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Threshold of the New Age (Part 2)
Q & A

Q: Is it possible that even if you feel like you have given your 100% commitment, mentally, at least, and that you are ready to do the work that will be presented to you, that there still is that selfishness that’s holding you back?

MPM: That little bit is still there. You’ve just got to get rid of it.

Q: How will you know?

MPM: You align yourself. Go into that alignment and say, “Show me the way. I am willing to give up that last bit of selfishness that is in me that prevents me from doing my mission.” Just do that. And it will be shown to you.

Q: Is procrastination and laziness part of selfishness?

MPM: That is part of selfishness because behind that laziness is the fact that you don’t want to do it. Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. “I have my career to think of! I’m doing very well in my business. I’m doing very well with my job. They love me.” Stop! If I have to give up that love of my business, then I have to do it. And then I’m willing to work with the Hierarchy. That’s how it goes. “But I have a boyfriend!” “I have a girlfriend and she doesn’t believe in this stuff.” What will you do in that case? How important is your mission? It’s that hard to do, but if that is your main obstacle, you’ve got to do it! I can see all of you squirming! (laughter) That’s all they ask. It really is a mental commitment. You do it and really settle it in your mind. “Okay, if that’s what’s stopping me, I’m willing to let go.”

Now, this is what we call the true sacrifice. You’re not sacrificing your relatives or anything else. The sacrifice is that you’re giving up something that is holding you back. You are moving forward beyond what is holding you back. That is the sacrifice. You’re not giving it up for the other person either. Do you have the idea that you can’t do it, or that this person is stopping you? The boyfriend or girlfriend is stopping you? No, they’re not! You are just giving up the idea that that you think is holding you back. You understand the difference? You are stopping yourself because you don’t want to let go of that person or idea. When you let go of the person, the relationship becomes freer and freer. Maybe the boyfriend will find another girlfriend or maybe not. Maybe the relationship will solidify because there’s nothing holding you there but the pure joining up of the spiritual forces of each person. You see the difference? It is really a mental letting go of the last vestiges of personal selfishness.

Nobody else created the obstacle, except yourself. You have imposed that as an obstacle to carrying out your spiritual mission. You could say it is self-inflicted. All obstacles are self-imposed. Nobody is telling you to do this. You, yourself, have created it. Therefore, you, yourself, can unravel it. “But I have to take care of my grandchildren.” Who said you have to take care of your grandchildren? Who imposed that on you? “I have to go here and there because my children have their children and I have to take care of my grandchildren!” Who imposed that? No one, except yourself. Why can’t you take care of your grandchildren while still doing your mission? You might have to find somebody else to take care of your grandchildren. That’s all. Easy! You say, “No, no, I have to be there. I have to pick someone up” Who said you have to be there? Nobody said you have to be there. You said it.

You fear moving forward with what you’re supposed to do and you’ll grab on to anything that is convenient to get in your way, so you can use that as an excuse. What’s going to happen if that excuse continues throughout the rest of your life? This period of destruction of the whole system could last for at least 10 years. If you just sit there and say, “Oh, I have to take care of this and that. I can’t do it!” What’s going to happen to you when you move back into the dimension we came from and run smack into a nice sign that says, “You failed!” It probably wouldn’t be that nasty, but they would say, “You know, you were supposed to do this and you didn’t do it.”

The end is nigh. My friends, we’re on the threshold of the New Age. It’s right around the corner. It’s tomorrow and the next day and the next day, it’s just slowly going down, down, down. I don’t know how long it’s going to take.

The slide out of this cycle began in 2012. Things started to go down and the dark forces threw in money printing and credit allocations, giving you all the liquidity and money that you could spend. This gave you a false sense that nothing was wrong. “I can still buy anything I want. I can go shopping.” That’s how they fooled you. But that money buys less and less and is not going to last long. It is running out of steam. Eventually, it’s going to zero. Then you’re going to face what we’ve been telling you for the last 10 years.

Q: What is meant by the Master’s statement that you need to go out, move outward?
MPM: So far, you’ve been told about what is to happen. But you say, “Oh nothing happened in 2012.” Wrong! If you really look at the world situation, you’ll see that it has deteriorated enormously in the last five years. I’m talking about the financial system. The stock market is now a crazy, unruly thing that even the central banks can’t control.

You’ve just sat there and let it happen. What could you do? Everybody thinks, “See, it didn’t happen!” Then you point out to them what happened. The European market is breaking up. Banks are being bailed out or left to go bankrupt. The United States is divided into two camps and they’re fighting like crazy. You find conflict going on all the time. Things are beginning to fall apart.

Q: What does it mean to work more outwardly?

