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Advantages of a Fruit Diet

MPM — Nisha and I were talking about the alignment. The alignment is so simple and so effective. You don’t preach to anybody. You just say, “You see that Sun up there? If you have problems, just align yourself with that Sun.” That’s all you have to do. It’s amazing how many people immediately understand that. With just that little message, you can carry it a long way with people you meet in the markets.

I’ll let Nisha talk. She has studied this in Australia. She’s actually a teacher-turned-nutritionist or therapist. We were discussing all the ways that you can solve these maladies that we’re suffering from, through simple things like fasting. (Talking to Nisha): Go ahead.

Nisha — First of all, I just wanted to impress upon everyone—because it’s not something we’re told—that all of us, each one of us, has the ability to heal our own body. Nature has provided everything we need to heal our own body, if we use the right tools. The first thing is that you want to unlearn everything you’ve been told. You want to forget that. Very few doctors consider diet in their diagnosis. They find a symptom and prescribe a medicine, which all too often has unwanted side effects and leaves the cause of the disease untreated. In many countries, there is a board that tells doctors what they can advise and prescribe, and it's actually illegal for them to stray from the board's rules. Every single disease, or dis-ease… it’s different names they give to the same thing, really. Every single disease in your body can be cured. Everything. The reason for nearly all of the diseases in our body is what we’re putting in our body, on our body, and what we’re thinking. If we correct that, we can heal everything ourselves without having to take pills or get cut open or go to a doctor.

MPM — This means things like cancer. No need for chemotherapy. No need for all these incredible interventions by the medical profession.

Nisha — …Invasive medications, which normally have a hidden agenda, because someone’s getting paid to give it to you. I did my studies through a doctor, Dr. Morse. He’s in America. He’s on youtube, and he has a completely different way of looking at the body, compared to the way that we are told the doctors look at the body. Every single part of our body—organs and every single atom of our body—is made up of a cell and two fluids.

The first fluid is our blood, which feeds the cell, and the second fluid is the lymphatic fluid, or the lymphatic system, which is actually bigger than our blood system. It takes the waste away from the cell. Our hair, our organs, our heart, our skin, our teeth, everything is made up of cells and two fluids. So, it’s fed and then it’s cleaned. That proves that we can regenerate. If you can keep that cell healthy, it’s going to keep living. If the cell is dying, you can bring it back to life by feeding it and cleaning it with your blood and the lymph.

The lymphatic system is the most important because that is what gets the waste out of the cell. When that waste builds up in our body, that’s how we get disease. It’s actually that simple. All we have to do is keep our body cleaning itself and getting rid of the waste.

Our blood, if you can imagine, feeds our cells. That will never get acidic, because if it did get acidic, you would die. Our body always makes sure that the blood is kept neutralized. The lymphatic system does get acidic and it does get blocked up. If you can imagine, you’ve got a kitchen, which is our blood, and you’ve got a toilet, which is the lymphatic system. We have to keep the toilet cleaned. Otherwise, it builds up. It might build up in your breast and you get breast cancer. It might build up in your brain and you get a brain tumour. You could get diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, asthma… Every single thing you can think of is literally too many acids in your body. So, we have two sides in chemistry: acid and alkaline. If you’ve got too much acid, it burns. Acid burns. If you’re alkaline, alkaline is soothing and calming. So, we want to make sure that our body stays alkaline and not acid. Does that make sense to everyone? If you’ve got any questions, just shout them out.

What we want to do, in a nutshell, is keep our lymphatic system clean. The biggest thing that you can do is watch what you eat, and it’s the hardest thing for most people to do, because emotionally, we are so attached to what we eat, with celebrations and comfort foods. You grow up with eating certain foods and you have to get out of that because that is what’s killing you.

Meat and dairy are the two worst things that you can put in your body. For the digestion of food, in particular, meat takes 70% of your body’s energy. 70%. Meat, fish, eggs, and refined sugar. Not fruit, but table sugar.

MPM — That doesn’t leave very much.

Nisha — I know. And in the Philippines, everybody eats meat three times a day so it’s really hard to think about not eating meat. We’re not designed to eat meat. If we look at our bodies, we are not carnivorous animals. We don’t have fangs to bite the meat. We don’t have claws. There’s this whole paleo movement at the moment that says, as cavemen, we used to go out and hunt meat and that’s our natural diet. That’s false. If we were in the jungle before there was fire and before there were utensils, and you see a ripe mango on a tree, you’d say, “Oh, that looks nice. That smells nice. I can just pick that and eat it.” If we see a wild deer, how are you going to catch it and cook it and eat it? We’re not just going to rip it open and eat it. It’s not our natural diet. We don’t have the intestines of a lion to get rid of that meat. We don’t have the digestive stomach acid. We don’t have the natural killer instinct. We don’t look at a rabbit and think, “I want to kill that little fluffy rabbit.” But we look at strawberries and watermelon and mangoes, and it’s appetizing to us with the smell and the colours. There’s a lot of research that shows that we are naturally plant eaters, and you can find that information online.

The one thing that cleans our lymphatic system is fruit. It is the biggest cleaner of our body because not only is it astringent, which means it pulls toxins from our body, it actually doesn’t require digestion. So, if you eat watermelon, within 20 minutes, it’s digested. Even if you eat a lot, it goes through your system very quickly. It doesn’t require digestion. If you eat a big piece of meat, it just sits there. And you can feel it. It’s in your stomach and it takes up to about three days for that meat to come out of your body. (group laughter)

MPM — I’m thinking of it as it comes out of the body. (more laughter)

Nisha — Your body is naturally a self-cleaning machine. God has designed us as a self-cleaning machine. We just have to let our body do it. Every time we eat, we are stocking up. If you wake up in the morning and don’t feel hungry, don’t eat breakfast. Wait till you feel hungry. You wake up and eat breakfast as habit, but we’re not always hungry at breakfast. We eat breakfast because we think we need energy. But if you wake up in the morning and you’re not hungry, your body has been cleaning overnight. So, if you can imagine, it’s scrubbing and it’s getting rid of all the waste. Suddenly, you’re putting all this food in, and it has to stop cleaning to digest this food, which takes so much energy, and all this cleaning gets shoved aside. It gets stored in your cells and it builds up because you haven’t even digested your breakfast and then you’re eating lunch.

MPM — That’s Filipino. (group laughter) The minute they finish one meal, they’re thinking of the next meal.

Nisha — So, the best thing you can eat for as long as possible, I suggest until 12:00 (noon), is to eat fruit, because you’re still allowing your body to keep cleaning. Fruit doesn’t need digestion. It just goes through your body very quickly. Plus, things like watermelon, oranges, all those juicy fruits, lemons, coconut water… it just keeps cleaning. If you are into fasting, which is even better, you could do one day a week on just fruits. Just try that and see how you feel. You might get a little bit headachy initially because your body will start cleaning really quickly and getting stuff out.

MPM — We made a feeble attempt a couple times to do one week fasting as a group. Maybe some of you weren’t here.

Nisha — It’s just your body going, “Oh, my God! I can start cleaning again!” That’s all it wants to do. You might get headaches. You might want to sleep. You might get irritable, especially if you’re used to having coffee and tea and you have caffeine withdrawal. If you can get through the first three days, it does get easier.

MPM — Three days! Not eating for three days! (group laughter)

Nisha — It’s the coffee, isn’t it? Coffee is very acidic. Tea is very acidic. Milk is very acidic. Very, very. Have fruits and vegetables. The one I like doing is just coconut water. It’s got everything in it. It’s actually very close to breast milk. You can actually give it to babies. Actually, in the Second World War, they used it for blood transfusions because it’s got the same plasmatic composition as blood. I’ve seen loads of places in the Philippines that just chop up fresh coconut. So, we get some and put it in the fridge and it lasts a couple days, and then we go and get more.  The meat of the coconut is food. It is good for you. It’s very fatty. You can eat them as well, but if you want to do a fast, then I’d say just drink the water. Or you can drink the water and eat the coconut meat. It would still give your body a really good break. You can have one day a week just eating fruits and then the rest of the time, introduce things slowly. Try to go until 12:00 before you eat. You will notice that you have more energy and that your thinking is clearer. Your meditation is clearer. When we eat heavy meals, it stops our brain from functioning because everything is concentrating on digesting food and your body just wants to get everything out.

