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Drop Gender, Weddings, and Birthdays

MPM — How many of you have tried to read The Rays and the Initiations: A Treatise on the Seven Rays? It is the last book that Alice Bailey wrote. It’s got so many layers of stuff in it, but it was mainly written for us at this stage. It was written for people at the end of the 20th Century: the initiates coming on board. It is something you have to read little by little, and you’ll see that the whole book is about sound. The conclusion is always, “This is where you’ll end up, in sound.” If you want to, you can read it again. It’s not easy. It’s better than any sleeping pill you could take. I can read maybe about twenty minutes of it and I just stop. Just take it little by little.

What we’ve been doing so far is just broaching on something quite different than what other esoteric groups have been doing. This is the evolution of the teachings, or what we’re supposed to learn. This whole bit about sound, we’re just beginning to enter into what it’s all about. It’s a big adventure, actually. It’s something that you will develop over time. It’s the sound that gives you all the power to move forth with what we’ve been talking about: things like precipitation and all the New Age talents that you’re supposed to be exhibiting as we move into the New Age. It’s sound that’s going to get you there.

Serapis Bey tells us to go into the Sun. How many of you have done this meditation? Have you guys, as a group, gone into the Sun? 

A — Yes, we did some meditation out in the yard.

MPM — You can do it out in the yard, but the Sun is still there, even at night. Let’s practice that right now. What do you do? It’s that sutratma, that lifeline that joins the Sun all the way down into your monad, and from the monad down to the soul, and then down into your pineal gland. So, the starting point would be your pineal gland. Do you know where that is? It’s in the centre of your brain. What you do is just quietly go into your pineal gland and start climbing. Go up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

When you get into the reaches of the monad, which is the actual incarnation of the Sun in this physical plane—the others are extensions that go down to help us in our lowly position here— you’ll know. You’ll just go right through it. Then you keep going in, in, in, all the way up, and you’ll see that the Sun doesn’t burn you. You just keep going until you reach the belly of the Sun. Okay? Do I need to guide you or can you do it yourself?

A — Maybe you can guide us first.

Sun Meditation

MPM — Okay. Take a deep breath. Exhale. (pause) Now allow yourself to be lifted into the level of your pineal gland, at the centre of your brain, then up a little bit more into your soul. And then up more into the monad. Stay on the level of the monad for a little while. Listen to the OM. (pause) Now, move up into space, following your lifeline, all the way over. Cross over into the space of the solar system. Keep going. Follow this lifeline. It is no longer light now. It is a vibration. Follow that vibration all the way, all the way, across the space. Keep going. Keep going. See the great Sun in front of you. Hear the Sun. Keep moving forward into the vibration. It’s a huge vibrational field. Move into it. Move into it. The vibrations are surrounding you. You feel very protected in this vibrational field. Keep going into the centre of this. This is the centre of the Sun. (pause) This is where your home is. You’re back home here, back to your origins, right here, in this vast field of vibrations and sound. (pause) Now this is the time to make one big wish. (pause) Just a second is needed. (pause) Let the vibrations of this vast field permeate your vibrations. You are no longer physical. You’re like a ball of energy now there. Let that energy from the Sun just go right through you, permeate every molecule of that ball of energy that constitutes you. Know that you have arrived and that you can always come back here any time you need to. (pause) Okay. Now let’s go back. It’s a short visit, but you can extend your visit any time you want. This is one of the direct routes to your creator. Come back down. Cross over that huge space between the Sun and the Earth. (pause) Touch the monad and sink back to where you are. (long pause)

Now this is what you call the big alignment. With the smaller alignments that you take, you can do this too. When you align yourself, you just keep going and going, all the way up. This is your privilege as mankind … humanity … as a human being. No other living animal or living creature has this privilege of being connected directly with the creator, the Sun. This is the way you go there. There is another way, and which way is that?

A — The alignment.

MPM — This is the alignment. There is another way to go. There is another way to get to the Sun.

A — Through the Hierarchy.

MPM — Through the Hierarchy. That’s the one we usually work with because we’re not that far advanced, so the Masters will help you on the way up. But they won’t do it for you. All your works on Earth, the things that you are doing, are lifting you slowly in that line, back to the Sun. So, you’ve got the front door and the back door. That’s the great privilege of being a human being.

Did you feel anything when you went up there?

A — The vibration was very strong.

MPM — Did any of you feel like crying? (slight laughter) I’ve seen grown men just break down in tears when they are up there, because you are back home. You’ve come back to the Father.

A — When you mention that you are no longer physical, it’s really true.

MPM — Yes. Then, as you drop back down, your physicality reconnects in there, back in the body. But this journey is what they call the return of the monad, because eventually you’ll evolve to the point where you’re up there at the level of the Sun, but that’s millions of years from now. But right now, you can go visit it. That enables and helps your daily evolution, ascension.

In terms of the New Age we’re getting into, we’re going up that way and we are essentially, as all of you go through your initiations and the studies, as I’ve already mentioned, you don’t have to be booking it all the time, studying. You don’t have to dress up like a monk either. You don’t have to live in a monastery. You just live your life the way it is, and just raise everything up. I don’t believe in the “holy” and going around in monk’s clothing and all that. It’s not necessary. You’re in it already, and as you move up, that’s the ascension that Serapis Bey is talking about.

