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Some Ideas on Love

The  idea that I’m going to put before you can be carried into the New Year the same way you’re going to carry it into the New Age.

I gave this talk once before, about two or three years ago. I gave it to the Foundation here in the Philippines. Many of you were quite shocked by it. It was a talk I gave on love. It shocked a few you, and I’ll shock you again this time.

When you hear the word love, what do you think of?

A — Cohesion. Coming together.

MPM — Yes. Then you did learn it. That was the whole theme. So we can go home now. (laughter) But some of you didn’t hear this. What is the purest form of love? The purest form of love is like a glue. It holds everything together. This table is held together by love. When you look at the universe, it was just this random bit of molecules and everything. Then you have the breath of Brahma that goes “woosh” (exhaling). That’s the Day of Brahma that begins. What happens during the Day of Brahma? Form start to take place…the forms of all the planets and plants and rocks. All the form begins to come about. That’s the creation. What’s holding the form together?

A — Love.

MPM — Love. It is the glue that holds the whole thing together. Unfortunately, the idea of love today in the world, the pervasive idea of love, is this kind of gushy, romantic, Valentines… Civilization has completely bastardized the whole idea of what love is supposed to be.

Now, divine love is higher. What we were talking about, the creation, the force of creation, that which holds the whole creation together, that’s what you mean by “God is in everything.” You hear this from many people. “God is love” and “He is in everything,” and they swoon. It’s not that. It is sticking together. That’s what it is. Molecules are holding together.

That lamp is holding together with love, by the way. The glue that holds the lamp together, the glue that holds the table together, the glue that holds you together, is love. So, when you have this idea of love holding all form and keeping all form together like this, that’s how you can get the idea that we’re all made of love. That love is not necessarily emotional love.

The idea of love today has been transformed into this emotional idea of love. It isn’t. It is part of it, but it is an ephemeral part of it. Then, of course, when you get down to the level of the physical, in many ways, the coming together for the human beings and the animals is just sex. When you get below that, you have the whole substratum of chemical reactions of things coming together, breaking apart, coming together.

The coming together then, the glue that holds the whole creation together, is love. What breaks it up?

A — Anger.

MPM — No. That’s emotional.  It’s the other cosmic law. You have the Law of Adhesion and then you have… What is the other law called?

A — Destruction.

MPM — Destruction, the breaking apart. It’s all part of creation. Why does it destruct and break apart?

A — It’s part of the cycle.

MPM — To make room for the next cycle of love. This is constantly going on in creation. So, what has happened in our human experience, this breaking up of the form, has been interpreted as hate, whereas it isn’t. It’s a normal force that comes and goes, comes and goes, just like the love force of cohesion comes and goes.

A — It’s a coming and a going.

MPM — Yes. It’s just like waves ebbing and flowing. When you think of love, you have to see it in this light if you’re going to carry it into the New Age. This is probably the highest idea of love. The love that we have now, that’s floating all over the world, love and war, and hate and war, and all that stuff, has something to do with this original idea, but it’s a mal-interpretation. It’s the astral interpretation of the glue and the destruction, the creation and the destruction.

Q — So the destruction part is also part of love.

MPM — It’s part of love. So, I think in the New Age—and now is the New Age already—that the whole idea of destruction and hatred is all part of love. It’s really love in disguise as it makes room for the next cycle. If you carry that into the New Age, that would be a nice way of starting the New Age, of knowing it. Give me some examples that are not gushy love, but are examples of love.

A — The coming together of this group.

MPM — This group here is attracted to the ideas of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Therefore, you are attracted to it and come together like this and form this body. There’s no emotion involved in this. It’s just something you all thought of, and you all come together in this particular form. Give me another example.

A — How about the formation of a family? Father, mother and children?

MPM — That is the lowest form of love. The Buddhists call it “the vicious circle” because you start having children and then the children have some, and this thing rolls along at the bottom stratum of society and creation. It doesn’t pull you out of it. You see? So, that whole thing goes along, and I guess all of you who are going through it have to pull yourselves out of it. That’s part of evolution.

Of course, you have the churches and especially some of the religious groups, and the Catholics, for example, just pounding that into you, that you have to do this. There’s a time frame also, where you have to do this and that. Then they don’t permit contraception and they stop the ways to prevent so many children and so many births. No, they push it and push it and push it. Why? Because that keeps you on the level of materialism. It keeps you stuck in this physical family with physical children. You know how stuck you can get if you have too many children. Of course, a few cute ones are fine. (laughter)

Q — What about a baker loving to make bread?

