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Who is Sanat Kumara?

Sanat Kumara is The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. He rules over the entire earth from The Buddhas and Masters of Wisdom down to the basic atom.  
He is also called The Ancient of Days (in the Bible), The Lord of the World, The One Initiator. He is The Father we pray to in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name....”

Before coming to this planet, Sanat Kumara had lived millions of lives throughout the universe, many of them as the leader of planetary civilizations or as a planetary savior. Approximately 18 million years ago, The Solar Logos, The Creator of our solar system of planets, was considering the dissolution of Planet Earth because the evolutionary progress of the planet and her life-forms was going so poorly; the planned advancements were not occurring.

Sanat Kumara, who was The Spiritual Leader and Lord of the World for the Planet Venus, agreed to come to this planet to place it on an evolutionary path more in line with the plan of The Solar Logos. The very advanced civilization on Venus was at a much higher level than Earth’s. Out of loving compassion, Sanat Kumara came to this dark, laggard planet, along with an entourage of 104 Great Beings Who are called The Lords of the Flame.

The coming of Sanat Kumara produced an extraordinary stimulation and greatly accelerated the evolution of all life on earth. The undeveloped mind of Animal Man received a stimulus and became a fit receptacle for self-conscious entities, or Souls, to incarnate in; thus the Human Kingdom came into being, and humans began to evolve. All the other Kingdoms of Nature, the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms received similar extraordinary stimulation for advancement.

Sanat Kumara established the Path of Initiation during Mid-Atlantean times as the surest and most effective method of spiritual advancement for all life on this planet; that Path is followed by everything on earth whether they are consciously aware of it or not. He is called The One Initiator because He approves and oversees these advancements in consciousness called Initiations. Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy oversee the first two initiations, then Sanat Kumara directs more closely the Third and Fourth initiations, or the Transfiguration and the Crucifixion. His Rod of Initiation is called the Flaming Diamond.

Today tumultuous changes signal that the Earth is transiting into her next level of evolution; mankind and all the creatures living on her surface will either ride on her back to higher vibrations or get off.

As the Sun God of our Solar System guides Mother Earth into Her new and higher position, Sanat Kumara guides mankind, along with the angelic realm and all other life forms, through this transition into the new Golden Age. The Spiritual Hierarchy works under Him in touching each life on the earth as they have for millions of years.  Members of the Hierarchy such as the Master Sanctus Germanus who serves as the project manager of this transition. He, along with the Master Kuthumi and the Master El Morya form a governing body within the Spiritual Hierarchy that coordinates various committees and ashrams run by thousands of Masters and their initiates in both the spiritual and physical worlds.
During the past years, the Spiritual Hierarchy has extended its reach into our physical world by sending many advanced initiates back into incarnation; they span the full range of races, cultures, and civilizations on earth. They, like all the rest of us on earth, work within the great embrace of Sanat Kumara. They have lived on earth thousands of times and learned all earth has to teach them. They understand the problems and suffering of every one of us. We can be guided by the authority that their experience and knowledge bring. They maintain contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, and also during their sleeping hours.

All life on earth owes an immense debt of gratitude to Sanat Kumara, The Great Being Who has been with Planet Earth for millions of years out love for its evolutions; he has brought this once dark planet from near dissolution to the threshold of an Era of Peace, Love, and Harmony during which there will be stupendous achievements brought about by the Human Race.





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