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Testimonies of Alignment Results

The last time we met, I gave you an easy assignment. Some of you weren’t here, but what you are supposed to do is to draw up a paragraph, about 2-3 minutes, of a specific case of how the alignment improved something in your life. We have to flush this out.

This is scientific. In fact, I am going to call the alignment, “The Science of Alignment,” because it is provable. You do it, and you get results. You can repeat it over and over again and it will keep getting results. It is not some “fly-by-night” theory. We are now in the process of proving this truth. It is a truth of the Ancient Wisdom that has been locked away, or named something else. What you are doing in this case is proving it so that after you prove it, when things really get going, you can, with confidence, tell people how to resolve the problems in their lives. You know that it works. That is why we are doing this.

Below are real-life testimonies from members of the SGF which demonstrate the broad range of life situations where one can apply the Alignment and demonstrate the ever-presence of the God-head.

Testimonial – N:

N – The most dramatic result of my alignment was when I aligned and requested a job so that I could have financial freedom. I kept aligning, and everything seems to be working out.

MPM – Isn’t it wonderful having financial freedom? You don’t have to depend on anybody. Nobody can boss you around. Everything you want is granted.

N – I felt healthier and it is all because of the knowledge that you are aligned, and whenever you are aligned, you surrender. I tried to research what it is to surrender, and it is when you don’t question anything.

MPM – You just let go.

Testimonial – J:

J – I just learned about alignment a month ago. Since practicing aligning, my relationship with my wife went from 0 to 10. Even more than that. My relationship with my wife has improved. My supervisor for my work project was antagonistic. I recently learned he will be removed from the project and will probably be assigned to another project. I guess that was the result.

MPM – Good.

Testimonial – E:

E – We haven’t been practicing alignment for too long, and I see a lot of results already.

MPM – Little things, shaping up. Little and big things.

E – Two days ago, my youngest daughter had a high fever. We almost went to the hospital because of her high fever. I did the alignment in the etheric, using the sound from the Sun, for myself and my daughter. She wanted to go to the hospital, but I trusted the alignment. Suddenly she fell asleep, and in the morning, she didn’t have a fever anymore. I didn’t want her to go to school because of the fever the previous night, but she insisted that she would go to school and write her exam. Now she is playing outside.

MPM – What Estee has mentioned is a more advanced alignment. It is something we are working on right now to perfect. The new healing modality, rather than the TH we are doing, is going to be more in line with this. You align yourself, and you raise yourself up so that you touch the sound waves of the Sun God. That is very powerful. We have to experiment with it for a couple more weeks.

Testimonial – E:

E – My experience was more of truth coming out. Most of the members here know that I have been scammed of millions of pesos. Somehow, after a period of time, about 2 years, I accepted that loss. But, there is still some hope that is left in my mind. I was thinking that I was just caught between a feud between a wife and a husband. There was still some hope that lingered in my mind. Lately, especially after meditating on the sound waves, I had contact from Japan that even the husband was lying. That was the final nail. That was the final confirmation that was needed for my mind to stop hoping. The truth came out and that will lead me to total acceptance and eventually peace of mind.

MPM – That is one thing, and it should lead to some outcome that evens out the justice of it. Don’t settle for just peace of mind. You want the whole thing to readjust itself so that it is just. It has to come out as a just thing. We’ll be watching.

Testimonial - (Name Unknown):

P - I also practice it. Before my friend and I went to the market to sell our products, I aligned for both of us so that we would get good prices for our products.

MPM – In my experience in West Africa (with the US State Department), the richest people are the “Market Mammies.” They are all dressed up with big bows and big dresses. What you don’t see is the big pocket in the dress. It is a huge pocket that goes almost down to their knees. It is full of money that they are making from the marketplace. I met one and we talked, and I found out she owned the concrete business in another community. She supplied all the concrete to the builders. I asked her how she did that. She said she invested in one truck and then another truck, until she dominated the market. When you look at her, you would never think that she is the market millionaire.

So, keep it up! I want to see something come out of this!

Testimonial – T:

T – I did an experiment with alignment prior to the last meeting. First, I meditated on the idea that the Sun God is the source of all life, light, and energy. Second, I meditated on the idea that all on the earth plane are bombarded with positive and negative energies. The negative energies are the Dark Forces. On the etheric plane, the negative energies must be removed through bombardment with energies form the Sun. I started my meditation again. I breathed in and out. While I exhaled, the rays of the Sun were coming down. I found myself in the etheric immediately. I raised my body. I am recovering from an infection. I concentrated the energy from the Sun on the infection. It felt like the energy pierced the problem area. It is the most incredible thing I have experienced.

