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Preliminaries of Manifestation


Where are we all going? Do you know where we are going? In what direction are we going? What are we doing? Are we all groping, like the blind leading the blind? Hardly. That is the privilege we have had, to know that the Masters have been leading us in a certain direction. That direction is of course in the forefront of those people arriving in the New Age.

As I mentioned before, the New Age has already arrived, but I’d say 99.9% of the people on earth don’t know it. All they know is that they are having great problems right now. They feel uncomfortable. Some of them are just deciding to end their lives and leave. Some don’t even want to leave a legacy of any kind. They just want to get off this planet because they feel so uncomfortable. That is going to increase more and more as we go into the New Age. This is the very, very beginning of the New Age. As we go into it, the people who have the most resistance are going to get the hardest hit.

Then, as we proceed, maybe in the next few years, you aren’t going to be free of this feeling of discomfort until you give up everything that is part of this old civilization. We have talked about that before, the giving up, and letting things go of things, such as the things that bug you about your situation today. More and more, as you let go, you move in faster. The more people who do that, the more the New Age comes of age.

We can’t have a New Age without people. This is how it’s going to be done. It will be slow, but for others, it will be too fast. Slowly you are going to see all kinds of things crumble as you move in. Even in your own lives, things have to part ways. All the old stuff has to go away and you have to move into a new situation. How many of you have had that experience this past week? Was there anything you had to cast aside?

Some notice difference with family relationships, moving away. That is a normal thing. Those are the ties of an old civilization. Your mother and father maybe brought you onto this earth, but it doesn’t mean you are stuck with them. In fact, they could be great obstacles to your progress. Most of the time they are, when you take this path. Some in the Philippine group are noticing that their relationships are starting to dissolve. In the Philippines, relationships are so strong. These are the things that probably hold you back.

The other things that are holding you back are probably financial. Let go of the problem. If you keep grabbing at it, it will never go away. Let it go, and let it unfold for you. Every one of you has that capacity in you. That’s part of your alignment, that says all your needs are being met. Everything that you need on this earth, is there.

Regarding the alignment, as I asked initially, where do you think we are going? Are you just groping around and figuring you will come to every Saturday lecture to be told what to do? Each and every one of you has your own manifestation of the New Age. What is the main, central idea of the whole New Age that we are moving into? Amon Ra. It is back to basics.

The reason why we have emphasized this alignment over the last few months is that the alignment is going to be the first step everybody has to take in reaching any idea of the New Age. The whole idea ofthe Sun God is going to be central to everything that you do. Every action that you take has to be preceded by an alignment. That is going to get stronger and stronger with every one of you, until you fade into this energy that is coming down from the Sun, and move forward with all the things that you are doing. Even using the screwdriver and little screw has some connection with the Sun. Or you put your shoes on… Everything in this existence is a manifestation of the prana coming down from the Sun.

Right now this room is filled with the Sun’s prana. Out of this prana, you are created. Each of you represents a little ball of this prana that has been defined as a physical person. But if you go up a little bit, it is an etheric person. If you keep going up, eventually, maybe in a million years, it blends in with all of the Sun’s energies. Nothing that we see in this room, and nothing that we have in our lives, is separate from the Sun. That is something you have to realize. As you proceed into the New Age, that is the central idea you have to embrace and understand. There are no buts about it.

Obviously, this civilization has failed in that. It has invented all kinds of religions, and has split up the Sun God into different forms and shapes. In a way, this isn’t bad, because that is what the Sun is, with the different shapes. Everything that you see on earth is him. But it is all the same, at the same time. I don’t know how you come to the realization.

When you move into the New Age, society will be like that. This is what is foreseen by the Spiritual Hierarchy. You move into this New Age and you acknowledge the Sun God in everything that you do. Everything that happens, you see as a manifestation of the Sun. Your whole existence becomes like this. That takes time, because this particular civilization, at least in the physical plane, has done it to a certain extent, but basically has failed.

As mentioned before, we are at the bottom of a cycle. Serapis Bey talks about ascension. We are moving into the ascension, except we are at the bottom part of the ascension. We have just started it. Being at the bottom of the ascension means that we are probably stuck in the mud. For people to get out of this mud, it demands a great deal of effort. That is where your aligning comes in. Keep aligning and aligning, and you get more insight and you start coming out of this low point. This is the most difficult part of the cycle. Maybe 100,000 or 1,000,000 years from now you will be out of it. But there is no way to get off of this path. If you try to commit suicide to get out of this path, you will just come back in another form and have to deal with it again. You are here for eternity. There is no escaping it, so you might as well join it.

