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Some Insights on the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The moment has come. We convene under the bright, bright stars of heaven, acknowledging the importance of each and every one. So how can it be my dears that we can't know something of the importance of that particular star that might have been shining the most brightly upon the moment of your entrance into this place called Earth? Do realize my dear, dear friends that this place that you moan and groan about, I believe every now and then, is one of the most coveted schoolrooms of all, at least in this sector of the Universe. Why should that be? Well, can't you divine it by now? I dare say there's not one here who couldn't tell me a bit of the difficulties and troubles that have beset you since what might appear to be your birth. And yet I say it was from that very moment, that magical moment of your own benediction that you were profiting, yea, profiting indeed. And as you did consider, and I might say in the case of 99% of you here, reconsider, coming to this Earth plane again, for you have all been before, I can't see any exception. And some of you re?re?considered; I should add that instead.

You realize by the very reconsideration how profitable it might be unto yourselves, yes, how very much there was to be gained by submitting once again to this crucifixion. Oh make no mistake of it, my dears, with all the sentiment and all the romantic notions about how beautiful life can be and on and on and on, that's fine, you know, if you can stay asleep that long, good for you. But sooner or late it comes upon each and every one of you, if ye be a sentient being and a thinking individual, that no, no there's something quite unlike a picnic going on here. Why is it I feel like I've been dragged over some coals instead? And all that sentiment and all that beauty that accompanies the whole notion of being alive and happy and free on Earth, well, it takes its rightful place, doesn't it?

So then it's only fair we think unto each one that you be allotted that information that can at least help you affirm your choice. Why did you come here anyway? Whatever was in your mind? Precisely, what were you thinking? And in that you had to enter through one of the twelve doorways, then you certainly picked one didn't you, one that would serve your own purposes. And so here we go trying to give a bit of a treatise on the whole of it. Trying to let you know something about what was on your mind and what yet must needs be accomplished, ere you can relieve your mind once and for all in that final last gasp.

Very good, well one thing we've got to tell you, is this thing: that any of you who be serious students of astrology shall soon or late find there be two brands of astrology, at least, that you're inclined to find yourself involved with. One, the so-called Tropical or Western astrology of which I think most of you are acquainted and the other, the so-called Vedic astrology of the East. Differing approximately in 23 degrees of calculations. So for most of you who know the Western or Tropical, you should be rightly shocked to find that many of your own birth or natal positions would have shifted approximately 23 degrees into the reverse. That is to say you just might find yourself the sign right before the one that you claim that you are. For some it shall be a cause of some upset. You'll throw your hand up "Oh that can't be, oh it can't be, I'm an Aries if there ever was one. You're telling me I'm a Pisces, I don't think so." Yes, yes, well, my dear friends, perhaps it'll allay your fears to know that in the coming cycle, that which shifts with the new age and year, these two shall begin yet to merge even more closely. But I give you that first revelation of the evening when I say this: that in any sign that you might consider yourself to be, your balance is to be found in the sign previous to it. Yes.


In other words, as we begin the cycle with the grand sign of Aries, you'll find that if an Aries truly wants to fulfill their grandest destiny, they must contemplate the sign of Pisces and seek perhaps to embody a bit of that. For it balances it. It's oft been noted how each and every one of those signs is quite different from the one previous or thereafter. By design, I would say, by Divine design. But if you be an Aries, you need to know its the sign of Pisces that shall see you through. Yes, why should that be? Well, because Aries is a sign of action, not always a sign of premeditation or thought. The Aries energy completely lends itself to taking total control, it lends itself to movement, to accomplishment, to getting the job done, no matter by what means, at times. And that isn't always going to be cognizant of the human sentiments that might be wilted in the process. You see, so would not a good dose of Piscean love and compassion do good here? I think so, can't you see it? Why I dare say that an Aries but with a Pisces moon might be a delightful person to know. For they shall have the best of both worlds.

And so think of it my dears and what ere your sign might be, go to the one previous and you might find there some lovely and interesting qualities to balance out your brashness. And if it not be brashness you're trying to balance out, perhaps its good to balance out your slothfulness. You'll tend to suffer from one or the other. Any exception? I don't think so. So, then we look into the Arian light and what do we see? Well beauty, beauty of the first order. We see oft the one who first notes what is the greatest and deepest desire of God and without another thought rises up to accomplish it. Good on you Mr. Aries, hail to you Mrs. Aries for you are the ones that love and love and love enough that you'll jump right up and fix the situation. Why? Because you're deeply aware that God needs to have it fixed. And if God needs it fixed, who cares what your brethren think about you? You're not looking to siblings are you? You're looking to your parentage, your celestial parentage. Yea, for there in lies great beauty. Oh, my love of Aries energy goes way back, to the days of Richard the Lion Hearted, (that is a story for another eve) who was an Aires, by the by, thus the name.

So, what I shall tell you then, is that when you look at the Aires energy, you're looking at those that have come here to please their God. Their allegiance is not to mammon, it's kind of them if they can take that into consideration at all. And for that reason I say, and just to help the stalwart and brave Aries soul, consider the ways of the humble Pisces, how they take everyone into consideration, at times unto their own detriment, for even therein beauty.

So let us look unto the grand and holy place called Aries and know that it was here and within this powerful and beautiful cycle that we did have the great powers of fire burning to a God that was loved above all things. The so-called Ten Commandments, delivered at the very onset of the Arian age, began with the first commandment: I am the Lord thy God, thou shan't have no strange Gods before me. And so that Aries will love that God immensely, once they are purified of their own human ego. But until then it will be themselves they love above all. You see, they become the eclipse then, you see, the moon eclipsing the grand sun of their own divinity. So patience I say, patience for the rest of you who aren't Arians. That you might see why in there is here to be found a great and holy love that is celestial. That is at the root of it I say. It truly is.

