the sea level rises, most of the Persian Gulf oil-producing areas will end up under the sea.

Broadcasts warning people to evacuate coastal areas for higher ground will for the most part remain unheeded. The majority of the people will unconsciously choose to remain and perish in the floods as their souls signal their departure from the earth plane. A relatively small minority will make their way to higher ground.


High Elevation Urban Areas Survive

Despite the massive losses along the coastal and low-lying regions, many high-elevation urban and rural regions will likely survive the floods intact. An estimated 20 to 30 percent of the world's population now inhabits higher elevated regions over 100 meters (300 feet) above present sea level. Although we expect levels to rise another 50 to 80 metres, the seas will continue to be turbulent, with storms battering the new and higher coastlines before the new weather system settles in.

Urban areas located on high plateaux surrounded by fertile land and with a good supply of fresh ground water will survive. These plateaux should be higher than large lakes and other water bodies.

Mountainous river valleys or narrow ravines and canyons, where flash flooding can take place, will be ravaged by melting permafrost, causing rivers to swell and temporarily flood these areas. Most of these high elevation regions can be found in the foothills of major mountain ranges.

Except for some Pacific and Caribbean islands and atolls, most countries with coastal areas have highland and mountainous regions. Barring earthquakes in those regions sitting between tectonic plates and the success of the Dark Forces in spreading pandemic diseases, the higher elevation areas should afford safety for many millions of people.

Some examples of high elevation regions and cities are:

North America: Boulder and Denver, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada, eastern slopes of the Rockies

South America: La Paz, Bolivia, Brazilia-Goias in the Brazilian Highlands; Argentina: Córdoba, Capilla del Monte

Europe: Madrid, Spain; Pyrenees and the Ardennes-Alps region of Germany, Switzerland, Transylvanian Plateau in the Carpathian Mountains

Middle East: the Plateau of Iran, Turkey, Armenia

Central Asia: Afghanistan, Tajikistan and into the Himalayas

Indian Subcontinent: Simla, Darjeeling and Dharamsala in the foothills of the Himalayas and Ooty in Western and Eastern Ghats

China: Xian, Chengdu, Kunming, Lhasa, Tibetan Plateau; Qinghai-Xizang Plateau eastward up to the Da Hinggan-Taihang-Wushan mountains line, composed mainly of plateau and basins with elevation from 1,000 to 2,000 meters

Africa: Sub-Saharan Chad, Central Africa Republic, Central Highlands, Goma, Congo; Lake Kivu; Kigali, Rwanda; Kenyan Highlands, Uganda; Bujumbura, Burundi

Australia: the Great Dividing Range, Outback, Western Australia

New Zealand: All highland areas


There are high elevation areas on each continent where the basic communications and transport infrastructure will remain intact. Because these areas will be cut off from ground or sea transport, air transport and wireless telephone will serve as the only links between elevated safe regions. However, the state of these safe regions at the time of the major floods will depend on how they have survived the ravages of the deep economic depression and the world war.

Twelve Spiritual Regions

On each continent in high elevation regions, a Spiritual Region will emerge as a safe haven for initiates and lightbearers of the Spiritual Hierarchy to build a transitional society that will serve as a model for the rest of the world. Further details about these special regions will be discussed in the following chapters. These Spiritual Regions are:

North America: (1) Banff-Lake Louise area near Calgary, Canada to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, US and (2) the Colorado Plateau

South America: (3) Córdoba Province in Argentina and (4) Goias Province in Brasil

Asia: (5) Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and (6) Gobi Desert Plateau

South Asia: (7) Darjeeling in the Himalayas

Australia: (8) the Australian Outback region

Middle East: (9) Iran plateau near Yazd, Iran

Africa: (10) Central Highlands Lake Kivu area and (11) the Ahaggar Plateau near Tamanrasset, Algeria

Europe: (12) Transylvanian Plateau in the Carpathian Mountains

Weather patterns on the earth will change radically in the coming decades in line with the greater availability of water and will make such forbidden arid areas as the Australian Outback, Saharan and Gobi Plateaux, much more habitable. Ethiopia, a very arid Africa country, has recently been under heavy flooding. A very mild, wet climate is expected to take over the earth, and regular rainfall will resume in arid regions that were once fertile and arable.