On the way, we shall temporarily stop on the etheric plane. That’s the level of the New Age. To be able to operate on the etheric plane, you necessarily have to drop your soul and become a monadic individual. Do you understand when that happens? It is similar to what Jesus did when he was crucified and then when he came out of that tomb, he became a monadic individual. In other words, he is aligned with his monad, and that is how you’re supposed to go into the New Age. That’s when you’re ready to move into it. Does that make sense?

Q — asking if this is mystical.

MPM — Well, I don’t know what you’d call it. All I know is it’s the monadic personality. You’re no longer a soul personality. You have passed that. All the soul things, all the past that is connected with that soul, drop off, and the soul gets eaten up by the monad. It just gets absorbed into the monad. Your outward appearance is the same, although the powers that you behold as a monadic personality are much greater than a soul personality.

Q — asking about physical connection.

MPM — You are connected to the monad.

Q — That happens in the fourth initiation?

MPM — In the fourth initiation, your soul gets gobbled up by the monad. You end the fourth as a monadic personality.

Q — The death you pass through is the death of the soul?

MPM — It’s the crucifixion, the death. There are other weird things that happen, but I’ll go over that later on.

Q — What happens to the soul?

MPM — It just gets gobbled up. It fuses in with the monad. Because we were in such a low state of physicality, the monad had to drop down the soul so that it could help you in the physical body. That’s the whole point about Adam and Eve, and the fall of Adam. You’re on that level. This is the opportunity now to get that back, to go back into the monad. I don’t know how many of you are going through the fourth initiation, but that’s what happens.

Q — The story of Adam and Eve is the original state of man?

MPM — That is the original state of the physical man.

Q — In Master St. Germain’s teachings of the I AM, the I AM that he is referring to is actually the soul, that feeling of I AMness, or individualization. So, when you go up, that I AMness, the feeling of I AMness, is what is going up. The physicality is being left behind.

MPM — No. This is what they call the crucifixion. It dies and it resurrects. It’s always there, but it resurrects as a power. It’s no longer in between your personality that you see on Earth here and the monad.

Q — So the I AMness is still there, even in the monadic state.

MPM — It’s always there. The I AMness is a characteristic of the monadic state. The I AMness also has the whole state of your past lives and stuff like that. All that stuff gets washed away. Although you still remember it, it no longer influences you. The only influence is your monad, which is the purpose, and the divine purpose begins to take over. Your physical body, to others, remains the same, but you know that it’s not really the one that was before, let’s say.

There is something called the mayavi rupa. That’s what the body becomes as you evolve in this state of monadic personality. The mayavi rupa is the appearance. It’s like you’re wearing a mask and you’re doing your job, because that’s how you do your job on Earth. This is also the body that can switch to Europe without getting on a plane, and switch to different locations. That’s a little further on in the development of it.

Q — When I was in high school, I experienced a near death experience. I almost drowned. I was struggling in the water and suddenly everything shut off. But what was prominent there was the feeling of I AM, and it stayed on with me. The sense of I AMness is I am not aware of the body. I don’t have a body, but there is the sense of I AM. I’m not aware of what’s happening around.

MPM — It’s an awareness of consciousness.

Q — That is actually the soul. When you are awake here, the I AMness is identified with the physical?

MPM — Remember, the monad gives birth to the soul. So, as it gets absorbed into the monad, it just goes back to where it was, and all those characteristics that you learned in the I AM teachings of St. Germain are valid, but it would be of a different sense than the monadic sense. So, you can see if that is the case, of moving into the New Age as a monadic personality, you can see that the teachings of the I AM, now, are put aside. You graduate out of that and go into this, all still under the guidance of St. Germain. But he has not put out a book, or I haven’t put out a book yet about this. That’s what’s happening now. That’s why they’re sending us up as far as we can, to touch the hem of the sound vibrations and continue onward up.

Q — Does it mean we are free from all our past lives?

MPM — They are no longer influencing you, let’s say. But you can still remember it because this mayavi rupa still remembers it, but it is no longer controlled by those memories and stuff like that.

Q — asking about remembering it.

MPM — You can still have an effect of remembering it, but it shouldn’t affect your being. Remember that that particular body, in the beginning stage, is still attached, but later on it can detach and it can travel. This is not astral travel. This is real travel away from your body.

Q — asking about the grand alignment and whether it replaces the alignment learned before.

MPM — This is what you basically should do every time you align, but it’s a little too much to tell the public that. It’s okay if the public can just align, but for you esoteric students, you should really go up there as often as you want. It’s a trip to get up there, and if you do it too often, I don’t know what will happen to you. When you went up, could you feel the energy fields?

A — Yes

MPM — That’s what you should be feeling. When you go up, especially in your telepathic healings, that’s what you should feel, that vibration. From there, you do your TH. Is this crazy?

A — No. That vibratory feeling is actually always there.

MPM — It is always there, but you’re not conscious of it. By making it conscious, that’s when you’re aligning. Your consciousness is aligned with that. Your consciousness has a habit of going this way and that way. But when you align the consciousness with it, that’s when it becomes relevant on this physical Earth.

A — If it’s always there, and in my case, whenever I align, I feel the vibration in the crown chakra. It’s always there. When I focus my attention on the crown chakra and the vibration is there, that’s my alignment?