The journey upward in the cycle is the whole idea in the New Age. The “New Age” will just be a little period of time and then you are going to move into another wave. And then another one, and another one, as you ascend. That is what Serapis Bey talks about when he mentions ascension. He doesn’t mean that you are going to sprout wings and fly away, although some interpret it that way. There ain’t no easy way out of this thing! You are going to have to take it step by step, minute by minute. But make sure every minute, you are moving upward. You can go backward also if you want. A lot of people get stuck that way. But all they ask of you is that you make every minute, every second of life in this physical body, count, so everything you do moves up a little bit. If they asked you to make a leap forward, how many could do that?

What is the key to this “moving upward”? They have given you the Serapis Bey course, which is a revelation which is unfortunately not available to the majority of the population. You don’t realize how lucky you are to have that. What does he say is the key to getting out of this? Attention. What is attention? It is a talent. For example, some people are able to play the piano, some are not. Some are musically inclined and some are not. Some are artistically inclined. Some can write and some cannot. It is a special ability that is embraced in your alignment of your soul.

Every soul has the ability to invoke attention. What is attention? Why does Serapis Bey emphasize it? He says you cannot accomplish anything without it. What are you doing? It is an act of will. It is an ability you have, to focus, to concentrate. You have a maze of prana around you, and you have the ability to do anything you want to do. You grab that prana and you focus it in your mind on what you want to do, or what you want to accomplish, or what you want to manifest.

You are like a potter, working with clay. In the potter’s mind is an idea, and he shapes the clay into a vase or a bowl. That is what you have to do with the prana. The prana is all around you, just waiting for you to use. You have to take it in your mind and whatever you want in life, you focus on. You gather your attention, pull those ideas together, shape it in your mind and get a clear idea of what it is. What are you doing in this process? You are manifesting. This is White Magic. Some of you may not see it right away. Say for example you need a new house to live in. An advanced occultist could just say “Okay, this is the kind of house I want,” and it is done. But at this stage, you are expected to manifest it, but in a slower way.

What happens is, you start gathering the idea together of the house, and it becomes clearer in your mind what the house is all about. You then grab all the prana to shape the house. What happens? Slowly the elements come together to manifest that house. The financing will show up somehow. Once the financing is there, you are able to buy the materials to build the house. Slowly it comes together. A nice contractor comes into your life and puts it together, and then you have a house. That is where we are today. But as we advance, it goes faster and faster. The whole process of building a house, manifesting a house, becomes faster and faster, and more spiritual and then you manifest the house. This is a gradual approach into the New Age, because once we get really into the New Age, we should be able to do this instantly.

How do we know this? Believe it or not, that house is already made. Whatever you are thinking about, already exists in the etheric zone. As Alice Bailey or Helena Blavatsky has said, what is in the etheric zone, which Serapis Bey called “Etheric Egypt”, is another way of saying that you have a whole material world that exists in the etheric world plane, in etheric matter, that is almost an exact duplicate of what you are living here, except it is more pure because it is not as deeply material. But it still has its problems. Don’t think it is going to be heaven, because it is not quite heaven, but it is an easier place to live.

In fact, that is the original material, physical world that we should be living in today. Somehow--in the Bible, this is the whole idea of Adam and Eve, with the great fall--we were on that plane at one time, but then mankind did something, and the whole level was lowered and we came into this very physical plane. We are returning back to the original material plane that we were given as part of the creation. That plane, in the etheric level, with the cities and the people and means of transportation, was the original creation. But somehow, we screwed it up and we are struggling in this physical plane. That is generally what we are supposed to be going into in the New Age. We are regrouping and getting back to where we were.

It won’t happen immediately, unfortunately, since we took our time coming down to this level. What it means is that you will have to do this little by little, manifestation by manifestation. It is just like building a house. You manifest the house the long way until you get to the point where you can manifest the house in an instant. The same thing goes to your healings. Healings become faster and faster and more instantaneous, as you practice this more and more.

