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Your Present Work Leads you to a Realization of your Soul Plan

MPM — How does your present job relate to your soul plan? You just have to relate what that activity is, aiming at your soul plan. It’s not just going to the market and selling fish. That’s just a step in what direction? Where are you going with that? Do you see what I mean? (talking to another group member) It’s the same with you and your transport business or your delivery business. Where is that leading to? You’ve got to know that. What is that leading you to do? Then, when you make that clear in your mind, the money and resources will pour in. But if you’re waiting around and you don’t know, how can you expect them to know? You see? You know that it’s nice to get those two stalls. For what, though?

Q — That’s why I am asking. (laughter)

MPM — Unfortunately, it does not happen that way. You have to define what it is. “I want those two stalls because it’s going to give me the resources to do this and this and this,” and finally lead to what you want to do.

Q — We have the stalls, and now we are suffering because we need to pay.

MPM — So you don’t want it?

A — No. (laughter) Actually, things are starting to pick up.

MPM — You’ve got the stall. You’ve got the products and you’re selling. But as I say, where is it going? What are you doing this for? If it’s a step in your soul plan, then it falls into place and everything goes smoothly. (To another member) Same thing with your transport business. Does that make sense? Now if you decide it’s going nowhere, then abandon the plan. Switch gears.

Q — So is a job related to your soul plan?

MPM — You could pick a job. You need a job because you need money. But it could be related to fulfilling whatever soul plan you have even it you don’t really know what that plan is. It’s your will. In your case, for example, you are coming into contact with a lot of people, people you would have never had contact with. There’s something in that. You’ve got to see how that is related to a soul plan. What are you being groomed for? Why are you dealing with all these people? It’s because you are going to X, Y, and Z. That’s what you’ve got to figure out. You see the difference? It’s not leading anywhere. It’s leading somewhere. (Referring to another member) It’s the same thing with you. When you make those deliveries, you’re going to meet all these people you’ve never met before, and you have no reason other than to deliver something to them. But there is a reason behind that, why you are coming into contact with these people. Eventually that should lead to something that you have in mind, in the near future. For what? What are you doing that for? You see what I mean?

Q — We are talking about soul plan. You must manifest your spiritual resources. Could it be like discernment or discrimination?

MPM — That’s what it is. You say, “I need money.” Okay. What do you need money for? “To do this and this and that.” A lot of it is money for very common things, to pay for things, and get rid of the debt. But you have to go one step further. “Why do I want to pay for this debt? Where is it leading me?” Once you get to that point where you can say, “Well, it’s because my soul plan says I want to do X, Y, and Z.” Does that fall into place with what you are paying for? Do you understand? If it does, then the resources will come to you. Everything you’re doing has to be cause and effect, cause and effect, cause and effect, leading to your soul plan.

Q — But basically, the guiding factor is that you’re able to help people along the way.

MPM — That’s one of the things, yes. It’s this form of help that you’re giving them. But this form today may not be the form of help you give in the future. It’ll be different because the circumstances are different. But when you open yourself to helping people constantly this way, you get to the point “Okay, I can do it.” Or you just do it naturally. When you see a need, you run to the need and help. Do you see what I mean, R?

A — Yes.

MPM — That’s what you’re doing now. People are coming from everywhere, and you’re helping them do this and that. This same kind of action translates into something more specific as you get closer to your soul plan. In other words, it may be part of the training within your soul plan that you are doing.

A — That’s what I’m thinking about. Maybe it’s part of my training. I have to give guests information.

Eya — And not only that, we are living the alignment, so we bring that alignment everywhere we go, to the place we work, or the people that we meet.

MPM — In your case, R, it’s developing the characteristics of leadership. You can see a bunch of people in trouble and say, “Come. You can do this and do that. This is what you have to do. I know already what needs to be done.” Do you see what I mean? You can gather  them up and get them going in one direction.

A — I can tell people how to do things.