The first thing I wanted to say is regarding fruit. I’ve done research, experimenting on myself and my family. If you’ve got any weight issues, eat as much fruit as you want. Don’t restrict yourselves. Eat as much as you want until you’re satisfied, and your weight will go back to your natural weight. You will lose a lot of weight. You will lose if you go onto fruit because your body will go back to what it’s naturally meant to be.

MPM — So if you eat only fruit and a lot of it, you will shrink to be the size that you should be.

Nisha — Your body naturally has a setting point. If you think about fruit, it’s got energy from the Sun. It grows in the Sun. It’s crystallized sunlight. It’s only going to be good for you, as long as it’s not sprayed with too many chemicals. It’s a natural food. It grows in the Sun and captures the sunlight. In my eyes, it’s perfect.

Q — — asking about different fruits and sugar levels.

Nisha — Fruit has got a different type of sugar. It’s called fructose. If you have, say a Coke…

Q — Diet Coke.

Nisha — Diet Coke is really bad. If you’re going to have Coke, have the full fat Coke. Diet Coke has got artificial sweetener which is a neurotoxin and is really bad. The sugar in Coke is an artificial sugar and that is treated by the body as a chemical. It’s not assimilated very well. Your body says, “What’s this? I don’t recognize it.” Your body recognizes the fruit sugar and it is absorbed into your cells straight away so it doesn’t stay in your system. It is absorbed and it’s utilized. Our body runs on carbon, carbohydrate. Fruit is the best carbohydrate.

MPM — So the sugar doesn’t stay in your blood stream then?

Nisha — It gets assimilated straight away. If you find that you are getting really hungry, banana is very filling and dates are very filling. For my children, I freeze the bananas and put them in a blender with a little bit of water and cinnamon or vanilla, and it tastes like a milkshake. It’s just frozen bananas, and kids really like it, too.

Q — — asking if you can eat other food during the day.

Nisha — You might, the first couple of times you do it, because your body is still getting used to it. But you will get used to it. Say you wake up one day and you’re feeling really ill and you’ve got a sore throat and you’ve got a headache and you’ve got aches and pains, the worst thing you can do is eat. Normally your appetite shuts down when you’re not well. You don’t feel like eating. People will say to you, “You want to keep your energy up. Have this chicken soup.” That’s the worst thing you can do. When you don’t feel well, just stop eating. Drink coconut water and let your body heal itself. Let it rest.

Some things that are really good are turmeric and ginger, and you can boil it up in a tea. You can make turmeric paste. You get the powder and some coconut oil and some black pepper and you heat it on the stove (there are lots of recipes online) and you make a paste. You keep it in the fridge. Every day in the morning, you take a teaspoon of the paste and you mix it with a bit of hot water and honey, and you can drink that. Or you can juice it, or you can boil it into a tea, or put it into a smoothie, depending on how you want to go.

Q — — asking about fermented foods

Nisha — You can have kimchi or sauerkraut. Fermented food is good for probiotics. It will help with digestion.

MPM — Kimchi for breakfast?

Nisha — You want to stay away from the grains.

MPM — Not this group! You can never divorce them from rice.

Nisha — Try and have the rice as late as possible in the day. Try and do the fruit first, and then when you think you really need something, then have the rice. But don’t just rush it and say, “I’m only going to eat fruit now,” because then your body will go into shock. But every day, try and delay when you eat everything else. Try and stretch out that window of eating fruit, and that way you’re giving your body a little break.

MPM — You’re actually fasting from the time you ate the previous night into the next morning. Keep that as long as possible and then break the fast with some fruit.

Nisha — While you’re fasting, your body is cleaning.

Q — — asking about room temperature water.

Nisha — Yes. If you’re going to drink water, apparently room temperature is better because when you drink cold water, you shock your digestive system. If you imagine your body inside, it is the same temperature, and then you’re putting cold in it and it’s going to be in shock.

MPM — That’s why you don’t want to live in Canada. It’s a shock every day when you get up.

Nisha — There’s also something called dry fasting, which, if anyone wants to really get into deep, deep fasting, is no water and no food, and that is very, very powerful for healing.

Q — — asking what this fasting is and how long you do it.

MPM — Dry fasting. No water and no food.

Nisha — I have often done three days, but you have to work up to it.

Q — asking about psoriasis.

Nisha — It will get rid of that. It got rid of my husband’s psoriasis. Psoriasis is auto-immune, so your body is under a lot of stress. The psoriasis is a signal that your whole immune system is very weak and it needs a break. With the psoriasis, your cells start reproducing, over-reproducing. That’s why you get the blisters. So, what you want to do is, if you fast and do fruit for as long as you can, you’re letting your body heal itself. It might get a little bit worse because the body will start cleaning out and it might make it flare up a little bit worse. Put coconut oil on it. But if you keep doing it, it will go. Coffee and things like that will make it worse.

Q — So if you are fasting, coffee is not advisable?

Nisha — No.

Q — You mentioned about acid and alkaline. There are fruits that we hear are treated as acidic. Is it true?

Nisha — No. All fruits are alkaline. Oranges, if they are picked unripe—you know, when they are very green—they can be very acidic because they are not ripe. If a pineapple is not picked when it’s ripe, it will never ripen. It will just ferment.

MPM — Pineapples are alkaline?

Nisha — They are when they’re ripe. But most of the time, when they are shipped, they are picked unripe. Most fruits, especially in Canada and America, are picked unripe, and then they are gassed to ripen them artificially so it can be stored a long time. In the Philippines, you should be okay because you can pick it ripe.

Lemons are very alkaline, very cleansing. Calamansi (a local Philippine citrus fruit) is very cleansing. Get as much of that as you can.

Q — How about green mangoes?

Nisha — They are unripe. They’re not going to be as good as a ripe mango.

Group discussion about psoriasis.

MPM — What would you recommend for infection, instead of antibiotics?

Nisha — Oil of oregano.

Group discussion about infection.

Nisha — If you want to do dry fasting or fruit fasting, when you wake up in the morning, try and not eat or drink anything for as long as you can and then have fruit and turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory. When your body is acidic, it does three things to try and stop it. It will release a hormone from your adrenal glands — a steroid, because your body is on fire when it’s inflamed, so it’s like a fire engine trying to put out the fire. If your adrenals are very weak, then it will hold water. If you imagine, your body is acidic, your body needs to stop these acids from going into organs or you’ll die, so it will retain water to try and dilute the acids. The third thing it will do is it will grab calcium, because calcium is very alkaline. So, it will take calcium from your bones to try and keep it in your body to try and neutralize acid. That’s why a lot of people over a certain age will start getting osteoporosis.

You want to try and make your body alkaline. Green vegetables are very, very alkalizing. Moringa, barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, all those vegetables, are all very alkalizing. You can juice them, powder them, curry them, whatever you want to do. They are very alkalizing.

Q — — I wake up around 4 in the morning and I am so thirsty.

Nisha — That could be weak kidneys. It can also be a sign of pre-diabetes as well.

You want to treat your whole body. When you fast and you detox, it will affect your whole body. Everything will start coming into line. When you’ve got psoriasis, you don’t just treat the psoriasis. You clean your whole body. You don’t just treat the one thing.  Does that make sense?

MPM — Then all the other symptoms start to disappear, too.

Nisha — They might flare up. They might get worse initially as your body starts cleaning stuff out. And then you might get better for a few weeks and then suddenly you have another flare-up. But it’s just stuff coming to the surface. It’s nothing to be scared of. You just keep aligning and visualizing your body getting better. Before I start a detox or whatever, and I think about what I’m healing, I just align and visualize every day what I’m trying to heal, and it works.

