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Coinage: Your Latent Individual and Group Talents and Resources

MPM – Last Saturday, you regaled me with all your healings. There was a room full of healers and each of you had some positive healing that came out of your alignment. Don’t stop there. That indicates that each healing is now the direction that you are going to go in. You know that it’s healed. It will continue in that direction for a while, until it wants to change direction. What you’re doing now, was the first, initial steps towards something that is going to be revealed later. That revelation is most likely what your mission is on Earth, unless you already know it now. So, you have started the journey, and it shouldn’t take long. You just keep at it. Heal whatever is in your way. As you heal yourself in that way, you clear the bushes, all the briar, to eventual clarity of what this mission is. Fair enough?

Now the Master Serapis Bey said something about coinage. What does he mean by that? Resources. Right. You have a potential that is there, and not only a potential; it is actually coming out now. Say for example you are here as lightbearers. What is that potential? What is it that you have as a group here, that coinage, that you have not acknowledged yet, or are slow to acknowledge? What are the resources you have?

Skills. The ability to heal. That is one of the main things that this group has. This group is a healing group. It heals. There is going to be a lot of hurt and a lot of nastiness that is going to come out of the catastrophes that hit us, and that is what this group is supposed to do. It is supposed to heal those things. It will heal the hurt so that people can move on. One of the things also that came to me when I was thinking about this was that, we have this piece of land that is behind the centre. Do we have the potential to buy any more on the sides?

Discussion from group – They were able to talk to an owner of a two-hectare plot of land. They were selling it for 600 pesos per square metre. They were thinking of pulling together those who are interested to buy a parcel and then subdivide it again. It is very cheap.

MPM – Buy it. What came to me is that, for some of the coinage, the potential is intensive cultivation of cassava, yams, and bananas. These are the three staples. No matter what, if you eat those you won’t starve to death. Or you can feed other people. We don’t need store rooms, we need the land. You keep it in the land. You have thousands of cassava plants and whatever you want to eat, you just pull it out of the ground. Pick a banana. When we have to provide food for the refugees or the people coming up from the lowlands, there you have it. It is right there. You don’t have to make anything fancy. You don’t have to be cooking huge pots of pork adobo and the rest of it. We go back to basics. We eat the basics of what this land can produce. Cassava and bananas and sweet potatoes are very healthful foods. You just add a little bit of fish sauce to them. Instead of storing this stuff in a big warehouse, you just keep it in the land. It is renewable. It is like a huge store room. It is the coinage we are blessed with here to meet the demands of the emergency. Is that feasible?

Discussion from group -  Yes. Another option is to lease land, long term, over at least ten years.

MPM – You could do that. It is around us also. Those pieces on the back and front are empty. Nobody is using it. That is something to think of in terms of our coinage.

What about personal coinage? What are your personal resources that you can lend to a critical situation? All of you have something. You have knowledge, but to do what? The Divine Plan that we are working on is going to give guidance to the leaders who are running like chickens without their heads, trying to figure out what to do. It will at least make them stop and think. “Maybe we can do this and this and this.” In terms of yourselves. You are sitting there, with teeming potential. What is it that you have that you can lend to this whole situation.

Group - comments about healing.

Healing is the first thing. If you can show them the results, then they are going to listen. If you are just spouting off Ancient Wisdom, it will just go right past them. They won’t want to hear any more of this stuff. Healing is one of the coinages we have. It is the potential for huge groups of people. What kinds of healings are we going to do? What can you do? What is the potential?

Q – Mass healing?

MPM – That is what Jesus did. He walked the streets and walked the fields and healed the masses.

Q – (inaudible) question about healing.