MPM – I see that you are all advancing yourselves in this whole alignment science. We have the revelation of the sound, that sound can heal. By healing, we mean resolving all problems. Once you get into the alignment, you raise yourself up until you hit those sound waves. That is what I see coming up here. Experiment more with that. Once you start feeling those sound waves, which is sort of like titillation of your head and it goes through your body, then you know that is the force that heals. That is what Serapis Bey said. Try practicing that. Then, we will get together again and talk about it. Do more healing in that way and then we can prove that this is the way to do it. I can see that this is going to take over the telepathic healing. We are going to move into this particular mode / modus. As you see, we are moving more and more into the instantaneous healings, which is what we want. Bravo for you guys doing this.

Testimonial - (Name Unknown):

B – I was organizing an activity in August. When I was in alignment, I had no more worries about the activity. It went on smoothly. I am doing something else and I know that will go smoothly too.

MPM – With the alignment, everything becomes organized.

B – Yes. Also, when I came home late after the last meeting, my husband was already asleep. Alignment helped a lot with my husband (so he wasn’t upset).

Testimonial – L.

L – I began with a prayer and did the alignment. It gave me a chance to help my wife. In two or three weeks, things improved with my wife. Thank you.

MPM – All the marriages are improving. We should open marriage counselling services. That is good. That is what it is supposed to do. Thank you.

Testimonial – G:

Alignment had very dramatic effects for me, especially with relationships with my children. My youngest daughter was behaving very erratically. It was recommended that she go to a psychiatrist. I refused. I said I would not allow it no matter what. They said it was the only option. I felt that I could take care of her if she spiralled downwards. I always use the Prayer of Protection for her. I knew I was on the right path, and I knew I had to go to the Tagaytay meetings. I tried everything, even though everyone was giving up on her. I am her mother. I was being so affected. Then when we learned alignment, it helped me to be more accepting. I felt more balanced. I aligned my daughter and she calmed down and became more peaceful and easier to handle. I told her brother and sister not to scold her anymore and to let me handle it all. I kept aligning. The relationships with my other children have improved too. All are more accepting and understanding.

Testimonial – L:

I have a common challenge. My wife is always bugging me and lecturing me. I have a small business selling motorcycle parts, but was struggling. When I did the alignment, I didn’t expect anything. I just did it and let it be. The finances are now more balanced. That is why I am here! My wife was against this school. Now she is allowing me to come. That is a good sign.

MPM – Pretty soon, she will be sitting right next to you. (laughter)

Testimonial – C:

C – Every time I align, I feel strong vibrations. The vibrations become finer and finer. I am still looking for my sound. I am experiencing silence. I don’t know if I am in the right place.

MPM – That vibration is in the silence. You are listening to something else. You aren’t listening to noise. It is in your inner ear where you will hear it. Keep it up and it will come. You go into alignment and you raise yourself up in that column of light with the Sun, and when you reach the point where you can feel the sound vibrations, or hear it with your inner ear, you visualize those sound waves flowing through your upper bodies--Atmic, Buddhic, and Upper Mental--and then the lower four: Lower Mental, Astral, Etheric, and Physical. Just imagine those vibrations going through. That will resolve the problems. The manifestation on the other side will be that the problem will resolve itself. You can make it stronger by making sure that the sound waves are passing through your seven bodies.

There are two occult principles here. One principle is that the Sun is emitting sound waves, not heat. The heat and light come later on when the sound waves hit the atmosphere of the earth. The other principle that you are using is the fact that the composition of man has seven bodies. This is not some screwed up fantasy. You are right into the principles of the Ancient Wisdom. You are just putting two things of the Ancient Wisdom together, to make it more powerful and work for you. What is the reason why you study this? It is to make your life better. It isn’t to go and hide in some monastery and talk about it. Your life has to transform itself into something good and better. And that “good and better life” is the one that helps others. And others and others and others. You see how that works? You can’t really help people until you get this straight inside yourself. Otherwise, the solutions you are giving to them are half-ass.

Testimony – R:

R – After aligning, I became more confident. My goods are being sold, and cheques are coming in. Also, finally, even more remarkable is that we found a buyer for our property.

MPM – That is another thing that happens. For things that were blocked, finally they become unblocked and things start flowing again.

Testimony – Robnet:

R – I am working on hearing the sound vibrations. My experience is that we were building something, and it was complicated, but it has straightened out from alignment. My relationship with my wife and children has become easier than before, even though we have financial issues.

MPM – The financial issues can be resolved too.

R – Things are getting lighter and lighter. My intention is to prove that the alignment is real.

MPM – How do you know that it is real? The results. It proves itself. When one little thing proves itself, go onto the next one. The more you prove it, little by little, the more the principle becomes more and more engrained in your thinking. Then, you will be more and more able to do it instantaneously. But you have to start with small steps.

R – We have to go to the etheric plane.

MPM – It makes it more powerful when you raise yourself up to the etheric plane and continue the alignment there. That is where things begin to happen. That is why Serapis Bey wanted us to go up to Etheric Egypt and resolve all physical problems. Money problems… He said that in Etheric Egypt, all the problems have already been solved. You don’t need to struggle here with finding a solution. What he meant also was that when you get up there, the solutions become clearer to you. They don’t present a problem they had 3,000 or 4,000 years ago. The solution just dawns upon you.