Everything becomes quickened. The quickened energies become more apparent to you. Most of the time, you won’t recognize the New Age if you think it is all going to be wonderful. But it will be very similar, as we move our minds up. But it doesn’t stop there. It keeps going and going, and passes through the etheric plane, and passes through that until we get into the mental plane. But that will take a little longer. That is why Serapis Bey entreats you to build that house out of solid gold. At some time in the New Age, you are going to be able to do that.

If you look at the Mystery School course, it is the Spiritual Hierarchy’s vision of what this New Age will look like. It is an age where all that prana can be turned into gold if you want it to be gold. If you want it to be a house, let it be that. If you want it to be a car, let it be that. You can shape it into whatever you need for your living.

A medium I met once gave me a description of someone who had gone into the etheric plane. He talked about a nice house that he thought about, and it came about. This kind of manifestation is what is ahead of you. You don’t need a hammer and nails. You only need a clear idea.

When you start to align yourself, go a little further and ask yourself what you really want. What are you trying to accomplish? If you have conflict and you want to change that situation into a peaceful situation by aligning yourself, don’t stop there. Imagine your husband being very nice to you, or your children not answering back, and all the things you would like to have happen. You use your attention to make them come about. This “attention” can be called visualization. When you visualize what you want, you can see the scene, and you gather together all the etheric matter that is floating around free for you to use, concentrate it in that alignment and let it manifest. Every one of those ideas that you have, that you put together with your attention, should manifest into the physical. That is what manifestation is. As you get better and better, you will be able to do it faster and faster. It is a process that we are going through now.

I can talk to you about this, but if I talk to the general public about this, they will think I am nuts. Let them think I am nuts. A lot of people do anyway. But that is the path where we are going. It may seem like a dream, but it is realizable. As you evolve, you will see in your own lives how things manifest easier and easier.

Active visualization is so important. That is the main point. As you are visualizing and you can actually see what is going on, it doesn’t matter what is going on in the physical. The real physical is up there in the etheric. That etheric matter is coming together as you visualize it.

Way back when I was called to do this work, before I started doing this spiritual work, working for the Masters, I was writing novels. The books didn’t sell very well. I asked Saint Germain why he was putting me through that whole process. He said, “It is to teach you how to visualize.” When you are writing fiction or creating a movie, as you are writing, you have to see the whole thing playing out in front of you. Visualization is very important. If you can’t visualize, you might as well just go home and die because you can’t get into this new way of thinking unless you can see where you are going.

Visualizing is not a magical thing. If you have trouble, lie in bed, close your eyes, and think about the house you grew up in. That should be the most familiar thing in your mind. You open the front door of the house, walk into the house and visualize the table across the way, the vase your mother put on the table, the doorways. Go step by step into the living room, into the dining room, into the kitchen. It should be as clear as day because you lived so many years in that house. You should recall everything immediately. Keep that up. If you don’t like that house, you can visualize whatever other house you would like to live in. You can visualize instead the beautiful modern house with the dishwasher… Why not? That improves your visualization.

The same thing goes in your healing. When I do the telepathic healing and draw down the energy from Sanat Kumara, I look at the patient’s body and I can see the energy going step by step. Every molecule gets turned over and purified. It goes right down and it stops where the problem is and gets more intense. If it is a heart problem, it stops there. The energy churns more and more, and then the energy leaves.

How do you do the healing when you are doing a large group? You all receive the emails of the requests before they go into the list. You can choose whichever one you want and concentrate on it. But in the case of a mass healing, I see the same thing going on, step by step, passing through the bodies so it doesn’t miss a single molecule. Whatever sickness or obstacle is standing in the way, will be dissolved. That gets more and more intense as you get better and better.

When you do healings individually, when someone asks you for a healing and you do it, it is the same energy coming through. That is the beginning of your entry into the New Age. All these things we are doing, the healing, and all the other things you have been doing to calm down the earth, is all part of our getting into the New Age. Attention is the element that is needed to begin the process. That is what happens with telepathic healing. That is why someone reads the protocol when you do it as a group. It gathers your attention from all over the place back into the mode of healing. When you are doing it by yourself, it is a little more difficult. It takes human will to bring it back and do it. You have to stop what you are doing.

You can visualize colours when you do the healing, but the problem of visualizing colours is that you may be reaching a little too much into the astral plane. You don’t want to go there. You want to stay on the etheric level where the spiritual energy has a light golden hue. Colours tend to unfortunately deceive you. Some people say they can see angels or colours dancing around. Watch out for that.