MPM – You can talk about healing all you want, until you heal and the proof is before your eyes. That is the proof that is before everybody. You can talk about love and all kinds of wonderful things. You heal the person, you heal the cripple, you heal the despondent … it is an awakening. That is what healing is. You are awakening the potential of the other person as well as yours. You want solid healings, not words. When you say, “Our potential is our knowledge of Ancient Wisdom.” What knowledge of Ancient Wisdom? What are you going to do? You just can’t bring out a Theosophical book and wave it at them. What are you going to practice when they walk in the door or when they come streaming into this refugee field?

You have to show them love. That is the most obvious part. How do you express love to them? Serving food is one of the most basic gestures of the human being, to give something to somebody you love, or to express the love to somebody.

Q – (inaudible) comment about when you meet people, asking people where they are going, and if they are hungry.

MPM – When the Chinese meet each other, what do they say? “Have you eaten?”

Comment from group – Filipinos also.

MPM – They have the same thing? When they say, “No,” what are you going to do? (laughter) You reach to the banana tree and you pick one and you say “Here.”

That is what suddenly came to me when we talk about food and that expression of love being food. What is that food? For here, the easiest and the most plentiful and the most nutritious, in a way, are those three: bananas, cassava, and sweet potatoes. Especially the sweet potatoes. As a group here, we need to get serious about having a steady store of this type of food available to the hundreds or thousands who will be coming by. You go and yank it off the tree, or pull it up from the ground.

How long can yams or sweet potatoes last?

Answer from group – 3 months, discussion about harvest or shelf life.

MPM – You pull it out of the ground and you keep it dry. Then you pile it up and cover it and keep the rain away from it. When do we do this? This has not hit the critical mass of action yet. But I think it will be obvious to us when we have to start planting this stuff. There must be a form of intensive culture of cassava, when you get as many plants in one area as you can and have them grow. Then you always have a store of food to give to whomever you have met, and if you don’t have the food, you know where it is. You just go there and yank up the plant and have it cooked or eat it raw.

Comment from group – For big tracts of land, you need workers.

MPM – True. That is the next thing.

Discussion among group about where land is for sale, and the price. Discussion about buying or leasing land.

MPM – Let’s consider expanding the amount of land we have, not necessarily for us to build houses on it, but as a big storage of coinage: our agricultural resources for whatever comes ahead of us.

More group discussion about possible land for sale. Discussion about whether to buy or to lease land. Leasing is less expensive. You need money.

MPM – You need money to buy all this stuff. If it is the right thing to do, it will be made available. What is the mantra that Serapis Bey has given us to get the money?

Group answer: Gold

MPM – What we should do is use what we have learned in the last couple of weeks about sound waves. He says sound can heal your pockets. We have to practice that. How does that work? Let’s say we move up as a group into the etheric. Then we go even higher, to the upper etheric. Then the waves of sound start hitting us. In the meantime, we are going through a forest of gold. Or maybe not. But we get up to where the waves are and you start chanting “Gold” up there, and it should rain gold on you.

Q – aloud or silently?

MPM – We could do it as a group and we could do it individually. Let me tell you what Saint Germain has told me. As we get into the catastrophic part, and things are wiped out, we are going to go through a reconstruction period. That is not far away.

That is where your precipitation comes in. It comes through you all. That is your coinage. You actually have pockets full of this stuff. For every little project that you individually undertake, the money will come about, because it is already there. It is part of the reconstruction. I can see you are all skeptical. “We’ve been sitting around waiting for this.” But that is what all this talk about precipitation is about. It’s there waiting for you guys to precipitate.

What I’ve been seeing related to that chant, “Gold, gold, gold,” is sort of like the sound waves of prana coming through. As it hits down into the physical plane, it becomes more and more like solid gold. When it hits the ground, then it’s the veins of gold in the ground. But you have already been able to get up there and hijack it before it goes down to the ground. But you can, I believe, interrupt that and gather it where it is coming down like that. As you chant, you visualize those sound waves being transformed into flakes of gold. Then it should flake down into your laps.

Some of you are still skeptical. That’s how brainwashed we are about money. We think it has to come from a bank or an ATM machine.

