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Doing God’s Work
Lecture / Discussion
12 August 2017


These talks we are having on Fridays and Saturdays are being put on the Sanctus Germanus Foundation website under the section called “Esoteric Teachings of the New Age.” I call it the “teachings of the New Age” because if you look back at our teachings we received through the Mystery School, some of the principles in the Mystery School, such as the Sun God, won’t change in the New Age. They will just be given more prominence. The central figure of the whole New Age is the Sun God. That’s not going to change. When we talk about the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Mystery School lessons, that’s not going to change either. When I saw those two, I said, “What’s being given to us in the Mystery School is essentially the teachings of the New Age. This is going to evolve into something the theosophists have been calling “the new religion.” That is what I have been told. That is why all the discussions we are having based on the Mystery School, and amplification of all the principles therein, will constitute a whole body of teachings that will be the basic principles of the new religion that is coming through for the New Age. They are basic principles, cosmic principles, that you cannot change. Do you agree?

All: yes

Do you have any questions up to now on what we have been discussing? How many of you been practicing alignment? Have you noted any changes in your life? You have? Great. I just received an email from a lady who says these discourses are a “dazzling light” in this period of darkness. I hope it happens that way for the rest of the world as they read and study these discourses that are coming through.

Q: The strength that comes from alignment is you have calmness in all situations. For example, there was an earthquake yesterday and we were shaking on the 16th floor. But we were just calmly observing what was happening, and automatically aligned. That is what happens.

A: That is what you have to do. This whole period that we have entered, the tail end of the cosmic cycle, is going to be rock and rolling. It’s not only earthquakes. There will be storms, etc. Also, with the human part of it, the governments are going to go crazy and wars may start coming up. By the way, don’t give any credence to this whole North Korea thing, because it is a bunch of BS. When you really think of it, what does North Korea want out of this whole thing? What will it get by bombing the United States? They will just annihilate themselves.

This is what was called for in the “End is Nigh” discourse from Saint Germain. Now that we are in this period and you are aligning yourself and adjusting to the energies that are going every which way, as you establish a certain amount of stability in your lives, that will set you off as leaders of this whole period. Wherever you are, people will wonder why you aren’t bothered by this. How come you aren’t running around like crazy, like the rest of the people? That is because you are centred, and you have the alignment.

You have to go one step further than this. You have to start defining why you are here. This is going back to the age-old discourse I have given over the last five years. What is your mission? How do you define your mission? Some say, “Am I doing the right thing? I am doing this…” How many of you think you are really on track for your mission?

All: laughter

This is why Saint Germain said to me, “Give them this solution to it because these people, although they are nodding their heads, they still don’t know what mission they are on. It is not defined in their lives yet.” How many of you would like to have a better idea of what this is?

All: All of us.

It is basically doing God’s work. Who is the God? the Sun and what is in your pineal gland – your soul. That is your own private God that is in your brain. The Masters suggest that as you go about your own work here, you align yourself first. When you are in alignment and you are going about your business every day--no matter what it is, whether it is taking care of kids, going to work in an office, going on a sales conference, etc., when you walk out the door of your house--that is your mission. You just consider that alignment means you are in the right place and you are doing the right thing. That is your mission. How does that shape up over time? If you keep up that perspective, whatever you are doing wrong will straighten out. If you are off, that whole alignment will put you back into what you should be doing. Over time, you will get deeper into your real mission. It will become more and more obvious to you what it is. Fair enough? As you proceed, don’t get all bothered that you don’t know what your mission is. Just declare, when you walk out the door of your house every morning, “I am on my mission and I am aligning myself right here.” You align yourself and that alignment will eventually lead you to a deeper knowledge of what your mission is. Fair enough? That is easy.

The problem is: are you going to recognize it when the opportunity comes to you? What will happen is that the different opportunities will come into your life and it is still your choice. “Am I going to follow this or am I going to follow that?” This is where people get confused. “What is it? Is this part of my mission, or is it not?” I think the main thing you should look at is, whatever action you choose, ask “Is this what the Spiritual Hierarchy needs? Am I being a useful instrument of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this case?” Your mission on this Earth, during this period, is basically to help and to be the hands and feet of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, of course, are the various masters that are governing us. You could say this to the Sun God, and he will instruct whatever master is in charge of you to make it clearer to you. But whatever it is, it is your interaction with the Spiritual Hierarchy that is going to define your mission. You could say, “I am hooked up to the Sun God all the time and my mission is with him.” That is right, in an indirect way, but the actual practical steps you are taking here on Earth--X, Y, Z and A, B, C--are all done within the purview of the Spiritual Hierarchy. That is the idea of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This whole group of highly evolved individuals that are a part of the Spiritual Hierarchy are beckoning you and showing you the way into this evolutionary process. That is why the Sun God put it at your disposal.