MPM — There you go. That’s what a leader does. Maybe what you’re being groomed for is some kind of leadership in… I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I can’t go beyond up here either. (To another member) The same with you and your two stalls. I’d sure like to know where the sale of fish is leading to. What did Jesus do with the fish?

A — Multiplied them.

MPM — He multiplied them and fed the masses with it. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what you’re headed for.

A —He’s already feeding us fish. (laughter)

MPM — There you go! That may be it. It is a symbol of the loaves and the fish.

A — Supply.

MPM — Yes, supply. Maybe that’s what you’re being groomed for.

Eya — So we have to align our thinking along the lines of what our soul plan is leading us to, or what attributes we need to develop.  Whatever you are doing now, put that in alignment and it should take you somewhere close to your soul plan.

MPM — At this particular stage, probably. Where you are today is kind of training that is grooming you for something you’re supposed to do later. It’s not just a job you’re taking. It’s not just earning money for such and such. It’s got to lead somewhere. If it’s not leading anywhere, then you’re stuck and have to change course.

Q — I have an office job…

MPM — Listen. At an office job, you can learn. Again, it’s dealing with people. There are also opportunities for leadership. All lightbearers are meant to be leaders. Leaders in different fields. All of you represent different fields. You groom yourselves in it and know that, “Okay, I can earn money now, but I’m also learning to do something so later on, so thatI can move forward.” Nothing is wasted.

Q — So is the soul plan is somehow related to our present job?

MPM — If you cannot see a future in your present job, then you want to leave it. Then you feel irrelevant in that job. If it’s not giving you any satisfaction, then you will quit and move into something else. You will move to something else that is more in line with your soul plan.

Eya — That is what Master Serapis Bey talked about.

MPM — Yes. So, you’re playing musical chairs with the jobs, but you take the one that’s going to teach you a certain thing. You wear that out until it bores you to death. You can’t wake up in the morning to go to work.  So you must quit and move on to something else. You can consider each job as a page of your “soul plan” training manual toward being a useful lightbearer. Does that make sense?

A — Yes. Maybe that’s why the exercise we did cleared the junk from us.

MPM — I think the junk is a lot of misconceptions, limitations. “You shouldn’t do that.” A lightbearer is a jack of all trades. They can do anything. The more you know, the more useful you are, and the more likely you can assume your position as a leader in the New Age. If you don’t know anything, what can you do? You’re useless. To be able to know something, you’ve got to do it. That’s how you grasp onto the knowledge.  Fill up your pages in your own training manual. It doesn’t matter what other people think. You just do what you have to do at that point in time. And just remember, it is meant to be some training in some aspect of your soul plan. When it loses its relevance, you can say, “I’ve had enough of this,” quit it. Move on to the next one and learn something else.

Q-- Tonight’s discussion was good because before I didn’t know what my role was as a lightbearer. I was just going with the flow. Now, I’m starting to realize that to be a lightbearer, you have to show by example. You serve the people not just by reading or discussing. It has to be action.

MPM —The Ancient Wisdom is in the doing of what you’re studying and contemplating. Everything you want do, you must first refer to your alignment because,  you want to do it well. You want to do it as perfectly as possible and not be irresponsible. Once you do that, you’ve learned something. When you align, that alignment will tell you, “You don’t need this job anymore. It’s a waste of time. Move on to this,” and it’ll lead you to something else equally relevant to your soul plan. So the whole training program in your soul plan is constantly in action. Accept the training. Don’t listen to what other people are saying. You just do what your intuition tells you to do. Then, by the end— although I don’t know if there’s an end to this—you’ll just assume your position as a leader because you’ll know already from your past experience what you’ve done already and what you can do. It’s not a theoretical “can do.” It’s based on solid experience. “I did this, this and this, and therefore I know this is what we have to do.”  You see the difference? There are too many people just talking about it.

Q — It’s just tonight that I realize what a lightbearer really is because of what you’ve said. You don’t have to mind what others say. You just feel the need to do the work.

MPM — You have your own plan. It doesn’t concern other people. You just do it.