MPM: Now you have to put down your foot and say, “You think that didn’t happen,” and outwardly declare that this is happening. Don’t get fooled. In other words, speak the truth. Don’t let yourself get sucked into this whole mirage that the media is painting for you. “Everything is well. Don’t worry. You can still go shopping. Can we give you another credit card? We will send it to you in the mail. It’s already been pre-approved. Sign it and you have more money to spend.” This is what the dark forces have been doing, tricking the population into thinking that everything is fine. So you have to look beyond the obvious.

Where are the changes of the cosmic cycle happening? It is ongoing. On the human level, you don’t see it obviously, because they invented all types of ways to fool you. On the animal kingdom level, you see these little cats and dogs talking to you. They’ve gotten really intelligent. I’ve been watching my cats. They talk to me about things, that they want this and that. I’ve never been able to do that with them. Your pets are doing things that probably they wouldn’t have done 10 years ago. There’s a change going on in the animal kingdom and the other kingdoms that has not permeated the human kingdom because the humans, being a little smarter than most of the others in evolution, have figured out a way to divert you. Shopping centers. Apple is the worst diverter in the whole world: the iPhone culture, where you look cross-eyed at this personal telephone that wipes out your whole ability to try to think profoundly. Get a grip on these distractions. Deal with them. You must have control over them. Open your mouth when somebody says, “What is going on here? Everything seems to be falling apart!” It’ll start happening in your neighborhood. That is the time to open your mouth and say, “Well, you know, maybe this is the time that things are really changing. Look forward to what’s going to happen after all that gets wiped out. You’ll have a better life.” Make them aware of the near future. Give them the idea that there is something big happening worldwide. It is happening to everybody no matter where you are. Just speak the truth about what you know already that’s taking place right now.

Q: In being more outward, does it mean that you have to create an opportunity to be able to share what you know?

MPM: Yes, you are asked to do that. If your soul plan says, “Organize a neighborhood group,” grab that opportunity, and more opportunities will come into your life. First, before you start facing a group of people, start with your relatives, the people who are nearest and dearest to you. “Mommy, why is this happening?” or “Aunty, why is this happening? What is going on? I can’t understand it! This has never happened before!” Then you open your mouth and speak the truth. You don’t have to be a religious fanatic about it. You just say this cycle is coming to an end and all of us are going through this and a new cycle is on the other side. That’s all you have to say. You don’t need to speak of Amon Ra. That might be too much for people to take. Speak the truth in a way that people can understand. You don’t need to mention Jesus, etc. Just say, “Cosmically, this is what’s going on.” You see the difference? People don’t want to be preached to.

Deeper Meditation Pitfalls

Q: Can I go deeper to that light that connects the soul to the Sun?
MPM: Of course. It is infinite! You can just keep going That is what the in-breath meditation is about on our website. There is no end to it. You just keep going in, and then you turn into a monk. (laughter) Really, there is no end to it. It is as infinite as the Godhead. You might run into a few obstacles. These obstacles could be beautiful scenery or colors as you go into the light or it feels so good and it makes you feel good. Watch out! That’s an obstacle designed to distract you. Don’t let that happen. Keep going in, and say no, no to all that other stuff. People say, “I smell perfume as I get into the light and my head lights up.” Those are ways the astral plane is trying to deceive you. You have to go deeper than that. If you stop at any of those astral sign posts, you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll just stop right there.


Q: Can you discuss the acceleration that is happening right now?
MPM: That’s what I’ve been talking about. You will see acceleration all around you. Have you seen evidence of it? The destructive energies which are part of the cosmic cycle will go faster and faster and faster. As things are being destroyed, businesses will go bankrupt faster…. All the mom and pop businesses are going out of business. Sears is going bankrupt, and when they close down, they close down hundreds of stores. You see that happening. The other part of acceleration is that you personally get nervous, “Why do I feel so jittery today?” You pick up your cup of coffee and you feel jittery. Gain control of this. Get back your perspective. Align yourself.

Have you experienced that when you start to do something, you can’t keep your mind on it and you start thinking about something else? You’re moving here and there. Your mind is jumping from subject to subject as you try to focus on doing one thing. That’s another sign of acceleration. Another sign is people fighting around you. In your neighborhood, at home, people are arguing about anything that normally you would not argue about. This is another part of acceleration. The teenagers in your house will be obsessed with their cellphone, and if not, they will get obsessed with the internet. That’s also a sign of acceleration. It’s all around you. Everybody is getting hit by it. There’s no way out of it. Just imagine being hit by a vibrational nuclear bomb. The only way you’re going to survive it is to get yourself aligned. You’ve got to be strong to do that. Being strong is a sign of a lightbearer. A lightbearer will just pull out of the crowd and say “Okay, I’m not going to bend to this. I’ve been put here to do something else. Get me to where I need to go.”