If you have the internet at your home, go to our website and look at “What’s New.” There is a whole section I have put up called “Esoteric Teachings of the New Age.” All the little talks we have been having are combining into it. What I plan to do is to also publish a book with all these same things.

Tell me what is happening.

Q: A member asked if this information is in the webinars.

MPM: The webinars are all listed in the webinar section. The link is in Esoteric Teachings, and when you hit that webinar link, you will go into the webinars. They are all on a server called Vimeo because our server can’t handle the big files. There are two new ones that came up. One is on the problem of selfishness and sacrifice. The other one is on aligning yourself with Amon Ra. Once you align yourself with the Sun God, you are also aligning yourself with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Q: Is it correct to say that whatever activity you are involved in, that is part of your mission, and you are actually living your mission?

MPM: That is leading to your mission. Some of you have actually come to the point where you are carrying out your mission.

Q: So it is not actually the main mission yet?

MPM: It gets defined more as you align yourself. It gets clearer and clearer. For instance, when you are working on a project, it becomes clearer and clearer what the project is all about. In the end, what are you really doing it for? It is to make money, but there is some other reason that they haven’t let us know, as the events start to change. With the recent earthquake, you can see things are really happening. Who knows what it is going to lead to? I wish I knew. Maybe I don’t want to know.

Q: What is the name of the webinar?

MPM: It is called “Aligning to Amon Ra.” Look on the website under “What’s New.”

For the period we are now coming into, which is the latter part of August, 2017, what is the main event from now until the end of the month? It is the total eclipse of the Sun. Historically, a total eclipse of the Sun causes a lot of turmoil. In this case, it is passing right through Washington DC and sweeping right over the United States, which is the biggest trouble-maker of all in the world today. You will see things start to go haywire. That is why you really need this alignment. It is the same thing when there is an earthquake. What can you do about it? The only thing you can do about that is to align yourself and create your channel of stability.

Q: (inaudible) Can you put anything into alignment?

MPM: Of course, anything that comes into your life, you can put it into alignment. When you align, you also align that.

Going back to our original subject for today, what is your mission? What are you doing here? Are you just eating and take away other people’s food, or are you really doing something to forward the whole point of your existence here? We talked about this earlier. Every situation you come into contact with--maybe with a human being--you have to play a role into making that human relationship better. If you walk away from that encounter and you leave that situation more negative, then you haven’t done your job.

Let’s say you get up in the morning and you align yourself, then you have breakfast. Before you walk out the door, you make a conscious effort to align yourself again. You say, “Whatever I do here, I am on a mission.” It may be your job, it may be a class you are supposed to teach. Whatever you do, you just align yourself. Boom. What is going to happen when you do that? You are going to encounter opportunities, or situations that sometimes may challenge you. You will have to choose. “Which way am I going to go on this?” Sometimes it is very straightforward. Things will just fall into place. But then you will come up to some sort of obstacle. Then you will have a choice of going X, Y, or Z. That is when your knowledge of occult sciences is necessary.

Ancient wisdom should tell you why you should do it this way. It is obvious these other two paths are not in line with my knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom. But sometimes, that gets very fuzzy. If your daughter-in-law is screaming at you and the baby is crying, you can’t think straight. That is when you have to draw back and do an instantaneous meditation. Get yourself back in line and make the choice. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll know about it. Your alignment is going to force you back on track. That is the good thing about alignment. It is a teacher of some sort. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake and choose the wrong way, because eventually it is going to push you right back to where you are supposed to be. As you go along in life every day like this, and every hour if you can, you will slowly be defining your mission as it is supposed to be.

We previously talked about that core mission, and all the molecules that formed you. That core mission hasn’t changed over the million years you have been around. When the great “Hindu Brahma” breathed out, he seeded you in the whole universe. Your little being had a reason for being there, even if you didn’t have a body then. You were floating around then. You were all part of this plan with the outbreath of Brahma. You can’t float around forever. You have to say, “I am going to do this and that.” One of your missions today is to find out what you are here for. If you don’t know now, you didn’t know before. You can’t say, “In previous incarnations, I was doing this and I was on track, and this time I can’t get myself on track.” If you were on track before, you should be on track today.

