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The process we call death is simply the bringer of change: you are alive and conscious one moment on the physical plane and the next moment you have transitioned to another plane and are alive and actively conscious there; you are released from the limitations of your physical body; your time in the physical plane school of earth ends. You enter into a life of great freedom and love. There is no death. LIFE IS.

Death of the physical body is the one life event we know we will experience, yet most of us refuse to think about or prepare for it until it is staring us in the face. Let us explore death from the perspective of Ancient Wisdom, beginning with the fundamentals:

You are a soul, an immortal soul; you will never die. When you shift your emphasis to this fact and live spiritually as an immortal soul encased in a physical form, fear of death will cease. Absorption in the life of the soul will replace absorption in the life of the body. (Please see Soul Contact article in the drop down menu of the SGF website Your soul adopts several bodies to carry it through the various stages of evolution.  These bodies are your physical, etheric, astral, lower mental, higher mental, buddhic and atmic bodies. When the soul has outlived the usefulness of the physical, it is discarded and the soul lives on in the other bodies.
The fear of death has been based on our identity with, attachment to, and love of our physical body. Your physical body is not the real you; it is an outer garment your soul wears temporarily, then casts off. When we say, “He’s dead,” we should really mean “His body is dead.”

After the death of the physical body, life and consciousness continue in the other bodies.

Is there proof that life continues after the death of the body? Yes!

There are growing numbers of clairvoyant people who see the living, non-physical bodies of those who have been declared dead. Others, who are clairaudient, can hear the thoughts of those who have passed over and can communicate with them.
Millions of people have been declared clinically dead by their doctors and have come back to physical life as emissaries to tell us what they experienced and were taught on the other side. Many of their accounts of the afterlife are similar.

What do those who have died and come back say?

Life in the Etheric Body

“I had a different kind of body, which I call a spiritual body; it’s like a cloud, a mist, an energy pattern, or a vapor. I could move through walls and doors because this body lacks solidity. I could float up to the ceiling and through it because the spiritual body is weightless. But grabbing physical objects was impossible because my hand passed right through them. The spiritual body is perfectly whole and healthy; disease, pain, deafness, blindness, an amputated limb do not carry over to the spiritual body.”

Some people experience themselves as a point of pure consciousness, pure awareness, not occupying any space: “I didn’t have a body...Consciousness was there, but consciousness without memory or identity—like a dream where you know what’s going on around you, but have no real idea of who, or what, you are.”

“There are no words to express my experience; no superlatives or adjectives to describe it. I felt blissfully peaceful, joyful, euphoric, warm, deeply relaxed; all my worries were gone. My physical body had been in intense pain; on the other side there was none. Now that I am back in my physical body, the pain has returned.”

“I heard someone say I was dead, but I knew I wasn’t dead; I tried to tell them but they didn’t hear me. I was out of my physical body, looking down on it from above, watching the doctors and nurses trying to revive it. I desperately wanted to get back into my body, but I had no idea how to do this; I tried to get someone’s attention, to say “I’m alive,” but no one could see or hear me. Finally I realized my physical body was dead; I felt bewildered and wondered, “What am I supposed to do now? Where am I supposed to go?

Vivid Perceptions

I heard unusual sounds. Some were unpleasant: buzzing, roaring, banging. Some were pleasant: tinkling wind chimes or majestic, unearthly anthems, “living sounds, like the richest, most complex, most beautiful music you’ve ever heard.”  Then I was pulled very rapidly through a dark space...a tunnel, a funnel, or a valley...into a bright, vivid green landscape.

“I could see and hear, but not with physical eyes or ears, for I didn’t have them.”   

“I just couldn’t understand how I could see things so far away; I could look anywhere and everywhere, I could zoom in or zoom out on anything I wanted to see.

“Up there seeing and hearing were not separate... I could hear the visual beauty of the silvery bodies of the scintillating (angelic) beings above, and I could see the surging, joyful perfection of what they sang. It seemed that you could not look at or listen to anything in that world without becoming a part of couldn’t look at anything in that world, for the word at itself implies a separation that did not exist there. Everything was distinct, yet everything was also a part of everything else, like the rich and intermingled designs on a Persian carpet...”

