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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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If one were to speak in terms of classic Hindu meditation, perhaps one of the oldest on the planet, there we've got certain techniques that will certainly take one deep within. The whole concept of paying attention to one's breath - and mind you, the minute you begin to do it, you notice it isn't as simple as as it might sound - well, that would be one of the very first, should we say, imperatives in the Hindu style: is to be able to sit comfortably, spine erect, and simply notice your inflow and outflow of breath for a period of time.

Well, some may say "Oh yes of course, I can do it, let's go on to the next thing." Of course, they are not doing it! For once you begin to do it, you're speechless, for one thing. The other, is that you find yourself immediately drawn within; you must be. For to observe it, one must almost be within oneself, to watch it occurring as an external phenomena of the body. So then, one watches this thing, the inflow and outflow of breath. Then, one begins to sense, or feel, the, I should say, perimeter of one's aura - the energy radiance that goes out from the body, the temple proper. One gets to a sense of trying to sense and feel that. So again, you're starting to work with the subtle nervous system here.

Thereafter, you would want to progress in the direction of the spinal chord itself: the spine, yes. The spine as viewed in raja yoga, is the dimensional doorway to the Inner Worlds. One goes within, through the spine, through watching the light within the spine, first visualising it almost like a fluorescent lightbulb all aglow. One begins to will oneself inward. This willing, mind you, is not unlike the effort of the salmon in the northwestern part of the United States, who will swim against the current, that they might go where they need to go, to fulfill their destiny. If you've ever seen them leap, it isn't an easy chore! Ha ha! I say they leap and they leap, and they leap, again and again and again, and most make it, after some incredible odds and steeps: but they do.

But the world of course, in its tutelage of most of us, especially in the west, will ever and always emphasise the outer world, you know, the effects of the physical plane. So one must go against the current, like the salmon. To will oneself inward, one sits and goes: "I want to go in, and in and IN ... and then I should like to go in, and in and in, some more." And it's an effort of will. You can't call it much else. It's a steady one though - there's no tension to it, it's simply slow, solid determination. And I say that when one can hold to it, for a period of time, completely, you Indeed begin to make certain inner breakthroughs. It's almost like piercing a veil, or the popping of membranes. One passes to an inner place where it is suddenly more quiet. And it's rather refreshing, quite lovely; but it's not the place to stop, you see, it's the place to go and find, "Thank you, but now I should want to go further in, and further" - and it is in this process which well, lasts years, really; one should view meditation as a science, not unlike that of learning a fine instrument, a violin for instance.

One goes within consistently. It becomes the practice, the discipline. As one does, you get greater and greater control of the outer world and the outer physical body. This is where the yogis begin to demonstrate the various powers that they can, over the body proper, the stopping of the breath you know, and things of that nature. And yet it is not at the point of "powers" that one should stop either, but to continue beyond that. Many do. They can use their friends, and such. One goes deeper, deeper. Eventually one has the major breakthrough, which is that so-called White Light experience. Suddenly one literally experiences oneself as a being of true, solid Light. This is not a metaphor. It is quite literally the case.

And one realizes, speaking of cases, that one's physical body and emotional body if you will, and even the mental body, are all but "casings", ever more refined, but that is all. Whereas, previous to that, one has assumed that these were one's very identity, as most do! You know, the outer man, they look in the mirror and say "that's Me." Non-sense! Those are but their casings - the physical one being the densest, and thus the easiest to see. Even one's emotional body, that is to say, one's emotional responses, which one tends to feel are so germane to one's identity - "That's me, that's how I am you know" - you know? - that's how you might be, reacting emotionally, based on conditioning and those very things. But one gets beyond that, and then one realizes, "I am none of these. I am not my body. I am not my emotions. I am not even my mind, even at its best. I am beyond all of these things. I am indeed, the Self within, that One, that Light, that identity that has gone from life to life to life, body to body to body, over and again experiencing, gathering, growing, and eventually coming to the Great realization that One indeed is God!"

Ho-ho! ho! The very blasphemy of the Christians! Ha ha! Say that to a Christian, he'll say you're blaspheming. They'll say you're truly in the act of blaspheming and they won't like It at all.) So never mind - you can't learn much from the Christians on meditation, I'm afraid! They've got little to say, save that it's a dangerous practice, given to pagans and heathens, ha ha, and certainly not something a good Christian would ever want to be caught doing. Prayer, yes. Beg, plead, implore; but do little for yourself paraphrase we think whether they understand our variation.

We would encourage it, friend. You're certainly of the temperament that you can apply it, enjoy it, and actually progress in it quite a bit. And we would also say that, it's something that is quite naturally a part of your inner Soul's desire, if you have any at all, it would be that. There may be periods of inner achievement. Now mind you, there will be times, shall be times, when one sits where apparently nothing is happening, you could say. Such can be the case: like one exercising, you know with the physical body - one can't always jump up afterwards and say "Oh look, now I've got more muscles than before!" It rarely happens like that. It's a rather gradual thing. It tends to come upon one gradually. But each time is a brick of a temple. That is so.

We would say that, taking these things into account, you would find yourself becoming ever more the mystic - he who sees life as it is, really; that this outer world is but a world of effects, but that the causal self is certainly ensconced within. And I say that the more and the better you reach into that inner Self, the more you touch into the causal Self--He that causes all things external to occur; thus its effects. It's quite lovely, quite beautiful.

We would say in addition to this, one last thing: in that you seem to have an attunement with the Great and Holy Master St-Germain - who by the by, is certainly not a Christian saint, I trust you know that: his name actually is a derivative out of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, which means "Holy Brother". When they translate this as "Saint Germain", it is really Holy Brother - Sanctus Germanus. And we would say further, that this one has as his central teaching, that there is, attached to each one, a great Divine Presence known as the I AM. And that I AM presence that he has paraphrased as the magic Presence that one can call upon, is something to be adored, something to be thought about, is something to be certainly acknowledged, is something to be very grateful unto. That this magic presence, the "I AM" presence, is the giver of all gifts, that very God self that we are... And it is to this One that one should repair constantly, and daily. One should always give all gratitude to that great I AM presence; and that all good comes from it, and that we should commune with it often, asking that it flood our world with perfection. Yes, perfection! And in doing so, we decidedly open the door for the sweeping away of human foolishness, nonsense, blindness, stupidity, and all of that, that seem to cause so much trouble.

Oh well! Very good, my friend, I'm afraid I can't stay, I know there's a little constraint on the medium's time, but I leave it as is, knowing that a word to the wise are sufficient, and these things that we have spoken are spoken in utter truth; hoping their import carries all in the sound currents of our voice, and reaches you all likewise. God bless ... watch how things shall unfold. It should get quite lovely.


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