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Letting go of the Old:  The Ultimate Sacrifice

We are presently going through a massive cleansing in preparation for the new age. All life forms are going through this. Everybody is going through this, no matter what. The common people who are not studying the Ancient Wisdom don’t understand what is going on. They just know that their lives are becoming more difficult, and they are uncomfortable all the time. They are yelling at their spouses and their kids, and things are driving them nuts.

The group discussed the various ways to adjust to this, in order to survive this period of upheaval and turmoil which we have been going through for the last 4-5 years. But it has gotten increasingly intense as it conjuncts with MSG’s message that the end is nigh. But what is the end like? Is everything going to fall apart and then a new age pops out of the ground, and then you are going to be happy? Some are waiting for that. It is like Chicken Little, waiting for the sky to fall, or some big thing to happen. But it won’t happen this way.

There are various levels of society, some of which are totally unaware of what is going on. What is going to happen to these people? They won’t adjust, and they will just exit. That exiting will happen up to a certain level. The start of the survival level will be those who have gone through the initial phases of the 4 initiations, I.e. the probationary level. These are the people who know the difference between good and bad. Those who have no idea what this is, and plow through life without ever thinking – they are the ones who get all shook up with the vibrations.

We should all be the most aware of this. This means that what is happening to you might be even more intense now, especially since the Master has signalled the end is nigh. But when the end is nigh, does that mean you will all jump off a cliff, or people around you will, or heaven will suddenly appear? No.

Those who can enter into the new age are those who go through this process and come out of it. You go through this process of suffering and dying. It is all mental. One day you wake up and things are nice and bright. You therefore begin to enter the new age yourself, and with the other people who are at that stage of development. It won’t be one big boom and bang, where you come out and have a nice party. There will be many who will go through this state, or who have already gone through the death throes of this cycle, and who are emerging out of it now, and who feel much better.

Sir Arthur says that everything looks bright when you wake up from this. Individually, each will enter the new age on your own individual power and base. Some of you will make it, some of you won’t. Those who don’t make it may be lucky! They don’t have to go through this whole turmoil! They just go up to heaven and watch everything happen, and when it’s okay then they come down. But that’s the way the new age comes.

For a bigger group like the Philippine group, it may not happen as a group. It may happen in 2s or 3s. We don’t know.

Have any felt the emergence, where you feel uncomfortable and then you emerge and things are bright? Some notice it comes and goes. You may wake up sometimes without stress and everything seems bright, but then the stress comes back. However, the stressful parts become less and less. You open your eye in the morning and you feel good and happy. There are moments of happiness that hit you out of nowhere. You might be in the car or in the office, and you just notice that you feel happy. Those are moments of the new age dawning in your own mind. Everybody goes through this. Some of you may not go through it.

What happens in the dawning? Do you walk around with a glazed look on your face? No. What happens is that you start leading a different life. You start doing things differently in your life. New opportunities come for you to change what you have been doing all your life, and move into something quite dynamic and more in line with the new age. All of a sudden you have a job and family change. Things start to move and change in your family so that you begin to feel freer and freer from all the pressures you have had. Take that freedom. Don’t go back to what you did before! You have to recognize this as an opportunity that is unleashing you, letting you go, so that you can move in a different direction, and move in the direction of the new age.

What is the characteristic of the new age? What is the prime motivation in the new age? It is the unleashing of your soul power. The soul has been so imprisoned in this physical body that it cannot express itself the way it should. You try in meditation and get little bits of exposing the soul to the life you have. But you are all sitting in these individual prisons right now. You have locked this incredible power inside you that cannot get out. Sometimes it gets out and when you try to grab it, it goes right back in.

This is what MSG’s I AM movement is about. It is about unleashing the I AM, unleashing the soul. That is the primary motivation of moving into the new age.

What is the prime motivation now in this age of materialism that we are in? It is self preservation.  This is essentially selfishness. Everybody is scared of death. They need money for everything. They are trying to preserve everything they have in the physical form. If it doesn’t preserve one way you pull out your credit card. All the measures you take in life are self preservation. Self preservation is like an instinct. It comes at you, and you don’t even think about it. If something charges at you, you are immediately defensive and you protect yourself. It is the same thing with your finances and everything else that endangers your life. Self-protection and self-preservation is what governs your life here and now. The actions you take are all to preserve yourself.