MPM — That’s alignment. And you can go further than that. That’s just a physical vibration, but you can put yourself into it and go up as high as you have time to do. Then that lifeline with the Sun is established and becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. This is the being of the New Age. This is the big difference. This is the prominent role of the Sun God in the New Age.

What is the role of the Hierarchy in this case? Everybody is arranged like that and you can go this way, to the Sun, or you can go through the Hierarchy. That Hierarchy is what you are studying, esoterically.  You study this and study that. You go to seminars and you ask them for help and you work with them, and they help you. They’re there to guide you into this return to the Sun, but you can also do that by yourself. I call it the back door, but it really is a front door. This is your direct connection.

Q — I think it’s better to go through the Hierarchy because usually if you go through the back door, the ego…

MPM — There’s a lady that wrote me and she says “You’re writing this doom and gloom,” and I said, “You either take it or you can’t.” She said, “I’ve been struggling. I’m trying to get to the fifth dimension the way Kryon said.” I said, “What happened to the fourth dimension? Are you going to sleep through it?”

I haven’t heard from her since I asked her this question. But this is the crap of the New Age. They all talk about the fifth dimension, and there is this big gap. The fourth dimension, being the New Age, they somehow think that they can go beyond that. Then I say, “I know right away, already you’re on the wrong track.” You’ve got to go through all that.

Q — The pitfall there is really everything being taken up by the ego.

MPM — That’s the problem. It can happen. Or, the astral or ego start inventing things, like this whole thing.

Q — Since we have been studying this, one thing that has been impressed every now and then in all the teachings is that you are not the “doer”. Even in the telepathic healings, we aren’t healers actually. We’re just channels.

MPM — You’re focusing.

Q — There’s no room for the ego here because were not the one healing actually.

MPM — Why do you need the ego to heal?

A — The ego comes in with, “I’ve healed this. I’m the healer.”

MPM — That’s why I say, later on, when you do mass healing, nobody need know that you are there. You just stand by a tree or something like that and just do it. That’s all you need to do.

Let’s go back to the simple alignment, as well as the big one. What does Serapis Bey say is holding you back? What prevents you from going deep into this? What is it that he says is the greatest obstacle? It’s very simple.

A — Attachments? Fear? Distractions?

MPM — No. Fear also could do it, but it’s an every day, every second thing that’s holding you back. It’s called gender. The fact that you think you are a man or a woman. That’s the thing that’s holding you back. “Drop gender,” as he says.

Now, what does that mean, “drop gender”? Why would he say something like that? You get up every morning and you look at yourself in the mirror, and you see your gender. From that moment on, you comb your hair, and you do this, and it is the reinforcement of your gender. You put on a dress. You put on your high-heeled shoes. Or if you don’t wear high-heeled shoes, maybe you put on your stockings. You do all those things that a woman would do or a man would do, and you do that out of habit. When you do that, you have now separated the world into two. How can you go up? How can you align with the forces?

Remember, that force that you go into in the alignment, is both masculine and feminine. Masculine or feminine does not mean boy or girl or man or woman. It means plus or minus. But we have interpreted that into male and female. It’s not male and female. But you see, in this world, everything you see in the physical world, is either masculine or feminine. If you study the romance languages, Spanish or French or German, or any others, all the nouns are divided into masculine or feminine. So, in language, the whole world is split right there. You don’t do it out of malice. You just do it because that’s the way things are on the Earth plane. If you were to drop it, that ball of energy that we were talking about is no longer this or that. It’s just this—the whole.

Q — Is there an attachment to the masculine or the feminine?

MPM — There is an attachment, yes. Change your thinking.

Q — Is it really the gender or identification that you are a person, a human being?

MPM — It’s a further identification. You know already that you are a person, but that person is either female or male. Why do you have to do that? Why can’t you just be the person?

Q — at 37:00

MPM — That’s part of the dualistic nature. This doesn’t mean that all the men will start having babies and the women will have to walk around like men, which is what they do now. They have websites of women who hate men and then they have other ones that hate women. That’s not what it’s all about. It’s just melding the characteristics of femininity and masculinity together, and not seeing yourself as either a male or female. Is that possible? When you look in the mirror, can you just look at yourself and not say, “I’m such a male, and I’ve got this, this, and this characteristic.” Of course, every time I have to shave, I swear, that is one of the great reminders.

Q — There are responsibilities, like being a mother that affects alignment.

MPM — Your alignment is being warped. Just say, “Drop it. This is who I am. This is the real me, right here.” Then you’ll see all the other characteristics kind of fade out. All the characteristics, male and female, are taught to you, from the time you are a little baby, up to today. The little toys you have, the little girls have dolls and the boys have guns. It’s all male and female. All the toys are male or female. Did you ever think of that? His or hers. Colours also.

A — Pink and blue.

MPM — When you think of it… Analyze it, how much your world is divided into either one. This is where the separation begins. Adam and Eve. “Male and female, created He them.” Is that the quote?

Q — asking about gender and soul.

MPM — It’s just the person, being led by the soul.

Q — We are told that we are beings divine?

MPM — Lightbearers.

Q — So, being identified as a gender, according to Master Serapis Bey, that holds us back in going deep into alignment, but we are not aware of it?

MPM — You are not aware of it. You think it’s just common stuff. But if you start breaking that gender down, your alignment will be deeper and deeper and you’ll go into it.