Q —  This past week, my job was to manage a 50-unit apartment. I found that I was doing security guard work. I told myself, “Drop gender.” (laughter) One worker was sick, and I had terminated the security guard. I had given him a warning, but he came to work drunk twice after lunch, after receiving his pay. I warned him that if he did it again, he wouldn’t have a job, and again it happened. I have had experience doing security guard work with my nephew, but this time, I had to do it on my own. The tenants asked why I was doing that work. I had to tell them the whole story. I realized that it was an opportunity for me to be a guard. From this work, I learned that I would need a parking space for motorcycles. I initiated to have a fence built around them. Today I realized I will be out in the field (during the collapse).

MPM — You are getting ground-level information of what is needed, rather than sitting in an office and getting it.

Q — I wondered why this manly job was given to me.

MPM — What is manly about it?

A — From the energy you brought earlier, the junk and misconceptions are being pushed away.

MPM — It frees you. Move on. Everything is clear? You have got a better idea of where you are going?

A — When you told us a lightbearer should be a jack of all trades, I realize now, we are being groomed to be jacks of all trades. We will know what to do.

MPM — You will know what to do and you will know how to lead. You can’t lead knowing nothing. You’ve got to know what you are doing. By experiencing it and being a jack of all trades, then you can do it.


Q — You know the idea and you have to work on the idea. You have to analyze.

MPM — You’ve got to have the idea first. Otherwise there is nothing. When you get an idea or some opportunity comes up, as I’ve said, forget what other people say. You have your own soul plan to realize, even if it makes you look like a Godzilla and you are a dainty little lady. Forget it. Don’t listen to them. Do what you have to do.

Q — Filipinos are always concerned what others will say. That is our mentality.

MPM — That is everywhere in the world. It’s not only Filipinos.

Q — You are so concerned with perceptions that you can’t realize your goal.

MPM — Exactly. You must just get rid of that idea that other people can tell you what to do. When you have an idea that is very sharp in your mind about what you have to do, do it. Don’t care what other people say. A lot of times, people are yakking about it because they are actually jealous. They would love to do it themselves, but they can’t do it. That’s part of the growing up of a lightbearer. It’s to just push aside all these opinions of what you should do and shouldn’t do. Don’t listen to them and go straight for your goal and what you need.

(Talking to a group member) Now, you just get in that stall and sell as much fish as you can, and see where that leads you. As I’ve said, fish is a symbol Jesus used. You’ll be like Jesus handing out the fish. (laughter) Why not? You’ve got everything that Jesus has, upstairs.

A — Greater things…

MPM — Greater things, you can do. You see what I mean? (talking to a group member) Everything you do in the garden in the centre is leading you somewhere.  Maybe it’s cultivation later on. You might be a master cultivator. Just see that every little piddly thing that you’re doing daily is a piddly thing part of a greater plan, and the more you do these small little things, the more you will realize what that greater plan is. It would be good if you could realize what that plan is now and work toward it. Some people work that way, some people work the other way.

Q — Do you have to know your soul plan so you can manifest your needs along the way?

MPM — That would be helpful, but if you don’t, your intuition will tell you, in front of your nose. You go over there, and then over there… Finally, that branches out and you get a greater and greater view of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. As you progress in what you’re doing, it does get more complex because you’re picking up knowledge and the demand for your actions becomes more and more complex. By that time, you’re building up a store of knowledge that will apparently lead you somewhere as a leader. Does that make sense? You’re not all sitting here for nothing, to be leaderless and “dumb,” as so many people do. They’re just running around and they don’t really know where they are going. But just know that what you are doing is relevant, that it is part of something that’s leading to something else, and then those two things lead to something else, and it gets more complex as you go.

Q — This is about “greater things.”

MPM — That’s right. That’s the “greater things” that you’re proving. If you don’t take the first step, you’ll never leave. The good thing is, sometimes out of great necessity, you have to take the first step. Otherwise, you’ll starve to death. By taking that step, in whatever job you are doing, that should again lead you to do something else.




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