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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Year 2004: The Year of Challenges and Obstacles

After my euphoric experience in Darjeeling, I underwent serious tests of spiritual discernment and endurance during 2004. Some periods were so trying that I almost threw in the towel more than once. It was a year of deception, betrayal, disappointment, disillusionment, loss, and trickery-the tortuous path of initiation that some must experience in order to gain a more realistic idea of the state of spirituality on the earth today.


Upon my return from Darjeeling, I became more involved with the trans-physical medium I had met in Hawaii, the one who was able to produce phenomena (apports of gems and precious metals) and bring through in séances direct communication with the spirit world. These communications came through an ectoplasmic voice chord in a trumpet especially designed for such séances. After organizing several private and public séances, I came to the realization that the "spirits" coming through were not the Masters as they claimed but low level astral entities ultimately bent on diverting the Foundation from its mission in favor of ridiculous money-making schemes designed to enrich the medium and make him famous.

I decided to break our cooperation with this medium and the spirits who worked with him. As a result, my life was threatened, the medium and his wife threatened me with a lawsuit, and his stepson, a computer geek, launched a month-long campaign of viruses to attack our computer system. I was subjected to nightly astral attacks of a Poltergeist-like nature, as the medium was able to astral travel and present his astral body in my bedroom to haunt me. The more they threatened me, the more I was convinced that I had made the right decision. After several sleepless nights, I was able to muster the forces of light on my side with the help of the Masters and ban their entry into my home. Although the medium finally ceased his personal attacks against me, his astral associates continue to this day to try to make inroads into the Foundation, primarily through individuals who are enthralled with their own psychic abilities and too open to astral influences.

Producing phenomena had its place in the 19 th Century when the western world was gripped with the fear of death. Apparitions and phenomena during these séances permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to demonstrate to the world that there was indeed life after death. Phenomena gave solid proof of the continuity of existence after the deathbed. But today, producing phenomena evokes more of a circus-like thrill among the spectators rather than the deep contemplative thinking that is necessary for spiritual development.

I had learned a valuable lesson from this experience, and in the beginning, I admit to being completely enthralled by the phenomena precious coins and gems emerging out the medium's lower lip. In addition, speaking to a voice coming from a trumpet suspended in mid-air and claiming to be a Master can be compelling as well as misleading. But to produce phenomena, however amazing to the human eye, cannot be equated to divine purposes. There is nothing especially spiritual about this ability, except to prove communication with low-level astral entities at this time. The attacks following my break with the medium also show the insidious dark side of this ability and how easily it could be used for black magic.

Phenomena will play a role in our lives in future, when mankind will learn to produce phenomena to meet its own needs. This ability will emerge as a by-product of advanced spiritual development. However misleading spiritually this experience may have been, it did convince me that producing phenomena is possible and that the alchemy of the years past is still alive and well.

A Strange Encounter

The astral and computer virus attacks had left me feeling rather discouraged. I was in a pensive state wondering if my life in service to the Hierarchy was going in the right direction.

One evening I decided to join some friends at a café and then for dinner. After spending some time at the café we decided to walk to the nearest Italian restaurant for dinner. I was walking in the back of the group chatting with a friend when I noticed a little white dog on a leash and his owner walking in the opposite direction. The dog was pure white, which is why it caught my eye. I raised my eyes to his master and saw rather strange looking man, dark complexioned, almost bluish, and dressed immaculately in a sort of white Indian tunic. The whiteness of his clothes and the dog was striking. They both matched. The man gave me a strange look, just enough so that in passing each other, there was a slight acknowledgement of one another.

I continued walking and chatting with my friend until we came to a street crossing. As we waited for the lights to change, I noticed that same man and his white dog on the opposite side of the crossing! How did he get there? I had just seen him three minutes ago walking past me. The lights changed, and again we passed each other. This time, however, he gave me such a penetrating stare that I stopped to watch him cross the street. Then poof! He and his dog vanished.

I am still not sure what this strange encounter was all about. It was similar to the one I had had at the restaurant in Hawaii. I was not sure if this man was a Master in disguise or perhaps one of the benevolent ET's with whom I would be in contact in the future. But judging from his dark, bluish skin color, I would guess the latter.

