Chance Favors the Prepared Mind


Does the beacon save us only in the night

Riding rough waters of Life?

I close my eyes yet still see the Light

the engram ablaze in my mind

Seeking to find

Spirit in corporeal form.

A Friendship is born.


The beacon is a Karmic cue only if you

Are seeking and prepare to embrace

Choices of Destiny.

Take both hands to the oars

Pull what is yours

Committing in the motion.

“Guide my ship and my Soul,”

Entreats a Captain in Fate's ocean.


Land passes by and passes out of sight

Back facing the saving grace.

Sometimes by day we don't see the Light

Impasse at rough currents of the race.

Too busy mind focused on staying afloat

Not knowing to note options

and find Chance

Favors the prepared Mind.


Jeri-Lynn Palacio Corbe