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Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 3 by the Amanuensis



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Please visit this section periodically as we will be uploading more subjects in the Brotherhood's teachings in the weeks to come.

Who is Sanat Kumara?

Advice on How to Approach these Teachings

A Message from the Maha-Chohan

Our Concept of God and the Origin of Evil

Universal Perpetual Motion

One Element of Nature

The Divine Plan in the Grand Solar Cycle

Evolutionary Objective of the Fourth Round of the Grand Solar Cycle

The Raja or King Star, The Sun, and the Stars

True Cause of Global Warming

Past Unknown Civilisations

Ways of the Brotherhood I

Ways of the Brotherhood II

Masters and Chelas

Adepts of the Brotherhood


Bardo--From Death to Reincarnation

Communication with the other Dimensions

Our Philosophy on Phenomena

On Speaking the Truth or Being Polite

Comment on Conscience

The Catholic Church vs The Brotherhood

Battle Against the Brothers of the Shadow

On Disagreement with our Philosophy

Guidance from the Masters

Ressurection of the Tibetan Civilisation

Past Lives

A Perspective on Earth Changes: The Movement of Continents

Soul Contact

Entity Possession

There is No Death


Aligning to Amon Ra



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