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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Completion of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 2 (Pub. Nov 2006)

I returned to Montreal in the Spring 2006 to prepare for the Foundation's third annual meeting in Chicago, after which I set to work to complete the second volume of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies that I had spent writing the previous summer (2005). I had now had several months to think about the task.

After the trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling, I was made aware that there was a body of teachings that needed to be "downloaded." Would I consent to getting up at the crack of dawn to take dictation? Why so early in the morning, I moaned? Because the transmission would be clearer before the energies of the city got stirred up. So our dictation meetings began taking place at 5 am every morning. At first I staggered out of bed fighting all mental arguments to stay snug in bed and sleep. I must admit that in a semi-sleep state, the conscious mind poses less of an obstacle to the transmission. And there is nothing like the quiet of the pre-dawn morning for total concentration. After the transmission, I must admit to climbing back into bed for a snooze so that I can last the rest of the day. In a matter of a week, the morning sessions became routine, and I found myself looking forward to them and as a result I felt more invigorated.

I initially took down two volumes of handwritten dictation. I was told to use pen, ink, and paper, as the handwritten originals would serve to authenticate the dictations. Those of you familiar with computers can appreciate how word files can so easily be altered as well as lost in a second. I continued to take these dictations in long hand and have noticed that the script changes with different guides. These dictations were integrated into Volume 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies.

By the end of summer 2006 I had finished a complete draft of the book, and I now understood why they had wanted me to go back to Darjeeling before completing it. I sent the draft to an editor in London and was preparing to relax when a message came through that it might be a good idea to go back to India. This would be my second trip to India in one year.

My Trip to Dharamsala and My Meeting with the 17 th Karmapa

Happily, this trip was not slated to be a voyage of thorns, but I certainly did not know what to expect and why I was making the trip. But it came to me that I should first visit Dharamsala, the headquarters of the exiled Dalai Lama, and then proceed to Darjeeling. I told a friend of my intentions, and she said she knew a monk friend who could perhaps get me an appointment to meet the 17 th Karmapa. I thought that was a long shot since such a meeting is usually arranged months ahead. Nevertheless it was worth a try.

A couple days before we left for India, we got an email from the monk saying he had arranged a meeting with the Karmapa. I was delighted.

When I finally arrived in Dharamsala, I met the monk and he then told me that he had invited a French couple and a German teacher to attend the Karmapa meeting with us, so now the meeting was to be a group meeting. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to have enough time to discuss the coming earth changes with him and was afraid he would not have enough time with all of us there. That night, I was told not to worry. I would have my chance.

The 17th Karmapa's Gyuto Institute and Top Floor Residence

We arrived at the Gyuto Institute where the Karmapa resides. There were two busloads of Taiwanese Buddhists who had also arrived, so the waiting room was overflowing with visitors. I then realized I would never be able to talk to the Karmapa and resigned myself to just being part of a group audience. Then the Karmapa's monk/secretary came into the waiting room, and there seemed to be some disagreement between our monk and the secretary. Finally, the secretary approached the French couple and the German and told them there would not be enough time for the Karmapa to see them, so could they come back at another time? I was allowed to proceed with my friend.

There were so many people in the waiting room jockeying for a place in the line, so I just stood back to let the big groups go first. I assumed that we would be tagged onto one of these groups for the audience. Some were even offering the monk/secretary envelopes with money to secure their place in line.

Still in the back of the line behind the crowd, we climbed up to the top floor and waited. The two Taiwanese groups entered the audience room one after the other and left. There were about twenty others left waiting outside the audience room, and I assumed we would all go in as a group. Once the second Taiwanese group had exited, the secretary motioned the rest of us to move up. I was about to follow the small group ahead of us into the audience room when the secretary said to me "stop, please have a seat."

About ten minutes later, the door opened again and the secretary motioned us to enter. I assumed everyone behind me would come in with us, but to my amazement the secretary only allowed the two of us to enter. It was to be the private audience that I had been promised the night before.

The picture above is the young 17th Karmapa as I saw him. He was glowing with powerful energies around him. He was standing and greeted me by placing a kota (white silky cloth) around my neck. He took his place on a chair in front of the room and his translator knelt next to him. We sat on the floor in front of him. I asked him if he was aware of the earth changes taking place now and in the future. He was. We had about ten minutes to discuss earth changes and the role of the Tibetan Buddhists in the crises to come. Finally, the secretary interrupted this bracing conversation and said time was up.