Come to know your Aries brethren as great lovers of God and until they find that great God, well, they themselves will have to do won't they? Which is why they speak with such conviction. Some of you know that. The Aries speaks as if there is no second opinion, nor shall there ever be. Why should there be? They're speaking of God aren't they, God's will, God's way, God's idea. This is it the end all and be all, "the fact that it happens to come through me and more or less by me, well, well I'm just fortunate that I happen to understand that better than you." But look deep and you'll find the tenderness there that is well meaning after all and thus the innocence.

This is precisely why the Arian oft will take little or no responsibility for the storm they have caused. Oh yes, fire and lightening, people scorched right and left, and when its done, well you know "it's what God wanted to do, isn't it? What's wrong with you? Dust yourself off, get on with it, you know. Cry baby." Yes, so come to have a soft spot in your hearts and souls , my dears, and mind you I speak of Aries were it your sun sign, were it your moon, were it your ascendant. They all apply, wouldn't they?

The great and holy master Dhjwal Khul, sometimes known as the Tibetan, he who overshadowed Alice Bailey and her lovely work once spoke of this, it was a treatise on Astrology, on the Seven Rays, on Esoteric Astrology. And he delineated that the moon sign represented your past, what you incarnated with as a backdrop, your emotional reaction, your knee-jerk reaction. That the sun sign is what you've chosen for this current incarnation, the ascendant is your future, or what you are stretching towards. Perhaps there is some truth to that. I have no argument with it.

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And so we progress unto the next sign. The deep, deep Earth sign of Taurus. Here you've got the vastness of Earth and all of the resources there in. Taurus is that sign that takes all into account. That is to say from the Earth plane point of view, it's what it knows. Taurus is the sign that is generally used by those who are visitors from other planets, initially. In other words, many of you who are making your transition from another planetary system to this one, will choose a Taurean incarnation, why? Because it grounds you most effectively into Earth's ways and understanding, and because when you first come here it is quite germane in the protocol of souls transiting from one system to the next, you like to bring a gift. Oh, a Taurean loves a gift, both to give and to receive, for it's something substantial, isn't it? It's something you can put in your hand, you can feel it, when a Taurus wants to express energy it will give you a gift. And they expect them in return, at least from time to time. Because, you know, words are just air, aren't they? Well it's nice, but it flies above the Earth to the Taurus. For I'll tell you one thing, , my dears, when it comes to the differences in qualities in elements, Taurus is the Earth sign that allows you to settle upon it. In other words, Taurus will bear your weight. Can you say that of the air element? No, you'll sink like a stone. Can you say that of fire? Nein, you'll be scorched.

So you see, herein we come to the first element in the Zodiac which will allow you to rest upon them, and they'll bear that weight and bear it lovingly. Taurus then is the sign of that soul that comes into this life to establish something that will bear the weight of others. Oh they are givers and most beautiful givers, it isn't enough to give for the Taurus, they want to give to those that are unborn. They want to leave that behind which will outlive them. And thus they have earned themselves the name the Temple Builders. They want to create a structure that shall house not only your body, but your soul as well, in as much as that were ever possible.

And so when you are dealing with Taurus energy, you are dealing with the great giving energy, yet quite simple, quite simple in its ways, you can't expect it to be, shall we say, too difficult to understand either to deal with. Simplicity works best here, for its the longest lived, isn't it? And the Taurus, however, wants to gain a bit more balance in it's own lovely mission, it must look to the sign previous, which is Aires, and borrow some of that fire and borrow some of that sense of complete allegiance to the God self. And be quick to move, and movement spells a step toward greater Divinity. For Taurus, as the Earth itself, appears to move at a slower rate, that is its nature, can't be criticized for this. Does one criticize the turtle for moving slowly? No, only a fool would do it. For there is beauty in all things fast and slow. For if ye be a Taurus or have that in your strong astrological makeup, it is that you chose to come here and leave a gift for humanity. Find out what that gift is , my dears, meditate upon it. What have you got that you came here to leave? At least to share, that in the sharing, others benefit, not only whilst you are in the process of sharing, but long there after. This would be Taurean energy at its best.

You are giving for the generations. You are giving for a long, long time to come, and thus the beauty of your stability. Taurus is oft the sign that is chosen by those that come from supersonic planets. Oh they're not slow when they arrive, they need that Taurus brake to get in tune with the Earth, you see. It's a tuning station really in more ways than one. So before you criticize your Taurus brother or sister for being too slow for your liking, come to know that they might be coming from a star that vibrates fifty times quicker than your own, and they chose that only to slow them down that they could communicate with you. And thus we come to have a grander appreciation for all of it.

Oh my dear friends, you realize that for brevity's sake we must keep it as it is. Yet I say I could discourse the night long on any one of these signs. Perhaps one day we shall plan a twelve-day symposium, eh? Then you'll really know who you are after that one. So thus in the understanding of the depth of the sign, we seek to have a greater compassion, especially that we can appreciate the beauty of our brethren. For no matter what the sign, there is great, great beauty as attached to it in that the signs are the very thoughts and ideas of the Godhead. And that alone should give us yet more food for thought and contemplation, shouldn't it? In other words, do realize that each and every sign was the best that God could do. Who are we to criticize this? Let us come to open our hearts, , my dears, let us come to open our souls twelve times to encompass the grandeur of the Divine that's chosen to bless us with these wondrous, wondrous paths of the Earth we walk.

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Proceeding then to the third of these and that would be Gemini. The first of the air elements, that thought that seeks to embody the very mind of God. That mind that is multifaceted unfortunately for which the Gemini is oft criticized. "Oh, you're so scattered, you are. Can't keep your mind on one thing, can you? Jumpin' about you are?"

Do you know that the Gemini is ultra and hyper? sensitive to criticism? Oh, yes, they are. And yet they can't help if their minds move swiftly from one thing to the next for they are trying in vain like a young child trying to keep up with its parent. Their great love of the Divine mind would not have it otherwise. The Gemini seeks to capture every new facet, every new tint, every new color, every new idea, every new direction, every new beauty of the mind of God as it reveals itself, as it does to no other sign, but the sweet, sweet Gemini. So much so, that they can't do it in one piece, they've got to do it in two. They've split for that reason, you know. Yea, that is why you've got the twin element with Gemini.