Question from B. – How high is the etheric plane?

MPM – Where is the etheric body? It is close. It seems like it is a great distance, but it isn’t that far away. In fact, you can see the outline of the etheric body if you really concentrate on it. It is a matter of a mental dimension. When you get into that, then you are on the etheric plane. It is not necessarily going up, but it is in a different dimension.

Testimony – B:

B – For the past month, I have been busy with the barter project. I have been contacting people who can help. Our first choice didn’t work out. We found someone else, but that didn’t work out. We couldn’t wait any longer. I did the alignment and asked to be led to the right person. Last Sunday, a friend told me about someone who can help. We talked to him. He is very accommodating and he is willing to provide us with everything we need. We had to explain barter to him. He confirmed that he will give us space and lend us a tent and some chairs, and he will provide security and assistance, on September 24th.

MPM – The alignment eliminates what isn’t correct. You go through a process of elimination until you find the correct path to do something. I have found this also. You keep getting rid of the wrong ones until you get the right one. You are aiming for the right connection.

Testimony – R:

R – I used alignment to help with financial issues. Our financial issues are better now because I have been able to borrow money.

MPM – Keep it up. The actual alignment should put you into a state of independence so you aren’t dependent on other people to keep you afloat. It will lead you into a source of income or source of money where you don’t have to take a loan. That is a better solution. So, you keep your alignment until something like this manifests itself.

Testimony – J:

J – I was having a problem with the corrupt politics of my boss, and I resigned.

MPM – That is what Serapis Bey tells us to do. If your hierarch at work is unsuitable, you move out of that situation.

J – I decided it was now or never so I resigned. I aligned myself. Now I am finding new job prospects.

MPM – So, instead of having no opportunities, now you have too many!

J – I keep aligning and asking to be of service to the Hierarchy.

MPM – As long as you keep the intention of the alignment correct, you will be led to the right opportunity. Sometimes when a whole lot of opportunities come, it is a trick. It is a trick to lead you astray, and you are off in the wrong direction. Keep it up. Now you are tweaking it. Keep up the cosmic principles, and you will be moving in the right direction.

Testimony – E:

E – When I am aligning, I feel like there is no connection between the etheric and the physical life.

MPM – When you align, bring it down into your physical life. That is all you have to do. If you are reaching the sound wave of the Sun, drag it down into your physical life and let it affect your physical life. What you are describing sounds like the energy is stopping in the etheric. There has to be a connection of the etheric down to the physical. It is up to you. It is your will that brings it down. You just bring it down and let it stay, and wait until you see what the results are. Easy.

Testimony – R:

R – Whenever there are new teachings, I try to prove them myself. There have been big things and small things. An example of a small thing is, at the airport, there was a long queue. I hate that they make everyone remove shoes and belts. I aligned myself and a particular guard asked me to move to another lane. In that lane, they did not require you to take off your shoes and belt. It is very inconvenient to put them on again. So, I was happy because I had aligned myself and this worked out.

MPM – Those are the kind of things that take away frustration and bother. There are a lot of stupid things that life imposes on you. You know they will never find a terrorist. All they are doing is exercising control over you. What terrorist are they going to find? When you look around, are there terrorists lining up with you? It is the most ridiculous thing, but we unfortunately have to live with this. But you can go around it by aligning. It shields you from this nonsense that goes on.

R – Another example is, on my way back to Manila, there was a long queue. I was at the back of the line, and I was told to use another line that is always free. I felt like a VIP.

MPM – Why not? These are the things that unravel the frustrations of life. You don’t need to go through them.

R – You just need alignment whenever you feel there is some inconvenience in life. You can align yourself and prove to yourself that it really works.

MPM – You can try it in traffic also. It is just like the Red Sea. It will open up and suddenly you are going.

Testimony – P:

P – I was in need of money, and I received money that I wasn’t expecting.

MPM – You didn’t ask for it. You know it is a resolution when you don’t have to ask for it, and it is just given to you, or somebody shows up with the money. Take it. That is a manifestation of it.

P – My younger sister called me because she had an idea of how to make a good profit for my business selling products. I was happy because I didn’t expect it. She is investing in my business.

MPM – When did you two start this venture?

P – May or June.

MPM – Where do you sell your wares? The central market? What you need to do is align that stall with the Sun. You and your sister align, and then align the stall, and it will get better and better.

Testimony – G:

NU – I am a nurse. I always align before going to work. I had a patient who had major medical issues. I had to give her a needle and it was very difficult, but I aligned, and it went in easily.

Testimony – A:

A – I used alignment to find ideas to help with the barter project. All the ideas of what I needed to do then came to me.

