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The Planets, Portals to Freedom

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We are pleased to be amidst you all again, this time speaking about the planets.

You all acknowledge the fact that all things are interconnected? I trust you know this. Given a bit of thought, it's implications are endless, really. However, in that man's, shall I say, turmoil, tends to keep him rather self centered... it's rare and a rare individual that speaks in terms of anything beyond this planet. I suppose that's as it should be. "One should deal with what's in one's own back yard," as they say. (Which, by the by, as I've stated before, is one good reason why your so-called, "space race" has been put on the back burner. It's irrelevant. Why, until hunger is wiped out, dis-ease, violence, war, what business have any mortals attempting to go forth and conquer other planets, which is really their goal. They might tell you they do it for scientific research but we see too clearly into their cunning little minds. And I tell you that they're looking for domination, control, claiming real estate in outer space, is what they want. But, that is the core of it, we can tell you right now. And money is at the root of that. So, again, it's just as well that man is being stopped in his rather silly attempts to colonize other planets. That shall be maintained until things are dealt with here.) Nonetheless, on a spiritual level, one can indeed travel, as it were, from planet to planet. And it's in the contemplation of this thing, that you find, could I say, the ability to plant seeds of cosmic consciousness right within yourselves. Allow me to explain.


When one contemplates the Sun itself, which most don't, especially in this particular culture. But when you do, and thus, obviously, I invite you to, realize that the Sun is like your elder brother. It is a being, it is conscious, it is alive and it knows you far better than you know it. The Sun is obviously the most generous Giver of Energy in life force, that you are aware of in the physical dimension. As such, is it not worthy of a bit of emulation that you should attempt to, you might say, "mimic it?" For it's in giving that one receives, you understand that, but it's in giving that one fulfills one's true function of life, which is to give. God being the Ultimate Giver. So, as you contemplate the Sun, at your leisure, you need not do it completely and totally now, but, as you think of it, you can become one with it. I, in fact, suggest that you do. For you've got the privilege of setting up what we call a transference, an exchange of energy between yourself and this mighty, mighty being. Sun worshippers knew this, this is why they did it. The Great Inca culture, the Aztecs, various others, Egyptians, all sun worshippers. When you exchange with the sun, what do you suppose is the benefit? You receive an incredible sense of the amplification of your life force. You receive a new state of awareness that is brilliant by it's very essence. You, therefore, become some portion of the same.

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The planet Mercury, often associated with the mind, indeed. What of Mercury? I say it is the quickening of the mental faculty like nothing else can do it for you. If you ever felt a bit dull, slow witted, think about Mercury for a bit. It's almost like a homeopathic remedy, you see, you can take. Doing it habitually, it quickens your mind, it sharpens it. You know about the element Mercury. You know how it is, what it's functions are, it's properties, you know how it's scattered in many different directions at once. And yet, each little granule of Mercury is completely intact, isn't it, as it goes. And it can be brought together again. It fills your thermometers. Mercury, silver in color. Beautiful in it's lucidity of the mind. You want a clear mind? Think of Mercury.

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And what of Venus? Obviously the planet of love, eh? But what of Venus? It is the elder sister of the Earth. Upon Venus one finds beings who are so conscious of themselves as love that they automatically are in the state of merging with everything that they contact. It is the essence of unity, it is the ultimate intimacy -- Venus. So to contemplate Venus, again, at your own time, at your leisure, is to invite the Venusian beings into your life, into your own soul as it were, creating an expansion of your understanding of love. By and by, it occurs, these things like any remedy, if you will, or speaking of homeopathy, do not always manifest upon the first dose but these be habits of yours that you can contemplate. They are cosmic habits ... aren't taught in your schools I'm afraid, but quite commonly taught in your inner realms.

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Then you think in terms of Mars. What is Mars? I say Mars is boldness personified. Mars is pure energy. Mars is bravery. Fearlessness. The ability to get anything done. The ultimate Accomplisher. This is Mars. You feel you're lacking a bit of energy, you feel that you're not accomplishing your goals, you're not seeing things through, invite the God Mars into your consciousness, habitually, such as it occurs. Lovely planet, Mars.

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Then, of course, we've got our lovely Jupiter, don't we? The Giant of the Solar System. Benevolent, expansive, the ultimate Possibility Thinker is Jupiter. Though I have referred to these, and they are the Planets, I likewise refer to them as Gods. For they are this as well. So we speak of the God Jupiter today. Jolly fellow. Joyousness. Endlessness. Everything can be done. Jupiter, "the Big Yes" in the Universe. It doesn't know the meaning of "no," only "yes." It grants everything, it allows everything, it encourages everything. And it tells you that all of your plans and dreams shall one day come true. Jupiter. Some have affectionately called Jupiter, on your planet, "the Santa Claus of the Zodiac." (ho, ho, ho). Jolly Jupiter.

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Then we've got her brother, Saturn. Saturn, much maligned and misunderstood, I'm afraid. But Saturn is the Timekeeper, in a sense, the Disciplinarian, the one that keeps people on the beam. The ultimate ability to focus energy. Saturn, that planet, that God, that endows any who gaze upon him and commune with him with an incredible sense of discipline. The ability to stick with whatever it is that one chooses to stick with and to waiver not at all. Saturn, like a mighty General commanding forces. Masculine in appearance. Beautiful Saturn.

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Then we come to the great God Uranus. Uranus, the Portal to the Future. Uranus, the essence of speed, the essence of magic. The ability to produce change at will. The great, great Awakener. Constantly bringing in new thought. Constantly awakening one to new possibilities within oneself and about oneself, thus about God. Constantly showing new horizons, greater possibilities and the future; centuries hence, eons hence. This you see by gazing into the mirror, that is Uranus.

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And then we've got the sublime, sublime God Neptune. The Spiritual Center . That which is in essence intangible, non-material. That which is the gentlest aspect of God, Neptune. The Giver of Dreams, the Bestower of Visions, the Ultimate Clairvoyant. Neptune, the God of Sight. The God that reveals the greater side of God to all. This is Neptune . The God that inspires humility and a deep love for the Divine.

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And then we come to the great Lord Pluto. But what of him? Pluto, the so-called, Lord of the Underworld. How wrongly calculated that, for Pluto is simply the Lord of so-called Life and so-called Death. Pluto, the constant ending of cycles within his power and grasp. Nay, bury the dead, if you will, but rather the beginning of new things. The Creator of new things. Pluto, the Grim Reaper, nonsense! The Great Giver of Life and the one who appears to take it away. The Great Transformer, Pluto, changing all things that he touches, constantly bringing forth the death of old forms and the birth of new ones. Pluto, the God of Magic.

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These planets, physical in your solar system, are your elder brothers and sisters. They are all aware of you on a very personal level, you'd be surprised. And when you can break away from the day-to-day, as they say, and begin to think on these things, you're but fanning the fire of your own cosmic consciousness. And in doing so, you raise your own frequency and vibration, you become a citizen of the cosmos and you cease to be limited by earthly restrictions on all levels. Think of it. These are portals to freedom. Would you care to walk with them? There be the paths. It is up to you.

God bless you, god bless your cosmic hearts. Amen.


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