Comments from group – You have to work for it.

MPM – Working for it is one way, but what about financing your reconstruction projects? You’re not exactly slaving away for it. What you are doing is providing the opportunity for all the people that you meet up with during this time of crisis to do something and to know that the resources are there. That’s your coinage. The resources are there for you to finance this thing. You see the difference? How many of you think of yourselves as financiers? (laughter) Do you like the idea of being able to tap into these resources? Do you know what to do with that money once it comes through?

Group – No. (laughter)

MPM – That’s the kind of thing we have to go into later. It’s part of the Divine Plan. There is an exercise of how to shape a project. You pull out this element and pull out that element, and then you have a discreet project with a management team and all the budget, right there. It just so happens I taught that for ten years. It was how to develop a project and finance it. That’s the kind of spirit all of you have to have: the spirt of the business entrepreneur gathering together the resources, the talent, and finally you have something that today we call a business. Then you have a project. Nothing will move without people who can do this. This is critical. Everybody is going to be moaning and groaning about how miserable they are and, “Who is going to help us? Where is this money going to from? Where are the tools going to come from? …?” You stand up and say, “Here, this is the way it goes.” There’s a logical process by which you can start from dirt and have a million-coin project. There is a logical step that has already been given to us, how to do this.

The first thing you have to do is define the direction of that project. What is that project going to accomplish? What is the project goal? If you don’t know what your mission goal is, how are you going to do that? That exercise of knowing your mission in this incarnation is going to help you resolve this problem of projects that you are going to finance with this goal. You gear the projects in a certain direction. This is going to accomplish that. This project accomplishes that. You get all the ducks in order for each project, put up the money or coins, get it going, and it’s on its way. If you are floundering around not knowing where you are going, how are you going to develop these things? You have to start thinking now of very direct things.

Why don’t we start with your mission on Earth? You start with that, and if it needs to be developed, you develop it the same way a project gets developed. You set the goal, you find the resources that lead into that goal, you bring the resources in, and the whole thing starts churning. That’s what your mission is going to look like. Somehow, you are heading in that direction. Is that clear? You don’t just say that my mission is to do this or that, and you just sit there like a holy monk. How do you do it? Most people say that. They can tell you, “You need to do this and you need to do that.” I say, “Okay, fine. How do you do it?” If some of you are already business people, you have that mentality already. “I get this brick and I get that, and I need this person and I need that one.” All the elements that go into a project are just like you are setting up a business: All the elements that go into the business… it’s the same thing. That’s why I have been talking about these small business things of getting your goals straight. Also, it has to be geared towards all these projects that you’re going to be leading. Did you hear that? Leading, in the New Age. Does that scare you?

Group – No.

MPM – For example, pick a project. Pick something that is going to be needed.

Group – Farms

MPM – Let’s say, for example, we are going to make the cassava farm / ground storage. What do you need? If that is the goal, what you do is, you say, “I’m going to produce 10,000 tonnes a year of cassava roots.” Without setting a goal like that, you don’t know what to do. You have this helter-skelter planting of the plants.

Let’s say we buy a piece of land. That hectare is going to produce, let’s say, 5,000 tonnes of cassava plants. To get to that kind of harvest, you are going to need a lot of different things, more than just throwing seeds in your back yard. You need the cultivation method and even the kind of natural, organic fertilizer to get things going. You have to do some study of the scientific way people have planted them close to each other in intensive cultivation of cassava. What else do you need?

1 - You need people.  You need to train all the people who are working in this hectare. Essentially, every project has manpower and skilled manpower. It’s not just dummies who don’t know what to do.

2 - The second thing you need is commodities. You are going to need seedlings. You are going to need fertilizers. You are going to need steel tools, etc.

3 - The final element is training.

These are the three elements. You have your expertise, you have the commodities, and finally you have the training that goes into training the people working on the project. And you want to train others to replicate the project if that is going to be what you feed the people in Tagaytay.