MPM – What Adeling is showing here is that the alignment applies to every step of your action. Take a step, and if you are lost, you align and take the next step. If you align at the wrong step, sometimes you can go off track. But if you align with every single step that you are taking, that is a good way to go. That gets into the whole point of this. You must be recognizing the ever-presence of the Godhead in every single detail, if you can.

I’m going on to the next one, otherwise, this testimonial will last forever. (laughter). But anyway, it is good to hear that it is working.

Testimonial – G:

G – I align myself every morning when I wake, up, and when I go to work, and my day runs smoothly. My decisions are guided. Sometimes there are conflicts in the office, but they end with joy and laughter.

MPM – Everything that you are doing straightens out.

G – My boss knows that I will need to leave early to go to Tagaytay for these meetings, and now encourages me to leave early. Whenever I sense the presence of negative vibrations or negative emotions, I align and can see the difference immediately. At home, we no longer have financial issues for our basic needs, and we have harmony in the home.

Testimonial – L:

L – I have a stall for selling fish, but was worried that the owner of the stall would sell it. I aligned. Then someone lent me the money so that I could buy the stall myself.

Testimonial – N:

N – After aligning, problems in my job were resolved.

Testimonial – Name Unknown:

NU – I consulted a doctor because of problems with my eyes. The doctor said I would need an operation, but my blood pressure was too high. Through alignment, my blood pressure dropped and the operation has been scheduled.

MPM – Align yourself for when you are on the operating table, or in the clinic, or wherever you are.

Testimonial – B:

B – I found that alignment is very powerful. I had problems with having money to pay bills. I aligned, and found that I had money in my closet that I had put away and forgotten about. I had money to pay my bills. Through alignment, I remembered that I had the money.

MPM – I get that all the time. It reminds me of things that I am looking for or I think I don’t have. Suddenly I get a reminder. “It’s over there.”

Testimonial – R:

R – I have filed for retirement and had to find someone to get a signature. This person was hard to find. I aligned. A friend offered help and everything went smoothly. All the papers were signed. I was very worried about the process. I aligned myself before every step and everything went smoothly. The retirement process has now been completed faster than expected.

MPM – Congratulations. I see that this problem of finances for this group is being slowly resolved, and it is all going in the right direction for all of you. Keep it up and resolve it once and for all, so you don’t have to worry about money. That is where they want all of you to be. This is not something that lightworkers are born to worry about. So, keep it up.

What you all have proven is that this is scientific. It works on every one of you in different ways. It is the same principle being applied to different people, but the results are always in the positive vein. It is something that can be replicated and repeated over and over, and it will work. In the next stage, you will be doing this for other people to help resolve their problem. What you all have proven with your testimonies is that we are on to a new principle for the New Age. Later on, you are going to have to lead the rest into this, but you need a little more solid proof. Resolve these problems once and for all, especially the finance problems. The little steps that you have already taken so far is a good sign that every one of these solutions has even better solutions… and even better ones. You don’t quit there. You keep it up until it is done and you don’t have to worry about things day and night.

Thank you all for proving this principle that is going to be applied in the New Age, and now. We are already moving into it. It is also something that, as I mentioned, is a tool which you will use in the future, or even now, to be the lightworkers that you are supposed to be.

Do you have any other questions?

Q – I am manifesting a house and I need to raise money to build or renovate it, and I don’t know how to approach it when you have limited income, but big expenses to come.

MPM – First, you have to detach from the project. You have to look at the project and know what you want done. Then detach. Let the sound waves come down, right on that project. You just stand aside, and stay out of it while it is being blessed. Once you get into it, then your own worries and thinking get in the way. Just let it go and expect something good out of it. It may mean that that house is not the right one that you are supposed to be fixing. It may mean shifting. There are all kinds of solutions that can come out of this, that you may not have foreseen. When you detach from it, you just open yourself up to all the opportunities of having the right house. Don’t focus on that one house. Once you let go of that, then you open up the opportunity.

Q – If we are aligning for something like a house, could something else happen that we don’t expect?

MPM – The solution could be something you have never thought of before. It comes out of nowhere. It means that you were on the wrong track. By “super-aligning” yourself, something else might come up, or it will be solved. You are opening yourself up to the flow of blessings, which is the flow of opportunities. The main thing is to get yourself out of it. Pull back, detach, and let it happen. The minute you go in there and fuss around with it, you screw up the blessing coming through. Sometimes detaching is the most difficult thing to do. But that is the necessary element. You let this stuff go. It doesn’t mean that you are being neglectful. It means that you are allowing the divine to take over.

Q – What do you mean by “super-aligning”?

MPM – That is what we are talking about when you are in the alignment and you are raising yourself up to the sound and you are letting that sound come right through all seven bodies and stay there. We have been thinking about it and practicing it, but now that you know what it is, do it. Experiment with it and see what happens. I think it increases the speed and effectiveness of the healing.

Q – Is there any way that we can stay aligned?