We got up and shook hands again. The depth in his eyes is something to behold.

As I left the audience room, the Karmapa called me back. I had dropped something. He bent down to pick it up and gave it to me. When I finally left the room, I had the strong impression the Foundation would be working with him one day. I also got the impression that even if he was not the 16 th Karmapa's reincarnation, he is still a very great, divine soul, titles aside. I look forward to meeting the "other" Karmapa one of these days, just to compare the experiences.

I spent some memorable moments in the Dalai Lama's Temple meditating early in the morning. It was also surprising to see so many people in the temple in the early morning hours.

Third Trip to Darjeeling: Rediscovery of the Link between Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Esoteric Thinking

We arrived in Darjeeling at the same time a huge typhoon swept up the western coast of India and butted against the Himalayas. I have never in my life witnessed so much rain falling out of the skies, and I have been through many typhoons. This storm pounded the mountain town 24 hours per day. The rivers were swollen and everything was damp and humid. This was in addition to the monsoon season, which normally ends in August but this year extended throughout the whole month of September. The last times I had been to Darjeeling, there were serious shortages of water, so this was quite a contrast.

My friend Lama Tenzing, now equipped with a mobile phone is now reachable from anywhere in the world, so this time I had told him I would be in Darjeeling. I met him at the Bhutia Busty Monastery while he was giving a puja for the last rites of one of his congregation, a young man who died in an accident. After the crowd had disbursed, I went up to the second floor room again for a meditation.

With my monk friends at the Monastery on a foggy day.
Lama Tenzing is on the right. Left are two young student monks.

This time I spent more time studying the murals on the walls and the gold icons lined up along the wall. Even though I had been in this room so many times, it just occurred to me that it was an entire shrine devoted to the Guru Rinpoche or the great soul known as Padmasambhava, the Lotus one.

Red Buddha Mural in the Bhutia Busty Monastery

I was made very aware of the Guru Rinpoche while at the Dalai Lama's temple in Dharamsala and the primal role he had played in introducing Buddhism to Tibet in the 7 th Century. He and a team of translators/disciples brought all the Buddhist texts from India to Tibet during a time when Buddhism was being desecrated in India. Guru Rinpoche is known to Tibetans as the second Buddha, second only to Gautama. It is by his works, that Buddhism was saved in the relatively isolated Tibet and allowed to advance to great esoteric heights. How I managed to miss the important signification of this room is beyond me! Did it take three visits to Darjeeling for me to realize the signification of this room? Or was it this the very moment that I was to take cognizance of it?

Icon of Guru Rinpoche in the Bhutia Busty Monastery

I settled into a deep meditation, and the Master Morya greeted me. If the reader will recall, the reason for my original trip to Darjeeling was to reunite with my Teacher El Morya who resides on the etheric plane above Darjeeling. On my first visit to this room in 2003, I realised that it is a dimensional portal to the etheric plane, which is why my meetings with Morya are held there and where the sharpest transmissions are possible. This time Morya led me up through the etheric portal and we emerged in a vast, flat valley, somewhere in the etheric Tibet surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountains. In the middle of the flat valley floor was a huge Tibetan stupa and sitting around stupa in concentric circles were thousands of buddhic figures in meditation.

Meditating in the 2nd Floor Room dedicated to the Guru Rinpoche

"This is where you all come to between incarnations. All those connected with your Foundation will be bodhisattvas from this great pool of Bodhisattvas. No matter what they look like outwardly, European, American, African, Asian-any race--they come from this group, for each and everyone has dedicated him/her-self to aiding mankind to transit through the coming changes."

An artist's rendition of the Bodhisattva vision

He showed me how physical bodies in any race came out of incarnation to take their respective places among the Bodhisattvas around the stupa. By Bodhisattvas, we mean those on the Path who have reached a state of enlightenment and theoretically no longer need to reincarnate. Instead of proceeding on their spiritual path, they choose to return to earth to serve humanity. So all those who work within the Sanctus Germanus Foundation and those who have yet to join in the work of the Foundation will come from this pool of bodhisattvas.