Q — Is the fruit sugar bad for diabetes?

Nisha — From all the people Dr. Morse has healed… I have never had diabetes, but from everyone that is on the same course as me and the same forums and groups and testimonials of people who have healed, they have healed their diabetes from eating fruit and having a plant-based diet. There’s a documentary. I can’t remember the name, but it’s about healing diabetes, type 2, in thirty days by following a plant-based diet. Type 2 diabetes is a diet and lifestyle-related disease. You can look that documentary up. I’m sure it’s on youtube. The sugar in fruit is completely different. It’s like saying that sugar causes cancer. It does, if it’s the refined sugar in Coke. Fruit is given to us by nature. It doesn’t want to hurt us. It’s there to heal us. It’s what our body recognizes. It’s a completely different sugar, but they’ve lumped it all into the same category. Does that make sense?

Q —

Nisha — The sugar in fruit is a natural food. It’s what we should be eating, along with vegetables and anything that’s found in nature. Nuts, seeds, coconuts, avocadoes, salads, vegetables, fruits. That’s a plant-based diet. After you’ve healed your diabetes, you can have things like rice and grains. But just for the time that you want to heal the diabetes, try and be as strict as you can. Then once you feel better, you can introduce more foods back.

Q — Can you heal diabetes while on dialysis?

Nisha — You can, but I haven’t done it myself. I haven’t worked with anyone who is on dialysis. I know that people have come off insulin injections and things like that. There are even people that have got type 1 diabetes that come off almost all their medication by changing their diet. I can send you the website if you want. But I’ve never worked with anyone that’s been on dialysis. I don’t want to give you the wrong advice, but I know there are many people that have reversed type 2. It’s very easy. There’s many people that have healed cancer, tumors, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, heart palpitations, heart disease, lung disease…

MPM — Can you site any real cases that you’ve been involved with?

Nisha — My husband had psoriasis all over his body. He couldn’t even go out the door. He had these big red lumps. I’ve got photos at home. He was covered in it and it was spreading.  This was quite a few years ago. We went to the doctor and the doctor took a scraping and tested it and said it was psoriasis, but there was nothing he could do. He gave him steroid cream and my husband tried it and it didn’t work, and I said, “No more steroid cream.” We went back to the doctor and the doctor said, “There is nothing I can do. You have to go see a dermatologist and you just have to manage it for the rest of your life.” I said, “No. You can’t go out the door because you’re covered. You can’t go swimming.” The kids were looking at him, wondering “What’s wrong with my dad?” So, we got him allergy tested. This is before I started doing the detox myself. He was allergic to wheat and coffee and some other foods. We cut all that out. We put him on mostly fruits and in the evening, gluten-free, dairy free, vegan food, and we also boosted his immune system with vitamin C powder, green vegetable powder and acai berry. Within two weeks, it was all gone. He was working night shift. That was actually really supressing his immune system. Once he came off night shift as well, that helped. Two weeks and it was gone. That’s personally, I’ve just seen it in front of my eyes.

Q — — asking about fish sauce.

Nisha — That’s fine. That’s just a condiment, so if you want to use things like that, that’s fine. You just have a little bit.

MPM — It’s an amino acid. It’s a hydrolyzed protein.

Nisha — It is, and if you wanted a little bit on a salad, it’s not going to harm you as in eating a piece of fish. Or a little bit of soy sauce is okay.

MPM — Eating healthy takes all the fun out of it.

Nisha — You do learn to love the fruits. Your body changes and adapts to it.

MPM — I could adapt easily to eating fruit.

Nisha — There’s so much here. When we were traveling in the Philippines, my daughter would take mangoes and peel them like a banana and just eat them. You’ve got all the fruit and it’s so cheap compared to the rest of the world to buy fruits here. You could really live off the fruit and the coconut.

MPM — This is a pineapple producing area here. There are wonderful pineapples here.

Nisha — Pineapples have got really good digestive enzymes as well. They’re really good for you, as long as they’re ripe.

Q — — Asking about fruits high in sugar.

MPM — They are higher in fructose, but not white sugar.

Nisha — All the fruit sugar is the same. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. That’s the law of nature.

MPM — When you come back here, we’ll all be twenty pounds lighter.

Nisha — If you research on the internet about fruitarian diet or raw vegan diet or plant based diet, you’ll see there are so many testimonials of people that have healed Hashimoto’s, thyroid, eyesight has improved. People have had to reverse their glasses prescriptions and things like that. But the other thing that also goes with this is that we can heal our body by using the herbs and the medicine provided to us by nature. So, if you have, for example, kidney issues, there are herbs you can take such as dandelion root. Does dandelion grow here? There will be a Filipino alternative. Each country has its own type of specific herb you can take. You can make your own tinctures. You can dry the roots and make a tea or a powder.

Or you can distill it in alcohol. You just take some good quality alcohol, you put the herbs in and then you leave it. You do it either on a new moon or a full moon. If you do it on a full moon, you put it in a jar and put it in a dark place. The next full moon, one month later, put it in the Sun for a couple of days and it’s ready to drink. You just have a little shot. All the information from the herbs would have seeped into the alcohol. You can actually burn the alcohol off if you don’t want any alcohol. You just put a bit of hot water in and that will burn off the alcohol and you still get the same healing value of the herbs.

Q — Vodka is fine?

Nisha — You can use vodka. You can even use a good quality red wine. Just make that an herbal wine.

MPM — I can see where this is going. (laughter from group)

Q — — asking about bronchitis.

Nisha — Bronchitis? Not emphysema?

A — No.

Group discussion about bronchitis.

Nisha — Is it from a smoker?

A — No.

Nisha — Is it a child?

A — No. Actually, it’s me.

Nisha — Were you born with it?

A — — related to pneumonia.

Nisha — You can regenerate that. What it is, is they were overly inflamed, or they will be coated in mucus which is acidic. That’s where it’s gathered. What you can do is the same. Just detox your body. It’s exactly the same. Fruits and herbs. There are special herbs you can get that work on the lungs: mullein, fenugreek, and there’s another one I can’t remember. But there’s three herbs that work really well for the lungs. You can make a tea and just drink that tea and it will open up the airways.

Q — — about doing some detoxes.

Nisha — You have to make lifestyle changes. If you’re eating burgers and chips and getting ill, and then you detox for three or four days, but then you go back to eating the same, it’s going to make you ill again. It has to be a lifestyle change. That is what got you the disease in the first place. It’s what you’re putting in your body and on your body. When you’re using shampoos and chemicals and moisturizers and we’re being told about this cellulite cream and this will take away all your wrinkles, all that comes from inside. When your cells start dying, that’s what causes the wrinkles. If you’re constantly plumping them up with fresh fruits and cleaning them, all that comes from the inside. You can put as many creams as you want on your face, but it’s never going to give you that baby skin that comes from inside. If you’re eating burgers and chips and then putting on this expensive cream, it’s not going to work. Does that make sense?

You want to try and do it for as long as you can. You may say, “Really, fruit for the rest of my life?” But it’s a lifestyle change. Just incorporate it gradually. Let your body get used to it. Have treat days once a week.

MPM — Let’s say you have one of these problems like psoriasis or the lung problems. What do you do to start this? You begin the day and then how many days do you keep it up?

Nisha — I would just keep going until it’s healed.

MPM — And you’re that thin!

Nisha — Don’t worry about the weight, because I don’t. I did 100 days on juice, and I drank juice and lemon, and I got down to 39 kg. I was very, very thin. But the weight’s come back. More than the weight’s come back.

MPM — You got rid of all the toxins.

Nisha — I healed my adrenals. I was having panic attacks, and I’ve never had a panic attack since. I couldn’t even drink a cup of tea without having a panic attack. Now I can drink tea, coffee, and it doesn’t affect me. Before, my adrenals were so weak, I’d be shaking. My nervous system was so depleted. It regenerated that. I had itchy, flakey scalp. That’s cleared up. What else did I have? Brittle nails. I had a sleeping problem. I’d wake up in the night, 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. All that’s cleared up. I had a whole list of problems.