Attention is the tool you use to begin the process of manifestation and precipitation. Where is attention? It is in your soul. That is the special talent given to the human being to be able to precipitate and manifest.

That is the formula. Gather up that attention, visualize what you are trying to accomplish, and pull in the prana that needs to be used to manifest the idea you have in your head. Then precipitate it on the earth and watch it form and come about in different ways.

You don’t have to see the prana. You can feel it and know it is there. Or you can visualize it if you want, and make it like a big cloud that you gather. The main thing to visualize is not the prana. The main thing to visualize is what you are trying to accomplish.

When you pray as a group and you visualize for events to move a certain way, and the events change, that is manifestation.

If things don’t manifest the way you want, it is because it depends on who you are and what you are doing. Are there karmic influences? Karma is an excuse. The reason why something doesn’t happen is because your ideas are unclear. Your visualization is clouded. You are waiting for magic. It is a form of magic. But you want it to happen instantaneously. It doesn’t happen like that in this stage. It happens in the usual way, only faster. Let’s say normally that house would take a year to build, to put together the financing and materials and contractors. Instead of a year, it could happen in 6 months, or it could happen in 3 months. All things fall together so quickly that it becomes a manifestation of the actual material steps that you are putting together. Manifest, manifest, manifest, each step of the way.

I’m sorry I can’t promise you a Cinderella and a magic wand, but you are getting there. If you manage to manifest a fully equipped house in 3 months, what says that you can’t do it in 1 month, or in 1 week, or in a second. That all depends on your spiritual clarity. You are on the road. What did Serapis Bey say? Now we begin the upward climb. Don’t be rushed. If you could manifest like that now then we would just get rid of the rest of the cycle, but unfortunately, we have a long way to go on the constructive part of the cycle.

What is the importance of the So Hum chant? You can use it in healing, manifesting.

I keep talking about manifesting a house. It is probably because Serapis Bey was talking about the house of gold. It is an ultimate manifestation of this prana as you are bringing together an idea. You have an idea of a 2-storey house, etc. etc. The idea you have is of this plane. You bring together the prana, and somehow the steps to manifesting that house take place in your life. Why not have in your mind a house made of solid gold? The same thing happens. But it may not happen right now, depending on how advanced you are. As we go along, moving in the New
Age, that should be no problem at all. What is gold? Gold is all this prana floating around. It is solidified. Why run around getting bricks and mortar when you can just grab this stuff and make a house out of it?

It is all a matter of process: a process of your brain and your mind, that is slowly shaping into the idea that you don’t have to do a lot of the things you are doing on this plane. You have to think it through, and utilize the prana that is all around you, and bring it about. Take it step by step. You realize the idea in your mind, you gather together the prana, you have a clear idea of what you want, and you let it precipitate on earth.

Regarding Alice Bailey’s book A Treatise on White Magic, this is what the book is basically telling you. It is a very simple process. Everybody thinks it is not possible and you can’t do it, but you can. Why can you do it? Because you have this ability called attention in your soul. You just have to know how to bring it out. When you go into meditation, you say, “I call upon my attention to focus on this house that I want.” Let that attention draw upon all the pranic energies that are needed to manifest that house. Immediately you are bringing into focus into what is needed, and then you’ve got it.

This is creation. The New Agey people talk about being self-creators like God. You are, actually. You are the image and likeness of God. God is a superior energy. You should be able to do exactly the same thing as that Godhead can do, eventually. You are actually creating in your minds on this plane, material objects and material things. This is what Serapis Bey says in the beginning of the first lesson. He says he is not interested in the etheric things. He is interested in making stuff available on the physical plane.

The first step in the New Age is what mankind has not yet learned how to do, which is to bring the creation about. When you bring the creation about, you are actually moving into the etheric. On the etheric plane, you have the likeness of the physical plane. Except after this meeting, I will leave by walking through the door.

Regarding belief in these abilities, if you believe this is hogwash, why even try? Go out and do your own thing. But if you believe, you invoke all these abilities that you have. You can’t invoke attention if you don’t believe that it is there. Belief is not in this picture. This is an act of will. It is an act of divine will, where your human will comes from. You know what it is like when you sit down to meditate and you try to concentrate? That takes an act of will to get rid of everything and concentrate your thinking. When you are concentrating your thinking there, you are actually drawing together the prana that you need to think in this manner. Go one step further and visualize what you want to happen on this plane.

