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Using Your Divine Gift of Attention
21 July 2017

How many of you can picture an amphitheatre? I just saw the bottom of an amphitheatre and there are bleachers going up, full of observers. Don’t get self conscious, but they (the Spiritual Hierarchy) are all waiting, not to hear me, but to hear you all.

At the last meeting, we discussed attention. It is the special gift from the soul to focus yourself on what you want to do. Along with this attention comes another talent that is hooked to it. What is it? Serapis Bey told us what it is. This talent is an ability to call up the attention. You have this talent that is in your soul, and you can use it to formulate anything you want to do, and then execute it. It is part of manifestation. All of this is will, but you have it written in your soul that you can call it. Bring it up to the surface and use it. It is not something that floats around. You have to decide to do it.

How do you call up your attention? You verbalize it: I call upon my attention to guide me to do X, Y and Z. Then you concentrate on it. That brings up a whole ability within your soul to focus on whatever you are doing, and ideas will come--A, B, C, D--in logical form that you can use to execute what you are about to do.

All of this is part of divine will. You reflect the Godhead. The Godhead is divine will. You also have this divine will within you, and the ability to call up attention and to exercise attention. When you are about to embark on anything, you can rush right into it, which is what everybody does. Nobody stops. Stop and align yourself. Once you are aligned, call upon your attention. You say, “I call upon my attention to aid me and to guide me in setting up a new business,” or “I call upon my attention to aid me and guide me in applying for what I am about to apply for.” These are the big obstacles in this lifetime. You can even call it up to help you to execute getting your garden together, or finding a job. You use it for whatever you want to do. It starts up a whole engine--a sequence of events and actions that will take place in your life.

While these things are taking place, one after the other, you have to stay focused and keep your attention on it. If you say, “Okay, now it’s up to you, you do it,” and you just sit there and wait for it to happen, there is less chance it will happen. The more you focus on it and the more you get those juices started to get it going, it will happen.

What is this thing that we discussed, that you are really doing? We are sitting in a room right now. Each of you represents a pranic stream of life. Around us, the room is not empty; the room is full of prana. Imagine you are in a tub of clay, and you can just grab it and shape it into what you want, and send it into life in the physical.

What do you have to do to do that? You must be able to visualize. Visualize all the little waves and energy, and visualize it into what you want. It could be a red car. Later on, when you are more powerful, it will just materialize right in front of you. These are the beginning stages of precipitation that we are practicing here. It sounds so easy, and at the same time, it sounds so fantastic. You wonder how you can do something like this.

Serapis Bey is trying to tell you that you all have this ability. Why do you have this ability? It is because it is all coming from the Godhead. If it is coming from the Sun, how can you not have this ability? Maybe you are thinking that somebody else can do it, but not you? You have this ability and as I pointed out in our last session, in this particular stage of our existence or incarnation, it may materialize in front of you, or it may turn out to be a series of steps you have to take, X, Y, and Z, to prepare. I don’t know whether the magis are going to fill in your application form for employment, but somebody has to fill it in. If it requires that you have to learn English to do it, then you have to take the steps to learn English, or go find another job that doesn’t require English. But whatever it is, the steps to be taken become very clear as to what you have to do. You just have to take that first step towards accomplishing whatever you are trying to do or to materialize, and you will be helped all the way. How many of you have had this kind of help? Some in the group found that this has happened to them several times.

When you are really concentrating on something you want to accomplish, you use your attention for the project that you want to do, and you align. When you align, you are calling the divine into your project. That is what has been missing on Earth today. There is a divine element in the whole thing that mankind has forgotten. When you get the divine element in it, that is what animates the whole thing to get it going, and execute it, until it accomplishes what it is supposed to.

To consider what we are here for, remember that we have gone through the downward cycle and now we are starting the upward climb. We have not yet done the last part of the downward cycle correctly. This is the most material part of the whole cycle. Consider how hard a table is. It is spiritual, but it is in the physical form. The whole point of this part of the cycle we are in now is to infuse the material, like the table, with spirit. So, you animate this whole thing, and the whole thing starts to lift up. All of us are the same. The whole situation that you are in, that you live in every single day, has to be infused with spirit. That is what helps and moves along the evolution of mankind.