This strange encounter had the effect of snapping me out of my state of discouragement. It reminded me that there was still a presence around me and that perhaps I wasn't as off- track as I imagined.

Another Encounter

In breaking with the trans-physical medium, I had to cancel a couple séances that were scheduled in Europe. I flew to Norway to meet with the organizers of the Norway séance and to explain my position on phenomenal séances. For the most part all understood and agreed with my stance.

While in Norway, I decided to take a short cruise of the fjords and visit the arctic circle. I booked a cabin on a ship leaving from the main seacoast town of Bergen. I intended to take a train there to meet the ship. Instead, one of the Foundation's students offered to drive me there because he had not been back to that region in many years.

The scenery going there was spectacular, except we were rapidly running out of time. We calculated that if we were lucky enough not to meet up with any traffic jams, we would barely make it to Bergen in time for the ship's departure. It started to rain, then sleet, and the roads got more and more difficult to negotiate and it looked more and more problematic that we would reach the ship in time.

We arrived in Bergen with fifteen to twenty minutes to spare but my friend did not know where the ship was berthed. Time was running out, and it was raining very hard by that time and getting dark. We were lost. Suddenly, a police car pulled up to our right and motioned us to pull over. The policeman came over to the driver's side and listed all the infractions my friend had just committed along the way. My friend explained to him what we were looking for and that we were effectively lost.

Everything was in Norwegian so I didn't understand a word but at the same time could sense what was going on. The policeman lowered his head to get a good look at me, then said something to my friend.

My friend said, "The cop told me to follow him. He's going to escort us to the port." He also remarked that there was something strange about this encounter. Usually policemen in Norway travel in twos, as one serves as a witness. This policeman was alone. Also, he could not understand why the policeman never asked to see his driver's license or identity.

Anyway, like VIP's we pierced through traffic following the police car to the port. Once we got to the port, it was obvious we had already missed the ship. The stevedores were already cleaning up and closing down the dock. The policeman hopped out of his car and walked over to talk to the stevedores. Then he came over to my side, the passenger side of the car, to speak to my friend. I lowered my window and I could get a good look at him as he was talking in Norwegian to my friend. Suddenly I noticed that his face kept changing and as I concentrated more on his face, there appeared the classic face of the Comte de St. Germain, which stayed there until he finished talking. I then realized who it was.

The policeman had advised us to catch the ship at its next stop and suggested the road to get there. The policeman lent us his pen so my friend could write down the instructions, then rejoined his car to escort us out of town. We followed him to the outskirts of Bergen, at which time he flashed his lights and waved goodbye to us.

I said to my friend, "Do you realize who that was?"


"That was St. Germain."

"And I still have his pen," said my friend. "A great souvenir of this trip!"

The Foundation is Established

On my return to Montreal, the documents had passed through the government and The Sanctus Germanus Foundation was officially established in May 2004 with a mission to promote Soul Liberation through education, meditation and healing. The government registration took five months to complete, during which time the documents had been mysteriously misplaced in the red tape. I later realized why: the delay gave me the occasion to take the trans-physical medium off the list of co-founders. By the time the government had found the lost documents, I was able to amend the documents to include those who truly wanted to serve.

Separating the Tares from the Wheat

From its founding, the Foundation became the target of attacks from the astral plane.

Wave after wave of people streamed through-psychics, mediums, shamans, kahunas, American Indian medicine men, spiritual healers, therapists, psychologists, yoga practitioners, other sects-all touting their own selfish agendas, hoping to benefit in some way from the Foundation. Many claimed to be sent by the Masters but arrived for no other reason than the promise of making more money, seeking employment for oneself or one's spouse, finding a spiritually-inclined husband, increasing one's exposure to the market, building professional credentials, finding an office, looking for space to do yoga, imposing their spiritual teachings, etc. One gentleman claiming to be the direct royal descendent of St. Germain and lives under the patronage of a royal family in Europe wanted a new patron, us. Several wanted us to sponsor them for their immigration to Canada, and the list goes on and on. But I found that once I am able to see their ultimate agenda and expose it, they generally disappear.