Just think about. Every day when you open your eyes, what comes to mind? Is it a gender issue? You don’t get up and say, “I’m a man,” or “I’m a woman,” but you start thinking of other things. “I’m a mother and I have to do this,” or “I’m a father. I have to go to work.” All these things are all gender defined. You could just wipe them out, one after the other. When you do wipe them out, you also liberate yourself from this chain of “socialization” or “gender socialization” as they call it. What a man should do and what a woman should do. What a girl should do and what a boy should do. It’s a heavy burden, when you think of it. When you think of that little girl running around with her toys, you’re loading them up with all kinds of ideas that just load them down and they’re not liberated. Can you think of anything that’s gender based that loads you down?

A — Having a husband, having a wife.

MPM — Marriage. We see that in our little Airbnb project, these young millennials getting ready to get married. Pre-nups, nups, post-nups… There’s this whole thing that goes on, and not only that, it’s expensive! It goes on in preparation for this marriage and then marriage, and then there’s the baby that comes. The whole thing, I look at it as a huge trap. And you’re sunk for life. You get into that and you’re sunk for 20 — 40 years. You get right into that trap. How do you liberate yourself from these ideas? Everybody thinks it’s so cute and so nice. “Oh, it’s your pre-nup,” “Oh it’s this,” and all this kind of stuff, and I look at them and say, “You poor soul. You don’t know where you’re headed.”

But when people are excitedly talking to you about this stuff, you just kind of negate it in your mind. You know that most likely, in sixty years, they’ll be divorced. But that’s not the point. The point is, this stuff is so ingrained in us and we are so loaded down with this stuff, monetarily, relationship-wise, everything… You are walking on a tight-rope. You can’t go here, you can’t go there. You don’t know how you’re tied into this whole thing. Think of the Lilliputians (from Gulliver’s Travels). All those little strings are holding you back from moving forward. This is what our Master Serapis Bey cites as the major problem. Gender.

Q — do we categorize? (at 45:00)

MPM — Categorize? That’s one way you can do it. The other way is just plain, rational reasoning. Take our discussion tonight. When you start seeing yourself talking about pre-nups and nups and everything else, correct yourself. Say, “This is not important.” What you are doing is reinforcing gender every time you start buying the flowers and doing all this stuff. They are cute things to do, and everybody says, “Oh, how nice,” but what you are doing is reinforcing this whole idea of gender.

Here in the Philippines, marriage and this type of celebration is important. When you find yourself getting wrapped up in organizing weddings and showers, stop yourself. Say, “Wait a minute. What am I doing here? I am actually knitting or weaving a prison for these people.” I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what you’re doing, actually. But if you told others you were doing that, they’d think you’re nuts. You just quietly unravel it in your mind.

Q — about not identifying with your body, mind when you are in bed.

MPM — It is possible, but it doesn’t last very long, because eventually have to lift your body out of the bed and you are right back in there again. But a glimpse of it helps, and the glimpse gets wider and wider and wider and then you realize that even when you are consciously in the body, you’re not really there. You’re not really identified with this thing that’s got arms and legs.

Q — When I look in the mirror, I know the image isn’t me.

MPM — The one who realizes what’s in the mirror is your consciousness, your soul, at this point.

Q — So there’s no identity? No man, no woman?

MPM — Neutral.

Q — With gender, we have male nurses.

MPM — It’s breaking down.

Q — there seems to be confusion about gender now.

MPM — It is part of the evolution that is happening. Gender is breaking down. It is no longer ruling everything. But it is carried too far sometimes by some of the things that people do. You don’t have to riot in the street and tell people that you’re equal to everything else on this planet. Just do it.

Q — There is no more exclusivity. You can do jobs intended for a male or female, as long as you can perform well.

MPM — What you just said was pretty revolutionary twenty or thrity years ago. If you look at the new generation of millennials coming through, they don’t care. There is a sort of a natural, “I don’t care whether I am a girl or I am a boy, I just do what I have to do.” That’s what’s coming, and that’s what we have to see also. But at the same time, you also, in your own lives, have to correct, as much as possible, that bias in your thinking of either male or female.

Q — The first form of the root race in the evolution of root races, in the etheric form, was asexual.

MPM — It was non-sexual. Then it split, in the Lemurian days, as they say, into male and female. That is the story of the Bible, Adam and Eve. The first thing you are hit with in Genesis is the establishment of the male and the female, and then you are on your way to the most erroneous religion that ever happened.  You see how these things creep in? You think it’s a nice religious story, but behind it, it’s a ball and chain.

Q — Asking about manipulation, being conditioned

MPM — You are also conditioned by your parents and everybody celebrating, “I had a girl,” or “I had a boy,” and then the blue and the pink. From the very start, it just gets reinforced and reinforced and reinforced, and then that poor soul can’t do anything else but follow along. Or it doesn’t even know the difference.

Q — for a soul, is there female or male gender?

MPM — There is no gender. There are just feminine/masculine characteristics.

Q — Being male or female is useful for the physical world, not for a soul?

MPM — When you get up into the etheric zone, there is no male and female.

Q — Even the I AM has no gender.

MPM — There is no gender in I AM. That’s why even Jesus said, when he was talking about the future, there is going to be no marriage and no man and woman getting married.

Q — asking about illusion.