MPM – It is your will. Nobody is going to help you with that. One thing about alignment is that you’ve got to do it. Nobody is going to do it for you. That is the concentration that you need to remain there. I don’t know whether you have experienced this, but it is hard to stay there. Immediately, something is distracting you.

Q – Once you to forget to align, are you out of it?

MPM – No. You are still within the scope of it. You can re-align all the time. If you can’t stay, do it often. You remind yourself to re-align.

Q – A conscious alignment happens when you are awake and concentrating, but does it disappear when you forget to align?

MPM – It doesn’t disappear, but if you let it go for a while, you would be that 1% off. The main thing is to keep reminding yourself to align. If you can’t stay with it for hours and hours, which would be very difficult, you just keep doing it often. That is what we call the ever-presence of Godhead.

Q – In the morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is meditate and then I move up to the etheric and try to reach the sound zone and stay there. But through the day when I carry on with my daily activities, it is difficult to go there and stay with it, or go to the sound. So I find myself just doing the quick alignment every now and then.

MPM – You have already established the alignment. When you are busy doing something, just do it quickly and go on with your work. Easy enough, isn’t it?

This has been quite an eye-opener for all of us to see how this alignment works with everybody, no matter what your personality is, what your status is, where you are. It works if you just apply it. It is easy to apply. The depth of the alignment, of course, is going to have to rely on your knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom. When I am telling you that you get into it, when I talk about going up to the etheric plane, and the sound waves, and the seven bodies, that is all Ancient Wisdom. If I talked like that to most other people, they wouldn’t understand what I was talking about.

When you are talking to your friends or other people, just start with a main, physical alignment. Get them on track. They can still be on track, even if they don’t know about the seven bodies and all the other stuff. Later, as they pursue this--“What is this thing? Why is this thing changing my life?”--then you get into the other explanations and show them how and why. You show them slowly. You don’t have to talk about any of the religious things because it doesn’t matter. It is between you and the Sun. Simple as that. And it is neutral. Have you noticed?

I would like to say something briefly about the astral plane. The whole world is engulfed in the astral plane. That is where they want us to be. That is where the dark forces want us to be. They want us to be victims of our own emotions. They want to throw fear into you so that you do what they want you to do. That you have to severely reject. What is the nature of some of the astral influences on you every day? It comes in, many times, in terms of innocent little things. Then you’ve got to think about it. “Where is this leading?”

One of our Airbnb guests insisted that he needed balloons to celebrate something, and we said, “No.” They intended to paste them on the wall which would destroy the paint. “But I want balloons.” Should we say yes or no to him? My objection to that was, “What are these balloons serving as? What is it? How is that balloon going to improve his life, much less improve mine?” It is a useless thing. But the main this is that this request was an astral request. If you say yes to that, then you open the door. Then the next request will come and the door has to get wider and wider. Before you know it, you are a victim of the astral plane again. That is how things start in small ways, to worm their way into your life. A lot of things try to prey on your emotions. Another guest: “There is a typhoon coming and I need to cancel. My baby is in danger.” That is the kind of stuff you don’t listen to. She is just using the whole emotional card to worm her way in and make her case stronger. It may be okay, but once you give in to that kind of stuff, you have opened the door. Then it leads to the next thing and the next thing.

One of the things about astral influence like that is that it has no goal. All you can expect from an astral influence like that, once it penetrates your thinking, is that it will go to the extreme, and before you know it, you are really off track. I will give you an example. Drugs. “Try this little pill and it will make you feel good.” You take it and you feel good. Then you want two, and then you want three. It is the same with alcohol. It is the same with anything that has to do with astral. The astral stuff starts to look more and more like regular stuff. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as drugs. It could be an attitude or it could be emotions that are preying on your heart to make you do something that you don’t want to do. One of the effects of this kind of influence is that if you give into it, it will lead you to an extreme with no purpose except to throw you off course.

So, because you are lightworkers, whatever you are doing, in your businesses and other endeavours, you are going to be bombarded by this kind of stuff. It is basically an emotionally-derived influence on you. Why are they doing that? They want to throw you off the path. Or you will make some big mistake that throws you off. It is going to be constant. They constantly bombard you with this stuff. The dark forces all know about you. They know you by name. So, you’ve got to watch out. The one thing I discovered about astral influences is: the more you use your brains and say, “No, I don’t want this,” they will give up. They will keep nagging you, and then they will eventually give up. Then another one will come.

As lightbearers, you are constantly going to have to fend off these influences. You have to be aware of it. All it needs is sometimes a “no.” “NO!” Then they give up. Sometimes, if they really want to get at you, they will keep insisting and titillating you with more. Maybe it’s not one balloon, but 60 balloons, so you give in. It is a titillating of your emotions. You just keep up the rejection and they will go away. “No.” The reason why I covered this is because, as lightbearers, you are constantly going to be subject to this kind of stuff because that is the only way they can throw you off your path. They will try to appeal to your emotions and appeal to other things that are dear to your heart that really lead nowhere. When you think about what you are being told to do, think more of the distant goal. “Where is it going to lead me?” Usually, it is nowhere. There is 100% chance that it leads you nowhere. It may lead you to near-term satisfaction, like this guy with the balloons. It is a momentary “Ooooh!” and it is gone. There is no reason to go on with it. It has no divine purpose. That is for sure.