Unfortunately, when Jesus came down 2000 years ago and revealed all this to us, the Roman Emperor took over and re-wrote the Bible, and he and his cohorts did everything that they could to make everything material and to thwart this evolutionary path. That is why we have a misdirected Christianity. All the religions are the same way. When you look at other religions, such as Hinduism, they have stone statues. They are all talking about the one God, but where is it? Buddhism is probably the closest to what we should have been doing, but even that has turned into a hierarchy of monks that have some of the most disastrous habits. You have all this evidence that shows how mankind has taken this concept and materialized it. The path is to dematerialize the physical state we are in and rectify it with spirit. The New Age is sort of like a second chance.

We have worshipped the Dark Forces all these years. How have we worshipped them? How have the Dark Forces become so strong that they control every minute of our lives? We allowed them. We are going to have to pay for that before we move into the second chance. Apparently, that karmic payment is supposed to be the third world war that is coming up. It might be quick, fast, and boom, and then we can really get moving into the New Age.

I just received an email from an irate, angry guy saying, “You said it was going to happen this way,” and I said, “The problem is that you haven’t opened your eyes to see that it is happening.” He said, “I told you that the European Union was going to be there forever, and you said it was going to deteriorate.” I said, “My God. Don’t you think it is deteriorating now?” There are people who just don’t want to let go. Each and every one of you has that in him or her. When you go to that ATM machine, you expect that thing to spit money out at you. There is no chance in your mind that it is going to not work any more. Not yet, at least. There are lots of expectations that you may have that reinforce the very physical state that we are in.

Serapis Bey is trying to tell us that you don’t have to be locked into this physical state. You have all this innate ability--which is there from the very start--to call up your attention, to focus that attention on what you want to do, despite the obstacles you have. It will just pierce through whatever you have to do, just like Moses did with the Red Sea. That is what he demonstrated. How many of you have practiced that? It will be step by step. If it is step by step, that is an indication that you are not an angel. If you are in a very high spiritual state, it should be instantaneous. That is what you are trying to achieve. It is the same thing in your healings. You don’t want that healing to be dragged out so that the person will suffer longer. It should be instantaneous to turn things around.

For example, something happened the other day when I went to meet someone at the airport. It was 37C, boiling hot. The waiting area at the airport terminal in Manila is outside in the parking lot. I was sitting there just sweltering. I aligned myself. I decided I wasn’t going to faint or cave in. All of a sudden, this cool breeze picked up and it blew down my row for the next hour. The other rows didn’t get it. The cool breeze cooled me down and I was fine after that. Those are the kinds of things that can happen.

The next step in the manifestation phase is tools, as Serapis Bey tells us. You need measuring tapes, you need scales… Those are the steps that you are going to have to take in manifesting, if you are going to build a house, for example. Later on, you are going to be able to make it happen instantaneously. But before that, you are going to have to take the steps of measuring out your lot and your materials that are going to be needed. You are going to have to know how to do all that stuff. How are you going to know if you have never done it before? You learn, like everybody else. That is the kind of initiative that they expect.

For instance, when I was starting a house-building business years ago, I had never built a house before. I had this little construction company that was going to renovate these old wrecks in the middle of the city, and I spent hours observing what others were doing, making friends with them and going into the construction sites, learning what they were doing. I borrowed stacks of books to read up on the steps of construction, down to even the plumbing and electrical connections. You’ve got to do it. That is all part of the manifestation in the material. How are you going to manifest a house if you don’t know what is going into it? That is what Serapis Bey means when he refers to the measuring rods, etc.

Regarding numbers, I haven’t figured out yet what the soul numbers are. In numerology, all the numbers have symbols, and that is the beginning of it. That is about as far as the human race has gotten so far. A lot of it is helpful to see what is going on. Maybe you have noticed the digital clocks flashing the same time to you all the time. You look at it and it is almost the same time every time. Or maybe it flashes a certain number. You might look into that. For example, every time you look at the clock, it is 3:00, or 8:40. Every time I look at the clock, it is 8:40. I have yet to decipher what that means.