If you are still confused about what you are supposed to do, it is absolutely necessary, given the fact that we are at the end of this cycle, to get this thing in line, and to get it defined and clear in your mind, what you are supposed to be doing. You cannot wallow around in blindness. Don’t you think that is fair enough? You have been this core and the body around it. You’ve got to know what to do. Why wouldn’t you want to know?

From this moment on, there is no excuse for saying you don’t know what you are doing here. You can just eat and be merry. But that’s not what you were put here for. You are lightworkers who have an actual task to do in this end of cycle.

Q: (inaudible) Is your mission related to your job?

MPM: It might be. If you are at a job now and you can’t stand it, there is a reason for that. You shouldn’t be there, maybe. If you are enjoying your job, stay with it and improve it and align yourself. Maybe that is where you make your greatest contribution. The indication that you are off track is when you are miserable and you can’t get up in the morning to go to this job. You go in like a robot. If the job makes you sick, get out of it. Why would you want to stay there? Those are true indications that you better move.

That is the kind of stuff you are asked to do. You have to make a move, make a choice, and move in a different direction. Open yourself. I hate to say this, but when you align, it will provoke these kinds of things. If you think that is your path and it isn’t, you will realize how miserable you are and you shouldn’t be doing it. It will provoke a realization or it may even create a crisis in your life. When the right idea comes and you are wallowing in wrong ideas, it will create a whole implosion of your life, and then you’ve got to find your way out of it. If you don’t clear that up and you go off in the world of the lightbearer, you are going to drag all that stuff with you. You can’t help people if you are in that state. You have to be free of all that stuff.

It hits upon some of the most sensitive things that you don’t want to touch, because society says you should do this and you should do that. That is when the problem comes. Let me put it bluntly. If you are in some miserable marriage, for example, or you discover your husband or wife has a different family, or a different spouse, and that thing is just shaking you up and you don’t want to consider it and face it, that is when you are going to have trouble. If there is a situation like that, as bad as that, then it is going to come to the surface and keep nagging at you until you solve it. Or, if there is somebody in your life, maybe your boss, and you can’t stand your boss, and you think he’s an idiot, get out of it. You don’t have to stay there. If it’s always “Money, money, money, money,” and you take that opportunity to move out of it, you are going to be moved into something better. That is part of sacrifice. When you have to let it go, despite the fact that you are collecting a nice, fat salary, that is your main sacrifice. Remember what we define as sacrifice? You let go of the situation and you move into a higher ground.

There may be little periods where you are not immediately moving to a higher ground. You’ll say, “He told me to quit that job and I can’t pay my bills.” Align yourself then. Nobody said this is going to be a smooth path to your evolution. It is a zig zag rocky road and it is punctuated by plateaus of great joy and serenity. In between, you are struggling to get from one plateau to the other. That is why you have to keep up the alignment. You know that if you are aligned, you cannot fall. You cannot fall into a ditch. That alignment continues. That is your sustenance from your spark from your God. He will never let you go into the abyss. You are the one that goes into the abyss because you think you are going there. You think all these material factors around you are failing and therefore you are sinking. That is when you have to pull yourself out of it.

At this stage in your life, alignment brings you into opportunity upon opportunity. Each opportunity is going to define even further your mission. If they say, “You are going to be the foreign minister of the Philippines,” you would be so freaked out, you wouldn’t know what to do. If they let you climb slowly to that position and suddenly you find yourself in that position, and you are doing God’s work at that position, all the better.

As I have said, they had an experiment in Hawaii, during a certain period, when we were in full communication with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was one of the spokesmen of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He had gathered together some of the most famous mediums of the 19th century and early 20th century, into a committee of six. They decided to touch upon, and make others aware of their presence, and they were especially geared towards lightbearers. They took each lightbearer in hand, and there was a session where a medium told them what their mission was. Some people went off the rails with that information. “Oh! I’m going to be this! I’m going to be that! I’m going to be this!” All that ego started to impinge upon their rational thinking. Before you knew it, they were doing these astral things that were just totally off track. I would say 4 or 5 of them are wasted because of that. “Oh, but he told me this is my mission and I have to do it.” There are dozens of ways of carrying it out, but you still have to keep your rational mind together.