When you heal, you want to make sure that you maintain it. Don’t go all the way back to your old ways. You still maybe want to have one or two days a week where you can have other food, but you just want to change your lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not like taking a pill and suddenly everything’s better. Those pills will only supress your symptoms, and you’ll still have to deal with the symptoms. When you detox, you are getting down to what’s causing the illness in the first place. It takes a bit longer. The reason we don’t do it is it takes effort.

MPM — I am asking a question for someone here. She is totally confused about where to start and how to do it.

Q — — asking about how Nisha was cured in 100 days.

Nisha — Yes, but it’s still a lifestyle. I’m still detoxing now, even though those symptoms went away. If I go back to eating—I don’t eat meat—pasta, and rice, it will gradually all come back because that’s what caused it. I talked about cleaning the cell. It’s going to get dirty again. The acids will start building up. You just want to imagine you’re constantly cleaning your house. It’s the same thing. You’re constantly cleaning your body.

Q — You can do it gradually?

Nisha — Yes. I just do it more extreme, because I’m an extreme person. I’m all or nothing.

Q — — asking if you can do it one day a week.

Nisha — The best thing to do to start, if everyone wants to take a first easy step, is to eat fruit until 12:00 noon every day.

Q — For breakfast and supper, what do we eat?

Nisha — If you wake up at 6:00am, then maybe you don’t eat breakfast till 8:00am. You can have a big bowl of fruit or you can make fresh juice or you make a smoothie. If you are hungry at 12:00, you can eat more fruit if you want, or you can have a salad. If it’s too much, then have your normal food. But you want to increase your fresh fruit and vegetable, and decrease meat, rice, and dairy.

MPM — Do you hear that, all of you? Decrease the rice.

Nisha — You know when you cook rice and it sticks to the bottom of the pan and you try to scrub it, and it is gooey and sticky, that’s what it does inside your body. You can make a glue out of rice. It’s inside your body.

Q — What about brown rice?

Nisha — It’s still very acidic in the body. Rice is rice.

Q — Which is a better alternative, fruits or vegetables?

Nisha — Fruits.

Q — If you cook vegetables and eat it, is it the same as…

Nisha — Cooked vegetables are better than grains and meat and dairy.

MPM — But not better than fruit.

Nisha — Not better than fruit. If you could have one thing, it would be fruit. That’s the top.

Q — — Some say vegetables are better than fruit.

Nisha — No. If you want a nice dinner, roasted vegetables or steamed vegetables, maybe with a little bit of rice, is better than having meat. All meat is acidic. Apple cider vinegar is okay. Balsamic vinegar is okay.

MPM — How many of you would be able to give up your meat? (group laughter and talking)

Nisha — I feel like the bearer of bad news!

Q — Which turmeric is better: fresh or prepared or capsulated?

Nisha — Fresh is best. I don’t take the capsules because if you want to take the powder, you want to heat it up because that activates the curcumin inside the turmeric. You make a paste. You can google the recipe. You can cook it in a sauce pan with coconut oil and black pepper. I don’t know what the black pepper does, but it activates the turmeric. You have to heat it up and that activates the curcumin inside the turmeric.

Q — Is this the same as cumin?

Nisha — Cumin is a different spice.

Q — — asking about root vegetables.

Nisha — Like potatoes? Yes, if you want a dinner in the evening, you can have roasted sweet potatoes and that sort of stuff.

MPM — Cassava.

Q — How about cassava bread? They make it here.

Group discussion about cassava.

Q — What is better, cooked vegetable or raw?

Nisha — The less you can cook it, the better. I wouldn’t eat raw broccoli or raw cauliflower. It’s too hard to digest. Steaming is probably the best cooking method. Just think. In nature, you want to tamper with it as little as possible. Fresh fruit is just there. You just pick it and eat it. It’s the ultimate fast food. Grab some bananas and eat them. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to chop it or cook it or boil it. The less you do to it, the better, because nature has provided it in the way that it should be. If you can’t eat it raw, you really shouldn’t be eating it. And all the information is in the herbs and the fruits. The fruit is just there, ready for us.

Q — — asking about diabetes and taking medication.

Nisha — Work with your doctor. You should never just come off of it. You want to gradually come off it. It’s possible, because many people have done it. There are lots of testimonials online. You never come off medication cold turkey because you’ll get really bad withdrawals and your body will go into shock.

Q — Is cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?

Nisha — It’s a fruit. Anything with a seed is a fruit. Tomatoes are fruits. Cucumber is a fruit. Avocado is a fruit.

MPM — Cucumbers are good for washing out your body.

Q — — asking about acai berry, which is being sold in bottles.

Nisha — As long as it hasn’t got added sugar. Sometimes you can get the juice. You can get the dried powder of the acai berry, which is good to put into smoothies. Or, you can get the actual berries frozen. Sometimes, when they make the juice in the bottle, they add preservatives and sugar and things. Just check the label.

MPM — I think what Nisha is saying is if tomorrow morning, you’re going to start cleaning out your body, just eat as much fruit as you can, and try to do it up to noon every day from hereon. Go even longer if you can, to 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, and just eat fruit.

Q — If you start with a once-a-week fruit diet, but you still maintain your own diet (staples of rice)…

Group discussion about how to do the diet.

Nisha — Just do what you can.

MPM — One day a week to begin with is too little. I think you just do it every day for a month or two. Just eat fruit in the morning up to mid-day. If you don’t feel hungry, just keep eating it into the afternoon.

Q — — asking about taking turmeric capsules.

Nisha — It’s okay. I think fresh is better, but if that’s what you can get, then take that. You don’t have to take anything, because the fruit will do all the work, but if you do want to take extra stuff, or if you’ve got inflammation, turmeric is good for inflammation. If you want to make your own tonic, in Indonesia it’s called jamu, you take honey, turmeric, and ginger and make a tonic. You just have a little bit in the morning. You keep it in your fridge and you have that. There are lots of things you can do to help your body, to enhance it.

MPM — I think, just to begin with, a high-level diet of fruit is good enough. If there are specific problems you want to solve, you go to...

Nisha — If you have something like a cancerous lump and you want to get rid of it, I would say only fruit, every day, all day, especially things like grapes, watermelon, lemon. You want to get your lymphatic system moving, cleaning out. You want to do hot and cold showers, especially on the back of the neck. You would do 30 second hot, 30 second cold, 30 second hot… that will get all the blood flowing around your body. That will get your lymphatic system moving. You want to do rebounding, which is very light jumping on a trampoline. Go for a walk. You can use a body brush, a long-handled brush, to brush the skin before you get into the shower, that will start  your lymphatic system moving.

MPM — What is the indication that your lymphatic system is cleaning out? Do you pee a lot?

Nisha — If you want to check if your body is working, what happens is, if your lymphatic system is working correctly and it’s cleaning, it has to go through your kidneys and you pee out the toxins. Pee, poo, and sweat. If you are getting lots of pimples on your skin, or lumps and bumps and rashes, it means that the toxins are trying to come out, but they’re not coming out through your kidneys quick enough and they are using your skin as your third kidney. To make sure that the toxins are coming out and your kidneys are working really well, you want to get a glass jar, pee into it, put the lid on, leave it overnight, and check it in the morning. You want to see a white layer at the bottom, like a sediment. I’ll show you a photo in a minute. You might see little white flakes floating around. That is good. When we pee and it is clear, we think that is really good. You want it to be cloudy. That’s how you know that all the toxins are coming out of your body. You want it to be cloudy. You want it to have little flakes. It will look like snow.

Q — What if it’s yellow?

Nisha — That just means you’re dehydrated.

Q — — asking about bubbles.