MPM — Yes. He is coming together with his bread.

What other things are happening now? During this Christmas season, it’s not devoid of love, because that is what Jesus was talking about. There is a certain spirit that goes along where people feel this idea of coming together with their families and coming together with everybody and celebrating.

Q — Compassion is an example of love. You feel the connection with plants and animals.

MPM — And other human beings too. What does this say then, of friendships? Who do you make friends with?

A — People with like minds.

MPM — You don’t have to love everybody, although the priests keep telling you this. But do they? There is a natural attraction and you have to make sure that attraction is not physical or sexual, because that’s very misleading. The way they have it today, it’s constantly pumped into you. These romantic songs are going on and on, and all these movies and television programs are showing all about this stuff called love. Romance is one of the most misleading forms of love.

What about friends? What happens? Who do you make friends with?

A — Kindred spirits.

MPM — You’ve all had that experience where you naturally come together and you talk and you enjoy each other. There’s a natural binding feeling about a person. But it happens so rarely where you find a person that really clicks, or is linked.

Q — What about sharing?

MPM — Yes, sharing also. But not because they’re telling you to share. It’s got to be a natural thing.

Q — What about a group of volunteers working together for a cause.

MPM — Volunteers for a cause? Maybe.

Q — For example if there’s a disaster and there are many who want to help?

MPM — That could be. I say maybe because people who join groups like that have all different kinds of motives.

What happens when people are attracted to our telepathic healing?

Q — It is a form of love because you want to share the healing.

MPM — All of you put forth the feeling of love and then it should attract whomever needs it. As I see it, a lot of it is not that either. It is attracting some very selfish people.  “Me, me, me,” and they can list a whole page, all about themselves, about how you’re supposed to straighten out their lives. There is a mother and daughter that sent in a request recently, with a whole page each of complaints. The next question we’re going to ask is, “What can you do of service to the world? Instead of grumbling about yourself, what can you do? Take your mind off of yourself and start thinking about others.”

That’s one of the things we’ve got to look out for in the telepathic healing, when people are making applications for this. Very rarely do I see people who are willing to do something for the cause. It’s all, “Me, me, me.” There are a few. After this broadcast with Lisa, I’ve seen more of the recipients of the telepathic healing come back and say, “Now I feel like doing this, and I really want to do more loving work.” I think, if people ask you for healings, of course when they ask you, you have to do it. But you have to look out also for the amount of selfishness versus selflessness in it. The selfless one will receive the healing. The selfish one is the one that will block it off. There’s too much of, “Me, me, me.”

Q — If that’s the case, and you see it’s a very selfish motive, you still give the healing?

MPM — You still give the healing. Hopefully that will break down the selfishness. 

What other examples of love are in the world? It doesn’t necessarily have to be groups coming together. What are other things that you observe?

Q — What about if someone is in need, and your response is automatic to help the person who is in need?

MPM — Sure.

Do any of you want some water? (Commenting about members of group coughing). We have some glasses.

Q — Your dedication to your work?

MPM — It depends on what your motive is. You can be dedicated to your work because you want to make more money, and that’s it, or you want to use that work to overpower other people. There are all kinds of motives that go into your work. Is it really selfless?

What is selflessness? It is letting go, and letting the force of love go through, and not you in there, pushing it.

Q — What about people with a special creative ability like painters, artists?

MPM — Artists? Sure, they can pour their love on the canvas and that canvas will attract other people with the vibrations that are held in that particular globe of love.

You have nations coming together.

Q — What about teaching? I believe that most teachers really want to help their students.

MPM — I hope.

Q — What about naturalists like Jane Goodall who worked with gorillas?

MPM — There’s another lady who works with gorillas. I met her. I went up to the mountains in Rwanda and I sat with the gorillas. Of course, I didn’t bring my camera so nobody will believe me. I had a picnic with the gorillas, and they were as close as you are, around the table. They liked me. They just looked at me and we gave them some stuff to eat and they ate it.

Q — Inaudible — asking who this person was.

MPM — She was the one who was killed. They wanted to stop her from her cause.

Q — So those people involved in the preservation of a species or the environment are also lightworkers?

MPM — They might be. You have to look at the motives of people. A lot of people are there because they can’t get any other job. Most of them are doing it according to dedication and their love of animals or their love of whatever cause they are doing. I have met so many of these people in some of these international organizations, and I think “Hmmm. You get a nice fat salary for this and maybe that’s what’s motivating you to do this.”

