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Parents's or childrens's Accounts of their Experiences

Below we feature some accounts from parents with new race children. We invite you to post your experience also.

Hand Signing with your Baby - Ellen Evans

* * *

Here is a summary of my children.

I will try and give an unbiased version with the positive and the negative.

I will try and give an unbiased version with the positive and the negative. In general all three of my kids get on great with one another and are very close and loving to each other. All out fights have not existed once between the kids who seem to be able to resolve problems in a very reasonable manner. My second daughter (10) and my son (6) have the most conflicts albeit small ones. The children have been surrounded by music and art as these are our occupational hazards as Mammy is a singer and painter-artist and Daddy a musician. We have always limited TV- and video games are non-existent with computer educational games being preferred but also very time- limited. We pride ourselves that our kids can go out for hours on end and play with sticks and stones or plant leaves, paint, make music or just be in nature. My six-year-old son said to me on a hike only last week "Daddy I love walking in nature". Daddy loves nature and gardening and had the kids smelling roses since they were babies. They still do it today which increases their chi and pranic energy. If I think about it real hard my kids are characterized more by Love, Peace and Harmony than anything else-war and hate doesn't feature by them and I hope it stays this way.

We have raised the children without a focus on any one particular religion teaching them to be open to the messages from the prophets of each. I want them to feel their spirituality. They are all very aware of the Ascended Masters and are familiar with the Master Jesus, Serapis Bey and St. Germain. I talk to the kids often about our latent psychic abilities and we practice communicating telepathically with each other as a fun game with results that are in line with Carl Jung's experiments. All the kids love cooking and trying out foods and eat mostly vegetarian. To this latter point we know how problems can be with children and their eating habits. We decided from the first time they went on to solids that we would do our best to encourage them to eat the food that was served. As they got older we kept this up with remarkable success. They have never been complicated eaters. But they let us know if there is something they really can't stomach-which isn't much. They just love the variety in food and prefer veggies over meat although we never encouraged them to choose. We talk to them all the time about the woes of processed food and how to read labels correctly as here in the USA they get away legally with being able to write misinformation on their labels. Milk here in the USA unless strictly organic is full of additives and traces of antibiotics. Rice and almond milk seems a good alternative for us.

* * *

My first-born daughter is 12.

My first-born daughter is 12. Love at first sight. She was a very well balanced baby. Seemed to drink and sleep with no particular problems but would let you know if she needed something. A characteristic that has always stood out above anything, is her what I can only describe as her very human, compassionate nature which continues to this very day. A little streak of jealousy appeared as her sister was born. As a baby she slept through studio recordings and stage performances (and I mean at the side of the stage) as we performed our music.

It was obvious that her voice was her asset already at age two she was singing a very complicated song with such good pitch and intonation, which holds to this day. She recently took an audition for a performing arts school with only 128 places available from 800 applicants and she got a place with voice being her choice of study.

She can be impatient and her ability to focus can be a little erratic. Although she had tremendous math's problems in early school Mammy helped her to turn that around after discovering a number dyslexia and she is now one of the stronger ones in math-that is in itself a miracle.

* * *

When my second daughter age 10.

When my second daughter age 10, was born she looked straight through me and her eyes told me she was an old soul. She is balance pure and always has been. Her level of contentment being a lesson for our whole family. She has quite strength, love and compassion but has a "go-for it" attitude. The eye of the Tiger- but in a very balanced confident way. She too is a singer but tends to go into creative handwork working with clothes design helped by Mammy of course.

She is left-handed and has had tremendous motor problems, which have defined her in her movements and actions. Not fine motor problems but more general. She took a long time to show us left or right. It came out to be left. She could be stood in front of you and all of a sudden she would fall down-not like an illness but more funny? She is more than double jointed she can bend like a piece of rubber. Somehow, she is a messenger and teacher given to us so that we can understand these qualities that she possesses.

* * *

My son age 6.

My son age 6, is the quickie and has the nickname "busy bee". He is too quick for his own good and very confident. A character more similar to my first-born he amazed us with his speech and reading abilities. Without over stating he literally went from nothing to articulate speech and reading using words far beyond his age. Even this summer holidays he came in reading 5th grade chapter books to our amazement (he is now moving up to 2nd grade) I always asked myself where he gets this ability from. It would appear that he is growing up to be a SPEAKER, he will tell you very clearly what he wants and he won't ask you a third time because you got the message loud and clear on the second time if not the first! Patience is not his virtue at the moment! As a baby mammy sang and recorded a song for a film in the studio and he was crying his head off laying in his little portable crib. He demanded to be picked up and only then would he let Mammy sing which he did without further a do.

Contrary to Daddy's school performance his first school year brought home straight A's much to my amazement-we are very interested to know if this continues in to his second year.

He has an athlete's body, loves sports and is in life for the long run, (Daddy loves running). He has never been able to sit alone and amuse himself. He always needs to play with someone. He has a big anger management problem that we are still working on but then again so does his Daddy. And I am still working on it 4 decades later.

Despite everything we are a family that sits down together for a meal that we cook from scratch...then we talk and talk and talk around the dinner table and nobody gets up to leave until the last person is finished-either talking or eating...ha, ha. That's us.

The energy and especially ATTENTION that we have invested in the children, I believe, has been the key to our harmonious going on so far, and the LOVE that we receive in return makes our lives complete.