What is the Master Serapis Bey referring to when he says that he is the voice that is awakening your power to command your attention. What is the voice . . .? That is your own voice. It is coming from your soul.

What does this attention look like? What is it? Have you ever experienced something like this? How does attention manifest itself? Have you ever been wrapped up in a project, and you couldn’t stop yourself? You are so wrapped up in it, you just go for it. It is something like that. When you are pursuing something with such vigor and enthusiasm, you know that you have switched on the attention and you are about to realize it. You have all experienced that, haven’t you? You are so engrossed in it, you lose track of time. Sometimes you think, “I shouldn’t be engrossed in this. I should be doing my spiritual work.” That is a false argument. If you are engrossed in an activity that you are about to materialize and precipitate, what is wrong with that? You are doing something spiritual then. This is not about studying theosophical books and coming to discussions like this, for example. It is the daily work that you are doing, and the concentration that you are putting into it, and the perfection that you are trying to achieve. That is spiritual. I know that sounds like heresy.

If you can get to the realization every day that everything is the Sun, then you are living in the Sun. This is what the Sun God is about. You are inside, in it, in the spirit of it. You can carry on whatever activity is going on this way, except for criminal activities like stealing. But even if your activity seems like a distraction, it may not be. It may be that you are concentrating so much on it that you get it done. Every activity has a beginning and an end, especially in the material world. It is not going to go on forever. If, at the end, you have accomplished something, all the better. I get a lot of people who come to me and want to be spiritual. You know what I ask them? “What have you accomplished in life? Are you just staying there on your knees and praying? Tell me what you have done in this life and what you have accomplished.” On that basis, I can find out who really is spiritual. If you have accomplished nothing, what have you done with all the stuff Amon Ra is blessing you with, every single second?

I remember this astrologer, a friend of mine, who talked about a client that wanted her chart to be read. “How can I? She has done nothing in her life.” We are not here to do nothing. We are not here to play around or fiddle around with things. You have to take it step by step, accomplishment by accomplishment, and pat yourself on the back once you have accomplished something. You may have actually materialized a spiritual idea, which is what you are here to do.  You must call your attention from the right spot. Other things that may make you do something are obsessions. You have to watch out for that. Astral obsessions like greed, for example, are the wrong motivation.

Sometimes you call upon your attention and apply it to whatever you are doing, and you get this feeling of “Go, go, go,” and you are finding and finding and discovering and discovering, and finally you get it. I am sure you have all had that feeling, and it is a good feeling when you get it. When you start concentrating on something, it starts rolling, and you start accomplishing something. In this life, you have to accomplish something. You can’t just say, “I am aware spiritually.” When I see that, I say, “The door is that way.” Don’t give me that.

If you are calling your attention out of your soul, and your soul is part of the Divine Plan, whatever comes out may not be the exact part of the Divine Plan. It may be something that teaches you something that will be necessary in fulfilling the Divine Plan. You just have a little part in it.

There was a period of time when I was writing novels that were not becoming best sellers. I asked Saint Germain what was going on, and he said, “I am trying to teach you how to visualize.” It was a good lesson in visualization. I never became a best-selling author, although the Prophecies are selling quite well. They are continuing to sell, but they haven’t made the top of the best seller list, and I don’t really care if they do or not, as long as people are getting the ideas. There was a reason for that.

When your visualization gets better and better, it means your healing is going to be better and better. It means that when you want to precipitate an idea, like starting a business, and your visualization is so clear you can see exactly what people are doing in that business, it will come about. Manifestation may also be gradual, but it will unfold in the normal, logical form. For example, if you want to set up a business, you might see yourself selling hot dogs. You look at it and imagine the hot dog stand and you imagine everything in the hot dog stand including what is heating the hot dogs and the buns, and you see the helpers, and the people lining up to buy the hot dogs. It’s not going to be instantaneous, where you have the hot dog stand with the line of people. You are going to have to get the hot dog stand first. You have to equip it. You have to do all the human steps, the logical steps, to fulfill that vision that you have seen. If you have a clear vision, all those little steps will come about very easily. The suppliers will be there, and the money will be there to do it.