Nisha — That’s normal. Some people have bubbles, some people don’t. Some people might have them one day but not the next. It just depends what toxins are coming out of your body, from what my teacher has said.

Q — I notice that in the evening when I take my multivitamins, I pee them out and then there are bubbles.

Nisha — The multivitamins are chemicalized vitamins. They’re not natural vitamins.

MPM — They’re not very good. If you were eating fruit all the time, you would get all the vitamins that are in a multivitamin.

Q — Isn’t coffee a fruit? (laughter) I’m trying to justify it…

Nisha — From what I remember, the fruit grows around the bean. The way that that bean is roasted and then extracted is actually very acidic. If you ate the green bean, it would be different. If you cook it, that makes it toxic.

Q — — asking about cooking tomatoes.

Nisha — Tomatoes are actually very acidic when they are cooked. Raw tomatoes are fine, but the minute you cook tomatoes, they actually turn very acidic. Raw is better. You can’t have anything fun anymore!

MPM — If you imagine spaghetti, it’s wheat, meat, and tomatoes, all the things you shouldn’t be eating. That’s why it tastes so good.

Nisha — Yes, and Dr. Morse, who is my health mentor, said that pizza has probably got everything that you shouldn’t have. It’s got gluten, it’s got tomato, it’s got dairy from the cheese, and it’s got meat. It’s got everything that you shouldn’t have.

Q — They say coffee is healthy.

Nisha — They always say that. There’s always a study that says red wine is good for you or chocolate is good for you. No.

Group discussion about dark chocolate.

Nisha - It’s got sugar, it’s got fat. You can get cacao powder. Cacao is the real chocolate bean, but it is very high in a neurotoxin. Actually, chocolate has got a lot of caffeine in it. It has the same effect as coffee. If you’ve got weak adrenals, it’s going to make you worse. It would be like having a cup of coffee. You can have a little bit. If you’re going to have chocolate, have the raw chocolate, or have the raw cacao powder. It’s better than having a bar of Dairy Milk.

Q — How about almonds?

Nisha — Almonds are good. Nuts are good, in small amounts.

Q — — asking about oats?

Nisha — You have to cook them. They’re a grain.

MPM — You just start a fruit diet tomorrow. Eat as much fruit during the day as you can and then stop and eat what you normally eat.

Nisha — Then gradually increase it. Add in one day a week of just fruits. For me, I like Mondays. It’s my fasting day. I dry fast every Monday. Normally, my eating window is from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm. I go through phases. Some days I’m very strict, and then I’ll loosen up a little bit, because otherwise you just feel like you’re missing out all the time. But generally, I eat between noon and 4:00pm when I’m strict with myself. From 4:00pm that afternoon until noon the next day, I don’t have any food or any drink. Then on Sunday nights, from 4:00pm until noon on Tuesday, I don’t have any food or drink.

Q — .

Nisha — But you see the mucus coming out. You see things coming out your nose. You know when, especially in Asian countries, you wake up in the morning and everyone’s coughing, you shouldn’t do that. Your body wants to get rid of that mucus. You shouldn’t have that mucus in your body.

Q — When you say no drink, do you mean no water?

Nisha — If you are dry fasting, yes, no food and no drink, including water. If you’re eating loads of fruit, if you are a raw vegan or a fruitarian, you don’t need to drink water, because you will be getting lots of hydrating water from the fruits and vegetables. If you’re not eating high fruit, you need to drink water or you’re going to dehydrate. Listen to your body. If you are thirsty, drink. Pure water (spring water is the best), coconut water, and herbal teas are good options.You’ll find, the more you eat fruit, your body naturally hydrates itself because we are all constantly dehydrated from eating the wrong foods.

Group discussion.

Q — — asking about ginger ale instead of coffee.

Nisha — Ginger ale? If you can make your own lemon water or calamansi water.

Q — — Asking about a drink of mango leaves, guava leaves, etc.

Nisha — Perfect. Don’t add sugar though. You can get coconut sugar and add a little bit.

Once you’ve boiled your ginger, then you can add a little teaspoon of maple syrup.

MPM — Raw coconut sugar is okay?

Nisha — Yes, it’s a natural sugar.

Q — How about stevia?

Nisha — It’s okay, but the way that they manufacture the stevia… Raw honey is okay.

Q — How about onions and garlic?

Nisha — Yes.

MPM — White sugar comes from sugar cane.

Nisha — Fresh sugar cane is fine.

MPM — Sugar cane is fine, but the minute they process it…

Nisha — Fresh sugar cane juice with lemon is really good.

Q — What is a better sugar: brown sugar or stevia?

Nisha — I personally think stevia tastes very artificial. It’s very sweet. I personally think the flavour of brown sugar is better, but it’s still sugar.

Q — — asking about honey.

Nisha — Honey is actually a complete food in itself. You can actually live off honey. The only issue I have with honey is it’s not vegan because the bees puke. The bees make it and then they spew it up. That’s how it’s made. Sorry! I went through a phase of being a very strict vegan, so I researched it all. Bees make it in their stomach and then they throw it up. That’s how honey is made. But if you’re eating meat, you won’t really care anyway.

Q — How about maple syrup?

Nisha — It’s good, as long as it’s not the pancake syrup stuff. The pure maple syrup is good.

Q — — asking about cloves.

Nisha — Cloves are really good, especially if you’ve got a toothache. You put clove oil on the tooth. Any natural spice—cinnamon, cloves, garlic, turmeric, ginger—all that sort of stuff is all natural.

Q — — asking about molasses.

Nisha — Molasses is very high in vitamins. A lot of people take a tablespoon of molasses a day to replace iron and B vitamin.

MPM — That’s why the sugar is white. You take out all the good stuff.

Nisha — Molasses is a by-product of the sugar processing.

Group discussion.

Q — —  Asking about avocado being bad for heart condition.

Nisha — If you detox really deeply, you can actually reverse heart conditions. If you take olive oil, that’s processed out of the olives. But to eat a natural avocado with all its fibre… If you’re eating five a day, it’s probably too much, but you can have an avocado in a salad, that’s natural. If you’re having French fries, that’s different, because that’s deep fried in a hydrogenated, refined oil.

Q — — asking about hot flashes.

Nisha — I think that’s thyroid-related. Thyroid regulates the body temperature. Just detox. Keep eating the fruit. Let your body heal itself. Don’t go on any of these artificial hormones because you will have all the side effects of them as well.

MPM — The conclusion is, for anything that’s wrong with you, just eat fruit, and somehow that will cure the whole thing.

Nisha — I think of it as a gift from the Sun, because all this energy is in that fruit.

MPM — That’s the Sun’s solution.

Q — — You mentioned about improving eyesight. What fruit is specifically good…

Nisha — What the fruit is doing is allowing your body to heal itself. It’s not like a magic in the fruit. It’s your body. Your body can heal itself. Let it keep cleaning. Fruit is what will let it keep cleaning. It’s actually really simple, but we tend, as humans, to complicate it. We’re so used to having rules and regulations. Just eat fruit.

MPM — The two rules of life: align yourself and eat fruit. It’s true. And when you’re eating fruit, you’re aligning yourself with the Sun, too. That’s all the Sun.

Group discussion.

MPM — What about eating fruit late at night when you get hungry? Before going to bed, you eat a papaya or watermelon. Is that bad?

Nisha — Ideally, you don’t want to eat about two to three hours before bed. If you have to, then fruit is fine because it digests very quickly. It’s different than having a burger before you go to bed because it’s very heavy. Ideally, you want to have an empty stomach when you go to bed because otherwise it will disrupt your sleep pattern because your body is digesting instead of cleaning. That’s why when you wake up, you have a coating on your tongue. A lot of people have this white or yellow on their tongue. The state of your tongue shows the state of your intestines and what is going on inside your body. As your body is cleaning, it’s bringing everything out. Your body just wants to clean, so it’s throwing everything out in every direction. So, you’ll get a coating on your tongue and you can scrape that off with a tongue scraper. That is why a meat eater will cough up mucus in the morning. Your body has cleaned overnight and it’s just trying to get everything out. That mucus is what’s coating all the inside of your cells. Your body just wants to clean it out. You want to have a good night’s sleep and let your body clean. If you eat late at night, it’s going to affect that cleaning. That’s the easiest way I can put it.