A European family living in the USA

* * *

The following article was written by the mother of a pioneer New Race child who was raised within a family that nurtured her natural gifts and talents and helped her to develop her potential. At the time this article was written she was a young lady posed for a great life of service to humanity. Unfortunately her life was cut short due to unforeseen forces that created a mysterious disease. We post this article as a tribute to the brave souls who came to pave the path for the currently incarnating New Race children. The Sanctus Germanus Foundation is committed to helping these wonderful sensitive children reach their fullest potential through education, counseling and healing.

ANGELA by her mother (1988)

Angela is an Angel in human form. As one who is not easily given to hyperbole, still I must resort to the term "Angel" -- other words like it will enter this little paper which is being written while the meaning of her is so pervasive in my consciousness. She is preparing to travel to Costa Rica as representative of the United Nations of Youth.

To one who meets her in tangential manner, unaware of the actual nature of the One with Whom they are sharing some small experience, she, at the very least, will be regarded as a person of quite unusual physical beauty. Her thick, rich, red hair, clear blue eyes and porcelain complexion -- highlighted with a few pale freckles -- have evoked comment from strangers since infancy.

She also exhibits a grace and freedom of movement which brings enjoyment to those who are enchanted by aesthetics of the human body in motion.

A kind of sweetness must be felt by anyone approaching within a few feet of her.

Sensitivity is probably the predominant characteristic which she demonstrates in the outward expression of her everyday life; sensitivity to everything, on every level of existence.

She is a human child, and yet shows sagacity attributable to only the most ancient and experienced of souls.

She appears to discover purpose in nothing here -- and in everything -- at once.

She has access to knowledge beyond human mentality. She seldom attempts to communicate what she knows -- but exhibits her wisdom in everyday life by refusing to live the proposed and presented "falsity." (The Universe does NOT demand superficial noting and recording in schools among its human cellular structure -- of information which can neither be lost nor has any permanent use). She isn't interested -- she is interested instead in, perhaps, knowing the wind.

She knows butterflies, unable to move among them without their attraction to alight on her. She knows birds. She knows animals -- she can "speak" to them with her touch and her eyes. She knows plants. She knows children. She knows babies and babies know she knows!

If a handful of soil were to trickle through her fingers, it would likely sparkle with a new radiance from her gentle union with its essence.

If you are in the periphery of her magnetism she will unobtrusively -- even unintentionally -- read the quality of your thoughts and feelings. She will not be wrong.

She suffers. She agonizes. Because there is no language for true communication of her knowledge as yet -- one can learn from her only through absorption. She dwells in the utter loneliness of all those who live ahead of their time. She is dearly loved by those who know her best, and envied by others who know her less well. She is even pitied by some who are aware of her suffering and attribute it to incorrect perspective.

On the contrary, her perspective is accurate, hence her problem. She is here from another dimension on mission which may, or may not, be destined for completion. It is horrifically possible she may have arrived too soon.

A reader might correctly gather from the foregoing that I admire her, respect her, love her and appreciate her. One who has never known her, reading this, might believe there is some type of delusion at the base of such carrying on. If such an appraisal is true, then my entire life is but a farce and constant pursuit of Truth has left me bereft.

I know that the opportunity to know her, and nurture her during her preparation to "take charge" of her time here has been a consummate privilege and has assisted in confirmation of breathtaking mysteries which underlie existence.

I believe it is important for her to remain unencumbered by expectation on the part of anyone in her environment. There must be only minimum interference as she discovers her peculiar methods to acclimatize here.

Perusal of her Being is an attention I need not deny myself to assure her freedom; I am able easily to play the part of fascinated observer.

Sometimes I wonder if God has not allowed me to be in her company, rare and precious as she is, simply because I know how to "see" who she is -- and it is necessary for someone to translate into thought currents for the recognition of humanity the exquisite precipitations of divinity like herself.

Without her presence on Earth, a certain spiritual emptiness would exist; it would mean that those "sparks" of the future which she represents had been called to a place of manifestation which were better adjusted to the magnificent possibilities!

* * *

The Story of My Childhood.

My name is Sandra Richmond, I give my little story in hope that it will shed some light for others.

My parents were both profoundly deaf from childhood. My mother grew up a city girl and my father a small town boy, in Scotland . Each of them experienced their education in very different school systems. My mother's schooling program focused on teaching deaf children to speak, my father's was the training required to earn a living, hold a job. My father was 27 years old and my mother 20 when I came into their world.

I was born at home and my mother was assisted by a midwife. After a long labour I finally arrived, with what is termed a caul/kaul. A caul is an additional membrane covering the head and/or face of a newborn. I am told that in the Celtic tradition such an event indicates that the child is "gifted with the second sight"

Both my parents were intelligent and giving of themselves in nature. To the deaf community in Glasgow , they gave a lot of their time, serving on various committees over many years. My father ultimately served on the Management Committee and my mother ultimately served as Secretary of The British Deaf Association for a period of time.

My mother was an avid reader. Our home was filled with her books and magazines. Her personal interests included theatre, film, astrology and numerology and anything divinatory. We played pretend with my mother her, even chores were fantastic. We skated about the living room floor, with rags tied to our feet, when she polished. When she sang, we laughed, how cruel. Nevertheless, she laughed too and sang on. My father was a very proficient artist. He spent hours entertaining us with his cartoons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, all kinds of animals. Our imaginations served us with stories and tales of them all. So you see we were quiet but certainly not bored.