It is amazing what happens when you get it straight in your mind. Visualize it as clearly as you can. You can visualize the balance sheet and profit and loss statements at the end. Why not? That is part of the manifestation. But if you go into the business and you don’t really know what you are doing, lo and behold, you will be the business’s victim. It will go its own way, and not the way you want it to go. If your will and visualization are strong enough to make that business go the way you want it to, what is that a manifestation of? That is a manifestation of your Divine Will. You make it go this way, and it goes this way.

That is why Serapis Bey tells you to be “mediums divine.” That is what you are doing. Are you letting some other power, or the astral being, tell you how to run the business, rather than the divine? If you are calling up your attention and you put it into the divine groove, it should go the way the divine wants it to go, and not the way anything else wants it to go. That is why he said to be mediums divine. As you are divining, or manifesting this prana in the physical, according to the mould that you put the prana in, it should come about, unless you are dealing with drugs or something nasty. Then it won’t come about. If you do something that is undivine, and try to make the divine do it, you will get into trouble.

If an opportunity comes up and you have an idea to do accomplish something but you don’t have the resources, grab it. The opportunity is being dropped in front of you for a reason. The first thing you hear is, “I don’t have any money.” How are you going to get money if you don’t get this opportunity going? Money is not the problem. Your ideas are the problem. The clarity of your ideas makes it happen, and the money will come that way.

When you study how to do a business by reading books, etc., you are accumulating knowledge. What you are really doing is gathering together all the tools from the blessings of the Sun, and putting them together into a nice package of a construction business or whatever it is that you are trying to do. But if there is no knowledge that follows it, how do you expect it to come about? Physically, it is impossible. Divinely, it is impossible also.

What are the big activities happening in the Philippines that you would have to organize and get together? Weddings. This is a massive organizational opportunity. The planning stage takes years. You go to stores and buy a wedding, and they do everything for you. Even if you hire a wedding agent, it still takes one to two years to organize. Birthdays and anniversaries are big events too. Whatever has to be organized, you can still do it divinely and make sure it comes out right. You imagine it and visualize it. Why not?

We talk about something called opportunity. When the opportunity gets dropped down as an idea in your head, first you get an idea that something might work, but then it tumbles because you hit too many obstacles. The vast majority of people will say, “I can’t do it. This is not feasible. I don’t have enough money.” All the negatives get thrown in. Try something different. Try to back off from the negative stuff and let the idea of opportunity get born.

One of the things in my particular mission that Sir Arthur told me about was that I was going to be like Johnny Appleseed. Do you know who he is? He is the guy who planted trees everywhere. I was supposed to be throwing out opportunities to all the people I meet, just to see who would grab them. I will give you the example of my driver. We gave him some money to start a little tricycle business. It was something simple. He was frying squid balls and going around on the tricycle and selling them. Now he is selling other things too, and he grosses 4000 – 5000 pesos a day, just on the tricycle. This is built out of nothing. You just put your idea together and get going and take the steps and do it. Someone else had a rice project. All that is needed is to get a clear idea of it and take the steps.

I think there is a formula for each business up there somewhere in the etheric. That is what Serapis Bey implies when he talks about Etheric Egypt. They have mastered the whole material wealth problem. So, no matter what you start, it is nothing new. There is some little formula up there that drops down on you. You bring it into a form, which is part of the whole visualization of this opportunity or business, and then get it going. All you are doing is following what has already happened. As the French say, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose,” meaning “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Everything is in the etheric plane. There is nothing that we haven’t done here, that we haven’t solved, that is anything new. It has already been done, as Serapis Bey says, in Etheric Egypt. What does he say about it? “Egypt has always been the land of great material wealth. Egypt has always been a land of mastery of matter.” Regarding “mastery of matter,” this means that it has already been accomplished. You are heirs of that mastery of matter. If you bend to that argument that you can’t do it or can’t afford it, then you are not tuning into what Serapis Bey has told you, that there is, up there in the etheric plane, the mastery of matter. All you have to do is to bring it down in your particular situation. Does that make sense or does it sound like a fantasy?