A Sense of Timelessness

In death there was no sense of time as we experience it on earth: “time stood still.” 
“There was timelessness. As well there was no sense of distance; I was free to think myself anywhere and be there in an instant. I’d died far from home; when I thought about members of my family, I was right there beside them. But when I tried to communicate with them, they were feeling such intense grief it kept them from hearing or seeing or feeling my presence. I felt cut off and lonely. Fortunately I knew a sensitive, intuitive person; when I appeared to her she acknowledged my disembodied presence and got in touch with my family.”

Clear Consciousness

"In the spiritual body I could think more clearly and rapidly because my mind was not clouded by the physical brain. I could pick up the thoughts of people directly, and know what they were going to say before they said it. Up there, a question would arise in my mind, and the answer would arise at the same time. These answers were not simple “yes” or “no” fare, either. They were vast structures of living thought, as intricate as cities. Thoughts entered me directly, and as I received them I was able to instantly and effortlessly understand concepts that would have taken me years to fully grasp in my earthly life. I had a foretaste of another, larger kind of knowledge: one I believe human beings will be able to access in the future. But conveying that knowledge now is rather like being a chimpanzee, becoming a human for a single day to experience all of the wonders of human knowledge, and then returning to one’s chimp friends and trying to tell them what it was like. Now that I’m back on earth the seed of that trans-earthly knowledge has once again been covered over. And yet I know it’s still there. It will take me years to understand, using my mortal, material brain, what I understood so instantly and easily in the brain-free realms of the world beyond. We need to consider the possibility that ordinarily the brain acts as a reducing valve or filter; it blocks our access to knowledge of the higher worlds so that we can function effectively on earth.”

Death is an escape from the “prison of the body” into a freer, more loving way of life. I was essentially the same person in death, but with added powers and sensitivities, and a clearer sense of values. I no longer fear death.

Meetings with Higher Beings

I was greeted by a luminous guardian spirit who non-verbally conveyed three messages, “You are loved and cherished forever. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do wrong.”    Another person reports: “I was greeted by all my friends and relatives, even beloved pets who had already passed over. Jesus was with me and wordlessly told me my time to pass over has not yet come, so I must return to earth. I felt transformed by the surge of spiritual power He transmitted and later became more intuitive, more psychic; revelations of future events began pouring forth.  Before I returned to my physical body I experienced a flash-forward to my life in the future when I would be living my soul mission; I forgot about this until it began happening.”

Others who have experienced near death have met Buddha, Quan Yin, Mary, angels, or other spiritual guides who come to help with the transition into the afterlife.

Contact with my Soul

I encountered a being of intense white light and enjoyed moments of direct soul contact, for this being was my soul. This moment of soul contact invariably happens, but it may last only a brief second so it is not always registered. The light of my soul was dim at first then grew to an unearthly brilliance; looking at it didn’t hurt my eyes for now I had no physical eyes, yet I could see. The love, warmth and acceptance that emanated from my soul were beyond words; I felt a magnetic attraction to it as it enfolded me and brought peace, then wordlessly asked, “Are you ready to die? What have you done with your life?” These questions were the prelude to a life review. My soul vividly, rapidly, instantaneously presented a “movie” of everything I had ever done, felt, thought, and how all this affected others. In the energy field of blessed compassion radiating from my soul it was impossible to feel guilt or a sense of having sinned. Others who experienced this say they judge themselves during the life review and see the ways they can improve; others, especially children, say a judge or parental figure judges them and gives instructions for their future lives.

After the life review I isolated the three experiences which were the major conditioning factors of my life; they will act as seeds for my next life: one seed will determine the quality of the future physical environment to which I’ll return; one will determine the quality of my etheric body and which of the seven energy centers will be most active during my next incarnation; one will bring me into contact with familiar, loved people and groups, so my next life on earth will be a continuation of this one under the impulse of my personal as well as group karma.

The unconditional love radiating from my soul showed me what I can potentially be. I realized that learning to love unconditionally and gaining knowledge, especially about ultimate issues, are the most important endeavors of life.
I understood that I was part of the Divine and that nothing—absolutely nothing—could ever take that away. The (false) suspicion that we can somehow be separated from God is the root of every form of anxiety in the universe, and the cure for it—was the knowledge that nothing can tear us from God, ever.