If you are living in the new age or broaching into the new age, you are unleashing / freeing your soul. This is soul liberation as MSG has been saying. You unleash the power of soul and that is the main motivation of the new age.

Even if you feel you are being threatened by death, you unleash the power of your soul and the death threat goes away and something else comes up. You let go of the death and you move into a new form.

When you unleash the soul, what happens? Your life will start changing. This is why soul alignment is so important. Your alignment is the beginning step for soul liberation. The more advanced you get into soul liberation and the unleashing of your soul, the more you are ready for the new age, and the more you will begin to demonstrate the new age in your individual lives right here.

So, there won’t be a big celebration to move into the new age. Rather, it is a silent transformation each individual has to go through from this uncomfortable period of the death throes of this cycle, into a new age, into a new view.

After you go through soul liberation, you aren’t doing the thing you do now, which means you aren’t doing things for self preservation / selfish purposes.

When you are moving from one opportunity to the other and you feel like you are making a big sacrifice, that is selfishness. When you can cut out that idea of selfishness, and move from one action to another, and you move UP in the action, you are unleashing the power of the soul in the second action. All you do is respond to your soul telling you to move in the new direction. Don’t hang on to the old stuff. Let it go.

As MSG says, the end is nigh. This means to let go, let go, let go.  The more you move into the new direction, the more liberated you will feel.

As lightbearers, you are on the vanguard. You have been given the task of leading humanity into the new age, and this is the way you do it. There is no fanfare or easy way with trumpets, etc. You start changing your lives into a life more in line with your soul. As this happens, you change, and people around you will notice. If you make a change, they will follow you, hopefully. If not, they will just go by the wayside.

What is the liberation of the soul? What happens? What is that leading us to? As you unleash the soul, or unlock the prison doors without keys. You have to open the door. You have locked the door by your own limitations. So once you open it up, what comes of it? What is the characteristic of unleashing your soul? These characteristics are the characteristic of the new age. You let your soul lead you and guide you. Where does your soul lead you?

When you review our Mystery School course, you see the vision of the new age beneath the surface. For instance you see the underlying principles that lead  to peace and good will toward men, which we have never achieved on earth. Earth has been punctured by conflict after conflict. One of the things that comes of the new age, that each will individually bring into light, is the resolution of opposites. All of a sudden, for the things that seem to conflict, where there is one side vs the other, you will be able to bring the sides together with no conflict. For example, medicine (with medical doctors) vs. herbal medicine are two sides of the same coin. They are really not conflicts, as they are all involved in healing. The word “healing” is the word that resolves the difference between them. When you see someone engaging in alternative medicine, and another engaging in the regular medical practice, you see that they are both engaged in healing, and you have resolved the problem. One may work for some and not work for the others. There is a concept in every conflict that you meet up with, that resolves the conflict.

One of the forces of the new age is the resolution of opposites and the resolution of conflict. It is the principle of oneness. The oneness that the soul has been telling you. Today there is no oneness; there is fighting.

What else will happen? What governs economics? The basis of economics is that there is not enough supply for the demand, and so everyone must compete and fight for the supply. It is a concept of scarcity. There is not enough for everyone, so they have to fight each other. Our metaphysics tells us that it exactly is the opposite. There is an abundance. As MSG says, “Is there not enough water coming over the waterfall for everybody?” But the basis of our economic action in our society today is that there is not enough for everyone and they must fight each other. This must be resolved.

 A soul liberating concept that therefore comes into the new age is that there is enough for everybody. That is where the selfishness disappears. So when you decide not to spend as much on someone because they don’t deserve it, or you will give to these ones and not that one, that is when you have divisions. This is not a characteristic of the new age, and is similar to self-preservation. We must resolve this idea of scarcity. Every time an idea of scarcity comes into your life, you align yourself into abundance, and you will see how the whole concept begins to fall apart and resolve itself before your eyes.

In this idea of abundance, SB tells us we are all products of prana; the life form that comes through you and keeps you alive. That impulse of prana is racing through your body always, keeping everything pumping, even when you are sleeping. What is prana? It is the Sun, which is gold. The gold will manifest in solid gold, in resources, in energy that keeps your heart beating. Or it will manifest as healing that fixes something that doesn’t work in your body, etc. etc.. This is all dealing with prana. When you bring this into the native dominance of life, you eliminate the whole idea of self preservation, where you have to fight and step on people to get to where you are going, which is what motivates our society today.