Some of these people approached the Foundation under the guise of truth seekers. Some even dressed the part, wrapped in Hindu-like garments or turbans. Others were looking for a thrill of phenomena. Some organisations came cloaked in the name of spirit. To my astonishment, these organizations often espoused teachings that were complete distortions of the Ancient Wisdom. Some outwardly discounted the Ancient Wisdom in favor of new teachings. One organization continues to offer a quickie weekend initiation to get people on the fast track to ascension!

At one point I was even forced to purge the Foundation of all its founding members, as their true intentions became exposed. More than once, I was left standing alone in the halls of the centre.

The building, a turn of the century house, had many plumbing problems that surfaced after we signed the lease. Leakages caused mold to grow throughout, a most insalubrious ambiance for spiritual healing. The final coup came when two college students and their father moved into the apartment below our Foundation offices. They brought with them a sound system built for a disco and despite our many pleas for quiet, the noise they generated prevented us from conducting classes, consultations or meditation sessions. In the spring of 2005, we were forced to move the Foundation to an office building where peace and tranquility have blessed us up to now.

With every contact, I learned more about spiritual discernment, primarily how to spot an individual's true intentions in one sitting. My training in business allowed me a certain frankness to call a spade a spade. Now, I do not hesitate to expose such hidden agendas to the person in front of me. Better to make intentions crystal clear than find out later when things have run their course.

I think I made more enemies during the first nine months of 2004 than I did during my entire lifetime. But I realized that each incursion was a test designed to divert me off the Path and sabotage the Foundation's mission. And even if I fell for the sweet talk or got sucked into unwittingly doing something against the interests of the Foundation, my Teacher Morya would warn me to confront the problem. Although I would try to resolve the problem in a nice way, it always seemed that the direct approach had the best result. One member insisted she was channeling St. Germain, but her messages were always contrary to the interests of the Foundation. In the end, I had to ask her to leave. El Morya also warned me ahead of time that the Foundation's website would be a prime target of sabotage, and indeed there were several who streamed through the Foundation doors aiming to gain access to the website. When I refused, they later turned against the Foundation.

This is not to say that true seekers of truth did not approach the Foundation. Gathering around the Foundation today are many sincere and committed ones who are dedicated to selfless service. And these have remained with the Foundation through all its trials and tribulations and have grown spiritually as a consequence of this service. Gradually, the snowball is gaining momentum and strength.

After the initial rush, the incursions slowed down to a dribble, but I cannot let down my guard. It has been surprisingly quiet during 2006 with only one, but major incursion. Those who approach the Foundation are now for the most part sincere in their search. This has been proof to me that the initial rush was a test for which I am all the wiser. 2004 had literally the equivalent of a college fraternity initiation into the so-called spiritual movement.

Personal Betrayals

While my struggles with the birth of the Foundation continued, close family members were getting impatient with me. When I reduced my regular visits to Hawaii to deal with the Foundation problems, a very close relative turned on me by disinheriting me and spreading vicious rumors among my extended family. A few months later, my father passed on vilifying me on his deathbed for reasons I have yet to understand. Again, I was disinherited.

In addition, close acquaintances or friends began distancing themselves from me for no apparent reason other than what I perceived later to be greater differences in vibrations.

I write of my annus horribilis , not to solicit sympathy from the reader but to illustrate that the Path of the initiate is not a bed of roses. It is a thorny Path of twists and turns, punctuated by moments of elation when one touches ever so lightly the divine. Yet seen with the perspective of one's Path of Initiation, the weathering of such hardships and misunderstanding, which looking back were not insurmountable, becomes part and parcel of the process one must go through to stay on the spiritual path. Old friends and relatives drift away, but new friends whose bonds date back to many lifetimes come into your life, and the reward of friendship takes on an entirely different meaning.

Learning to Channel

As 2004 rolled on, I began to long for another contact with the venerable Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. Somehow during all this turmoil, I had been so taken by séances and phenomena that I had lost contact with him. While in the shower one evening, I was staring blankly into the hanging bath towel opposite me and suddenly Sir Arthur's face appeared. "Do you still remember me?" he asked. "Have I not knocked more than once?" he continued referring, I guess, to my obsession with phenomena during which I had blocked him off from consciousness. I was so happy to see him again and I apologized profusely for my neglect.