Q: You mentioned before that the dark forces were able to ride along with the acceleration of energy, and that’s why they were able to cover up so many things. They’ve been in control up until now. When you mentioned that this unraveling will go on for 4-5 years, will it be at that pace also?

MPM: It will be faster and faster. I am telling you about the end of the cosmic cycle and the dark forces also know about this. These are no secrets to the dark forces. They have prepared their way also, and they have been given a vision about this. The heads of the dark forces are faceless and nameless. Some people think it’s the Rothschilds, but I think it is really worse than the Rothschilds. They have been able to burrow out a whole city in the Swiss Alps so that they can readjust the vibrations to counter what’s being thrown on the earth. I don’t know whether they’ll be successful, but up to now they have been. They want to continue their strategy of enslaving the Earth with their institutions.

Q: Is that the Large Hadron Collider?

MPM: That’s what I think, in Switzerland. The battle goes on and the main thing is that we are sure that we are on the winning side, even if sometimes it feels like the dark forces are overcoming us. But you cannot win this thing until you take control of your own vibration. If you are running around like a chicken without a head, “I’m doing God’s work,” going this way and that, you are useless. You have to be controlled, calm, and know what’s going on around you, and what you’re warding off.

Are any of you scared when I am talking like this? (answer: No) You should be thinking, “Okay, I’m ready to go. Let’s go!” That’s what you should be thinking because that’s what you have been placed here to do. You aren’t here to cave in. Remember, the energy that makes you want to cave in is the death-like energy that sweeps through your mind from time to time. Many of you are feeling hopeless. Many are feeling that you have no purpose in life, “What am I doing here? I just feel like climbing into my coffin!”  That’s exactly what they want you to think. Be very strong. That’s another thing about acceleration. “Let’s get rid of all the lightworkers!” They don’t want you around.

Q: How about the feeling of meaninglessness?

MPM: It’s the same thing. How can it be meaningless if you have a mission to carry out?

Q: The Master also said that there are people in the government who cannot control themselves, and they’ll blurt out the truth without realizing it.

MPM: Lightworkers are planted all over the world, in all the governments and industries. Some of them get killed for blurting out the truth, but that’s their job. The whistleblowers, unfortunately, are the ones who have to suffer a lot.

Q: Can we tell others about the alignment, especially the old people?

MPM: If you have people who can understand the fact that there is a Godhead called the Sun, then you can talk to them about it. If they don’t recognize the Sun as the Godhead of this planet, “Oh, no, no! The church says that this is God.” The Hindus say it’s one thing, the Buddhists say it’s another. When you hear this, I just drop it. I don’t even bother. “But isn’t Sai Baba God?” This is the extent of centuries of religious brainwashing. I say, “No! He isn’t.” I say, “Go outside and look up. It’s right there!” People have a hard time accepting it. To me, it’s so obvious, especially when you see all the plants naturally growing and flourishing. All things, animate and inanimate, flourish under the Sun. The Egyptians knew, the Mayans knew, as well as various other civilizations. Tell them to go outside, look up, and see what is sustaining this Earth. It’s so obvious.

Opportunities Present Themselves
All the negatives have a positive to it. When you align yourself, you are aligning yourself with positive energies and hopefully you become the carrier of positive energies. You’ll see that when you go through life, wherever you go, people are drawn to you. You are positive and their negative energy is a match. That is your opportunity. That kind of opportunity will come up more and more frequently as you align yourself with the Godhead. That’s all you have to do! Hopefully, by this type of readjustment of energies on Earth, you’re going to lead humanity into a new cycle. This isn’t about standing up and preaching to a whole bunch of people. You will be like a magnet readjusting the energy and speaking the truth.

Q: Should we tell others about the Sun God? One of the obstacles for the ordinary mind is the concept of God. They have a different connotation or idea. So you have to find a way for the truth to be acceptable to the mind.

MPM: That’s easy. When they say, “Oh, I’m having financial problems,” or, “I lost my job,” you just say, “Look at the Sun. Does that plant need a job? Does that plant need money? That Sun is capable of sustaining you through whatever you’re going through.” That’s all you have to say. This is the obvious fact that is in front of you. What makes that plant grow? What makes that dog run around? That’s speaking the truth. Find a simple way of conveying the same truth.

Q: Question about the art of self realization.

MPM: That itself is self realization. The art is how to get there. When you reach that state (pointing up), you are self realized. In my experience, I have never met a self-realized person. I’ve met many people who say that they are, but then if they are really self-realized, why are here in their human body? I tell you when you are self-realized, you just evaporate into another state. You evaporate into your spiritual self, the super conscious mind. If they are talking as human beings and preaching things about that, then you can be sure they are not self-realized. I hate to pop your bubbles. They can dress up in a monk’s uniform, or in anything they want. The more they dress up, the more they are not self-realized, because they’re just using props.