Long ago it was realized in vain by those who attempted, one can't do this, we at least need two, and the split did occur. So before you criticize your Gemini brother for being too flaky, I think is the word you like to use these days, please know that at the depth of that is a deep, deep love that wants to miss nothing of his Father's mind and his Father's ways and hath literally split himself in two to try to keep up. I trust you get the drift of this night's lecture. Come to know then, my dear, dear friends that when we speak of the Gemini mind, we're speaking of a mind that can oft out-distance your own, unless ye be one. You're speaking of a mind that is full of love and rarely malevolent. You're speaking of one who so much wants to, could we say, mimic its celestial parent, that's it willing even to forgo the pleasure of having said "well I've finished that and I've finished that and I this and I that."

Gemini will often be a selfless sign, as are the other signs that are mutable, they give and give and give. The Gemini mind, a beautiful, beautiful mosaic seeking to capture the beauty of God's mind that those in lower frequencies can be able to understand it, and that is their sacred contribution to the brain pool.

Now would it not help then for the Gemini to partake a bit of the stability of Taurus? I think so. So to you who are Geminians look to your Taurean brethren. Draw from them that stability and it shall be in the striking of the balance that you might just find something in the area of peace of mind. The Geminis are the writers, for they are the scribes recording what God hath said--past, present and future.

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Proceeding then unto the 4th sign, bringing in the water element, we go to that thing called Cancer. The great and holy sign of Cancer containing within it the depth of God's feelings that go beyond this solar system into the constellation of Cancer, which those who incarnate in its sun sign have only recently usually visited. That is a requirement, you know. If you find yourself here born as a Cancerian, you can count on the fact you've spent a bit of time in the constellation of Cancer, gaining something from that deep, deep place that feels perhaps as no other sign doth really feel. For feeling is certainly here the greatest point of all.

When you look into the depth of the Cancerian soul, what you see is a deep, deep desire to feel for others as well, and that it's obvious to the Cancerian that others are scarcely feeling at all, at least not from their point of view. They want you to feel something. No matter what it is, just feel. For they carry within their souls a secret that you can't ascend into the throne of heaven without feeling and feeling deeply. Those who thought you could arrive there by your calculations are sorely mistaken I'm afraid. You can think all you like, you can build all you like, you can activate all you like, but you'll never get there without feeling. So you've got to feel and feel deeply. And what is feeling really if not the daring to experience the very heartbeat of God.

It's bravery that one needs to have as a Cancerian, very, very brave. For with that feeling of course we can't segregate, can we? Feeling is feeling, there is no insurance policy your feelings shall all be positive, or pleasant, or lovely, much less ecstatic, especially if you're going to live out a lifetime on Earth. No, no , my dears, on the contrary, brave, brave Cancerians, for to descend into this thing called Earth life schoolroom at this particular point in your history is to descend into the maelstrom of hell. You know good and well there's a lot more feelings going about that are chaotic and not necessarily beautiful than those that shall be. So when the Cancerian encounters that lovely rose of beauty, oh do they want to hold it. Oh don't take it from them please, and that could just be you, my dear, their friend, their mate, their loved one.

This is why the Cancerian holds on as it does to those that it loves to the point of manipulation. Because it's such a rare thing to find something so pleasure giving and so beautiful and it feels it as no other sign, my dears and how would you know unless you are a Cancerian. You'll not, you'll not.

So you see, my dear friends, understanding opens the door to love doesn't it? The more one can truly understand the depths of these things, even at a glimpse, the more one can understand what just might have been the intention of that Divine One that spewed it all forth so very long ago. Strewing the heavens with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. And would it therefore not fall unto the Cancerian energy and sign to be most closely associated with motherhood, being the sign of the mother itself. Oh yes, who feels like a mother, but a mother. So you see , my dears, you're speaking of the very depths of the ocean here, depths indeed, depths of feeling, depths of vulnerability, and perhaps it is for this reason and its feelings being so profound that at one point or the other, to the observation of others, the Cancerian will appear to go, what they call, over the line of sanity. You all know about the rulership of the moon here. Its esoteric name being Luna and the term 'lunatic' derived from that. There's truth to it all but perhaps now you can see why. So, my dear friends, let us look again and again at the depth of these signs whether they be found in your sun sign configuration, the moon that marks your emotions, or the ascendant which is what you are yet in the process of becoming.

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And so I repair now to the next sign here, and we're speaking, of course, of the powerful sign of Leo. Majestic sign, child of Regulus, royalty and sign of great pride and great will. What have we got here? Well, we've got a sign that actually partakes of the very throne of Divinity. For in the ultimate and undying wisdom of Divine Mind, it was foreseen, quite clearly, that in the course of human incarnations, the soul taking on the many bodies necessary to partake fully of participation of Earth life must perforce assume a bit of forgetfulness, the memory veil of which you have all heard, and when that memory veil is imposed, what then? You forget, and oh, how much you forget. You forget your background, you forget your Divinity, and if you have no Leo energy abroad in the land to remind you, you should forget your dignity as well and end up groveling and end up forgetful of your high and holy state. For I say the Leo forgets it never. Beaten down though they might be, humiliated for the nonce, I tell you there is something in that Leo that shall not allow its head to be bent for more than a moment before it rises again and says, "I'll rise above this, you can't keep me down, for I am Divine, and I know it all too well."

This energy, this power, this beauty, found in the Leonine presence is one of those things that keeps the rest of humanity afloat, just one. Were it not for the Leo contribution and presence on the planet, there should be far worse things to be observed as souls in their utter dejection would find themselves overcome and defeated by the rather gross conditions that pertain and are closely associated with many of the Earth's schoolroom lessons, especially its most gruesome ones. I dare say there would be devolution occurring far more than evolution, but for the Leo.