MPM — It’s an illusion, but it doesn’t mean you have to wallow in the illusion. It means that you, as a rational being, can correct it according to cosmic law. You cannot acknowledge it, but then you have to start being a little more, I wouldn’t say aggressive, but more in line with it. Say, for example, in your family, you have all this excitement about a marriage going on, and all the celebrations and the gifts and all that stuff. You just can’t get dragged into it, because you become a participant in this. You can pull yourself out of it and just show up for the meals.

Q — You can be part of it, but mentally you see it for what it is.

MPM — You see it for what it is. You see the truth of what’s going on, that this thing is a human…. I don’t know how human it is, but it is religious. Definitely. It’s all backed by the churches. In all the other cultures, they have the male and female all the time. But you just back up and see what’s going on, for what it is. By doing that, you weaken this imprisonment of your thinking. When I say imprisonment, it’s every one of those acts. There is just a whole chain of things that go along with it. Once you fall into it, you go into one thing after another until you have to say, “Stop!”

That’s the same thing with Christmas and this gift-giving. It’s another trap. You get into this thing and before you know it, you’re going to the store and buying all these cheap toys and wrapping gifts. It never ends. You’ve got to just say, “Stop! That’s it!” People will think you’re nuts, but who cares?

Q — commenting about all the holidays, anniversaries, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.

MPM — All that stuff, Valentine’s Day, etc. is the same thing. Male and female. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Brother’s Day. Everything you see. They drag you into this trap and you’re trapped. You may not believe in it, but then people look at you and say, “You don’t celebrate this? Your own daughter is getting married and you don’t go to the wedding?” It is breaking down a little, but not in the Philippines.

Q — It’s starting now.

MPM — This is because of the preponderance of the Catholic Church here that just eggs it on all the time.

Q — It is getting less because of financial reasons.

MPM — That’s one of the reasons.

Q — If you are not attached to celebrations, you are on the right track?

MPM — You are on a better track. What should you celebrate really? For me, I like to celebrate a healing. Once a healing is done and I see something turn around or something reverses itself, there is a great joy when I see that happening.

Q — When a relative passes away, you aren’t so attached to it.

MPM — You are supposed to be celebrating! When someone dies, you say, “That’s the lucky one.” He’s no longer suffering on the Earth. We’re the ones that are suffering.

Q — Your relatives will kill you. (laughter from group)

MPM — That’s the preponderance, the weight of that stuff on you. That is what imprisons you even more. All that stuff around you, the relatives saying, “You didn’t love grandma?” and you say, “Yes, that’s why I’m happy for her.”

Q — Whenever some dies, people ask why you aren’t crying.

MPM — Believe me, that dead person is better off than you are.

Q — One of the messages of Blessed Virgin Mary for the coming catastrophes is that the living will envy the dead.

MPM — It’s true.

Q — We were told before there would be no more marriage, the parties involved will have to face the Board of Karma and they would be analyzed to see if they are compatible, and then they can live together, but there would be no ceremonies.

MPM — That is a step in the right direction, but I think, what I’ve been able to observe in our little Airbnb project, is that there are couples that don’t get married any more. They live together, they travel together, they have babies, and they don’t care about the formal marriage or the families or the mother-in-law or all that stuff. That’s a step in the right direction. There is more liberation from all these things.

A — From all the expenses. (laughter from group)

MPM — It is a “sort of” liberation. I say “sort of” because it’s still anchored in gender.

Q — Are twin-flames anchored in gender?

MPM — Who invented this thing about twin-flames? I don’t know. It’s one of these New Age teachings they talk about. I don’t know what a twin flame is. Are you twins? You come out of the same egg? What is it? It’s just a way of justifying an infatuation that these so-called spiritual people say, “She’s my twin flame.” Oh, yeah? Soul mates?

You see how with this little discussion, and we’ve only touched on the surface of it, how this great prison of gender traps us. You think you’re in good alignment and you probably can achieve a certain amount of alignment, and straighten out your life, but just think, if you didn’t have that stuff that’s associated with gender, you’d just go right into alignment. It would be a freedom that you have never felt before.

Close to this gender thing, and let’s not forget about gender because we’ve only touched the surface, what I would like you to do is think about and share with us, at the next meeting that we have, something where gender has entered your life and you had to free yourself from it. Boy, that’ll be a story. I can’t wait to hear these.

A — Our life is an open book. We have no secrets.

MPM — The other things that we observe are these things about birthdays. “Oh, it’s my birthday!” and you’re supposed to say, “Oh, how nice!” Who cares? You’re supposed to thank your parents for bringing you into this world. That’s what the Chinese do. The child has to go and give thanks to the parents for giving birth to him. But even that is too much because what you are doing here, every time you celebrate your birthday, you are celebrating your mortality. You are celebrating that parade and march to death. (laughter)

Group — We have birthdays tomorrow.

MPM — Would you be willing to try not to celebrate them? The thing you do is forget it even happened, and the next day you can say, “Oh, yesterday was my birthday.” That’s the best way to do it. But as I said, it’s a step in your march toward death, your mortality. And also, I am certain, if you keep celebrating your birthday, big time, you’ll look older and older as time goes on, because that’s what your celebrating. You’re celebrating the slow death.

Q — In the Chinese tradition, especially in the Philippines, it is mentioned that if your age ends in a 9, you have to have a grand celebration.