Q — I have a very high regard for those people who take in stray dogs or other animals that are hurt. They take care of them.

MPM — There is an ad on the internet about this stray dog that goes to a garbage pile and starts to eat. There is a man standing there and he’s got some food and he gives it to the dog. The two of them become great friends. After that, he takes the dog for a walk and sees a sign for a missing dog. The owners want the dog back. The big problem is to return the dog because the two of them have learned to love each other so much. He returns the dog. The family of the dog begins inviting that man over. So the two families become very close to each other. You see, that’s the kind of love that the dog can give too. The dog is an expression of that love. There’s no question about it. It just gives and gives and gives it out. It’s unconditional love.

What are other examples of coming together?

Q — There are examples of some doctors and teachers who go to poor areas, even if there is no salary or a low salary. There was a popular doctor who was killed, who had devoted his whole life to curing poor people.

MPM — You don’t have to be a martyr to express love. What did you do today that brought people together? (silence) Zero? Nothing? What did you do today, or in the past week, that was an act of love, that brought beings or ideas or something together? Tell me. Otherwise this thing becomes theoretical. What did you do as an act of love? You don’t have to call it an act of love, but you did it because you are made of that same glue. You see? It’s something very natural that all of us do because that is what we are made of. Our whole composition, all the little molecules holding together, are being held together by this glue. So, you naturally exude that.

Q — In our condos that people rent for vacations, you feel that some people are really on a budget. Some have a big group and can’t be accommodated, and they can’t afford to come. I give them suggestions on how to maximize things so they can bring down their cost. It is about filling their need and trying to help them to squeeze in and get what they want.

MPM — Yes.

Q — I offered to coach students at my daughter’s school for their track and field competition. They wanted me to coach, but they aren’t so interested in sports. I went to a practice but nobody came. The teacher said that they forgot about the practice.

MPM — Can they remember the next time? (laughter)

Q — There are things that are an expression of love, by showing appreciation.

MPM — That is what you can do on this level. These are the normal things you do to show appreciation or kindness to others. What I am talking about also is something beyond that: bringing elements together to create something else that will help things.

Q — What about soldiers who fight for their country? Are they expressing love?

MPM — In my book, when I hear that, I say, “That may be the right thing to say, but let’s get back to what the whole reason was that you joined the army. Was it because you couldn’t find a job elsewhere and you’re stuck, and this was the only way you can get out of it? Or do you have a love of the army?” What is the love of the army? To kill? The whole idea of joining the military is to help your country. That’s what they say. But actually, your ultimate goal is to kill or eliminate your enemy, if there is an enemy. On one hand, it could be looked at as an act of duty, but when you get back to the initial reason for their getting into it, I don’t see any kind of love involved in this. It’s not love, it’s a selfishness of some sort.

Q — Another example of love is this table. This is a table because of love. The molecules have come together. They have cohesion. They created a tree to have this table. That is love.

MPM — Of course. Whoever designed this table and cut it out, I don’t know if that was out of love. She wanted to sell it to me. (laughter)

I’m thinking of something that you guys do all the time, and that’s telepathic healing. The whole protocol that you follow is bringing this element and bringing that element. You bring it down and zap that person with it. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s an act of love. None of you are doing it for monetary purposes. I don’t see any other motive but to heal.

I hope I’ve eliminated all of the so-called healers who want to do this because they want to make money out of it. I’ve come across this a lot. There are a lot of people who want to learn telepathic healing so that they can go out and charge people to do this. I have eliminated a whole bunch of people in Canada, and boy are they not happy with me. I said, “Don’t do this to make money. If you try to do it, it’s not going to work anyway.”

Q — I think that goes for what we think is our mission, such as getting ready to help refugees from the floods. There is no expectation of compensation or anything, so it is really giving. It is really service. Also, when we have a discussion, you share because you want others to see what you saw. It’s also a form of sharing without any desire for any return.

MPM — That’s the selfless part of love. That’s one of the characteristics. It has nothing to do with selfishness. It’s a plain old glue. There’s no selfishness. There’s no emotion in it. It’s the thing that will hold things together. Do you see what I mean?

Q — If you see a problem with a lot of traffic, you can have mass healing.

MPM — If you are on the street and get into a jeepney…

A — You can have a mass healing. You see so many people who are unhappy because they are waiting for a bus or transportation. You can give a mass healing.

Q — What about alignment? Is that love?

MPM — Alignment is bringing the forces of love down. Whatever happens during your alignment and the problem you have presented, the molecules in there are forming different forms and actions that are going to answer whatever you are aligning for.