Visions of the Future

In the presence of my soul I had a vision of all that has happened from the beginning until the end of time. And a vision of widespread and cataclysmic destruction coming on our planet: earthquakes, massive geophysical changes, collapse of the world economic system, droughts, food shortages, and the possibility of nuclear war. These events will hasten our evolution; they will shake us, individually and collectively, out of our destructiveness, greed and materialism; they will bring a new era of universal love and peace. Many near death experiencers have these visions; the contents of the visions are similar, but the time when events will occur varies. Many say they are here because of the changes: to warn, help prepare and guide us into a new Golden Age.

Evil in a vast Sea of Goodness

I could see that earth is a place where good and evil mix, and that this constitutes one of its unique features. Even on earth there is much more good than evil, but earth is a place where evil is allowed to gain influence in a way that is impossible at higher levels of existence. That evil can occasionally have the upper hand is known and allowed by the Creator as a necessary consequence of giving the gift of free will to beings like us. Small particles of evil are scattered throughout the universe, but the sum total of all that evil is as a grain of sand on a vast beach compared to the goodness, abundance, and unconditional love in which the universe is literally awash. The very fabric of the alternate dimension is love and acceptance, and anything that does not have these qualities appears immediately and obviously out of place there.


I approached a border, felt the joy and love that radiated from the other side, but I was not allowed to go there. Instead I had to go back, to continue my life on earth. “On the day the doors of Heaven closed to me, I felt a sense of sadness unlike any I’d ever known. Emotions are different up there. They’re not just inside but outside as well. Imagine that every time your mood changed here on earth, the weather changed instantly along with it. That your tears would bring a torrential downpour; your joy would make clouds instantly disappear. That gives a hint of how much more consequential changes of mood feel there, how powerfully what we think of as “inside” and “outside” don’t really exist at all.

Earthly Prayers affect the Dead

Many people return to complete or begin a soul mission, which was often assigned during the near-death experience. Or they return to fulfill a responsibility, like raising their children: “It mattered that I returned. I had ties that I had to honor. The clearer the face (of the child calling me back) became, the more I realized this.” Or they are pulled back by the presence and the powerful prayers of loved ones: “The prayers coming to me from the world below were finally starting to get through; countless beings were surrounding me, kneeling in arcs, praying for me. These prayers gave me energy. That’s probably why, profoundly sad as I was (to be returning to earth), something in me felt a strange confidence that everything would be all right. Heaven would come with me. I knew I’d never feel alone again.”

One’s True Identity

I remembered who I truly was up there...a citizen of a universe staggering in its vastness and complexity, and ruled entirely by love. We have other family: beings who are watching and looking out for us—beings we have momentarily forgotten, but who, if we open ourselves to their presence, are waiting to help us navigate our time here on earth. Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That knowledge must no longer remain a secret. 

Love Beyond Human Description

“Back on earth, I found it impossible to convey what the love I experienced there actually felt like. Deep down, we already know...we have the ability to recover our connection with that idyllic realm. We just forget that we do, because our brain blocks out that larger cosmic background...The brain—in particular the part which generates our sense of rationality and the feeling of being a sharply defined self—is a barrier to our higher knowledge and experience. It is my belief that we are now facing a crucial time in our existence. We need to recover more of that larger knowledge while living here on earth.”

Earth the Grand School

"I realized earth is a great school where we master personal lessons, pass many tests, evolve to higher levels."  “Our role here is to grow toward the Divine, and that growth is closely watched by the beings in the worlds above...beings who I believe are the origin of our culture’s concept of angels.”  Love and compassion make up the very fabric of the spiritual realm. In order to return to that realm, we must once again become like that realm, even while we are plodding through this one.

“....physical space seems real, but it is limited. The entire length and height of the physical universe is as a speck of dust compared to the invisible and spiritual realm from which it has risen—the realm of consciousness...This other, vastly grander universe isn’t “far away.”  It’s right here, right now; it exists on a different frequency but we’re unaware of it because we are usually closed to those frequencies on which it manifests; the limitations of our sensory organs and our perceptual capacities shut us out from the other dimensions that exist. You don’t have to almost die to glimpse behind the veil—but you must do the work. Learning about that realm from books and presentations is a start—but we each have to go deep into our own consciousness through prayer or meditation to access these truths. The gift of desperation, when we have a terminal disease or find ourselves in an impossible situation, can also open the door to truth.