I was reminded that HPB (Helena P. Blavatsky) had spent over three years in a Tibetan monastery being trained in the occult secrets of high lamas by none other than St. Germain. St. Germain was merely the European personage of one of these great Buddhic souls. In Isabelle Cooper-Oakley's book Le Comte de St. Germain, she mentions that He retreated to Asia often between his appearances in Europe.

Suddenly many things began to click. I had always wondered why El Morya, who appeared to the Theosophists as a Rajput Prince would reside in Darjeeling, a predominantly Tibetan Buddhist outpost, instead of in Rajasthan. On my first trip to Darjeeling, I asked everyone I met if they knew of El Morya. Not one was familiar with this name. This time I asked all whom I met if they had heard of the Guru Rinpoche and his disciples. You can guess the answers.

Guru Rinpoche and Disciples

So given this revelation I asked who, then, is the Great Divine Director, so often referred to in modern esoteric literature and in some of my conversations with Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle? Morya answered that the Great Divine Director is the western name of the Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava and that the Masters of Wisdom whom we know so well such as St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, and Himself, etc. are the western embodiments of the 25 original disciples of Guru Rinpoche. They are part of the great Himalayan Branch of Masters. To the Buddhists they are known by other names. It also appears that the Great Divine Director or Guru Rinpoche and the Himalayan Brotherhood have been given the task of carrying out the battle between light and dark with his right hand man, the Master St. Germain, his principal disciple. It was the Great Divine Director who gave his disciple, St. Germain, the name of Sanctus Germanus or Holy Brother.

I was reeling with this information as it had never been explained so clearly in all the occult literature that I had studied that there was such a close connection to the Tibetan Buddhists. Many books have alluded to the Tibetan Buddhist connection with modern esoterism. Even after studying the Alice A. Bailey works, dictated by the Tibetan Djwal Khul, this intricate Tibetan Buddhist connection with Theosophy and its successors still had not sunk in. I am still contemplating the deep implications of this information.

So the purpose of my third trip to Darjeeling was to understand this important interconnection between modern esoteric thinking and esoteric Tibetan Buddhism. As part of the preparation for the great changes coming upon earth, there must be: 1) the fusion once and for all of eastern and western esoteric thinking in order for 2) modern, western esoteric thinking to gain access to advanced secret esoteric teachings that have been reserved for the preparation of the coming New Age. The private audience with the young Karmapa had not been an accident and future accounts and discoveries in this line of thinking are yet to be played out in a practical manner.

When I finished this meditation, Lama Tenzing seemed to sense what had gone on, but said nothing. Two more meditations in that same room on different days gave me more information to digest. At tea on the day of my departure, I caught the Lama looking at my aura in a curious way. I asked him what he saw. He smiled, "That's a secret. I cannot tell you now."

The heavy thundering rains in Darjeeling continued for days causing massive landslides. Whole buildings slid down the slopes of the mountains. This was a warning of what is to come in that region in the near future. The Lama said, "Yesterday, you had a powerful meditation with the Guru Rinpoche, right? Do you know that five minutes after you left the monastery, there was a big landslide on the path you took leading up the mountain. For a second we were worried about you, but we were told you were safe. The great Guru was protecting you."

As I parted company with the Lama, he gave me this mantra to chant:


This mantra draws the Great Soul Guru Rinpoche's mind into our own mind to make it one. You are all welcome to meditate on this mantra.

What I have recounted above represents only the outward manifestation of an inner journey that continues day by day. Some of the revelations received must wait for my further inner spiritual development before they can be fully revealed. I am told that I must live and prove each of these revelations before I can teach them to others. These revelations will come to light once the astral plane has undergone a major clearing currently in progress and the influence of the Dark Forces on earth has been significantly reduced, otherwise they risk being parroted and twisted before mankind can even put the effort into understanding them.

There are also individuals located in different parts of the world who hold the keys to these future teachings, and like a puzzle being slowly put together, these individuals will reveal their part to complete the new teachings. This is how the Spiritual Hierarchy is protecting these teachings which are meant to prepare those trustworthy ones on the Path for the earth changes and the rebuilding of society after a period of challenging catastrophes.

So as I practice the above mantra, the words of the adept Justin Moreward Haig once again comes to mind with more meaning, "He who shines more brightly than all of us, knows everything that we need to know and conveys it to us accordingly. We are forever in his light."

The Amanuensis

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