When those choices come up to you, look at them. “What do I do? What is in conformity to the Ancient Wisdom?” Take that path. Do it humbly. If you are not on the right path still, that means that something else intervened: your ego. The ego is mostly connected with the astral plane and they are going to lead you off. If you find a nice, peaceful sense about you: “This is what I’ve got to follow,” then the next step comes right after that. It follows in like that. Then you will be okay.

Q: When you keep yourself aligned, every day, solutions will come up. You don’t have to will or force anything. You just live where life finds you.

MPM: This is true to a certain extent. Some responses may be the wrong response. That is where you have to make a choice. They never stop testing you. It is no free ride and you can’t just sail through this stuff. They want to test you every step of the way. That requires a knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom. If you don’t have that to back you up (or the intuition to know: Is what I am doing in line with the Ancient Wisdom?), then you are going to be off center. What will happen is that the alignment will push you back, and you will then be presented with more choices, until you choose the right one. That’s how life is.

Have you found that when you practice alignment it gets easier every time you do it, so you can do it instantaneously? Have you seen the results of your alignment? Do things straighten out?

Q: (inaudible) Sometimes there are emotions. Can dark forces see when you are aligned?

MPM: They can’t see it because it is within yourself. It is you and the pineal gland and the spark that is going up. That alignment is yours.

Q: (inaudible) When you are aligned, does this mean you won’t be attacked by dark forces / astral entities?

MPM: No. You get it even worse sometimes. When the opportunities come to you, they can see when you are aligning because they can see when things begin to straighten out in your life, and that you start leading a more spiritual existence that is more in line with cosmic principles. They are going to come back at you and tempt you with other things. It will speak the same language to you. They may even talk about the Sun God. In your mind, they will sound just like you are reading or studying the Ancient Wisdom. That is how tricky they are. That is why you have to be razor sharp on the principles of the Ancient Wisdom.

Q: If you are under attack, does it mean you are not aligned?

MPM: You may think you are on the path, but you are not aligned. There are thousands of lightworkers in that condition. They think they are on the path but they aren’t.

Q: (inaudible)

MPM: They are, but they could be more precise about what it is, and get to the point of their mission.

There are people who stand up and declare they are lightbearers, but they are way off, at least in my estimation, when I listen to them.

Q: (inaudible) A teacher is having trouble with her students.

MPM: You can align them. Have you tried? Does it have any affect on them?

Q: It works for 45 minutes.

MPM: Is it a Catholic school?

Q: It is a Christian school.

MPM: Could you OM? If you tried to sound the OM, would they be offended? You can also visualize your whole classroom coming into alignment. They are all children of God. They’re just like you. Like anybody else, they are all connected. You reinforce that by aligning them. Regarding the OM, when they are really rowdy, you just stand there and, “Ommmmmmm, Ommmmmmm…” and you will find they become quiet. When there is some kid in a restaurant raising hell, just silently direct your OM, “Ommmm, Ommmm”, and you’ll see there’s a result.

Q: Should it be audible?

MPM: It could be silent, but you can make it audible if you want.

When guests come in, and you meet them for the first time, align yourself. Align them. See what happens.

Q: if you are 1% off alignment, it won’t work.

MPM: If you are 1% off alignment, you know what is going on in your life to cause it. There is a difference when you are aligned and that alignment is causing turmoil in your life. That is because the alignment is trying to get rid of the negative influences in your life. It is temporary and it straightens out. The alignment isn’t causing the turmoil in your life. Look at what is going on in the turmoil in your life. Can you see the end of that turmoil? Can you see that the turmoil is going to eventually cause that factor to be out of your life? That is where you can tell it’s going in the right direction. But if that turmoil is sinking you deeper and deeper into the hole, then you know you’re not on the right track.

Q: Do we base our alignment success by results?

MPM: That is what this is all about. The alignment you want brings material, physical results, not theoretical stuff of, “Everybody felt good.” When a situation in your life changes, then you know it is done. That is what you call precipitation. That is your initial stage of precipitation. Your thinking changes the situation on the physical plane.

Q: (not certain of question). Do you have to go through withdrawal like an addiction? Do you have to stay aligned?