The Thirteenth Spiritual Region: Capital of the New Golden Age

The Thirteenth Spiritual Region will be designated the Capital of the New Golden Age around the year 2040. Two locations may be considered: Victoria Island in the Northern reaches of Canada or Greenland. What is revealed after the glaciers have melted and how these two locations are used during the world war will determine if either of them can meet the karmic requirements of the Spiritual Hierarchy for such a sacred location.

Nuclear Fall-out and Pandemics

The coastal and riverine flooding will inevitably affect nuclear power plants, since most are located near bodies of water. Nuclear radiation from flood-damaged plants presents serious dangers. The chance that Governments will take measures to deactivate these facilities at the behest of esoteric predictions is highly unlikely but man must always learn by his own experience and mistakes.

Another effect of these water-related earth changes will be pandemics. Some diseases will be born out of the release of biological pollution and stagnation in the aftermath of catastrophes. Others will be man-induced, for when the Dark Forces realize that they can no longer have their way in certain regions, they will release pandemics as part of their scorched earth tactics. In the aftermath of such pandemics, these areas will have to undergo years of cleansing before they can be used again for the New Golden Age.

Stage 3: Continental Shifts Beyond our Lifetimes


While civilisation struggles on, tucked away in the highland and Spiritual Regions, the rest of the earth will continue to undergo changes that will alter the earth's surface as we know it today. Many survivors living far from the Spiritual Regions are likely to be subject to these profound changes unless they are able to make their way to the Spiritual Regions and ultimate safety. It is unlikely that anyone reading this book today will witness these changes, but we can project the re-mapping of the world's surface into the New Golden Age as a matter of information.

Thousand Islands Scenario

The incoming energies projected onto the planet from 2012 onward will cause ever more profound changes on earth's surface, changes that will defy current science and logic. Whole continents will drift either in the same direction of the current tectonic plates, or certain landmasses will sink, as was the case with Atlantis, and some submerged land masses will rise from out of the oceans.

When all is settled, the configuration of land and sea expected for the New Golden Age will be large islands up to the size of New Zealand or Japan, interspersed by smaller water bodies. This will contrast with our present geographical configuration of large expanses of oceans and landmasses. No continental powers will exist. A world of a thousand islands will operate as a world without artificial boundaries. Water will serve as the delimitation of communities and the primary medium of communication between the islands, and sea transport in all forms will re-develop.


North American Continent

The west coast of North America from the Baja Peninsula to the panhandle of Alaska will detach forming several coastal islands. Earthquakes will cause one half of Alaska to drop off into the sea. The Central Valley of California, the Mojave Desert and low-lying areas along the coast will be submerged under the rising ocean and the Sierra Madre mountain range will constitute the new western coastline.

Water will create of the North American continent several large island-continents. North America will be split into three pieces: 1) the area west of the Mississippi, 2) east of the Mississippi and south of the St. Lawrence, and 3) East of the Great Lakes and north of the St. Lawrence. As the permafrost melts, the Hudson Bay will reach down to the Great Lakes Basin spilling over into the Mississippi to form a long seaway to the Gulf of Mexico and into the St. Lawrence to form an even wider seaway connecting to the Atlantic. The whole mid-west up to the Rockies will be inundated, and the Rockies will jut out as an island-continent.

The north-south range of the Rocky Mountains will be cut into segments by earthquakes and form several island-continents as the Pacific and the North American tectonic plates move in opposite directions. The foothills and plateaux on the eastern slopes of the Rockies will constitute Spiritual Regions for the surviving populations of the North American Continent.


Central and South America

In South America water will once again separate the Andes from the coastal highlands that run from Brazil (Bahia, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina) to Argentina with all the central lowlands running from the Amazon valley down through to the southern part of Argentina being inundated. What is now South America will become two large island-continents. All of Central America will be submerged, and the connection between North and South America will be cut off .

Asia and the Pacific Rim

As both the eastern and western sides of the Pacific Rim rock with earthquakes, the resulting tsunamis and ocean disturbances will temporarily submerge most of the Pacific Islands, especially Hawaii. Then parts of the lost continent of Lemuria will rise out of the middle of the Pacific.