When you do the alignment for yourself, it really should not be a selfish motive. When you’re getting aligned, you’re wanting to get back to what your whole purpose is here, and how you’re supposed to help humanity with that alignment. Every time you align, you are pulling the spirit down into the physical. That is your job here as a physical being. Your physical bodies are such obstacles to spirituality, this thing of materiality. You have to actually make an effort to pull it right down through you… In fact, if you want to know what your mission is, that’s your mission. The ultimate mission is bringing spirituality into the physical. Now, what does that translate into? In which way are you going to do that? That’s your purpose. Do you understand the difference? All of us are doing the same mission, pulling that spiritual into the physical. But each of us has our own way of doing it, and our own way and means of doing it in society.

Q — From time to time, you see an ambulance. When I see one, I pause for a while and I do a healing, even though I don’t know who is in there.

MPM — That is good.

So, am I to understand that none of you have made any acts of love in the last week? Of course you did. You can’t help but do it. But you’ve got to realize what it is. It’s not an obligation to your child. It’s not an obligation to your husband or wife. It’s something you do out of love.

Q — Every time I start my class, we pray, and then I do an alignment. Every 45 minutes, I have another class. We start the class. When we pray, I do that.

MPM — Are you allowed to pray? Is it a Catholic school?

A — It’s a Christian school.

MPM — That’s good. When you pray, you look at that whole classroom, and you visualize all of them melding together as one body, as a class, and see what happens.

Q — Every Monday at work I do the healing. Sometimes I ask myself why I do it every Monday. Sometimes I feel it is too much to do every Monday. Is it an obligation or a habit? You told us that once or twice is enough for a healing but every Monday I do it.

MPM — Does it involve different people?

A — No, it is the same people, because the employees are the same.

MPM — I don’t think it hurts. There’s no overdose of love.

Q — Whenever we do a healing, it’s not just healing the people, but it my mind, it’s more about anchoring the energy of Sanat Kumara.

MPM — Just imagine what happens during the synthesis phase. That glue appears again, the glue of love. It’s putting everything back to where it was supposed to be, making it whole again, the way it was before. That’s what synthesis is doing.

Q — Changes start within ourselves.

MPM — Recently there’s been some very disturbing news coming over the airways about what’s happening in the United States. This whole conspiracy to overturn the presidency of Trump is finally getting defined, who’s behind it all. Guess who it is? It’s the FBI itself. This is the organization that’s supposed to uphold the laws of the United States and the republic and the whole democracy that’s there, and they are the very ones violating it in the most egregious way. It’s like some German Gestapo. These guys have taken it upon themselves to upset the government, to their own means. What we’re doing in Canmore is a massive prana reversal. It started with Obama, all the way down to their little minions that are nameless. You don’t know who they are. They’re trying to pin it on the guy down here. It’s not the guy down here; it’s all these guys at the top, all the way up to the top of the presidency. When we do the reverse prana on this, this in itself is an act of love. Otherwise, you just say, “I don’t care.” But you focus on it and you destroy it because it’ll make way for the right ideas to come in. That’s the other act of love that you can do.

Most people wouldn’t agree with you, especially the New Age people. “Everything must be beautiful and smell good,” and they cannot conceive of anything that is destructive. These people are ignorant, because our whole civilization has been like that for the last several thousand years. There is an ebb and flow, one civilization after another. There is destruction, wars, and then building. The whole process is leading in an upward evolution.

At times, there is the breaking apart of the creation, and then there’s the coming together. The coming together always feels good, because that’s when love predominates. The other one is breaking it apart and cracking it up. You have to see the good in it, to be able to appreciate the goodness of it.

I’m still waiting for some examples. I seem to be giving all the examples here. Surely in your life in the last two or three weeks, you have come across a situation where you have observed the coming together or even the destruction … either part of this whole cycle of things. Or, are you zombies that you don’t see anything that’s going on around you?

A — My niece is taking care of her brother who had a stroke. She provides all his needs, but she doesn’t talk to him. I visited and saw that some family members were watching television in one room and he was watching the same thing by himself in a different room. I invited him to join us, and he was enjoying it and was happy to be included. He began talking to us.

A — I remember in a talk you gave before at a place in Manila, you talked about destruction and love. I was beside you and you looked and me told me that even destruction is love.

MPM — I remember someone else who was shocked. I’ll never forget her face.