MPM — Yes, and the 80th also. The best celebration for a birthday is to forget it. When you enforce that on somebody, “Oh, it’s your birthday today, isn’t it?” you are just reinforcing the wrong thing. You are reinforcing that person’s mortality. Let it go and let that person live through the time. I know it’s hard in the Philippines. This is something that I’ve noticed is so strong, this death wish. Your birthday wish is a death wish.

Q — I think that’s why we eat a certain food in the Philippines, it’s for longevity.

MPM — Instead of eating those foods, just forget it.

A — You can eat that food any time.

MPM — But don’t attach that whole idea of longevity to it because it has nothing to do with it. What does a long noodle have to do with your life? These are the things that we are doing all the time that anchor us down into the physical as we are trying to align ourselves.

Look at this whole thing with gender. It sounds like a trivial thing, but just think about it. It is like a ball and chain, not only around your ankles, but around your neck, too. You are just weighed down by this stuff. All these celebrations, anniversaries, and birthdays and stuff like that, is designed to anchor you down into the physical, as you are struggling to scramble your way up in alignment. Does that sound reasonable enough? You’ll see how tough it is to get away from it.

Group — No more celebrations, after tomorrow, the last birthday. (laughter)

MPM — If you’re able to do that as a group, you have overcome one of the greatest things. Are you willing to do that? All of you? Just forget about your birthdays?

Group — Yes.

Q — There is a saying that if it is your birthday, it is time for you to give something.

MPM — Now you can see why I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. This is the basis of it. You remember all of you were trying to make me celebrate my birthday? This is the basis of it. It just reinforces the wrong thing in your life. If you’re going to ascend, do so without all these balls and chains. All these things are social. We can talk about this more, but according to Serapis Bey, the gender issue is the worst. It is the strongest. Then I’m bringing up the other things… the birthdays and anniversaries and all these things… all the things that are supposed to be “fun” in life. But with these “fun” events, all you are doing is just marking the days till the person’s death. You are just reinforcing the mortality part rather than the eternal life part.

One of the members, a New Zealand guy, said, “You guys are all party-poopers. You ruin anybody’s fun with all this stuff.”

Q — In this society, gender is so ingrained. Every movement, everything you do, everywhere you go, you have to act a certain way, as a mother, as a wife. It is part of our everyday life. Do we have to rise above it? We can’t change it. We have responsibilities. When we wake up, do we have to think that we are only doing these things because we have to.

MPM — Don’t do it then. You have to drop gender, and you don’t do it. You just can’t play along with it. Maybe in the beginning you can play along with it, but eventually, that’s the decision you’ve got to make. That’s it. You see? No more. You can say, “Okay, this year you can celebrate my birthday,” and just warn everybody around you, “Next year, I’m not celebrating my birthday. And from here forth, I’m not going to celebrate it. Neither am I going to celebrate your birthday or your birthday.” That’s when you start getting into conflict. But it doesn’t matter.

You just can’t say, “Okay, I know we should drop gender,” and then you go and play along with it. Eventually, you have to take a decision through action and not do it. Because, what did I say?

Every time you fall into this trap of doing these things, you slow down your ascension and you slow down your alignment. You affect your alignment. I know this sounds crazy, but you do. What you’re doing, when you’re trying to align yourself, is you’re dragging this whole thing into the alignment. No way. You’ve got to be as free as possible when you’re doing that.

I didn’t tell you this in the beginning, when I started teaching alignment, but this is the really where we are getting to the crux of it, is to drop this.

Q — Does society condition us, or is it ourselves?

MPM — Both. You are the society. The society says, “It’s your birthday,” and you agree, “Yes, it is. Let’s have a party.” You agree with it. You can say, “I prefer to just forget about my birthday. Let’s talk about tomorrow.” Something like that.

Q — About breaking conditioning which involves society?

MPM — It involves society, of course, because the pressure is on you. That is more reason why you have to stand independently.

Q — That is why it is hard to break free from the conditioning?

MPM — Could you tell your four children, from here on, we don’t celebrate birthdays? Let’s just celebrate your life every day. Why not do that? Why is your life, on that specific day, more precious than your life on the other days?

Q — But this is what society expects.

MPM — So? You are a black sheep. Who cares! In the end, who cares what other people think! This is a fairly minor thing unless your relatives think it is absolute heresy. Big deal!

Q — — Is this only for after tomorrow? Because tomorrow we are celebrating birthdays. (laughter from group)

A — We will not celebrate birthdays tomorrow. We will celebrate life. (more laughter)

MPM — Thanksgiving is another one. Be thankful.

Q — Being a mother, you have to be a mother.

MPM — Being a mother, there is a whole recipe in society of what you should do. You have to do this and do that. It could go on forever. It absorbs your whole life. There is a certain part of being a mother where the baby can’t survive without it. But to go on and on, and nagging your kid, and not allowing it to think for itself, etc. etc. etc., that’s being over-motherly, and that’s where you’ve got to start putting limits on it yourself. Moderation. You do something to keep the child on track. But you see some of these mothers. I haven’t seen so much of this here, but in the West, they are psychologically taking over the child and controlling that child through thick and thin.

A — It is the same in the Philippines.

MPM — Really?

Q — With dropping gender, you can carry on with your duties as a woman, but you don’t have to have the state of mind that you are doing this because you are the mother. You just do it because it has to be done.