My family life was fairly quiet, literally, no television, telephone, radio. My mother's family was small but we saw them fairly often as they too lived in the city at this time. After my brother arrived, three years after me, we moved to my father's home town. Here we had what I believe to be a happy upbringing. My father's family lived in this town and my parents had a number of friends with whom we became close.

I would say I had a sheltered life. Being "sensitives" both my brother and I grew to be very close. I being the elder became the caretaker of everyone, so I thought. When my parents had trouble in communicating, I became the interpreter, a responsibility I took very seriously. I think telepathy played a big role in our family. Sometimes I was in awe of how my parents seemed to know what was about between their children. My mother used the old term "I have eyes in the back of my head, don't you know?" an expression that I have used frequently with my own children. It can be very useful even if we don't really understand telepathy. My parents did not have the ability to hear, but they definitely "saw" very well.

My father was a patient man with me particularly. As I was the one who frequently woke him in the night to let him know that there were people downstairs in the living room talking, that there was someone in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes, that a man had come upstairs, but I didn't know where he was now. Also, on many occasions there was just noise in the house, someone knocking, footsteps, animals, bumps and I was afraid. No sleeping in the dark for me...the hall light was always left on to shed light on the dark shadows and moving shapes. Never do I remember either one of my parents saying the awful things, like "don't be silly" "it's your imagination" "you are a bother" "grow up". Later when I was older, I found out why. Both my parents were "sensitive" too.

My brother although younger than I, was just as open. Now as I look back I see a strong common thread between us all my grandfather, my father, my brother and now my son. My grandmother, my mother, myself and my daughter too, sensitive all. Are we all walking between the two worlds? I believe so.

Many times my brother and I thought we were having private conversations as Mum and Dad were deaf. Ha..not so, I can't tell how many times seconds later my Dad would, suddenly, come right into the conversation and pick up right where we had left off, with laughter in his eyes. Many times we would turn our faces away and comment on something, thinking that as they could not see us talking, they would not get it. We soon learned there were no secrets between us. Is this what my mother meant when she said, God made it that we should be deaf, but he compensated us in other ways, to make it easier.

At age nine, my beloved maternal Grandmother died. In a vision she came to me and explained this, but reassured me that she would always be close and that I would see her again, but not for a very long time. She said her goodbye and walked away from me down a long bright and beautiful street, turned the corner and was gone from me. The next morning the news came the Granny did die in the night.

It was later in my adult life, when I was studying Traditional Spiritualism that I realized what a great gift she had given me. Not only did she show life after death but she also showed me the spirit world to my understanding at that time.

In our later teenage years my brother and I experimented with Spirit Communication. To our delight it came very easily and certainly not in any way frightening. With our friends, we had séances, we worked with the "spirit of the glass" before the Ouija board was mass marketed. Not really understanding it then, I now see that we learned so much. In one of my mother's Horoscope magazines I found an ad for "Fortune Telling Cards" I sent off for a pack only to find they were so limited, I was getting much more on my own. What kind of questions were 16 and 17 year old girls asking of spirit in the sixties? The same as they ask today. Will I get married, have children, how many? One evening at a friend's house, six of us, myself included asked these same questions. My responses for myself were...

Yes, to someone with the name Joyce, yes two. This information proved to be correct. My ex husbands family name is Joyce and I have both a son and daughter. When my brother was fourteen, he came home one day to share that in his Science class that day, he was doing levitation with the teacher's permission. I was shocked that the teacher allowed it. We laughed at our friends who we sometimes scared with our ideas, however they loyally continued to be our "victims".

Perhaps it really wasn't shocking at all as more and more I was beginning to find out just how acceptable these kinds of experiences were in our culture. In Scotland , if you did not know a "spey wife" you could find one really easily. Hence from 16 to 21 I spent lots of time visiting several psychics and mediums. All of which helped me to understand myself.

At 21 years old I met my future husband, my brother left home to serve in the British Army and was killed, by terrorists in Northern Ireland . I knew beforehand, he too came to me as he passed. My childhood left with him.

All of this is the foundation my loving family gave me.

SR, Canada

* * *

Forget Gender ...

Today we live in an era where everything is defined, polarized, and marketed to us. We are told by marketing specialists what is smart, sexy, best toys for kids, must have cars, the best kitchen design, the right mobile phone, and the list is truly endless. As a parent-to-be, it begins simply with gender: boy or girl? Most parents now find out before the birthing process so as to better prepare their nursery. If you review any of the myriad catalogues for baby and children's furniture, clothes, toys it is all segregated by color. Pink is for the girls-the little princess while blue reigns supreme for the little boy. And the marketing blitz for children is now a billion dollar industry that begins from conception and continues until the child gets their own credit card and moves into adulthood.

This marketing phenomena also creates a very strict code of behavior that is defined as normal. Boys and girls are segregated by their gender, and their behavior-likes, interests and activities-are clearly defined. Anything outside this definition creates challenges for any parent and child. The segregation of boy and girls is so complete in our society from toys, to colors, to activities, even to movies. What happens when a child does not fit these market defined definitions? Who said only girls like pink? Why should a boy be raised to dislike a color of the rainbow spectrum? If you step back, this is a very arbitrary assignation.