Most of China's lowland coastal areas will be submerged during Stage 2. Then, through a series of seismic movements, all that will remain of present China will be the high plateau of the Gobi desert and the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, which will serve as the point of refuge for the Chinese civilisation. There it will again flourish in the New Golden Age under the original Chinese race as one of the Spiritual Regions.

The islands of Taiwan and the Philippines will submerge as underwater land masses rise out of the Pacific.


Southeast Asia

  Most of Southeast Asia will be severely flooded. All the lowlands around the Tonle Sap Lake of Cambodia and South Vietnam — the Mekong Delta -- will sink with the higher areas of Laos and Northern Vietnam becoming a peninsula.

Central Asia

Russia below the 65 degree latitude will become a soggy marchland due to the meltdown of permafrost that will drain into a huge inland sea where the Western Siberian lowlands and the Kirgiz steppe are now located.


South Asia

India's lowlands, the Indus and Ganges river valleys will be submerged during stage 2. What will remain are the foothills and hill stations of the Himalayas. The Western Ghats will form another island-continent. The Himalayas and the Western Ghats will serve as two Spiritual Regions in which humanity will continue evolving.


Australia and New Zealand

Australia's eastern side will be submerged while the western desert will become habitable. New Zealand will be pushed up out of the sea to create a larger island-continent.

New Zealand and the Western desert of Australia will serve as the Spiritual Regions down under.



The British Isles and most of Western Europe, including the lowlands of Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be submerged. Much of Scandinavia will remain intact although its coastal areas will be submerged.

Eastern Europe's river basins will be submerged. The Carpathians will emerge as an island-continent with a Spiritual Region.

Northern European populations will find refuge in the Scandinavian highlands while western and eastern European populations should repair to the Carpathian mountain range.

A large island-continent will rise out of the North Atlantic Ocean between North American and Europe.


The Middle East

The Persian Gulf will become a huge sea covering Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq and stretching from Egypt to the western shores of India. To the north Iran and Turkey will flood so that the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean are all one body of water. There will no longer be any need for the Suez Canal. The whole Arabian Peninsula to the east of the Suez will submerge.



Today's African continent will split into four island-continents: 1) The West African region, the Senegal and Niger Rivers will separate from the north and become a large island. 2) Much of sub-Saharan Africa will be covered with water as high sea levels inundate the river systems and surrounding areas. The inland delta of the Niger in Mali will form a huge lake. However, the arid northern plateau of the Sahara will remain intact and form a new island-continent where a Golden Age once existed under the command of Sanctus Germanus. Heavy rains will rejuvenate this region. The inland sea that now lies under the Sahara will rise and join with the Mediterranean in the north. 3) What is South and Southeast Africa today will break away from the main continent to become an island-continent, and 4) the central highlands where Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda are located will remain intact and serve as one of the Spiritual Regions during this long period of continental change. Most of Egypt will be submerged.


Emergence of Pristine Lands

As the polar and permafrost meltdown advances, vast pristine lands in the northern reaches of Canada and Russia will be revealed from under the ice and used for the New Golden Age. Greenland will emerge as a temperate area with virgin lands exposed once its glaciers have melted. These post-diluvian areas, however, will require many decades, if not centuries, to drain and become habitable.

Some islands, such as those in the Pacific with active volcanoes will rise further from beneath the oceans. These will manifest as large land bodies in the middle of the ocean and become island-continents. The present islands will become the future highlands of these island-continents and their rains will flow down for decades leaching out the saline areas. Most of these areas will remain uninhabited until repopulated centuries later.

Survivors of Stage 3 of the pralaya will be scattered around the world in various Spiritual Regions. We will discuss how these areas will bring in the much-promised Golden Age in the following chapters.


* * *


Most of us will live to experience Stage 1 and Stage 2. Many may choose not to go on after Stage 1 is completed, but others will be driven by a sense of purpose and mission to continue into Stage 2. These lightbearers have been placed on the earth plane during this time to inform and lead mankind as best they can through the pralaya. We shall now see who these people are and what tasks lie ahead for them amid all the earth changes.