MPM — You do it out of love for the person.

Q — It’s not necessarily that you are doing it because you are a mother.

MPM — When you look at the basis of a lot of what’s going on, it’s gender. If you’re going to adhere to this particular truth and forward your own alignment, and your ability to align and heal, then you’ve got to do it. The more you drag into the alignment with you, the more limited you will be. It’s a matter of freeing yourself, so you can enter the alignment.

Q — It is like selfishness, for example, when you taught us about selfishness or sacrifice.  You don’t really have to give up an attachment. It’s a state of mind.

MPM — You just can’t give it up and then go ahead and do it. It has to translate into action of some sort. You don’t arrive at a birthday party and say, “I don’t believe in birthdays,” and then you’re gulping down the ice cream and cake and enjoying yourself. No. That’s hypocrisy.

Q — What about an attachment to a grandchild or a child?

MPM — You love that child just like you love other kids, but it’s not because you are the grandmother.

Q — This is like telling people there is no death, and then we go to a wake and cry. It is a conflict.

MPM — I’d say 90% of the things we do are like this. They aren’t based on principle, but based on what society is trying to tell you, or the church is trying to tell you. The church is part of society, remember, and it is trying to tell you, you are supposed to have proper behaviour. You’ve got to break away from that because that’s the ball and chain. That’s the mud that you are slinging through, as Serapis Bey says. It’s not literally mud, but it’s all this stuff that’s clouding your life and imprisoning you.

Q — This is the right time to break old habits.

MPM — It is the right time. You’re not going to drag all these habits into the New Age.

Q — When we talk about our children… I am a father, and I do things for my children because I am a father. What should I do?

MPM — So now you are a father and your child has a birthday. “Daddy, how come you don’t celebrate my birthday?” You can’t tell him that, out of principle, it will just be your death march. What you can do is just gradually phase it out. “Here is something else we can do. Let’s go for a trip. Let’s do something else. Let’s celebrate thanksgiving that you are here. Not your birth. What has a birth got to do with it?”

Q — What is the best way to do it in the beginning?

MPM — In the beginning, the best way is to forget that it ever happened. Just forget the birthday. But your kid’s not going to forget it. That’s the problem. Minimize it then.

Inaudible group comments, about not being able to remember birthdays.

MPM — You can just tell an adult, for example, “I’d rather not celebrate your birthday because I wish you long life. Let’s not divide it up into birthdays, but just one continuous life.” Just take that point of view. If that person says, “Fine,” then just forget about the birthdays from hereon.

Q —

MPM — You could do that too. But when you think of the whole industry of birthdays, cakes, candles, cards, the whole mess that goes into that thing every time it goes on… ice cream, kids— it goes on and on and on.

Q — It’s just a matter of a few years and after that it goes away.

MPM — That’s not true. That’s the kind of stuff that carries on. It’s not really hitting at the material part. But people are going to carry these things in their minds and it’s best to free yourself as soon as possible. If you say, “I’m going to wait until the New Age comes…” What are you talking about? It’s here!

What other things do we do, aside from dividing everything in the world into gender? That is the worst one. Serapis Bey said that if you dropped gender, what would happen to you?

A — You become a magician.

MPM — Before that. Didn’t he say you were going to become more clairvoyant because of this? Why? Because you no longer divide the world into two. The whole vision of the world is that you can see it. Once you drop the cutting off and the split of your whole existence into male and female, and you just meld the whole thing into one thing, you will be able to see things better. So, not only that, the prize is that you become more clairvoyant, meaning that you will be able to see clearly what is in life. It doesn’t mean that you are going to look into a crystal ball. Clairvoyance means that you are seeing things with more depth and more meaning.

Q — So does that mean you would see in other dimensions?

MPM — Later on, yes. You begin to see dimensions. Really, you can see already that when you drop gender and these abilities start to take over, when you start reinforcing these abilities that are already there, you are readying yourself to be a really good lightbearer and march onward into the New Age.

Q — We do things we label as women’s work.

MPM — That’s gender.

Q — If we can break gender, all other dualities will follow.

MPM — You can’t believe how many of the dualities in the world are based on gender. That’s what Serapis Bey is trying to tell us.

So, where do we start. Are you going to start with that birthday tomorrow?

Group — Yes, we will celebrate life.

Group comments on the different birthdays coming up.
“No more birthdays.” (group applause)

MPM — When you think about it, is it really that difficult to just forget about the birthdays?

A — It’s not really that difficult.

MPM — I would think it would be a relief. You don’t have to go through that rigmarole. Age is another thing. You just forget it.

Group discussion — Poor people will borrow money just to celebrate birthdays.

MPM — Who is encouraging this stuff? The church, primarily. Why? They want to keep you enslaved.

Group discussion — All the baptisms, deaths, marriages, etc. is income for the church. There are birthdays for patron saints.

MPM — What gets me is that people are celebrating the dead person’s birthday. I was thinking about Sai Baba. These people are flocking to India to celebrate his birthday. I said, “Oh, my God!” The guy must be turning in his grave just thinking of that.

Q — We shouldn’t celebrate Christmas.

MPM — Yes. It’s straight materialism. The stuff with birthdays and anniversaries is all based on emotionalism and the astral planes and that’s the way the church and even the commercial sector gets you to celebrate these things. Valentine’s Day. These kind of things. You get swoony. They got you. At least anniversaries are different days that they can’t tell, but you have certain days where everybody has to swoon.