In the nineteenth century America -the gender specific colors were assigned as follows: pink was for boys, as it was considered a fierce color, a watered down red; while blue was for girls as it was thought of as a dainty and feminine color as it was associated with the Virgin Mary. S ometime after World War II-the colors were reversed in America . Our current system is merely 60 years old, but I think it too will pass away and change.

The challenge we face is how to raise a child who defies convention? And how do we defy convention to raise a unique child? In my own case, we have a four year old boy whose favorite color is pink (followed by purple), whose favorite activity is ballet and whose best friends are two girls in his preschool. At such a young age, he has already faced criticism, ridicule and teasing for his love of pink dresses and ballet. As the parents, we faced the challenges of grandparents who disprove of his dress up box which includes pink dresses, purple silk scarves and princess attire. This young soul is expressing itself-outside of gender-and it is a pure expression. One minute he is a fairy princess in silks and satins, the next a small boy in jeans and a t-shirt running outside to talk to the neighborhood children.

What any child needs most is a loving, safe and supportive environment in which they can explore and play freely. Forget gender at these young ages for the children themselves don't truly understand all the associations with it. They are souls who are exploring and mirroring the environment around them.

The challenge lies in the parents total acceptance of their young child's expressions without limitations or forcing the child into activities and toys or denying activities or toys because of current 21 st century market definitions and cultural "norms." There is also the great challenge for the parent to overcome their own upbringing and biases-and teach their children through example and mentoring the art of tolerance and non-judgment.

If the child at my son' school, who ridicules because another boy loves ballet, is corrected of his learned bias by the teachers and his parents-he learns a critical lesson at an early age-acceptance of others who are different. However, if this child's bias and behaviour is not corrected-he is taught that intolerance and ridicule are acceptable.

Meanwhile, my own son must learn a hard lesson too-to walk away from such ridicule and learn to be committed to his passions and his life path. My son nearly quit ballet early on because he was ridiculed so badly. It was through dialogue with him, working with him to learn confidence in himself in the face of adversity that he agreed to continue ballet class, because in the end he loved it so much.

As parents, we will see more and more children who break out of the molds of what society and culture deems "normal" and more and more a new race will emerge that transcends everything we have seen in the past. For this, we must not fall into the trap of trying to direct these children, but merely encourage them with the right tools to follow their own path. And as parents, we must also transcend our own learned biases and limitations and stretch ourselves so that we teach by example.

LF, California , the USA

* * *

Our Daughter Paige

Our daughter, Paige was born on the 17 th of January 1999 . She was a happy baby wrapped in the love of her older doting parents. She was, and is comfortable in this world and with her interaction with other people. When she was less than a year old people would tell me that she seemed to be looking right through them.

At the age of four she told me she was not like other people. I asked her what she meant.

She told me about attending a dance recital. A man was sitting in front of her was blocking her view, so she just looked through his head so she could see the dancers. Lately Paige has mentioned seeing a very tall men dressed in white, black and red robes walking on our deck on more than one occasion.

A few days ago I queried her about seeing through things. If she still did it. She informed me that sometimes she could and sometimes she could not. I was also told that I was a weird dad, because I believed her when she told me these things, unlike her mother.

Perhaps the most striking thing about my daughter is her ability to perceive and comment on things that seem to be beyond her young age. A month ago we were in the Denver airport. She and I went to buy three ice cream cones and a bottle of water. The total was $16.73. On the way back to our gate she told me that this place was all about money.

She can at times, display a ferocious temper, which thankfully subsides as quickly as it erupts. This is in contrast to the loving side of her, which is the dominant feature of her spiritual and psychological makeup.

My wife, who is a traditional, devout and interdenominational Christian, took Paige to church where they saw a woman who suffered from facial cancer. After seeing this Paige turned to her mother and said that we need to pray for her. Through her mother and the parochial school that she attends she is presently being steeped in traditional Christianity.

This does not worry me because I am confident that as she ages her spiritual vistas will broaden.

She has no problems in school. Well, I do hear that she can be a bit chatty at times.

She excels in art and music. She performs adequately in the subjects that she finds less interesting.

Recognizing the fact of reincarnation and the eternality of a souls existence it is with humility that my wife and I have been honored to bring such an individual into physical incarnation. It has been intimated to me that it has been a long time since she has been on this physical plane. One can only wonder what the entity now known as Paige was up to during that duration. Though she has some of her parent's attributes she is indeed her own being. We are all fortunate that Paige exudes the sense that she does indeed belong here at this time and has not experienced the psychic discomfort that plagues some of her contemporaries.

SM, South Dakota , the USA

* * *

Fred :Transitioning Into the New Race

Fred is now 26 years old and I am deeply aware that he is a wise, old soul who is loved by everyone who crosses his path. He has an incredible charm and ease with people, he loves harmony and peace.

I also know that he thinks differently, that his brain is wired differently. I now understand this in light of the information that is becoming available about the new race children. I don't believe Fred is either an Indigo or a Crystal child as such, but I do believe that he is one of many in his generation that provides the transition to the new race. One who has had to play by the rules of an older generation that was not equipped to know how to deal with children with different learning skills.

Characteristics that seem to link him into the new race are those of the notion of time, the notion of space and the process of logical reasoning that is so different from that of the earlier generation.

We recently played 4 rounds of Mastermind on a rainy night. His process of deduction is totally different from mine, so different in fact that neither of us understands each other's logical deduction; but we both get to the end result with about the same level of success, even scores. Given a fifth round, he would have beat me; his method being more thorough than mine.