Therefore, in summary, another characteristic of the new age, the unleashing of soul is the unleashing of abundance, or the use of prana to achieve your goals. To be able to use this prana, you better get it straight. If you have ideas of power to take advantage of others, it won’t work. Your ideas and morals must be in line with the Sun God. That is when the pranic ideas and the pranic force comes through. It comes through you as a vessel. Your bodies become the temple of God. Through this, the pranic energies come through your body and you initiate actions on the earth that benefit people… not only yourself but for as many people as possible.

Alignment is the first step that you take toward going into deeper meditation, but it is also the first step into going into the unleashing of the soul power. It isn’t just about unleashing it. You have to pick it up like a football and use it and project it through your life and your life activities. It doesn’t matter how important these activities are. It is about doing it, and making sure that the pranic influence, or the influence of the Sun, filters into everything that you do. By doing this, you are agents of the new age. When you can think this way, which is not easy because you get wrapped up in selfish activities, you wake up and do it, and you will do it constantly through the day, and when you do this, that is when the powers of the soul are unleashed on earth through the many thousands of lightbearers who hopefully will do this, and you have transformed the earth.

The I AM teachings of MSG is about the unleashing of soul. This is all part of soul liberation. The purpose of the SGF website is soul liberation. It is MSG’s project that has been there for about 100 years. Soul liberation can be done as an individual or as a group.

What is meant by “letting the soul go, letting the soul do its work”? You have to let go. When you come into a situation where you want jump in with your self to do something, you need to back off and unleash the soul liberation into the situation. Then it just resolves itself.  If everybody did that, we would achieve peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

Most people want things done their way and they plunge into things. Sometimes this is good to get things done, but you have to watch for your motivation. Why are you pushing it? If you are pushing something in a certain way and you don’t realize why you are doing it, maybe it is because you see logical steps to get from A to Z. But by saying that, you interfere in it. By staying quiet, you let the people involved discover the way to go from A to Z without telling them.

So, as you go through the latter period of this cycle, the password is not the “end is nigh”, but “I have to let go and let the invasion of soul take place”.

Sometimes you have a plan, but you have to let it go. This is sacrifice. You let your ego shut up and you let things go and let things move by themselves, according to soul. This moves you to a higher state. If you keep this up every day, you are moving up to a higher state. Every little action moves you up. Where does this lead us to?

As we unleash our soul, sacrifice, let things go, let things happen, where does it lead? We get to a place where we can manifest the physical from the spiritual. This is in SB course. When you say you want an apple, you manifest it. SB tells us that we all have this ability – precipitation, manifestation of your abundance. You don’t need anyone else to build your house, you just manifest it. If you want to go from one place to another, you just do it. Your mind has to be trained in a way to see this. SB tells you that all have the ability to do this.

If you want to build a house, how does it manifest now? You get a bank loan, you get a contractor, etc. This is putting the ingredients together to have a house. But in the manifestation stage, it all gets bunched up together and you get your house. The steps of building the house are the same in the manifestation stage. This is the practice we do –it is the same thing in healing.  You do the incremental healing, and as you heal something, you get better, and you then do instantaneous healing. No more talking about it, it is just done. That is what manifestation is. It is a turning of your thoughts so that the bad gets transformed into the good. We will all get there.

In the meantime, you are struggling with certain things, like where to send your kids to school, but you don’t have enough money. Somehow you manifest the money, maybe by working, but the money comes together and you have what you need to get the kids into the school. That is a different process of manifestation. But nonetheless it is manifestation. Sometimes you don’t know where the money came from.

Things will happen in your life, that just come about. Maybe something happened easier than you expected because you received money from a source you didn’t expect, or you have a relative who finds a cheap car for you. But all these things are the intermediary steps of manifestation.

In society, we manipulate things to get what we want. But in the latter stages of manifestation, you snap your fingers and it Is done. So make it now! You are all doing it now, but the long way. There is a shorter way of doing it…. Instantaneous… precipitation.

When you want to do something and you do it the old way, consider the steps you have to go through to do it. Later on, it will all be pushed into one step in manifestation. Instantaneous healing is a form of manifestation.

Anything that Is bothering you, you need a job, you need money – that is what a healing is.

All in this group are on the way or into the new age already. Some may have one foot in the new age and one foot held behind by chains. Every little sacrifice that you let go of, moves you to a new level. It is very easy and very difficult at times.