Now that I’ve ruined your lives… Now that I’ve taken all the fun out of your lives…

Q — Asking about being influenced by society.

MPM — You are a willing prisoner. This is what St. Germain calls a prisoner without keys. You willingly go into the cell and lock the door. Nobody put you there except yourself.

Q — We are being conditioned.

MPM — Yes, but all this conditioning, you can de-condition. You have the right to de-condition it. You don’t have to follow it. What in the world forces you to celebrate your birthday? Who is forcing you to do it?

A — Society.

MPM — What society?

A — Family, friends, co-workers.

MPM — When I used to tell people that I was breaking away from celebrating my birthday and other things like this, it was a job. It took a few years to condition my friends and people to stop celebrating my birthday and they would remind me. I would say, “I know, but let’s not do anything. I’d prefer to not do anything and just let the day go by.” I remember one day, I was working on a project in Africa and I said, “What’s the date today?” I said, “Oh, my God, yesterday was my birthday.” To me, that’s the best celebration you can have. Just forget it completely. Is it that hard for you to do?

A — Actually we are doing it already. We don’t think about it. But people around you are reminding you and expecting something.

MPM — Why don’t you say, “Let’s try something different. Let’s forget it,” and I’m sure you’ll hear a sigh of relief from these people. “Now I don’t have to give her a gift.”

Okay? So this is yet another dimension of your practice of alignment, to free yourself of these burdens that society inflicts on you. You know where it starts? It starts with the word No.

Q — You don’t celebrate your birthday, but what if your friend invited you to her birthday party?

MPM — Just say, “I’m sorry, I can’t make it.” You say, “I’ve become a killjoy.” You just don’t go to it. Nobody is forcing you to do this. You don’t have to do it. You can go ahead and celebrate as much as you want. I am just citing this as part of the whole bag of tricks that you carry with you to prevent your alignment. It sounds so innocent, but it isn’t.

The real occultist never has a birthday, never has an anniversary, but celebrates eternal life. Do you find this all shocking? It’s a revelation, but it’s a logical revelation.

Group comments it is logical and practical, and it is about spending money.

MPM — There is the other part of it. It’s the spending and wasting of money for this kind of stuff. What we are talking about actually is soul liberation. This is all part of liberating your soul from all these strings that are tying you down.

Q — Asking about coming floods, and it will be easier then to drop these things.

MPM — You mean the people who survive the floods and who are supposed to rebuild in the New Age? Number one, there won’t be any marriages, so there’s no anniversary. Just forget the birthdays. You’ll be too busy. Just forget all that stuff. All that stuff is the accoutrements of society and this civilization. Free yourself.

Should I go on to one more? I didn’t say it. It was Serapis Bey that said it. Drop gender and the elusive goal of bonding with the opposite sex. If you think that bonding with the opposite sex is the answer to your life, forget it. Just look at the evidence around you. (laughter) That is another trap. I take all of the fun out of your life.

Q —

MPM — What you are getting here is a mere hint of what society is going to be like in the New Age and how the attention we are going to give to certain issues in our lives—rather than celebrating birthdays and weddings and all this kind of stuff—just gets wiped aside and you start thinking of soul liberation and carrying out the Divine Plan and the soul plan. The soul plan first, and the Divine Plan—which is defined in your monad—that defines your personality. Instead of all this frivolous stuff of celebrating this and that and cakes and ice cream and candles and all this kind of stuff, you now focus into the essence of what your being is supposed to be. Fair enough? Then, when you go to a party in the New Age, it means something. You are celebrating something of substance. It is part of your ascension. Every time you do something like this, you just go up a little notch. But that poor lady who wrote to me and said, “I’m trying to think of the best way for me to ascend into the fifth dimension,” and I said, “Start with the fourth dimension and spend a few hundred thousand years there and then maybe you can talk about the fifth dimension.” But that’s the kind of trap they are giving you in this New Age stuff.

What we have been discussing is what’s going to happen. If we can all just drop all this stuff that occupies are lives, then we’ll be ready. Then we’ll really be ready as lightbearers. Do you find this painful? I see pain on your faces. No more birthdays. No more weddings. You’re not jumping up and down with joy, that’s for sure.

Group — People can focus on their soul mission. People will be healthier from not indulging in so much food for celebrations. Destruction is less.

MPM — The preoccupations are gone. You will be more useful. When you celebrate a birthday, there is no use to that. What does it accomplish? The kid is already born. Are you going to be born again? It is the same thing with wedding anniversaries. Do you have to repeat the same error 50 times? Just move on and celebrate that which needs to be celebrated. Believe me, once you get rid of all this junk that’s occupying your thinking, you’ll have a lot of things to celebrate: certain goals and purposes in your Divine Plan that you’ve accomplished; and accomplishments that lead you to a better life, and lead you to helping the Spiritual Hierarchy formulate its plan. Those are the things you can celebrate, not this frivolous stuff of candles and birthday cakes. That has nothing to do with it.

Group discussion that it won’t be difficult to drop these things if that is where your attention is.

MPM — When you think of how much attention you put to these little things, it is just a monumental waste of time.

To close, why don’t we just tune into this OM that is going on.



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