Near death experiences in children:

Infants and very young children (age 5 and younger) encounter "The Darkness That Knows;” they are embraced by a warm, living, loving, pulsing, all-knowing bright darkness that has a brilliance and enfolding shimmer that represents love's fullness; it is a source of strength and knowing, a sanctuary, the womb of creation. After being embraced by this darkness these children are even more likely to become geniuses than those who encounter the being of white light. But both the dark and light experiences seem to "charge the brain" often bringing genius and para-normal capabilities.

Occasionally adults encounter this darkness too: “I found myself entering an immense void, completely dark, infinite in size, yet also infinitely comforting. Pitch black as it was, it was also brimming over with light: a light that seemed to come from a brilliant orb that I now sensed near me. An orb that was living and almost solid...My situation was akin to that of a fetus in a womb. The fetus floats in the womb with the silent partner of the placenta, which nourishes it and mediates its relationship to the everywhere present yet at the same time invisible mother. In this case, the “mother” was God, the Creator, the Source who is responsible for making the universe and all in it. This Being was so close that there seemed to be no distance at all between God and myself. Yet at the same time, I could sense the infinite vastness of the Creator, could see how completely minuscule I was by comparison.”

Child near death survivors often feel disoriented, sometimes suicidal; they are often more confused by their experiences than the life threatening events that precipitated them. Many of them yearn to die and return to the other realm, for what on earth can compare to an encounter with an angel or the unconditional love radiated by a divine being?

Children and teens are more likely than adults to turn to alcohol or drugs, to attempt suicide, to experience depression. They need to be listened to, have their experiences respected, and receive help integrating them into their lives so they don’t feel crazy or weird.
There are also unpleasant near death experiences, but they seem to be rare; sometimes they are experienced alongside pleasant experiences:

Some people experience startling indifference when they are in pain or trouble; others feel haunted by something they did in their past; others encounter a threatening void or hellish purgatory.

Occasionally there is fear: “...the faces that bubbled up out of that darkness became ugly and threatening...The movement around me became less visual and more tactile, as if reptilian, wormlike creatures were crowding past, occasionally rubbing up against me with their smooth or spiky skins. Then I became aware of a smell: a little like feces, a little like blood, and a little like vomit; a biological smell, but of biological death, not of biological life. As my awareness sharpened more and more, I edged ever closer to panic. Whoever or whatever I was, I did not belong here. I needed to get out. But where would I go?” Even as I asked that question, something new emerged from the darkness above:
....Turning slowly, it radiated fine filaments of white-gold light, and as it did so the darkness around me began to splinter and break apart. Then I heard a new sound: a living sound, like the richest, most complex, most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard. Growing in volume as a pure white light descended, it obliterated the monotonous mechanical pounding that, seemingly for eons, had been my only company up until then. The light got closer and closer, spinning around and around and generating those filaments of pure white light that I now saw were tinged, here and there, with hints of gold.


How can a person continue to live if the physical body is dead?

We have several bodies. The physical, etheric, astral, and lower mental bodies are our form bodies.  Three others, the upper mental, buddhic and atmic bodies, constitute the seat of our soul. The etheric body interpenetrates our physical body; it’s the life-force that supports and enlivens the physical body; the two of them together constitute our physical body. The etheric body links our dense physical body with our astral body, the seat of our desires and emotions, which links with our lower mental body, the seat of concrete thinking and reasoning.

When the physical body dies, the etheric body takes over and carries the rest of the bodies, leaving the physical body behind. In the case of near death experiencers discussed above, the physical body has been declared dead. But the soul still occupies the rest of the bodies.  In the case of the near death experience, the soul re-extends its life stream back into the physical body to revivify it.

The family members and friends who greet the "dead" on the other side do so in their etheric or spiritual bodies.


When is the Physical Body supposed to die?

The soul controls the time of our physical death, whether we are aware of the soul or not. The purpose of each life is to carry out a definite mission; once this mission has been fulfilled (or has failed) the soul turns its attention away, the will-to-live falls away and death of the form/body ensues. The death of any form comes when it no longer serves the evolutionary needs of the soul. Life always continues with or without the form.