Sacrifice is not something that you regret. You give up something you don’t need and move to the next step. But you must be willing to give up that thing. For example, suppose every day you come home and drink a glass of scotch. Eventually that needs to stop. So, if you come home one day and decide you don’t need the scotch you will immediately be moved to a higher state. Or if you come home every day and yell at your wife, if you can let that go, you move to the next step.

Sacrifice is letting go of all the stuff you don’t need, and some of the stuff you think you need, which is where the strain comes in. Sometimes it is something very little. For example, a lady would come home from church and make a pot of tea. But she realized that she didn’t really need the tea and that she could give it up. It seems like something very small, but it isn’t. These things  raise you an inch higher in the whole scheme of things. There is nothing so hard about giving up your cup of tea. If you are concerned about your grandchild, this doesn’t mean you abandon your grandchild. It just means that you leave him in the hands of God. Leave him in the hands of this sacrifice and let go, and let things turn out as they should.

All the things that happen in our life are physical manifestations of the soul. To recognize that is to move yourself up. When you need funds, they will appear in some way. Things may manifest when someone comes into your life to make something happen. Keep an eye on this as you move into the new age and get rid of the chains that are holding you up, as this will happen more often.

Our society has adopted a view of scarcity. But individually we can open our eyes and realize that the concept of scarcity is wrong. The trees have enough sunlight. Recognize what is around you. What does Amon Ra send you everyday? There is no scarcity. You can see the abundance. Scarcity is just an idea that has gripped our civilization for several thousand years.

Some people say that it is karma for things to be a certain way. But Ancient Wisdom teachings say that you don’t have to accept this way of thinking. Scarcity can be completely erased. Even if it is part of your karma, scarcity won’t manifest if you maintain that it is a wrong idea. If something is karmic, you can quicken it. You suffer a little and then move on. The idea of karma is for you to find your way out of it.

There are cycles of constructive phases and destructive phases. We are at the lowest part of the destructive phase and we are coming out of it, coming to a new era. At the bottom of the cycle, you see where the physical part is. The struggle is with your physical life. That is the evolution we have to go through. The point of being in a physical body is that no matter how physical the body is, you have to figure out a way of manifesting spirit through the body. That is the challenge. Manifesting movement – a car maybe…. How are you going to manifest movement? Your brain will tell you to make a car. You become more sophisticated until you don’t need a car any more. You just lift yourself, and think that I need to go from A to Z. We have certain steps in the physical plane that we have to conquer. A lot of those steps need intelligence, which comes from the Sun God. You need to find your way out of it.

While you struggle, there comes a point where you don’t need it anymore. You let it go and move on. That is when you make the progress. If you think that can’t do something because your grandchild or loved one needs you, you will continue to sit there and struggle. But when you can lift yourself away from that kind of stuff, think of the future, move onward. This pertains to broken relationships. Did you really need the relationship? When you can get to the point where you realize you don’t need it, you can cut it out and move forward, that is when you have made progress.

When you are fussing over something, your soul may direct you to get rid of it, because there is something better for you. That is the point of sacrifice. It is moving up the scale of progression. You are letting go of the old and moving to something better. And that “better” may one day become an obstacle, so you move out of that too. It is never forever, you just keep moving out of it, and then maybe a million years later, you come out at the other end.

Sometimes people don’t realize that what they are doing is an obstacle. If you are suffering, that is an indication that what you are doing isn’t needed. You either take care of it or you suffer. When people moan and groan, they need to wake up. That is when they need to let go.

All the stuff that you refuse to let go of will come to the surface. The end is nigh. You don’t need it. Let it go. People may say, “oh I can’t… this one needs me and that one needs me…” Let it go.

You don’t need to prepare mentally. You just go into it. You continue your journey. SB has given you a view of what the new age will be and what you have to do. You fall along and do it, but not blindly.

What does Isis have to do with this? Isis gives you the view of the future. That view has to be done correctly before it manifests in the future. Mother Isis can help with that. If you wish for Mother Isis to manifest something for you, you don’t wish for a Rolls Royce. You ask for a life that Is free enough that you aren’t hampered by movement. You want freedom of movement. It will manifest in different ways.

You all have at least one foot into the new age. You are all evolving into the new age. You will feel happier and happier. All the dark stuff that has been plaguing you will get washed away. All the conflicts in your life with relatives etc., will not follow you. Just get rid of it. Get rid of all the hurts. Get rid of all the rubbish and garbage you carry along. It is only ideas, memories. They are all baggage.




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