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Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2 by the Amanuensis

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Welcome Message from the Master Sanctus Germanus

The Great Brotherhood of Light and
The Master St. Germain Welcome You

On behalf of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation we welcome you to this website. The name Sanctus Germanus means Holy Brother and was adopted by an ancient Soul of the Great Brotherhood of Light who once walked the earth as the Comte de St. Germain and who today serves as the Hierarch of the New Era that is now coming into existence. This website portal is named after Him, for it is He who has sponsored it in the name of the Great Brotherhood of Light.

The information in this site is presented as food-for-thought. Our intention is not to impose our ideas or convince you through argument. We only desire to place before you another point of view--that of the Masters of the Great Brotherhood of Light--on the events that surround you today in the hope that this different perspective will eventually add to your understanding and knowledge.

How this Site is Organized

In the section below Purpose of this Website, we explain why the Great Brotherhood of Light decided to create this website. We include some background information about the Great Brotherhood of Light, who they are and their tireless work for the benefit of mankind over the centuries. More information of the Masters directly involved with this website is available in the following links: The Masters Sanctus Germanus (St. Germain), Kuthumi, and Morya. A "precipitated" photo of these three Great and Holy Ones is featured on our entry page.

Finally, in the Amanuensis section, there is a brief account of how I was plucked out of the business world to serve as one of the mediums for Brotherhood of Light to back this website..

Important Messages from The Great Brotherhood of Light

This most important section will bring you up-to-date views from the Great Brotherhood of Light on all the important contemporary issues facing today's world. These include audio discourses on terrorism, the insidious works of the Dark Forces, the war on a worldwide scale, mental insanity in a period of accelerated evolution, the gradual collapse of the world's economic and financial systems, government institutions designed to inhibit man's freedom, and the powerful effort of the Great Brotherhood of Light to weed out the dark forces and prepare the world for the entry of the New Age. In addition, there are messages of comfort to help us cope and triumph over these trying times.

(It should be noted that due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the worldwide financial system and the escalating state of warmongering in 2015, that, even though the Brotherhood has continued to download messages to the foundation members, these messages cannot be released to the public on this website for the time being. We suggest you that you visit alternative internet media sites such as and to keep abreast of these end-of-cycle events.)

In addition to these issues, the Brotherhood is sending forth new methods for dealing with health and psychological issues. Personal issues such as controlling emotional ups and downs, handling fear and paranoia, and establishing tranquility in oneself are covered both in audio and text format.

Feminine Counterpart

This section is devoted to preparing women and men for the incoming Feminine Ray, which is the moderating force in these times of turmoil. The spirit of 20th Century English Medium Estelle gives a series of discourses and "Evening Teas" covering women's issues and their solutions. New teachings on healing methods are revolutionary.

Pertinent Books

In this section, we make available to you, free-of-charge, out-of-print books that have so enlightened mankind over the past century yet have disappeared from today's bookshelves. By studying these books, you'll be able to grasp the import and tireless effort the Great Brotherhood of Light has lent mankind in their effort to promote mankind's evolution.

Invocation and Meditation

In this section we have included invocations sent down by the Brotherhood that will help create a powerful protective shield about you in face of the current agitation in the world today. We have also included a suggested meditation, designed to help you reconnect with your Higher Self and thus maintain your sanity in this world.

Questions and Answers

We stand ready to answer any questions you might have about the Brotherhood or even your role in the whole scheme of things.

Webinars on Esoteric Matters

The members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation have produced and continue to produce stimulating webinars covering a range of esoteric subjects that are cast in simple, readable language with illustrations that are "worth a thousand words." To quickly grasp what we, as a foundation, believe in, we invite you to partake of this banquet of ideas.

The Sanctus Germanus Newsletter

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation publishes a free monthly newsletter sent via email. All are welcome to subscribe to it. The newsletter reaches out to lightbearers of the world and shares with them our perspective on world issues from the perspective of the Ancient Wisdom. To subscribe, please fill in the box:

Email Newsletter


We hope that you will find this website helpful in clarifying or explaining the reasons for some of the baffling events we are now undergoing. Come back often as we will post more messages and insights as they are received from the Brotherhood.

The Amanuensis


Sanctus Germanus Books



©2007 The entire website is protected under the Canadian Copyright Law of 1985 and all revisions thereafter and the
Berne Convention. All rights worldwide reserved by the the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.