So you see this is the very sign of those that hold their heads high and in doing so we all hold our head high when we have contact with them. Granted, a Leo that is not aware, as in the case of Aries, that the whole purpose for this majesty is to bring back attention to the Divine, might assume a bit of that themselves, you know, "not looking too bad down here, pretty good eh? Wish I could say the same for the rest of you. I look in the mirror I see glory, beauty, elegance here, I trust the rest of you do as well. And if you don't well, well, that's to be expected, you know. Can a pauper ever really appreciate a king? No. Can't expect me to treat you like one, you're not acting like one, eh. Takes one to know one, doesn't it?" So you see in the case of the less enlightened of our Leo brethren, one is likely to find this thing going about, this so-called pride, some would call it arrogance. But I say it is the inner remnant of a soul memory that is not allowed to be extinguished, not even for a second, that its true destiny is out of the very heart of God almighty. "If ye be royalty, then act like it." This is what the Leo soul says "and if ye act not like it well then perhaps you're not, neither must I treat you that way." And so you see how a bit of this might slide in, as they say. Yes, so it goes, so it goes indeed.

My dear friends, when dealing with these things, we seek to have a breath of understanding, a breath of vision. We seek to see the grand plan and how it is that long ago, long ago, I can safely say, trillions of years ago, these things were first thought into existence. And then like a grand explosion, talk about a good idea, pop they all went out. Yea, don't think the constellations came about as a matter of coincidence: they were placed there, strewn as it were by that mind that strews all things.

Lo and behold they all came to pass. These be not new concepts, neither observations, but as ancient as the everlasting hills. Perhaps it can be said, I spoke with some degree of truth, for I find myself humbled in the admission of it, that such an exposition as this particular one perhaps has not been given of late. This is precisely why we found ourselves in the position to share it. Even these simple insights not been popularly discussed nor seen, no, not for some time. And thus the timing was ripe and we came to that lovely place and we thought "well, lets go ahead a give it a go." Leo, reminder of divine birthright, we love you and salute you. Remind us all until we are all Leos and then we'll know something of the beauty of life.

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Very good, proceeding then unto the sign of Virgo, we come to perhaps one of the humblest of the signs. Back to the Earth element, and what have we got here? Now we've got that one that in its deep, deep love for the wisdom of the mind of God, seeks to serve every facet of the Divine plan simultaneously. Oh yes, the Virgo will out serve everyone in this room unless you be a Virgo. The Virgo's very breath is built on service. It knows only how to serve, but not always how to be served and in this it might need a bit of aid. The Virgo will lay herself out so that you can walk across her back, if so be it in doing so a higher purpose is served, no ego there at all.

And so, what great love finally is struck when the Virgo looks back on its Leo predecessor and says "Wait a minute, oh I'll serve all right, but who am I after all, am I not made of the same Divine stuff as my Leo sister who waits to be served. Yes, could it be that I might just reserve a bit of that for myself, just maybe, yes, good idea." In the Leo's grand, grand sense of power it oft will be so elegant that it sometimes forgets the humanity of humanity. For its thoughts like its Aries sister is focused on God and the Divine. It seeks to remind us of the Divine and if so be it in doing so, it must elevate itself just a little bit, well, "that just goes with the territory, doesn't it? You see. If to remind you of your own Divinity I must be Divine in your presence, well I'll do so," says the Leo. For it needs to remember what Cancer has taught it, which is that human feelings are perhaps some of the most sacred ground one can tread upon.

So going forward then, into the Virgo energy, it also benefits from borrowing from the Leo. To hold its own head up high and not be so quick to lay itself down, though it is certainly willing to do so when a purpose might be served. Virgo is that lovely, lovely sign that knows how to fix whatever needs fixing. Act of service, isn't it? And if that fixing must needs be done upon your physical body the Virgo is a specialist at it--the healer, the great healer of the Zodiac. Do you know that to sit in the presence of a Virgo sun sign person is generally to receive healing whether they know it or not. True. It's better yet if they're not trying to serve you at, the same moment, for that could get in the way, you see? And so Virgo then benefits much in learning silence, yes, silence, for it sees so much and feels so much and wants to do so much, that it will use all of its resources to do that and one of them will include the voice, the mouth. Oh, they'll have something to say, believe me. You'll wish that they would just hold it back a bit. For you see that great desire if it were not allowed such free reins with the tongue should be able to then come through other facets instead, perhaps more useful ones.

Sweet Virgo soul, practice silence, won't you? Come to know something of the beauty of silence for your heart and your soul can't be stopped. And you keep giving and healing just by being who you are, your own sweet, sweet self, yes.

There might come the day, , my dears, and I speak of the rest of you that are not Virgos, that you come to a state of intimacy with a Virgo, that if you can possibly convey this message. If you do it, do it tenderly won't you, for they are so sweet and vulnerable, their feelings can certainly be hurt. "Oh, did I say the wrong thing, I've hurt you, I'm terribly sorry, I've got to make it up to you" and they'll think of 20 ways to do it before day's up. Yes. So you see, it's a matter of the stillness with Virgo. For what is Virgo but the sign and constellation of the Virgin, she who is yet pure but within herself, sullied, only when through promiscuous contact with the world. So we say to you then who hold Virgo high in your hearts, come to know its beauty and protect it and help the Virgo to protect it as well. So you need not be promiscuous in your giving, my dear, you can't help it being a giver par excellence. Give slowly, give silently perhaps, give it a bit more meditation and perhaps borrowing from your Leo brethren, give with more dignity and how beautiful shall be your giving then.

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, my dear, dear friends, would that we could elaborate on each sign in we understand the falling of the sands of the hourglass in your Earth plane lives and respect that in that we ourselves had trodden the same path and are likely to do so again perhaps. For I've come to the conclusion of part one of our discussion of these signs of the Zodiac, and let us take a short respite shall we, refresh ourselves briefly and then return again.