If this group ever gets together and makes a decision to move forward, then you’ll see a difference. The Masters don’t want half-baked initiates and half-baked disciples. They can’t trust you if you have been going this way and that way and that: “I should do a better job, I should…” No, it is forward-looking, go forth. They don’t expect you to become a monk in a monastery. Those are the worst initiates, if you can call them such.
Carry on with life the way you are now, yet with that special energy. Move through the crowd. That’s what they need. They need positive energy moving through whatever you are working on. Does that mean you have to stop and become a monk? Be man or woman on the street that is positive force, a lightbearer. Of course, it’s harder that way because the temptations and the counter energies coming at you are going to be stronger. This is the case even if you live up in the mountains in a monastery and eat vegetarian food and say, “I’m spiritual.” Hopefully, you would just evaporate when self-realization happens. But no! That’s not the way. You’re here walk through life, just like Jesus Christ did.

Q: Navigating through this darkness, you are already that light.

MPM: That is the lightworker! You are the light in this dark society.

Q: You don’t have to be extraordinary, just be there.

MPM: Just be there. Follow the energies that are there. Be there. Do it diligently, and then you’re open to one thing after another after that. There’s a natural progression in what you’re doing now and what you’re going to do as a super lightworker.

Q: When you see everything that’s in front of you as a total manifestation of the Godhead, everything is aligned.

MPM: Then you start sprouting wings. (laughter) The whole idea is to see the ever-presence of the Godhead. You see everything. When some person is shouting at you and everything on the street for whatever reason, look at him and align him and that shouting will end immediately. He conforms to that whole alignment also. Everybody is a child of God. Alignment is an irresistible force. In that way, you bring peace on Earth.
You can do the same thing in groups, but don’t preach to them. Just silently stand there and align the whole group, too. Nothing stops you from doing that. Keep silent. And as you practice this ever-presence of the Godhead every day, you’re going to get into more direct acts of manifestation. When people need food, then food will be produced in their hands. It is the same thing that Jesus did. Fish and loaves or fish and rice. That can be done.

Q: Regarding the healing of issues, can that be considered an inner work, or is that “going outward”?

MPM: Outward.

Q: Question regarding calling out to the Christ within a person.

MPM: You silently look at the person and do it. You don’t say “Oh, I’m going to put you under Christ.” All you are doing is seeing that person as they really are. You see the super conscious mind of that person. Everybody has a super conscious mind. You just do it silently and keep your mouth shut unless he asks, “What did you do to me?”

For the time being, you just go about your lives and change your outlook. It’s not just a routine that you follow everyday. It’s an active changing of your mind, changing or alignment of the people around you, and the situations that you’re meeting up with everywhere. That’s the difference. Every time you realign like this, no matter what the situation is, you are bringing the presence of God into the whole situation. That’s what changes it. You just sweep through the crowd and do it. Don’t expect people to thank you. Silently do it.

That’s your job for the meantime as lightworkers. Just keep that up and it will become more obvious what your mission is. This is part of your mission, too. It’s straightening out the whole view of mankind. Putting everybody back into this situation of alignment with the Sun. It’s easy. You need to be able to break the obstacle with the human will, the obstacle that holds you or makes you forget to do that. You understand the difference here? Break the feeling that, “It’s not my business.” What you’re doing is changing your own mind and putting it back into perspective. When you see them fighting on the street, change and realign that situation. You don’t have to stop them, you are changing your perception of the situation, and that’s just as powerful. You see the difference? You don’t try to talk to them to stop them.

Q: Before involving yourself, you have to align yourself first.

MPM: Before any action you take during the day, like when you’re preparing to go to market, align yourself first and then go to the market. It’s easy. In one second, you are back in alignment.

Q: I believe that we need to acknowledge each and everyone, who they really are.
MPM: Yes. But you don’t have to preach to them or anything. Put them back in their right perspective. That is what is meant by Saint Germain’s reference to “going outward.” This doesn’t apply only to yourself. You walk through life and mentally correct things. You think it’s easy. The more you try it, the more your powers increase as the hands and feet of the Hierarchy. If you don’t do this, what use are you? How can they entrust things to you? Carrying out the Divine Plan is happening now. They are testing all of you. Who are the ones that are going to drop out? Shall I tell you the percentage? No! I hope all of you continue.

Q: Forgetfulness gets in the way…

MPM: It’s not forgetfulness! It’s distraction that gets in the way of practice. “I have to do this first.” Look at how we’re being distracted now. You’re going upstairs to get something from the refrigerator and by the time you reach upstairs, you’ve forgotten what you went up there for. That’s what I’m talking about. Mind control has been shunted out by some other force. You have to decide, “I’m going to go up and get that and nothing will get in my way.” Train your mind. Train it to do what you want it to do.



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