He and his committee were now ready to resume training me. This time it was training in a new technique of channeling. I was not to become a deep trance medium as he had explained to me two years before. Instead I had elected to channel in the mode of the conscious amanuensis à la Alice A. Bailey (who by the way detested psychics and mediums even though she was one herself). The reasons the Spiritual Hierarchy prefers conscious channeling today are: 1) the intellectual capability of mankind is much higher today, 2) they want to engage the medium's intellect in the whole process of conveying the message so that the medium is just not a wet rag to be used and discarded but contributing actively in the transmission of the message to gain good karma, and finally 3) to improve the quality by conscious evaluation of the message being conveyed. In other words, while the medium's subconscious mind is cooperating in the conveyance of the message, his or her conscious mind can literally step back and hear as well as evaluate the words coming out of his own vocal chords. It is indeed a form of split personality.

We agreed to 9 pm every evening in the quiet of my bedroom study until I was able to channel properly. At each meeting, one of his committee members would take turns conveying a message through my voice while I listened. As time went by, I was able to allow the message giver access to a light channel in my brain that is connected to my voice chords. I could sit back and listened while my mouth moved and consciously listen to the message.

While the message is being conveyed through my voice, I would find myself commenting on what is coming out. I found that immediately after the message has been given, I can remember what I heard, but there is no lasting memory of the contents of the message. If I do not record it, I can only remember some points the next day. This is because the information was not generated from my brain but from another intelligence.

I use this faculty sparingly. I do not channel publicly except on very rare occasions. I record these oral communications with the Spiritual Hierarchy for my writing, when the Spiritual Hierarchy is giving to me specific instructions or when I wish to receive the confirmation message of what I have heard through clairaudience. There are times when the Masters have something to convey to the public, and in this instance I stand ready to accommodate them and then post the message on our website. I do not channel messages for a living or to thrill an audience. This would indeed compromise the channeling. I channel only when Masters prompt me, as it is not my prerogative to summon a Master.


During 2004 I opened myself up to receiving clients for consultations on spiritual matters. A steady stream of people responded, mostly from the English speaking countries around the world. They contacted me over the Internet, by phone, or in person. It was through this practice, that I was able to meet more sincere seekers of truth.

For the consultations, which for the most part were long distance, I had to rely to spiritual guides for information and advice. Many times, Morya and other Masters would intervene, although I did not specifically ask for them, knowing they have a very charged workload. Sir Arthur would come through from time to time to help out.

Further on I offered personal consultations free of charge to lightbearers from out of town who were passing through Montreal.

Writing and Publishing

The Masters reminded me that one of my primary tasks was to write and publish around eleven books. It was during all the turmoil that I managed to publish the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies volume 1 about the downfall of the Dark Forces and the period of Armageddon we are going through. To write this book I relied on guidance I received during conversations I had with Sir Arthur through the trance medium. I also worked clairaudiently with the adept known as Justin Moreward Haig on the economic and financial aspects of the book. Never would I have imagined five years before that I would write a book to expose the machinations of the Dark Forces, and I took on the challenge knowing full well there was risk involved. The information had been given to another person a year before, but he failed to write anything, fearing for his life.

As I was writing and editing Volume 1 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, I asked the Master Justin Moreward Haig, "How do I know what you're telling me is right? If it isn't, I'll have egg in my face." He answered, "You'll only know when the events have come to pass. You can't argue about the future from your vantage point on earth."

The events predicted in Volume 1 are indeed coming to pass, and I was emboldened to write Volume 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, which was published November 2006. This volume concentrates on the role of the lightbearer through the post-2012 earth changes and the reconstruction that follows. It covers a scenario of earth changes and how the lightbearer can operate to help humanity during this period.