A — After that, it was a hard decision, but I separated from my husband. Because destruction is love, I knew it should happen. Now that you are talking about it again, I understand it very clearly. It seems more natural. It’s a cycle. At the moment, even though we’re separated, we have a very good relationship. We talk as friends. We know it is better. We don’t argue. We can talk about our personal lives, our dates…

MPM — That is a perfect example. Now the relationship has a more natural cohesion. The other relationship that you had, the wife-husband relationship, is a false one. It’s completely defined by the astral plane and this whole idea of the romance thing with love, and expectations of that. When I see these young people having their pre-nuptials and getting all dressed up, all this romantic stuff, I say, in twenty years, that guy is probably going to have another wife and other children. This whole thing is going to break apart. The whole false premise is going to be there. What they are doing is not the thing that’s going to hold that relationship together. It’s much deeper than that. It is a friendship, the kind of friendship that you have with your ex-husband, where you can talk about anything.

Even with your own husbands and wives, after a while, you become friends. If you become best friends, then you will hold together. That is the true cohesion. When you see a marriage that is based on sex and raising kids, it never holds together. It just explodes because that is not the true glue holding it together. So, when you are talking about relationships, a lasting relationship is this whole thing that develops through the interaction of the two beings. The only way I can describe it is just becoming inseparable, good friends. That’s the true essence of the glue holding you together.

Q — In the Philippines, all children live with the parents until they grow up. When they live in the same house, you never see the children. When they go their own ways, the family is closer. There is more care.

MPM — The key to this is when you cut the definitions of the relationship. “You’re supposed to do this. You’re supposed to do that. It’s your Auntie and you have to act this way.” Who cares if it’s your Auntie if she’s a bitch? (laughter) You join up with somebody who is at the same Law of Attraction.

So, really, in your relationships with people—and I say “people” meaning spouses, cousins, children, all these defined relationships in society where you’re supposed to do this and that because of this and that—cut it out. You look at what is the basic reason to be attracted to this person and be working together with this person. Get down to the essence of that relationship. If that essence of that relationship is to say, “Goodbye,” fine. But if it is to embrace the person in a whole different way, and the “whole different way” means all the qualities of that person or soul that you begin to see and begin to appreciate, then you see a real relationship.

That’s the kind of relationship you should walk into the New Age with. These are genuine relationships. These come down from the original creation when the breath of Brahma put all those molecules together. Those molecules went together and I guess it formed what you would call a “group soul” of some sort. Over the thousands and thousands of years, you have broken off and gone here and come back, and gone back and forth, and you keep filling up that group soul and making it richer and richer with your experiences.

If you can find that relationship, fine. But you can also seek other relationships, or let other relationships evolve, and let it come together naturally, not because somebody is defining it to you, not because some person is your boss or your mate or your relative. Do you see what I mean?

All the defined relationships in society are basically invalid. If they work, they work. But sometimes you’re not allowed to do that. “How dare you act like this? How dare you treat your uncle like that.” “How dare you do that.” Never mind. You don’t have to be rude. You don’t have to be mean to anybody. You just let that relationship go. Let the glue come in, which is the love, and it comes together. Does that make sense?

It’s just that simple thing that St. Germain wanted me to talk to you about tonight, to reiterate this thing. I don’t remember even talking about it at the Polo Club in Manila. When I talk about these things, I’m in a fog. I’m in a daze. I may be saying the right things, but I’m in some other world. I don’t remember that.

(Group discussion about Michael’s previous talk in the Philippines on this subject.)

Q — So the essence of applying love in our every day life and carrying it into the New Age is not the superficial things of just showing kindness and giving. It is knowing the deeper essence.

MPM — You can know what the glue is, but you don’t have to know it in that situation. You just let it happen. That glue will pull together what needs to get together. This goes back to our ideas of setting up businesses, setting up companies, or setting up any kind of enterprise you are going to do. You just let that glue come together and let it happen. Don’t force it. The right people show up. The right circumstances show up. All this stuff just comes together. That is part of the alignment. When you call in the alignment, what you are really doing is calling in the glue, if you are in the process of constructing something. Of course, the alignment can also help you destroy something that doesn’t need to be there, to make way for the other.

Q — Is this a meeting of the minds, such as when we reach a solution?

MPM — Say you’re talking about a person. You want to make sure that whatever is attracting you to that person is not something baser, like, “How good looking. I’d like to go out with them.” When you get into that sexual drive that makes you think it is correct cohesion, and you hear, “This is my soul mate.” When that happens, then you’ve got to watch out, because it likely isn’t.

Q — When you are in alignment, you should just say, “Let it be.”