You are the prana also. You are that bit of prana that has been solidified into a person, but your soul is as etheric as what we are talking about. That is why you need the attention. The attention solidifies the idea. It brings everything together so it is not willy-nilly all over the place. The little conglomeration of energy that manifests as a person today, has decided that he wants X. It doesn’t matter why he wants it. Just manifest it. You are directing the prana that you use, within your life. Later on, you will do it within the community, and then society, etc.

Serapis Bey talks about being able to hold your attention on various things simultaneously. Serapis Bey means that you don’t have to just focus on one thing; you can do different things at one time. There is no limitation to what you can focus your attention on. If you want to focus it on a million things, go ahead. One thing is fine too. I suggest you focus on one thing at a time right now, until you can make sure that these things manifest. Like a wild horse, you reign in your attention.

That is one of the things that has happened on this physical plane right now. That ability that you used to have, in your previous incarnations, has gone completely kaput, and is all over the place, scattered about in iPhones and computers, etc. You would be surprised how many distractions you are dealing with today. All that stuff is all over the place. If you could concentrate on each one of them, you could concentrate on all the things that you want. But you don’t. What’s happening is that these things are concentrating on you and controlling you. If you are able to reverse that, I think that is what Serapis Bey meant by that statement. The major thing is to cut back on the distractions and be able to focus on what you really want in life.

What does Serapis Bey mean when he talks about being mediums divine? It starts with destruction of the will. There is a will far more powerful than you. By following that will, you become mediums divine. You are following the divine will. When you are open to that and follow it, of course you are one of the mediums. You are mediums, being that you are an agent of that divine will and carrying it out. It doesn’t mean that you are sitting in front of a group going “hocus pocus” about this thing coming through. You see the difference. To be able to do a lot this stuff, you have to get rid of a lot of the stuff that is distracting you, so that you are in line with the original intent of what that prana is about. I guess that is what Serapis Bey means about being mediums divine. You are the purveyors of that. As lightworkers, that is what you were supposed to do. When all the people are scrambling to survive and you have moved into the New Age, you are supposed to lead them. This doesn’t mean you are going to be in front of a crystal ball.

The process of imagining and visualizing is using attention without knowing it. Now we are talking about using this attention for the goals of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The process is the same. You have to use anything that your mind is gathering together. You use it. That is the use of attention into doing what you want to do. Imagine if you were a kid playing house, for example. They have these little houses with kitchens, etc. All that visualization and playing about is the same process of bringing in all this stuff and visualizing it. Perhaps it has no great metaphysical use, but you increase that ability as you go along in life.

Are you selfish if you use your attention for material things? You could use that attention to help people, but it depends on how you use that attention. Some of it may be more on the selfish scale and some may be more unselfish. To manifest, there is no such thing as a bad manifestation. Manifesting is manifesting. You can make that manifestation purer and purer the more you use it to help humanity. As you see, there are some very rich people in the Philippines, while other people are scrambling around, trying to make ends meet and eat. That is a manifestation that could be channelled in a different direction. But it happens anyway. People who are obsessed with money often have a lot of it, because they are thinking in those terms and that thinking manifests itself. Money money money money. They think this and then their whole lives will be surrounded by money.

Regarding the fascination with phenomena, this is for the more advanced metaphysicians. There are those who have been using that for gaining money, audiences, and trying to make people believe in them. That is why Blavatsky stopped doing it. She was trying to show the phenomena as evidence of the truth behind it. People weren’t interested in the truth, but they were fascinated by phenomena. You have to be very quiet about this. You are not here to show off.

If your motives are more selfish. it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to manifest. If you are thinking of money all the time, that is what you are going to get. If your motives purify themselves and get into more humane things, then of course, the motives will help the money come also, but it will filter it into other parts of the society.

If you are struggling with your finances, how can you be a good lightworker? What kind of example are you, if you are scrambling around to have crumbs on the table? What kind of example are you if you can’t demonstrate the abundance that is there?