Group – The main goal objective is to establish some sort of storage or an inventory.

MPM – The storage is in the ground, because these are root crops. You time it according to when you will need each crop. When it comes time, you yank it up and prepare it and eat it. We’re not talking about sophisticated French cuisine to feed the refugees. This is to keep their tummies full and to keep them healthy.

Group discussion about planting and harvesting cassava.

MPM – We plant when things begin to fall apart. We won’t start planting now because it will all rot. We keep watching what is going on, but we can make other preparations, getting the land, getting the proper inputs that you need. When the time comes then we’ve got to rush in there and plant, with the idea that 6 months later, you will be feeding people.

Group discussion about length of time needed to grow cassava, dry cassava. Discussion about rice not being practical to grow because it is too involved, too expensive to grow. Discussion about other things that can be grown. There was discussion about storage.

MPM – What I am reminding you of is that, as a group, with the land that we have, and maybe adjacent lands if we can get them. This is our coinage. We can create huge amounts of it too, rather than just buying food and storing it. You keep it in the ground and keep it going. It’s a steady stream of staple food for the people who are in trouble coming up here. That is what I was given last night when I was thinking about this. It makes sense to me.

Group – Talk about food processing.

MPM – If you get too much into food processing, then things get complicated. You need machinery, etc. I’m talking about basically going into the field and pulling the plant out, washing it, chopping it up and cooking it and eating it. This is emergency food. The fancy food processing comes later.

Group discussion about food available.

How do we get the land? You have to find out whether it is available first. Then we’ve got to put together our resources and buy it or lease it.

Group – You have to be clear about what you want to do. You have to use it properly.

MPM – Exactly. If it goes into good use, we’ll get it.

MPM – What do you want to use it for? Is it something worthwhile? Is it to buy a new car? You may be able to precipitate it if you were good before and have good karma. The use of this gold, especially the gold we’ll be tapping into, the gold in the cave, is to be used for the reconstruction projects for the New Age. That becomes our mission to provide that food in the ground for people streaming up there.

For the Canmore group, it is the same thing you can do. (Because they are going to listen to this too).

Group – question about what to plant.

Group discussion about what to grow for Philippine project and a type of yams that can stay underground for 2 years before they have to be harvested. Group discussion about steaming vegetables.

MPM – This is the coinage we are talking about: this knowledge of how to plant this stuff and store it, etc., etc. All that is your coinage.

Comments on Earth Changes:


Question from group asking when flood water will subside. Will it subside?

MPM – No. That is the difference this time. Every time it comes now, it just recedes half way. You see what’s happening in Houston. They have been warned for years that they are right on the sea level. Almost every year, they get hit by some hurricane. It recedes, but not all the way. Now, it is stubbornly staying there. There is another hurricane coming, that is, so far, forecast to be the most powerful hurricane they have ever had in the Atlantic. It is heading right in that same direction. We will see where it goes. The floods could come in this way with the constant badgering of tropical storms, as well as the melting of the ice caps. Who knows, maybe that is why they are having these strong hurricanes. There is a change in the temperature of the water because of the melting ice.

Group – question about the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies which says the United States will be divided in two, asking where that divide will be.

MPM – The natural divide is the Mississippi River. You know where the Great Lakes are. That leads into the Mississippi River. All those lakes are going to be flooded. They will come pouring out. Where do the lakes get the water? It is from Hudson Bay, which is north of that. When the seas rise, Hudson Bay starts overflowing. There will be a cascade overflow down to New Orleans. That is how I see it.

I did a reading once for one of our members who is from Chicago. I closed my eyes and she sat down next to me. All of a sudden, I was taken by this vision of the flooding of Lake Michigan. I could see these huge oil tankers being thrown just like corks. I don’t know where that water was coming from, except maybe the melting of the tundra, which is all frozen. It is all starting to melt. The next step from that was, where was this water coming from? It had to be coming from something up in the north. Where was it going? Right down the Mississippi. The Mississippi gets wider and wider and becomes a sea of some sort, like the Mediterranean Sea. Then you have the division of the North American continent.