Serapis Bey says, “I am interested in alchemy. You cannot have alchemy if you fear its results.” Do you know what alchemy is? You bring down the idea that has been accomplished in Etheric Egypt, and it turns into the physical. That is like magic, but it really isn’t magic. It has already been there for centuries. You just have to tap into it. When Serapis Bey says, as quoted above, “if you fear its results,” does that mean you have doubts about it? That is what he means by fear. You are pushing it away. “Don’t scare me.” Where do the doubts come from? It is astral. It is your own mind telling you that you can’t do something. “I’ve tried this before and it never worked.” This whole argument constantly tries to limit you. When you have the argument, “But the other people aren’t doing it,” you say, “Who cares? I will try it.”

As you plan things and think of the pros and cons, you are being realistic and trying to find an equilibrium between the pros and the cons, and an avenue by which you can materialize. With me, in terms of ideas coming to me, I usually get them in the shower. I think it is because I am locked in the shower stall and I can’t move anywhere. When I am taking a shower, I get all these ideas coming to me and I follow through with most of them. How about you? When do you get your ideas? When do they come? Do you get ideas when you are dreaming or waking up in the morning? Do you get ideas when you are driving? You see something out on the road and you say, “I could do that.” Have you ever had that? How many of you have pursued that? Does that just become a wish?

Some feel that fresh ideas come in, in the process of doing a job. While you are talking to someone, you may suddenly have ideas of things to try. Sometimes ideas that you hadn’t thought of before just drop to you. Be ye mediums divine, all of you, by channeling all of the stuff coming through. The omnipotence and ever-presence of the Sun is not appreciated. This room is filled with the Sun’s rays and prana. All you have to do is let it set into your mind, and some idea comes up.  “But I don’t know what to do!” What do you mean, you don’t know what to do? Wake up.

Or, you might have a notion of an idea that you are afraid to pursue. “If I get too dreamy-eyed about this, I will lose my way.” You become afraid of the idea that has been given to you, because you don’t think you can do it. “This is not for me. This is for other kinds of people.” This applies to everything, not just business. If you want to solve conflicts, this applies also. You see children running around on the street, and wonder what kind of education they are getting. How would I improve what they are learning every single day? Some idea will come.

Our job here and I think into the beginning part of the New Age, is to master wealth, to master the material world, which we haven’t done. I hate to keep blaming the Dark Forces, but they have kept humanity in a cage and won’t allow you to go beyond what they want you to do. Any time something comes up, they are bombarding you with noise and distracting you with iPhones, computers, and everything else, just to get you away from it. They have been doing this for thousands of years. The difference this time is that this “end is nigh” is going to wipe them out. It will wipe out about 90% of them, and you won’t have this type of influence. But then, what are you supposed to do in this void? You have to come up with what you are going to do. You have to fill the gap. How will the Dark Forces be wiped out? They will just die out. A lot of them won’t survive. They will get sick and die. I see it already. Some of the really bad eggs are dying off.

If every time we need something and can master it, does it mean we are mastering the material world? Total mastery comes when you disappear. You don’t even need your physical body anymore. But in the meantime, what that physical body needs, you take care of. Once you start mastering the material, you are on your way to “evaporating.” Could that be in this lifetime? There are instances where a self-realized soul can just disappear. Saint Germain, for example, disappears and appears. That is a real self-realized soul. When he disappears, he doesn’t take along all the physical traits that we give him. He doesn’t look like that. He just becomes etheric and he doesn’t have a form that we would recognize. What you see is not what you get.

Where do you start again? Your alignment and your attention. This is what you call the ceremonial magic. These are the steps that you take. This is the seventh ray ceremony, or ritual you have to take. Part of the ritual is invoking your attention. Why do you have to reign in attention? Look at the way you run around all day. You have to reign it in. How many have thought of the attention today. How many have sat down and reigned it in and focused it to do something for you? Probably nobody. Maybe once or twice you stopped to reign it in. Try doing that more often. There are no more of these big ceremonies that go nowhere. This is about the little ceremonies that you carry on in your own mind.