MPM: It is a gradual process. You will be led to a different job, or you will be led to something else. You still have to align yourself, no matter what. Alignment never ends. You never come to a stage where you have arrived. This is an endless process. It goes on for eternity.

Q: (inaudible) When you are aligning, it seems that you are being bombarded with opportunities. Could the opportunities be related to my mission? They require communication with others and public speaking.

MPM: Be cautious when you are bombarded by opportunities. Of course, you are opening the door of opportunity, but buried in there somewhere is something to trip you up. That is what you have to be aware of. That is where your knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom comes in. When I say, “knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom,” it really boils down to what action is right. What action is the one that benefits the most? What action is in line with the Spiritual Hierarchy? If there is any hint that this is a shady deal and they are covering it up with all kinds of good talk, watch out. Even if you get into that and you are aligned, it will push you out of it.

Q: I don’t have a question, but would really like to thank you.

MPM: Don’t thank me. Thank the Masters.

Q: (inaudible) You were talking about acceleration for a long time. I knew it was happening, but didn’t know what to do. Learning about alignment has helped.

MPM: When did we start talking about alignment? Maybe it was a year ago.

Q: Whatever we do, we should ask if it will keep us away from connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Whatever activity we enter into, the connection with the spiritual group is a connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy to help with any obstacles that come your way. You can choose whatever opportunity you want as long as the connection with the group remains. That is where your mission really is.

MPM: The challenges to your mission are going to become greater and greater as you get a clearer and clearer idea of what you are supposed to be doing. That is the way things go. There are ways that will trip you up. As an example, if you are having a love affair with a lady or a man, and you are so engrossed in this love affair that you think it is all “love” and “romance,” and you are sucked into that whole thing that is called “romance.” You can justify this and say it is all about love and I am moving forward in my spiritual quest. In reality, that “love affair” is sinking you into a deeper and deeper hole that you will never get yourself out of. One of the hardest things to do is to break that thing and move out of it, and put that affair, or whatever it is, in the proper perspective. This can happen not only with a love affair, but with anything you get obsessed with. It will engross you so much that you can’t pull yourself out of it. But it is all covered up with this idea of love, or usefulness, or whatever it is. You’ve got to see through that. It’s a big trick they play on you.

Q: (inaudible) Every day, before I do something, I align. Does it mean that I am not doing alignment right if I have to keep doing it?

MPM: You can’t overdo it. You have to look at your alignment as doing God’s work, whatever that work materializes as. If your business fails during that period of time, what is that telling you? It’s not that your alignment is off. The failure is telling you that you’ve got to do something else. Close the store or do something else. Nobody said you had to do that for the rest of your life. There’s one person in the States who said, “I’m breaking up with my boyfriend and I’m a mess.” I said, “How wonderful!” Those are the kind of things that are difficult, that will happen in your life when you align. It shakes up relationships. It is the relationship problem that keeps you tied to the earth. You are trying to free yourself of that. It doesn’t mean you ignore the person. It means loosening those tentacles that define that relationship. If indeed the relationship breaks up as you align, that may be the path you have to be on. Get away from it and move into a different direction. What stops you from moving into a different direction?

Q: (inaudible) I would like to close a store, but my partner doesn’t want to. It was doing well, but now it’s not doing as well. Why is the business not doing as well? Sometimes when I align, business is better, and sometimes when I align, it isn’t better.

MPM: That is the problem with businesses. They go in cycles, up and down, up and down. When you look at the average, is it profitable?

Q: It is profitable, but….

MPM: What are you complaining about?

Q: (inaudible) Wondering about the money?

MPM: You are engaged in a material business, which is a certain necessity because you are living on this plane. Unfortunately, you have to follow the cyclic nature of business and economics. You are still subject to that. But the alignment will hopefully keep you overall not in a state of bankruptcy, but in a state of profitability

Q: When you align, there are days when everything is good, but there are days when obstacles arise. But even those days when problems arise, instead of thinking that the alignment doesn’t work, you realize there are good things that come up from the obstacles which will also enrich you. There may be times when you are emotionally troubled, but eventually you realize there that things are fixed instantly. There is a learning involved. When you have a problem, you can’t align and expect solutions. There may be something you need to learn.

MPM: The problem may not go away, but when you align, you are creating a solution to that problem, and eventually you can resolve it.

Q: Is it not always instant?