Grateful unto each one of you for your attention, creates steps into which we can connect. Perhaps it is only fair as we speak of the sign that we approach of fairness and fair play, we let you all know that we are delivering this lecture in a particular format. We ate keeping it in a particular frequency of what we would call the sub?superconscious mind, that it might stay with you indefinitely and to that end you might say we are making not one, but many recordings as many of you sit here adorning the salon. So grateful we are, indelibly grateful I would say. And so we continue.

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We begin with the 7th sign then, that would be that of Libra. And with its rulership of the planet Venus, never far away, we speak of that sign which tends to be symbolized by not so much an animal symbol, but that of a inanimate object, scales. Forever in flux. I say forever in flux. Oh you'll not find the Libra balanced, but always balancing. A balancing act indeed; on two legs I would say. What are they balancing? Equity. What is fair? Fair to man fair to God. What is fair in the sense that, until, unless balance is stuck, then its inequity must ever create conditions of blindness and consequently of suffering. Oh the Libra's very aware that without vision the people perish. So Libra becomes then a form of monitor of sorts. Difficult whilst in their presence to be too anything, you know, they'll let you know about it generally, but more often than not they don't have to speak a word. You just don't. You just don't. Any of you know what I'm talking about? Oft whilst you are in the Libra energy field, you balance yourself because your imbalance becomes painfully aware to you. Oft to the Libra as well, but they'll usually be too diplomatic to tell you that. They'll think it, they'll register it, they'll feel it, they might even project it, but they'll hope that you're refined enough that they don't have to say it to you. And if they do, of course they'll pick the best words; speaking rather mincingly, you know, they don't want to hurt your feelings. For that's an imbalance as well, isn't it? They are committed to keeping that balance, to walk in that tight rope, and yet it is a tight rope of love. For they know that until and unless balance is present, God can not be in full. For that is but the name of God; on one level.

Equity, fairness, fair play, balance; all yielding harmony, beauty and the presence of the spirit world itself, quit this Earth and you find yourself automatically in a state of harmony and balance. Unless of course you've worked hard to live a life that is chaotic. Then I am afraid you will strike a different kind of balance there. It will be the obverse of what you are creating here, the same thing, just there. But other than that, you'll find yourself immediately, and I tell you with the utmost degree of fairness drawn into a sphere that precisely matches your inner mental and emotional atmosphere for the bulk of your life. That is your afterlife state due to the hierarchy of Libra.

Most souls will claim that they are being treated too well, that they've ended up in a Heaven they didn't deserve. Nay, not so, for the mind, the Libra Cosmic mind that was judging every jot and tittle was taking into account those things that the soul never does. That smile that you gave that stranger who needed it, that kind thought or act you had. The time you spoke up and said "no, no I think they deserve this, don't you?" For oft other signs are too busy keeping themselves balanced to see the bigger picture as to when the balance is being struck or no.

The Libra can't do it, they can't take their eyes off of it too long, they must ever return to that point where they are watching, watching, watching. And they shall speak up if they feel inequity painfully drawing close. So they might appear to be kind, to some of you, too kind. "Aren't you being a bit too sympathetic here?" you'll think. But only the Libra sees the tenderness of the heart to which it appears to be overly merciful. Only the Libra will pick up that subtle and beautiful thought, that rose amidst thorns, when others would only see the thorns. So if you really want to know what another soul is, as they say in your vernacular, truly "coming from" and you're not quite certain, ask a Libra, oh they'll tell you. If you ask this. They'll tell you.

Libra then is a sign that obviously is necessary as are all of them. And those of you who have chosen to enter that path have done so simply because you've hit a point in your own solar evolution where you come to see the so called good, the bad and the ugly. And you're given a chance to strike a clear chord betwixt all of them, and walk and live accordingly. Balance indeed, for it has been said the Libra soul is not necessarily balanced by nature, rather they are seeking to attain that in a finer and finer degree.

Each and every sign of the zodiac is privy to a different doorway into the very palace of God almighty; specially chosen just for their use. The Libran doorway, when it enters, opens into the throne room of God and here, what the Libra will find is its own soul coming into a greater state of balance. And for the Libra there is no greater ecstasy. And after such lovely cosmic intervals it returns gently, ever so gently to its Earth body, oft unawares as what has been its beautiful cosmic ordeal, but ever better suited to balance the rest of life; either verbally or by its very presence.

And so once again we come to a different view of those brethren that you would call your Libra brothers and sisters. What do they know? Balance, they know it, whether they know it or not. In this lovely attempt to balance, they can become a bit too fanciful. They can get a bit too in love with love and the ideal of it all. Perhaps they most need to dip into the Virgo energy that precedes them to obtain some of its practicality, and even getting into the minute details that the Virgo is so fond of. The Libra must needs look where its balancing might be accurate and so then in you find again the practice of the precedent. Very good, now we move forward.

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Now if you dare, we take a look at the sign that is considered the most formidable of all. Yes, my dear friends, prepare yourselves as we enter deep waters here. Scorpio, the very word can cause chills to come up some of your spines. Why should that be? Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio, I rather say it just to see you jump. And ask the Scorpio themselves and they'll look and say in the most demure way "Why, who me? I?" Yes you, doughty soul, yes you. You, oh surgeon of the zodiac, you who can wield the scalpel unwincingly, you who can heal, or if necessary punish. For my dear friends, as you well know, karma must have its instruments, eh? And few are as well suited to dole that out than the Scorpio soul. Though half the time they are quite unaware that they're doing it. "Well he had it coming, didn't he? She asked for it." Perhaps, "but a Virgo certainly couldn't have done the job. No, no the Scorpio is supremely suited for the karmic retribution because they can remain so cool whilst they're doing it. They really can you know, they are in control, or at least it appears that way. The deep, deep sign of Scorpio, they're so deep, they don't know how deep they are. Perhaps only God knows.