Group – question about rising of continents that had been there before

MPM – That is a later scenario when you have the rising of the continents that had been there before. We’ll never see that in our life time. It’s way, way down the line. It may be longer than 200 years from now.

Group question – Will the flooding be because of the melting?

MPM – Yes. Basically, no matter what they say, the earth is getting warmer. I don’t care what these politicians say. The ice caps are melting. That is changing the temperature of the water. I am sure it is causing the hurricanes somehow. Are you going to be safe here? With all our bananas and yams and cassavas? Just make sure somebody is making some good fish sauce. That stuff can be pretty bland after months and months.

Are you willing to undertake this project?

Group – Yes.

MPM – Are you willing to finance it?

Group – Yes.

MPM – Are we willing to finance it with gold?

Group – Yes.

MPM – Let’s see what happens.

Group – Question about shelter and sanitation for refugees

MPM – That has all been studied. They know how to make these latrines for crowded areas and dispose of waste. All that stuff is already known. That is what the disaster relief group should be able to tell us.

Group - Discusses inviting the disaster relief team over for discussion.

MPM – They may have the same scenario in mind, for all we know. You’d be surprised how many people know about this stuff, but they don’t dare say it, just the way we don’t. People will jump on you. They don’t want to listen to it.

That’s enough to think about for tonight. This is the coinage we are talking about. We have the potential to put together and resolve the problem of food for the refugees. We don’t have to call this farm a refugee farm. Nobody wants to be called a refugee. Call it “Heavenly…” Something like that. But whatever it is, the main goal and purpose of it is intensive cultivation of these basic root crops in order to achieve a certain tonnage of food available for the refugees.

Group – the group has all the skills that are needed for survival.

MPM – This group was not put together randomly. The Masters chose you all to join this group. We are supposed to get more, also. We are supposed to go up to 100. The other ones will be chomping at the bit to join, so we will have subgroups.

Group discussion that gold only materializes when it is needed for use for projects of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It doesn’t materialize for personal use.

MPM – The first thing they are going to ask you is, “What about the resources you already have? Can’t you help them with what you have?” It is only when you run out and you need more that they will give you more. Sometimes helping others is an excuse to accumulate. (laughter) They know what your intentions are. “Oh, but I am going to do this and I am going to build a hospital…” Really, in the back of your mind, you want to store it in your own safe.

Group discussion about what is involved in getting a ten-year lease in the Philippines, determining the cost. Discussion about how to negotiate the terms of the lease. Would land be divided among people to cultivate, which may result in a higher yield?

Also discussed which crops would enrich the soil. Sweet potato enriches the soil. Discussion on crop rotation. The Philippines is very much an agricultural country, and most people have some knowledge of planting crops.

MPM – This is the kind of knowledge we have to put into practice: How we design the use of the land, and what we plant where. It’s got to be a very intelligent map of how to use the 2 hectares. This is probably why, in the beginning at least, you have to have an agriculturalist who can put zones in it where we plant certain things in certain zones. You get an organized farm.

Discussion about yams.

MPM – All this stuff, you already know about. That is what I am talking about for your coinage. All of you are piping in with different ideas of how to preserve this and eat that. That’s what we have to exploit. You already know how to do this. I think if you really put a quality on the knowledge you have already to do this kind of work, you’ve got it. You all know how to do it. Somehow, if you put it together, you’ll find that the expertise and experience is enough to do this. It’s just the strong backs that are missing. But you’ve got a lot of young people around here. You could get them to help.

MPM – When you think about this further over the next week, what was suggested to me was the cassava, banana, yam mixture, as a way of staving off starvation during the emergency. If that is not the right mixture, I will think of something else.


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