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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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Encounter "with those who are on this planet but not of this planet"

Many, many walks later the signal came to me that I was about to meet one the "elder brothers and sisters who appear as humans . . ," the extra-terrestrials who have been guiding me since my arrival in Canada. Despite the freezing, wintry conditions, I was told to climb up the trail of mountain behind my house, something I tried to do regularly during this period for exercise, and meet them at around two or three in the afternoon.

Full of anticipation, I waited until two-thirty in the afternoon to make the climb to the top. Nothing happened and I saw nothing unusual on the ice trails. The next day, again, nothing happened. Finally, on the third day as I again started down trail wondering why nothing happened, I found myself alone on the very, white, slick, icy trail. I looked up and no one was in front of me. I blinked and a tall and straight gentleman wearing a black fedora hat and brown leather jacket, suddenly appeared out of nowhere opposite me and passed me on the way up. As he passed I felt a strange sensation, but I still had my doubts.

The next day, I again climbed the mountain but on the return took a shortcut path through the icy forest. There was definitely no one else there. As I am constantly watching my step in those icy conditions, I looked down then up, then again, out of nowhere that same man, dressed exactly like the day before appeared opposite me. This time he nodded, smiled and continued on his way. An incredible sensation swept over me, that overwhelming confirmation that, yes, I had finally run into the friendly ET.

But I was a little disappointed. My idea of a friendly encounter would not have been that swift. I would have liked to have invited him for a cappuccino at the pastry shop across from my home. Or I would have liked to sit in a cozy salon, in front of the fireplace, chatting with him about world matters.

I asked Justin Moreward Haig about this encounter. He confirmed it. When I asked him why I could not speak more with this being, he said the Masters only wanted to show me that I had reached another milestone in my training, one where I could distinguish these beings from others, in other words, deal with those of a faster vibration. "Don't worry," he said, "you'll be working on projects with them in the future."

I did meet a distinguished elderly man and his nurse in the elevator of my building. He greeted me and nodded. When he got off, I had the same tingling feeling. I saw him again as he was coming out of the building and he immediately fixed his eyes on me then turned away. When I asked the doorman who he was, he did not know. I asked Justin and he answered, "No, that's another one, not yours."

So, folks, "those who are on this planet but not of this planet" are all around us!

Etheric Vision

Just about the same period I realized as I was walking through the snowy trails of the mountain park that I could see the etheric doubles of objects and persons around me. My third eye (located between the eyebrows) was slowly being opened.

I stopped to test this new vision. The whole white snowy scene in front of me seemed to detach from the visible matter and flow. I could see the trail in front of me become a visible river of energy; I could see the etheric doubles of the tree trunks standing in place as dynamically vibrating energy; and when I looked up to the sky, it was no longer empty but filled with swirling patterns of moving ethereal matter. It was here that I realized how thought-forms could easily pass from individual to individual and from the spirit world to us and back. There was nothing really to block their passage.

This etheric vision is something that can be turned on or off as being on would confuse the sight.

Light in the Head

I do not pretend to be a yogi who can sit in a forest for weeks in deep meditation. But I do subscribe to the short, intense daily meditations (between twenty and thirty minutes per day) using raja yoga the Arcane School recommends.

Around the same time the etheric vision manifested, I began to realize what is known as Light in the Head. This light began to glow in my mind even with my eyes closed. I could switch the light off at night and the illumination would remain in my mind and also allow me to see in the dark.

Both the light in the head and the development of the etheric vision are signs of a steady connection with the soul as it infuses the physical personality. More and more open-minded people will develop these faculties as the Piscean Age comes to a close.

Astral Plane Entities

To a mind that has been trained in the physical and social sciences, the question of verification and confirmation is always lurking. Upon receiving a dictation or message, I always find myself asking, "Did I make all this up by myself?" If in the early stages of mediumship, proof is required to continue on the path, then the Masters will provide it. Many works on spiritual matters say that demanding proof or verification is a sign of lack of faith. This is pure bunk and many a psychic today believing he is being faithful is just unloading a plethora of ramblings from the astral plane. In fact, as the trance medium once said to me, "We are like telephone booths to people on the astral plane."