So, what is the key to manifestation? Attention. Gather it together, call for it. Tell it to manifest. To manifest, say, “Let my attention take over.” Use whatever way you need to empower your attention, to pull it out of your whole soul and let it work for you. What a gift this is! You don’t have to light thousands of candles in the church and scrape your knees on the ground praying. No. You just pull out your attention.

The same way that you use your telepathic healing to heal relationships, you can also ask the attention to come through and then concentrate it more, making it manifest. The different healing methods we have learned here are all the same thing. It is all Amon Ra coming down and taking care of you all through these various energies.

Your mission, or the reason why you are put here, defines the parameters of what you want to manifest. There is no way to manifest a Rolls Royce. And what good is it? What use is it? If you need transportation, you can manifest a bus or whatever is needed for your group.

Your attention is your possession because it is in your soul. It is hidden in there somehow. All you have to do is call it up and ask it for help. You will then find your mind is able to focus and visualize better. When it focuses, you ask it to go further than focus. Bring in whatever is needed, such as all the equipment and a process of prana that is necessary to make it manifest.

If all of you are able to do this instantaneously, you’ve got a New Age society right there. That is what is supposed to happen, one person at a time. It doesn’t happen with some angel coming down and suddenly all of you are able to do this. Nope. Most of you have already gone through the trials and tribulations of getting rid of stuff. Some of you have had personal Armageddons, or miserable things that happened in your life a couple of years ago. Now you have come out of it and you are ready to start doing this stuff. Are you afraid?

You might find that nothing happens. But keep quiet and let it happen. Much of this stuff happens in the movies, with immediate manifestations where you have a pile of gold in front of you. Maybe one day that will happen. But that’s not how it necessarily happens. It comes in terms of resources that come your way. It could be money, or persons with talents who want to help you. Circumstances just come about and shape up things so that it manifests. You have to be aware and open your eyes as to the blessings that are being given to you. It is constant. This room is full of the Sun’s prana, and it is all blessing you right now. If you don’t take advantage of it, don’t complain. It is right here, all the time.

The New Age is not a time frame. It is a process of ascension. It depends on the mental state of humanity, which is in pretty bad shape.

As individuals like you move up and up, and more and more people move into this situation, that is where you are going to see a lot of cataclysms. By your advancement, you are causing the cataclysms, because you want to get rid of the old. So, we have the floods and the financial crisis. It is all going to happen. Hopefully, you are all here and it won’t touch you as this stuff goes. That is what a lightworker does. You are dragging this whole thing upward and outward. This thing would have happened a lot faster if there were more lightworkers who did their job. But even a small group like this can do it. At least that is what they are telling us. You are the vanguard troops. The more you get into this, the more you purify your thinking, the more trouble you cause on the bottom. All that stuff just rolls around until it is gone.

What does Serapis Bey mean when he talks about using your attention, or your attention using you? If attention uses you, could it be somebody else’s attention? Where is it coming from? This refers to when you become a real lightworker, you are the hands and feet of the Hierarchy, when you are being used. This refers to when the greater attention of the Spiritual Hierarchy is focused on you as a group, or you as an individual, as part of carrying out the Divine Plan.

What is the meaning of So Hum? It is Sanskrit, but the effect of it is to bring all your individual souls into a group. You are all sitting here individualized. It puts everything together so that, at least for the session, you can think together. It is a meeting of the minds. And then you leave and you do your own thing. You are all little globs of energy. When you lift the body away, the energy defines you. The So Hums brings you all together. It doesn’t merge you together though. It brings you together in a common way of thinking. If you are sitting in your bedroom and you are So Humming, your family, or the souls around you would harmonize with you. So if your wife is screaming at you, you can So Hum. It is all about the same thing: Amon Ra. Household harmony. When husbands and wives are fighting, you just So Hum. I am sure the other person would look at you strangely. But that is what you want. It would break up the whole fight.

To quote Serapis Bey’s reference to attention: “What are you? You are not attention. But you use attention, or it appears to use you. And when it appears to use you, you may surmise that yet another will be using you through your own attention. Will you use, or will you be used, is the question. I suggest the latter. It is a question of God, as you know God, using us all.”

Where is attention coming from to begin with? It all comes from the Sun. When you actually use that attention for your own needs, and you keep using it, it eventually melds with the Sun, and then you are back to the divine purpose with it.

