A Christmas Message from Sanctus Germanus

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Greetings. This day being what you call Christmas Eve is very significant. It is the beginning and is also the end. It is the end of a vicious cycle that has gripped the world in the hands of what we call the dark forces. It is also the beginning of a grand new cycle, not exactly what you had planned as a world cycle ending in 2012. It is for us the beginning of a new cycle and of course we must transition into it slowly on your timepiece, but for us it is part of cosmic time. As we let go the old cycle, let us remember it wasn't all bad. The good that streams out of it will be plentiful, and if given the proper thinking and the proper analysis, you will see that despite the regime that gripped the world during this cycle, there was a lot of good and light that streamed forth. Let us hang on to these streams of light that pour out of the older cycle and let us build upon that light.

We do not believe in an abrupt rupture of the evolutionary track that we are all on. We believe in the gradual changes that make mankind better and better as we progress on the evolutionary plan.

So, as this Christmas comes about, look into it as a new beginning, yet a new-old beginning. Think of all the wonderful things in your life, think of the beauty of nature that doesn't change from mankind's foibles. Think of the blue sky and the clear air and think of the wonderful seas, the oceans deep, blue and clear. There's much to be thankful for on this earth. Mother Earth has provided some of the most extraordinary resources for you to prosper on her crust.

Look at what people have painted, our great artists have seen—nature in their painted landscapes. Musicians have composed wonderful symphonies and pieces that depict the sounds that surround us. Let us also not forget the wonderful creations of sculpture, all the wonderful pieces of art, all creations of the citizens of earth, that look toward the goodness of mother earth and humanity. Yes, the good earth. Yes, humanity in its evolutionary motion.

The birth of Christ Jesus is symbolized in this day, albeit not his true birthday. But that doesn't really matter, because the presence of the Christ, and we talk here not of the man, Jesus, but of the spirit of the Christ which comes down from the highest of our Hierarchy on earth. And here this wonderful energy continues to flood the earth plane, blessing everyone willing to tune into it, and I repeat, willing to tune into it. This Christ power blesses mankind, no matter what shenanigans the Dark Forces play upon the earth plane.

So it is that which pierces the veil, that which pierces the dark clouds that come your way in the future, in the near future. But remember that the presence of this Christ power is forever, immutable, indestructible.

So no matter what is perpetrated upon humanity, the great light of the Christ shines forth. It is a Light that heals, it is a Light that brings hope, it is a Light that forwards your evolution and your progress, it is a Light that provides bountiful resources to you, it is a Light that guides you like the guiding star, it is everything you need and will ever need on the earth. So just remember that, my dear friends. This is not only a birthday we're talking about. This is a reminder, a constant yearly reminder--which should be a daily reminder-- of the great Light of the Christ Consciousness that pervades the earth, no matter what your senses are telling you.

Ahhh, if I could get all of you to meditate deeply every day, to pierce the veil that so covers the earth at this moment, to see that behind this veil is the Christ Light, that which Christmas is all about, that has for you every solution possible for your short stay on earth. And let it be said again, that behind it all, behind this veil lies peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

I bless all of you. I bless all of you on this fine day.

Sanctus Germanus