MPM — When you say, “Let it be,” it’s allowing the glue or the destructive energies to come in. You are allowing it to unfold. Clean it up or accentuate it and keep it more solid.

Q — By alignment, are you calling the glue to come in? For example, when a mother cooks dinner and everyone eats together happily, that is calling the glue.

MPM — Good. At least they don’t throw bread at each other.

Q — If you are aligning, you are calling the glue and it solves problems.

MPM — Yes. Do that. I’m sure you do it, don’t you?

A — Yes.

MPM — When you call the family together for dinner, the original thing pulling them together is that they want to eat. They are hungry and they want to eat something good. When you start aligning the whole situation, then you are calling the glue in. That’s the thing that’s going to hold it together in a lasting way. It’s not the food and the desert. It’s the love. That’s true happiness coming through. But with the family, for example, theoretically the glue is already there because they call come from the same molecules. But whatever happens in life, it may separate certain members from the family. Let them go. For those holding together, there’s something there that can be built on, that can be accentuated by accentuating the glue in the whole thing to make it come together.

A lot of times, families break up. They don’t see each other for ages. Then suddenly, there’s a tragedy in the family and they come from all over the world to be back together, and they find that they’re still a family. I hear this all the time. The family counts. After the funeral, they start fighting again. So, let them go.

So you see this ebbing and flowing. That’s going on all of the time. Right now, it’s going on too because of the presence of Amon Ra and the presence of all the Masters. That force is coming in and out and going back and forth among you now.

Q — How do we solve financial problems in families? Is it emotional?

MPM — No. You cannot make it emotional. If you need tuition and you need money for the children, you are talking about the Law of Adhesion, the Law of Love, that which attracts. This is the Law of Attraction. If your intention is to provide the tuition or to enable the tuition to appear, not necessarily from you, but through other means, then you allow the Law of Attraction that is around the need for tuition, to come in. It should not be your responsibility, although you can take part in it. But if you open it up to the whole universe and let it come in, then of course it’s going to attract what’s needed. When you stick yourself in there, you start spoiling the whole flow of the glue. Do you see what I mean? It’s especially prevalent in money matters, when you start thinking, “It’s my responsibility.” No, it isn’t. If you had the means, you let it open, and you let it come as it comes, according to the Law of Attraction, which is the basis of love, which is attracting.

A — Solutions come in unexpected forms.

MPM — Do you have any questions?

Q — When I go to work, I align myself and pray that I’ll be able to help others. I will pray that the Dark Forces will not interfere with my helping other people.

MPM — If you align yourself, you don’t worry about the DF because that flow of energy coming through you is your life stream. How can the DF screw that up? The DF come in only when you are entertaining the astral plane or astral ideas. For the other thing you are saying, you have to take yourself out of this. You are the vehicle. You just let it come. You don’t say, “I want to help.” They already know you are going to help. The opportunity is going to come to you anyway, if that is your original intention. You don’t have to ask them to let you help. You are aligning yourself before going to work and making yourself a ready vehicle. What you’re doing is the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy. That work, in itself, is unselfish and it’s helping people. So, what you really are doing is aligning yourself to be a vehicle of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Do you see the difference? When you put yourself in it, it is personality and there may be a bit of egotism in it. You knock that out and you just keep it that you’re a vehicle. You are the receptacle of the energies coming from the Hierarchy through you. They will take care of whatever needs to be taken care of, through you.

Q — That’s what Serapis Bey said when he mentioned service. He said that you don’t have to look for service; it will come.

MPM — It will come. The occasions are right there.

Q — You just have to be aware that you’re doing the work of the Hierarchy.

MPM — Is that clear? All you are is a vehicle. You are a receptacle, and from that receptacle, you just issue forth. Don’t think of it helping you, yourself, or giving you any prestige or giving you a salary raise or whatever is involved in your mind. You are just there to be a vehicle. In doing that, you are doing your soul purpose.

Q — If you are aligned every day, you are always acting with love.

MPM — You are vehicle of love, yes. And not every day; every second. You will find that you will meet up with certain circumstances, with occasions where you just continue to be a vehicle. You don’t say, “I can’t do it!” No. You walk right into it as if nothing phases you. You’re still that vehicle going right through it. Do you get what I mean? When you walk into a crisis, like a financial crisis in your family, and everybody is screaming and yelling, it is the same thing. You become the vehicle and you walk right into that situation, as calmly as you can, bringing that glue together.

Q — That is what a lightbearer is.

MPM — You are bringing the light.