Our discussion today is nothing new, but it has been forgotten. I am bringing it up to the surface because you are now moving into that mindset of the New Age, and this is what is going to happen. This is one of the visions of Serapis Bey in what the New Age is about. The struggle to manifest things begins to fall away and everything become a mind-manifested existence. What is wrong with that? Let the soul manifest itself.

The intention breaks through the resistance. You are actually going into the fourth dimension. To get there, you have to break through the big, stone wall that is the third dimension: the three-dimensional world. That is the thing that is holding you back. That is the prison without keys. If you just break through that stone wall, then you are in good shape. Remember, where you are going, is when you get into the etheric plane, that is where the New Age is going to take place. Your feet will feel lighter. Things will move along faster and easier. But you are on your way to the mental plane. That is where the real spiritual stuff happens. Although, this is all manifestation of the spiritual also. But the mental plane is where you want to get to. But don’t worry about that yet. Let’s get out of this mess in the physical plane and move into the etheric plane. Life should be much easier for everybody.

But, the etheric plane is where the Dark Forces don’t want you to go, because they lose control over you. In the physical plane, they have all kinds of ways of controlling you. In the physical plane, you feel like walking around with a concrete block around you. If you could break free of it, life would be a lot easier. You are doing it. Every time you align, every time you heal somebody, every time you heal yourself, you are chipping away at this concrete block and you are getting there. Nobody said it was an easy game. It is a struggle. The New Age people will give you some perfume, or they will give you a massage to make you feel good. Those are all false methods to make you forget about the real struggle that is going on. You have to face the struggle. You have to get up there. Now we begin the upward climb.

Again, what is the key? Attention. Where is the attention? In your own soul. It is also in your soul because it comes from the Sun God. That connection is right there. When you are aligning yourself, getting in line with the energy, what are you trying to accomplish by getting there? You each do it for different reasons. Add a little boost to it. If you can’t see it clearly, just say, “Let my attention show me where we are going.” Or, “I want to utilize this attention to do this.” That gives it more focus and more power.

This is so important, and you have to practice this. It is worth experimenting with this. This is what Serapis Bey has been telling us for the last 10 years. Use your attention. All the uncomfortable things that are happening to you in “the end is nigh” period, you can just attach your attention to it and say, “This is the way I want the outcome to happen.” The reverse prana tool uses attention. We are back to that. That is what the whole thing is based on. Behind that, you are utilizing your attention. You are going for that thing and then turning it. It is only with the attention that you can do that, and do it well.

Prana isn’t scattered energy. It is there. It is you, it is all of you. You aren’t scattered. In addition to the prana that makes you who you are, there is other prana that creates the room we are in. Without prana, we wouldn’t have these four walls around us. All the things you see are various manifestations of prana. There are also energies that are flowing around. The energies are waiting for you to use them. We have called in the energies of Padmasambhava and the Masters, and they have heaped it on you. Now use it. Formulate it into something that makes your life better, or that makes the group’s life better. It’s not random, as you might think. There is a purpose for everything. There is a purpose for every bit of the Sun’s energy.

The main thing is to realize, when you wake up, that you are prana. There is no separation between you and that stuff that is floating around. You are part of that whole thing. For example, think of a jello. Sometimes people put fruits in it. All those fruits are suspended in the jello. That is what it is like. It is like you are in a pranic jelly. That conglomeration, that fruit, is you. It is sort of like that. Everything you touch is part of that.

Declaring, “Thy will be done,” is shaping up what your attention is going to make. You want to make sure that what you are trying to manifest, is in line with the divine will. There is a selfish part of it. You can sit there and think about money. That will eventually manifest itself. But what is it doing for the rectification of humanity? You, as occultists, would have to put in line what you are manifesting, with the will of the Godhead. That is the difference. A black magician, for example, can manifest, too. They can visualize and bring prana together. But is what they manifest doing any good? You are the white magicians. You visualize whatever is necessary to help humanity move forward. There is a difference.

You have a world of experimentation ahead of you. Try this, try that. Test this and test that. Become true white magicians by doing this. You aren’t going to have things happen right away. Little by little, see and test this whole process of manifesting in your lives. Recognize when the manifestation is happening. If you have in your mind that you want a stack of gold in front of you, you might wait a long time. But if you have the resources necessary to send your kids to school, or resources to go to the doctor, or whatever it is you need, recognize that as being a manifestation of the blessings. I can’t wait to see what happens.



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