MPM: Sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes it’s an instant change. When it gets more difficult, it’s because you have to work at it. It’s something you need to solve. It is challenging you to change something in your life. That is what I mean by the sacrifice. You move up to the next plane.

Q: Does this help with coping?

MPM: Let’s not refer to this as coping, because with coping you think of putting up with something. You want this to change and evolve the situation. It’s more aggressive. It’s not sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself. The difference is that you want that situation to raise up a notch so that it is no longer an obstacle.

Q: When you align, we are surrendering and solutions come.

Q: When you align constantly and things evolve, anything personal, or physical situations, get more complicated.

MPM: As things move forward, they get more complicated and more challenging. That’s when you have to state the truth. I’ll give you one little example of this review we received from a lady who was complaining that we didn’t have enough channels on tv in our Airbnb condo. I wrote her back and said, “You have access to thousands of channels on Netflix, and more on that little black box. Is that not enough?” There are people like this and you have to just state it. You just can’t shy away from something like that. Sometimes the tv or internet just goes off. It’s beyond our control. I am getting the same thing at home. It’s going on and off and you just tolerate it because that’s the way the system is here.

With aligning, in the beginning, sometimes things might just instantaneously turn around and resolve themselves. I don’t know what determines that. It may be the gravity of the situation. The more urgent it is, the quicker it will straighten out. But certain things, when you align, have to conform to your being, your core being. What is changing is what will affect, in the best way, the core of your being. That situation will change so that you learn something. It should change so that you move up a notch in your evolution. Every little thing happening during the day that will resolve in the right way, that is in line with cosmic truths, amasses you one little further step in your evolution.

Are there any other questions? Is there anything else you need to straighten out?

Q: (inaudible) Sometimes you are not aligned, and then you align, and then you have to make choices, regarding soul mission.

MPM: When you are 1% off your alignment and you think you are still walking on the right path, you are in some ways still walking on the right path, but you don’t feel right. There are things that are churning around in your astral body and something is wrong. There are family problems and work problems and finance problems, etc. You say, “Why is this still bugging me? I have been aligning myself and should be in seventh heaven.”

The will comes in when you force yourself out of that situation, and you move it, and you have to maintain that connection until all the stuff resolves itself. The “will” is the will to align constantly. Aligning constantly just brings back what was supposed to be anyway: the ever-presence of God. If you bring it back once during the day and the rest of the day you are doing all kinds of other things and forget completely about it, then don’t expect anything. The more you keep it in mind, the more it is in your mind to keep it aligned, the more you have to exercise will.

Situations sometimes just want to suck you out of that alignment. Obsessions pull you away from it. You are struggling to get back in alignment. For example, if you are in this romantic relationship and you are stuck with this relationship and it is drawing you in and you try to pull yourself out of it, and it is a see-saw, that is when you need your will. You say, “Okay, that’s it,” and you push yourself back into alignment. When all that stuff starts again, you have to keep doing it and keep doing it. To align yourself, you need a gigantic exercise of will.

I don’t care where you are on this planet. None of us can just sail right into alignment without any effort. The more you are involved with life on Earth, the more difficult it is, and the more necessary it is to exercise will.

Sometimes monks run away into the Himalayas and cloister themselves in some sort of monastery. That doesn’t help at all. I visited them and I realized they were fighting among themselves there, as holy as they look. I also saw some of the monks falling asleep sometimes. Things are going on, just like outside. They think that by cloistering themselves in a monastery up in the Himalayas, they are going to have an easier time, but it ain’t so. That will to align still is necessary, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

It’s a pain in the neck to live on Earth. No one said it was going to be an easy task, especially during this period, the close of the cycle.

Q: Is it okay to pretend you are angry, even if you aren’t, for example, when you are working with students, if your action is necessary for them to do the right thing.

MPM: I do it all the time. (laughter from group). Deep down, I don’t hate that person. Deep down, I’m not angry, but I raise my voice, and I SPEAK LIKE THIS, to get some action. It is just that your intention is not hateful. That’s the difference. Sometimes it is necessary to wake somebody up.