Q — What about drinking eight glasses of water a day?

Nisha — That’s a myth. When you’re hydrated with fruit, you don’t feel like drinking water. You don’t need to.

MPM — You are hydrating with fruit then.

Nisha — If you’re eating a lot of cooked food, you need to drink water, because you cook the food and you’ve taken the moisture out of it. You eat bread and it’s drying in your body, so you need to replace that water. When you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to drink.

Group discussion about cooking or boiling fruits.

Q — How about boiled eggs?

Nisha — That’s meat. That’s a baby chicken that hasn’t been fertilized.

Group discussion.

Q — — asking about someone who would drink their own urine.

Nisha — Urine therapy. Some people swear by it. Some people used aged urine, so you leave it to settle and then you can rub it on your skin and you can drink it.

Group discussion.

Nisha — I personally think your body is getting rid of waste, so why would you then put the waste back in. But there are a lot of people that are doing it at the moment. It’s an old Indian remedy, and it’s actually come back into fashion recently. They reckon it heals everything. They reckon it can kill anything. I just don’t want to drink my own urine. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

MPM — Urine is neutral, isn’t it, if it’s been filtered out through your kidneys. It’s fairly pure.

Nisha — If you test it when you’re detoxing, it should be slightly acidic because you should be getting rid of the acids. When you’re very clean, it should be alkaline or neutral, but I don’t want to taste it.

Q — — asking about soaking vegetables in baking soda.

Nisha — If you’ve got spinach and it’s been sprayed, and it’s not organic, you can soak it in a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar just to clean off the pesticide.

Q — — asking about lemon.

Nisha — If you wake up in the morning and you squeeze calamansi or lemon … yeah. The more you do it, you don’t feel so hungry. Your body gets used to eating a lot of foods, so it does take awhile to adjust. When you eat light fruits, you’re waiting for that heavy feeling of being full, but you don’t get that unless you eat a lot of bananas or heavy fruits. So, you just have to adjust. You might want to eat fruit every couple of hours because fruit is full of water so it fills you up very quickly, but then it digests very quickly, so you get hungry again.

MPM — What about mangoes?

Nisha — Very filling. I find them very filling.

MPM — The Chinese think of mangoes as being very hot. They’re not cooling like the other fruits, like watermelon. Ayurvedic people say that.

Nisha — Some of the cooling fruits are watermelons, cucumbers, lemons… Grapes are really, really good. If you’ve got cancer, the first thing you want to do is go on a grape fast. Grape and lemon juice. That will pull the cancer out of your body really quickly.

Q — How about an apple?

Nisha — Apples are really good.

MPM — They have certain formulas of what to eat if you have a certain disease.

Nisha — It’s almost the same, but eat fruit. In particular, concord grapes are good. They grow in Canada. The darker the grapes, the better. They are very well known for being astringent, pulling the toxins from your lymph.

Q — I heard somewhere that grapes are good for cancer.

Nisha — Seeded grapes—not just the seeds, but the actual whole, seeded grapes—are very good for cancer. Eat the seed. Seedless grapes are hybridized. They’re not a natural grape. It’s not GMO, but they’ve modified the grapes. It’s not as bad as GMO. But it’s not as good as a natural seeded grape or a natural seeded watermelon.

Q — — asking about fruit.

Nisha — As long as it’s a fruit, as long as it’s ripe, fresh, raw and preferably as organic as you can get, you can eat as much as you want. It’s the ultimate diet. Everyone loves fruit. Eat as much as you want. And you can’t get fat on it.

Q — What about the pesticides on fruits and apples?

Nisha — Bicarbonate soda and apple cider vinegar to wash it off. Just scrub it. The skin is always better. If it’s got lots of chemicals on it, then just peel it. Just try not to overthink it. If it’s a fruit, eat it. That’s it.

Group discussion.

Q — How many years have you been doing this?

Nisha — I first got interested in my health when I was about 16 or 17, but I started seriously detoxing in the last 5 years.

Q — Are all your children vegetarian?

Nisha — Yes. They’ve never tasted meat. They eat fruit every day until 12:00 noon. They make their own. They wake up and they get their own breakfast. They’re 10, 9 and 5 years old. The oldest will make their own smoothies in the blender. They just put the fruits in, or they’ll get grapes from the fridge, or mangoes. They know, for breakfast, it’s always fruit. They just get their own, or I’ll chop up a big fruit platter because children like to see the different colours. They’ll just help themselves whenever they want. You can present it nicely for children because they like to have it in little bowls. There are different ways of presenting it. When they were very little, I used to make little faces out of it. Now they’re older and they just eat it.

Q — — asking about the source of Omega 3.

Nisha — Omega 3 is fish. You can get it from seaweeds and spirulina. Hemp seed is a really good source of omega 3, 6 and 9.

Q — — asking about protein.

Nisha — You don’t need to worry about protein because everything has got protein in it. Nature has provided the perfect ratio in everything. I haven’t eaten meat for 24 years. No meat, no fish.

Q — — asking about beans.

Nisha — Legumes and beans and peanuts are very hard to digest. If you notice, if you eat beans, you’ll start passing wind because it’s very hard for our body to digest. It’s not optimal. Plus, you have to boil it. You can’t just get a pinto bean or a lentil and just eat it raw. You have to cook it and boil it. It’s not optimal. It’s good, because it replaces meat. If you want to initially replace meat, stick to that. It’s definitely better than meat. It’s 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate. That’s why your body finds it hard to digest.

Q — If you are a fruit eater, where do you get your proteins?

Nisha — Fruits have protein in them.

MPM — The protein is in the form of broken down amino acids. That’s what protein is.

Group discussion.

Nisha — If you do research, there are lots of athletes now that are fruitarians: long distance runners, triathletes, ultra-marathon runners. With just a plant-based diet, they can do these big mountain runs fueled by fruits. They’re not normal, everyday people. These are ultra-athletes. They can do it. Anyone can do it. It’s just thinking differently than what you’ve all been taught growing up, that you need protein and you need this and you need that. There are so many nutrients that we don’t even know about, that are in different fruits. They haven’t even been identified yet.

MPM — One other thing is, you get mental clarity. When you get into meditation, it is just so clear. You can really go into it. Your alignment is going to be stronger because you’re not clogged up with all this other gunk.

Nisha — I notice a big difference from when I don’t eat fruit. It changes the whole ability to meditate and focus. If I’m fasting just on fruit, I can just align straight away. The downloads and information come straight away. It’s like you’ve got this superhighway connection to the Sun. The minute I eat something like a heavy dish of rice or pasta or a curry, I feel so heavy and disconnected. It’s really like a superhighway to the Sun. That’s the only way I can describe it. So, it’s a spiritual fast as well. For me now, it’s not just about health, it’s spiritual as well.

Q — — asking about making smoothies with milk.

Nisha — You don’t need milk. If you want to make something creamy, use the coconut meat.

MPM — What about fresh coconut cream. They make it here. It’s delicious.

Nisha — Yeah, that’s fine.

Q — What about non-dairy creamer?

Nisha — That’s worse than milk. That’s just chemicals.

If you can get dates or dried fruit here, you can make—if you want lots of energy, or you just want something sweet like a chocolate bar—you can get dried fruits and nuts or sesames seeds or almonds and blend them together in a food processor or a blender, maybe with some cinnamon, and you make it into little balls, and they’re energy balls. You can add hemp seeds. If you’re doing a lot of exercise or you just want something sweet, like desert, you just roll them into little balls. There are loads of recipes online. You can roll them in coconut. You can add cacao powder to make them chocolatey. There are lots of recipes you can do. They’re called bliss balls.