Scorpio energy is that energy that bodes no limits at one point. It wants to know the fullness of Divine experience. It so loves God deep within its own soul that it puts up no barrier, no wall, no limits, no stopping point at all. And so they get a bad rap, don't they? They call them the sign of extremes. They'll say "Oh she doesn't know when to quit." She thinks "Why should I? God's not quitting. In my great love of my celestial Parent, I but seek to be the perfect and unlimited instrument for God's unlimited ways. Pour it through me I shall take all of it."

Scorpios are often referred to as being fearless. It's that they don't fear God and if they don't fear God why should they fear mammon. Takes a lot to frighten a Scorpio; generally another Scorpio. It's that deep and wondrous sign that pulls from the most extreme portions of the solar system and beyond that. Rulership generally assigned to the planet Pluto, the furthest out in your solar system. Scorpio would go even beyond that, believe me. "Why stop at Pluto? Just a baby isn't he?" That's what a Scorpio would tell you. Scorpio is the depth. Scorpio can be the terror, due to being the depth. Scorpio is the veil before it is pulled back. Scorpio is the deepest mystery of all. Scorpio is inscrutable, you can't know deeply enough to know the Scorpio well enough.

Oh, but they shall know you my dear, they shall know you. For they are watching, you and they are seeing through you from the moment there's contact. For again in their mind there is no filter, and at their best they are perhaps one of the best suited of all the signs to bring through the Divine through the human instrument. Some of you know of the interesting and unique holy man by the name of Satya Sai Baba. He's a Scorpio. No one understands him, not really, and yet he is kind, forgiving and a wondrous healer. When a Scorpio heals, they do not even know how they do it. They just do it. It comes to their soul and heart that you are worthy of it, and they but put their healing attention upon you and pop, it is done. As opposed to the Virgo who will come running with a poultice three times an hour, however many you should need think nothing of it. That's a different kind of healing.

If you've chosen to be a Scorpio, you've generally done so because in previous lives you've held back here and there a bit, never found out quite what it was like to go all the way. So all you've got to do is be born a Scorpio and that's fixed. And then, of course what lies beyond going all the way in any human capacity in, of course, that's sheer contact with the Divine, and therein is your goal, sweet Scorpio. Nothing held back, utterly naked as you and the Divine beloved might be as one, and that is your greatest and deepest love and concern. When dealing with others you'll attempt to be gentle, mild, if you can, but you'll quickly discern the depth of others and often that's also the extent of your patience with them.

Scorpio, power house of the zodiac. Your lesson lies in your power, your nuclear power, I say aim it toward a high and powerful goal and there's little you can't achieve. Aim it toward the ascension of all of humanity and you find yourself at the side of the great Lord Serapis Bey, a Scorpio if there ever was one: The lord of the Egyptian Dynasty, for oft Egypt is connected with that sign and its polarity of Taurus.

These things, though sounding as mysteries to some degree and certainly to the uninitiated, are as the sweet music of your soul, if you but contemplate these things. I but bring you the kernels that you can look at them at your leisure. I but reveal nuggets of your own innate wisdom that you can observe them under the magnifying glass of your deepest perception. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Scorpio. I fear you not Scorpio, not now, though once I did. For you don't want an enemy who's a Scorpio. They'll stop at nothing to undo you, and they'll have the last word, even if it's from beyond the grave I tell you.

Oh, death is nothing to the Scorpio, perhaps it means less to them than any other sign. They are associated with death and what lies beyond it of course you see. So nothing frightens a Scorpio, for if death doesn't, what else shall? They'll get beyond that. I'm afraid you too have been given a bad rap, Scorpio, so come to know that perhaps through you one the greatest mysteries is at last realized. All must incarnate as Scorpios sooner or later. Suit yourselves , my dears, suit yourselves. For if Scorpio be all that I say it is, could it not benefit from a bit of the equity of Libra? I think so. Let the thoughtful Scorpio then be more thoughtful still, and meditate on its gentler Libra brethren and how it is that they strike balance, and teach thus that lesson for all.

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Moving forward then, we come to that wondrous Sagittarian wonder, the son of Jupiter itself; Sagittarius. Some would say the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. We would say perhaps the most far seeing. The Sagittarian innately possesses the ability to see further into the future if you're speaking in terms of linear time than any other sign, save perhaps, Aquarius. For even here the Sagittarian would see in terms of prophecy. The Sagittarius is that sign not ideally suited to life on Earth, and if you've chosen that sign unto yourself, neither are you, I'm afraid. You are enduring it, putting up with it, trying your best to fit in but you never shall, not really. For you are always seeking what's beyond the beyond, aren't you? Sagittarius, you just can't quit, can you? The archer ever shooting into the future correctly delineates your energies. That is fine, that is beautiful. It marks you as those who pull the whole parade along, would that we would all follow you when we can.

The Sagittarius is the sign that takes us into the next millennium, whether we are close or far. The Sagittarius reminds us of the basic plan of evolution. The Sagittarian refuses to allow things to devolve but insures they must ever evolve.

The Sagittarian is the keeper of the gate of eternity. The one you find at the point where things cease to be finite and become in?finite. For those of you who are done with linear thinking and staid concepts of time and space, I say go to Sagittarius and ask of his endlessness and infinite wisdom. When you are ready to understand immortality, Sagittarius holds it in his discerning eye. And when Sagittarius speaks, the truth must ever come forth, for the Sagittarian can only see the consequences of their words, even though oddly enough, those who inhabit that sign on the Earth plane appear to be oblivious of these, and they're oft accused of speaking without thought. I say the reverse is true. They know that by telling the truth, the greatest good is served, for they see the future all too clearly. A lie would be a step backwards, even to placate. They won't do it, they can't do it, even if they want to. So yes, they'll appear to blurt out things that you wish they hadn't. They'll be the ones who speak the most truth when many are inconvenienced by that truth. But not if they could see the future as a Sagittarius does, and they shall all be anxious to join the chorus, I tell you.