I am about to do it one more time. There is a fellow who writes to me almost daily. I have told him to leave the Foundation. It is a person who causes trouble wherever he goes. It is conflict. He fights with other members. I told him, “I am dropping you from the rolls of the Foundation. Stay away from it.” He was doing French translations for us, which we really need, but I don’t need it from him. He keeps giving me more translations. In between, I received a letter from him going on and on how nasty I was to him, etc. I asked him, “Why are you sticking around? Nobody asked you to stay. Go!” Do you think he went? Those nasty emails stopped coming and instead, “You are doing the right thing, and I respect your mission, etc.” To me, this is fake. To handle him, I am going to have to be even firmer. I am going to tell him to stop communicating with me and I am going to block him. Under all those nice words, there is an underlying resentment that hasn’t gone away. He comes up with, “You are such a good leader.” When you see that kind of underlying intention of a person who is trying to be nice to you, give it to them! If you can see through it, say “Cut it out. I can see your true intentions.” State it. Don’t be bothered by the fact that you have hurt their feelings because this stuff has to be stated clearly. Clarity, as our master has told us. Clarify the situation. The person who covers up this long-standing resentment with flowery words is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No matter what you do, they are going to cause trouble, and their intention is to do that.

Any other questions? I am glad to hear these things that you are bringing up, because these are the kind of questions that should be coming up when you are aligning. Are you satisfied now that alignment may bring instant satisfaction or resolution of the problem? Or might it take a challenge of some sort to jolt you out of your atrophy and to jolt you out of certain situations you are in?

That jolting of the situation, especially relationships, is not going to be pretty. Sometimes you have to break up relationships, and I’m not only talking about romantic relationships. I’m talking about family relationships. Look to it and see where the situation with this family member or family members is eventually taking you. You think of it in terms of your spiritual development. If that relationship is going to stymie you, then you’ve got to give it up. If you keep it, you remain at that level of spiritual development for the rest of your life.

Or you do what this Foundation has done and you stash your spouse away on a shelf somewhere and forget about him or her for the weekend. You in the Philippine group have done a very good job of doing that. I don’t think I’ve met any of your spouses. They are shoved away forever, never to be seen. Maybe that is another solution.

Q: We’ve been doing it for the last 30 years.

MPM: So I’ve noticed. You have to be very clever.

Q: In fact, they are the ones pushing us, reminding us we have to go to Tagaytay. (laughter from group)

MPM: They get rid of you. That’s joking about it, but it’s a signal also. You have to handle that situation.

Q: (inaudible) Alignment will be part of the New Age.

MPM: When the New Age finally gets rolling, which may be 100 years from now, that’s all people are going to do. We are now just in the beginning part. You see the picture where all the people are lined up with the Sun?

Q: (inaudible) Alignment is like communion with God. With the teaching now, it is more practical to align with the Sun God, but it is like communion.

MPM: That is one of the short-comings of rituals. People think the ritual is aligning them, but it really isn’t. The problem with the Catholic Church is you are taught only that there is this God that is invisible. You don’t know where he is. You don’t know what he is. He is unknown and undefined. All you know is that he scolds you. Don’t do this and don’t do that. You have sinned, etc. It was always easy until they changed it. This whole thing about the invisible God showed up in the Third Century AD when the Roman Emperor took over the Christian movement and started filtering in different teachings. As long as you keep the god invisible and unattainable, and you don’t know where he is, you can control the people any way you want. When you give it back to the Sun god, then they can’t do it anymore. That is why they made the god invisible.  

Q: (inaudible) With constant alignment, if you are not aligned even for a minute, are you off alignment?

MPM: Not necessarily. So far, we have gotten to the point where we can do it maybe 4 or 5 times a day. There is a lasting effect on your alignment. When you start observing things are not going well, such as the little things, that is a reminder to go back to alignment.

Q: You have to keep it up minute by minute.

MPM: No! You will look like a zombie. It can be done instantaneously, especially when you are in a challenging situation. You just align quickly. That’s all.

Should I give you a healing? I am going to draw in the energies of Sanat Kumara, who really is the Christ, and wash you with this energy. It is a blessing to you all. I am not doing the blessing, but once that energy flows to you, it will make things more positive in your life. It doesn’t excuse you from aligning. That still has to go on.

(pause for healing of group)

To summarize what we talked about today, the Master wants me to reiterate one more time that when you are in alignment during the day, you are doing God’s work. You can’t help but do it. You are doing whatever work that you are supposed to do, and if you’re not, you will be pushed back into what you are supposed to do. Align with your mission. I don’t know how long it will take for each of you, but eventually you are going to be right back in your mission. Don’t bother to define it. Don’t think, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Just align and you will be going into it.









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