Those who meet death prematurely, in an accident or suicide, are placed in a state of limbo on the other side until their original, planned life time has run its course


Death involves several simultaneous processes:

1. The basic process of physical body death:

Death is the withdrawal of the life force from the dense physical body into the etheric vehicle. The next stage is the withdrawal of the life force from the etheric body followed by the withdrawal of the life force from the astral/emotional body and then from the lower mental body. After this fourfold withdrawal the life-stream is centralized entirely in the soul. The human soul lives and is free from the control of matter until it decides to reincarnate.

Lifetimes hence, the human soul will consciously know the time of death, realize it is an ordered process, and live through it in full consciousness. Until then the spiritual soul is in control of the death process.

  • When the soul sounds forth the word of withdrawal the process of physical death begins. The physical form is an aggregate of atoms, built into organisms, and thus into a physical body; this body is held together by the will of the soul. Withdraw that will, and terminal disease and death occur. Death is the result of a soul decision; terminal disease is one of the means of bringing death.
  • A vibration runs along the nadis, the etheric body's entire nervous system; they underlie every nerve in the physical body and are the agents carrying out the directing impulses of the soul. They respond to the direction from the soul that the time of death has arrived.
  • The glands inject a substance into the bloodstream which affects the heart; this substance is "death–dealing" and is one of the basic causes of coma and loss of consciousness, since it evokes a reflex action in the brain.
  • A psychic tremor loosens or breaks the connection between the nadis and the nervous system; the etheric body is thereby detached from the physical body and takes over.
  • The loosening of the nadis begins in the eyes and shows in the relaxation and lack of fear the dying person often shows; s/he feels peaceful, willing to go, and often has difficulty making mental effort; it's as if s/he is gathering strength to maintain consciousness and prepare for the coming transition. If the dying person and loved ones realise that "death" is the liberation from the prison of the body and the entrance into a realm of great freedom and love, they can celebrate before the transition.
  • The etheric body, loosened from the physical by the prior action of the nadis, prepares for departure; it gathers itself together and focuses itself in the area around the required "door of exit" (head, heart or solar plexus), awaiting the final pull from the directing soul.
  • The physical body begins its dissolution, responding to the relaxing of the nadis and the disintegrating effect of the withdrawal of etheric body. It is also responding to the "earth pull," being attracted back to the great reservoir of matter from which all forms are made.
  • The conscious man is still alive and well in the etheric body, and steadily and gradually withdraws his consciousness into the astral/emotional and mental bodies, preparatory to the release of the etheric body. He is becoming less attached to the physical plane and more withdrawn into himself. There should be silence as the process of transition develops, to allow the passage to be made in clarity of consciousness. The dying person may appear to be unconscious or in coma, but in nine cases out of ten, this is only apparent. Brain awareness is there with full consciousness of happenings, but there is complete paralysis of the will to express and inability to generate the energy which will indicate aliveness. The dying person can hear all that is said, so it is not too late to say, "I'm sorry." or "I love you;" the person is aware of the presence of loved ones and this can be comforting. Ideally the top of the head should be pointed toward the east, the feet and hands crossed, and only sandalwood incense burned, for it is on the destroyer ray and the soul is in process of destroying its habitation.
  • The etheric body emerges from the dense physical body in gradual stages and at the appropriate point of exit: with undeveloped and average people who live on the physical and emotional level it leaves the body via the solar plexus; with people of goodwill who aspire to live the law of love, it leaves the body via the heart; with developed or mental people, disciples, or initiates it leaves the body via the head.
  • When this detachment is complete, the etheric body assumes the outline of the physical body it had energized because it is still under the influence of the thought form of himself or herself the person built up over the years. This thought form exists in the case of every human; it will gradually fade out before the second stage of elimination is complete. Though free from the prison of the physical body, the etheric body is not freed from its influence; this keeps the etheric body close to the body just vacated. The astral/emotional and mental bodies still interpenetrate the etheric body, and at the center is a point of light which indicates the presence of the soul.
  • The etheric body is gradually detached, greatly aided by the cremation of the physical body. In the case of undeveloped people the etheric body may not disperse, but can linger for a long time in its accustomed neighborhood because the pull of the material world is so potent and the pull of the soul so weak. With spiritually advanced people who are not attached to the physical plane, the dissolution of the tie between the etheric and physical bodies can be very rapid.
  • The "deceased" may remain in the vicinity of loved ones on earth until the glamour and lure of being close to them wanes. By then preparation is underway for the "second death," the discarding of the astral/emotional and then the mental body.