Fred has no sense of time, being frequently late for appointments. He lives very much in the moment , enjoying himself and through his demeanour, making others enjoy themselves and lose all sense of time.

Fred has a different sense of space. He is very quick to find the 8 errors in cartoons; he has a photographic memory and notices details that go unnoticed to others. He is however challenged with the sense of space in the written word, having been diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age. But challenge him on any visualisation and he is far ahead, finding it second nature to exercise a creativity that is not linear. He leaves written messages to family and friends in icons. "Lego" allowed him to express this creativity for hours upon hours as a boy, mixing space age pieces with middle age castles, "Technik" cranes with Knights; again defying the conventional rules of space and time of the prior generation.

He has great social skills; he knows how to make people feel comfortable. As a small boy, he had great conversations with tradesmen who would stop their work to explain how things worked to him. I remember seeing a telephone technician climb down from the pole to spend 10 minutes explaining things to an inquisitive five year old; a garbageman who showed him the mechanism of the dumpster and explained how it picked up and dropped the contents of the containers. An uncle spent days on the fields of Waterloo in Belgium with him describing the movement of each army, the strategy of each general. He can explain those back to you any time.if and only if you have the time and the level of concentration to stay with his lengthy detailed explanation.

Ever since his teenage years, Fred has been able to mobilize a group of adolescents into a group activity in a flash; no small feat with adolescents! Today those friends still call him to organize activities for them!

Raising Fred was an absolute delight from birth to the start of elementary school. and then the house of cards came tumbling down. Homework was such a painful and lengthy experience every night. He required extra coaching and tutoring to get a pass mark. He was sent to detention regularly because he was a day-dreamer in class! Imagine! His report cards were covered in teachers' comments that he did not meet his potential. Teachers apologized to me "'cause Fred's such a nice kid but." But the system failed him terribly.

At thirteen, he was diagnosed with ADD. Was he really ADD or was it the start of the fashion to tag children who did not conform to school standards with that label? A daydreamer with ADD? Fred flatly refused to take any pills for ADD, and I respected that. Was he ADD or was he just a boy: "boys will be boys!" whose nervous energy needed to be discharged in more physical activity. When he got too turbulent at home, I would send him running around the block three times. This had an immediate positive effect on both of us: he could settle down having dispensed physical energy and I had had time to "cool" down too. Teachers somehow could not accept this approach.

I changed Fred from school to school five times until I could find a place that allowed him to be what he was, charming, creative, daydreaming, but smart enough to learn and accepted enough to be his true self, a warm, loving, smart kid. He just learnt a different way. Schools for his generation were structured to teach in a linear manner, with emphasis on rote memory and very limited emphasis on understanding the subject matter. That was the structure; all of those children that didn't fit the mould had to find ways around it; if not, their parents did; if not they failed. In high school, Fred had 8 sessions with a psychologist who tested him to identify how he learnt and then gave him tricks on how to study. This was very useful and has helped him till today. This came as a result of a parent's decision, it was not school initiative.

Every October, parent/teachers meetings were a recurring nightmare for me. I had to "educate" Fred's teachers on how he learnt: through stories told, not through reading a text book; through understanding a situation, not rote memory. It was tough on everyone as the school systems were not oriented for this kind of learning. I could predict Fred's marks: tests on rote memory: failed; tests requiring understanding, strategy, cause and effect: great. Depending on the teachers' weighting of the two categories of tests, he could pass or fail any course based on those weightings.

Work wise today the challenge continues. Despite being at his best in Customer Service functions, time quotas for calls frustrate him as he feels that scripts are designed to get "rid" of the customer as fast as possible instead of fully walking the customer through a complete service call; all for the sake of meeting the required statistics!

Would I do anything differently today? You bet. Fred was not a single case in this class; he was typical of about 20% of the class. Were I to start over again, I would 1) get an in-depth understanding at a very early stage of how my child learns; 2) get a detailed look into the teaching methods of the school under consideration and 3) take the time to study all of the alternative teaching methods available in my area; 4) trust my instincts and especially trust my child's. Where I think I went right was that if it didn't suit my son, I looked to change the teacher or change the school until the fit was right, or at least better. The saving grace has been that my son's personality generally draws out the best in people's personalities, and with that, he has met with greater acceptance and tolerance. For that, I am immensely grateful!

MR, Montreal , Canada

* * *

Say "No" to Ritalin

While waiting for the arrival of our child, all I wished for was to have a healthy baby who could have a chance for a normal, free of any serious illnesses, life. When the day finally came, I checked very carefully my son's little body, counted every finger and toe, and was content that, indeed, my wish was granted. The boy was growing as any healthy child would, exploring the world around him in his own happy way.

It was not until our son entered the public school system when bad news started coming to us. We would receive almost every day an information from my son's kindergarten teacher that he has been misbehaving and that he was touching other kids with his hands, which seemed to be quite serious "crime" at his school. I tried my best to cooperate with the teacher, but it was hard for me to deal with problems that I myself could not observe at home. But, the "red light" went on in me when I received an order from the teacher to submit my son to psychiatric evaluation. My son's teacher already suggested that my son suffered from the so-called ADD or ADHD syndrome and the doctor, designated by the school, was to confirm this evaluation. The next step, also already discussed by the school officials, was to put my son on Ritalin, a medication that was to make my son compliant with the school's and the teacher's expectations.