Group discussion.

For smoothies, if you’re putting frozen fruit in as well as fresh, it makes it nice and cold and icy.

Group discussion.

Nisha — Listen to your body. Your body will tell you. Just align and ask, “What do I feel like?” We’re so used to being on automatic. It’s breakfast. Eat. It’s lunch. Eat. Stop and think, “What do I really need?”

When my husband does it, in two or three weeks, he drops a lot of weight very quickly. He likes it because, for men, it just defines muscles. If you’re looking for a physical result as well, it does really help.

MPM — What can we chant? Fruit? (laughter)

MPM — Tomorrow we start the the Sun God diet. It’s right in line with what we’re studying. There are no contradictions in this thing. Is this the diet for the New Age?


October 7, 2017
Nisha on Fruits part 2
Michael — lecture


MPM — As you see from last night’s discussion, what Nisha was telling us is this whole diet and way of living based on eating fruit, basically, to get rid of whatever disturbances are in your body, as well as a vegetarian diet which does not include eggs and meat and all that stuff that tends to clog up your system, essentially falls in line with our concept of alignment. Everything that we would be eating is coming from the Sun. So I was going to call this the “the Sun God Diet”. My intention is to post the discourse we had last night on the website. I asked Nisha if she would be willing to answer questions from people who would read that posting, and would have questions specific to certain diseases. In addition to having a good diet based on fruit, there are also herbs that are available and that have already been tested to specifically cure certain diseases. This does not mean that it takes the place of our spiritual healing, which is probably the type of healing that you have been exposed to. For these other healings, down on the bottom is the medical profession. Over here, you have an intermediary form of alternative healing. That’s what we’re entering now as we enter the new age. You go into this form of healing and eventually we evolve into pure spiritual healing later on. So, that’s why I am covering this type of healing, because it can only help you gradually to improve your spiritual healing. But of course, when you are using spiritual healing in conjunction with this healing, it goes faster and it’s more enhanced. It’s actually a booster to what Nisha had presented last night.

What she wants to cover, which she says is something that wasn’t covered enough, is all the creams and makeup and stuff like that, that everybody puts on their skin. Behind that, is what? Drop gender! (group laughter) Putting makeup on your eyelashes and all that kind of stuff, it’s not doing you any good. Is it making you any prettier?

A — We’re not using that. (group laughter)

MPM — (speaking to Nisha) Nisha, it’s yours.

Nisha — What came to me this morning, that I forgot to mention, is we talked about what we eat and how it affects our bodies. Whatever we put on our skin also affects us the same as what we put into our body. If you’re putting a cream on your skin, it’s being absorbed through your pores into your body. So, you might as well eat it. It’s the same thing. If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be putting it on.

I’ll focus on the women because we use more moisturizer, toner, exfoliator, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, spray tans. What else do we do? When you shave your legs, when you get waxing... Some waxing is natural, but if you think about makeup and foundation and shower gel, soap, and everything you are putting on your skin… That’s not to say every soap. There are some that are made out of natural ingredients. You can get some that are from vegetables. Think about your toothpaste. If you’re using Colgate, that’s got fluoride which is a neurotoxin that goes straight to the pineal gland and affects the pineal gland. So think about getting natural toothpaste. You can make your own toothpaste.

MPM — Remember, that fluoride they put in all these dental things, calcifies your pineal gland and it doesn’t operate that well, or at all.

Nisha — There’s something about everything you that are putting in or on your body. So, to give you an example, I haven’t actually used shower gel and soap for years. When you start eating fruit… If you have a piece of meat and you leave it in the sun, it starts rotting and smelling. That’s what it does inside your body, and that’s why we smell. If you’re eating fruits, you should smell like fruit. If I eat something, like a pasta, I can smell it the next day. It’s not natural. I will smell different. When you eat fruit, you don’t need to use deodorant or things like that. I still use a natural deodorant, and I buy one that’s made from baking soda and coconut oil and essential oils. You can eat coconut oil and you can eat baking soda. It’s entirely natural. You can get shampoo that’s naturally made. It’s not like Pantene or Dove. If you wear make up, you don’t need to wear it anyway, but if you get pimples, you can get makeup that’s made with natural minerals. You’re putting this right on the skin.  There is coconut oil, which you can get everywhere. Coconut oil does everything. You can use it as a moisturizer, you can use it as a cleanser. You just put it on your face and get a cotton ball and wipe it off. It’s a natural exfoliant. You can use it in your hair as a conditioner. You put it in and after a few hours you wash it out with shampoo and that’s a conditioner. You can use it to brush your teeth. You can brush your teeth with coconut oil. You can use it as a deodorant as well.

MPM — Tell them about what you should do in the morning with coconut oil.

Nisha — You take a tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth the first thing upon waking up, before you brush your teeth. If you think about it, your body’s been cleaning all night. If you wake up in the morning with a coated tongue, that’s an indication that your GI tract is not clean and the toxins have been building up all night. You don’t want to eat and then swallow all the toxins again. So, you want to brush your teeth first and then have your breakfast. So, before you brush your teeth, the first thing when you wake up, you put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for as long as you can, up to about twenty minutes. You will feel like spitting it out. It draws out all the toxins from your mouth, all the bacteria. You can put some turmeric in there as well, because that’s naturally antibacterial, or oil of oregano, or even peppermint is good as well, and it will clean all the areas that the toothpaste can’t get to. Then you spit it out and then you brush your teeth. If you follow a natural diet and use coconut oil, it will really help your teeth. I had a toothache with a hole that was healed over just by constant use of coconut oil and turmeric. It will help the body heal itself.

MPM — The toothache is really produced by bacteria eating at your gum and your teeth.

Q — Right now, it’s very seldom that you see coconut oil. Most of the oils that they sell now are palm oil.

MPM — No. You can buy coconut oil. I keep it all the time.

Q — So it’s the virgin coconut oil. Okay. But how is palm oil different from coconut oil?

Nisha — Most palm oil is very highly processed and it’s used for frying and cooking. But the coconut, the actual coconut tree is basically the tree of life. You can use different components of the coconut tree. It does so many things. The actual oil is naturally anti-microbial so it stops the microbes from developing. It’s anti-bacterial so it stops the bacteria, and anti-fungal. The ancient Indians used it as an Ayurvedic remedy.

Q — How about for skin irritation? Is there a formula to make a cream out of coconut oil?

Nisha — You can use the coconut oil neat on your face or you could put some in a jar and add essential oils. Lavender is very soothing for the skin, and another one would be rose and frankincense.

MPM — Rose is not available here naturally.

Q — So how do you do that? Do you cook it?

Nisha — You want it to be pure. If you’re putting it on your skin, you want to keep the natural component of that coconut oil, so no need to heat the oil. You put it in a jar or bottle and add a few drops of oil.

Q — Are the essential oils available at the Body Shop okay?

Nisha — I don’t know how pure they are. But in the West, companies like DoTerra and Young Living offer really good food grade oils. I just don’t know where you can get them in the Philippines.

MPM — The best is to get whatever is native.

Q — — asking about coconut oil and cold press, and not heating oil.

Nisha — With coconut oil, there are different methods. One way is heating it, another is the cold press method where you extract the oil without heating it.

Q — — It doesn’t pass through heat, it’s a cold press.

Nisha — That way, it’s more natural. You can get cheaper coconut oil, and that’s generally been heated. It has a yellow colour and a strong odour—not recommended to use.

Q — — What are the components to make all-natural deodorant?

Nisha — — I use coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. This needs to be kept in the fridge in the hot weather so that it does not melt, but stays as a paste. You can add bentonite clay, shea butter too. There are lots of recipes online.

Q — — asking about coconut oil.

MPM — You’re just swishing it around in your mouth and then…

Nisha — You don’t swallow it, you just swish and swirl as long as you can, and then you just spit it out, rinse and then brush your teeth.  Initially, you do it for two or three minutes. The aim is to work up to twenty minutes. The oil’s got a very viscous texture, you just keep doing it a little bit every day and you’ll get used to it. I actually threw up twice when I first started, and I used to gag a lot, but you get used to it.