2. The Occult Explanation of what is behind the above death process:

The Builders and Devas disperse:

There are builders and devas that play an active role in the physical life of each person. Attracted by the person's will and desire to incarnate, they construct the form/body and hold it together in a coherent shape; they transmute, apply and circulate pranic energy to keep it alive. When the will-to-live is no longer present, they are no longer attracted; they withdraw. Then the forces or entities who are the agents of destruction proceed with the work of breaking up the form. This, in reality, is what is behind the death process described above.

Two life currents are withdrawn from the physical body:

The purpose and will of the soul, the spiritual determination to be and to do, uses the sutratma, the life current that originates from the Sun, to express itself in form. When the sutratma or life current reaches the body, it differentiates into two major currents; one goes to the head, the other to the heart. The two currents transmit living energy to the physical body producing its activity, quality, and type of expression, as well as the impression it makes upon its environment. The current of individual consciousness, anchored near the pineal gland, is the soul seated in the head; it reveals the type of consciousness the person has attained in evolution; it makes a person an intelligent thinking entity, self conscious and self directing, aware in various degrees of the world in which s/he lives. The current of dynamic life energy is the soul seated in the heart; it energizes and holds in coherency all the atoms of the integrated physical body, subordinated to the will-to-be of the soul.

Complete death of the physical body occurs when the soul withdraws its consciousness current from the head and its life current from the heart into the etheric body.

The energy centers hold the physical body together making it a coherent, energised, active whole. The withdrawal of the two energy currents affects every center in the body. The consciousness current anchored in the head center qualifies the petals of the "thousand-petalled lotus" at the top of the head; the petals of that lotus have a relationship and an effect upon the petals in every other major energy center within the etheric body, preserving them in activity. When the consciousness thread is withdrawn from the head center an immediate effect is felt in all the petals of all the centers.

The same is true of the life current anchored in the heart; it energises and preserves in livingness all the centers of the body, sending out its currents of life into a point found at the exact center of the lotus. When death takes place, the life current is gathered up by the soul and withdrawn from the heart and thence back into the soul, carrying with it the life of each center in the body.

The last centers to withdraw into nothingness are two related to and in the region of the lungs; it is on these two centers that the soul works if recalled into the dense physical body; when they swing into activity the breath of life returns.

3. After death, cremation:

As soon as the moment of true death has been established by a doctor, cremation is possible, the sooner the better, in harmony with the needs of family and friends to adjust to the impending disappearance of their loved one's form. All forms are dissolved by fire. The physical body is immediately destroyed by cremation and the withdrawing soul is freed; the particles of matter that made up the form/body return to the great reservoir of matter, but they return with the addition of the quality gained through experience: greater (or less) vitality, lovingness and intelligence; hence matter itself gradually evolves, becomes more refined, vibrates to a higher key.

The etheric body continues. Immediately after physical death, the person in the etheric/astral/mental body is as much aware and alert to the environment as s/he was when physically alive. Eventually there is a "second death," the death of the astral and mental vehicles.

For the average good citizen death is a continuance in consciousness of the interests s/he had while "alive;" s/he does not sense much difference between that life and life in "death", and may hover around loved ones until the lure of the physical plane wear off.

For the aspirant or disciple, death is an immediate return to the sphere of learning and service that was developed during the hours of sleep; now this active service to humanity is continuous. The person in the etheric body, carrying all the other bodies, attends schools and classes on the etheric plane, and evolves through the upper sub-planes of the etheric plane until deciding to reincarnate.

Those who were addicted to drugs, who were criminal, cruel, selfish, who lived for the material side of life will be "earth bound;" their desires force them to stay close to their old environment; they may even become entities possessing a fellow addict or criminal. (See Entity Possession).

Eventually the soul re-incarnates taking on yet another physical/etheric/emotional/ mental body of more refined and adequate form; this will happen in the same month as the death; if the body dies in May, there will be a future rebirth in the month of May so that the trajectory of evolution continues. The soul will plunge again into life, clothed in a more evolved body, until mastery and unconditional lovingness are attained.

Through all this, through all lives, there remains the integrity of the inner person. Individuality is not lost; the same person is still present, the one who has been loved or hated, who has served humanity or harmed it...this one persists and will forever remain...unique, part of the kingdom of souls.