Until this moment, I was sincerely willing to cooperate with the school, but not anymore. From this point on, I took the matters into my own hands. I followed the advice of the school and, indeed, I submitted my son to two independent psychiatric evaluations, one at my local university, and the second one we organized at our home in the environment in which my son felt safe, loved, and happy. Both evaluations came negative as far as ADD or ADHD were concerned. The child was healthy and his over-activity came simply from the need to know the world around. The over activity usually surfaced when our son was required to do the same school assignment for a too long time - in simple words, when our son got bored with the classroom activities, he would look for ways to "entertain" himself.

When the new school year arrived, I brought the evaluation documents to the school office, with my personal note attached that "if anyone again would suggest to put my son on any chemicals so the teacher could have an easier life in the classroom, I will sue the school for discrimination and for harassment of this young child." I could not believe what magic this sentence worked out for us. We never heard again from any one in that school about Ritalin, or any other sedatives used on our children.

At the same time, I became involved actively in my son's classroom work. For one year and one day per week, I worked as a voluntary parent in the classroom and I could see first hand what a difference the small pill - Ritalin - made in a life of a child. In one case, I observed a particularly active boy, a very beautiful child who always seemed to have many questions for the teacher. As far as I was concerned, I loved that child. His questions were smart and they expressed the child's curiosity about the world around him. But, the teacher did not have time for smart questions coming from any child, so she succeeded convincing the mother to put the child on the same medication against which I fought so hard. I could see the difference when the child was on Ritalin and when he was not. When he was on the medication, he would sit in the group of children like a zombie. He no longer had any questions. In fact, he seemed to be completely absent from what was actually going on in the classroom. You could tell him to sit and he would sit, like a dog on drugs. I was appalled by what I observed, but since the mother of the boy gave her consent, there was nothing I could do to help this boy.

I do not know what has happened to this child as I pulled my son out of this school system as soon as an opportunity came our way. I placed my son in carefully chosen private schools in which every child received an individual attention aimed at developing child's natural talents to its fullest potential and where the amount of school responsibilities was matched to the level of child's interest in learning.

At present and ten years since we first had to face the problems of ADD/ADHD labeling of our son, our child was again labeled. This time, he was "labeled" as one of the most talented children in his class. He has been invited to participate in activities to which only 1% of all youth, "labeled" as the most talented among their peers, in the country is invited each year. He has collected to date enough prizes and commendations to fit in two 1-inch think folders. And, he is indeed loved and respected by his friends and teachers as well.

Every time he brings another recognition for his scholarly achievements, I keep thinking what could have happened if I actually conformed to the request of my son's kindergarten teacher? Would he ever be able to do what he is doing now? And what has happened to this little boy with blond curly hair, big and bright blue eyes, and beautiful and ever so curious little face? I may never know answers to those questions, but what I do know is that the day when I forbade the schools to put my son on Ritalin was one of the best decisions I have made as mother.

ABP, Illinois , the USA

* * *

Some Personal Observations About this New Race

I have two children, born 15 months apart. Ana is now 7, Jai is 6.

When I interact with their personalities, and observe their styles of thinking and feeling and what they find important in their lives, I often (like most parents) feel a "huh?" when trying to figure out "what makes them tick?" Like most mothers, I want to provide the right kind of environment that they need for their Spirits to thrive, and in attempting to do this, I'm always thinking about what their real needs are, trying to understand what is it that they want out of life, what is important to them and why. As I grow in my ability to "see" them, I'm finding that these two children couldn't be more different. And it isn't just in their styles of interaction, and their personalities. Just in our day-to-day interactions, it is quite obvious to me that there is something completely NEW in my son, that isn't quite there (yet) in my daughter. She's developing what he is already living .

* * *

What is this "something"?

When trying to describe what this NEW something is, it is important to emphasize that it is something to be experienced, it is sensed more by an intuitive feeling than what one can capture and put in a box by logic or trying to understand it...

March 20, 2000

Now looking at my son as an astrologer would, the stars could be useful tools to explain his unique expression of this new energy pattern. From what I understand about astrology (which is very little), he was born on a very special day, the Vernal Equinox (March 20) during a full moon in the year 2000. Sure. What I'm observing in him as NEW may be personal, an energy pattern that only he carries. But, my intuition tells me no. I think he is just one of many of these new children that are being born now that bring with them unusual skills and interests and talents that they somehow have developed before they were born. It could be that everyone is exceptional in some way in his generation. Although he was born on a special day, I still think that he's nothing special for this generation, just one of many seeds of this new race. [.]

Here are some stories about my son Jai.

One day we were talking about his birth experience, which he treated as a "matter of fact". In fact, he brought up the topic, as an adult would, as in "it is time to discuss something that has been bothering me for a long time now..."

* * *

"Mommy when I was born, why didn't you wait for me? Why were you in a hurry?"