MPM — All of this stuff, you have to get used to, because it’s going against what you have a habit of doing. It’s that kind of change that you need, to be able to adapt yourselves to what’s coming. Believe it or not, this is all part of a strategy to get yourselves ready for the crisis that’s coming. What she’s saying is that all this stuff is available here. You’ve got coconut trees here. Look at all the places that don’t have coconut trees. What are they going to do?

Nisha — Nature provides everything you need.

MPM — Everything you need. You know, Ryan took Nisha to the Mahogany Market, just to see what was available in terms of fruit.  What was your impression?

Nisha — You can have all the fruits you want for dinner. I’ve never seen so much fruit in one place, in such variety.

MPM — You’re all lucky. As I’ve said, you’ll never starve here.

Q — After a bath, we would usually use lotions, but instead of lotions, do you use coconut oil?

Nisha — Yes. I don’t use baby oil. That’s really artificial. The company Johnson & Johnson has been taken to court recently. Baby powder is very toxic. If you use coconut oil, it gives a very smooth coating on your skin.

Group discussion on types of shampoo.

Nisha — — There’s a lot of people who use the ‘no poo’ method and don’t use anything. After a while your hair starts cleaning itself. I haven’t done that. You can use a rinse made from apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean. The best thing I find is using organic shampoo that hasn’t got any chemicals.

Q — Is baking soda safe to drink?

Nisha — Yes. It’s very alkalizing for your body.

MPM — Do you drink baking soda? You usually use that to reduce the acidity.

Nisha — You can use it in cooking, so your body can take it.  It’s actually very good for your kidneys, if you’ve got a lot of acid in your body. You can use a little bit of baking soda to neutralize it. Not too much though, you don’t want to overdo it.

Q — — asking about licorice.

MPM — Do we have any other questions?

Group discussion about putting this information on the website.

Nisha — There is so much information about natural antidotes and natural haircare and diabetes. Michael has videos that you can watch. There’s a documentary about how to reverse diabetes.

MPM — It’s called Simply Raw. It’s a film on the internet that shows how these people reverse their diabetes by just following a plant-based diet for thirty days.

Nisha — — There’s backup about the diet, so it’s good to see.

MPM — I don’t find anything contradictory in this, with our concept of alignment. It’s perfectly in line with it.

Q — It’s very timely for the things we are anticipating.

Q — — Asked about perfume on clothes.

Nisha — You can spray it on your clothes, but it’s all chemical based. Some of them even use formaldehyde. The best thing you can use are essential oils.

MPM — Those are good.

Nisha — Peppermint or rose or any you can get, or citronella.

(group laughter about citronella)

MPM — We use it for anti-mosquitoes.

Nisha — Just ask yourself if it’s natural, and what are the ingredients in it. If you don’t know it and can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s not natural.

MPM — If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on.

Q — There are plenty of citronella plants here.

Nisha — You can even take the leaves and just crush them.

Q — What do you do to exfoliate the natural way?

Nisha — Coconut oil is a natural exfoliate. You wipe it on and use a cotton wool pad to wipe it off. Or, you can make your own scrub from coffee grinds and put that in the coconut oil with essential oils. Or you can use sugar. The sugar doesn’t melt in oil, so you use the sugar with the oil and spread it on. Even course salt.

Group discussion about using coffee instead of salt because salt has sharp edges.

MPM — It’s up to you. You can take this information and use it as you see fit. You can take it gently, little by little, or you can go full-hog on the thing and just switch. It depends on you. The promise at the end of the line is better health.

Group discussion about cold press and virgin coconut oil.

MPM — In other words, they take the oil out through pressure rather than boiling it out.

Q — — In India, they make coconut oil by pressing it and leaving it overnight and in the morning…

MPM — On youtube, they have several of these videos showing you how to make your own coconut oil.

Nisha — You can use the oil as a base for soaps and shampoos and everything. You can make your own as a group and just share it.

MPM — When you make soap, do you use sodium hydroxide?

Nisha — — I have recipes you can use.

Q — Nisha, there is a body soap from Neutrogena which is milder. Is that okay?

Group discussion that anything that is commercial is chemical. 

Q — There is an artificial soap made of metal, just like a pebble, made in Japan. Is that okay?

Nisha — I don’t know. Try it. It might work.

MPM — Sounds like you won’t have any skin afterwards. (laughter)

Q — — asking about brands that are coming out with organic ingredients.

Nisha — — You still want to read the ingredients. If it’s got things like parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde, PEGs, you want to stay away from them. Just check and do the best you can. I’ve got very curly hair. I used to straighten my hair and that is really bad because they use really strong chemicals to straighten your hair. If they can straighten your hair, and it’s not straight, then they use very strong chemicals.

Q — How about hair colours?

Nisha — That’s all chemicals as well.

MPM — Also the bleach for your skin.

Q — So how do you dye your hair?

Nisha — There are some organic brands of hair dye, but they will be very hard to find in the Philippines. Or, if you are going to do it, make sure you don’t get it on the scalp.

Q — Is henna natural?

Nisha — Henna is natural, yes. If you are going to dye your hair, just tell them not to brush it onto the scalp. Try to get it on the rest of hair. Or, if you are going to go on a fruit diet, a lot of it can reverse aging and grey hairs.

MPM — The other thing that’s used here is the skin whiteners. Those are probably the worst things you could ever use. They are very bad for you.

Q — How about the glutathione, a naturally occurring amino acid, which is injected in the vein. It’s supposed to be for cleaning the liver, but the secondary use is to change the white colour.

Nisha — Is that natural?

MPM — It’s an amino acid.

A — It’s an amino acid and vitamin C combined.

Nisha — — I know that this helps your digestion but I’ve never heard of it used for this.

Group discussion about it’s use.

A — It is used to clean your liver.

Nisha — You’re going to clean your liver by eating fruit. I see that as invasive.

MPM — So if you eat fruit, you don’t need all this stuff.

Group discussion.

MPM — Look at what we’re talking about. This is all stuff where you can just walk out and pick it off the trees (in the Philippines). This is the kind of independence you can have from our traditional ways, and eat. You don’t have to cook this and kill that to survive. In this particular area, you’re so lucky. That’s why I say you can never starve here. You just pick a banana, dig up a cassava, pick your mangoes… It’s all there. At the same time, when you’re doing this type of diet, you reduce the amount of sickness and disease, so it’s even better.

Have you seen the Ageless Wisdom website? We’ll put an identical thing on there, so you can go there and check it out. But there will be some diseases that can be healed also using certain herbal remedies, and Nisha will give us the information on that, if you would like. They will make things go a little faster and pinpoint certain diseases that you may be suffering from, without going into medicine. (Speaking to a member) Does this put you out of business?

A — No. It actually complements it.

MPM — What you can do is test and verify all this stuff. 

Nisha told me this morning she has never met such an open audience, without resistance. You are absorbing this information and now put it to use if you want to. But at least I don’t see you guys resisting it.

A — Our previous teachings prepared us.

MPM — It isn’t contradictory to your Ageless Wisdom teachings. It complements it.

A — Everybody here is used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

MPM — What about the Crispy Pata? (group laughter)

A — That can be a celebration for an achievement. Every day you have an achievement that you can celebrate. (group laughter)

Group discussion about having a get-together fruit-feast.

MPM — Nisha wants to propose a 7-day challenge to you.

Nisha — As a group, you could get together and have a challenge, and just have fruits, vegetables, nuts, coconuts, and anything that’s raw. Just try it for 7 days and see how you feel. See if it’s helped your meditation. Obviously, with withdrawal, you are going to get a headache with the toxins coming out. See if it helps how you feel. If you’re all doing it together, you can all support each other as well.

Group discussion about eating fruit on weekends, and that rice is not good to eat.



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