A Christmas Message from the Amanuensis

We are all privileged to learn from the occult mysteries that have been handed down to us, that the true coming of the Christ is not the babe Jesus in a manger, but the ever-presence of our "Father who art in Heaven", Sanat Kumara. Knowing this profound TRUTH gives us the key to the vast range of healings we can carry out throughout the world and to the knowledge that can guide humanity through the tumultuous years to come. REJOICE! for through Jesus' example of serving as the physical vehicle through which the Christ powers of Sanat Kumara could unfold, we can do likewise and fulfill Jesus' prophecy, "Greater works than these, ye shall do." So today we commemorate not only the birth of Jesus but moreover reveal openly to the public that the ever-presence of our Father on earth, is the true Christ or Sanat Kumara, the Great One 'in whom we live and move and have our being.

The Amanuensis