Sagittarius is a sign connected with Great Masters of the higher brotherhoods who are too truthful in thought, word and deed to inhabit the Earth plane any longer. So let that Sagittarian truth become as a blanket under which you sleep nightly that you might imbibe of its purity, its truth and its prophecy and be ye all prophets of truth, speaking freely. For if ye speak the truth, what harm can truly be done? Perhaps the Earth needs the awakening of the Sagittarian tongue. Amen.

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And now we go to that powerful, powerful sign ruled by the great Lord Saturn: Capricornius. My heart goes out to you dear ones, for God knows you suffer. And yet that is your right, isn't it.? You wanted to suffer, you're dying to suffer, you're willing to suffer, I dare say there's a part of you that rather likes to suffer. And you know why? Because you've obtained to that spiritual maturity where you're finally seeing the infinite wisdom in taking your medicine; that's why. Yes, you're not going to take on suffering that you need not, though it might appear that way to others. You're taking on suffering you haven't even earned yet. "Might as well get it over with," the Capricorn says, "go on, bring it on, heap it on my back. If it breaks my back, well I had it coming didn't I? Or I will one day." Because you see in its endless wisdom, in its beautiful foresight the Capricorn knows this, that it can't bear suffering that its either hasn't earned or shall not earn one day, it actually is perceiving the future. It rather put itself at risk knowing that if its got it not coming, it won't happen to it. It'll just shall pass right over its head, and then the Capricorn will know in the most practical way that they love to know things, that they're free and clear, past, present and future. The bill is paid. Brave soul I would say, perhaps braver than the lot. And to others it appears, well masochistic at worst. "Look at them on their knees, scrubbing the floor doing what they don't need not." Oh, I wouldn't be so hasty. The deep and beautiful love found in the Capri corn soul is that love of the end of the road. They just want to get it over with, they're not trying to side step anything. "if I must bump my head, I'll bump my head. If I must suffer, bring it on, I'm strong enough, I'll bear it." And so, can we say they lack for self realization? No, not at all. On the contrary, perhaps they are more realized than most.

Yea, my dears, yea, come to embrace your Capricorn brothers and sisters in a new way, with a new tenderness, for that also is their portion. The Capricorns of the Earth are those that are drawn to finance. They like money, not for greed alone, but that they perceive all too clearly and all too realistically that money shall not fade away, no not from this system of worlds, not anytime soon. They're realists. Allow the Capricorn their realities, won't you? And you might just partake of a few of them yourself, though their pillow might be a bit too tough for your head. One day you'll bargain for it, and pay them just to use it. Then the Capricorn will be happy, "there that's better," they'll say.

For don't forget, my dears, just as you now feel the grand lovely rays of Aquarius, it won't be more than 2000 years that you'll be dealing with Capricorn. I trust you'll all be ready for it. Those of you that linger. Oh you'll get your fill. Case you'd wonder about that. All of you will get your fill till you'll want for no more of everything. Did I not tell you? That is the Divine Plan. Yes. You must be satiated completely before you quit this Earth of everything, everything I say. You'll have so much of everything and be so full of everything, you'll want not for one more thing. Then you'll be in bliss, Capricornian bliss. And then you'll ascend.

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Moving forward then, we come to Aquarius. Perhaps the most spoken about sign of late. That we appear to be on its very threshold--Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius--what can I say about you when you so defy description? When you are all things and none of them. When you are ever and always becoming something new and different. Eschewing the old, ever seeking the new. Always being that which all shall one day be in your wake. Harbinger of the future. Creator of that which is ripe on the tree of invention. Aquarius, that we should all listen to you.

And yet Aquarius, would it not be wise in your grand and holy inventiveness to dip back into the Capricornian energy of practicality and money. And the fact that it's not going anywhere, anytime soon. And that you'll need it to fulfill some of your farfetched plans. Aquarius, Lord of the air, you need boots to ground you. Just as Capricorn needs the optimism of Sagittarius to keep it balanced as well.

Aquarius is that sign the soul will choose when it wants to contribute to humanity's knowledge of its spiritual future. Plain and simple. You won't find too many historians being born as Aquarians, there's no time for that. You'll find them logging the future, what hasn't occurred yet, for them it's almost the past anyway. They're beyond it as they do it. For in doing that, they get to see the next thing, you see. And perhaps, just perhaps, if the term cosmic greediness ever arose it could only be applied to this sign. Oh yes, they want it all, and that isn't enough, "more" they say "more". God bless them. For God knows there be far too many other signs that are not greedy enough when it comes to things of the spirit, but are far too easily satiated with the paltry things of Earth. So you see all partake one of the other, and yet its only in having the grand vision of how each one loves and can be loved, and is so very necessary that we begin to scratch the surface of understanding why, why, why it was that the Lord God of all Creation had these wondrous thoughts, these twelve wonderful pathways unto its own sacred Presence.

Aquarius is that sign chosen by the soul when it would cause its own estimations of humanity to increase. For you see, it's quite possible, and all very well, to be incarnated in any one of the other signs and be thinking quite a bit about one's self, one's own problems, perhaps those of one's loved ones. But Aquarius can never lose the sight of humanity, its the constant backdrop of their own life, and the musical theme that plays on. Oh, it's true, an immature Aquarius can dabble away their time coming up with crazy schemes, thinking of all kinds of things that are rather shocking to others, you know and enjoy that little bit of entertainment. But it lasts not, for soon it dawns upon the Aquarius that they are being silly even unto themselves, and they must rise up to a greater calling. The calling of the Great Lord who once pranced through the courts of Europe, known as the Count Saint Germain-- The Great Lord and therein of the Aquarian age--he who is ever the inventor, the genius of the ages, he who comes to preach that genius is the most natural state of the soul and thus of the mind and reflects it, he whose goal it is amongst 1,482 great ideas that he's got and prepared to launch on the Earth plane, that by the time he's done with you, all genius shall be a word that just implies naturalness. Anything beneath that will be contemptible. "What you're not a genius? Where have you been child? Slow aren't we?"