Why does Serapis Bey emphasize the word seek when he says, “Seek, seek, seek”? This is about the divine will in you. You don’t fall asleep in your chair. You keep it up. You dig for your attention. You call it up and you keep applying it to your manifestation over the material. That is seeking. It is not only running to books and looking for passages to quote. “Seek, seek, seek” means to practice, practice, practice. You have been given the ritual, or ceremony, to manifest. Keep your attention on it, and practice it as often as you can. If you do it minute by minute, it would be wonderful. Then I would call you in to manifest all that we need. You should be able to.

You can apply this to your job. If the Sun is everywhere, even your job is part of it. It fills in all the spaces of your job. But the human being is so busy. He doesn’t call upon that and relies on his own will to do his job in the company. But you, as a lightbearer, can call in that divine spark, that whole formula that we just talked about, and apply it to everything that you do in your job. Your co-workers will ask, “Who is this guy? He is starting to walk on water.” Things will work out so well that people will get jealous of you and you will have to move and seek another job. But that is what happens. That is what happens to the people who practice this. The people around get jealous and they start attacking you. What do you do in this instance? You can try aligning all of them, but you have to remove yourself from that situation and find another job where they don’t know anything.

There is nothing more vicious than people who become jealous of you. I get these vicious emails from people who I thought would make wonderful disciples of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You haven’t seen nastiness yet until you have seen that. That is the stuff that strung up Jesus. They nailed him to a cross. It is the same syndrome. Be humble in your manifestation and your mastery over the material. Do it quietly. Don’t brag. That is when you will get the jealousy and the nastiness.

What does Serapis Bey mean when he refers to the mathematics of the soul? From what I understand, the mathematics of the soul is what we have been talking about. It is the systematic way of going from step to step to step. Some of it implies human mathematics, but most of it implies a calculation of how much knowledge you need, a calculation of what is necessary, recipes. It is knowledge, but organized knowledge. That is what I think he means by that. Everything is already there, but you have to tune into it by calling in your attention. What may be leading you in that attention is that formula that has already been mastered. I have felt that sometimes. One day, in my earlier years when I was practicing the cello, all of a sudden, I was playing in all the different positions that I hadn’t learned yet. I didn’t know where it was coming from. Maybe it was trying to tell me not to despair, that I could make it.

There was a question about Saint Germain’s personal message. You are the translator of what you are seeing spiritually, translated in the physical. The physical changes, or what your idea is will be different from what other people think. You are translating the spiritual image, and the formula in it, into something in the material that doesn’t necessarily resemble what others are doing.

One member of the group is starting a project to manifest a house. He knows what it looks like but he needs to move the location so it won’t flood. Someone else is working on a project to grow potatoes. They need to be stored in a cool place. They are looking at ways to preserve sweet potatoes through dehydration, or adding sugar to preserve.  A storage area that dehumidifies might be needed.

As more of you go through your own Armageddon and enter your New Age personalities, and come out of all this mess, the quicker the New Age will happen here. Around us, things will transform. Who knows. We may just be inviting the floods by going through this process, but I don’t know. The Philippine group has had visions that there is going to be some kind of cataclysm. Either it is going to be a flood or volcano. You are going to have to be ready. You are going to be cut off from all the comforts of life and all the normal things. You are going to need some kind of a project to survive. I don’t think it has to be very sophisticated. You just have to revert back to what your parents did. They had ways of coping with this. There are a lot of preservation methods you can study, like methods of drying things and preserving foods. If you don’t have new tires, you can piece them together. You can make all kinds of stuff when you don’t have it.

One person has a project of learning about plants that can heal. The help is coming from the Sun. Another basic project is to find out where we will get our water from. There are deep wells in the Philippines. Another person has a project for bartering, where they will offer their services for the goods they need. Who will organize the bartering? You will need a shed and you will need to send a message around the neighbourhood to invite people to exchange what they have. This is very important to get started in the Philippines, because we are getting very close to a collapse of the monetary system. People have to know that there is another mechanism for buying things. Somebody should study it.

