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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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My Real Training Begins:

The trance medium squeezed me in for another reading. As we opened our minds to the session, I asked the trance medium to help me identify other guides around me, as I felt a group of them were around me. Immediately a being identified himself as Justin Moreward Haig came forth. Justin Moreward Haig was the pseudonym of an English adept described in a series of three books entitled, The Initiate, The Initiate in the New World, and the Initiate in the Dark Cycle, by English composer and occult initiate, Cyril Scott. Scott detailed his real life experience with Justin Moreward Haig, his teacher, around the turn of the century. He describes how Haig appeared as any ordinary English gentleman yet carried with him all the wisdom and power of an advanced master.

Justin Moreward Haig asked to overshadow the trance medium and within seconds delivered a message to me. He revealed he had been sent by the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus to speak to me about telepathy and the importance it would play in the future. Here is a transcript of what he said:

Telepathy. The way of the future. It is in thought that all things begin. This simple point is much misunderstood and greatly underestimated. The point itself is most potent, and, to remind oneself of this, as unnecessary as that might seem, is a great investment of one's attention, time, and energy. I speak of the building blocks of creation, and I speak of thought as that which precedes all things. Again, it is one of those things that one says, "Ah, it goes without saying, it is understood."

But we, who worship at the feet of great Buddhas, find them contemplating this simple truth. You see, there is something of a mystery here. That which passes for the simple is often the most profound. When I say then that all things begin with thought, I speak of creation from beginning to end. The clothes that you are wearing were once a thought in a designer's mind. Now they adorn your form. Your being here this day was a thought in your Teacher's mind, relayed to you, you obediently followed the cue. The automobile that you arrived in was first a thought and then of course now it carries you here and it was, of course, a thought that had it painted red.

There is much that I would say to you about thought, but it lies here. But whatever you want to accomplish, first think of it specifically as only a thought. You see in this there is confusion. First, it must be seen as the thought form that it is and only then, once the thought is clear, can atoms know how to proceed to build molecules of matter around the thought-form. So you see the thought itself must be intact, clear, and as definite as one can make it. I speak of these things, for I find that the few stumbling blocks that you tend to encounter will tend to come because that which has been attempted has not been clearly thought out. Not as clearly as it might. Let all things then be seen for what they are---thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. This room was a thought in an architect's mind and now we sit in it. This tape recorder was a thought in an inventor's mind and now it records the sounds that issue from this throat.

There is a thought that you will achieve a position in this world that will open opportunities for other people. That is but a thought. And yet, it issues from the mind of your Master and so it will come to pass.

It was a thought in that same Master's mind that suggested that I come here and speak of thought at all, and so I've done it. And so, a thought has been the beginning of every blessing you have ever known, every miracle you've ever heard of. And now I leave you to play with thoughts and especially those thoughts you have not yet entertained.

He also revealed to me that I was being "benevolently observed" or watched by "those who are on this planet but not of this planet." Here again are his words:

Perhaps it is also true that you are in touch with those who are on this planet but not of this planet. And so you see as elder brothers and sisters who appear as humans, they are guiding where they can. And they certainly know who you are. I am not speaking cryptically when I say you are under observation, but of the most benevolent type. That you have conversed with a being, who you might say is certainly an extraterrestrial but appearing human and that you are in the planning stages of projects that will put you in touch with more such beings. It will be some time before they reveal their identities to you but you may suspect who they are. It's all honeycombing together.

On the surface Justin's message seemed straightforward enough, however, built into it were other messages that I would eventually decipher over a period of one year. I never tire of reading this message because something else pops out as significant each time I do.

After hearing this end of the discourse I was, to put it mildly, freaked out. I am not a UFO watcher and I did think ET was a pleasant movie. But being watched by extra-terrestrials was not what I expected. Yet, Haig's benevolent tone was awe-inspiring. It would be a little over a year later that I would encounter one of these ET's on a wintry day in Canada.

In line with his message on telepathy, Justin Moreward Haig gave me a password to use when I needed to get in touch with him and for the purpose of periodically dictating messages to me in order to develop my clairaudient faculties. He quoted the Master Djwal Khul, "Thought transference between two people is called mental telepathy, thought transference between an incarnate and one in spirit is called clairaudience."

I had never heard of Justin Moreward Haig, so I left the reading with the trance medium determined to track down Cyril Scott's books.

Back at my hotel, I looked on the Internet and found all three books listed in Amazon.Com. Good enough, but I would have to wait weeks for delivery as they were "rare". I was so fired up that I wanted to read them right away! I called all the secondhand bookstores in Hawaii but without success. One bookstore did not answer so I made a mental note to call on them.

The next day I drove pass that secondhand bookstore and found it was open. It was a New Age bookstore and had irregular hours. I entered. It was sparsely stocked with both new and used metaphysical books. I asked the owner if she had any of Cyril Scott's books and she stood back a second and looked at me curiously. She reached for three books on her desk. "I just put these three books aside so that I could read them myself but you can have them."

I was dumbfounded. I looked at the books and they were not the same editions offered on Amazon.Com but of the original publisher in England in the 1930's. What were the chances of finding those English editions in Hawaii? Almost nil. I hugged the three precious books and read them voraciously all the way back to Canada.

A few months later during another trip through Hawaii, I mentioned this incident to the trance medium. He laughed then Justin Moreward Haig again intervened and said, "If I thought we would fail at our attempt to get you the books, we wouldn't have tried. Congratulations for following your intuitions."

More Systematic Training:

Justin Moreward Haig suggested that I study some of the Master Djwal Khul's teachings that Alice A. Bailey channeled over a period of forty years. He also reminded me that I, myself, while in spirit between incarnations, had observed the channeling process in Tibet and would thus discover an affinity to those teachings.

I purchased the whole set of twenty-four volumes of Alice A. Bailey's works from the Lucis Trust, the present day custodian of Mrs. Bailey's publications. After rapidly scanning these volumes, I became convinced of their validity and soundness. I then joined the Arcane School, a correspondence training course administered by the Lucis Trust.

For one year, I not only pored over Djwal Khul's teachings but learned deeper meditation techniques taken from Raja Yoga. The Arcane School taught me how to build the antakarana, that string of light that joined me mentally and physically with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

For about a year, I followed this exciting yet often lonely study of the Ageless Wisdom. At times I studied too much, which over-stimulated my mind so much that I suffered from intense migraines. I eventually learned to pace myself so that I could get a good night's sleep.

I read voraciously--anything on the Ageless Wisdom. I delved into the body of theosophical literature, another incredible storehouse of wisdom. I chased down out-of-print editions, sometimes paying outrageous prices for them or settling for a photocopy version. I prowled second hand bookstores. Sometimes I would get an email from the trance medium recommending another obscure title. He would then wish me luck in finding them. But somehow the Masters always led me to them.

Among my favorite works are The Masters of Wisdom by Charles Leadbeater; Brother of the Third Degree by Will Garvey; All of Ruth Montgomery's books; William Pelley's The Dead are Alive, Behold Life, Beyond Grandeur ; and Glamour, and Telepathy and the Ethereal Vehicle, and A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey.

I also discovered a gap in the new writings on the Ageless Wisdom from around the late 1960's and 1970's onward. Some organizations rose up during this period and attempted to carry on the tradition of informing humanity of the Ageless Wisdom but failed, as I discovered, due to insanity, commercialism or megalomania.

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