Q — Some psychologists or psychiatrists give advice that may seem to be negative.

MPM — I can tell you that most psychologists and psychiatrists are the crazy people in this world. They’re the ones that need help. You just use your common sense and what your soul tells you. That’s much better that a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I know a lot of them. I put them under therapy first. (laughter)

Q — In every organization, the members are brought together for a cause. Sometimes some will change some of their laws to do things differently. How do you change the mindset of some of the members who would change the laws?

MPM — You have the very right to remind them that they have to follow the law or follow the regulations. If they buck you and they continue to break them, then you just have to leave the group.

Q — What if I have the authority to fire them?

MPM — Then I would fire them and hire new people and make sure the new people understand what they’re there for. That’s the best situation to be in. Don’t tolerate any of that stuff, especially if you have the authority to correct it. That is tough love. If your action is correcting something that they are violating, what better way to teach love than that way?

How many of you have pets? Cats, dogs, birds or whatever? Have you ever looked into their eyes?

A — Yes.

MPM — What do you see?

A — They follow you wherever you go. Sometimes I feel humbled.

MPM — You really see examples of unconditional love in these little critters. That’s all they know because they don’t have to play with emotions as much as human beings do. All they know is their original state. They were put together with love and that’s all they express.

A — When they see you they are very happy.

MPM — Always happy. The dogs are. Not the cats. (laughter)

Q — Dogs that are caged become vicious. But when you give them free reign, they become closer to you.

MPM — Anybody would become vicious if you cage them.

Q —  What about plants or trees?

MPM — It is the same thing.

Q — Sometimes when you are playing under a tree, you feel comfortable after some time, as if you are welcomed.

MPM — With the plants in your home or garden, when you show love to them, they show it back. You can feel it.

As we go into the New Age, what is the glue going to be like?

A — Synthesis.

MPM — More synthesis. New things coming together, all kinds of things. Not things that we know or are used to. These are new ways of doing things. Objects also.

Q — It’s like when we do the healing. When the energy of synthesis is drawn down, you don’t actually project or superimpose your ideas for the solution; you just let the energies work.

MPM — You just let it all work. The synthesis energy fixes whatever is wrong in that person. Just remember that what the synthesis energy is doing is putting the glue back together in the right way, because it’s been all disturbed by whatever it is that they’ve been doing, and everything straightens out again.

Of course, the same thing can be done for the financial problems, because that’s where the disturbance is. For all the stuff that isn’t going right and there’s never enough, you align yourself and let the synthesis energies straighten up all the channels of resources coming through and going to where they should go.

Have any of you had any breakthroughs in the financial area? (Silence then laughter)

A — It’s gradually improving.

MPM — It’s improving? It’s changing? Do you find that it’s getting better?

A — Yes. Slowly.

MPM — Some of you are not shaking your heads. (Speaking to a member) Is it getting better?

Q — We are more successful. We have more orders.

MPM — (Speaking to another member) Is the fish market getting better?

A — The previous week the power was cut off in the fish stall because the previous owner of the stall hadn’t paid a bill. I didn’t know what to do. I aligned and had a thought to go to a financier who I bought the stall from. When I did, she was expecting my call, and she will pay the bill.

MPM — Anybody else? Generally, things are getting better?

A — Every time, before we go to the market, I align so that we will have lots of customers, and we find that customers are coming. They prefer our products. We have started saving to buy products for next year.

MPM — Have you been putting money aside in that little box or piggy bank?

A — Yes.

MPM — Don’t look into it. Don’t count it. Just keep throwing money into it. It’s a one-way street. Then, when the day comes, you have to open it up and use it.

A — I had to replace a worn-out screen and I had been thinking for months about when I would be able to budget for it. Then I looked in my box and I had enough money saved to pay for a new screen.

MPM — How about the rest of you? Are things getting better financially?

A — It’s still in progress.

MPM — Progress means it’s getting better. Is it going backward or forward?

A — Forward.

MPM — Okay. You all have to admit, it’s going forward a little bit. That’s what we want. It’s inch by inch, or it’s by big leaps, but it’s got to go in that direction, the direction of your evolution. How can it go backwards if you are evolving? It’s got to keep in line with your evolution. The trouble is, it may not go as fast as you want it to, but it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s heading in the right direction. Do you know what persistence is? That’s why they say persistence is the key to success.