So come to know that Aquarius, the sign of the future is always a sign of the future, not just in that it happens to dawn according to your Earthly calendars. And have a sense of its excitement and its complete and total unpredictability, for you can't know the future by the past, not in this case.

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Bringing us at last to the twelveth and perhaps some would say holiest of all the signs of the zodiac and that would be the great and holy sign of Pisces. Why do I say holy? Because I speak of saints, I speak of selflessness, I speak of that high and holy quality that having a sense of not being anyone at all, must always be all that it can be for everything and everyone else, that's why. In previous dispensations they have spoken of this as the martyr. He or she who lay their life down, but while could they not if they see a greater reality than themselves. Their life, their physical existence, why it's nothing unless it can be bargained in return to bringing this greater reality, then perhaps it's worth something.

And obviously, the so-called down side of that is they can have little or no self worth, which is always temporary. Those of you who have got your Piscean brethren about and see their great selflessness and pity them for it, I say pity them not, they are reveling in it, whether you know it or not. They wouldn't be any other sign, not really. They chose it didn't they? Didn't you all.

Pisces, Pisces, Pisces sweetest perhaps of all the signs for your great and unlimited giving. Your wonderful sense of, shall I say, immediacy of sacrifice. You don't even stop to think, you just give and in that giving perhaps you most closely emulate the Godhead than all the other signs put together. Yet, take care, take care, mortal Pisces, for you must last as well, mustn't you? And if ye give and give so much, you might give all of your allotment and there's nothing left to give and you would be the most miserable of all. Not that you've got nothing, but that you got nothing left to give. And that is your very life's breath, so pace yourself, dear ones, that you might give for the decades to come. For you can't do it otherwise, can you? Hold back you cannot. Might as well hold your breath. How long can you do that?

And so you see, , my dears, when the circle comes full, the signs are but glorious, glorious extensions of the love All Mighty that hath breathed us all forth into creation. There is no sign more lovely than the next. But all are equally glorious and beautiful when correctly understood, and from the vantage point of unconditional love. I tell you we, who have studied these things for what would translate as decades of Earth life, are forever in awe of the unfolding beauties that continually arise out of these Great and Holy fountains, twelve in all, of God's giving for this sector of the Universe. I tell you there be other sectors where they have not twelve but 36 signs, and the choices compound, but of these we speak not, lest we get ahead of ourselves.

Suffice it to know that each and every one of you of necessity must walk these twelve paths at least once and generally more, to come to know the fullness of God's love whilst one is inhabiting the mortal body. And then at your leisure won't you go from one to the other, to the other, experiencing ever increasingly the depth and the love contained in each. For as you encounter your brethren and when the appropriate moment comes that you can ask of them, "and you, dear one, what might be your solar persuasion? Into what sign did you incarnate?" The moment they tell you, it matters not what, your heart will feel "Oh, delightful. You're a glorious Virgo are you? What a great giver. You are a delightful Capricorn, I hope I learn reality from you. You're a Scorpio, may I drop my limitations in your presence. You're a Cancer, may I be brave enough to feel as deeply as you feel." You see, and as you go about you'll feel not but appreciation for each and everyone.

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The New Year opens soon, doesn't it? And with it comes opportunities, new ones for each and every one of you. Arians will learn to be more gentle and forgiving in their ways.

Taureans will learn to be swifter in action, and proud of themselves that they can accomplish everything they did before, but in half the time.

Geminis will learn to hold that beautiful, beautiful mind of God fastened on one facet as long as they should care to and not be helplessly strewn to another unless they care to be.

Cancerians will find yourselves full of the depth of feelings you always had, but now with the ability to disconnect instead of being the victim of those feelings, ever able to change your minds.

Leos shall find seeping into their grand and holy magnanimous nature the constant backdrop of a sweet and soft heart called humanity and will never again allow that magnanimous sense to step on the sensitive heart that is human.

Virgos will learn to give and serve and live and serve fully, but without depleting themselves in the process and will learn to give more regally in Leonian fashion as they can serve their words and instead become sheer essence, the givers of Darshan.

Librans will come to see that balance exists already and that they need not always hold themselves back that another soul might get a fair shake. But that all comes about quite naturally in the process and yet they can't stop being the balance for all about them and will come so see the beauty of themselves as they do it and be able to retain their rose colored beauty no matter what.

Scorpios shall find themselves becoming ever more aware of how it is that others in life, themselves excluded of course, do feel fear, do feel hesitation and their energies will be turned toward the healing of the hearts and fears and psychology of others, instead of simply just experiencing the depths of their own. As any small traces of past selfishness will evaporate in a great new love of humanity and care of the underdog.

Sagittarians will find themselves more at home on Earth as they come to experience the depths of their own feelings, their appreciation for the Earth schoolroom, and more interest in their fellows about them as well as a deeper appreciation of the heart and how it loves and must be nourished and nurtured like a little child. Not always off to the next thing, but caring for what is before one.

The Capricorns will find in the new cycle that they grow, shall we say, ever more joyous as they start to see though their way is their way and they scarcely can't change it, but that it need not exclude a soft bed, a comfortable and leisurely afternoon, and a life that is pleasantly void of thorns and the rocks that they had always assumed to be inevitable.

The Aquarians shall begin to appreciate the beauty of simply chopping wood and carrying water, the simple things of Earth life. Not always feeling the necessity to get ahead and move forward and investigate the ultimate peaks of cosmos when those peaks and valleys can be found in the heart of their friends.

And the Pisceans, givers endlessly, shall come to see the beauty of giving unto themselves and not feeling it to be selfish. And start to see how beautiful they are and that others yearn to give unto them and how beautiful is the reception of that gift.

So, my dears, rejoice. The Lord of the Zodiac hath given us all a great kiss this night. My privilege has been to describe some of these aspects to you and of course to share that kiss with all. God bless you, may your understandings increase eternally. Forever more I am your friend. Amen.

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