I spent the summer of 2005 in the Laurentian mountains writing the first draft of Volume 2. Thinking it was more or less finished, St. Germain intervened and suggested that I should take a trip to India and revisit Darjeeling as well as visit Sikkim before I publish Volume 2. "You will see how that trip affects the book." So I delayed publication until I took the trip.

Writing takes much time and thinking. The best time to download material from the Hierarchy is from 3 to 5 am in the morning when the air is pure and the city is asleep. Once the city energies are stirred by the rush hour, receiving clear transmissions become more problematic although not impossible.

Development of Telepathic Healing

As initial attacks on the Foundation began quieting down, I again started probing the subject of spiritual healing, a subject that had fascinated me decades before and that I had forgotten. I had practiced spiritual healing as a Christian Scientist but after about ten years, I left the Christian Science Church and abandoned the practice of spiritual healing. There was a 15-year gap before I was again exposed to energy healers in the New Age Movement.

I quietly observed practitioners of Reiki and IET and a host of other modalities to see how effective they were. I noted that most of their healings were anecdotal accounts of a "feel good" nature. While practicing healing in Christian Science, the healings were either witnessed by another party or confirmed by a medical practitioner. It was difficult to attribute any real healings to the claims of these energy healers. I was also appalled at how easy it was to become a Reiki Master-three weekend courses and without a single proof of a healing! I also noted that practitioners liberally applied Reiki to people without their permission, which in my eyes was a gross violation of the person's free will and privacy. Bothered by these practices, I finally had a conversation with an old-time Reiki practitioner who confirmed that she had had to go through seven years of solid practice before being called a master, and she had to show proof of healings.

I also took a course in esoteric healing as adapted from the writings of Alice A. Bailey's Esoteric Healing as well as experimented with other methods. Then I was reminded of one of the revelations given to us in the Foundation's Mystery School course: that the one who had overshadowed the Master Jesus during his mission on earth and had given him his extraordinary power to heal was none other than the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, not Maitreya as commonly thought. I meditated on this fact and asked Sanat Kumara that a method of spiritual healing be shown to me similar to what Jesus had used.

Gradually, I was taught a method of telepathic healing. Today, TH involves visualization of the sleeping patient, which means we must secure the person's permission before applying the healing. There is no limit to the distance that this healing can be applied, so it can be sent all over the world. The client must be receptive, preferably someone on the Path of spiritual development although not always necessary. The ultimate goal of TH is not healing. It is the awakening of the individual to something that is beyond the physical ailment. It is a clarion call to the individual to begin looking seriously into his or her spiritual side of life. And the side consequence is the healing.

My first client arrived via a friend of a friend of a friend. She told me she was scared. She had terminal bone cancer. I thought, "My, they really want to challenge me!" We chatted and she calmed down a bit. I don't know if I was exactly calm myself but I jumped right in. I asked her to close her eyes and relax as I administered the telepathic healing to her. I saw in my mind's eye a glowing figure descend from behind her and place his hands on her shoulders. I believe the Archangel Gabriel, had come to help us. I needed all the help I could get. I opened my eyes and saw that the woman had a slight smile on her lips. She said, "I felt that! I feel I've been healed!" She left my office elated, not the fearful, depressed person who had arrived.

A month and a half later she called me to tell me her monthly check-up confirmed that her cancer was in remission. She said, "I know it was the healing you gave me."

All spiritual healers need a good boost like that. And that healing proved to me that the method the Masters had taught me worked, albeit with a little help. From thereon, I received request after request for telepathic healings from all over the US and the rest of the world, and I was very surprised to see that distance posed no obstacle. In fact it became easier for me to heal someone in Hong Kong than across the desk from me. Over the next year, I documented all the healings: kidney infections, migraines, digestive problems, colon stoppage, heart ailments, liver weaknesses, sleep problems-the whole range of suffering. After I had mastered the healing of physical ailments, I was then confronted with emotionally rooted physical problems. I was then shown the way to heal the astral body in response to these more psychological problems with much success.

Not all patients can be healed instantly. Some must fulfill a karmic episode and most of all they must be willing to consider that higher energies can heal. Many come to us as a last resort, fallouts of the medical system. Yet, they expect an instantaneous healing. Some do luck out, but most must work out deeply rooted emotional problems before they can free themselves of the physical symptoms.