I told you, I think about a survey I did of the best businessmen in the world. I was sent to five different countries and these were some of the most difficult countries to do business in. One was a communist country, another was a dictatorship. I had to find out how these people managed to survive and flourish, even in a situation that was rife with corruption. The main characteristic that we found that made them survive was that they never gave up. No matter what, they just kept moving, even if it was by inches. All of a sudden, you reach a point where it takes off and nothing can stop it.

As long a things are going in the right direction, moving forward, even little by little, you just keep up your alignment.

Q — Before, we didn’t know the solutions. Now, even if it’s still in the process of hatching, the solutions are defined.

MPM — The solutions happen in small steps. This is done, you get rid of that. You move up to the next step, you get rid of that. Before you know it, you look down and you’ve gone up a big staircase and the solution has been resolved, or it’s no longer a bother.

We don’t live in a Cinderella land where you have a Fairy Godmother who solves all your problems. A lot of people come to the telepathic healing with that idea. For the lady who wrote me that long page with all her problems, you could tell that she’s got really deep problems that she herself has caused, and she wanted us to solve it for her. That’s the Cinderella idea. I said, “Let’s start with one. You give me the most important one that you want resolved.” Then she did. We’ll see if she resolves that one and then we’ll move to the next one and then the next one. She can do it.

(Group discussion.)

MPM — Any questions before we close?  You know, we’ve been talking for two hours! I’m glad to hear all this. This is a good way to close the year. All of you are on the upwards swing. Next year, you’ll really move up. Not hopefully. I know it’s going to happen, as long as you keep your alignment up. You’ve got to go up with the rest of everything else.

A — I’d like to say something on behalf of all of us. We are so thankful that you transferred here. We had a lot of questions and were wondering if we were going in the right direction, and you helped steer us.

MPM — Sometimes I think I’m just blabbing and nothing is taken seriously. Then I hear from you that there is progress and this makes me happy. As a group, we have to move upward. Thank you very much. I thank you all for being here.

We are at the frontier of trying things. At least we’re doing it. The others are talking. I think we’re going to have, over the next year especially, (I feel it), one after the other. They’re going to start coming and looking. I think I’m just going to accept the serious ones. I don’t want any of these “hangers-on” that are curious. There are some good students that are really intent on doing things, but they don’t have a group like this that can do it. So, they’re going to be coming from Southeast Asia… I wonder if the South Americans are going to come? They haven’t said anything. But the ones from the Canada…

Group — We have to welcome them.

Q — What do you foresee for next year?

MPM — I see the more important financial crashes happening next year, if not starting now. That’s when it’s going to be quite obvious what goes on. This whole bitcoin thing is nonsense. You can see already that it’s falling apart. They found out who is behind the bitcoin rise. Did you see that in Zerohedge? It’s the Japanese businessmen who can’t invest their money anywhere else so they’ve been pumping in into this and forcing the price of bitcoin up. It’s very few people who’ve invested in this thing. They’re trying to make it look like this is the solution. Everyone comes back to the point that gold is the only thing that’s worth it. Even Goldman Sachs said that. JP Morgan also came to that conclusion. How smart of them!

Q — There is a JP Morgan analyst who is very rational and has been putting a lot of emphasis on gold.

Q — Greenspan has been saying that gold is the premier currency and the dollar will soon die out.

MPM — Greenspan is the one that flooded the whole world with paper dollars. He’s a hypocrite. When he was a student, he was talking about gold. Then he joined the Federal Reserve and started pumping out paper money like crazy.

Q — Paper money can’t solve the crisis.

MPM — On that bright note, what can we say? Everything’s going to come to a head next year, so hang on. Somehow, I don’t think this area is going to be affected very much. Number one, it’s because there is no problem of food here. There may be a problem with gasoline and things like that. That’s why I have solar energy panels. Other than that, you’ll be eating your crispy pata and eating all these fresh fruits. Most people won’t even feel it, except there may be a drop in the volume of business, but I think that what will happen is that everything will go on in Tagaytay, and in the rest of the world, it will just drop off. Finally, that drop off is going to catch up with this area.

What shall we chant to close?

A — Seven Om Dat Sat Om.

(Group chant.)

MPM — Do you want me to give you a blessing? I’m not giving it to you. I’m just the vehicle. St. Germain said, “Give them a little blessing that’s like a pump. It primes the pump. You’re already starting to take off, all of you, if you have progress now. Everybody’s feeling that progress. Let that progress continue on into the new year and forever.” Do you all agree to that? Okay. Close your eyes.

(silence during blessing)

That was St. Germain’s gift to all of you, that progress continues, and you keep moving forward to the next year and beyond that too.

Group — Thank you.














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