Life is eternal. Innumerable deaths and rebirths drive evolution:

  • The constantly recurring death of the physical body incarnation after incarnation.
  • The death of the astral and lower mental vehicles as the undying soul discards them life after life...only to create new ones until mastery is attained.
  • Eventually, as a result of the evolutionary effect of innumerable incarnations, there comes the death of desire. It is replaced by growing spiritual aspiration.
  • Then through the right use of mind comes the death or repudiation of the personality and the renouncing of all that is material.
  • This is followed by the death of the causal or soul body at the fourth or Great Initiation of Renunciation when even spiritual aspiration dies; it is no longer needed, for now the Will of the initiate is fixed and immovable.
  • The evolutionary process of death and resurrection goes on ceaselessly; each death prepares the way for greater loveliness and livingness, and prefaces resurrection in some form or another until we come to the final attainment. Resurrection is the keynote of nature; death is not. Death is only the ante-chamber of resurrection.



In sleep, you "die" every night.

In death you are conscious one moment on the physical plane and a moment later, you are conscious on another plane. In sleep the same thing happens. What is the difference?

In "death" the energy currents are withdrawn from both the head and the heart, producing loss of consciousness on the physical plane and disintegration of the physical body.

In sleep only the energy current anchored in the head is withdrawn; you become unconscious on the physical plane; your consciousness or awareness is focused on the etheric plane. The life thread anchored in the heart, along which the life force streams, is not broken so the physical body does not die; the life thread is the soul's path of return to the body.

When you sleep you leave your body and are alive and functioning on the etheric plane. So it is already easy for you to leave your physical body; but because you do not usually remember what happens while your body sleeps, you fail to see the similarity between sleep and death.

If you can train yourself to remain aware as you transition from wakefulness to sleep, then you can continue to be aware of all that happens while your body sleeps. You will develop continuity of consciousness during waking and sleep states. When you have learned to handle your body as it falls asleep, you will more easily maintain continuity of consciousness at the time of death when the soul passes out of the body and moves on to other realms.

Continuity of Consciousness in Sleep Exercise: Here's an exercise to practice each night: Don't just allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Instead relax your toes, feet, calves, knees, steadily moving upwards, finally drawing your attention and consciousness to the top of your head. Try to preserve your consciousness intact as you withdraw consciousness from the brain and pass out onto subtler levels of awareness; eventually you will experience continuity of consciousness or unbroken awareness between your waking hours and the hours when your body sleeps. It may take years of practice before you can go to sleep consciously.

Death in old age and infancy, when the body/form is useless:

Frequently the medical sciences seek to preserve physical lives which serve no useful purpose. Nature, if left to herself, would extinguish them.

Because of our overemphasis on the value of physical life, our fear of death, and our uncertainty about the fact of immortality we interrupt the natural processes and hold the life which is struggling to be free confined to a body quite unfit for the purpose of the soul. This prolonging of life is often due to the desires of family and friends, and not to the person in question, who is frequently an unconscious invalid, an elderly person who is no longer communicative or a baby who is not normal. There is value in remembering the reports of near death experiencers: at "death" they were happy and restored to fully healthy spiritual bodies.

Our ideas about death have been erroneous; we have looked upon it as something to be avoided and feared whereas in reality it should be looked at as the great liberation: the release of the living soul from the limitations of the body and entrance into love and vast freedom.

Death and war:

Death through the destructive process of war is in a different category from death due to disease; death in war is due to "an enforced participation in a great group" death and is under the directive and cyclic intention of our planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, working through the Council of Shamballa. The Beings who direct world processes know that the time has come when the relationship between planetary evil and the Forces of Light or of Good has reached a point of "explosive antagonism." The explosion is therefore permitted but a controlling factor is present, though unrealized by humans.

The Beings who work out the will of God look at the destruction of form in quite a different way than mortals do. The death of bodies is, to them, not death as we understand it, but a beneficent process of liberation. We live in a time that has seen the greatest destruction of human forms in the entire history of our planet. There has been no destruction of human beings. Their lives continue after physical death; they are each essentially the same person, but with added powers.

Even your beloved pet lives on:

When an animal dies who has been especially close to someone here on earth, our special friend goes to a place where there are meadows and hills so they can run and play together. Animals who were ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong, just as we remember them in our dreams of times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

Your pet has spotted you, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion. Happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.


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