During my training I was fooled many times by spirits posing as Justin Moreward Haig. But just as you meet unsavory characters or shysters on earth, the same can happen when venturing into other less material dimensions. Just as you learn to distinguish between what is the truth or a lie on the earth plane, the same must be done on the astral plane.

I have learned to recognize a certain watery and grandiose style that comes through from the astral plane. Others are a bit too self-congratulatory, and others just love tricking you with fantastic stories that serve to stoke your ego. One can never be lax in affirming that only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will come through.

Yet, I remained curious about these entities. I was in Havana, Cuba studying Spanish when I asked my Spanish teacher if she knew of any local psychics. She looked at me very surprised as if to say, "How do you know I consult these types of people?" A few days later she took me to a woman whose house had several months earlier been devastated in a hurricane. All that was left was one portion of her house with a roof; the rest had been blown away.

There were black dolls and figurines placed on a table with candles. The psychic was a fine person, one who exuded much care for the people who came to see her. She gave me some pebbles to shake like dice and I threw them on the floor after each question. She would interpret the pebbles and give me the answer to questions. Being a great admirer of Mao Tse-Tung, she claimed that he had come to the reading and was answering my questions. Whatever the case, the reading was full of congratulatory words, which would make anyone's head swell with false pride.

It would be later in the year that spirit of Golden Eagle would come through the trance medium to remind me that every means of communication with the other dimensions, every doll, idol, god or goddess created, was put in its specific place to communicate with that specific level of humanity.

While in Cuba, I met a fellow Spanish language student, an Austrian film artist, who told me about his experience in an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). That somehow lit another candle in my mind, and suddenly I felt this incredible urge to go to Sri Lanka. Why this should happen during a trip to Havana, Cuba mystified me. But as soon as I returned home I gathered as much information as I could about ayurveda. It became such a compulsion that two months later I was on a plane flying in the direction of Sri Lanka.

My First Assignment for the Brotherhood

On my way to Sri Lanka, I stopped for a few days in Hawaii to see my relatives and for another consultation with the trance medium.

During my session, Sir Arthur came through and asked me to create a website dedicated to the Great Brotherhood of Light. He said this was not an assignment but a reminder of sorts. I had contracted to do this before this present incarnation. I was to put into this website information that I enjoyed and wanted others to enjoy about the Great Brotherhood of Light. I agreed on the spot, for I had been waiting for something concrete to happen to be of service to the Brotherhood.

To assure that the truth only reaches the readers of this website, the Masters asked the spirit of Arthur Ford, considered the dean of American mediums, to serve as my coach in further opening up my clairaudient and clairvoyant faculties.

Arthur Ford was a well-known medium during the first half of the Twentieth Century. He was credited with breaking the code that Harry Houdini, magician extraordinaire and his mother had agreed upon should either of them die. Many mediums tried but only Arthur Ford was able to channel the correct code from dead Houdini to his mother.

Arthur Ford collaborated for a time with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in England and they have remained friends and colleagues in spirit. He also coached medium Ruth Montgomery and the trance medium.

The coaching was to be very simple. On a given day of the week, I would jot down on a piece of paper three questions about which I knew absolutely nothing. The questions were to be of a metaphysical nature. I would place the piece of paper in a box or folder and forget about it. A week later, at an agreed time, I was to open the box, read these questions aloud, and wait a few seconds for the answers to pop into my mind. In reality, as the practice continued, I realized that by the time I read the questions aloud on the given day, I already knew the answer because they had already been supplied during the week. This was a very simple and effective experiment designed to instill more confidence in the dictations I received from the Great Brotherhood of Light.

Armed with the knowledge that a competent spiritual coach would be behind me in my first assignment for the Brotherhood, I prepared to leave the medium's home. He stopped me and said, "Wait. They want me to give you something." He searched his bookshelf and handed me Inside the Occult, the True Story of Helena P. Blavatsky by Henry Steel Olcott. "Here," he said, "They want you to read this."

As I flew off for the long journey from Hawaii to Sri Lanka, my head was spinning with ideas and alternative designs for the website. What would I call it? What kind of information should I put in it? And mostly, who would want to read it?

With all these questions flooding my mind, I never questioned why I was going to the other side of the world, Sri Lanka. I would find out later in the year that the ayurvedic treatment I sought there was but a mere pretext to get me there for more "reminders."


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