I am sure you have to deal with this every day. It is usually the nearest and dearest to you that are nagging you with things like this. There are little desires for your grandchildren and stuff like that. You have to put a stop to it. Otherwise, that child will start to really suffer from this type of influence. “I want this toy. I want this. I want that.” You say, “Where is this going to lead?” Sure, one of the toys might teach him something, but if it is something that doesn’t teach him a thing, and it is just one of these crazy game things that leads to nothing, then you’ve got to put your foot down.

Shall we close? You want your blessing first. Does it really help? Of course, it’s got to help, because where is it coming from?

Take a deep breath. This time, I am going to ask you to raise yourselves up to the etheric. If you are having a hard time doing it, just imagine you are there, which is as good as visualizing it. Go up. (pause) Now, on the etheric here, I want you to raise yourself up even further until you reach a zone where the sound waves are becoming light waves. It is sort of a mixed area there. Just keep raising yourself up. (pause) Let go and allow those waves of sound to penetrate you, all the way down, through the etheric, and down into your physical lives.

(blessing ends)

We are going to adjourn. Thank you all for your testimonies. These are big proofs of how scientific this alignment is, and the utter truth in it.

The following testimonies have been provided by SGF members in Canada, USA, and Costa Rica, Europe and Africa:

Testimonial – F (Alberta, Canada):

On Aug. 22, at around 10:00 pm, my grandson cried loudly due to stomach pain. I aligned to the Sun and did a healing for him. A few minutes later, he farted and was completely fine. Then, on Aug. 26, around 1:00 am, I was awakened by my grandson crying very loudly. Nobody could calm him down. He was crying so hard that his whole body was shaking. I held him and aligned myself and him to the Sun. Five minutes later, he calmed down a little bit. I continued aligning and began whispering. “Om.” I heard a gurgle sound come from his solar plexus and he calmed down completely and fell asleep until morning, I think that was an astral attack. The same day, around 5:00 am, my wife woke me up complaining about a terrible pain in her right leg and foot. I aligned myself and my wife to the Sun and a few minutes later she was asleep. She woke up with no pain in her leg and a tolerable pain in her foot. It was a busy night of healing. 

Testimonial – Mark (Montana, USA):

When my wife and I remodeled the house we are living in, we put wood siding on the outside and left it entirely untreated, just the bare wood. After five years, it was decided that we'd best put some translucent stain on it, to protect the wood, and we got a bid from a house painter recommended by a neighbor of ours who is a real estate manager, and hired the painter to do the job. He seemed like a reasonably intelligent fellow, friendly, and very eager to do a good job.

Once the job was underway, we found that sometimes one of us would have a discussion with the painter and make a plan for the day's work, and then the painter would do something a little different. Nothing major, but definitely a little different than what was agreed. And then he and his crew wouldn't show up for a number of days, and then they would appear again--this happened a few times. There was one area of the house that I thought wasn't going very well, the painter and I discussed how to deal with it, and he seemingly ignored our agreement and did it another way. I knew I had to discuss this with him the next time he showed up and wasn't really looking forward to it. All our relations had, so far at least, been quite friendly, but there was this tension developing.

When the painter arrived in the morning, my wife suggested that we stay completely aligned with the Sun during the conversation and see what happened, to see whether we could straighten out the widening divergence between what we were requesting and what the painting crew was doing, and to do that in a friendly way. We met the painter in front of the area that had the most trouble, both of us were aligned, and the first thing the painter said was, "You guys know about what’s going on with me, right?" And both Virginia and I said 'no,' we didn't know what he meant. The painter assumed our neighbor had told us what was going on, but he hadn't. It turned out that the painter has gastric cancer and he told us all about it. He had been told a year prior that he had six months to live. Twenty-four chemo treatments later, he was still alive! So when he wasn't showing up for a number of days, it was because he would get a chemo treatment and then have to recover for a number of days before he could work again.

For anyone who knows what happens to people in chemo, one very typical symptom is "brain fog," that is, they get confused about things, forget things, etc. Mostly I think they are exhausted from the difficulties of the treatment. Anyway, my wife and I were so, so happy that we had never shown the painter any anger or disrespect or even any unfriendliness at all. Any anger we would have directed toward him would have been directed toward a person who was in deep and active contemplation of the meaning of dying and all that entails. All the guy is trying to do is make a little extra money so he has something more to leave to his kids. And he says it actually takes his mind off of his medical troubles when he is painting, so he really enjoys it.

We became quite friendly with him, and are to this day. There was tension developing until we brought strong alignment into the picture, and then everything resolved in a deep, human way.