Surprised by the accuracy of the question, I told him that as a matter of fact, that during his birth, I was in a hurry. The nurses were coaching me to intensify the pushing by rolling from side to side. Although I went along with it, it didn't feel right. I felt like I was supposed to slow down the birthing process instead of speeding it up. I felt like I was waiting for something important to happen, and when whatever this important something was done, only then was the timing right to continue. But, I didn't have the courage at the time to hold on to my knowing, so I just did what the nurses told me to do, and accelerated the birthing process by rolling from side-to-side. The amazing thing about this particular question is the opportunity he gave me to ask him about his experience (these children give you the openings, but you have to walk through the doors they provide... they don't usually volunteer their personal experiences unless you ask them to). Taking advantage of the opening he offered to me, I asked him if he could tell me what went on, from his perspective, while he was being born. Of course, even though he was 6 years old when we were having this conversation, he could very clearly describe exactly what he experienced while he was a Spirit entering the earth plane, as if it happened yesterday.

As he recounted his "journey", he told me about what it looked like and felt like as he was approaching Earth on a beam of blue light, and how he'd be drawn into what I think were energetic vortexes, and told me how it felt to be spiraling around as he went through different levels of entry. Everything was fine during this process until he came into a "scary zone" that he said was very close to the Earth. When he came into this energy, he said that he suddenly felt afraid. Then, he said that as he entered the "scary zone", he wanted some time to find some friends he knew would be waiting there to help him through this "scary zone", but I was in too much of a hurry, and I didn't give him time to go find them. I asked him if he came to Earth all alone, or were there angels and helpers with him. Weren't they going to go into the "scary zone" with him? He said that as he was coming closer to the Earth (before he got into the scary zone), he was talking with the Buddha. Then, he told me very matter-of-factly that as he came closer to Earth was when the Buddha told him that he had "choose-ed me as his son". Jai has often said this, with absolute certainty and unwavering conviction, that he's Buddha's son. Then, he repeated this piece of the experience that he brought up the conversation in the first place to talk about... as he got closer to Earth, he expected to meet other "friends", but I rushed him, and he didn't get a chance to introduce himself to those who are already here. Now, he has to go find those friends, and he doesn't know where they live, and he is only a little kid, so this is a lot harder to do in a body than as a Spirit, and it would have been a lot easier if I had just waited for him.

After listening to his story, I felt waves of compassion, then awakening... and a queasy awareness of how much damage our hurrying and our pushing things along actually causes for those who are helping us from the Spiritual plane. If pushing harder to make a birth go faster ended up causing this much disruption in my son's journey to begin an incarnation, then I stopped to consider how much more damage I do everyday by not paying attention to Divine timing, the Natural unfolding of the Plan. At that moment, I made a commitment to my son to listen more carefully, and "slow down" when I need to. What this story illustrates is how these children create changes in us. When interacting honestly and in humility with these children, it is amazing to experience how their Presence alone, and just by listening to their stories, and answering their questions with humility and authenticity, and watching them just living their lives as they do, causes a "huh?" in all of us that have come before them. And, just opening up our minds to observing life on Earth through their eyes can cause big shifts in our thinking. We are pushed far and fast along in our spiritual journeys just by listening to their stories, and taking seriously the questions that they have the courage to ask us.

In addition to sharing with us their experiences (as they experience it), just going along with their Spirit-based insistence that the physical is an authentic expression of the spiritual is another way they cause shifts in our thinking. Here is another example. This time, from before Jai was born.

* * *

How my son chose his name:

Many mothers will tell you this. When a mother is pregnant and the couple is choosing names for their child, there are certain names that have a kind of "stickiness", names that feel right. For example, when naming our daughter, we were going through names of Catholic saints, and Ana or Anna kept coming up, alone or in combination with other names, like Brianna, Arianna. As I'd review these names, I would come into a clarity that the child I was carrying felt very straightforward, uncomplicated, to the point. So we settled on simplicity. With my husband's Latino background, we decided on something very simple, the Latin spelling Ana. And, when choosing a middle name, Marie felt right, in honor of a long lineage of Marie's coming from France on my side of the family. So, Ana Marie it is. Simple. Easy.

However, with my son, I was already eight months pregnant, and there were no "sticky" names. We went through all of the Saints, and nothing felt even close. Feeling an ever increasing urgency to come up with something that fits, we started experimenting with the modern practice of naming the children after places in the US ... or looking at Native American names... Latino ones... still nothing. Then, panic overtook me (and women who are 8 months pregnant can be a little bit insane anyway). I started really stressing out that my son (I knew it was a boy from the Ultrasound), would be born without a name. So, I asked (OK, demanded) that my husband write down a list of everyone he's met in his travels around the world, places he loved, etc. He thoughtfully did his best, and then when he presented me with this list, I expected to make some kind of progress. However, to his dismay, I really panicked when I studied all of the names on the list... and still nothing felt right. Studying the list, more panic set in as I felt there wasn't even a lead in this list that could eventually bring us to something close to feeling right.

So, in my complete frustration and feelings of desperation, I said a very deep and heartfelt prayer before bed, to God and all of the angels, and everyone else I could think of, and especially to my son... "My son, please tell me your name!"

It is hard to describe my gratitude I felt that night when the answer gently came in. In response to this prayer, I had a dream. And, in the dream, I was in an unfamiliar place... some kind of Buddhist-style temple, or a monastery. There was a little boy who was playing hide-and-seek with me, and I knew that he was my son. While he was hiding behind a Buddha statue. He finally let me catch a glimpse of him, and I said as quickly as I could, before he ran away again, "What's your name?"

He replied, "I Jai". And hid from me again.