There are a couple of bartering systems that are working very well today. One is in Argentina. They have a huge marketplace that is booming. There is another in Italy. There is also one in Greece, out of necessity. Where will you put the place for bartering? It can be anywhere. You can get a piece of land and rent it for a day. You need tables and chairs.

You have to figure out whether you will have direct barter, which is about trading a chicken for a coat, or whether you will have an intermediate involved, who gives chips in exchange for your product or service. You receive 60 chips for your chicken, and then with the 60 chips you are able to buy other things you need.

This stage of bartering that we will go into is a very necessary state. The reason why is that the value of things has gone completely crazy. A drinking glass may have been worth less than 1 peso a couple of decades ago. Today you have to pay 10 pesos for the same thing. The prices are completely skewed. The bargaining stage is a negotiation for everything. Where you land in the negotiation is the true value of that thing. That is what has to be done for every item. That is how you start a new monetary system. The fancy word for this is “price discovery.” But you are trying to get down to the basic price of these items. How much is a dress worth? It is not worth hundreds of dollars in terms of cloth and labour. It is what you negotiate.

Where are you going to set up a bartering market? You could set it up every Sunday. You have to have a piece of land. You need a cement floor with a roof. You put your table in there. If people don’t have money, they might have farms and food that they can trade for other items. Having a project is not just thinking about it. You have to put it into action.

You may have personal projects, but what projects do you have that will feed people?

The best thing for a place for barter would be to have it along the roadside. You want everybody in the neighbourhood involved. You need farmers. You need to make it into a real marketplace.

It is important to adopt a currency, like chips. For example, your chicken is evaluated at 50 chips. Oranges are 20 chips. With your 50 chips, you buy a dress. You go through the third person who is sitting at the chip counter. You will also need farmers and produce.

For the barter project, you need a place to do it. You need to rent it for an afternoon. You need a tent structure. You need plastic chairs and a table. Then you need the publicity. Tell a district leader it will happen so they can spread the word.

This has to be done. You apply attention. What does a bartering system have to do with spirituality? It has everything to do with spirituality. This is necessary and it has to be done. It has to be done as a next step into the cycle that we are going into. If you know that it is absolutely necessary, do it. Bring your chickens and pigs. How many of you have things to exchange? You may have clothes, bags, shoes, toys, kitchen accessories.  If you think about what you want to sell and what you need, you can get it going. You are just the organizers. You are the pump primers.

You have to count on all the neighbourhood to get involved with this. But don’t make it into a spiritual preaching. You don’t have to tell them about Saint Germain, etc. You just have to do it. You could have a table to let people know about the healing activity, but you don’t barter it for chickens. It is free of charge. This is for goods and services. If you have a car, you could drive people around. The lady who sold me the condo has a car and wants to pick up my guests from the airport. All that kind of stuff is part of the exchange of ideas, and part of living the Ancient Wisdom. It doesn’t sound so spiritual, but it is.

This common activity is all part of the whole Sun God. No matter what level it is moving at, you just get it moving in the right direction. It is all moving in line with the Divine Plan. The other things, like criminal activity that man has invented that are going on, you don’t want to move with that. You want these activities to move in line with the Divine Plan. You don’t have to preach to them. You can know that it is going in the right direction. You are fulfilling needs of the people for clothes, food, whatever. What other thing would Amon Ra want but filling the needs of humankind in this area.

This whole thing is about attention. You call up the attention for everything you do in this bartering project. All should call up their attention and focus on this project. This is a basic economic tool. It has already been done up in Etheric Egypt. Let it come down. You need enough people to participate. You may need to print flyers. This is not play time. This is something that has to be done. It will follow the economic collapse, and it will precede the introduction of a new monetary system. But it will take a couple of years. The Spiritual Hierarchy has told me that this will develop. The collapse is happening now. When things collapse, they don’t disappear right away. They linger on, people try to save them, and finally they die out. The fact is, people won’t have money, but they have a lot of things to bring to the marketplace. That is a currency in and of itself. You can look up the barter market in Argentina for an example of a market that is working very well. You may not use chips. One chicken may equal one suit. The pricing thing is the most difficult. The correct price arises from the negotiation. It is the agreed price.








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