Of course, we offered TH to the painter, and he accepted. And he is still alive!

Testimonial – L (Alberta, Canada):

I had to drive to downtown Edmonton (a big city) to purchase something. The drive one way is over four hours, so I decided to stay overnight in a hotel and then come back the next day. I am not at all familiar with Edmonton. I aligned to the Sun, and used a booking website that allows you to select a hotel in a city, but it doesn’t tell you the name or location of the hotel until after you book it. I was hopeful that the hotel would be close to my destination. It turned out that the hotel I booked was three minutes away from the building where I needed to go. I couldn’t have picked a closer hotel. I was also concerned about finding parking in downtown Edmonton because I was there during the morning rush hour. However, I aligned and easily found a parking spot in front of the building where I was going. Also, considering it was rush hour, traffic was very easy to move through, after aligning.

In another instance, my friend told me she had shingles which was causing a lot of pain in her leg. Together with (SGF member) Fred, we aligned ourselves and my friend to the Sun and lifted ourselves and my friend to the sound waves in the etheric for the healing. My friend reported that the pain in her leg never came back, although she later had some discomfort in her knee.

Testimonial – S. (England)

I have had 2 rather important problems that were solved:

1. Last January, I received a letter from the UK Medical Council; they wanted to start looking into a complaint filed by a patient that I saw briefly and referred to a colleague a year before. The patient wanted a refund because she felt the treatment was not what she wanted but the company that owns the practice never responded to her. She searched the internet, found out that I am the principal surgeon at the clinic, and thought it was a good idea to go against me, thinking that she would achieve her goal. The Medical council in the UK is notorious for the way it handles complaints. Once they start digging into records, files, etc., even if they find nothing against you on the case, they try to find any shortcomings on the medical notes or any other records, the paperwork, whatever that is not by their own book (there are no specific official guidelines for record keeping). They usually come up with something and then they decide if they should fine you, put you under probation, take your professional license for a period of time or strike you off (only when you mess up big time ;-) ).
It is very uncommon to get away harmless. It was only weeks after we had a gotomeeting session with MPM who explained how to align and I thought that the best thing to do is to align, leave the problem in the Sun's hands and just wait for the solution. In the meantime, when I was walking to and back from work, I tried to be aligned all the time. I had a deadline to send all the records to the Medical Council and I was preparing everything, trying to be positive about the outcome since it was in the Sun's hands. My professional indemnity advisor was involved too and he was trying to help as much as he could. One of the managers of the company I work for was on the case, and I found out that the patient tried repeatedly to contact him to file a complaint and discuss the case, but he never bothered to deal with it. I did contact him and demanded of him to contact the patient and find a solution - I did not expect much.....
To my surprise, the day before the deadline, I received a phone call from the Professional indemnity advisor. He said that he was informed by the Medical council that the patient withdrew the complaint and even though the Medical Council wants to have the records anyways in order to dig into them, they decided that the case is closed. I did find out that the manager contacted the patient and offered a solution - so unlike him!

2. A couple of weeks ago, while operating on a patient under local anesthesia, I faced a medical emergency. Mind you, before I start a procedure, I always align myself. The patient started to breathe with a funny pattern, his pulse was getting higher, his eyes rolled and then he stopped breathing for a few seconds. Everybody in the room was panicked! They were shocked and did not know what to do! I immediately aligned again, chanted "So Hum" silently x3 and I gave clear instructions to everybody - they acted immediately, doing exactly what they were asked to. Seconds later, the patient started breathing, then reacting to instructions and started talking. We gave him some water, cool compresses and slowly- slowly, his pulse, blood pressure and skin colour returned back to normal. Thirty minutes later, he asked me to finish with the surgery which I did. Two hours later he was on his way to his home! During this whole time, my pulse was stable, I did not blink an eye, I was relaxed, and extremely sure that the situation was under full control, and it obviously was - not by me but through me!

I have many more "stories to tell" but I think these 2 are the most impressive :-)

Testimonial – P: (Alberta, Canada)

Among many examples during the day especially at work where I would align and have my work day go by in peace and harmony, my favorite example of alignment was with the ants nest in front of our house. For many weeks we have had the ants nest right beside our path in front of the house. It has become the daily routine to push the dirt back into the grass from the path that ants have dug up during the day. Pushing the dirt back did not bother them at all so we tried to send them a message with water and some other ways but ants were not going anywhere. One day I decided to talk to the queen of ants and so I aligned with the source of life for both of us, the Amon Ra. It was a sunny day and I lay down my case :) explaining that this is not a good place for the ants’ nest from out point of view and I suggested the land across the road as a solution since it will not bother anyone. To my great surprise, within a couple of days we did not get any more dirt on the path and the surprise was more about the speed at which the goal was achieved. In such a short time, not only that there was no more dirt but the ants were gone as well. To this day, approximately a month and a half later, there are no more ants in front of our house. Encouraged with the result I decided to align and talk to the devas about clearing all plants from our front yard except grass :). In the mean time I got the idea to water the lawn more and my father that has just arrived to visit us decided to clear the lawn from all the plants leaving only grass. At the moment our lawn is in the best shape it has ever been...