So after documenting both physical and emotionally derived healings, I felt confident enough to teach telepathic healing to a small group of dedicated students in 2006. They documented their healings over the next year and constitute the first corps of telepathic healers.

Telepathic healing has been developed to meet an overwhelming healing need that will come out of the period of natural catastrophes and earth changes. It will be used for mass healings in the future. Its effectiveness depends on the level of spiritual development of the healer. So as one progresses in spiritual development and clarity, his or her healing abilities increase. The link is solid and the protection of the method is guaranteed, for it will not work if the intention of the healer is anything other than unselfish service and spiritual clarity.

"Return" to Adyar, India

By January, 2005, the tumult against the Foundation had died down, and I felt a need "to revisit" the Theosophical Society in Adyar outside of Chennai (Madras), India.

After resting a day in Chennai after an excruciatingly long flight from Canada, I went to Adyar just outside of Chennai. I was sent to meet the Director of Public Relations in the main hall. In making my appointment for a visit of the premises, I made no mention of my previous incarnation, indeed I had no intention of mentioning it at all. My walk to the main hall gave me chills up and down my spine, and the question put to me was: could this organisation be enlisted to carry out some work for the Spiritual Hierarchy during this tumultuous era?

I sat with the PR Director, who remarked that I had an uncanny knowledge of the Theosophical Society for not being a member. My knowledge had come from reading Colonel Olcott's Old Diary Leaves , and not from any soul memory. As we talked, I casually mentioned the Masters of Wisdom, as the main hall was called the Home of the Masters. Yet, she spoke of the Masters in the past tense, and I asked her about the present communication with the Masters. She was taken aback by the question and admitted there had been no communication since the 1930's and that they didn't believe it was necessary. Then came the stories of the Krishnamurti affair and the various unmentionable scandals that had beset the second generation Thesophists, and I realized that the Theosophical Society had been cowered into stopping communication with their founding Masters for fear of any more scandals. They were content to dwell in the past, write articles churning information given in the past into new research on the Ancient Wisdom. It was also inconceivable to the Director that anyone today could communicate with the Masters. I asked her how the society could move forward without the spiritual guidance of the Masters and she answered that it didn't seem necessary. Being an elderly person from another country, I asked her what brought her to Adyar to work in the Theosophical Society. She answered, "Here, we have servants, a driver, and a car. We're getting old, and we're well taken care of here." Need I say more?

I walked around the large grounds of the TS wondering what it was like living there when it was in full activity. Everything looked old and dilapidated. I asked if I could see Olcott's quarters. She said no. It was not permitted. How about HPB's quarters? No, that was off limits to visitors. Fair enough. Then I mentioned Olcott's cottage in the cool mountains of Ooty in the Western Ghats where he used to escape the high heat of summer and recuperate from the stresses of running the Society. Her eyes lit up. "How do you know about that?" I told her I read about it in Olcott's diary and I was planning to go to Ooty for a visit on this trip. Her eyes lit up even brighter. "The house was sold to someone else, but we have heard that it is for sale again. It would be so nice to get it back so we can go up there to escape the heat. It gets so hot here." Then she leaned toward me and in a half whisper asked, "Would you be willing to buy it for us? You could use it any time you want. We would use it only when you weren't there." I was dumbfounded at this proposal and said that I would like to visit Ooty first before I would consider such a venture.

Like all human organisation that has accomplished its purpose, the TS will limp along in a slow death as this last generation passes. Personal agendas have overtaken the selflessness of the original founders. In answer to the question posed to me upon entering the TS premises, my feeling is that this organisation has run its course and could not adapt to the coming earth changes and world financial meltdown. The only reason it still exists is because certain elements in the society see it as a personal benefit to keep it going.

Yet Another Encounter

After my visit to Adyar, I was quite depressed and disappointed to see how the organisation had evolved. But not surprised, for a medium in the United States had warned me not to waste my time going there. Feeling a bit down, I took a walk outside the hotel to find a pharmacy. In India, when the three-wheel motor taxis see a foreigner walking on the sidewalk, they will buzz around you to solicit a ride. Several tried, but I ignored them. Finally, another approached me, but this driver had a very captivating face and his accent was so funny that I decided to hop in. I asked him to take me to a pharmacy. He understood.