I woke up suddenly and looked at my husband's list. Sure enough, there it was on this list. One of my husband's most favorite places in the world is the Taj Mahal, but he doesn't like the name of the nearby town, called Agra . But, he thought Jaipur was an interesting name, so he put it on the list, to remind him of the Taj Mahal. Relieved by the validation, I circled the Jai part in Jaipur, and tried to wake up my husband... who said, "that's great, tell me in the morning..."

Of course, I was up the rest of the night, celebrating my good fortune. When I finally had the chance to share the dream with my husband (Dave), he acted like he was told already, and we were finally "all good" with this naming process. Afterwards, Dave started corresponding with some of his Chinese friends, and told them that we finally had chosen a name. One of his friends said that "Jai" means "son of" in Mandarin. So, there it is... Jai David. "Son of David".

Later, when we were conversing with some people from India that we met overseas, we asked, "what does Jai mean in Hindi?" They responded that it is actually a Sanskrit word... and it doesn't quite translate into English. But, they tried to accurately describe its meaning... "You know in your movie The Lord of the Rings, when Frodo throws the ring into the fire (with Gollum's help of course), at that moment when the ring hits the lava... that's jai . It means the final victory of truth over illusion, good over evil, love conquers all. And Jaipur is the city where a victory of enlightenment had been won over lawlessness, and when Jaipur was built, it signified a period of progress and enlightenment. Of course, as with all moments of enlightenment, decay eventually sets in, and the city lost its luster, and is what you see today... a memory of past glory. So, you see, the moment of jai is to be maintained by a powerful leader that can keep the energy of enlightenment flowing and moving and evolving."

Then, they went on to explain that Jai choosing this name for himself carries with it a lot of power and responsibility to right the wrongs of the world. He will have a lot of persistence to lead us in the changes that mankind will be making as the world shifts into a new era.

* * *

What the name of our son Jai means in Thai language:

When Jai was just 3 years old, we were on vacation in Thailand visiting the "sites". [.]In Bangkok , we enjoyed going through the temples (as tourists). We would "breeze through" them, as if the goal was to see how many temples we could visit in one hour. Keeping a good pace, we were often stalled in our "whirlwind tour" because Jai would stop us on the staircases between the "levels" so he could read the pictures. Like most tourists who don't know what's going on, we just wanted to see the "show" all of the menagerie of magical elephants and lions and tigers and bears that seem to surround the sacred Buddha figures on these various levels in these temples. But, Jai didn't care at all about the showcase levels. He just wanted to "read" the pictures on the walls of the staircases (where the sacred stories of going between "levels" are painted on murals, and told through pictures). It is as if he'd seen all of this before. I have to say, even though I had that dream of receiving his name when he was hiding behind a statue of Buddha, it still shocked me that he understood everything that he was seeing. He's only 3 years old. How could he? Even for a Catholic like me, I was starting to feel that there was some truth to reincarnation. What else could explain this? He didn't yet have the language to talk about it, but you could see in his eyes that he understood everything.

And, there was one instance in particular where he wouldn't be "rushed along" as the family quickly "blew through" the staircases to the next level. As he stood there, I felt a "This is very important to him. Let him alone." message from Spirit. [.]Somehow he understood it all... and was just asking us for the names and words to put with his matching "pictures" that he saw in those pictures on those walls.

And, it was also in Thailand , that I received this other layer I talked about earlier about the meaning of Jai's name. Later on during this trip, we were delayed trying to leave Bangkok , stranded in the Bangkok airport because our flight to Bali (and then on to Dili) was cancelled. With 6 hours wait and two kids, we waited out much of the time in an airport bookstore, away from the crowds. While perusing the books, I happened to see a book entitled, "Heart Talk... How to Master the Use of Jai in the Thai Language." Of course, I grabbed the book and bought it immediately, and read it in any moment I could in the airport, and on the plane, about what Jai's name means in Thai.

In Thai, jai literally means, "from the Heart" or heartfelt. Apparently, in the Thai language, when you express an emotion, it is just an emotion... in this case, a "feeling" is seen as a result, a reaction to an event, a response caused by something else. You're reacting to an external or internal event. The emotion is there because your body is alerting you to pay attention to something about that event, and is doing this by coloring the experience with a feeling "tone" so you have some information about the apparent "cause" of your emotional reaction. For example, you're experiencing anger because the traffic light is red. You're feeling joy because your friend remembered your birthday. That's how most "feelings" are described and discussed in the Thai language. However, whenever the Heart is involved, and a feeling is produced, it is considered to be a "cause" not a "result". When it is a movement of the heart... it is heartfelt. Whenever this happens, it becomes a jai phrase. So, in the Thai language, you can take an expression that would normally use to describe an emotional state, and then add the appropriate jai usage to that expression, and turn it into something that is much deeper, more fundamental. In this case of anger, for example, a heartfelt anger is passionate urge for justice. In the case of a friend remembering your birthday, it is a heartfelt experience of deep love and gratitude. A jai experience is different from the traffic light experience because it is adding the heart, and gives the experience an added power of truth behind it.

Along with this book came a CD. Jai enjoyed listening to this CD as he went about playing with his toys (or playing with his sister). He enjoyed hearing his name in every phrase. And, who knows, he might have even understood everything that they were saying. But, with his lack of ability to communicate verbally in English (at three years old), who would know what he was really experiencing as he listened to his name over and over again, in hundreds of Thai phrases.

CS, Boulder, CO USA

* * *


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