Testimonial – R (Alberta, Canada)

One day I had something to deliver to a location that I was not at all familiar with. On my way there I had another errand and went there to do that first. I then proceeded into this town that was unfamiliar to me, from a different direction, and when I began to look for the address that I needed to drop off my package, I was clearly lost as far as knowing where I was in relation to the address I was seeking. I did not have a map of this town or a GPS. I stopped and aligned with the Sun and by observing where the Sun was I continued on my way and went in the direction that seemed correct. In a short period of time, I saw a small shopping centre on my right and noticed the office listed that I was looking for. I pulled in to the parking lot there and a parking spot, miraculously, was right at the front of the door. I delivered the package.

Testimonial – E. (Scotland)

The most important change I noticed in practicing alignment is that my notion of time has changed in doing simple things. It increases the focus on the task and, as the mind is not wandering from one thought to another, the task is done in a shorter amount of time. It is quite noticeable for a person over 60 like me as in our later years it takes so much time to do the things we were doing in half the time before! Alignment has also reduced the amount of emotional input when in relation to a person, reducing it to almost nothing while maintaining my focus on the alignment. My interactions with my husband have become more relaxed and less in the mood of emotional response, which is quite a relief! For my meditation practice, I feel more focused at the start of the meditation and it brings so much dazzling Light within the mind. I now manage to be without thoughts more frequently and much longer. It also seems to accentuate my intuition and leads to a rapid response when in need of answer. For the anecdote, I do practice while driving and of course, when I am looking for a parking place, I do align with the Sun to stay calm and relaxed for finding easily a parking place. It works every time!

Testimonial – E.(Kenya)

Over the past few weeks I had been struggling with whether I was on the right path with regard to the journey toward soul liberation, I was questioning whether I was really fulfilling my responsibility as a lightbearer or just "kidding" myself. I revisited the material on alignment and re-minded myself of the process practicing it regularly and as I did this "beacons" that indicated I was on the right path were presented to me in various forms e.g. feedback from individuals on how telepathic healings helped them or how when I play music in my work as a DJ, the music I put out.

T (Italy)

Aligning to the Sun and the Divine Plane is the most powerful, beneficial and yet very comfortable move a light worker may use.  I have many many tangible episodes I could share, regarding synchronicities, encounters and premonitions which occurred for me. One good example may be this one:

I was financially broke after taking care of a very strong health issue for many years. Then I aligned to Divine will and asked for guidance, totally trusting the process. After a while I felt the urge to study a particular kind of international e-commerce which absorbed me for some months. All the people around me were making fun of me, telling me that this was impossible and I was wasting my time and the very last few resources I had. In reality, after I understood the whole process of selling my products via web, I started to receive some offers from companies that wanted to use my skill in order to improve their margins and I am even on the process of selling my own imported goods. I am sure that the urge to study this kind of business method was a result of my alignment with Amon Ra and I totally embraced the inner guidance with trust and confidence. Always trust the Inner Self!!

J. (Kenya)

On the day we had a group discussion on the internet, just before the meeting was to begin, my next door neighbours were being very noisy. l wondered if l would get to hear anything. l thought of going there and cooking up an excuse for them to keep silent. l found myself talking loudly to myself and calling on God. Then l remembered and aligned. l presented the problem. Within a few minutes they walked out and the place went quiet. Then came a heavy downpour of rain. l had problems hearing again even though l had earphones. But that problem cleared up too.

Also, as we go through a difficult period politically, due to this practice, l realize l am quite strong and calm, to a point where I an able to give guidance and advice. There is much fear, confusion, bitterness among the people, and the alignment helps.

S. (Germany)

Since I am aligning myself to the Sun, I am a lot more relaxed and serene, especially in those situations when I am overwhelmed with duties and tend to become nervous and stressed. I align and I become calm and confident. And in the outside things then just fall into place. Also my husband realized this change in my behavior.

And when I have to be among a lot of people, which I try to avoid normally, because I can’t cope with the energy, with the alignment I can keep up my energy level and even the people around me seem to be affected – they smile at me or we have a short kind communication.

I am deeply grateful for this great and precious gift!

S. (UK)

I have noticed that since i perform my alignment at the level we go for the Healing, all the surgeries i do have improved vastly at all levels.Before starting a surgery, I do align and I re-enforce my alignment when I face an obstacle during the surgery. Every single procedure goes smoothly, the outcome is always - as we say in surgery - at "textbook" level, the post-operative period is easier on the patients and so far, the final outcomes are great! I was contemplating on this yesterday. It is the Sun through me! It feels good to realise it and to be a part of this experience. At the same time it makes me feel so humble, so small.





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