About one-half mile down the road, we arrived on the opposite side of the street where the little pharmacy was located. The driver couldn't get to the other side because there was too much traffic, so I got off and offered to pay him. He said no, he would wait to take me back. I agreed. So I gingerly picked my way across the wild traffic and finally got to the other side, only to find the driver and his taxi waiting for me next to the pharmacy! Was I seeing a mirage? No. It was he. How had he pulled this trick off? The traffic was still dense and ferocious. I asked him how he had done it, but he shrugged and pretended not to understand. Then I smiled. Had this been just another way to cheer me up to make THEIR presence known? I felt much better.

I jumped into the three-wheeler again and asked him to take me to an internet store down the street. I paid him on arrival with a generous tip, and he asked me if I needed another ride. I said, "Okay. Wait here." While in the store I looked out to see if he was still there. He had vanished.

Visit to Ooty

I continued my journey to Ooty in the Western Ghats. Ooty (Alt: 3000 Ft.) is not as high in altitude as Darjeeling (Alt: 8000 Ft), but the air was cool compared to the sultry temperatures of Adyar and Chennai. Being January, the temperatures could descend to 0 ° C at night, but the days were pleasantly cool.

I was unable to locate the little cottage where Olcott had spent so much of his time. There were some extraordinarily beautiful spots in Ooty, including the botanical gardens and the world's largest rose garden. It had once been a hill station for the British colonial bureaucrats stationed in the south of India. Still, I felt little affinity to the place as it had been transformed into a noisy, polluted town with loads of tourist buses laden with local tourists, taxis and tuk tuks belching out black smoke. I left a couple days earlier than I had planned.

Naadi Astrological Reading in Chidambaram, India

In Olcott's diary, I read how he had gone to visit a Vedic Naadi Astrologer somewhere in Tamil Nadu. He had been astounded how his whole life had already been recorded on a palm leaf. One of the hotel managers in Ooty impressed upon me to go to Vaitheeswaran koil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu in order to get an authentic reading from the Naadi Shastras.

Over 4000 years ago, Indian rishis recorded on palm leaves (they are actually flat slats of palm that look like large tongue depressors) the lives of thousands of individuals who would come to the temple in future to ask for a reading. They recorded these lives in Sanskrit, and thousands of these palm leaves are stored in a library in the temple at Vaitheeswaran koil near Chidambaran. Naadi astrologers across India have acquired copies of these leaves, but there's nothing like the real McCoy.

In front of the temple, I hired an on-the-spot English translator, and we chose one of several astrologers outside the temple. This astrologer was very old and his sight was failing, so he relied on his young assistant to read the palm leaves and he listened for any inconsistencies. First they took my thumbprint and the place, date and time of my birth. The assistant left the room and returned ten minutes later with a stack of palm leaves tied in a bundle. He had borrowed the bundle from the temple library. "There are 108 palm leaves in this stack that conform to your thumbprint, and one of them is your life. This bundle is consecrated to the lives of high priests."

I had never considered myself a high priest. But he started with the first leaf. Did my father's name begin with this sound? Did my mother's name begin with this phonetic sound? Was I the first son? Did I have one or two sisters? Etc. Finally, about ten leaves later, he hit upon my father's name phonetically, then my mother's, then my place as first son, but middle child, in the family. The leaf seemed to light up for me and I, too, was convinced that that particular leaf was my life.

What he read of my life seemed an uncanny fit. I then instructed him to concentrate on the future. He read from the leaf the various steps and at what age I was slated to do such and such before my death. Much of the information fit exactly what the Masters had revealed to me up to then. I went away wondering how much our lives are really determined before we get here. How the Rishis could write about my life, which began on the other side of the earth from India, still amazes me today.

I returned from this trip to India with a new perspective: I should now turn my gaze to the future. This had been a trip to jog the soul memory of a past incarnation, but what really counted was to make this lifetime here and now, useful. The past was the past.

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